he makes the most amazing scores

Victor then vs Victor now

This was Victor Nikiforov, before Yuri Katsuki. A man who had lost his passion for skating, who hadn’t known love… But even so, a wonderful and talented skater. The russian living legend, a five-time world champion with amazing scores —and being 27, older than average figure skaters.

Now, after his break, Victor is making his comeback. But he’s not the same as before, is he?

This Victor can feel enough distress and frustration to make him cry,

But also cry because how overhelmed by happiness and pride he is,

And the most important: he knows what love is —and he loves Yuri so strongly and tenderly, the love he feels is reflected in his eyes.

Now, just think about the kind of skating this new Victor will show us. A Victor who is able to feel distress and frustration, but also happiness and pride and this strong and tender love. Feelings that Victor will definitely express in his skating.

Think about Victor Nikiforov, a five-time world champion even neglecting all these feelings, who now is able to feel them, and express them.

The world should better be prepared.