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I think it’s telling that it was Todd’s speech that finally spurred Bojack into some kind of action and self-awareness. It always seemed to be Herb that made Bojack want to seek forgiveness and it was always Charlotte he came running to, in fantasy or reality, when things got too tough. Bojack has treated Todd like shit over the seasons, to the point were Todd’s “fuck” speech seemed long overdue. Yet it’s telling that Todd was the one who got through to him, it’s his words he echoes. It’s things like this that make me believe Bojack’s ‘best friend speech’ on the improv ship was genuine and heartfelt, that he actually values Todd’s opinion. It also shows how Bojack is starting to let go of obsessing over his past mistakes and let them be just that - his mistakes. That fact that he can recognise now and own up to the things he does wrong, just shows how much character development he’s been going through this season. 


“The best part of the trip.” (Halt and Catch Fire 3x10)

Joe MacMillan, visionary and storyteller.

Anabasis, or: The Persian Expedition, or: the time a bunch of idiot Greek mercs got way too involved in Persian royal family drama

Xenophon was an aristocratic Greek from the city of Athens in the fifth century BC, a student of the philosopher Socrates, a contemporary of Plato, a historian, philosopher and major political thinker in his own right, and one time when he was an idiot twenty-something he managed to get himself involved in the dumbest piece of military adventurism in the Middle East of all time.

Later he wrote a book about it. 

It’s called Anabasis, which is Greek for ‘Upgoing’, and it is my current favourite adventure story. It is full of big personalities, political drama, people getting stressed out about crossing rivers, and stupid battles. I really wanted to share it with you all, but I can’t make everyone read the whole thing, so instead I present Book 1 of the Anabasis, chapters 1-8, abridged:

Chapter One: Prince Cyrus has a bright idea

So in the fifth century BC the Persian Empire - with its heartland in modern Iran/Iraq, and its territory stretching as far as Egypt, Turkey, India, and the Black Sea - is the biggest deal around. It’s the heart of civilisation. The Persians have the best cavalry in the world, and also invented gardening. Meanwhile Ancient Greece is basically forty cats in a sack, where the cats are city-states and the sack is ‘which city-state has the biggest dick?’

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That’s My Brother- Alex Nylander

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Ok when I started this I had no clue what I was doing, but this turned out to be the cutest thing! I just love it and I hope you guys do too! Enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Alex Nylander blind date (reader is about a year younger/same age) please 💕💕💕


              You couldn’t believe you let your roommate talk you into this.

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Still Young Love

 Request: Hey!!! I love all of your writing! I have a request for Phil. The reader is several years younger than Phil and has a daughter that adores him and Dan, and that leads Phil and the reader to falling for each other? Lots of fluff and Dan shipping from afar

Word count: 1470

Sorry it took long! It was my birthday and STRESSFUL TIMES YO but I’m back lol. Enjoy!

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You sighed as you pushed your trolley down the aisles, eyes scanning the shelf for anything you needed. Your daughter, Holly, around seven years old, walked by your side, occasionally pointing to things she was convinced she wanted. You laughed as she pointed to a tin of peas, shaking your head.

“You don’t like peas, Hol.” You reminded her, and she sighed.

“Well, maybe if I try them again I will.” She announced. You grinned at her, feeling a little bit of pride sweep through you. She was a result of the only one nightstand you had had, and you had raised her practically without any help, and single. She had black, wavy hair she preferred short and deep brown eyes, and although she was technically a mistake, she was a miracle to you.

“Y/N?” A voice came from just in front of you, and you looked round to see a friend from university, Dan Howell.

“Dan?” You gasped, embracing him with a hug. “How long has it been?”

“A long time,” He laughed, pressing a chaste kiss to your cheek. You were very close in university, even dated for a while, but you had both decided that you were better off as friends. His eyes were rested on Holly softly. “Who’s this?”

“I’m Holly.” She told him, grinning. You laughed; she had never been a shy kid.

“This is my daughter.” You added, and he glanced at you in surprise.

“Wow, how old are you?” He asked her.

“Seven.” She replied, happily looking at a magazine she had picked up.

“Seven? How old were you when you had her, Y/N?” Dan raised his eyebrows, and you laughed.

“Hm, about eighteen?” You cast your mind back. “After you dropped out, I had one too many drinks and voila! A child.” You explained.

“You’ve raised her on your own then?” He guessed, and you nodded. “That’s amazing.”

“It’s been difficult, but I got by.” You shrugged.

“Hey, do you fancy coming round mine tonight. You know, catch up and on stuff?” Dan suggested, and you threw a quick look at Holly. “Holly is welcome as well,” He picked up, making you smile.

“Well, if that’s okay.” You chuckled. “Hey, Hol, how’s about that?”

“Sure!” She beamed at Dan. “I like him.”

“You got the seal of approval,” You joked, making Dan laugh. You smiled widely, glad to finally have plans.

 You pulled up outside Dan’s apartment, getting out the car and helping Holly before heading up to the door, ringing the bell. The door opened to a smiley Dan in a Totoro onesie, and he welcomed you both in, the flat warm. After climbing the many stairs, you were directed into the living room.

“Drinks?” Dan asked.

“A coffee would be good… Holly?” You glanced down at your daughter.

“Can I come look at what you have?” She asked, and Dan chuckled and nodded, taking her into the kitchen as you stepped into the living room.

You jumped as you spotted another person sitting on the sofa with a laptop, wearing jogging bottoms and a T-shirt. Thick rimmed glasses rested on his nose, his fringe pushed out the way.

“Hi?” You asked nervously, and he looked up at you with pale blue eyes that made your heart skip a beat.

“Hey! You must be Y/N, Dan’s friend?” He placed his laptop to one side and shuffled over.

“That’s me.” You grinned, accepting a small hug that made your heart do the skippy-thing again. Dan and Holly came in behind you, holding three mugs and a glass of what seemed to be strawberry milkshake.

“This is Phil,” Dan introduced, and he did a little wave, before noticing Holly.

“This is my daughter, Holly.” You added quickly, and Phil’s eyes softened as he looked at her.

“Feel free to take a seat.” Dan suggested, sitting down himself. You sat next to him, then Phil, with Holly next to him. She seemed to instantly take a liking to him, talking about school and animals while you and Dan caught up on each other’s lives.

Dan eventually went out to get food, so you joined Holly and Phil. The way he spoke to her made your heart melt so to speak, and you bit back a smile.

“Do you like Mario kart?” He asked her, and her eyes widened.

“I love it! I think I’m really good at it.” She announced, and he raised an eyebrow.

“Have you completed rainbow road?” He checked, and when she nodded he gasped. “I need to see these skills.” Phil got up, turning on the TV and set up the Wii. “Are you joining us, Y/N?”

“Of course. Who doesn’t like a bit of Mario kart?” You laughed, taking a remote from him.

You spent most of the night playing, and Dan joined in when he arrived back home. Eventually, it was a tie between you and Phil, and you decided to battle it with rainbow road, and you managed to win by mere seconds.

“Yes!” You screamed, Holly whooping with you whilst Dan started laughing at Phil’s face.

“You cheated!” Phil accused, and you shook your head frantically.

“Dude, you’re just a sore loser.” You raised an eyebrow, and he whined, smiling all the same.

“We are so having a rematch soon.” He grumbled, and you pulled him into a hug.

“Don’t be sad. You played really well.” You promised, and he laughed, returning the hug. “Sorry, I’m a huggy person.”

“Me too.” He chuckled.

“Come on, you two. The food isn’t going to cook itself.”

 It became a weekly thing to go and see Dan and Phil and play another round of Mario Kart. Holly had begun to adore them, and liked to draw them pictures. You had even filmed a video with them for Phil’s channel, which everyone loved. A week came round where Holly had gone to see your parents for the weekend, and so it was just you going. You had all decided to get out some alcohol for a change, as Holly wasn’t around, and you and Phil were quickly getting drunk.

“I haven’t frunk in a while,” You slurred, then burst out laughing. “Frunk!” You exclaimed, Phil joining in with your laughter. Dan, who had had much less to drink than you, smiled to himself as he watched you.

“You are hilarious, Y/N,” Phil beamed at you. “You have so many good features.”

“Which are?” You raised an eyebrow at him, smirking. Dan stood up and excused himself, leaving you two alone.

“All of you.” He replied, and when you shook your head, he nodded frantically. “It’s the truth! You’re funny, gorgeous, brave. I could go on.” He tried his best not to make his speech hard to hear, making you giggle.

“Well, I like you a lot too. Like, a lot!” You announced, and he bit his tongue between a smile. You pressed your lips together before leaning in and kissing him gently. When you pulled away, he held your face in his hands and pulled you back in. You swooned a little, wrapping your arms round his neck loosely, loosing yourself in the moment. Meanwhile, Dan was glancing round the wall.

“I ship it so hard,” He whispered to himself.

Six years later

“Holls, you’re going to be late for school!” You yelled up the stairs.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” She screamed back, before practically falling down the stairs. You kissed her on the head as she gave Phil a hug, then vanished outside, where Dan was waiting to take her to school. Since the drunken night, you and Phil had hooked up, getting married a year later. Holly had begun to call Phil her Dad after, and Dan her brother. You had practically been adopted into Phil’s family after your mother died, leaving you with only Holly as family, but Dan and Phil had become your new family. You had picked up the job of a YouTuber after being encouraged by Phil, and you had a best friend in Louise. Holly and Darcy got along instantly.

You turned to Phil and fell into his arms, kissing him on the cheek.

“What would I do without you?” You laughed, and he chuckled.

“What would I do without you?” He joked.

“Thank you for being her Dad,” You bit your lip.

“You don’t have to thank me,” You pulled away from him as he spoke, grabbing his hand.

“Would you like to do it all again… But from the start?” You asked, and he frowned for a minute before realization flickered across his face.

“Y/N!” He squealed, making you laugh. “Okay, okay, say it out loud!”

“I’m pregnant!” You shouted, and you both began to scream together.

Oh, how you couldn’t wait to do it again. It was still young love.

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Omg I love David Tennant

For some reason he still makes me think, when I see his name, of that one Christmas where you literally couldn’t pick a BBC channel and he *wasn’t* on it.

prompt: chris has a day off training!


Three Times Christophe Giacometti Took a Day Off And The One Time He Didn’t


The new Game of Thrones book comes out. Christophe is not the sort of person who woke up one morning and decided that, as a matter of personal style, he desperately needed reading glasses that were too big for his face, over-round, thin-framed. No: Christophe is the sort of person who stayed up reading for hours after bedtime growing up, hidden under his sheets with a flashlight in a third-story flat in Geneva, Switzerland. He’s now the sort of person who has a prescription for reading glasses. The reason Christophe has been in a steady relationship with well-understood, respected boundaries carefully and lovingly crafted around his never-ending ability to devise new ways to flirt isn’t because he’s an Olympian, or because he’s famous, or even because he’s got an ass you can bounce a euro off of. Christophe is in a steady relationship because on his third date with Julien they fell into a conversation about Macbeth, and on the fourth they talked about why they he loves the Silmarillion more than The Hobbit, and by the fifth, Julien loaned him one of his favorite books: Invisible Cities, by Calvino. 

Julien also bought him his tablet, a necessity Christophe resisted for years because there’s such satisfaction in a handheld book. It’s the kindle, with all the fancy paper-lighting, something as close to the real thing as possible. It keeps him occupied on planes and trains, where he churns through more books than anyone would expect; anyone except the people who know him best. Sometimes it feels like he’s gone more than he’s home. It’s nice to hold onto this device and remember that someone who loves him bought it once, because they were thinking of him.

Back to Game of Thrones: he does stretches with the tablet on the floor, then tries to skate a lap around the rink for warm-up with it still in front of his face. His coach looks like a nice guy, and he doesn’t have a reputation for yelling only because Yakov Feltsman is currently the gold, silver, and bronze medalist for that sort of shouting. “Christophe. Go home.”

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ethan cal and emilie at the beach

Cal: On the first date, she suggests they go and see a 3 hour movie with subtitles, and he knows she’s the one. And he proposes on the third date. 

Ethan: We get married in a registry office, nothing fancy, just friends, and then the pub afterwards

Cal: And who’s the best man? 

Ethan: Cal’s the best man of course. And he makes a terrible speech, but he redeems himself afterwards when he tells everyone about [Emilie]. About us all meeting Kate in the cafe. 

We buy a house in Holby and then we have a little girl, and we call her Emilie. And the day she’s born is the most incredible and terrifying day of my life. She goes to med school, she becomes a doctor and eventually, she gets married and she has kids of her own. 

And Cal and I, doddery old men by then… Cal’s on his fourth wife, but we come back here, every year, all together, to this bay. And we look out at the sea, and we make a toast to you and we say - “this is where it all began”.

— well fuck


#you just know when killian turns this shit-eating grin on david #that the prince equal parts loves him #hates him #and kind of wants to be him

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Angst to fluff challenge: Percy and Annabeth get a divorce

They have a ceremony. All of their friends are invited and they throw their rings at each other when the designated vicar announces them not husband and wife. It doesn’t hurt of course, because the rings are made of candy.

Percy eats his, even after it falls on the floor, and Annabeth punches his shoulder.


He smiles. “We’re not married any more, you can’t tell me what to do.”

“I can too!”

They’re nine years old and they bicker like like an old married couple, even after their divorce. During their divorce, in fact.

They sit in a circle with their friends afterwards, eating ice cream sandwiches stolen from the kitchens like a sit down meal. The same as they’d done for their wedding two months earlier. Because all divorces have to have ceremonies and sit down meals and speeches. Grover’s is the best, he makes himself cry and Percy pats his shoulder awkwardly when he sits down again. He meets Annabeth’s eyes across the circle.

“Why did we get divorced again?”

Annabeth rolls her eyes in a pained manner. “Because, Seaweed Brain, we can’t be best friends if we’re married.”

There’s a duh which she doesn’t quite tack onto the end of her sentence but is obvious enough in her tone. Annabeth is constantly telling him what to do, Percy thinks she might thrive on it, and he’s only mildly irritated by it. She’s usually right, so he follows her lead. Most of the time.

Fourteen years later though, they both prove her very much wrong. Annabeth hides her face in her hands as Grover retells the story for all of their family and friends. Her ears are pink and Percy leans over to kiss her shoulder through the lace sleeve of her white dress.

It’s an easy gesture. After seven years together, and nineteen years of being her best friend, it’s how everything is between them.

Annabeth reveals her face, which is pink and grinning, and she takes Percy’s hand. She lifts it to her mouth and kisses his wedding band before they both look back to Grover and accept a cheers to them, the married couple.

Steve Rogers/Captain America - My Heart

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Imagine being in a relationship with Steve. The two of you have never had sex despite being together for so long and then on your wedding night it finally happens.

Steve x Fem!Reader

Warning: Smut (Obviously)


You and Steve have been together for a few years now but the two of you had never had sex. You understood why you hadn’t because Steve had never had sex before so he was really nervous. Then you got married and he decided it was time.

Chapter 1

You brushed your hands over your beautiful gown and smiled at yourself in the mirror. Today was the day you had been waiting for since you were a little girl. Your wedding day. You had on a princess style gown with a little diamante belt and lace bodice. You had your hair in loose curls, half up and half down, the part that was down was falling down your back. If you didn’t say so yourself you looked beautiful.

Natasha and Wanda came into the room in the bridesmaid dresses that I had picked out for them. Wanda had her hair pinned up in tight curls and Natasha had hers down and it was straightened so it was falling against her shoulders. The dresses had a black top and a greyish bottom with a beautiful little satin belt that had a flower on the side going across their stomachs. Tears prickled your eyes as you saw how gorgeous they looked. “Guys you look so beautiful” you wiped the tears away with the back of your hand before they could fall. “Says you. You look like a princess” Natasha said with a smile on her face.

“Now come on. It’s time to go see your prince” Wanda grasped your hand and led you out of the room towards the limo that was waiting outside ready to take you to the church. You got in after Wanda and Natasha. Tony was in the car as well, since your parents had passed away Tony -who had been like a father to you- had agreed to walk you down the aisle. You could still remember how excited he had gotten when you asked him, he had even cried. You knew in that moment when had cried and hugged you that you had asked the right man to walk you down the aisle on your special day.

Tony squeezed your hand and gave you a soft, comforting smile as you pulled up to the church. He got out of the car after Wanda and Natasha, he walked around to your side of the car and opened the door. You took a deep breath before grabbing his outstretched hand and stepping of the car. He linked your arm through his so your hand was resting on his bicep.

“You look beautiful Y/N. You’re going to take his breath away” you smiled up at Tony who was smiling down at you. “Thank you Tony.”

“Are you ready?” You simply nodded your head and then Tony led you into the church as ‘Here Comes The Bride’ started to play. It was finally time to marry Steve Rogers, the love of your life.

Chapter 2

Your grip on Tony’s arm tightened as you began your trip down the aisle, all you could feel was everyone’s eyes on you and it was only making your nerves worse. Then you were met with those beautiful blue eyes you had fallen in love with all those years ago. Even after seven years together those blue pools still made you weak at the knees.

You felt tears prickling your eyes as you saw how handsome he looked in his tux, he wiped his fingers under his eyes and Bucky -who was obviously his best man- squeezed his shoulders and smiled at you.

After what seemed like forever you finally reached the alter and Tony kissed the top of your head before passing you to Steve. Steve clasped your hand in his and the priest started talking. The ceremony was over before you knew and it was now time for the party. You had all eaten and now it was time for thee speeches. Steve was first.

“Y/N Rogers I have loved you for as long as I can remember. I still remember how I felt the first time I saw you, I thought you were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I was so nervous about asking you out on a date and if it weren’t for Buck, Sam and Tony I probably never would have but I am so happy that they convinced me to do it. There are no words to describe how much I love you. Each time I look at you I see this mesmerizing, beautiful woman who I want to have kids with and grow old with. You are my life Y/N and I am beyond happy that I can now call you my wife. I love you more than anything and that includes my shield. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you, the love of my life” at the end of his speech Steve bent down and kissed you on the lips after wiping away the tears that were falling down your cheeks. The entire room erupted into cheers and of course the loudest ones were the avengers.

Now it was the Bucky’s turn to make a speech and since he was Steve’s best friend and he knew everything about him it was bound to be good. Steve had hold of your hand that was resting on top of the table as Bucky began his speech.

“First of all I would like to raise a toast to Mr and Mrs. Rogers!” the room erupted in cheers again as everyone raised their glasses in the air. “I’ve known Steve for a very very long time. I remember how scrawny and small he used to be. Despite his size back then he was never to step down from a fight, I would know I always saved his ass from them. Then he became Captain America and he was suddenly this tall, buff guy going around the country performing on stage trying to convince people to join the army. Made a damn fool of yourself in that spandex” everyone in the room was smiling and chuckling at Bucky’s story. “Ya know looking like you do and being Captain America you think you’d be able to ask out a woman easily but with Y/N you became like this nervous puppy. Always stuttering and getting nervous around her or whenever someone brought her up in a conversation. I almost punched you in the face a couple of times because you just wouldn’t grow a pair of balls and ask her out. Always whining that she might reject you and that you were afraid you might say something stupid and she would hate you forever. Fucking idiot. Okay, time to be serious. Steve, you and Y/N are perfect for each other and I have never seen you as happy as you are with her. I wish you a long happy life together where you can have kids and grow old together, despite you already being super old and I better be the godfather to your kids or I will kick your ass. To Mr and Mrs Rogers, have a long life filled with love and happiness.” you had been giggling and crying throughout the entirety of Bucky’s speech and at the end you stood up and pulled him into a hug.

Chapter 3

Before you knew it the party was coming to an end, well for you and Steve anyway, everyone else would be partying until the early hours of the next morning. One by one each of the avengers pulled you into a hug before you and Steve got into the limo that would take you to your private jet. Tony had given you permission to use one of his private islands for your honeymoon so it would just be you and Steve for a few weeks and you couldn’t contain your excitement.

The two of you had to get a private jet to the island and as soon as you stepped out the plane and onto the ground Steve picked you up bridal style and carried you into the house. Your bags had been sent over earlier in the day so you didn’t have to worry about anything.

Steve carried you into the large, fancy bedroom and threw you down onto the bed. He shrugged off his jacket and removed his tie while you stood up and attempted to remove your dress. “Shit. Steve I need your help” Steve chuckled at you and helped you unzip the back of your dress. His hands brushed over your shoulders and down your arms as he helped you remove the dress.

His skin in yours felt like electricity coursing through your veins. The dress slid down your body to reveal the sexy white lingerie underneath, he brushed your hair off of your shoulder as you stepped out of the dress and began to place soft kisses from your earlobe to your shoulder which made you throw your head back onto his shoulder and let out a soft moan. His hands grabbed your waist and he pulled you closer to him as he continued kissing and sucking the sensitive skin on your neck.

He spun you around so you were facing him and he crashed his lips onto yours and moaned against your lips. He pulled away for one frustrating moment and took his shirt off. He didn’t even bother unbuttoning it, he just ripped it off so the buttons went flying everywhere. He then removed his trousers, shoes and socks so he was stood in his boxers. Your eyes trailed down his body, thanking the Lord for giving you such a gift. Steve picked you up so your legs were wrapped round his waist and then he laid you down on the bed so he was on top of you. He started kissing you again, staring off slowly and then it got more hungry, more passionate and then he unhooked your bra and discarded it on the floor, then your panties came off and then his boxers.

He started kissing every inch of your body and you moaned with every single kiss. You let out a gasp when he inserted his tongue into your most sensitive area. “Did I hurt you?” you looked down to see Steve’s panicked face and you shook your head. “No, Steve it felt amazing” he grinned and inserted his tongue again. He began licking and sucking your clit slowly and you tangled your hand in his hair while the other one was gripping the sheets next to you. He slowly picked up pace as your moans got louder signalling to him that you were close. You finally reached climax and a loud moan escaped your lips, you were still panting when Steve crashed his lips onto yours again.

You felt his his member at your entrance and you both moaned simultaneously. He pulled away and his blue lust filled eyes met your Y/E/C one’s as if he was asking for permission to enter you. The only thing you could do was nod. He entered you slowly as he kissed you softly. He slowly pulled himself out of you and then back into you. He clasped your hands in his and punned them above your head as began to pick up pace.

You had no idea how long the sex had lasted so far but you didn’t care. It was amazing and you never wanted it to end. This might have been both yours and Steve’s first time having sex at all but you knew in this moment that you had saved it for the right moment. You would remember this unforgettable moment for the rest of your life.

You climaxed again and Steve followed not long after and then the two of you collapsed in each others arms. Your head resting on his chest and your  arm draped over him with his arms wrapped around your body and your legs tangled together under the sheets. “I love you Mrs. Rogers. Now and forever” he kissed the top of your head. “I love you too Mr. Rogers. You have my heart, now and forever” you grabbed his hand and kissed the back of it. The two of you fell asleep tangled up together after your first time together and your first night as husband and wife. This night would be the first of many.

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BTS Reaction: You’re a lesbian

Anonymous said to bts-bangtan-reactions: can you do the boys reacting to you being a lesbian? please and thank you:)!

Jin: When you came out to Jin, he would be a little surprised at first but immediately smile after words because he loved the fact that you trusted him enough to tell him that information. He would pull you into a hug to show you that he accepts you and your sexuality. When you two hang out in public he would probably lightly tap your shoulder and point to a girl who he thinks you may find cute. If you ever got any hate for your sexuality, he wouldn’t hesitate to stand up for you and protect you. 

Suga: Yoongi wouldn’t think too much when you asked to talk to him when you both were alone. When he realized that you were coming out about your sexuality he would listen closely and make sure that you knew that he accepted you. He wouldn’t see the big deal about it too much but he would understand how big it was to you that he knew and accepted you for your sexuality so if you were very nervous he would make a small speech thing telling you that he was your best friend no matter what gender your attracted to. 

Namjoon: He would probably be the most serious when you told him but couldn’t help but smile the whole time. He would say somethings really inspiring and he would want you to understand that he fully supports you and that there’s nothing wrong with liking someone of the same gender so you shouldn’t be nervous. He would be very happy that you came out to him like Jin because he saw it as you trusted him enough.

J-hope: Hobi would become extremely happy that you came out to him and would start bouncing on his feet and immediately pull you in for a hug which would last for quite some time. Any time he saw you looking at someone of the same gender as if you liked them, he would encourage you to go and talk to them and if he saw someone who he thinks you might like he would point them out to you as well. He would get really disappointed if someone gave you hate for it because he didn’t see anything wrong with liking the same gender, and he wouldn’t hesitate to protect you like Jin.  

Jimin: Jimin would be a bit confused at first when you started coming out but once everything was said and done he would pull you into a hug while explaining that he’s very happy that you came out to him and trusted him enough to tell him. He would also become very giggly and you would probably have to pull him off you because he wanted to make sure that you understood that he supported you no matter what. 

(I can’t choose between the two gifs, They both kind of fit!)

Tae: Taehyung probably wouldn’t know what was happening when you started telling him about your sexuality but once you finished, it registered to him what you were talking about and a smile immediately took over his face and he didn’t really know how to respond to you so he wouldn’t say anything for a minute or two until he realized that this was probably a stressful thing for you to do so he would hurriedly assure you that he accepted you and nothing will change between the two of you. 

Jungkook: When you came out to jungkook he would have a general idea of the topic but you would have to explain some things to him. Once he understands everything he would wish you luck on finding love and tell you that he’s always supporting you no matter what anyone else says. He would always do his best to protect you from any hate that might surface because of this as well. 

(I can imagine him looking at you like this when you tell him that you like someone or if he finds you looking/talking with someone you like.) 

So sorry for the wait! I didn’t know how to write this exactly so I just wrote it as you coming out as being a lesbian if that’s okay.  (。◕‿◕。)

I also did my best to differentiate them a bit but I think that they would all react in a loving and very supportive way. 

(Gifs Not Mine)


A voice? He was sure that was a voice. One directed towards him. Someone wanted something; but who? One of the white suits? Had they found him? No. That didn’t seem right. If they had, they would have made him know about that. Either by barking a command or by forcing him to stay still by grasping his arm or hair.

This was a stranger. They had to be a stranger. Wide eyes slowly moved to them; he was going to have to speak, wasn’t he?

“I-I’m sorry… could you, urm, r-repeat that?” Even with the stuttering and slowness of his speech, he did his best to make his voice not have a hint of emotion.

Moffat Appreciation Day Countdown, November 14: Favourite Friendship

Sherlock Holmes and DI Greg Lestrade from Sherlock

Sherlock’s and Lestrade’s friendship is special in the way that it is underplayed - I doubt that Lestrade would believe that he was one of the three people Sherlock jumped off the roof for.

In the stories, Holmes constantly belittles Lestrade and yet continues to work with him; Watson states that the moment in “The Adventure of the Six Napoleons” when Lestrade expresses his honest admiration of Holmes, was one of the few times he ever saw Holmes genuinely touched; and much of this is left in the series. Despite throwing insults left and right, he will come when Lestrade calls.

In the very first episode, Lestrade not only thanks Sherlock for coming to the crime scene, but accepts John’s presence; and the “drug’s bust”, while Sherlock considers it an invasion of his privacy, is in a way a compliment - Lestrade states that he was sure Sherlock would find the suitcase. After Sherlock leaves with the cab driver, Lestrade is not angry, but worried - demonstrated in his question to John why he would take off like that - and he explains that, in his opinion, Sherlock Holmes is a great man with the potential to become a good one. After John shot the cab driver, we see him at the site of crime, teasing Sherlock about his shock blanket not only in a good-natured, but decidedly fond way; he lets him go because he wants to, and his smile at the end hints that he might suspect what took place, but is more than ready to turn a blind eye. 

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She's the Prettiest Girl at the Party, and She Can Prove It With a Solid Right Hook

Pairing: Cas x reader

Song: .she’s the prettiest girl at the party and she can prove it with a solid right hook. - frnkiero and the cellabration

Request: thedoctormollywinchester Could you do a Castiel/Reader fanfic where she’s the Winchester’s sister and they’re protective of her, not really wanting her and Cas to date but they get over it. They get married with an angel bonding ceremony and there’s fluff. The reader gets pregnant and Cas is nervous and over protective but it’s sweet at the same time. Then when she finally has the baby they’re all happy and Cas is protective over letting the boys hold the baby but the reader convinces him and they’re all a happy family.

Words: 1641 or thereabouts

Warnings: mention of (unprotected) sex.

A/N: it made the most sense to make Sam and Dean the reader’s older brothers for this request, so I did that . Also, I changed the last bit so Sam, Dean and the reader all help convince Cas they’re a family. As usual, send requests and tell me what you think :)

Set in: any period when Cas had his grace. It’ll make sense when you read the first bit.


“Sam? Dean? I need to talk to you about something for a minute.” Castiel gestured for the two men to sit down. Looking slightly concerned, the Winchester brothers sat down.
“I know you two hold more knowledge about courting women than me, so-“
“This is about y/n, isn’t it, Cas?” Sam asked, before Castiel had even got the chance to finish his sentence.
“Well, yes, Sam… How did you know?”
“Cas, you may have got used to human life in some ways, but when it comes to women, we can see right through you. Or, more accurately, when it comes to y/n, we can see right through you.” Dean wasn’t raising his friend’s confidence at all.
“What Dean is trying to say” Sam began gently “is that y/n’s evidently - evidently to us, anyway - been the only girl you’ve had eyes for, for long time. Even girls you’re questioning for a case, or seeing at a bar… You’ve been unable to look at anyone else. Your move on her is way past due.”
“I know” Cas sighed.
“But” Sam continued. “You didn’t let me say but. We are very, very protective of our little sister, and we don’t like the idea of her dating anyone very much, let alone an angel of the lord with the power to do some serious damage.”
“The last person she dated turned out to be a demon. And the one before that, a vampire. You get the picture, right, Cas?” Dean inquired pointedly, raising his eyebrows at the angel.
“But, Dean… I’m an angel. That’s practically the opposite of anything that gets sent to purgatory after death.”
“Ewoks look cute, but they bite.” Sam commented.
Another sigh from Cas. “I remember that from the time you made me watch Star Wars. You know I’m safe, though… Right?”
“Fine. But if you hurt her, you’re getting a knuckle sandwich for your last meal.” Dean held up his fist to illustrate his point.
“… And I won’t try and stop him this time” Sam clarified.
“Guys! You know I won’t do anything like that.” He rose from his chair. “I’m going to talk to her.”
3 years later

“I can’t believe this is happening” Cas whispered to you, trying to be quiet but failing miserably, as he spoke in more of a stage whisper than anything. You had just walked down the aisle and you were now facing your fiancé, attempting desperately to keep up with the grumbling man who was delivering your vows. 
“Cas, shh! We’re not supposed to talk in this bit. Don’t you remember that from my cousin’s wedding last summer?” You rolled your eyes subtly, but smiled, too, revealing to your soon to be husband that you didn’t mean it.
“Oh, yes, I remember that… The time when they were discussing their plans to engage in sexual activity that night a little bit too loudly?” Cas had managed to lower his voice to a level only audible to you. Well, to you and the man beside the both of you, who, judging by his facial expression, was most likely focusing too hard on remembering what to say to listen in.

“I wonder what they’re talking about” Sam mused, turning to his brother. They were both standing a small distance away from you and Cas, making sure their postures were as good as possible. Cas had stated that he’d been unable to choose between the two of them when it came to who was best man, so he decided they could both make a best man speech instead.
“Probably discussing how hard he’s gonna bang her after the after party” Dean shrugged nonchalantly. “What?! It’s accurate, and you know it” he rushed to defend himself once he saw Sam relentlessly glaring at him.

“Er, speaking of sexual activities… You brought condoms, right?” You asked Castiel as quietly as you possibly could. 
“I knew I’d forgotten something…” He blushed a little. “It’s not something I think about too often unless… I don’t want to finish that sentence. You see what I’m getting at. We’ll just have to create a compromise, right?” As much as your fiancé enjoyed sex with you (seriously… That was a lot, you’d gathered over the last 3 years), he still found it relatively awkward to talk about, especially in public like this. He knew everyone was aware of the convention you were to follow that night as well, which didn’t improve matters in the slightest.
“Don’t worry, babe.” You reassured him with a small smile. “Now, hush your mouth about condoms. Our vows are coming up.” You stood up a little straighter, and Cas observantly followed suit.
As soon as you, Cas and the wedding guests had arrived at the building of the after party, relatives you and your brothers didn’t even know you had (”when I last saw you, you were this big!”) bustled up to greet you and undoubtedly make some candor comments.
“What a beautiful ceremony!” the woman gushed. 
You gave Cas a look, as if to say, ‘here we go’.
“What a lovely, traditional building. It was quite modern, though, the whole… Writing your own vows thing. Sweet, really, if I’m honest. So, Castiel, why did you use all those fancy words? Do you speak another language?” the woman spilled. 
“I never knew that about him! We really must get to know this lovely chap better, now he’s stuck with us forever” the man chipped in with an extremely unfunny joke.
“It’s a, uh… It’s a family thing, yes” Your new husband smiled rather awkwardly. He didn’t technically tell a lie, though…
“Now, everyone, if you could, uh… Take your seats, I have a speech to make.” Dean tapped the side of his wine glass (“A wine glass?! Where’s the beer?” Dean had questioned his younger sibling earlier on, in a slightly panicked voice. “You don’t get beer at weddings, Dean” Sam shook his head in disbelief and laughed a little). “I haven’t even started this speech, and I already know I’d hate to be the president” Dean spoke to Sam out of the side of his mouth, in order to be subtle and unheard. Sam smiled. Dean had many qualities, but subtlety had never been one of them.
Dean started to talk when the scraping of chair legs and the hubbub of chatter had died down. “When I met Cas, he was an awkward, socially inept guy… Now, he’s an awkward, socially inept guy with a wife.” The wedding guests laughed, and Dean exhaled in relief at his speech’s immediate success.
You glanced over at Cas next to you, whose hand was intertwined with yours, his thumb running back and forth over your skin, taking its time. He was laughing heartily, too. “It’s true” he admitted.
“Could the couple of the night please stand up and make their way to the dance floor for their first dance?” You heard a familiar voice project, using the microphone.
Castiel had insisted that you weren’t to know who was playing the after party. It was a ‘surprise’, he had said. You had confessed to yourself that you’d expected nothing more than a cover band, but you knew that voice anywhere…
“You… You got Frank Iero to come play for us?” You swivelled your head round to see the band, frnkiero and the cellabration, and then Cas. 
“It’ll all make sense in a moment” Cas explained, taking your hand in his and leading you to the dance floor behind him.
“They’re my favourite band, Cas! It already makes sense” you giggled as Cas pulled you to his chest, ready to slow dance with you while all the guests watched.
“It’ll make more sense, then…”
Immediately after Cas said that, the first note of .she’s the prettiest girl at the party and she can prove it with a solid right hook. played and you saw what Castiel meant… It did make more sense.
“It’s the song you played on our first date” Cas elaborated. “Since we chose the date of that day to get married, it only seemed fitting…”
“Well, I get it now, you numpty” you giggled once more. “Thank you for getting these guys to come” you told him, in a softer voice as you swayed with him in time to the music.
“You’re welcome, my love. I wanted to make sure you knew you were the prettiest girl at the party.”
9 months later
“Can I hold her?” Sam sounded tentative as he approached you in your hospital bed, you and Cas’s newborn baby tucked into a blanket in your arms.
It turned out that the result of Castiel forgetting to bring condoms on the night of your wedding was pregnancy… And the both of you had been nothing but happy about it.
“What do you think of that, Francesca? Can Uncle Sammy hold you?” You asked the baby in your grasp, a grin on your face.
“I don’t know, Sam… She’s very fragile, and we don’t want anything to happen to her.” Cas narrowed his eyes a little, speaking in a wary tone.
“Well, I could always hold her… After all, careful is my middle name” Dean remarked, smirking to himself.
“And you think she’d be better off with you?” Castiel’s tone was slightly snappy.
“It’s been a long day for all of us, but that’s no excuse to get in a grump, Cas” you mediated. “It’ll be fine. Sam will be extra careful… Won’t you, Sam?” You asked him as you transferred Francesca from your arms to Sam’s.
“Of course” Sam agreed, sitting down cautiously.
“After all, we’re family, the four of us. We’re all we have. Family doesn’t end with blood, right?… Marriage plays a part, too” Dean smiled.
“Damn right” you and Sam replied at the same time, which made Cas laugh.
“See? We’re all a family.”

One of the boys makes a toast at your wedding

Liam: You smiled, looking over at Louis getting ready to make his best man speech. He cleared his throat, “Okay, well I think I should start from the beginning. I remember when the boys and I first met (Y/N), and Liam was about to piss his pants because he wanted to talk to her. Remember when you fell right in front of her, Liam? And then you apologized to the floor.” You laughed and looked over at Liam, laughing and shaking his head. “And who could forget that when they started dating, they went through a phase of continuous PDA. It was absolutely disgusting; you two were disgusting, and still kinda are.” Liam frowned, “Like you’re any better!” Louis scoffed, “My point is, you two are clearly in love, no matter how disgusting your type of love is. Liam holds open the doors for (Y/N), he strangely blushes whenever he talks to her on the phone, and he protects her like a mother bear does with her cubs.” You giggled, smiling over at Liam as he intertwined your fingers. “I’m truly happy for both of you, and Liam, if you ever dare hurt (Y/N), then I promise to rip off your penis.”

Niall: Harry stood up and cleared his throat, sending Niall into a little fit of giggles, “God, he’s gonna start telling stupid jokes, I just know it.” Harry smiled, “Okay, first off, congrats to Niall for finding someone who can put up with his shit habits. Sorry you have to live with that, (Y/N). Anyways, I think you two are one of the most compatible couples. The way you two always know how to make the best of every situation, and how you two literally laugh at everything; even my jokes.” Niall leaned over and mumbled, “And we all know how shit his jokes are.” You laughed and nodded, “That’s what makes them funny.” “Anyways, I just want to say, here’s to the lovely couple, and I know you two are going to be so happy together. Niall, I see the way your face lights up when you see (Y/N), and the way you always blush whenever I bring it up –Like now!” You looked over at Niall, whose face was a deep shade of red, and smiled. “Overall, I just wan-” “Hurry up, Harry! We have speeches too!” Louis yelled. Harry frowned, “Fine. You guys are the best, here’s to many happy years, and I’m about to finish, but I have a quick joke. Why did the-” Louis grabbed the microphone, “Okay, you’re done.”

Zayn: Niall sighed into the microphone, “This is kinda depressing. I wrote out my speech, but I spilled water all over them. All I remember is being jealous that (Y/N) gets to marry Zayn, the most beautiful man.” You rolled your eyes and smiled. “Zayn and (Y/N) are really such a cute couple. As creepy as this sounds, I always watch them when they’re together, and Zayn always holds the door open for her, and he always watches her when she’s not looking. It’s really easy to see how much Zayn loves (Y/N), and it hurts because he used to love me like that.” You laughed, “He’s so dramatic.” Zayn smiled, “It’s Niall, can’t expect less. I still love you, Niall!” Niall grinned, “No you don’t! Don’t lie to me, Zayn. Anyways, it just warms my heart because you can just see the love they have for each other,” he looked over at the two of you, “I really hope you two treasure the years ahead together as a married couple, and have multiple kids for me to uncle.” You smiled, “You’re going to practically steal our kids.” He laughed and nodded, “I probably will. Overall, I just want to wish the both of you the best of luck with your marriage, and (Y/N), please treat my little Zayn, right; he’s the pretty one of our band and we need him.”

Harry: You quietly laughed along with everyone else as you watched a drunk Liam make his way over to give a speech. Harry chuckled, “This’ll be fun to watch in the wedding videos.” “This is the best wedding ever,” Liam slurred, and looked over at you and Harry, “You two are so adorable. Always cuddling and kissing and being loud, if you know what I mean.” You blushed and covered your face with your hands, “Oh god. Someone stop him.” Liam nodded his head in your direction, “You know, (Y/N), you’re so lucky that you have him. Did you know that he carries pictures of you in his wallet? And every night he looks through all the pictures and prays that you’ll show up next to him in the morning.” You stifled a laugh, glancing over at Harry, “Is that true?” He shrugged, “Possibly.” Liam laughed, “He loves you more than anything. He talks about you all the time, and I’m so happy that you two are married. Here’s to (Y/N) and Niall!” Your jaw dropped and you began laughing, looking over at Harry, whose face was as red as ever, “Liam, I’m marrying Harry!” His face twisted in confusion, “Alright. Here’s to Harry and Niall.”

Louis: “Louis and (Y/N),” Zayn began, “Oh, god, where do I begin? You two are probably the best couple I’ve ever seen. I’m actually a little jealous. I don’t think I’ll ever been in love like you two are. It’s kinda scary, actually. You two are literally the same person; whatever one does, the other does too.” Louis grabbed your hand, giving a slight squeeze, “I think it’s cute.” Zayn smiled, “At the beginning of their relationship, I remember I would always make fun of Louis for being so whipped, and then he would throw his stuff at me. And who could forget when he told everyone that I was ‘whipped like a horse’s arse’? Well, I guess here’s payback, Louis.” Louis’ eyes widened, “Don’t you fu-” “Okay, (Y/N)! Did you know that Louis likes to stare at all your pictures before he sleeps? And naked too!” Louis frowned, “No, I don’t! At least not fully naked!” Zayn laughed, “Well, anyways, I know you two will have a great marriage, and make beautiful babies, so,” he raised his glass, “here’s to (Y/N) and her whipped bitch of a husband, Louis!”

a/n: yeah, i don’t know if i like this or not. kinda lost all inspiration


How are we supposed to trust anything from S.T.A.R. Labs after you nuked the city?