he makes my life complete

You Make Me Super Happy

Member: Jimin

Word Count: 612

A/N: You and Jimin have been dating for just over a year. Everything seems like a fairy tale apart from one thing..the fans that never seem to give you a break. 

I felt his fingers lock with mine, it always seemed like the missing piece of the puzzle had finally come together whenever he held my hand. His hands were soft and somehow made me feel safe and protected from any harm from the world. Every now and then i would feel him squeeze my hands which would cause my heart to start flutter. We’ve been dating for just over a year and I’ve never felt so happy in my life. He makes me feel complete.

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↳ Day 4: Favorite Human » Hyakuya Yuuichirou

“I… Um… This is kinda embarrassing, but… Well… Guren said we’re family now, right? So you, Yoichi, Kimizuki, and Mitsuba… We’re all a new family. And I’ve started to feel that’s true. You guys are important to me. But… I can’t forget Mika. He’s also an important family member. See… My parents abandoned me. So maybe I don’t really know how families work. But can I ask you guys this? Just because someone in your family betrays you, does that mean you have to betray them back? I don’t… think it works that way. So even if Guren betrays us… and Mika, well… even if he is a vampire now… he’s still family. We’re all still family, and we always will be.”

When I start to feel like there’s no way I can do this, I have to remind myself of everything I’ve done so far. And how I wake up every day and make sure I do at least one thing to benefit my future.

I never wanted kids, but I’m already amazed by my son and he isn’t even here yet. It’s wild that after all these years of dreaming but not achieving, that the only motivation I needed was Kailand. Now there’s really no choice. I HAVE to make it. And I have to do it soon.

  • what the earl of phantomhive says: Sebastian is just one of my pawns.He's helping me win my game and that's all.
  • what he actually means: Sebastian is my saviour, my sexy dark knight, what's a king without a knight .He makes my life complete , i love him to death , he keeps me warm when it's cold, he keeps me satisfied when desire is burning inside of me.My hot demon , my love , my other half .we've bee through a lot together .Him and I, Us , trust, words i can't spell without Sebastian.Sebastiaaaan , sebastian , sbastian ...

Imagine this: The Santiago Chronicles

Raphael’s early life, before he became a vampire. He told Magnus that his father hit him once and that ‘he did not hit [him] twice’. I’d like to know this story.

The plan with his friends to kill the vampire that was killing children in their village, only to be turned into a vampire himself.

His relationship with Magnus.

His relationship with Ragnor.

His relationship with Simon.

His fight with Camille over clan leadership.

The vampires’ feud with the werewolves.

Maybe something about watching all his brothers and sisters grow up and get married and have children while he stays fifteen years old forever.

I want this. This would make my life complete.

has anyone really thought of why Nathan is called Rott in Frank’s account book?

many people think rottweilers are vicious dogs who attack people for no reason

but dogs are creatures with no capabiltiy for morals and ethics

if they’re vicious and aggressive it’s because they’ve been conditioned to be that way. it’s a result of their environment and how they were raised

huh that’s an interesting thought, it’s almost like children/teens can be easily manipulated as well, especially mentally ill children/teens like

oh, i don’t know, Nathan Prescott

Me and my boy laying on La Holla beach in San Diego! Been together for 2 years now and I don’t know what I would do without this man. He completes my life and makes me smile every time I see him! And I don’t think he understands how much he has impacted my life and how much I truly need him.

friendslap replied to your post “Omg laughing so hard at your tags on that high school Derek post….”

omg please please please draw a stubbly toddler version of derek, it would make my life complete. he’s a werewolf, it’s not totally out of the realm of possibility…???

I don’t know if you wanted an adult Derek playing with blocks or a toddler with actual stubble, but I’ve been drinking so guess which one I went for! And guess who doesn’t draw children ever!

A few of you have messaged me to ask how Pup is getting on. Well here is the handsome little man himself. He’s now 13 months old, fully walking, chattering away in toddler babble, and generally a happy little chappie. He’s what makes my life complete and the reason for being here 😊👪