he may or may not be the reason i love surfers

Vacation Forever (TG/AP)

              Mitch was on vacation with his family on the beach. They had been saving up for a Hawaii vacation for a few years now, and they even pulled Mitch out of school for a week to take this vacation. They had been staying in a beachside hotel for a few days now, but Mitch was already thinking about having to go back to school in a few days and he was growing depressed. One sunny day, while his parents fell asleep tanning on the beach, he walked down the shoreline and stared out at the ocean. He never wanted to leave this place, but short of running away, he knew he would have to go back home eventually. While walking along the beach, he came across a young man skipping seashells across the ocean. He tried to walk by without being noticed, but the man turned and beckoned Mitch over.

              “Hey, you lost?” he asked with a slight islander accent.

              “No,” Mitch replied. “My family is back on the main beach, but I just wanted to be alone for a while and appreciate this place. This is my first time seeing the ocean. It’s beautiful.”

              “Yes. Yes it is.” He replied. “You’re not from here?”

              “No,” Mitch said sadly. “I wish I was though. I wish I never had to leave this place.”

              “Hmm. Maybe I can help with that,” the man said with a smirk. He pulled something out of his pocket and tossed it at Mitch. Surprised, Mitch didn’t have time to react and the object hooked itself into Mitch’s hair.

              “Whoa, what is this?” he asked.

              “Oh, just a souvenir to help you remember the island…” the man said with a sinister tone. Mitch reached up to pull it out of his hair, but as he raised his hand he noticed that his hand looked far more tan than usual. The tan color quickly spread across his body, covering him in smooth, olive skin.

              “What the he- ack!” Mitch screamed as his body began to grow. His spine cracked beneath his skin as he rapidly gained height. His shoulders popped outwards as his hips expanded, growing into a mature feminine frame. He looked down at his tan body as it continued to grow, becoming muscular and toned as it matured. His legs extended as his thighs thickened, squeezing his boy parts and making him uncomfortable. The man looked over Mitch’s changing body, impressed with how the boy was turning out.  Mitch’s spine cracked again as his chest was forced outwards, throwing him off balance and causing cute dimples to appear right above his butt. He felt his nipples beginning to change, growing larger and more sensitive as they darkened and protruded out of his chest. The man splashed some ocean water on Mitch, causing him to let out a feminine moan as the water ran down his changing chest. With a sudden burst, two supple mounds of flesh grew out of his chest and hung freely, jiggling as Mitch gasped in shock. He reached up to cup them with his hands and cooed as they sent a ticklish pleasure through his body. He couldn’t help giving his breasts another squeeze, moaning again at the feeling, but quickly looked back at the man who was doing this to him.

              “Wha- what’s happening to me?” He said in a panicked female voice.

              “You said you wanted to stay here forever. I live here, and I’m looking for a wife. Sounds like a win-win to me, kid.” The man continued to ogle Mitch as his transformation progressed. Mitch’s eyes widened in terror as the man spoke. He didn’t want to give up his old life for this. He especially didn’t want to be a girl, let alone some random guy’s wife. He wanted to scream, but as he looked at the man again, he couldn’t help but notice how attractive the man looked. He had long, flowing hair, and an extremely cut body. For some reason, Mitch suddenly knew that the man was a professional surfer. Snapping out of it, Mitch turned and tried to run back to his parents, but he felt the man grab his arm before he could escape.

              “Whoa, you’re not done yet,” the man said as he teased one of Mitch’s new breasts. Mitched couldn’t help but moan, and as he did, he felt the man scoop him off the ground and lay him onto the shore. The man was strong, and for some reason feeling the man’s muscles against his body was making him excited in ways he’d never been before. Mitch felt the waves roll up and break against his butt, causing his butt to inflate and shape itself into an ass that would make any woman jealous. The man lightly slapped Mitch’s growing ass, causing Mitch to reluctantly blush. He knew this wasn’t right. He liked girls, he was a boy, and this guy was a total stranger. As the ocean water rushed up his swimsuit and covered his groin, he felt another strange sensation beginning to come from his crotch. The waves continued to force water up his swim trunks, and with each wave he felt his member retract further into his body. With one final crash, his member shot upwards into his abdomen, leaving him with a fully female reproductive system and a tight, soaking pussy. He moaned as his genital transformation completed, his new sex sending alien pleasures coursing through his body. The man felt Mitch shiver in ecstasy and knew that the transformation was almost complete.

              “Almost done, honey.” He said, leaning in and brushing Mitch’s growing hair out of his face. Mitch’s eyes widened as he made eye contact with the man, a look of fear appearing on Mitch’s face as he tried to fight the final changes. He felt his hair grow far past his shoulders and into the water. The tide swirled his lengthening hair around his body, tickling his back as it danced. His face shifted and cracked, becoming that of a native islander while growing both mature and beautiful.

              “There you go,” the man said alluringly as Mitch’s physical transformation completed. “Now, let’s make this marriage official.”

              “Please, this isn’t what I wante- whoa!” Mitch screamed as the man ripped off Mitch’s swim trunks. Mitch looked down at his new vagina, admiring how smooth and tight it was. He knew it was wrong, but memories of shaving and waxing his body began to flood his mind. The man tore off his own shorts too, revealing a surprisingly thick cock. Mitch watched the man’s cock engorge, mesmerized and terrified by its growth. He knew what was coming next and almost welcomed it, though parts of his mind were still trying to fight. He was about to scream one last time for his parents, but as he opened his mouth the man thrust his massive dick into Mitch’s pussy. Mitch screamed, but not in terror. A pleasure unlike anything he had ever felt washed over his body like the ocean tide. He closed his eyes and moaned as the man continued to thrust in and out, filling him in ways that he didn’t know he wanted to be filled. As the man’s cock filled his new sex, Mitch found it harder and harder to fight the new memories entering his mind. This man was his husband, and they had just been married a few days ago. He went to school and recently graduated from the University of Hawaii. That’s where he met Brody, his husband. But, this was..wrong.

              “No! Please!” Mitch screamed between moans. “My…my family…my friends…”

              “Baby, we’re family now! Your friends all came to the wedding!” Brody said as he continued to thrust.

              “No…more…” Mitch said, struggling to remember who he was. Brody leaned in closed enough for Mitch to feel his breath on his face. Brody was so cute and so nice, but he was a boy, and Mitch was just a kid. Mitch moved his hands down his body, as if he was going to push Brody off of him, but Brody just smiled and said:

              “Mai, I love you.”

              Mitch’s mind was flooded with the name Mai. Memories of a different childhood, different parents, and a different life replaced his own. He tried to fight it, but as Brody locked lips with him, he returned the favor and embraced his new life. The new girl leaned in to the kiss and shot her tongue into his mouth, passionately teasing his tongue as their lips rubbed against each other. He pulled back as she moaned louder. “More!” she screamed, closing her eyes as she approached her climax. With a few final thrusts, Brody and Mai both orgasmed together. Mai moaned as she felt her lover’s cum explode into her, leaving a warm, soothing feeling in her pussy. Brody pulled his dick out and quickly washed it off in the ocean before laying next to his beautiful wife. The looked each other in the eye as he brushed her hair out of her face. She smiled, basking in the glow of both the sun and her lover’s embrace. She looked down the beach and saw some tourists getting up to leave. She giggled at the thought of them watching her and Brody fuck, but that’s what she loved about the beach. She had never felt more free. After a few more minutes laying in the water, the couple got up and began to walk back to Brody’s house. As they walked back to the house, Mai thought about the bit of cum still dripping out of her pussy. She rubbed her belly and smiled at Brody, wondering what kind of father Brody would be, and what kind of mother she would be.


Character/outfit designs for the Akatsuki AU

I will be updating this post with data about the characters that will be exclusive of this AU.


This is set on the modern day in Japan on the city of Konoha (which is kind of a huge city), things such as the sharingan and rinnengan still exist, but don’t have much power, Itachi is able to locate sources of energy with his sharingan and sometimes is able to set stuff on fire (like the Amaterasu but it’s normal fire), and Pein is able to use the shinra tensei and the other one where he pushes stuff towards himself (I forgot how it was called). These powers are kinda normal and at most receive surprised looks from people on the street.

Hidan’s immortality is not considered impossible, but almost. So it’s important not to draw attention to it (which he fails miserably)

The building:

It’s a small building owned by Nagato, the rent is pretty cheap so poor college students find it easily affordable, but it’s not very popular since it’s known for having all sorts of weirdos living there (AKA: the akatsuki)

It has two apartments per floor and a penthouse in the top (where Nagato lives), these two apartments are connected by a door, it doesn’t actually have a lock so that leads to neighbors stealing each other’s food and trespassing very often, so it’s almost as if they’re actually sharing an apartment.

Apartment distribution:







The apartment now occupied by Tobi used to be owned by Orochimaru and Kabuto (who didn’t actually live there but he stayed in so often that he might as well have), but they where kicked out after Orochimaru didn’t stop his creepy behavior around Sasuke every time he came to visit and forced himself on Itachi.


-26 years old

-Law student

-He takes everything extremely seriously

-He considers everyone in the complex to be idiots or not trustworthy except for Konan

-Sort of a landlord, he has the power to ban people from the building an order them around a bit, but the real owner of the building is Nagato, though since he never comes out of the room he is kinda like the official boss.

-Pein is a nickname but no one knows (or actually cares) what his real name is except for Konan.

-It is rumoured that he and Konan might actually be in a relationship but no one knows for sure.


-26 years old

-She is an Art student but constantly reads and investigates about politics and stuff like that

-Just like Pein, she’s very opinionated about social issues

-Second oldest member of the complex (as in the second one that came to live there).

-Considered by many as ‘the real boss’ because everyone takes her way more seriously than Pein.

-Apart from Pein, she is the only one who has seen Nagato recently, she is actually good friends with him and does his shopping.


-probably 24 or something like that

-Studying botanics

-Sells pot for a living and cultivates it in his room.

-He has a skin condition in which he looses pigments, for some reason it never extended further than his left half.

-He can often be found in the roof basking under the sun (or making photosynthesis) and smoking pot

-rumor has it that he has eaten human meat

-Goes on the deep web very often and has a lot of customers in there, constantly having to protect himself of hackers has made him very good with computers


-25 years old

-He isn’t actually studying anything

-He refuses to take off his mask, everyone kinda leaves him be at this point

-One of the most annoying and hyperactive members of the complex, but surprisingly, the one who has broken less stuff

-He has a strange obsession with annoying Deidara, which often results in stuff being thrown at him and being lit on fire at least once.

-Very mysterious, always maintains anything he does a secret

-His doors and windows are always locked and blocked so no one has really seen what his room looks like for more than a couple of seconds.


-28 years old

-He isn’t studying anything, but he is a professional surfer.

-He also has a mildly popular gaming channel and is a fan of videogames.

-He comes from a tribe on a tropical island who held a special respect for sharks and had multiple rituals to “gain their strength”, this is why he has multiple tattoos resembling gills and his teeth are carved to be pointy.

-May or may not have a slight crush on Itachi

-The thing he hates the most in life is liars

-He is very loyal once he decides that he agrees with something or establishes a bond with someone

-Even though he had a nice and fun childhood, his teenage years where hell, his tribe had lots of traditions that where not morally correct and he didn’t really agree with, all the rites that you had to go through after being initiated as a “man of the tribe” where to remain in absolute secrecy, breaking this rule could be punished by exile or death. Kisame didn’t actually know about any of this (just as the rest of his friends) until he was 15, so he felt scared and lied to. Kisame and a few other children where chosen as protectors of the tribe because they where good fighters, and they had to go through an extreme sort of training that ended with them fighting each other to see who was the best; he started to  think about leaving the place after when he won against one of his partners and the instructor told him that he should just kill him to end his shame on being won against, and since he was going to be thrown out of the training, might as well make sure he wouldn’t divulge information; Kisame didn’t do it and he was severely punished. He finally escaped when he was eighteen when his best friend was killed before his eyes for suspicion of having divulged part of the rituals to his girlfriend (who was killed too).


-22 years old


-no matter how bad his mood is he will always smile and say yes when offered dango.

-Law student, he wants to make the world a better place

-A little bit of a hipster, he loves going to Starbucks and traditional Japanese coffee houses.

-He comes from a shadowy background, the Uchihas used to be known as a sort of huge Yakuza family, but on the brink of a massive attack that would give them the control over the city, when they where all together finishng the plans, a fire of mysterious origins started and everyone died since the doors where locked. Itachi was a major suspect of causing the fire but they couldn’t prosecute him for lack of evidence. Only he and his brother survived.

- He used to have a best friend named Shisui, but he commited suicide after failing to convince the heads of the Uchiha not to go through with the attack and being accused of treason to the clan.

-Has his fair share of money inherited from his family, but he uses most of it on his studies and prefers not to use it unless he has to (or unless he’s going to a café).


-19 years old

-Art student with an obsession for explosions

-He has the biggest debt out of all of the members of the complex because of the amount of stuff he’s blown up

-He has absolutely no sense of fashion, his wardrobe consists of strong colors and weird stuff he found cool, he just puts on what first grabs his attention with no regard whatsoever of color combination. His clothes range from ancient t-shirts with holes found at thrift stores to expensive crop tops found at the women’s section of forever 21. Whenever anyone makes a remark about his choice of clothing he just replies with “it’s okay, I’m an artist, hm”.

-he ran away from home when he was 16 and has been in prison two times because of supposed terrorism after some of his “art” exploded, but has been arrested lots of times apart from that. He arrived at the complex when he was 17 and has been living there ever since. How he got the money to survive on his own is still a mystery.

-He has a burn mark in his right arm and a hearing aid on his left ear (which he usually covers with his hair). Both of them where acquired after an experiment that exploded a little bit too close and destroyed one of the walls in his apartment.


- Even though he is already 28 he still looks like a 15 year old dermatologists hate him

- He is an art student obsessed with puppets, he makes a living by making customized prosthesis (he made the ones in his arm and leg himself).

-When he was eight, he was in a car crash with his parents, it was late at night in a small road that had almost no traffic and it was raining heavily, which was very uncommon since he lived in an almost desertic place. The car swerved off the road when a huge truck hit it, the truck came out unscathed and didn’t stop to check their car. His parents died instantly since the front of the car had been almost completely destroyed. Sasori was sleeping at the moment of the crash and due to him being in a weird position, his left arm and right leg where crushed. He spent almost an hour screaming for help, it is unknown how he managed to do it, but he cut his arm and leg off and crawled to the road where after waiting another twenty minutes for someone to go by, he managed to get them to stop and call the police. The guy who hit them was never found.

-The experience scarred him mentally and for almost a year he believed that his parents where still alive and that they where only on a long trip.

-He went to live with his grandmother after that, and because she worked as a nurse with amputees, she was the one who took care of his therapy.

-He became obsessed with puppets since his grandmother had them as a hobby and made puppets of his parents, his grandma didn’t know how to deal with his obsessions and his belief that his parents weren’t dead and unknowingly made them worse. Finally, it was his school who sent him to a psychologist.

-Since then he has an intense hatred for waiting.


-He is 30 years old

-He is the one in charge of the money, he used to know Nagato before so he trusts him with collecting everyone’s debts and managing the expenses.

-Formerly studying economics, but then he decided to study medicine since “he would make more money that way”. He turned out to be extremely good at it, but since he cared more about the money than the patients, he started forging consents for organ donation and selling them off to other families or to the black market. He was caught and fired, then he got out of jail by paying bail and currently conducts illegal operations in an unknown location, he is extremely talented at them and the price is relatively cheap in comparison to regular hospitals. Rarely anyone dies so people trust him, but if someone does die, he sells the organs to the black market.

-He has a notebook with everyone’s debts at the complex and reminds them weekly about them

-He actually lost count of how many times he has stitched Hidan together

-Has imposed the task of figuring out how Hidan’s body works on himself and also wants to figure out what happened on all those years he doesn’t remember.


-He is pretty sure that he is 22 or something like that, but he’s not sure

-One of the most mysterious members of the complex due to no one, not even himself knowing anything about his past before being found wandering in an empty road covered in blood.

-He says he is part of the Jashinist cult, but no one has ever heard about it before and they haven’t seen or heard of another member.

-If he isn’t doing anything and no one talks to him for a while he spaces out, sometimes for hours

-He is immortal, no one knows for sure why but they’re not convinced by his explanation on Jashin-sama giving him immortality.

-for some reason no hair grows on his body besides the one in his head, eyelashes and eyebrows, again, no one knows why.

-Kakuzu has conducted several experiments on him in exchange for food, he hasn’t been able to explain much which according to Hidan means that Jashin is real.

-When he was found, he spent a year in prison, but since they didn’t know what to do with him they put him in the complex since it was pretty close and one of the policemen was friends with Nagato (who owed said policeman a huge favor), he offered a room for Hidan as long as he somehow paid the rent.

-When Hidan arrived he didn’t know much, as if he hadn’t ever been to school past first grade; he barely knew how to read and had a very poor vocabulary (that on a great part consisted on insults and curses learned on prison).

-He is also pretty strong and very flexible, that way he manages to escape easily if the police are coming after him.

-sometimes he goes out at night and doesn’t return for a day or two, Kakuzu followed him once and discovered that he found random people on the streets, beat them unconcious, took some of their blood and painted a sign on the floor, later he stabbed himself and lay on the sign, after some hours he just left. When questioned about it, he said it was a ritual for Jashin-sama.


-26 years old

-He is on a wheelchair and doesn’t really go out because he needs medicine constantly.

-He became bound to the wheelchair after he went to a protest with Pein and Konan, the protest got out of hand and by accident he got run over by one of those gigantic trucks that shoot water. The injuries left him with breathing problems and made his legs useless.

-Konan often checks on him and gets his groceries, she also helps him cut his hair.

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klaine, you're a hot surfer and i'm an awkward person working at an ice cream stand on the beach au

Klaine Bingo :Skinny dipping

Shameless inspiration :

Kurt loves his job.

Selling ice cream on the beach, just as the weather switches from Spring to Summer is perfect for him. Not too much Sun, not too hot but still hot enough that he can hang out in short sleeves, all the fruits are in their prime so he can experiment with the tastes, and all the surfers coming out of their lairs to try out the waves.

Yes, Kurt does realize that he talks about them like they are a different species, but that’s because they are!

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Forbidden Fruit (Ch.4)

Step Brother Series

A Dylan O'Brien Fan Fic

A/N: Here is part 4! It was requested by a lot of people and I am so happy thay you all like the series so far. This chapter isn’t as near as smutty but has some rendezvous and introduces some new characters. I hope you like it! There’s plenty more to come…

Previous Chapters

With a long stretch I rolled over and noticed the bed was empty except for me. Frowning because Dylan wasn’t still lying here with me I let my arm fall over the edge until I felt a shirt. I picked it up not even paying attention has to whose it was. The article of clothing covered my chest and some of my legs so it was perfect. When I stood up my nose caught a wiff of something amazing. Was that bacon? And blueberry pancakes? I hurried out into the hall and down the stairs. Entering the kitchen quietly I noticed Dylan was shirtless with nothing but sweat pants on. They hung ever so lowly on his perfect hips. His hair was now a mess and his cheeks were still flushed from a few hours before.
“Wow this smells amazing!” I spoke up. Dylan jumped and looked at me like a deer in headlights.
“Shit Y/n you scared me! I didn’t even hear you come down! ” he replied with a light chuckle.
“Sorry. I thought you would hear me coming down the stairs. ” I said.
“I sure didn’t. Well well I have to say you look better in my baseball shirt than I do. Keep it. ” He said seductively. His tongue licked over his lips. His eyes were glued to where to shirt ended.
“Why thank you but don’t you need it?” I asked sweetly.
“No we are in the off season. Just practice from here on out until spring. So its all yours.” I couldn’t help but blush at his gesture. I would be honored to wear it. Dylan plated all of the food and poured us each a glass of milk. As I started to dig in I realized how hungry I was. My plate was empty in no time.
“Ugh I feel terrible for eating that much but I was starved out for some reason. ” I said while rubbing my full tummy. Dylan laughed and said “Well with all the calories you burned this morning I can totally understand. ” He winked and stood up to clean the table. I blushed profusely and joined in. After loading the dish washer Dylan slowly cornered me near the sink.
“Thank you for the wonderful breakfast I had no idea you were such a great cook. Best pancakes ever. ” I said. My hands went to the bulge growing in his pants. Slowly palming over him the breath almost left his body.
“Hmmm oh yeah well when its just you and your dad you manage to learn a few dishes here and there.” He said with a strain in his voice.
“You are driving me crazy in that shirt Y/n. I want to fuck you right here. How are you doing this to me?” Dylan asked. His hands ran down my waist and cupped my ass. He massaged there and earned a moan. Just as he was leaning in to kiss me the door bell rang loudly. 5 times it chimed. I jumped back out of fear and Dylan groaned.
“What the fuck? Why are the here? ” He said angrily.
“ They? What should I do?!?” I gasped.
“It’s just my friends. They are the only ones who rings the bell like that. Uhm just go throw some clothes on and act normal. ” Dylan spoke calmly. He gave me a quick kiss and I hurried upstairs. Throwing on some leggings, a bra and a tank top I brushed my hair out and went back down stairs like normal. Well as normal as I could be. Voices were now filling the living room. Dylan had somehow managed to grab a shirt and answer the door with ease.
“So this must be the new sister?” One of them asked as I entered the room. I smiled innocently.
“Step sister Tyler. And yes this is Y/n. Y/n this is Tyler, Thomas and Max. ” Dylan spoke as my eyes scanned the 3 boys in front of me. Tyler was smiling widely. I noticed he was exceptionally muscular and wore vans with some shorts and a band tee. His hair was dark as well as his eyes and perfectly tanned skin. Thomas was much slimmer, tall, had brown eyes and light hair. He simply nodded and smiled. Max was like a typical surfer. Blonde hair blue eyes and sun kissed skin.
“Nice to meet you all. ” I said shyly.
“Dylan failed to mention how beautiful you were when he told us about you. ” Thomas spoke up. I noticed he had a British accent. A blush crept up on my cheeks. I used to never receive those types of comments back home.
“Why thank you. I must say you have a great accent. ” It was his turn to blush now. I didn’t mean it as flirting, I just really liked how different his British accent was. Dylan rolled his eyes but played it cool.
“Any particular reason you guys just came over without calling first? ” Dylan asked with a yawn.
“Uh dude you told us we could come over and swim before school started back and well its Friday so we just stopped by. ” Dylan then realized he had made them a promise a few days earlier.
“Oh yeah well let’s go for a swim then. Just let me put some trunks on first. Y/n you should join us. ” Dylan said. The other boys eyed my reaction.
“Sure let me change too. You guys go on out. ” They nodded and went to the back deck. I jogged up the stairs with Dylan close behind. Once we were out of range he picked me up and pinned me against the wall.
“As soon as they leave you.. are.. mine. To be honest I really don’t know if I can handle seeing you in a bikini. I just hope the water is extra cold.” Dylan spoke softly with a cheeky grin while grinding his hips into my core. I bit my lip and wrapped my arms around his neck.
“I may have to torture you a bit then. They’re your friends and they ruined the plans I had for us today. ” I replied smoothly.
“Plans? What plans?” Dylan asked. His eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store.
“I wanted you to join me in the shower. I was thinking yesterday that I liked the idea of me sucking you off while we are both soaking wet.” His mouth dropped at my response, He finally spoke up.
“Those plans are definitely still in motion. As soon as they leave.”
“We’ll see. Our parents are supposed to be home later today. So it may not happen. Now let me down, they are probably wondering where we are ” Dylan rolled his eyes but obeyed and sat me down on the ground. We each went to change in our rooms and he made it down there before me. I listened as he jogged down the stairs. I eyed myself in the mirror to make sure I didn’t look too slutty but it was a bikini so I couldn’t help but feel borderline naked. I decided to throw a towel around me until I made it to the pool. As I entered the back deck I noticed everyone was already in the water just splashing around.
“There she is!” Tyler yelled. He was smiling but then Max tackled him down into the water.
“Making it the obvious now bro? ” Max said as Tyler came back up to catch his breath.
“What are you talking about?” I asked.
“Tyler maybe has a little crush on you.” Thomas replied. I instantly looked at Dylan. His face was in sort of a pout.
“Wow I’m flattered but I am taken Tyler. Sorry. ” I said with a light smile.
“Oh I didn’t know! Well he is a super lucky guy then. ” Tyler said frowning. His eyes looked like a sad little puppy.
“Its okay. You didn’t know. We’re still cool though! ” I said to ease the tension in the air. He smiled and everyone felt more at ease. I took my towel off and slowly stepped in. The water was cold but it felt good in contrast to the hot California heat that seemed to weigh you down. We swam for at least 2 hours before I felt tired and some what bored. I made my way to the latter.
“Leaving already Y/n? ” Max asked.
“Yeah I’m feeling tired. I didn’t get much sleep last night” I replied.
“That’s our queue to leave then boys. Let’s call it a day.” Thomas spoke up from his spot on the intertube. He was working on a tan even though his fair skin proved that to be impossible. The rest of the gang followed behind me exited the pool. Dylan looked very relieved that they were leaving so easily. 
“It was nice meeting you guys. Now I will have at least a few friends on my first day. ” I said to the group.
“Oh hell yeah if you need help finding a class let one of us know we’ll be glad to help. You are cool in my book. ” Max replied with pat on my back. I laughed and thanked him. The other 2 guys agreed and it made me feel more comfortable. Dylan let them out the front door and peeped through the curtains to make sure they had left.
“Your friends are really nice Dylan. ” He scoffed at my comment.
“A little too nice. Well Tyler was pushing it but you set him straight pretty quick. ” He spoke with a hint of jealousy.
“Well I was being honest. I’m technically taken. I don’t want anyone else but you. ” My words were laced with seduction. I walked towards Dylan and pushed him down onto the love seat. Straddling him I removed my shirt and displayed my breast in front of him like a buffet. He couldn’t take his eyes off of them. His large hands automatically cupped them up. Tweaking my nipples I moaned out his name.
“Dylan don’t stop. I love it when you play with me. ” I cooed. His lips made their way to my left bud and he sucked lightly. The sensation went straight to my clit. Turning me on instantly.
“I’m so wet for you ” I said while urging his hand down to my now wet core. Dylan’s long and skilled fingers slid between my shorts and into my folds. He slowly moved them in and out. Just as I was grinding down to get more of a feel I heard a car door shut.
“Holy fuck they’re home!” I yelled and jumped back.
“Dammit no. Not now. ” Dylan growled. Looks like our plans were ruined afterall.

Chapter 3: Babysitting {Avengers x Fem!Reader + Loki}

~Part 1~ The Life of an Avenger

Prompt: (Y/N) calls up Phil Coulson after she watched Loki attempt to dominate Germany, and announces herself ready to take on being an Avenger.

Warnings: cursing

“(Y/N), you ready to come in now?” the Agent asked calmly, as if he knew the whole time (Y/N) was going to cave and join the team anyway (he totally knew).

“Yes. I’m ready.” (Y/N) announced confidently. She was ready to kick some alien ass.

“Alright (Y/N), I will come to pick you up in a minute. Head to your roof, and I’ll be there shortly.”

“Head to where-?” (Y/N) started, but was cut off by the Agent’s deadline. ‘Okay, well, here we go.’

(Y/N) started to run out the door, when she looked in the hallway mirror and noticed she wasn’t wearing her mother’s necklace. (Y/N) ran back inside the apartment and cradled the small, sapphire pendant, laced through the fragile silver chain. Her most beloved object! How could she have forgotten to put it on after her shower last night?! While still livid at herself, she hurriedly climbed the stairs to the roof of her apartment complex (‘why am I doing this?’), while she clasped the necklace around her neck, Immediately, she felt her mother’s long-lost presence. September. That was her birth month.

Bursting through the door, the icy wind cut through her thoughts of her mother like glass as she watched in disbelief as a jet landed on the roof in front of her. A fucking jet! ‘Oh this is gonna be awesome.’ (Y/N) thought to herself as she saw the Agent beckon to her from the jet door. Instantly, her mind freed itself, and she felt the adventurous high she always welcomed into her life. The sense of thrill. The sense of wonder. The feeling of truly being alive. It’s times like this that (Y/N) always wondered why anyone ever did drugs.

Launching herself up the ramp and into the aircraft, she immediately gazed in wonder around the inside of the vessel and took in every detail. The Agent watched her in amusement.

“So you like the Quinjet?” He asked.

“Hell yeah! I feel so special. This is like VIP status.” (Y/N) commented, thinking of her very unsafe travels on several different vessels on several different occasions. ‘But hey, if it gets you from point A to point B, it’s a winner.’

“Well, that will change here in a few minutes. We’re going to meet some of your fellows on another Quinjet and-”

“Sir,” the pilot interrupted, “Romanoff has just announced that their Quinjet has been breached by another Asgardian. Loki has been intercepted and grounded. How would you like to respond?”

“Hm…(Y/N) have you ever been skydiving?” Phil asked.

“Yeah…but I don’t see why…” (Y/N) began, but quickly quieted when she saw the co-pilot hand Phil the parachute. Wide eyes. No words came to her lips.

“So, you want me to…right now…just…now.” (Y/N) stumbled. She loved skydiving, but this was a bit unexpected. ‘Well, what’s life without a little risk, eh?’ She thought to herself, a motto she’s told herself since “the incident.” It’s gotten (Y/N) into a bit of trouble sometimes, but it’s also brought her the best memories of her life.

“I mean, we could land, but it would take a bit longer to-” Phil tried to ease her wide eyes, but (Y/N) just held out her hand.

“I said I was ready, didn’t I?” (Y/N) said with a smirk. Phil laughed and handed her the ‘chute.

“I told Fury you’d be a perfect fit. He didn’t believe me, but I knew it.” (Y/N) smiled widely and thanked him as the door to the Quinjet slid open.

“I feel bad leaving you so soon!” (Y/N) called out jokingly as the icy wind whipped through her body and elated her beyond belief.

“Don’t feel too bad! I’ll see you soon at the Helicarrier!” He answered.

“Deal! Sianara, Agent!” And through the clouds (Y/N) fell. The world around her fell away until all she could feel was pure ecstasy. The thrill. 'Oh god! It doesn’t get better than this!’ She exclaimed in her mind as she whooped and hollered through the night sky. A second later, she realized her timing and grasped the release, then pulled. A punch in the gut, then floating on a cloud. (Y/N) descended until she landed in a clearing between a forest of endless green.

Shaking her head a bit to clear her numbed mind, she was about to scream and celebrate her in-prompt-to skydive ('that was free, mind you!’) when she heard voices. Scanning the area, she followed the voices until she spotted two men clad in the most ridiculous outfits she had ever seen. And (Y/N) loved it. She immediately recognized Loki, but 'who’s the other guy?’ (Y/N) James Bonded her way up the side of the hill, listening to the two men’s conversation.

“I am king!”

“Not here! You give up the Tesseract! You give up this poisonous dream! You come home.”

“I don’t have it…You need the cube to bring me home, but I’ve sent it off I know not where…” (Y/N) watched, quite impressed, as a giant hammer flew into the surfer dude-lookin’ guy’s huge hand.

“You listen well, brother. I…” A flash of gold and red, then Shakespeare was gone. Now, there was just the Greaser. He sat down and began to get himself comfortable as he watched the Tin Man and Shakespeare battle it out. Well, (Y/N) wasn’t having that.

“So, you’re a king?” (Y/N) said, shocking Loki’s pride and startling the Greaser.

“Where did you come from?” He questioned sharply.

“New York. What’s it like not actually being a king, but saying you’re a king?” (Y/N) inquired, just to piss him off.


“Well, may I sit, Your Not-Highness?”

“No, you may not. Alas, you can explain who you are, and why you’re here eavesdropping on my conversation.”

“The asking to sit was rhetorical,” (Y/N) responded, “And I, sir, am simply the girl sent to babysit your ass while the boys down there exert their testosterone for a while.” (Y/N) explained, as Shakespeare head butted Tin Man.

“For a mortal girl, you are not bad. What is your name?”

“(Y/N, Y/L/N). Nice to meet you…”

“Loki Laufeyson of Asgard .” He outstretched his hand, and (Y/N) accepted it with a sweet smile on her face.

“Or at least it would’ve been nice hadn’t you killed all those people,” (Y/N) said evenly while her eyes glowed a stark silver. The ice she controlled reached up Loki’s arm and spread over his chest and the rest of his body until only his face wasn’t absorbed in (Y/N)’s winter web.

“So, this is why you’re here.” Loki said, unimpressed.

“Damn right. Now let’s watch the big boys kill each other for no reason, shall we?“ A minute passed of Shakespeare (whom eventually became Pikachu, even though (Y/N) had to explain to Loki what that was) and Tin Man battling because…well, because. Then, a shield appeared from nowhere and Steve stepped into the clearing.

“Oooh!” (Y/N) exclaimed to Loki, “It’s the referee! Yellow card his ass!” Then (Y/N) had to explain to Loki what a yellow card was.

“Hey! That’s enough!” Steve called out…like a referee, “Now, I don’t know what you plan on doing here.”

“I’ve come here to put an end to Loki’s schemes!” Pikachu erupted.

“Then prove it! Put the hammer down.” Steve tried (he really did).

“Um, yeah, no! Bad call! He loves his hammer!” Tin Man warned, but was immediately back-handed by Pikachu into a tree.

“You want me to put the hammer down?” Pikachu shouted as he catapulted into the air and, like he warned, did indeed, put his hammer down. Hard. On top of Steve’s shield. The hammer reflected off the shield in an atomic bomb of sparks that sounded like what (Y/N) could only describe as the Liberty Bell toll ('how ironic’).

Then, silence.

“Well,” (Y/N) announced, “that was dramatic.” All three men looked up at her in surprise. The Tin Man looked amused.

“So,” (Y/N) continued, “what are we gonna do with this asshole? Do you guys have some handcuffs? Or a prison? Or a coffin?” The Tin Man laughed.

“Looks like you’re doing fine up there (Y/N).” Then he turned slightly to Loki, “Want me to get you a blanket Reindeer Games? You look cold.”

“I’ll settle for the Tesseract, thank you very much.” Loki stated.

“Well, you can help us find it if you like. You can’t keep it, but you can hold it for a second if you’re nice.” The Tin Man responded.

“Alright, enough of this. Let’s get him back in the Quinjet, and take him (Loki) to the Helicarrier. Thor, are you coming with us, or are you going to keep trying to kill Stark?” Steve commanded.

“No, I see now that you need his presence to find the Tesseract. I will help you as well. It is a powerful object, and should be put into good hands.” Thor answered.

“Alright. Yay!“ (Y/N) exclaimed mockingly. “We’re all in acceptance! Group hug! No? Okay. Well, anyway, can you guys help me move this jackass?”

chapter 1  |  chapter 1 ((Y/N)’s POV)  |  chapter 2

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Fic Rec Friday

Today’s fic rec is a roundup of all the fics that I had on my to-read list that I finally got to. Listed by increasing word count.

All You Ever Needed to Know About Knotting by KuriKuri  | 4.7K | E | Derek/Stiles

Derek had started reading the column by accident. Really, reading strangers’ questions about knotting and heat had never really appealed to him. However, at that point in time, he was a little desperate.

And he was right: most of the questions submitted by anonymous readers didn’t appeal to him. The answers, though, did.

(Or: In which Stiles writes an advice column about knotting and Derek is smitten. Also they’re neighbors.)

Polyamory for Dummies by KuriKuri  | 6K | E | Derek/Scott/Stiles

“What?” Stiles replies, blinking at Erica. She indicates his make-up and shirt. “I – no, that’s – Scott’s Derek’s boyfriend. I’m just moral support. Or something.” He flails in Scott’s general direction, but unfortunately Scott’s too focused on the game to save him.

“I’m not going to judge,” Erica says, smirking slightly. “The only reason Isaac isn’t here too is because he has an exam tomorrow morning.”

“Isaac?” Stiles asks, his brow furrowing in confusion.

“My other boyfriend,” Erica answers easily.

i’m on tonight (my nips don’t lie) by elegantwings  | 7K | E | Derek/Stiles

The thing is, Stiles has always had sensitive nipples. When a friend in college suggests nipple piercings, he totally goes for it. Somehow this is what pushes him and Derek together, despite what happened between them the summer before he went away to school. The thing no one talks about, the thing that matters really a lot despite how much they pretend it doesn’t.

Or, the fic that was supposed to be a pwp about Stiles getting nipple piercings and accidentally grew an angsty plot.

the lovers [murderers] in 9B by ofherlionheart  | 8K | T | Derek/Stiles

There is a new resident in apartment 9B, and he and his boyfriend are either serial killers … or just really loud in bed.

Derek Hale moves into a new apartment building, and his new neighbors try to figure out what to make of him and his frequent visitor, Stiles Stilinski.

Give Me Shelter by WonderWolf  | 8.2K | T | Derek/Stiles

“I don’t make a good impression, I know,” Derek grumbles. “It’s fine. I get it.”

“Noooo,” Stiles groans in frustration, “but it isn’t fair because you’re not that guy, you’re not an asshole and you give cats punny names so they have a better chance at being adopted.”

“Who told you I named the cats?” Derek asks, his brows scrunching together in confusion.

“Scott,” Stiles smirks. “My favorite so far was Purrsephone.”

(Or the one in which Derek and Stiles both volunteer at an animal shelter, Derek works with cats and gives them punny names, Stiles works with the dogs, and misunderstandings ensue).

For My Flesh Had Turned to Fur, and My Thoughts Had Turned to You by literaryoblivion  | 9K | T | Derek/Stiles

They’ve known about the other pack for quite some time now. They know the pack is young and small, formed together more by accident and necessity than anything else. But, they haven’t done anything about them because they’ve been fairly quiet, kept to themselves, and haven’t caused any trouble.

That is until the Hales start hearing rumors about the McCall pack acquiring a very young and inexperienced but powerful witch.

So Alpha Hale sends her eldest son, Derek, for all intents and purposes, to spy on the McCall pack and their so-called witch, to see what the truth of the situation is.

The Way to My Heart (French Insults) by KuriKuri  | 10.4K | T | Derek/Stiles

Letting out a long sigh, Derek turns away and braces himself for the next hellish filming segment. After all, apparently he’s going to have to smile while greeting twenty-five contestants. Shit, what if they try to hug him? Or, god forbid, kiss –

He doesn’t get any further with that thought, because a limo pulls into the driveway. He braces himself for the worst. The worst, who… actually doesn’t look that horrifying.

“I’ve been dying to meet you!” she exclaims as she catches sight of him.

Then, she flings herself at him and ensnares him in a bone-crushing hug.

Scratch that – she’s completely horrifying. And Derek’s pretty sure he can hear errand boy what’s-his-face laughing in the distance.

(Or: In which Derek gets roped into being the ‘eligible bachelor’ on a dating show and instead falls for one of the show’s interns.)

Putting the F-U-N in Funeral by apocryphal  | 10.8K | T | Derek/Stiles

“Hale & Daughters Funeral Home,” Derek says dully.

“Oh ho! And which daughter are you?

Derek casts his eyes up to the ceiling. It’s going to be one of those calls.

(In which Derek is a bored secretary, Stiles is a baker who may or may not have ulterior motives, and there are entirely too many macaroons.)

reason to stay by bleep0bleep  | 12.5K | T | Derek/Stiles

Life is cruel. Derek Hale is only going to be here in Beacon Hills for a week. Sundays Fun Days is a lie. It was not fun, getting a bit of hope and having it torn away.

How much wooing can Stiles do in a week, anyway?

It’s the last week of October, and a small town baker has run into his first crush again. Fate might have other ideas. Stiles tries for romance with a little help from what Beacon Hills does best— Halloween.

Rare Books and Special Collections by KuriKuri  | 15K | E | Derek/Stiles

Derek Hale hates libraries.

Unfortunately, not all books can be ordered on Amazon.

(Or: in which Derek is a grumpy omega writer, and Stiles is an annoyingly attractive alpha special collections librarian.)

Mail Order Stiles by Green  | 17.4K | E | Derek/Stiles

Stiles laughs. “The day I become a mail-order bride is the day I eat my hat.”

“You don’t even wear a hat.“

“I’ll buy a hat for the occasion,” Stiles says. “A white one with a veil.”

(Stiles doesn’t eat a hat, but that’s just because he’s too busy with his new husband, his five children, his new husband’s ex, and a deadly feud with the neighboring ranch)

Quit Dragon Me Around by WonderWolf  | 17.9K | Works: 3 | T, E, M | Derek/Stiles

Stiles makes the mistake of taking Derek’s sword and now the grumpy werewolf seems determined to stop him from stealing and landing himself in jail.

Stiles is not pleased. He’s also starving.

(Or the one in which Derek has good intentions, but little understanding of how Dragon biology works. He just wants the cute mole-speckled kid to be safe).

Dance For Me by words_reign_here  | 18K | M | Derek/Stiles

Laura and Derek Hale own an architecture firm and they are looking for a new construction crew. Stiles and Scott are the newbies in town, but it’s either them or Deucalion. Everyone gets off on the wrong foot but don’t worry, things have a way of working themselves out.

Instructions for Dancing by calrissian18, cybersuzy  | 19.2K | T | Scott + Stiles, Derek/Stiles

If Scott was asked to start from the beginning, his mind would place him right at the center of Beacon Hills, looking up at the black and white Hale house, clamped down on his mom’s hand and trying not to feel fear.

If Stiles was asked to start from the beginning, he would talk about a boy named Scott who walked into his kindergarten classroom, stuck to him like a barnacle and became the most important thing Stiles would ever do with his life.

Cutback by WonderWolf  | 19.3K | T | Derek/Stiles

“You’re the only person that can help us and we need a place to crash. Can we stay at yours? Just for the week? I promise we’ll be quiet and—”

The feeling of dread quickly turns to panic and Derek forces out through a tense jaw, “Who’s ‘we’, Scott?”

Scott’s face morphs into a look of sadness and pity before he responds with a defeated, “Me and Stiles.” He tenses, as if to brace for the rejection Derek is sure to give him, because there’s no way that Derek would agree to house his ex-boyfriend for a week, even as a favor to his brother. Not after everything that happened, after the devastating heartbreak he still hasn’t fully recovered from.

He takes a deep breath and sighs, “Okay,” despite every intelligent part of his brain yelling at him that it isn’t a good idea.
- - - - - -
Scott and Stiles are pro surfers in need of a place to stay for their upcoming competition. Out of all the things Derek expected this summer, being asked to house his brother and ex-boyfriend for one week wasn’t on the list.

All It Takes Is a Spark by impalagirl, wilddragonflying  | 22k | M | Derek/Stiles

AKA That one where Derek is a hippie and more like Tyler Hoechlin than the sourwolf we all know and love, and Stiles is a badass emissary.

Voices in the Dark by atsuyuri_sama  | 23.7K | M | Derek/Stiles

Stiles would do anything to protect his Pack. He would even lie, though it means slowly falling apart at the seams.

this dance of days by imprintofadream (imprint_of_a_doe)  | 27.9K | M | Derek/Stiles

He feels like the world stuttered to a halt and started rotating the other direction within the past few days, like the fire burned brighter only to push him into his proper place. Three days ago, he had no idea werewolves existed, had no idea Derek could be anyone other than Hale, and now he knows how it feels to be pressed up against him, knows how awkward Erica’s sideburns are, knows with absolute certainty that being taken off fire relief duty won’t tear him away from this group.

But fires have always been dangerous and unpredictable.

Bicycle Flavored Ice Cream by words_reign_here  | 29K | T | Derek/Stiles

Derek finally has everything where it should be. His pack is good, strong, back from college and they are a cohesive team. Other than the occasional witch, hunters and blip in the road, this is what it should have always been like. A pack in the Hale house, watching out for Beacon Hills.

The Girl They Thought She Was by words_reign_here  | 31K | Works: 2 | T | Allison-centric

Another three sentence fic that I fell in love with:
Maybe supernatural teen wolf where Allison is a Winchester and she meets Scott, or Isaac. The pack. Sterek.

You Only Live Once…or Twice by WonderWolf  | 32.9K | E | Derek/Stiles

“Anything,” Derek’s eyes are determined, boring into Stiles’.

Stiles huffs a laugh, “Careful there, big guy. Don’t want to be promising anything to every necromancer you meet. Some might ask for your soul or someth—”

“I’ll give you my soul to bring her back,” Derek says, his voice steady and strong with resolve, “if that’s what you want.”

Stiles’ mouth gapes open for a moment before his brain kicks into gear and he stutters out, “N-no, I don’t ask for that. I only ask for money.”

(Or the one in which Stiles is a necromancer who needs help stopping a rogue alpha and Derek is the solution, but at what cost?)

This Started As Only Make Believe by thepsychicclam  | 44.1K | E | Derek/Stiles

Derek is trying (and failing) to juggle his career, coach lacrosse, and raise his 5 year old werewolf daughter. When he adds his bitter ex-wife and his daughter’s slight attachment to him, Derek knows he doesn’t have any time for a life of his own - and definitely no time for the super cute daycare teacher.

Coming Home by herlovewasajoke  | 44.7K | Works: 2 | M, E | Derek/Stiles

An AU in which Derek works for the sheriff’s department, Stiles is a single father, and Laura lives to drive her brother up the wall.

Everything that is Holding You Back by herlovewasajoke  | 49.1K | Works: 2 | T, E | Derek/Stiles

“I’m here because my son needs to come home, Mr. Hale,” the sheriff said, brushing aside any need for pleasantries.

Derek would be grateful for that if he had any idea what the hell was going on.


(Photos and Gifs not mine)

You cheered loudly on the hottest guy you’ve ever seen. It was a surf competition, and as you’d been invited and loved the sport, you didn’t miss the opportunity. Although, it may have helped that the brunette you were supporting was your long-term boyfriend. His green eyes spotted you on the crowd and he smiled, before returning to contest. 

His amazing and impeccable tricks never sized to mesmerize you. Since the moment you saw him in action, Harry Styles proved that he was more than just a pretty face. His brightness, dedication, humour, kindness and dork side managed to capture your heart in less than a minute.

You were summed in your thoughts when a gentle kiss was pressed against your forehead, which brought you back to reality. Standing there in front of you was the adored love of your life, Harry. His hair, wet, was completely messy and every lock had a different direction. Some were pressed against his forehead due to how long they were. A smile danced on his lips, showing his adorable dimples.

“You were incredible back there!” You congratulated him, excited because of how well he had performed. Harry had improved a lot after the first time you watched him surf, but it was always evident he had a natural talent for the activity.

He just giggled in response, aware you always flattered him. He kissed you again, on the lips this time. Slow, sweet, lovingly. Those words pretty much summed up how the kiss went. Your man made you feel wanted and appreciated every time he could. Which translated as every time.

“Is it cool if I go back there for a bit? I wanna practice a little more?” He asked with puppy eyes, just you be sure you’d agree. After all, how could you say no to the one you loved the most?

“Yeah, sure. I’ll watch you”. 

And as soon as the words came out of your mouth, the brunette was running towards the see and enjoying the freedom he felt on all occasions. Once in, he was unstoppable. You couldn’t help but be hypnotized by his passion for the sport. He eyed you quickly and covered his nipples to make you laugh, which you did and then gestured for him to concentrate. He only nodded in response.

You felt a presence next to you, and when you turned slightly to see who it was, you recognized one your best friends, Evan Geiselman. Tall, tanned, muscular, handsome, nice. But he was like a brother. Besides, the only one who had your full attention in a romantic way was your boyfriend.

“He is quite good”. He commented, the southern accent very clear on his voice. Evan was a surfer too, and he knew a lot more than you on this topic and to see that he had encouraged your guys since the beginning made your extremely happy. 

Your smile was all the reply both of you needed. “Where’s Koa?” You questioned, intrigued to see why his best blonde friend wasn’t joining him today.

“He had some… Issues”. He teased and giggled alongside with you, knowing the sense hidden behind that statement. You just hoped he used protection. “So, wanna grab dinner later?” He asked referring to the old ritual him, Koa, Harry and you shared when all lived together. Of course, the current girl your friends were with at the time was included too in the past.

You stopped being house-mates when your lover asked you to move with him to London, his permanent home. You accepted immediately, seeing he trusted and liked you enough to move to a serious part of the relationship.

“Obviously!” You sang out.

He used his right arm to pull you closer. He was trying to hug you sideways, like always. His arm rested on your waist and you rested your head, partly on his extended arm, partly on his bare chest. It was natural for us already, everyone aware there was only a friendship between us.

You returned my full focus to the water but Harry was nowhere to be seen. You scanned the beach with your eyes until you saw him. He was glancing at you and Evan. Part of his wetsuit was removed, giving you a clear picture of his muscles that made your knees weak without exception. 

He looked pissed. And fuck, he looked hotter than ever too. His eyes, his lips, him… Even more irresistible than ever, if it was even possible. He started walking to where you and your best were, determined expression and you felt your breath escape your lungs. 

He nodded, greeting Evan and took your wrist in his hand, separating you from him and taking you to the hotel room with him. You turned around and waved your hand as a goodbye to the other surfer, who had a confused look on his face, just like you.

When you were in, he closed the door and trapped you there with his body. You could sense the heat coming from him and felt the desire to use your hand to caress his face and chest.

“What the fuck was that?” He asked in a loud tone of voice, really close to your small body in comparison to his. So close, that you could feel his irregular breath fanning your face.

“What was what?” You replied, also screaming. You were confused and now, angry. There was no reason for his temper, this time.

“That thing with Evan!” The brunette answered your question with a shout.

“We were just talking, Harry!” You retorted, rolling your eyes.

“The hell you were”. He said, separating his body from yours and walking from side to side on the gigantic room. “You’re mine”.

You felt anger quickly spread through your body, the warmth too familiar but still not easy to control after all the times. “I’m not an object! I’m no one’s!”

“You’re right”. He agreed in a low, raspy voice. “But for the moment you are mine”.

And just after he finished talking, his lips were on yours trying to express all the love and care he felt for you, regardless to all the fights you may have. Both of your hands reached out to stroke his cheeks, slowly moving down to his neck to pull him closer and few seconds later, one moved to trail patterns on his chest.

When he pulled away, you were out of breath because of the intensity, but you didn’t want to break the kiss, it was too intoxicating to even think of it.

Opening your eyes after unsuccessfully trying to control yourself, you noticed his reddened lips and heard him trying to steady his breathing. You were, probably, a mess like him, or even worst.

“You will always be more mine than his”. He whispered in your ear, as he then pressed his forehead against yours and kissed you chastely.