he makes me want to punch myself in the face

Miraculous Ladybug Theme - FRENCH Full
Miraculous Ladybug Theme - FRENCH Full

This is a long ass rant about how much I fucking love this song and if you are into Miraculous as much as I am, you will agree with every point I make here.

So ever since I heard the dual version of the French and English one together, I’ve been hyperventilating. I am so much in love with the French version that I just don’t even. Like, nothing against the English dubbing, but there’s something SO SEXY AND SO SINFUL ABOUT THIS SONG IN FRENCH. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK MAN.

So, she starts off the song that’s all, OH I’M JUST AN ORDINARY GIRL NAMED MARINETTE - I HAVE NO OBVIOUS SIGNS OF BEING THE MOST BADASS HEROINE IN THE HISTORY OF ALL FRENCH, KOREAN, AMERICAN, WHATSOEVER LIFE. But then she’s Ladybug and she’s so beautiful and wonderful and sassy and confident and not like any other girl - she’s just so damn badass it makes me want to punch myself in the face she’s awesome. Like I want to be like her, but I have no coordination left in me to do all her acrobats.

AND THEN SHE’S ALL, OH CHAT NOIR IS NO ANGEL. As Adrien, he is totally an angel that I want to squish. AND SHE SAYS HE’S IN HER HEART??????? MY GOD. BUT AS CHAT NOIR? OH HELL NAW. Like, he is the most sinful thing ever with his innuendos and his puns and his flirting and his winking and his mrawrs and smirks. MY GOD. I just want to eat him up. But I ship him so hard with Ladybug/Marinette and they are most least problematic ship in the world in the fact that THERE IS NO ONE ELSE. NO ONE. IT’S JUST THEM IN A LOVE SQUARE AND THAT IS SO DAMN REFRESHING TO ME.

Then you get to Chat Noir’s part and I don’t know why, but the voice for him in this song is so hot and so yummy and I just wanna curl up and suffocate on my lust for this voice. Especially when he’s all “I’m Chat Noir” with that French SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAT NOERRRRRRRRRRRR. And he’s all, I’m no bad cat - I fight for the good like YOU DO, LADYBUG. AND THAT HE WILL FIGHT DESPERATELY??!!?! YAS. AND THEN HE’S ALL IM SCARED TO LOVE IN VAIN BECAUSE THE ONE HE LOVES CAN’T LOVE HIM BECAUSE SHE HAS TO BE LADYBUG AND CARRY OUT HER DESTINY. Why you gotta make me hurt in all the ways, FRENCH THEME SONG? PLUS, at the END OF CHAT’S PART, he’s all RAWRING and then belting OUT THESE AMAZING TOP 40s R&B “MIRAAACUUULOUS” notes like it’s some power ballad. LIKE WHAT THE HELL.

I’ve listened to this song like 15 times while I’ve written this out and I would also like to point out that the person who sings Marinette’s part is so fresh - like her voice could make the world better if she sang everything. ESPECIALLY ALL THE ‘ah ah ah’s. Like come on. COUPLED WITH THE GUY’S “OOOOOOOOOOOOH”s and “OOOOH, LADYBUUUUUUUUUG”s.

-chokes- I’m done.

I Wasn’t Jealous (Jeff Atkins x Reader)

A/n: I’ve been completely ignoring my request and I’m sorry for that. If you haven’t read my last story, I explained that finals are this week and my mental health for the past month has gotten in a bad place again. I’ve been trying to help myself by watching Supernatural, and if any of my followers love SPN they’ll understand how heart breaking it is, still no matter how saddening the show is, the Winchesters have a special place in my heart. So, I am trying my hardest to get out of this funk so here’s a little request.

Requested: Yes

Word count: 1906

Anonymous asked: Hey could you do a Jeff X reader where Jeff asks the reader for help to date someone and she gets upset. When she sees Jeff with the person he likes she distances herself from him and turns to her other best friends Montgomery and Justin for help to get him jealous. At someone’s party Montgomery flirts with reader to get Jeff jealous and it works? ❤

Song: Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” and “Rose-Colored Boy” by Paramore

Warnings: Light smut ;) (I tried), angsty af

(Heh, um, Spotify just advertised for a new Classic Rock playlist, as I am typing this it is May 21st. I’ll update when I get undistracted by the beauty that is Rock n’ Roll.) (It’s May 24th and I’m finally finishing this. I am so bad lmao) (also I didn’t add Justin as much in this one sorry)

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She stared at him. Her stomach tightening in agony as she begins to registers what he just asked her. I need your help, I wanna ask this girl on a date and I don’t know how. She felt sick. The boy she fell in love with was asking her to help with getting someone else.

“So?” He asked, staring at her. His eyes always made her squirm in her seat. They were breathtaking.

“I guess.” She whispered. A bright smile spread across his face. A smiled she loved so deeply.

Today was the day. She sighed heavily as one of her favorite songs came on the radio as she pulled into the parking lot. A song by Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here”. She glanced in her back mirror, the decent sized teddy bear she had helped buy sat in the back, taunting her. She didn’t even noticed she was crying until a tear hit the palm of her hand. A knock on her window made her snap out of her trance. It was Montgomery, her best friend since 8th grade. She sighed and opened her car door, getting out before hugging him.

“Everything okay?” He asks, a small smile spread across her face as she shook her head no.

“You have that thing with Jeff today don’t you?” Monty ask with a slightly disappointed look on his face. All she could do was nod.

“That fucking bastard.” Monty spit out. She could see his fist beginning to crunch up into a fist. She gentle rest her hand on top of his, instantly calming him down.

“Sorry.” Monty whispered. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Jeff pull up right beside her. She nodded towards Monty, quietly telling him that she’ll be okay. He nods back before leaving.

“Did you bring it?” Was the first words out of Jeff’s mouth. Not even a simple hello.

“Yep.” She says a little too harshly. She gets it out her car before handing it over to him. He smiles big, but his smile this time makes her stomach drop.

His faces brighten up. She turns around to see Sophie walking towards the two. Sophie was in the same grade, somewhat pretty with a bit of paler skin like herself, she had dark chocolate brown eyes and hair color to match. She was pretty. She didn’t even stay long enough to hear her say yes. She could hear the squeal of her high pitched voice. Her mood dropped even lower.

~A Week Later~

Her heart was breaking. Every day she saw Jeff, Jeff and Sophie, their hands intertwined. Jeff didn’t even acknowledge her existence. Monty grew angrier and angrier by the day.

It was lunch time now. Monty and her sat at their usual table, Monty’s other friends quickly surrounding them. She wasn’t paying much attention to their conversation until Bryce nudge her shoulder.

“So you in Y/n?” Bryce said with a slight smirk. She had never been found of Bryce, she always thought he was creepy and to handsy with girls.

“In for exactly what?” She asked dumbly, completely confused.

“The party? My house? Friday?” Bryce said. I looked over at Monty who shrugged. She sighed.

“Jeff’s gunna be there.” Justin said teasingly. This called for her to sigh again. But a plan popped up in her head, causing her to smirk.

“I’m in. Monty can I talk to you for a sec?” She said as she got up. He nodded and followed her out to the hall.

“What’s up?” He asked. The playful smirk held on her face.

“Jeff’s gunna be there right?” She said, earning a nod from him.

“So I have an idea.” This caused Monty to pull off a smirk.

“Let’s plan on both of us be anywhere near him throughout the night, and you know, act a little flirty, a little handsy, and see if he reacts?” She asked. She wanted to “show” him that she’s moved on.

“Deal.” Monty said just before the bell rang. They both nodded towards one another before walking in separate directions. Friday night was gunna be one hell of laugh.


She sighed, she was finally done. Make up all done up, hair perfectly curled and lips painted with a deep cherry color. She wore a black skirt that went a little above her knees. A simple army green shirt met in the middle. She had an oversized blue flannel thrown on top of it all, the sleeves rolled up high, and it tied at the waist. She looked awesome.

A car honked outside. Monty was here. She grabbed her purse and rushed outside. As she opened the door, a loud whistle was heard, making her blush.

“Shut up Monty.” Was all she said before he pulled off.

They were able to get a decent parking spot near the drive way.

“Want to hold hands as we go in?” Monty asked. She nodded. They both got out and they intertwined their hands as they walked into the house. The music bumped loudly, there were teens with the red plastic cup in hand, just letting loose.

They spotted Zach and asked him were Jeff was, he pointed to the outside. They both walked out there. Jeff was playing beer pong as normal. She didn’t miss the double take Jeff did as they walked outside hand-in-hand. She saw the familiar clenched jaw, tightening his beautiful features. She smirked to herself.

Monty led her over to a patio type arrangement. Four chair type coaches sat on a slab of concert. In the other two, Justin and Jessica sat. They had waved at each other before Justin leaned in, speaking in hushed tones.

“Did he see you guys as you walked in?” He asked with a smirk. She nodded, making Justin’s smirk grow wider.

“I’m gunna go get us a beer, I’ll be back.” Monty said before giving her a playful kiss on her forehead.

“Jeff’s gunna lose it.” Jessica said, all she could do was smile. Boy made a mistake.

It was two hours in, they laughed with Justin and Jessica, Monty tried telling her some unbelievable puns. Out of the corner of her eye she could see that Jeff constantly glanced their way. It was when Monty had gotten a little too close, she heard Jeff yell in annoyance and stomped away.

“That’s my cue.” She said as she got up. She quickly followed Jeff as he made his way through the house and outside possibly towards his car.

“Jeff!” She yelled, hoping to get him to stop. He did.

“What Y/n? Here to tell me how fantastic Monty is? How great your relationship is with him?” He practically yelled. He was laying it on thick.

“Why are you acting like this?” She yelled at him, just wanting to hear the truth she already possibly knew.

“I hate it! Do you not understand how hard it was for me not to go and punch him in the face and get you all to myself? Fuck how obvious do I have to make it?” He said, his face slightly growing redder. Yup, he was jealous.

“Are you saying you were jealous?” She asked with a mischievous smile.

“I-I I wasn’t-t jealous.” He stuttered.

“Is Jeff Atkins stuttering?” She asked as she walked a little closer to him. He was flustered and she found it amusing.

“Shut up and kiss me already.” Jeff said before pulling her by her waist.  

His sweet darkish lips planted on her soft painted ones. Her heart fluttered for a second before he pulled away.

“Stay over tonight? I have some over your clothes from when you stayed over last.” She asked, he nodded. He took her hand and they walked towards his car. As they drive off, she completely forgot about Sophie.

“Hey Jeff?” She asked, earning a little hum in reply.

“What about Sophie?” She asked, her heart flattering.

“I broke it off before I got to the party.” He said as he turned to her with a smile. Her heart fluttered again. She sent a quick text to Monty, thanking him.

They pulled up to her house, nobody was home. Parents off on a date night and staying at a hotel and her little sister was staying at a friend’s. They went up to her room, both getting changed into pj’s before climbing into bed. They faced each other, staring at one another with soft eyes and small smiles.

Jeff leaned in, capturing her lips in a quick kiss. He went in again this time letting it linger and slowly kissed her again and again. His hand rested on her waist as hers scaled up his neck. Her fingers glazed over his short brown hair before slowly tightening her grip on his perfect strands. She felt him squeeze at her hip before gradually sitting up to prop himself above her. His kisses got deeper and stronger. She felt his hands climb up and into her shirt, his cold hands setting her skin on fire. She didn’t remember how they got there, tangled in one another. His lips left her puffy swollen ones and moved to her neck. He gracefully bit and sucked at the skin leaving her squirming under his touch. Finally after what seem like mere minutes he let her free. He fell back beside her, breathy and laughing. She gave him one little kiss before cuddling into her side. She felt him move pieces of her hair and heard him laugh.

“That’s gunna be a bitch to cover up, sorry angel.” He said before nuzzling her head with his own.

After a few moments she heard his breathing slow and become even, he was asleep. This made her smile. She had the boy she’s dreamt about since freshman year next to her, sleeping soundly. Her smile held as her eyes fluttered shut. Dreaming about the possible future.  

NCT as shit I overhear in Psych. PT. 2
  • taeyong: he sneezed on me so i punched him in the face
  • kun: sorry i'm late *lecture is almost over*
  • yuta: i should leave civilization and become a hermit
  • doyoung: what if we're not really awake and this world is just a simulation..
  • chenle: I just pretend I can't hear anything cause I secretly hate everyone
  • jisung: HELP IM LIKE FIVE WHY IS THERE A DICK IN MY TEXTBOOK *looking at anatomy*
  • renjun: sorry i can't hang out today i have to study for, spanish, chinese, french-- *add more*
  • johnny: i would say the daddy kink is disgusting but i'd be a hypocrite
  • mark: i joined 4 clubs and i regret all my life's decisons
  • winwin: i have like 3 sugar daddies
  • jeno: *obnoxious laughing every 6 seconds*
  • jaemin: *on the phone whispering* yes mom, I love you too. Yes I'm still your little baby honey bear. *off the phone* sup bitches
  • taeil: *bones cracking* SIDNEY I THINK IM DYING
  • haechan: this bitch just threatened me?? does she know who I am???
My roommate is A GIRL?!

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Don’t forget to tell me how thirsty you are in the comments/Request box ;)

WARNING : You might blush/scream/laugh/ BE EMBARRASSED AF/ DIE OF FEELS or fall for Jungkook’s adorable personality <3



Genre: College au/ Roomate au/ Romance/fluff/ Smut (sometime soon)/Angst (in this chapter) /Comedy ( tbh there’s way too many dumb moments in this series lol)
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 11 641 words
Summary: Jungkook is your campus roommate who has a huge crush on you. He’s been hiding it for so long and you’re still clueless about it.

CHAPTER 12: Conflicted Coconut head turns into a panty dropper

Jungkook came back to his senses when you closed your eyes.


Panic suddenly invades his body as he watches your eyes suddenly shut on their own. He would momentarily ask himself, what was he doing so close to you in such an intimate position only lovers usually shared? It was the perfect occasion for him to simply lean in and get rid of all these emotion pilling up on his body and heart for the past year and half, but jungkook knew better than to let his impulsion win over his love for you.

He sure felt these raging emotions and his heart throbbing crazily as if it’d burst any second, but he couldn’t help but soften while looking at your soft facial features. As much as this was his best opportunity to show you that he was a man, he preferred backing up and admire you from afar. You were his biggest fantasy, his weakness, his most loved one and he knew better than to lose all the respect and trust you had for him.

Y/N deserves way better than this, he bites on his bottom lip while brushing his thumb over your soft cheek

“Y/N-ah” his manly tone calls your voice

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Momma Bear Part 2

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Sorry for this one being short and sucky.

Part 1

“Here we go again” You joked as the three of you walked into the High School building, the principle was standing outside of his office waiting for the two of you, with Harlow your 14-year-old daughter sitting in the chair outside the office.
The principal motioned for everyone to come into the room, once again taking a seat in the chairs provided you waited to hear what happened.
Before the principal could start speaking another teacher knocked on the door to tell him that the bleeding had stopped. Unimportant shit you didn’t care about at this time.
Soon after a boy walked into the room holding an ice pack to his face and sat down near the principal.
“So what happened?” Happy asked first, knowing how fast the last conversation got heated he decided to take the lead on this one.
“Your daughter punched Tyler here, in the face and broke his nose,” The principal told him, you saw the small smile that quickly faded from Happy’s face.
You turned to your daughter, raising an eyebrow she knew you meant you wanted her to start explaining.
“He kept trying to touch me inappropriately. Mr.Rogers just said he was being a boy and wouldn’t make him stop, so I did it myself” She said knowing that once she told the two of you that she wouldn’t be in trouble with you at all.
“You called me here to discuss this kid’s broken nose while he’s sexually assaulting my daughter?”  you stood and yelled at the Principal.
“Ma’am you need to calm down. Your daughter is being suspended for 3 days due to our no violence policy” He said trying to stay calm
“And what happens to this pervert?” You ask pointing to the boy sitting next to him.
“Ma’am please do not call a student that, he did nothing wrong he will return to class tomorrow” he said standing from his desk motioning for us to exit the room.
“How did he do nothing wrong, he sexually assaulted my 14 year old daughter” You wanted to know
“There were no witnesses or proof, just that she hit him” he crossed his arms
“So he sexualy assults my daughter and she defends herself and she’s the one to get into trouble, that’s bullshit”, you told the principal in front of the whole front office staff, making everyone turn their head in your direction.
“Please watch your language, Mrs. Lowman,” he said politely
“Nah fuck my language, and fuck that there was no proof bullshit. She told her teacher and he said he was just being a boy. That’s the type of shit that gets women raped, because no one teaches them that NO fucking means NO” you screamed at him, a teacher leaving a bruise on your child is one thing but having one say that a boy is just being a boy is crossing the damn line and you were fucking pissed. This was NOT going to go without consequence for the school.
“Alright, babe. Let’s go before I have to bail you out of jail” Happy calmly said as he placed his arm around your hip leading you towards the exit.

Once outside the fresh air helped you cool down a bit but your blood was still boiling.
Rest up against the wall, the little jackass Tyler came walking out of the building.
“Harlow, do you by any chance happen to know how old he is?” You asked your daughter, Happy looked at you suspiciously.
“17 I think, he’s a senior” She replied wondering what crazy idea you had running around in your head.
“HEY jackass” You yelled as you walked towards the kid as he was walking towards the parking lot.
He turned around hearing you yelling at him, you kept walking until you were right in front of him.
“If you EVER touch my daughter again or even think about her or so much as look at her. I swear to god i’ll have you registered and behind bars where karma is a fucking bitch or I’ll just let her father deal with your ass” You told him with an extremely calm voice that was more frightening than anything else.
With his eyes going wide, he head bobbing up and down he turned around and ran towards the parking lot.
“I guess since the kids aren’t in school for the rest of the week, we could take that vacation now instead of during summer?” You looked at Happy questioningly, knowing that it would be the perfect reward for you kids for doing as both Happy and you had taught them.
“Yeah, sounds good,” he said nodding his head up and down
“Wait, what vacation?” Harlow and Connor asked in unison.
“Disneyland” You smiled knowing that after the day your family had, had everyone needed a vacation.


em-ori  asked:

Why do you like Bellamy? -ask me about my fave things

Oh man oh man I would have to write a damn novel about that now woudn’t I?Ok here we go then.

🔫 First of all his character development. He went from being a bad boy whose “stature couldn’t be challenged” to such a sweet, caring, amazing person who would do anything to protect the people he loves.

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🔫 The way he looks at Clarke when she isn’t looking. He is so in love I can’t deal with this right now.

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🔫 I like it when he smiles. His smile is everything in the world.

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🔫 His freckles and the chin dimple and the lip scar and basically everything about his face makes me want to punch myself in the face.

🔫 His protective instincts. He wants to protect everyone LITERALLY every single goddamn human that exists.

🔫 He gave up his childhood to take care of his little sister.

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🔫 He is really really smart. I mean the guy likes mythology.Damn Bellamy marry me pls

🔫 His arms tho.I like that man’s arms oh my god.

🔫 His flirting skills with Clarke crack me up. I love it how he can do a three way with some random girls but when it comes to Clarke he has no game whatsoever and that makes him even cuter.

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He is the purest human being and anyone who thinks otherwise can fight me.  🔫 🔫 🔫

(see how I used a gun emoji lmao)

Play with me (Ft. Jungkook)
  • SMUT
  • WORD COUNT: 4.298

Another scenario has been created by the creative and amazingly talented duo Mei&Blizetta, we hope all of you like it just as much as we do~!!

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Your phone was laying on the table as it began ringing, you were in the midst of playing a raid on Destiny but decided to let yourself die and quickly pick up the phone. You didn’t look at the name or number which was displayed on the screen, you just wanted to continue playing your game. “Hello?” You spoke in to the phone.“____!” You heard your friend through the phone. “I’m bored” He whined. “So?” You said impatiently while looking at the screen which showed your character still being down and waiting for revival by another player. “Can you come over and play videogames with me?”

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chapter 6

Rich || Jaebum

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Reader (you) x Jaebum ft Jinyoung

Word Count: 1745

Warnings: none 

note: just nine more days until christmas break for me. (YES) it’s super cold outside everyone (or in canada it is) please take care and bundle up. that’s all i really have to say other than thank you! happy reading and take care everyone!

A few days past as my health got better. In a matter of four days, I began to go back to work as a design student, hoping to make the money that I so desperately needed. So, I worked late hours trying to finish up the designs or do any extra work that earned me money. Sometimes, I would come home to find Jaebum locked in his room and ignoring me completely. Other times, he would come home late from work and not say a word to me. Jinyoung, on the other hand, came to visit me everyday to help me with my issues. To be honest, Jinyoung has helped me so much in times like this, I felt bad for not giving anything in return.

“Jinyoung please, at least let me do something for you.” I pleaded him as I watched Jinyoung slightly smile behind his coffee cup. We were sat at a little cafe for lunch since I convinced Jinyoung to leave his meeting to come spend time with me. And there he was, handsomely vibrating with a white button up t-shirt.

“I could list a few things you could do for me but, we need to be in a private place for that to happen.” Jinyoung chuckled as he leaned back on his chair, the sun shining down on his perfect face.

I rolled my eyes and smiled, “I mean other things, Jinyoung. Anything else besides that.”

“Let’s eat dinner then.” Jinyoung beamed towards me, his eyes sparkingling in the light.

“Sure, when?” I asked as I leaned forward, setting my chin on top of my hands.

“Tonight. I’ll pick you up from Jae’s and we’ll go.” Jinyoung stated.

“That sounds nice.” I smiled, tucking the fallen hair behind my ear.

“Wear something fancy. I’ll come by around seven but for now, let’s go back to work.” Jinyoung said before standing up from his chair and offering his hand towards me. I gladly took his hand as we both walked out the cafe.

Throughout the whole day, I tried to plan the perfect outfit to surprise Jinyoung away. I knew I wanted to look fancy but, in my head, I wanted to look simply classy and sexy. So after a long day at work, I came home to an empty house again and hopped into the shower. The warm water cascading down my skin put me at ease as I enjoyed the peaceful shower. Tonight was the night I was only going to focus on Jinyoung and no one else. He made me realize that no other man could treat me right like Jinyoung does.

Finally finishing a long shower, I started to go through the wardrobe Jinyoung managed to save after I was kicked out of my house. I picked out a lowcut black dress that hugged all my edges which was something Jinyoung would appreciate. Then I started to do my makeup. And right then, Jaebum came home from work, interrupting the peacefulness that spread throughout the house. The loud walking and rummaging in the kitchen made me purse my lips and sighed to myself. What wasn’t he talking to me anymore?

Finishing up quickly, I head downstairs with a pair of heels in my hands. As I walked my way down the stairs, I made eye contact with Jaebum who was sitting at the dining table with a laptop and papers sprawled out everywhere.

“Where are you going?” He finally spoke up, breaking the eye contact.

“Out.” I simply stated. So now he talks to me.

“In a dress like that?” Jaebum raised his eyebrows. “I’m not letting you go out in that dress.”

“You’re not my boss. Don’t tell me what to do.” I fired at him as I reached the end of the stairwell and started to walk towards the exit.

“You never know, (Y/N). Men these days have different intentions than having a little chat with you.” I heard Jaebum yell from the kitchen.

“Well the only guy I’m going out with today is Jinyoung!” I yelled back, putting on my heels and jacket on. I stood by the door, waiting for Jinyoung’s car to pull up on Jaebum’s driveway.

“Jinyoung, huh?” Jaebum said, as he walked closer to me, leaning on the opposite wall. He had a smug look on his face that I wanted to punch away. Out of all the days, he chose to talk to me before I leave for a date with Jinyoung.

“Yes, do you have a problem?” I snapped at him, looking somewhere else instead of making eye contact with Jaebum. I saw a swift movement of Jaebum from the corner of my eye as I was suddenly pushed back against the door with Jaebum’s arm blocking my way of escape.

“It’s not a problem. It’s just I’d rather have you to myself than Jinyoung taking all the beauty away from me.” Jaebum smirked as his lifted his hand to push away the hair that covered my face.

I rolled my eyes and huffed out, “Whatever. We’re not dating anyways. Plus you haven’t spoken to me for days, why should I give in for you?”

“(Y/N),” He seductively whispered, “What Jinyoung can’t do is make a woman weak to her knees.”

My eyes flickered up at Jaebum as I saw a smug smile plastered on his face. His hands grabbed my waist, apply pressed onto it to keep me against the door. Slowly he leaned in until our lips were inches away from each other. One of his hands grabbed my jaw as he gently lifted it up so that he could connect my lips with his. Jaebum traced his tongue along my bottom lip, teasing me to the very last bit. I parted my lips and sighed at the feeling of adrenaline that ran throughout my body. Jaebum’s kisses were always so dominant which always made me weak to my knees. His hands let go of my waist and jaw as he started to slowly unbutton my jacket. I moaned against his lips as his hands grabbed my ass. Then, unexpectedly, Jaebum broke away from the kiss, leaving me breathless.

“My point taken.” Jaebum chuckled under his breath as he fixed my hair.

“Fuck you, Jaebum.” I hissed at him while I buttoned up my jacket again. Jaebum flashed a wide smile before running off in the other direction.

“Your boy toy is here.” He yelled before he left me alone. Sighing to myself, I closed my eyes and try to clear my feelings for Jaebum. I told myself that Jinyoung was the one countless times but, I still wonder why I did this behind his back.  But the thing was, why did I give in to Jaebum’s schemes?

Soon, the doorbell rang and I straighten my jacket. Opening the door, I find myself looking at Jinyoung’s charming smile as he held his hand out towards me.

“You look beautiful, (Y/N). Let’s go, shall we?” Jinyoung beamed at me. I smiled back at him as I grabbed his hand with a feeling of regret. Maybe I should stop this relationship with Jaebum. Move out of his house and stay with Jinyoung instead. It seemed like a good idea and a great topic to discuss with Jinyoung.

Jinyoung took me to a rather fancy restaurant that only people like him could afford the food. Throughout the whole night, I enjoyed my time with Jinyoung. It made me realize why I feel in love with him in the first place. A man like Jinyoung is humble to himself and is good at what he does. Jaebum, on the other hand, is reckless and rude. Plus, Jinyoung was always the one who was there for me.

“I’ve been thinking for awhile now.” Jinyoung started, with a glass of wine in hand.

“And?” I raised my eyebrows, leaning in so my head rested on the palms of my hand.

“What if we leave Korea, permanently, and start a new life somewhere else?” Jinyoung asked me as he took a sip of his wine.

“Where will we go?” I asked back, agreeing with this idea. It’ll be nice to run away from Korea. No men hunting me down and no drama. I could start a new life with Jinyoung and it’ll be perfect.

“Somewhere far. International, most likely. Somewhere where we can be alone and live in peace.” Jinyoung said, as he looked outside the window, getting a good look of the city lights.

“I like that idea.” I softly whispered so only he could hear. Jinyoung turned his head to smile at me. I looked at his facial expression and noticed something was off about Jinyoung. Although Jinyoung was a great actor on hiding his feelings, I know him too well to know what was wrong. And I knew he was hiding something from me.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Jinyoung nervously chuckled under his breath, sending me an unnatural wink. He was definitely hiding something from me, and I was going to find out what it was.

“Jinyoung-ah,” I started to say, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing, (Y/N). I’m okay.” He simply stated as he avoided eye contact with me. He knew I could see through him but why wasn’t he telling me? Usually he would tell me everything that was going on but, he was being distant lately.

I sighed to myself and leaned back on my chair, “I know you too well to know something’s up. Tell me please.”

“This isn’t the best time to bring up this topic.” Jinyoung warned me as his eyes started to wander around the room. I crossed my arms, unsatisfied with his answer. He was acting weird and it was something I’ve never seen before.

“You tell me everything, Jinyoung. I don’t understand wh-”

A cold splash of water ran down from my head to my face interrupted me from finishing my sentence. I closed my eyes, mouth hanging wide open, as I try to recover from the cold shock. Opening my eyes, I look at Jinyoung as he’s sat there, staring right behind me. His face, not as shocked as mine, gave a serious expression. I slowly looked up and behind me to see who rudely poured water on me. Brown long hair, red dress, and a body who can make men go crazy. Then it clicked to me; Was Jinyoung seeing someone behind my back?

“Jinyoung, who’s this?”


Part Five everyone, Hope you all like and also I know Jesus is Gay but let me have this one-moment =) and Also again I know I have had a lot of Daryl but I have so much love for that man <3


Daryl Dixon - Walking Dead

Daryl’s pov
I sat on my bike ready to head off on a sort fun as Rick came to me tell me the stuff we needed, “if you can’t get it all in one place that fine just get what you can, we don’t need you going off to the next city just to get toothbrush” Rick said having a little joke, making me laugh “yeah I know man, just keep an eye on her will am gone” I asked, Y/N my girlfriend which still sinking in, got hurt when some walkers jumped her when she was unclogging the water pip out side the fence “I’ll chain her to the bed if I have to” Rick said back smiling at me I just shocked me head at him as he laughs before pushing him away from the bike so I could start it up, “I hear you chain her to the bed I’ll get you Grimes” I told him before speeding off down the past to the gates…

Jesus - Walking dead

I sat outside in the sun relaxing after a long trip yesterday with a lot for running I will be happy when for ones on a trip out we would not have to run but I guess walkers don’t take days off or have fasting days,
I had my eyes closed taking in the sun when I felt someone looking at me opening my eyes looking to my side to see Jesus standing there looking at me, I won’t lie when I first meet him one a Run with Daryl and Rick I found him rather attractive not to meson a really good fighter never before have I seen Daryl kicked on his ass in a fight before,
“Why are you looking at me like that?” I finally asked him making him smile “Is there something wrong to look at beautiful thing” he said back in that smooth voice of his “the flower are nice” I then said making him laugh walking closer to me “I was not talking about the flowers” Jesus said as he then set next to me making my blush…

Daryl Dixon - Walking dead

I was working next to Carol on are little farm that we have made in the prison “So I seen you go to the tower last night when your not on watch till tomorrow” Carol said as she worked I looked over to her to see she was smiling “Now that I remember was Daryl not on watch last night” she then added still smiling like the Cheshire cat “where are you going with this Carol?” I asked her putting down my trowel,
She looked at me “nothing just nice to see you two together and I also seen you pick a little something from the last run we were on to the shop” she smirked at me making me blush that see seen me pick up a pack of condoms,
“Don’t worry sweetheart, you not the only ones to do it trust me” Carol then told me as he looks behind us to Glenn which made us both start laughing,
“Hey Rose, you coming” I then herd Daryl’s voice shouting making me look around to see him standing by the tuned over bus as the gates, I forgot I was going on a small run with him to day to get some baby stuff for Rick, “What?” I shouted back “You coming” he shouted placing his hands on his hips “No I was coming last night I think I need a rest” I shouted back but after saying it I felt like I wanted to punch myself as I head Carol burst out laughing a long with T-Dog and Rick who were next to Daryl, who now has a red face….

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You Could Be My Woman

 Request: Can you do an imagine with bjorn lothbrok when he is protective with her when someone flirt with the reader and finally admit that he love her please

 Word count: 621

 You and Bjorn used to be good friends before he left Kattegat with his mother. When he finally came back, after years, he was no more than a stranger. Secretly you always loved him, and he never abandoned your thoughts, but now you’re angry. The reason for this fury you couldn’t tell.

 Unfortunately for you, Bjorn is more handsome than ever, completely different from the little boy you remember. He’s trying everything to get closer to you, but you rather keep your distance. He’s the first son of the great Ragnar Lothbrok, you don’t want to fall too hard for him just to suffer a heartbreak.

 Today, like usual, you walk fast past him, not even bothering to look his way. You’re out to meet a friend, who you’re helping with training.

 “(Y/N)!” Bjorn calls you, but you pretend you can’t hear him.

 Then you find Asmund, who stands on your way to the beach. He loves to annoy you, with that stupid smile on his face. Asmund is very strong and you know many women would die for him. But you’re different, you can’t stand the man.

 “Hello. Where are you going? ”

 “It’s not your business, Asmund.” You answer him and keep walking, rolling your eyes.

 “Is that Ragnar’s son who’s coming this way?”

 “Ignore him, ignore me. Just keep walking.” You would cut off his arm, but you don’t want any problems. You can see your friend from a distance, sitting on the sand.

 “Why don’t you stay away from her?” Bjorn’s voice makes you stop and turn around. He’s holding Asmund by the collar of his clothes, as the man tries to avoid being choked.

 “I just want to make her a proposal. I don’t think she’ll refuse me.”

 You were just about to curse Asmund when Bjorn punches his face, making him fall heavily on the wet ground.

 “If you think I’ll let you touch her then you’re even more idiot than I thought.”

 “Bjorn! What the hell is this? I can say no for myself. ” You throw your sword and shield on the ground, walking to Bjorn, angry as hell.

 “What? You want me to watch from a distance? ” He comes even closer to you, and you can feel his breath on your face.

 You can see in his eyes that he’s the same boy who left Kattegat years ago. And that childhood love is now completely different. Is stronger. But of course, you won’t tell him that.

 “Sweet Bjorn won’t let anyone flirt with his woman.” Asmund manages to get up, but gives up the argument and walks away, slowly.

 “I’m not his woman.”

 “But you could be.”

 “Excuse me?”

 “You could be my woman and I could be your man.” Bjorn stares at you with kind eyes. Is he for real? You try your best not to show that your hopes are getting higher.

 “You’re insane.” You turn around, ready to leave this nonsense and head to your training. But Bjorn pulls your arm, making you turn back to face him.

 “No, I’m not letting you go like that. I love you, and it’s time for you to know. ”

 “This is not fair! You can’t say these things when you don’t mean that. ” You whisper, not wanting anyone to hear you.

 “I mean it. I want you. And I know you love me otherwise you wouldn’t avoid me. ”

 “Fine, fine.” You surrender. His words making your heartbeat run faster. ”We’ll talk about this later.”

 ”Where?” Bjorn’s smile is the most beautiful thing in this world and you struggle to stop looking at him.

 “Right here, when I’m done training with my friend.”

 “I shall watch you train then.”

Gilded Butterfly: a JB fic

Chapter 1

Here’s what they don’t tell you about being cheated on: nothing can ever be the same.

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A Destiel Fanfic

This is a short little fic that takes place when Dean and Cas go to get beer as the world is ending during the season 11 finale.

Dean grips the steering wheel of the Impala appreciatively, knowing this is the last time he’ll feel it. He stares at Cas out of the corner of his eye with much the same sentiment.

“You’re staring at me.”

Dean takes a second to savor the gravel of Cas’s voice before answering. He realizes how gay that is, but it’s the end of the fucking universe, so he’s not much into denial at the current moment. Which is why he responds simply,



Dean pushes out a breath of air, making a choice. He pulls baby over and turns to face Cas. Cas blinks at him confusedly. Dean laughs in spite of himself. The whole situation is just crazy.


Dean closes his eyes a takes a deep breath.

“Listen, Cas,” he starts slowly, “I don’t..,” he gestures incomprehensibly with his hands, “I’m not…”

He falls silent, staring at his fidgeting hands.

“I’m listening. I still don’t understand.” Cas isn’t impatient; he’s just stating a fact.

Dean jerks his head up, stares straight ahead, and stops thinking before he speaks.

“I was never going to say anything, or do anything, about this, my,” he can’t help cringing a bit before continuing, “feelings, for you. It’s not something I’m familiar with. I’ve never felt like this before, not about a guy. I mean, I guess you’re not technically a guy, you’re a ‘multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent’ or whatever, but that’s not the point. It doesn’t matter. None of my ‘internalized homophobia’ matters right now. Because I don’t want to die a coward, Cas, and goddammit,” Dean takes a quick breath before pushing out, “I love you, and I’m going to kiss you, and you can punch me in the face if you want, but we’re never going to be here again. So I’m not spending my last moment with you lying to you, or myself.”

Dean braces himself for a second before looking at Cas again.

“You’re not punching me in the face,” Dean says eventually, when he can’t take the silence anymore.

“You’re not kissing me,” Cas says, and he’s smirking, the bastard.

Dean grabs him roughly by his stupid trench coat and engages in the most furious make-out session of his entire life. He can’t breathe, and Cas draws blood from his lip with his teeth, and he doesn’t care. He’s never cared less, or more, and this is everything until he realizes this is it. He slows down; he switches from saying hello to saying goodbye. Cas moves his hand from gripping his hair too tightly to cupping his face too gently. He runs his thumb torturously across his cheek, which is wet now. He pulls back slightly, just enough to look Dean in the eyes without going cross-eyed himself, thumb still catching tears. They stay like that, for forever and for no time at all, until Cas says, “Dean,” and Dean can’t stand it anymore. He pulls away and buries his head in his hands.

“If I hadn’t been so stupid, we could have-”

Cas rubs a hand up and down Dean’s back. It’s meant to be comforting, but it burns.

“It’s like you said, Dean. It doesn’t matter now.”

Dean’s phone rings. “Yeah.” After a moment, he hangs up and smiles at Cas.

“Sam’s got something.”

anonymous asked:

If you had to choose, klaus or Damon? And why?

I would choose Klaus simply because I find Joseph more compelling onscreen. Klaus has this arrogance about him that’s subtle in a way that Damon can’t achieve, like this:

He’s being super petty in this scene and it makes me just go, Omg Klaus you’re such an ass but I’m grinning to myself as I say it because his mockery is subtle, his tone is casual, he’s offhand and that makes him appealing to me so when he’s meant to be charming and disarming and sexy I’m with that, I get it but with Damon … like when he says things like this:

I want to punch that dude in the face. It’s a gut reaction. He’s snarky, he isn’t witty, and it’s like he’s overcompensating, he’s that frat guy at a party who just won’t shut up and thinks he’s the sexiest, funniest man alive and I just want him to shut up.

Plus Klaus is actually insightful:

If not a little pretentious.

Damon is just … Damon.

I’m just not a fan.

#105: The Boys Hate His New Girlfriend


This is a following part from my breakup preference that was based on If You Don’t Know:

Preference 91: Song | 5 Seconds of Summer - If You Don’t Know


“This is so weird to watch.” Ashton said as he was fixing the tie that was wrapped around his neck, having Michael on his right side and Calum on his left. “You don’t say.” Cal said before taking a sip of the drink in his hand, his eyebrows furrowing as he watched Luke opening presents in front of a massive pile of birthday gifts, having Scarlett behind him with her arms wrapped around his waist. Luke’s 20th birthday party was a blast to say at least, but not for every single person in the celebration local Luke had rented for this day. Balloons were everywhere, his family and friends had suited up in nice smoking’s and dresses to celebrate this off. For some odd reasons though, the boys weren’t enjoying everything as they probably should have. “Who invited the ostrich?” Liz asked as she approached the boys from behind, small chuckles coming from the boys by Liz’s rather rude comment about her new daughter-in-law. “I believe that would be your son.” Michael said with a chuckle as he wrapped an arm around Liz which made her look up at him wide eyed. “That? That is not my son. My son wouldn’t have such a formal party like this. The amount of guests would be decreased and people would be joining the sun outside at the beach in bathing suits with beers and barbecues. That, my friend is Robert.” Liz slurred the last part, and it wasn’t only her words that were slurred but also the class of wine in her hand. “Did you know that the more expensive the wine is, the bigger is the percentage of alcohol?” “You don’t say.” Ashton laughed, Calum taking a small sniff to the wine. “Snobbish piece of gold-digger.” Liz mumbled to herself as she took another sip. “Now Liz, don’t you think you could use some more appropriate nicknames for your daughter-in-law and be nicer?” Cal asked but that didn’t seem to please Liz. “Nicer? This is the first time she meets me and the first thing she says is: It’s so nice to meet Luke’s grandmother!” Ashton, Calum and Michael’s jaws were at the point of touching their shiny leather shoes, surprised to say at least. “Nicer is the last thing I wanna be.” She said, looking over at Luke and Scarlett. “I even had a plan but it seemed to fail.” “What kind of plan?” Michael asked confused, Ash and Cal looking just as interested as him. Liz looked back at the boys before whispering “I invited Y/N.” “You did not.” Cal almost said in a fear, but Liz only nodded her head with a rather evil chuckle. “She was supposed to celebrate this with him wasn’t she? I know she even bought at present. Would be a waste to throw out.” Ashton and Calum looked at each other wide eyed while Michael looked around at the crowd in a hurry of trying to notice you. “She’s not here sadly.” Liz said in a more timid tone, both hands now holding around the glass of wine. She took a look back at Luke for the last time before looking back at the boys. “I think I’m gonna go try get myself more wasted than I probably already am. See you later boys.” Liz slurred with a last wave, disappearing into the crowd again and leaving the boys in thought. “Have you guys thought what would happen if Y/N actually shows up?” Michael asked with a small smirk, already putting his hand down in his pocket to wrap it around his phone in a tempting manor. “I think it would end pretty ugly.” Ash said, not wanting drama to happen. “It can’t be uglier than the sight in front of us right now.” Cal said in disagree, Michael and him sharing a small wink as they took a glance over at Luke and Scarlett for the last time in disgust.


“You know, eating pizza in the morning is far from healthy for a boy like you.” Michael looked up from the pizza box in front of him to stare at Alison, his head cocking, “I mean, when I was educating myself as a fitness coach, we studied calories in fast foods and pizza were one of the worst ones.” Michael let out a hum in response, not really listening and taking a piece of slice in his hand. Calum had been gone for too long now to go pick up donuts breakfast for him and Alison and it was getting on his nerves. “Fruits and cripsbread are much healthier and you’ll get much happier by some good breakfast.” Michael’s eyes flicked between the pizza slice in his hand and Alison, his mouth going into a straight line. “I’m not trying to be rude or anything.” She commented when she noticed how Michael had changed into an awkward silence, just looking down at his pizza slice now. “You’re not rude.” He said as he threw the pizza slice onto the box, standing up from his seat. “Just a fucking cruel hemorrhoid.” He mumbled as silently as he could so Alison wouldn’t hear before he pressed the button open to get out of the backseat area, and stumbling towards the kitchen of the tour bus. “What’s happening man?” Ashton almost laughed by Michael’s sudden attitude as he sat down in front of the curly lad, a growl escaping his lips as he almost threw the piece of pizza into his mouth, chewing rather loudly as he stared at Ashton. “You know, pizza makes me happy?” Ashton nodded his head confused by Michael’s sudden exclaim, nodding for him to continue. “I want to enjoy my pizza without having facts about the massive amount of calories into my face. My life, my love, MY PIZZA!” “Michael, you’re yelling but I can see your concept. And I’m already concluding who this is about.” Ashton said, nodding his head towards the door that was now closed to the back area. “She even told me that if I keep on drinking alcohol, my body fat percentage will rise within months and I will be a chubby marshmallow.” Luke announced as he approached the boys from being at the front of the bus, but just as soon as he had heard their conversation, he wanted to join. “And she’s the one dating Calum.” Ash said in disbelief, shaking his head. “She was nice at first. But I guess everyone is that until you get to know their real self.” He added which made Luke nod, “Fun thing that Calum hasn’t noticed that yet.” “Blinded by love Luke. That’s what it’s all about. Calum lost something and he needed to get it replaced as fast as possible.” Ash explained, “The desperation was real.” Michael said as he finished off his pizza, closing the now empty pizza box. “He never really explained to us what happened that night between him and-“ The sound of the tour bus door opening made all three boys shut their mouths in shock, staring towards the entrance where Calum was now visible, with a bag of donuts in his hand. “Am I missing something?” Calum asked confused with an awkward laugh, looking between the boys and noticing the weird tension just as soon as he had walked in through the door. “No, we’re just chatting.” Ash shrugged, Michael and Luke nodding which made Calum glance at them a bit confused, yet he shrugged it off before heading towards the end of the bus. “We have to do something. I don’t know what but we’ll have to figure something out.” Luke mumbled in a more quiet voice in a fear of Calum hearing, looking between Ashton and Michael and they both nodded their head furiously, totally agreeing on Luke.  


“Where’s Mikey?” Ash asked confused, placing his beer on the coffee table in front of him to grab the joystick Calum was reaching out for him to take. “He’s up in his room.” Luke mumbled too tired of it to even care. “Why?” Calum asked, looking up towards the stairs where both Luke and Michael’s room were. “Sindy is over.” Luke answered in a small grumble, his mouth in a straight line as he locked his phone to focus on Ash and Cal. “Since when, it’s a boys’ night!” Ash said in almost a whine, his back hitting the surface of the couch cushion behind him. “I have no idea, she practically lives here.” Luke said in an irritating tone, playing with his fingers as he spoke. It took Michael faster than expected to sell your apartment so he had nowhere else to stay at the moment and Luke had a room free that he could use. Everything had sounded like an awesome idea for Luke to get more time with Michael. But now with the crow here as well, it almost sounded better for Michael to move out again according to Luke. “He’s even been skipping recording sessions because of her.” Cal’s mouth felt down to his jaw by Luke’s information which made him stand up instantly ready to go up and confront the two of them. “Don’t.” Luke warned, grabbing Calum’s arm and pulling him down again to the couch, “You don’t wanna do that. I’ve tried for a month now, it doesn’t help Michael won’t listen. Besides, I don’t think you want to interrupt them doing sheet gymnastics.” Calum let out a noise of disgust by Luke’s words, crossing his arms and looking over at Ash who had the same face as him. “Her perfume is everywhere, she freaks out when I don’t put the toilet seat down or clean the bathroom after a shower, so help me god I haven’t even seen Michael down here for video game in weeks!” “Sounds tragic.” Ash said in disbelief, running his fingers through his hair. Both he and Calum had been talking about the weird behavior coming from Michael but they had shrugged it off thinking that it might only had been a phase. It clearly wasn’t. “I just can’t stand her anymore. Just the sight of her makes me want to punch myself in the face so I can go blind.” Luke was not holding back with his words now, just wanting all of them to come out to Ash and Cal who seemed to agree on him, nodding their heads along and Ash adding; “She’s just changing him into something he’s not.” Silence felt over the boys as they looked at each other lost. “I don’t even know what we can do about it.” Cal said after some while, looking over at the screen where the game was still on, but never even started. “I don’t even know how to tell him that I don’t want him as a roomie anymore. I don’t feel comfortable in my own freaking apartment.” Luke grumbled, his fingers now fiddling around the controller in his hands. “The fans don’t like her either.” Ash added which made Luke and Cal look over at him, “How do you know?” Luke asked which made Ash shrug his shoulders. “I can just feel it. You can’t go to Tumblr, Instagram or Twitter without seeing comments about that Sindy needs to get discarded.” Luke nodded his head along but Calum furrowed his eyebrows, “When does the fandom accept one of our girlfriends?” He asked with a chuckle in disbelief, but from Ashton’s point of view, it wasn’t a question of sarcasm. “When Michael was with Y/N.” By the mention of you both Cal and Luke looked over at Ashton with wide eyes, lost for words. “You’re right man.” Cal mumbled after some while, his eyebrows furrowing even more now in thought as he looked back up towards Michael’s room.


Calum’s fingers strummed down the strings of his bass as his eyes flicked between it and his notes in front of him, practicing off some recording session notes to catch up some time while he and the other boys were waiting for Ashton to arrive. “He doesn’t answer his phone.” John said as he came back into the room with an apologizing look, but to the boys it wasn’t a surprise. “He’s probably with Gabriella.” Michael snickered which made John look questionable. “For how long does they have to be today per each day? There’s something called work or at least a break.” Without another word being said, John left the recording room again to do some other business. “John is not tolerating Ashton’s shit anymore.” Luke chuckled as the door was now closed, taking a sip from the can in his hand. “None of us does.” Michael answered, looking up from his phone to look at Cal and Luke. “Why would we?” Cal said in a tiring voice, moving the bass away to sit better on the couch, moving his legs up to rest on the coffee table in front of him. “He has become the most lazy, unacceptable, none caring and absent bandmember to date. I can’t even recognize him over the phone anymore and that’s mainly because Gabriella is the one answering!” Cal exclaimed which made Luke and Michael nod in agreement. “He doesn’t even tweet anymore. The last tweet was from over a month ago. It’s not very professional of him.” Luke mumbled, as he had noticed the lack of attention from Ashton the past months. “I just don’t get it.” Michael sighed, shaking his head in disbelief. “Which part of it? The fact that brocade has been broken and Ashton has chosen his chick before his dicks?” Luke asked which made Michael shake his head. “Not only that. More likely why he was so desperate to find someone else after Y/N that he didn’t even see what he picked up from the street.” “Of course he was desperate, he couldn’t even get himself to leave Y/N, that was the main cause of their fuckbuddies relationship.” “THEY WERE WHAT?” Michael practically screamed which made Calum’s eyes go wide and Luke almost jumping 5 feet in the air by his sudden outburst. “You didn’t know?” Cal asked confused, looking over at Michael, “Hey, neither did I!” Luke exclaimed, drying off some of the soda that was around the corner of his mouth. “When I think about it, it wasn’t Ash who mentioned it to me, it was Y/N.” Cal said after thinking about it, scratching his chin still in thoughts. “You guys still talk?” Luke asked in disbelief, looking over at Calum and he nodded his head. “Texts here and there it isn’t much but we’re still in contact.” “Does she know about Gabriella?” Calum let out a small chuckle by Michael’s question and nodded his head, “Oh she does. It wasn’t me who mentioned it though, the media spoke for itself at that point. Her first comment when she saw it was ‘How the hell did he manage to find her, on a landfill or something?’” Luke and Michael started to laugh by your rather rude quote, the two of them giving a high-five to each other. “She still doesn’t get a fuck.” Luke said with a smile which made the other boys nod. “Have you considered inviting her for our pool party next week?” Michael asked after some while which made Calum smirk. “I haven’t thought about that. But to me it sounds like a brilliant idea.” “Couldn’t agree more.” Luke said with the exact same smirk as Calum, the boys looking at each other with wiggled eyebrows before Calum grabbed his phone to open his Facebook app.

rimalupin  asked:

Hi Astrid! 😄 Okay, so I know that all the suitors are pretty tall, but how would they react to/act around a shorter-than-average princess? (Low-key asking because there's no chance of me growing any taller than I am now. #ForeverShort. 😅)

Nico- “What a smol and cute Princess we have here! Squeeeee!” *proceeds to smother you and squeeze your cheeks like a babydoll*

Giles - “Well, you are very small and quaint aren’t you, Princess? How charming. Any smaller and I could put you in my pocket and carry you around, wouldn’t that be a delight?” *wonders if you like heels*

Sid - “Aww, look at the itty bitty Princess. So adorable I can’t even tease you.” *wants you to be the big spoon*

Alyn - “I suppose this means you’re always gonna need a mounting block for riding lessons. Well, I can give you a leg up.” *blushy face*

Robert - “I’ve always thought good things come in small packages myself.” *secretly wants to sew you a skirt and paint you like Amber*

Byron - “Hmm. A tiny princess with a big heart.” *thinking the same thing as Robert*

Louis - *his face turns bright red and he looks like he’s gonna cry… softly whispers* “So cute.”

Albert - “Your height makes me curious of your genealogy Princess.” *does the math of how tall your children would be if you two had kids*

Leo - “I bet what you lack in height you make up for in personality.” *wants you to punch him*

If there’s something that gives me more pain than Thorin’s death, is how alone is Bilbo after he goes back to the Shire.

I mean. He practically has no real friends there, at least that’s what the movies made me think. Everyone distances from him because now he’s “odd” and “no more respectable”. And after everything that he witnessed, after everyone he’s lost, how can he feel like resuming his life like nothing happened?

You can see how devoted he is to his parents, with how much care and love he puts their portraits back in their rightful places. They’re dead. He only has those little reminders of them, to keep him company, doilies and the glory box and those little portraits, and it’s heartbreaking how devoted he is to them.
The house? It used to be a home. It used to be a safe place. But is there a safe place from your own memory? He went back there because he didn’t have the chance for another home anymore. Bag End is… a memorial, more than a home, now. 

And my heart breaks because I can’t help but think of Bilbo, alone in that big house, with only a couple of portraits, a map and a ring to keep him company, until he feels better enough to start travelling again, and until Frodo arrives. Probably talking aloud to at least pretend all the people he loved and lost are still a little bit with him.

At some point, in a fit of bravery, Bilbo decides to introduce Thorin to his parents, standing alone in front of the chimney looking at their pictures with a smile on his face. Fist clutching on empty air, because he left behind even the last thing that truly connected him with Thorin. “I wish you could have met him. He was a bit of an ass, definitely rude, and the most stubborn person I ever met. You would have loved him, Ma. I wish he could’ve be here in person.” His voice wavers, and tears sting his eyes. And look at him, introducing a dead dwarf lover to his dead parents. The other hobbits are right to call him Mad Baggins, truly.

I’ve got this headcanon that Thorin somehow keeps watching over Bilbo after he dies, trying his best to support him as a ghost, even if he can’t interact at all. So he’s forced to witness helplessly all the pain, the depression, the isolation and loneliness Bilbo experience after he comes back to Bag End. He watches Bilbo as his makes this little speech, and his heart breaks over and over again.

I can only find happiness thinking that eventually Frodo came into his life.
Jeez, punch me in the face.