he makes the best animal voices

Fallout 4 dad types
  • This isn't a serious thing but I'm posting it anyway if you want more just ask me
  • Companions:
  • nick: the dad that voices bedtime stories , lets the kid have coffee , and sasses the kid right back when they sass him .
  • Danse: the " guns don't kill people dads with daughters do" , probably forces them to listen to country music
  • Preston: the dad that helps with school projects, lets them see what he's doing when they ask him , puppy face to sole when the kid finds an animal
  • Deacon: the dad that is best on Halloween , is secretly in the room on their first day at kindergarten but ~in a disguise~ , tells the best stories
  • Hancock: the dad that makes sure their kid knows the dangers of drugs and alcohol,helps them sew( I mean I doubt that jacket could've hold that long without Hancock doing some sewing) , ' auntie Fahrenheit '
  • MacCready: the dad that gets the kid into video games , makes sure the kid is taking care of themselves properly , always rooting for them no matter how bad it gets
  • Longfellow: the dad that lets their kid have a lil alcohol and when they don't like it he doesn't push it , openly displays guns and weapons in house , when their kid says his and sole's romantic stuff is gross he makes a big deal out of doing it more and blows raspberries on the kid's cheek
  • X6-88: the dad that openly threatens the kid's date when their kid leaves the room , makes the best food , knows all the schedules, " no Luanne you are mistaken. It is your brownies that are disgusting and only half baked."
  • Others:
  • DiMA: the dad who like bakes cookies , Is vegan and does yoga in the mornings
  • Maxson: the dad that intimidates all the other parents at events , cheers the loudest at sports .. Plays..decathalons... Graduation, teaches them how to defend them self and plays make believe with them
  • Sturges: the " you don't need to go to the store to get it fixed , I'll do it." Dad , also a really cool cook , 50s rockabilly dad , has vintage cars he fixes but let's the kid drive them and honestly wouldn't be that mad only dissapointed dad face if they get it wrecked
Best Mom

**A request that took too long to write:) “Why did we have to have kids?”**

You swear it was days like these that made you want to scream. Or cry. Or do anything but put up with two antsy and complaining toddlers and wait for your husband to return from his late work night. The mile long list of to-do’s didn’t help either. You had barely started the laundry when the oven beeped obnoxiously, and your youngest little one, who was only 2, decided to stick things in electrical outlets. So one scolding and rush-to-turn-off-the-pot-to-keep-the-food-from-being-ruined type of sprint away later, you were back hastily trying to get at least one productive thing done today. 

 "Mom is the food ready?“ 

“Mummy my leg hurts.“ 

"Momma brotha’ won’ gimme the remote back." 

 It was all getting too much. Too much to the point were the food had to be turned off. Where you had to put down the scarce piece of clothing you actually folded. Where you had to sit on the bathroom toilet, shake you head in your hands, and wish that the tears that burned behind your eyes were tears of strength and not ones of angst. You doubted it though. Days like these didn’t leave much room for happy crying. They didn’t leave much room for anything actually.

You remember who you were when you first met Harry, strong and fearless. You remember the young love and freedom he brought in your life. It would never be the same again, and you knew it was sealed. The family you two had raised was one of your greatest accomplishments. But the torturous hole of hopelessness that had seeped its way into your heart left you feeling hollow. Leaving you aching for that woman, praying that you had at least half the strength of her left within you to continue on.

You tensed when you heard the soft click of the door into the apartment, hoping that he would just fade and he’d leave you be. It would be torture for him to see you like this, disheveled and messy and nothing like the mother you wanted to be for his beautiful children. A wrenching knot had seeped its way into your stomach and the feeling made you sick. 

When you thought about it, you hadn’t even eaten all day, nor had you brushed your hair or got dressed. You didn’t feel like dealing with Harry’s little scolding right now. 

 "M'home love!” The sounds echoes through the hallway, bouncing off the locked bathroom door that shields you. 

 "Hey princesses! Love yeh two!“ You heard Harry say, already imaging the warm hug he’d give to them. 

"Where’s your mumma?" 

 When the little rascals grew somber, Harry knew something had happened. 

The youngsters were always eager and joyous to share their day to the dad, standing proudly while their mom smiled and giggled along with the tale. They were always here to chatter to him about what mom had said or down or made. But they had seen the way their mom had frantically bounced up the stairs. They knew that something was bugging their mom. Harry leaned down and whirled a brow at the eldest. When she pointed a shaky finger upwards to the second floor bathroom, it was nothing more than a glance around to see what you left behind. 

 He huffed and looked at the half-cooked misery on the stove, not bothering to clean anything up while he looked for his wife. "Help mumma out and clean up those clothes fo’ me you two!” He called down while climbing. 

 "Love? Yeh alright?“ His voice sounded like sweet molasses through your ears. A soothing wave to crash your dreary senses after a day of hurricanes.

 "No.” Honesty was the only thing you could muster at the moment. 

 "Can I come in?“ When he didn’t hear a protest, soft knuckles pushed open the door lightly, making sure not to create a noise when he closed it behind him. 

 You had moved to the floor, sinking into a slouch against the cold wall is some search for silence. He didn’t mind it though. When he took his seat on the floor across from you, the chill of the room wasn’t as sad as the faded look you gave him through thick lashes. 

 Harry pulled your knees forward with his hands, bringing you on his lap and legs hanging on either side of him. Two large hands kept you centered and stable as you rested you head on his chest. 

It was everything, the way his warmth melted into your body and placed a spell on your drowsiness. Feeling him hold you brought slight relief to the slow and steady tears that stained your cheek.

 "Why did we have to have kids?” You mumbled.

“Because your the best mum ever. Yeh strong an’ kind an’ put up with everything.” Harry rubs small circles on your back, enjoying the way you conformed and relaxed at the sound of his voice. Your fears were getting the best of you, eating you alive and not bothering to hide form the man that cradled you now.

 "Love you.“ You whisper against his warm body and soft shirt. It was a silent thanks, for making you feel loved. He always knew you were going to be a spectacular mother. He saw it in your eyes whenever a kid passed by or when you pet an animal. 

 "Love yeh too angel”

Dating Taehyung would include:

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.. this is really mean.

.. you don’t understand he is walking love and affection.

.. trust him to be the man who doubles up as your best friend and boyfriend too.

.. and it all probably started with with a warm hug and “give me a kiss… I am just kidding… I ment a cheek one”

.. you really don’t understand, this man is not normal in the best ways possible.

.. like the shouting you have to control most of the time.

.. “shut up tae tae you’re going to wake up the whole neighbourhood”.

.. and his response would be, in the manliest, deepest voice ever. “You have three seconds to run before I tickle the sleeping moonlight out of you. Ten, nine…”

.. when he gives you that box smile of his and sings your name through the silence it just makes your heart get all fuzzy.

.. You’ll be that happy couple, the ones who don’t mind cuddling and saying cute nicknames in public.

.. your place will turn into animal sanctuary because they are his “babies”. And he gotta make use of you somehow, he can’t keep them at the dorm.

.. you’re his favourite person anyway.

.. You’ll start to gradually absorb his happiness and see life from his perspective. And by that I mean you’ll start screaming more.

.. Oh my God and when he randomly pulls you to his chest, and sings in that paradise of voice it just makes you fall even deeper for him.

.. because he does that a lot.

.. somedays you get that rough, sexy deep voice and others you get the sweet soft melodies.

.. presents, presents and more presents. Belive me, he’ll treat you to everything you can ever wish for. Sometimes you don’t even have to say it, I am not exaggerating when I say he would buy you a diamond necklace for your anniversary.

.. The house would be so quite when he is on tour and you can literally hear his pout from the other end of the phone because he misses you just as much.

.. but when he comes back, you won’t even have time to catch your breath.

.. ugly dancing and the rapping omg. It’ll reach a point where you get used to his husky, sleep stiffened voice rapping cypher or even aggressively singing jungkook’s parts at like 7am.

.. speaking of jungkook, yeah you’ll see him like 90% of the time. Dates when jungkook is dragged along, slumber parties with jungkook, “guess who showed up jagiya?” Sometimes you wonder why does he knock everytime he comes over like Bro just a couple more days and I’m out of this relationship.

.. Taehyung’s general fluffiness might tempt other men to get their hands on you. What they don’t know is that taehyung is extremely territorial. If he saw a foreign hand on you, his expression will drop and he’ll practically sprint off to shake the intruder.

.. and you know that look when he’s concentrating or upset about something and his lips kinda purse together, yeah that’s also jealous taehyung.

.. but don’t let the sunshine dazzle, you this boy can be pretty damn sexy.

.. okay so he comes home with a shady black shopping bag and drops it at the counter like put it on, then you take out the black lingerie as he unbuttons his shirt, licking his lips in lust.

.. so this time your screams end up waking the whole neighbourhood.

.. you’re in for many rounds mind you, you’ll lose the count after 2am.

.. Lord forgive me this boy makes me sin.

.. and when you wake up spooned in his arms, chest to chest. His head resting on yours cute taehyung is reactivated.

.. it really amazes you how sexy and adorable he can be at the same time.

.. people sometimes think dating Taehyung is like dating a child, but that’s completely not the case.

.. Taehyung is a mature yet sensitive man. One that knows how to enjoy life. When to be serious and when to lift up the atmosphere. Taehyung loves with all his heart, no conditions and no rules. If you are his lady, he is going to give you the best of him, all the time.

Preschool Teacher!Namjoon

And now it is time for the final member of the hyung line, our amazing leader, my lowkey spirit animal who has s u c h amazing legs oh my god his legs are so nice the thighs do the thing they’re so long and just 10/10, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • Okay but just picture this for a moment
  • A tol surrounded by smols
  • He’d be so so tall around them but none of them are scared of him??
  • Like on that first day, when they walk in and see a really tall broad pink haired dude as their teacher, they may get a bit intimidated but then he smiles and sits down so he’s not so !!! to them
  • It’s pretty easy to tell he’s a total sweetheart and soon, any chance of intimidation or fear or anything of that variety is g on e bc he’s a giant teddy bear
  • They all call him “joonie” bc Mr. Kim just doesn’t fit him in that environment but neither does Namjoon so it gets shortened to joonie
  • I’ve referenced this so many times and I will continue to reference it bc it’s one of my favorite videos but remember when Jimin was the “yellow card” and Namjoon just sat there giggling for a solid two minutes after it happened
  • That’s him with the munchkins, they make him laugh so so much and he’s always smiley around them and he goes home with sore cheeks every single day bc they’re just so cute
  • There’s this one time where these two twins run up to him and give him a hug before they leave and his heart just about melts right then and there bc it’s just the first week of class and normally it takes time for the kids to get that comfortable with him but they’re already feeling at home
  • He always has a buddy, there’s this one lil girl who holds onto joon’s pinky and walks around with him a lot, there’s a lil boy who always wants to be held by joon, there’s another lil girl who wants to sit on his shoulders, it’s never ending
  • They all love being carried by him bc whoa whoa whoa what a height change, everything looks so small from up here
  • They all find him s o funny and goofy bc he is
  • Whenever he sees that one of the bbys is about to cry, he starts dancing for them and it’s pretty much the exact same thing as that one time on Weekly Idol where he was flailing around but his face was super serious
  • One of the things he loves about kids is that they tend to not give a fuck about whether they look cool or pretty/handsome or anything like that so they’re willing to dance with him and make weird faces and wear costumes
  • There’s this one kid who comes in on Halloween in one of those T-Rex costumes and joon is losing it the entire day plz just take a moment to imagine a smol bub in one of those mini costumes running around the classroom with joon chasing after them laughing his ass off and saying something about how they need to set their bags down before they can play
  • He gets to a point where he can’t even look at them with giggling and they know that so they just stand right next to him while he’s staring at the ceiling and trying his best not to look down and he’s trying so so hard not to laugh bc he’s already got tears forming in his eyes
  • He’s always got such a curious lil bunch of kids bc he’s so smart and they really look up to him so they wanna be as smart as he is so they start asking a million questions
  • “Why do the leaves change color”
  • “What’s this made out of”
  • “What’s the moon feel like”
  • He’s always so amused by them, he can never ever get annoyed with them so he’s more than happy to answer all of their questions, the best he can at least bc he doesn’t really know what being on the moon is like he’s never been (yet)
  • He sings for them, sometimes seriously and sometimes n o t seriously at all and they love both versions
  • This one time, one of the lil boys has a nightmare during nap time and joon just cuddles him really gently and sings for him and makes him feel really safe and warm and he gives him some animal crackers to make him feel better
  • But then there are times where his voice is cracking and he’s doing more yelling than singing and all of the kids are screaming the lyrics of “Wheels on the Bus” with him
  • You’re one of the TAs
  • You’ve been working with joon for years
  • It’s always really cute to see joon go from being a lowkey flirt with you to being a soft teddy bear with the kids bc it’s pretty instantaneous
  • He’ll be talking to you and dropping all these flirty lines and then one of the kids needs help washing their hands and he immediately starts singing the “hand washing” song he made up a few years ago
  • You two have been together for a while but you try to keep it lowkey in class bc you’ve made the mistake of kissing his cheek in class before and the two of you were playfully teased by all of the kids for like a week bc “you’re gonna have cooties now!”
  • He always keeps up with the kids once they’ve moved up grades so every now and then, he’s got a ten year old running up to him and asking if he remembers them and he always does and they ask if you two are still together and he says yes
  • They always have really good memories of spending time in his class with you two bc it felt like one giant family
  • Preschool teacher!Namjoon will always be one of their favorite teachers, even if they don’t remember every single moment with him and he’ll always remember them, no matter how old they get
Tom’s  bedtime story.

Author Ladyoftheteaandblood

Alternative fact, Tom story. Pure fluff and nonsense.

(If you want to read just the Tom story and not the children’s book he writes, please feel free to miss out the bits in italics)

Tom stared at the computer and hoped the words would come, when he’d started writing this children’s story he’d been full of ideas but now they seemed to been blown out of his head like the seeds on a dandelion and where they had ended up, who knew?

Esmeralda Hamster had been a story he’d already made up and told to his young niece when she had been bullied in the playground, so when they had suggested to him he write his own Cbeebies story to read at the bedtime slot, he’d jumped at the chance.

Now two days before going to see the lady who was meant to be illustrating it for him, he’d yet to find the end, or more to the point he knew the bloody end but not how to word it.

British press would love that he thought “Tom Hiddleston lost for words!”

Right make coffee, get packet of HobNobs and dig in. Bentley purred round his legs as he watched the kettle boil.

“Sorry old friend I’m late feeding you” Tom picked up the tabby held him against his famous black Cardigan and rubbed  between the cats ears.

“Ok feller let’s get you fed and me back to work”

Tom took his coffee and biscuits into his office, settled down at his messy desk and reread what he had already come up with.

Esmeralda Hamster was small of that there was no doubt, and being so tiny had its problem. She could be easily overlooked by others and equally as easily be pushed around by those who were bigger.

Draco was bigger. A large dog who ruled the household that Esmeralda lived in. 

Esmeralda Hamster lived in a house with many pets and good owners but good owners don’t always see what going on between pets and Draco was a bully. He demanded that all pets give him the best of everything. He even demanded that Oscar the squirrel who lived in the three in the back garden, should steal food from other gardens and houses for him. And as we all know stealing is wrong.

Draco loved to punish those who didn’t do as he commanded them. The one-time Esmeralda Hamster had disobeyed him, he’d surrounded her cage with pillows and trapped her in, so barely any air could get to her. It was only the bravery of Duncan the house rabbit, who had saved her by pushing one of the cushions just back far enough to let more air in.

Enough was enough and although Esmeralda was small she had decided to act.

And that’s where Tom was stuck, he knew where he wanted it to go but the words would not come. 

Munching on a HobNob and staring at the blank screen he decided to phone his niece and have a chat.

“Hi Tiger, how are you?” He asked when his sister had handed his favourite girl the phone.

“Mummy says you are writing the story you told me and it’s going to be read on Cbeebies, is that true….my story!?”

“Yup, but Uncle Yay Monster is a little bit stuck, so could you retell the story to me from where Esmeralda has decided to stop Draco, please”

Tiger was only too happy to retell her big loopy uncle, his story and half hour later and after some plot embellishments that he didn’t remember Tom was back on track.

“Thank you, Tiger I owe you an ice cream” he said his good byes and got back to it.

The next Time Draco went out for his afternoon walk Esmeralda called a meeting of all the family pets including Oscar the squirrel. 

“It’s time we did something about Draco, it’s time we stopped his bullying so we can all live in peace” she announced as loudly as she could.

“But how do we stop a bully when we are all so small?” asked Florence the gerbil, her sister Molly nodding in agreement

“We show him to our owners for what he is, we tell on him”

“And how do we do that?” shouted Duncan

“I have a plan!” And with that she explained her brave idea.

The animals listened, nodded lots and decided to carry out the plan that very night when the owners were all watching telly in the same room.

Draco came back from his walk and took his afternoon nap on Lily the cats bed. When he awoke in the early evening, he started making demands as he always did.

But this time the animals in one chorus said No! Everything he demanded got the same reply No!

“You will all pay for this when the owners go to bed he growled at them.

You have to catch us first said Esmeralda and with that all the pets shot off in different directions, around the room.

Draco was angry, 

Draco was not pleased, Draco would show these animal who was boss, and he started to chase them.

Draco raced after Duncan the house rabbit who hid under the desk, then dashed out again as Draco set his sights on the gerbils.

Molly and Florence looked terrified and only just managed to avoid Draco jaws by scurrying under the sofa.

All the animals headed for Lilly the cat who stood by the door, and when all the animal where in front of Draco running for their lives, she jumped up and grabbed the handle pulling it down and the door swung open.

The pets all dashed through to the telly room and huddled in a corner looking scared as a growling Draco loomed over them.

“Draco what are you doing!?” Came the owners voice, the dog looked around to find the whole family that had been watching telly, were now glaring at him.

Draco had been caught red pawed and he now had to pay the price. He would never again be allowed free range of the house, so that he couldn’t bully the other pets.

Draco had to live in the kitchen, sleeping on the mat, or be out in the garden away from the others.

From that day, there was no more bullying and all the pets lived happily ever after. Esmeralda being the happiest of them all, knowing that being small you could still make a difference.

Yes it was done! after a celebratory HobNob, he phoned Luke and told him the good news.

Two days later Tom was at the door  of the illustrator house, manuscript in hand.

In his head he had painted her as a short cuddly, lady with curly hair and brown eyes in her middle-age.

When the door opened he found a lady that did indeed have big brown eyes but she was tall with long dark haired and in her late twenties. She was very colourfully dressed, very pretty, and had a  fantastic smile.

“Hi Tom, I’m Maxine, Max to you, come on in.

They walked into a book lover’s dream, as every wall of the house was covered in shelves laden with books on every subject you could wish for. If Tom hadn’t been there on a mission he’d have been in those shelves in seconds.

Max saw him eye up her treasures and laugh,

“My excuse when I by yet another book, is I need as much inspiration as I can get. Now I will make us a coffee then you can read me the story. Please give all the characters the voices you see them with as it helps me with drawing them.

Coffee and HobNobs served, Tom was beginning to really like Max,

Tom settled down on a floofy colourful sofa, and began reading in his Cbeebies story voice, with different ones for all the characters. 

Max grinned at him, as Tom then explained as best he could, how he saw each animal. She did quick sketches of each, changing bits that Tom didn’t like or adding bits that Tom wanted.

Three hours later, most of those spent huddled side by side on the old sofa, she had the rough idea of what he wanted. And Tom had a very good idea what he’d like but he left it there and went back to his house for one and a cat.

Several weeks later Max phoned to ask him back to see the finished pictures. Amazingly Tom found he was suddenly free (after cancelling Luke) that very afternoon and could be there anytime Max wanted, He arrived at her door with a cake from his favourite bakery and prayed she’d like it.

Max took him into her warm inviting home and made them both coffee, this time she took him into the room she used for drawing which extended onto a conservatory. 

The room had a large table in it and more shelves, more books and loads of paper, pens, and artist gear, which to Tom had no rhyme or reason to their placement but made perfect Sense to Max.

On the table was an artist Pad, Max opened it and nervously showed the bright watercolour pictures off one by one, each time looking at Tom for a reaction. 

Tom just stared, Max had captured each little creature as he’d seen them in his head, and then set them in scenes on the page, just as he had imagined them to be. 

Tom would be the first to tell you his artistic abilities were zero, so he was always enamoured of others who could, and Max most definitely could.

“They are just as I saw them, they are beautiful, you really brought them to life thank you” without thinking he gave her the Hiddles hug, an all-encompassing, rib cracking, hold that left you in no doubt that you’d been Hiddled.

He let her go and seeing she looked a little flustered, did the next thing the Hiddles is known for.

“Oh, um, sorry, got a bit carried away, just really pleased with what you’ve done it’s awesome!”

He now have the cute smacked puppy look and Max just laughed.

“Maybe just a warning before the next one” she said and before putting his brain in gear Tom blurted out,

“Oh do I get another one then” 
“Buy me lunch and you just might” came the reply.

Eight months later Tiger sat in front of the family TV  with Toms sister and mum. Together they watch Uncle Yay Monster, kill off female kind by telling a bedtime story in his old cuddly Cardigan. The one that Tiger loved to snuggle into, that had the warm male, safe, smell of Tom and he wore the glasses that made him look more daddyish and approachable.

He told her story really well, even if he had left out some of the extra bits she’d added but she could question him on that tomorrow when he came round with Max for a family lunch.

(picture not mine I just played)

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My daughter could tell you the exact hour you will die.

Nearly all parents say their child is special, so “special” has been cheapened. But our daughter Ivy was special in the most profound sense of the word.

My wife and I always knew Ivy was bright since she began speaking at 3. She’s would have been 8 now…that means it was 3 years ago since she first turned to my wife and said “mommy, you’re gonna live for a really long time. Parts are you are gonna be like a robot, but you will say that you are still you. Daddy…you only have 18 more years to live. Mommy says you should have done something about the lump on your back.”

My wife and I grilled my daughter endlessly to clarify what she said and Ivy held firm: if she is allowed to see someone in person, she can see the exact hour you are going to die. We decided to test it.

My wife was a cardiologist at Saint Leopolds, so she had some pull to bring Ivy into some of the resident rooms. Ivy had an amazing bedside manner and made the last days for some of these people more bearable. After the meetings, Ivy wrote down every death date for the 42 patients; she was 100% accurate with the dates, which ranged from 3 hours to 19 days. Ivy even claimed that one of the women who was given a month left to live actually had 3 more; 2 days later, that patient was released and recovered. She eventually traveled the world and played in a band, her top two bucket list items. She died last week, on the exact hour Ivy said she would.

My wife and I took our daughter to the James Randi Educational Foundation to prove Ivy’s psychic abilities and claim their long outstanding prize of a million dollars. After six successful trials at hospitals of their choosing, the foundation people were just as amazed as we were. Shortly thereafter, the foundation promptly discontinued the prize (with no relation to Ivy, of course).

We didn’t get the million dollars, but we did get serious attention from a group of academics who verified Ivy’s ability to call out people’s dates and sometimes a few scant details of the world that will be; surgeries, medication and old fashioned miracles would sometimes make Ivy push back the original date, and in one case where a doctor left a clamp inside of one of his patients, move it much closer.

 We were able to keep Ivy out of the spotlight of the public, but you don’t keep secrets from the wealthy for very long. When they caught wind, a million dollars rolled in every week.

We re-arranged our entire lives around Ivy. We moved to a different life, one of luxury and security, where people would be profiled and searched before they were let into our compound to see Ivy, who gives them her answer behind 6” of Lucite. It was a business that was managed effectively and lovingly and with great success all the way until a man by the name of Gaelin Ganes wished to speak to our daughter Ivy for a hundred million dollars.

The old man traced a symbol in the air before every door he entered holding a small stuffed animal bound and choked with tarnished chains, something that looked old and cursed. The gaunt man’s head sported a silvery mane that belonged on one of the heads of a founding father, propped on a spindly vulture’s neck over an unnaturally rigid posture. His legs were wrong, kicked back, so that it looked as if his torso was hovering in the air as his feet stood behind him. The man tried his best to make his voice sound friendly, light and lyrical; it was like hearing “Happy Birthday” played on Hell’s organ, loud, toneless and totally unnerving. Something clicked in his throat when he talked like he had teeth grinding back there. I was glad that Mr. Ganes was behind the protective shield as Ivy sat in her “comfy chair”, cradling her knees as her eyes slowly followed the unhinged man. He touched the Lucite.

 “Hello little girl. I hear you are quite special…I can see that. You see things, don’t you? You see people as they are,in time, yes? You can see their rooted births projected all the way to their wavering deaths…yes, I know you can. So can I. So tell me dear. Tell me my death day…and I shall tell you yours.” I put my finger on the alarm. I didn’t trust that man at all.

“I…” I never saw Ivy at a loss for words before. Her eyes widened, reeled and widened again. I would give anything to see what was running through her mind.

 After what seemed to be forever, a tear ran down Ivy’s open eye. Then another.

 “You don’t have a beginning…no end…what…what..?”

 “What am I? I am what is in YOU. A Ganes, and a Ganes lives inside you, one by the name of Harold Ganes, an elder brother that I thought was lost forever. I see now I was mistaken… he was reborn in you. He is the one responsible for your gift…why he chooses to stay hidden in this frame is beyond me, but I shall soon know.” Gaelin removed his hand from the clear wall and said through Ivy: “It is good to see you again, brother.” With that, Gaelin left. For being bent and old, he was incredibly quick and elusive. As soon as he turned a blind camera corner, Gaelin threw off two security squads and vanished from our premises without ever opening a door.

 Our security company drove us to a secret location- Ivy sat between her mother and I, but my daughter would not stop shivering.

“That man is going to throw me away. He wants me gone because I can see the world changing. That bad man is making it change. He is giving all of us…me, you, mommy…he calls them “sacrifices to power”. Then…they rise. Everyone’s death dates have changed…the entire world will die in 10 years, 6 months, 8 days, 2 hours…I can see more if I concentrate, before the bad man throws me away…” My wife assured Ivy that Gaelin Ganes could and would never get her. I remained silent.

We retreated in in the panic cabin and decided to sleep together in 1 bed for safety. Just as when we began to relax in the peaceful dark, my daughter whispered: “he’s close, daddy. The bad man knows what I said to you, about the world sacrifice. I’m not safe here. They’re coming.” I told my daughter that we were sealed into a locked and triggered room under the security company’s eye, we were fine, and ushered everyone back into sleep. That would be the last time I would hear my daughter speak.

My wife and I woke to find our daughter’s mouth open and eyes locked in a dead stare. We rushed her to the hospital to go through 3 days of hell just to hear that they have no idea how, but that she was now in a vegetative state, to which she is not expected to recover. Two operations and the best cognitive medicine have made no impact on our special daughter.

My wife wife killed herself a month after my daughter died of a cerebral hemorrhage after a nurse dropped her from her hospital bed. We were given a substantial private settlement to keep the accident from spreading to the news. I agreed. This is the first I have ever spoken of it.

I am now using every last cent of it to find the man who took my daughter and find answers behind what my daughter saw for all of us in 10 years.

Good Enough (5)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; part nineteen; part twenty; part twenty one; part twenty two; part twenty three; part twenty four; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Sehun stood on the opposite side of the large bed, mirroring your stance with his hands on his hips, staring at the pillows with his face screwed up in frustration. “Well I’m not sharing my bed with you,” he stated as a matter of fact. “It’s bad enough that I’m married to you and now you’re invading my space like this.”

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Thranduil X Male!Elf!Reader - home. pt 1.

Thranduil X Male!Elf!Reader
part 1
warnings: none, but in part 2 yes
he/him pronouns used for reader
**not really set during any time period, but obviously when thranduil is king + after legolas born, duh

“Please see to it that he is properly washed and groomed.” The Elvenking’s voice, even though softer than usual, rang out and struck you, making you bow your head in both respect and fear.

“Of course my king,” You started, “I will seek to the task personally to see it is done properly.” 

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BTS Reaction: Seeing their GF waiting for them at the airport after a long tour and she starts crying

Jin/Seokjin: He felt half whole the entire tour since his better half was countries, maybe even an ocean away; yes pursuing his dream and the fans made him happy, but you in his arms is what made him feel sane and his heart pure. He counted down the days until he gets to see you again; always taking pictures with his polaroid to show you all the places he went to, and hopefully would take you too someday. You’re at the airport. The sight of a tall male figure in pink made you instantly think of Jin, as the figure got closer you saw it was him and you started to cry, His smile faded to confusion, he dropped his bags and embraced you in a warm hug and kissed the top of your head. He pulled back a bit and wiped your tears of happiness with a sincere hand as delicately as he could

“It’s okay, I’m here now. Look at these pictures I took, I have more places to take you”

Suga/Yoongi: He was excited. You were on his mind throughout the tour. To get him through the months, every concert he pictured you in the sea of the crowd; making his performance even better. The day they would get to go home was the day everyone thought something was wrong with him because he looked happier than usual. You were sitting in a small cafe at the airport, your heart a bit heavy because you missed Yoongi so much, yet your stomach in knots as if you were meeting for the first time. Time passed by, you were wondering where he was, worried. You saw your sight vanish as someone put their hands over your eyes and you quickly took them off and turned around to find Yoongi smiling; you started to cry and he grabbed your face for the first time in months

“Jagiya, I’m taking you with me from now on, it’s unbearable to be away from you”

J-Hope/Hoseok: Hobi,this precious sunshine would feel lost without you. Texts, calls, Skype dates, letters, those barely got you two by for the months he was gone. He missed you more than he could ever miss someone. The simplest things reminded him of you. But when the day came that he would come home you both had a burst of happiness, him rushing to leave and you rushing to the airport to pick him up. You had a smile on your face the whole time. Finally, he gets to be by your side. You got a message on your phone: he landed. Your heart started beating so fast that it was about to explode. You got up from your seat to look for him. You suddenly hear someone screaming


He found you first. You started laughing and ran to him, crying tears of joy. Instead of you jumping in his arms, he jumped into yours (you’re jimin)


Rap Monster/Namjoon: His Kim Daily pictures weren’t the same without his muse and photographer. When you two weren’t talking, he would write poems about you and save them in the note app on his phone. On stage he would be a total badass, off stage he came back to the room to Skype you and tell you how it went and how he clumsily almost fell of stage. You would laugh and say that’s good because who he would’ve fell on would sue him. You always joked with each other but it was better in person. Skype dates ended with a countdown, saying ‘I love you’, and blowing a kiss to the screen. He landed at the airport and you were waiting for him eagerly, with tears waiting to come out from happiness. As soon as he saw you, he smiled; making the tears appear. He laughed, pulling you into a hug and grabbed his phone out of his pocket

“Ah Jagi, no need to cry now that I’m here. Shall I serenade you with some poetry to make the tears go away?”

Jimin: To the rest of the members, you and Jimin were disgustingly cute. It was even worse while he was away on tour. The guys nearly threw him out of the hotel window if he playfully said for you to hang up first in a cute voice one more time. He tried his best for you and made sure every performance was great. On off days, he would buy you small, yet tons of presents to bring you. His favorite was a stuffed animal that he pre-named Jiminie Pabo, as he knew that’s what you’d name it anyways. When it was the day he gets to come home, you wore his favorite outfit on you, and headed to the airport. You got there by the time he arrived; when he saw you, tears filled his eyes, but you beat him to it. He took the stuffed animal out of his backpack and wiped your tears with it’s arm, giving it a voice

“Hi, my name is Jiminie Pabo, Jimin told me you were pretty, but you got even prettier than I imagined!”

V/Taehyung: You and Tae are always the jokesters; together or apart. After concerts, you and him would think of pranks to pull on the other members. When he video called he would always tell you that he’s coming home the next day, making you super excited, but him shutting you down real quick and saying no he still has weeks to go. You’d pout and tell him that it’s not funny, and he would imitate you in his best impression of you, making you crack a smile. It was no doubt he missed you though, he would just joke to make time go by quicker.You arrived at the airport the day he was coming home. You spotted him, walking around like a lost puppy looking for you. You decided to scare him; you swiftly made your way towards him, thoughts of how much you missed him running through your mind, making you cry and startling him.

“Y/N you scared me! Awww don’t cry, you’re too pretty to cry. Let me dry those tears, c’mon let’s go scare the others!”

Jungkook: Even if you weren’t there with him physically, he always made sure you were with him somehow. He made daily video diaries for you that he’d send while you were sleeping so you had him to wake up to. They always made you smile, how cute he looked, even how the others said they missed hanging out with you too. The day finally came for Jungkook to come home. That morning you got a message from him saying his flight would be delayed, not knowing when it’ll be taking off, but for you to go ahead at wait at the airport in case he made it in time. You got ready and headed for the airport, to wait for Jungkook. You decided to watch all the videos he sent since you needed to kill time, crying as you watched them. You see a shiny glare from the corner of your eye while watching the last video, a camera lens, and a smiley Jungkook behind it

“Jagi, the camera is rolling, wipe your tears. This video needs a happy ending now that I’m home”

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Title: X

Features: asexual!phil. some sort of sexuality crisis. friends to lovers.

Word count: 1700~

Summary: Phil never really planned to fall in love with Dan. He never really planned to fall in love with anyone; for a long time he wasn’t even sure that he could. Until Dan. It’s different with Dan.

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Can we get a part 2 of the camping scenario with jungkook and bts it's just so cute! :) love it you're such a great writer


Words: 1541

Originally posted by jinkooks

Part 1 // Part 2

“Are you awake now?” You mumbled to him, fluffing up the hair around the nape of Jungkook’s neck. He stirred slowly, before sitting up with a little too much force. Jungkook’s eyes were still half closed, and he looked around to make sure of his surroundings.

“Am I still dreaming?” His voice was rough, and his throat sounded a little dry. Still, he didn’t seem to mind because of the large grin he wore plastered on his face. Jungkook tangled himself up in your arms, his large sweater smelling somewhat earthier than what you’d expected even sleeping in a tent.

“Why would you still be dreaming?” You wondered, lightly kissing the tip of his nose and rubbing it away as if you’d left a mark.

Jungkook pulled you back down onto the sleeping bag, cuddling his face against your chest. He sighed loudly, as if all of his problems in the world would disappear today.

“I’m being woken up by the prettiest person in the world.” He sighed again, and you weren’t sure if Jungkook was trying his best to be left to sleep longer.

“Jin’s getting breakfast ready, you know. He made ramen, though.”

“Ramen, you say?” He sat up again, practically shoving you to the inner corners of the tent. Jungkook’s hair stuck up on all ends, and you couldn’t help but look at him like a hungry animal.

“Yeah, ramen. I’m not sure if he made meat. It’ll probably all be eaten if you don’t get out there quickly!”

“Did you make meat this early, hyung? Don’t eat it all!” He shouted, his voice cracking in at least 5 places. There was a loud crackle of laughter from outside the tent, and Namjoon shouted back “there’s only 3 pieces left!” or something along those lines.

“No, just wait!” He was gone. Jungkook had forgotten you entirely, but you could understand because he really needed his breakfast to function properly. Never in your life had you seen a more miserable looking bunny when he was denied breakfast once. But, never again had he been disallowed to eat to his hearts content once he’d missed a meal.

You slid on another sweater, aware that the morning was much cooler than usual. Once you stepped outside of the tent, you could smell the mildew in the air. That, and the smell of Jungkook’s desperation growing larger.

“Hyu-ung! Stop lying, I know there’s still beef somewhere.”

“Just eat the ramen.” Yoongi waved his hand towards Jungkook, who looked about ready to explode. How long were they going to play up that there wasn’t enough food for him?

“It’s under the grill, I was keeping it warm.” Jin pointed towards the mini grill with the lid closed. Jungkook looked over at him, looking like he’d just been blessed from the heavens.

You decided to just sit, getting passed a spicy ramen already made for you. Taehyung mentioned how amazing your hair looked in the morning, and you just thanked him in your half tired out of it nature.

“What time is it?” You wondered, rubbing your eyes. It didn’t help anything at all.

“Around 9:30 AM, I think?” Jimin answered, stuffing his face with the rest of his ramen. His plate of meat had already been cleaned, and all he had left was to finish off his little plastic cup of hot chocolate that probably tasted like watered down rubber.

Jungkook sat down next to you, shuffling his pullout chair closer to yours. He looked happier now that his entire plate was covered in meat, and you told him he was allowed to eat your portion of the plate.

“Are you sure you won’t die from starvation? I’ll feed it to you.” He picked up the plate, sticking it practically under your nose. Despite him trying to tempt you into eating it, Jungkook looked pretty pleased you were letting him take your half.

“No, just eat it. There’s still snacks and stuff. We’re not going to be here forever, anyway.” You replied, Pushing the plate back down onto his lap. Shrugging, he began to eat it very happily. Everyone had finished eating by now, and they were beginning to talk about what to do next.

“Let’s go swimming. I want to go swimming!” Taehyung pointed towards the lake nearby, and was immediately answered with distaste and loud disagreeing.

“No way, we just ate!”

“I’m not going into water so early in the morning, do you know how much my face puffs up?”

“Have fun freezing and dying!”

You watched as a fight broke out, and were rather glad you’d picked an isolated camping spot, or else you’d probably be kicked out by now. Taehyung didn’t respond well to the disagreeing, but dropped it after all of them came to a responsible agreement to stop thinking about the lake for now.

“Let’s just find a nice place to go, like somewhere in the forest.” Jimin suggested.

“Did you know there’s a waterfall if you walk up far enough?” Hoseok seemed excited, but Yoongi was having none of it.

“Alright children, have a good time. I think I’ll go take a nap.”

“You woke up like not even 30 minutes ago.” Jin wasn’t even surprised anymore. He was only making a statement at this point. For some reason, everyone didn’t seem to care much Yoongi was just being his usual self.

“It’s alright, we’ve got (Y/N) to take your place in the selca’s.” Namjoon held up both thumbs in your direction, which made Jungkook high five him due to being unable to speak with his mouth full of food.

“Nice.” Namjoon replied for him, flashing everyone a dimply grin.

“That’s fine. Wake me up when the food’s ready.” Yoongi got up and stretched. Man, did he resemble a hunchback…or maybe a turtle…

“You can starve.” Hosoek snapped back, earning a karate chop to the forehead by Yoongi.

“You can sleep outside. Remember who you share a tent with, nerd.”

Hoseok looked over at Jimin quickly for support, who quickly shrugged him off and turned towards Jin. Yoongi snorted, before climbing into the tent and zipping it closed.

“Hyung, I didn’t mean it!” Hoseok clawed at the tent door, and Yoongi muttered back a “yeah okay, that’s cool.”

“Should we bring some snacks with us?” Jin wondered, counting your heads. He wore a back pack with a front strap, making him look oddly like a camp counselor. You were’t surprised, though. He was always the one to keep everyone in proper order, and you appreciated that. He gathered up a few snacks, and made sure everyone had a water bottle before they set out.

You got about half way up to the waterfall, before complaining began. It was mostly Namjoon and Taehyung complaining. Taehyung was complaining about how he just wanted to play at the lake, and Namjoon was actually agreeing with him now.

“Hyung, we only have a few days off. Why are we spending it tracking through wilderness?”

“You all agreed! Why am I being blamed? Jimin suggested it, honestly…” Jin snapped, pointing to Jimin, who was at the front of the pack along with Hoseok. You and Jungkook hung back and held hands, sometimes stopping to take video’s of the bickering, or just screwing around together.

It took about an hour or so to actually get to the waterfall, and you all seemed pretty exhausted. Seriously, without Jin you’d all probably be dead from dehydration or worse, Namjoon’s complaining. There was no way you’d be able to carry the big back pack like Jin had, and he had to carry it for a very long hour.

“Let’s sit here, the view is nice!” Jimin was snapping pictures already, of anything he wanted too. Wearing a grin, Taehyung  began to help Jin unpack a quilt to sit down on by the nice little waterfall. It was loud, but all in all the waterfall was quite small.

“I brought some cookies, but not much else. We’ll probably have to go back soon. Just go play.” Jin was partially mumbling to himself, before dragging out a 3DS from his back pocket. He brought that camping?

Taehyung went right towards the water, only engulfing his legs knee deep in the little stream. Namjoon joined him, kicking water towards everyone else who wasn’t even near enough to get hit.

“Let’s go play.” You pulled Jungkook along, who tried to refuse. He wrapped his arms around you tightly, leaning his head against yours.

“If we play I’ll have to throw you in the water.”

“You’ll be wearing my wet clothes all night!” You snapped, attemping to pull away. Jungkook laughed, holding you at arms length so he could kiss you. The kiss was swift, and like a soft peck more than anything.

It still didn’t stop Jimin from snapping a picture.

“Let’s make a scrap book of pictures of them just kissing.” Jimin choked out, covering his mouth from laughter. Hoseok clapped his hands in agreement, looking very excited.

“It’ll be full in like, three days!”

“That’s no fun.” Jin agreed, playing around with the hat residing on his head. Jungkook held up the least intimidating fist towards the older boys, who just broke into more laughter.

Iwaizumi’s mother calls Tooru at six in the morning. “Tooru, dear, would you please excuse Hajime in school? He won’t be coming. He’s… presenting.” 

Tooru can’t focus in school. He messes up all his tosses during practice, and when training is finally over, he runs to Iwaizumi’s house as fast as he can. His mother hasn’t said whether he’s presented alpha or omega, but that doesn’t matter. Tooru’s been through this shit one year ago and he knows that it’s bad, that a good friend and physical comfort (like long cuddling) can help. 

When he knocks, Iwaizumi’s mother opens quickly. “There you are. I made some tea and sandwiches, could you take it upstairs? He’s not feeling very well.” She smiles, but there’s worry in her eyes. Tooru bows down politely before taking the tray she hands him. The door to Iwaizumi’s room is closed but there’s a sweet, honey-soft and warm scent curling from underneath the door, making Tooru’s skin crawl wonderfully. Omega. Somehow, he’s unsurprised.

“Iwa-chan, it’s me. Can I come in?” 

“Yeah.” Iwaizumi’s voice sounds exhausted and quiet. Tooru swallows and takes a deep breath, focusing himself onto the warm scent of his best friend. He’s glad that presenting isn’t as horrible as their teachers sometimes try to tell them. Just because he’s an alpha, he won’t jump Iwaizumi like some animal. 

“Alright, coming in.” Tooru manages to push the door handle down with his elbow and navigates himself and the tray into the room. Iwaizumi’s curled up inside a nest of blankets, only his face peeking out. His cheeks are dark red, eyes half-lidded and tired. Tooru feels pity rise in his chest. Presenting is exhausting, annoying, and it hurts. He sits by Iwaizumi’s side and carefully reaches out, hand stopping before Iwaizumi’s chest. 

“May I hug you? Y’know, I told my mum that I’d stay here. If you want to cuddle, or just want me to sit here - I’m going to leave if that’s better for you, too - “ 

“Come here already, jeez,” Iwaizumi grumbles and one of his hand appears, pulling Tooru into a firm, warm hug. He’s shaking, sweaty and in pain, and Tooru feels his instincts kick in. “There, there. It will be fine. We can watch movies all night, okay? And I’ll get you new tea when you’re too weak, Iwa-chan.” 

“I’m not weak.” Iwaizumi buries his face into Tooru’s neck. His fingers dig into Tooru’s back, blunt nails scratching a bit, but it’s okay. Tooru struggles a bit to lie down, letting Iwaizumi drape himself across him. “I hope it’s over quickly,” Iwaizumi whispers into his neck. “But - are you really gonna stay?”

“Of course,” Tooru says. “I won’t leave you alone. I’m here.” And Iwaizumi smiles. He falls asleep on Tooru, who pets his hair and keeps him warm. 

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Hwtr the girl they like who they are really close friends with on her period


If he’s away, he’d text you constantly to see you how you are—but it’ll only obtain the opposite effect. At some point, you’d get pissed and start yelling at him that he was a nuisance; and that’s when he knew he fucked up. So he’ll show up to your house with different stuff (food mostly) and he’ll offer a truce—he’d be the type to buy you pain pills or tampons on his own, to be honest. Because there’s never enough. Seeing him so worried (and that innocent and charming smile with which eh greets you) melts your heart and you let him in. Afterwards, Joji would mostly stay out of your way and observe you, trying to determine how bad it was and how often your mood changed. He wouldn’t try to piss you off. Secretly, he’d brew you some tea and come join you later on. Which you’re thankful for—you don’t need someone constantly worrying about you. You’d be happy with just staying in silence next to each other or, if you’re having something on your mind, someone to listen to you. And Joji’s the guy. He’d stay over (he insists) and he might even sing you to sleep. His voice always manages to relax you.


He won’t know much about it at first (cause he don’t care), but because you’re the girl he’s crushing on, he’d make sure to study all about it—even if he might find the whole process rather disgusting in the beginning. He’ll try to understand what you’re going through and search for the best ways to soothe the pain. Max might approach you as if you’re a wild animal, proposing many things that you guys use to do in your spare time together, like watching movies or eating junk food. He might be a little annoying with his ‘Do you need something? Are you mad? Should I buy some tampons?’ and you’d be prone to lash out at him, although you know he’s trying to do his best in taking care of you. Heck, you might even try to take advantage of his kindness and send him to buy you some tampons—you’re slightly disappointed that he doesn’t seem as embarrassed as you would’ve wanted to see him. After he gets used to you and learns your habits, he’d be more easygoing with the whole thing; he’d showed up at your house as soon as you told him that you were on your period with a DVD in his hand “Brought a shitty move, let’s do this.” 


Ian doesn’t know many things about a girl being on her period either, but he’s not as clueless as Max—“It’s when you bleed for seven days, no?” At least you are used to Ian being an asshole but it still doesn’t save him from a shoe being thrown at him. He’d be rather panicky inwardly when he sees your face grimace in pain and he’s afraid to touch you—in case he might cause you more pain. Which you constantly assure that ‘no, you can fucking touch me.’ Would probably just sit on your couch awkwardly (wanting to be anywhere but here, yet he wouldn’t stop worrying if he was away from you) and watch you in fright as you pace around the room and vent all of your frustrations regarding this certain problem. He’s mostly afraid that you’ll randomly start throwing things at him. He finally relaxes when you calm down and, sweet as a kitten, ask for him to hold you. You’d stretch over his lap and Ian would put his palm on your tummy, on accident. And his warmth would actually be a miracle worker against your pain—even you’re surprised by his mystical powers. The pain went away just like that! After this, you make sure to call Ian over whenever you were on your period to use his magical witch doctor powers.  

SasuSaku Month 2016
Day 14- Tinder
: Classics
Summary: Modern AU- Sasuke looses a bet against Naruto and now he’s on a date with a girl he met on Tinder.
A/N: Definitely the most troublesome theme for me! When I looked at the calendar and saw “ Tinder” I really felt like crying!! I’m an old-fashioned girl, who never created an account on Tinder. My friends have it and my brother too, but I can’t bring myself to like it or even accept it. I prefer meeting people without second intentions, and… I don’t know… I just don’t like the way people appear for the user to choose as many as he/ she wants. Well, this is just my opinion… And since my opinion matters for the fanfic, the characters agree with me XD I hope you enjoy it, and please, don’t forget my Reviews!
He just couldn’t believe what was happening.

He couldn’t believe he had really gotten himself into that mess.

He couldn’t believe he had lost a bet against his best friend.

Stupid Naruto.

It was a warm Saturday night when Uchiha Sasuke thought a person could actually die of extreme embarrassment. HIs hands were sweating, his tie seemed to be too tight and he could feel all the stares burning holes in his entire body. He could hear all the whispering, for people weren’t really trying to speak in a lower tone, and even if some were offensive, the Uchiha couldn’t help but agree with them.

He should have never brought that girl to that restaurant.

Unlike all the other costumers and unlike himself, the girl he had brought as his date didn’t have any amount of decency. It was a fancy restaurant, where people normally wore elegant clothes and tried their best to at least seem polite around others. They kept their voices down, and they appreciated the food instead of devouring it. People were polite, but the girl sitting in front of him was just getting on his nerves.

They were definitely going to get kicked out of there.

Apart from her baggy clothes and her elbows on the table, the girl with red hair was eating her food like a starving animal. She was making noises with her mouth, the cutlery was basically being thrown against the plate and every time she opened her mouth to laugh, even the people working in the kitchen could hear her. He was trying his best to ignore such things and pay attention to her qualities, but every time she looked at him with those crazy, red eyes of hers, he just wanted to disappear behind the menu.

Oh how he wanted that whole thing to end already.

If he survived that night, never again- and he repeated, never again- would he accept that kind of bet.

He really hated that app.

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Preference: NSFW

Matt: He always knew exactly were to touch you. What spots would make you go over the edge. He took his time with you, almost teasing you in a way, wanting you to beg for it, beg for him. By the end your legs were shaking and your voice was sore.

Wesely: wesely lost his calm dameaner when he got into bed. He turned into an animal, biting and scratching, claiming what was his. You seemed to have a permanent line of hickeys on your iner thighs because of him. He would eat you out slowly and carefully wanting to torture you in the best way possible. And just as you came off his tounge he would fuck you till you were both sure you wouldn’t walk for a week.

Anatoly: He didn’t fuck, he made love. Sweet and slow. He would trail kisses over every inch of your body, digging his fingers into your skin, wanting you to remember his touch even long after he was gone. He fucked like he meant it, every move of his body a confession of love even when he growled other wise in your ear, or bit and tugged and pulled at your neck. When you came it was crying him name.

Vladimir: Vladimir was not consistent in bed some days he would take you almost by force, fucking out his frustration into you. Other days he would kiss you while laughing and sex felt more like playing. Either way though he would call you his. Always his, his mouth made sure of that, leaving hickeys on every place of skin he could find. Or spanking your ass raw. He wanted you to remember the way he felt for days after.

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Can I request an EXO reaction for Xiumin and Lay for when their gf is running around in an animal onsie please? Thank you~~


He would be so amused by this and would completely find it adorable the moment he sees you running around your apartment in an animal onesie. Once he steps inside, he’d just lean by the doorway and cross his arms, with an affectionate smile on his face until you actually stop to notice him. You’d fidget with your clothes, looking like a mouse caught by a cat as you smiled at him bashfully.  

“What’s this?” he chuckles as he plays with your bunny ears.

“I just felt like dressing cutely today.”

“You’re cute everyday, jagiya.” he’d says then instantly blushed the moment he realizes that he said that out loud.

“Aww, thanks oppa.” you coo as you kiss his cheek which makes him blush even more. 

Minseok is just going to love the fact that his girlfriend has this cute side to her and he’s just going to bask in your cuteness and ask you to watch a movie with him and cuddle on the couch or play tag around your apartment just so he can see you running around in your adorable onesie. :P


Yixing would stop and stare at you dumbfounded, looking as if he was thinking really hard about something.

“What?” you ask as you look down at your current attire. “Don’t like it?”

“No..no no!” he shakes his head. “You look adorable, babe. I was just thinking…”


“What animal it is.”

“Oh, it’s actually Stitch.”


“You know, experiment 626,” you say in your best “Gantu” voice impersonation which only makes Yixing stare at you blankly. You sigh and shake your head, slightly amused by how cute your boyfriend was sometimes. 

“Stitch’s an alien, love.” you tell him and he blinks one before finally getting it.

“Oh… right. Right, Well I should wear mine too!” He suddenly says, eyes bright and alight. The two of you spends the night playing board games and watching movies in your living room floor, downed in your Stitch onesie and unicorn onesie (For Yixing, of course). 

An alien and a mythical creature? The two of you are definitely the perfect twosome. ;) 

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- Kaye Allen

Song as old as rhyme

I could dance until my shoes broke into a million leather pieces and my socks had holes in them. I would dance my  well-trained feet for hours. When Gaston didn’t need me, this is what I would do. Float around dancing with a broom stick at our dive in bar, with  a mop, invisible air.. I would imagine it being a stronger taller person. Handsome and rugged. That figure would see me and come over.. “May I?” The figure would ask. “Why of course. You must have a keen eye to pick out the best dancer.” My voice raspy and deeper..

“Lefou!” I would break out right before the final ballot.Before the kiss. “Come here now.. ” And there I would be. Beside Gaston like an obedient dog. He would have me polish his shoes. Clean up his animal.. and comb his hair. I enjoyed combing his hair the most. I could touch his hair and pretend. That a life like this wouldbe normal for me. He would look at me and It would make me melt.

He was dead now. I could dance all I want without some diagonises that I was crazy. I had black magic in me. I could pretend to be whoever I wanted here. Belle and her father forgave me before the dance and said I was welcome here. The closet that designed an outfit for me.. Well, she wasn’t a dresser anymore. She was a sassy black woman who seem to have a new interest in making me her knew muse. I loved the attention. I was in line to work here at the castle. Belle wanted to teach me to read, and I wanted to learn. She offered english classses.  Idid want to ask if I could be a dance teacher, but there was no need for it not. Tonight was a party.

I wanted to dance. I grabbed the hand of a woman by the name of Beatrice. She was good at dancing and very well at keeping up with my sharp movments. She made me laugh with her odd impression of chimpanzees. I tried to keep a straight face when the watlz had a serious story dangling off the chords. The faster the music, the faster we would go. We were doing a game. the ones who couldn’t keep up stepped off the floor, until the last two remain. They would win a fancy dinner on the east wing over looking a beautiful sunset with the finest French dinner. I could imagine me and this chimpaneze woman could do just that and have a wonderful meal. But, she left me to dance along for only a moment.. until I felt someone esle come in.. Someone I didn’t expect.

Funnel Cake - Fred Weasley Imagine


Can I get one where (y/n) wants to take the twins out for a day in the Muggle world. Because they think it’s lame Gorge weasels out of it and Fred reluctantly goes. (Y/n) takes him to an amusement park and he has the best day of his life. (Not dating before image please)

A/n: Sorry for the title.

~(Y/n)’s POV~

“Come on you guys! You’re going to love it there!” I beg pulling on both of Fred and George’s Gryffindor robes as I sat on the floor in the Gryffindor Common Room.

Yesterday morning was a Friday and on Friday everyone in Hogwarts like to plan out what they’re going to do on the weekends. Younger students like to spend their weekends at Hogsmead to go to the three broomsticks, Zonko’s, and Honeydukes but for older students like Fred, George, and me we’ve spent too much time at Hogsmead which eventually lead us to think that Hogsmead is no longer interesting. So, we stay inside of the castle being lazy but ever since Fred and George said something offensive to me I wanted to prove them wrong.

‘The muggle world is obviously lame’ They told me yesterday. I held my chest as if I just had a stroke. I’m a muggle born and there are loads of muggle things to do that are just as fun as pulling pranks on people here at Hogwarts. I remember when I was little my parents always took me to this amusement park near my house. It was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life except for when I came here to Hogwarts and it will be the perfect place to bring Fred and George.

“(Y/n), it’s not going to be fun.” George said plainly as he looked at a few more of his blueprints for his and Fred’s future prank shop. “Plus, I have things to do.” He adds.

“Like what?” I exclaim crossing my hands over my chest. George stands up and walks towards the staircase that leads up to the boys dormitories.

“I have to write an essay on moon stones for Snape” he says walking up the stairs.

“Oh” I say actually believing him for the moment before I realized something. “Wait a minute! We have potions together! He didn’t give us an essay for moon stones!” I yell then I scowl when I hear him slam his dormitory door shut.

“Git!” I scream before turning my attention to Fred who was looking through a book.

“Freddie?” I say with a smile on my face.

“Really (Y/n)?”

“Yes, really! This wouldn’t be happening if you and George didn’t say that despicable comment to me yesterday!” I pout.

“Are you talking about us saying that the muggle world is lame?” I fall to ground when he said those words. I act like I’m dead but only for a few seconds before sitting back up.

“Please” I pout tugging on his leg every time I say please. This goes on for about ten minutes before Fred finally gives in.

“Alright! I’ll go with you!” The sound of his voice filled with defeat making me smile. I stand up and begin to cheer while jumping high in the air making him chuckle.

“I better not regret it.” He says as he walks upstairs to dress in his regular clothes.

“You won’t!” I yell up the staircase. I wait in the common room for him, he takes five minutes to get ready and comes out with shorts and a hoodie. I grab his hand and drag him off to the room of requirements. I close my eyes and wish for a floo network fireplace. I grab a handful of floo powder and say the name of the amusement park loud and clear, Fred follows after me. The sound of screaming and circus music enters my ears and I smile.

“Come on Fred!” I say excitedly grabbing his hand. I felt my stomach growl, I’m a bit famished. I see a guy selling food at his cart, I pull Fred towards him.

“Hi, what can I get you?” The man asks.

“I’ll get two funnels cakes with strawberries please.”

“That will be eight dollars” I pass him the money, a few minutes later he passes me the funnel cakes. I pass one to Fred. Fred seems a bit skeptical by the look of it but takes a bite.

“Bloody hell! What are these?!” He says taking another bite of the dessert, he seems to be very delighted by them.

“Funnel cakes.” I smile.

“Better than pumpkin pasties” I hear him mutter under his breath. After finishing our dessert, I take him into one of my favorite attractions. The Swing Ride. We take a seat next to each other.

“I hope you’re not scared of heights” I giggle putting the safety bar over myself.

“Please.” Fred says always being his cocky self. We start to rise and I kick my feet loving the feeling of being high up in the air. I scream as we start spinning faster and faster as we get higher. Fred’s laughing breathlessly as he stares at the ground, he smiles brightly as he puts his hands high in the air as if to catch the wind with his palms.

Soon, we exit the ride after riding it two more times. We start to play some of the games that give you stuffed animals. I throw a dart trying to hit one of the balloons that were attached to the wood background but failed miserably.

“Step aside, (Y/n). Let me show you how it’s done.” Fred smirked shooing me to the side, I roll my eyes but was in complete shock as he hit three balloons with the three darts that were given to him. I’ve been coming here ever since I was a little girl and I played this game a million times then Fred comes and makes it his first try.

“Which one do you want?” He asks me knowing that I’ve been staring up at the shelves intently for a few moments.

“The bear” I say excitedly, Fred takes the bear from the guy and gives it to me. I kiss him on the cheek and thank him a hundred times.

“Did you drink Felix Felicis before we left Hogwarts?” I eye him, he just laughs and shakes his head at me.

We rode a couple of more rides like the carousel, Bumper cars which he loved the most, the spinning tea cups, and a loopy roller coaster that made him laugh at me while I screamed the whole ride. Since we were tired due to earlier’s events and the sun was slowly going down I decided to take Fred on the Ferris Wheel. I got a large cloud of pink cotton candy for the ride. The ride was slow but Fred didn’t seem to mind for he looked down at the glimmer lights of the town in complete awe. It was already dark as we reached the top of the wheel.

The wind was blowing harsh cold winds at us making me shiver. Fred took off his hoodie and put it on me. I thank Fred before laying my head on his shoulder as we both watched the town. The park was about to close so as we exited the ride, we followed the crowd that was also leaving.

“Did you have fun?” I asked sleepily as we made our way back to the fireplace.

“To be honest, it was the best day of my life.” He smiles.

“I think you owe someone an apology” I said mimicking a kid voice and raising my stuffed animal as if my bear was talking.

“I’m sorry” Fred says without emotion.


“For saying that the muggle world is boring when really it’s bloody awesome” he admits. After, we make it back to Hogwarts and eat dinner in the Great Hall. I noticed that Fred wasn’t touching his ice cream that was served for dessert.

“Fred? What’s wrong?”

“I want funnel cake” he whined making me bust out laughing for I have really showed that the prankster was wrong all along about everything that was created by muggles.