he makes me want to punch myself in the face

Maybe, if I post every time this happens, abled people will stop thinking that this sort of thing is rare.

A while back I was sitting by the restaurant in Ikea and using my phone while I waited for Marvin to buy some things.

I was seated at one of four high-backed chairs arranged around a low coffee table. Across the table from me was a stranger, his young son sat in the chair to the right of me, and his daughter, who was about nine-years-old, sat on the floor at the coffee table. She was colouring and her brother was playing on a DS.

Their father stared at me while pretending he wasn’t. It’s pretty obvious when someone is watching you from eight feet away, though. I didn’t get angry vibes so I wasn’t concerned and just pointedly ignored him while catching Pidgey after Pidgey.

My phone had a semi-transparent, soft plastic case on it. I usually covered it with cute stickers. At that time, it had large words written in sharpie on the back that said, “It’s rude to stare”.

I was absorbed in my game when the stranger across from me laughed suddenly, loudly, and pointed me out to his daughter.

“Her phone says, ‘It’s rude to stare’,” he said.

He chuckled and looked at my face, expecting an explanation.

I stared at him.

He stared back.

I sighed.

“Oh, yeah. People stare at me a lot,” Just like you were, I thought. I waved my phone to show off the words. “So I wrote that on there. So, yeah.”

I went back to my game. Guy chuckled again.

“Really, people stare at you? Why?” He asked.

I looked up from my phone. I stared at him.

He stared back. I raised my eyebrows. He kept waiting for an answer.

I held up the butterfly-printed cane that had been leaning against my legs by way of explanation. “Sometimes I use a walker or wheelchair, too.”

“And people stare?” He pressed.

“Yep,” I said shortly.

“Wow. Well, you know, I think it’s probably because of their own personal fear.”

I seriously bristled at that. The tone was awful, really patronizing.

“Yeah. Seeing disabled people in public is a real shock. We remind people of their own mortality,” I said humourlessly, adding in some sarcastic laughter for good measure. I tried to signal my disinterest by lowering my head and leaning over my phone screen.

“Yeah-” he said, charging full speed ahead like he didn’t even need me for this conversation. He clearly had something to say all prepared.

"And you know, it’s funny. But I used to be scared of- people- people with disabilities,” he said, with a smile and lean-in, touching his fingertips together, making me want to punch his face.

I was in a bit of social shock. I just kept thinking, are you kidding me? This Ikea food court confession is happening right now, huh?

“Not physical disabilities, but mental disabilities.”

He was so smarmy, you guys. When he said that, I think my soul left my body. And I had no idea how to either respond or extricate myself reasonably. 

I hesitated, looked from this guy to his children, who were watching the exchange with awkward interest.

“Oh. Uh. Well, I’m autistic, so…” I let my words trail off. To this day I have no idea where that sentence would have gone.

“Oh. Oh! But I mean, you can’t tell,” he turned tomato red. “You’re so well-spoken and- I guess you could say that you have really overcome.”

As he was fumbling, I was giving him an exaggerated but sincerely felt grimace and an unimpressed "ehhh”.

At his pronouncement of my overcoming, I sat up straight and said, loudly and pissed enough that his children started looking worried, “Uh, yikes. No.”

Guy’s daughter looked like she would rather he did anything but continue talking, but that’s what he did. Like any allistic abled white dude worth his salt /s, he powered through, ignoring my obvious and projected displeasure.

“But, I mean. In school, it’s funny, because it ended up that most of my friends were handicapped. I guess I kind of protected them-” His voice took on an artificially soft, sticky quality. It was at this moment that I snapped.

“Okay. I’m going to cut you off there,” I said. I put my hand up. His tomato face spoiled.

“What? Why?” He seemed torn between expressing frustration and wanting to appear kind-hearted and open-minded in front of his children.

“Well. Uh. Ugh,“ I looked at his kids, wondering how harsh or how kind I should be. I hated that he put me in this spot. In that moment I hated him so much.

"Well, you’re saying a lot of stuff that non-disabled people think is nice to hear, but it’s not. It’s just- it’s just not.” I knew it was pointless to try to explain. My words were failing fast. He didn’t really care, anyway.

“I wouldn’t even be able to explain it to you,” I shrugged.

He gaped at me. Now he was angry. This wasn’t going how he had wanted it to.

“I know you’re coming from a good place. But it’s not nice. It’s just not… yeah.” I gripped the handle of my cane in one hand and my phone, Pokémon Go forgotten, in the other. I fought the urge to literally run away. I felt the surreal pressure of my behaviour being one of these kids’ formative disability-related experiences.

“Oh. Uh. Well. Okay. Sorry,” he said, embarrassed, not sorry. “And uh, thanks for saying that,” he said, trying to get me back. I looked away.

“I just-” he started. Even his children looked unhappily surprised that he was trying for that last word.

“I just want to say that you’re great.

I didn’t look at him. I smiled at his daughter, who smiled back out of habit, more confused than anything. His son looked down at his DS, secondhand embarrassment turning him red too.

“Hmm. Well, your kids seem nice,” I offered breezily.

After that, I moved away from the circle of green chairs and sat in an uncomfortably high stool in the corner. I hid there, head down, my hands shaking very slightly, feeling paranoid. Like I failed. And that my friends, is ableism. 

Hypnotic| Jungkook

Jungkook is eager for one last fuck and you feel obligated to give him that

Originally posted by nnochu

Warning: Usage of weed, cussing, smut, Daddy Kink!, Fuck Boy!

Genre: Smut

Word count: 6.5K

A/N: Get Yourself some holy water.

Mistakes. The world is filled with them. Mistakes were the skum of the earth riddled in its core only to erupt taking as many lives as it could with it. Not killing them of course, just damaging them permanently. Males had this effect, not all males but specific types. The types that only saw women as a garbage bin to dump there goods into not thinking twice about it.

As years passed by this topic began to trend within boys later being called the infamous fuck boy. The world was crawling with them. People would often blink an eye not minding there existence while others were very much drooling over there existence. High school was drowning with them. Wanting nothing but a quick fuck. Jungkook was one of the ever so famous ones walking around school, eyeing women as recycling bins.  

Jungkook often referred to himself as the innovator the one who ruled the female species. He was the original while all the others were impostors. He had every girl wrapped around his finger. It was disgusting, but if i said this i would just be a Hippocratic. Sadly i was one of the many girls wrapped around his finger. I wasn’t caught up in his looks or the way he swooned me but i was caught up in the sex. Yes as much as i hated to admit it Jungkook pleasured me in a way that was indescribably. This still didn’t change my perspective on him and his idiotic ways. I didn’t even plan for this night to happen throwing me for a curve ball. We were at a trashy high school party filled with sweaty bodies and overly hormonal teenagers.

Of course with the obvious alcohol lurking through everyone’s systems everything became even more tempting. So naturally sleeping with Jungkook didn’t seem like the worst alternative in the world.

“Hey, princess decided the where something tight tonight all for me?“

I visibly rolled my eyes at his drunkenly common behavior. Funny how he always acted like this but the alcohol just intensified things making it further more interesting. Why had i just noticed how attractive it was till now but i wasn’t gonna cave in just yet. Jungkook placed his arms around my waist bringing me closer as he began talking to me in a drunken slur.

"Its okay baby you don’t have to admit it. Ill always know that i’m the only one that can make you dripping wet.”

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Spider-Webs (Peter Parker x Reader)


 Warnings: Mention of BDSM, make out

Word Count: 552

A/N: I’m so sorry this was a short one with a very short make out scene L I just couldn’t know what to do more with it :// this sucks.

It was a quiet Sunday morning in Queens, New York. Except for Peter Parker and poor Aunt May that had to deal with these teenagers’ relationship problems. She knocked Peter’s door to let his girlfriend and him to know that she was leaving to “run some errands” while they were trying to “solve their issues”.

“Come in!” Peter yelled although it was unnecessary. “Hey kids! Just wanted to let you know that I will be out for- a very long time. If you get hungry or-“

“Alright we’ll order some pizza, goodbye!” Peter marched towards to his door to shut it and painfully smiled at his aunt one last time before closing it.

Y/N’s arms were crossed and her gaze was revealing what was happening between them. Her eyes were fiercely staring into Peter’s.

“You know what Peter?”

“What now?!” Peter was fed up with his girlfriend’s non-stop arguing since they both stepped into his room earlier in the morning. He was not angry at her. He was angry at the boy.

“Despite what many think, I am completely capable of protecting myself.” She threw her hands in the air, looking like she was also fed up with Peter.

“I-I wasn’t even trying to protect you! I know damn well you would have punched that asshole in the face and he would even forget his own name! I- I just couldn’t stand him, staring at you like he was going to eat you up any second! I’m sorry but it wasn’t something I could bear anymore after he started flirting with you!” Peter was clearly pissed off. He couldn’t understand why Y/N was even mad at him. He was just jealous. And he was still jealous, thinking about what that jerk kept telling Y/N through the night where Peter just tried to calm down and waited for Y/N to do something.

“I-“ Y/N was shut by being stuck on the wall with Peter’s webs. Only her hands were stuck but even it was preventing her from moving into another place. It was impossible. Peter got closer and started to talk: “Look, I’m not letting you go until you listen to me.”


“I’m so sorry if it felt like I was underestimating you back at the party. I just wanted to protect you from a guy who clearly doesn’t understand what ‘no’ means. I’m sorry but he was making me furious. I know you could stop him too but I know I could not stop myself from punching that asshole in the face.”

Peter got closer and closer to her until their lips met. Y/N moaned his name because this sudden, very heated kiss was very unlike Peter. Peter grabbed her hips and moved his fingers around them while mumbling: “Instead of punching the guy we could do this too, it’s more fun.” Y/N giggled but she was also going insane because of the pleasure Peter gave by sucking her neck. “If you-if you could untie me…” she could barely talk because Peter was already down on her stomach, going deeper. “We could have more fun.” She groaned. “I didn’t know you were into BDSM this much Peter?” She grinned but still whimpering. She could feel Peter’s blushing face getting hotter each second because of what she said down on her belly.

Miraculous Ladybug Theme - FRENCH Full
Miraculous Ladybug Theme - FRENCH Full

This is a long ass rant about how much I fucking love this song and if you are into Miraculous as much as I am, you will agree with every point I make here.

So ever since I heard the dual version of the French and English one together, I’ve been hyperventilating. I am so much in love with the French version that I just don’t even. Like, nothing against the English dubbing, but there’s something SO SEXY AND SO SINFUL ABOUT THIS SONG IN FRENCH. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK MAN.

So, she starts off the song that’s all, OH I’M JUST AN ORDINARY GIRL NAMED MARINETTE - I HAVE NO OBVIOUS SIGNS OF BEING THE MOST BADASS HEROINE IN THE HISTORY OF ALL FRENCH, KOREAN, AMERICAN, WHATSOEVER LIFE. But then she’s Ladybug and she’s so beautiful and wonderful and sassy and confident and not like any other girl - she’s just so damn badass it makes me want to punch myself in the face she’s awesome. Like I want to be like her, but I have no coordination left in me to do all her acrobats.

AND THEN SHE’S ALL, OH CHAT NOIR IS NO ANGEL. As Adrien, he is totally an angel that I want to squish. AND SHE SAYS HE’S IN HER HEART??????? MY GOD. BUT AS CHAT NOIR? OH HELL NAW. Like, he is the most sinful thing ever with his innuendos and his puns and his flirting and his winking and his mrawrs and smirks. MY GOD. I just want to eat him up. But I ship him so hard with Ladybug/Marinette and they are most least problematic ship in the world in the fact that THERE IS NO ONE ELSE. NO ONE. IT’S JUST THEM IN A LOVE SQUARE AND THAT IS SO DAMN REFRESHING TO ME.

Then you get to Chat Noir’s part and I don’t know why, but the voice for him in this song is so hot and so yummy and I just wanna curl up and suffocate on my lust for this voice. Especially when he’s all “I’m Chat Noir” with that French SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAT NOERRRRRRRRRRRR. And he’s all, I’m no bad cat - I fight for the good like YOU DO, LADYBUG. AND THAT HE WILL FIGHT DESPERATELY??!!?! YAS. AND THEN HE’S ALL IM SCARED TO LOVE IN VAIN BECAUSE THE ONE HE LOVES CAN’T LOVE HIM BECAUSE SHE HAS TO BE LADYBUG AND CARRY OUT HER DESTINY. Why you gotta make me hurt in all the ways, FRENCH THEME SONG? PLUS, at the END OF CHAT’S PART, he’s all RAWRING and then belting OUT THESE AMAZING TOP 40s R&B “MIRAAACUUULOUS” notes like it’s some power ballad. LIKE WHAT THE HELL.

I’ve listened to this song like 15 times while I’ve written this out and I would also like to point out that the person who sings Marinette’s part is so fresh - like her voice could make the world better if she sang everything. ESPECIALLY ALL THE ‘ah ah ah’s. Like come on. COUPLED WITH THE GUY’S “OOOOOOOOOOOOH”s and “OOOOH, LADYBUUUUUUUUUG”s.

-chokes- I’m done.

Tango Part Three (John Laurens x Reader)

Part One - Part Two 


Request Queue

Warnings: none, this part’s a little boring but sometimes plot progression has to happen

Song- The Mighty Fall – Fall Out Boy ft. Big Sean Spotify/Youtube 

“They say I got screws missing, well hell, only when I’m missin you 

And hell yeah I’m a dick, girl, addicted to you” 

Words- 2,317

You were laying on your bed, staring up at the ceiling. Your phone was vibrating next to you, but you kept ignoring it. John had called you four times already without an answer. You would have thought he’d get the hint by now. You held your phone above your head and watched his name until it disappeared. A few seconds later you got the notification that had another new voice mail, in addition to the four other.

You relented and decided to listen.

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I Wasn’t Jealous (Jeff Atkins x Reader)

A/n: I’ve been completely ignoring my request and I’m sorry for that. If you haven’t read my last story, I explained that finals are this week and my mental health for the past month has gotten in a bad place again. I’ve been trying to help myself by watching Supernatural, and if any of my followers love SPN they’ll understand how heart breaking it is, still no matter how saddening the show is, the Winchesters have a special place in my heart. So, I am trying my hardest to get out of this funk so here’s a little request.

Requested: Yes

Word count: 1906

Anonymous asked: Hey could you do a Jeff X reader where Jeff asks the reader for help to date someone and she gets upset. When she sees Jeff with the person he likes she distances herself from him and turns to her other best friends Montgomery and Justin for help to get him jealous. At someone’s party Montgomery flirts with reader to get Jeff jealous and it works? ❤

Song: Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” and “Rose-Colored Boy” by Paramore

Warnings: Light smut ;) (I tried), angsty af

(Heh, um, Spotify just advertised for a new Classic Rock playlist, as I am typing this it is May 21st. I’ll update when I get undistracted by the beauty that is Rock n’ Roll.) (It’s May 24th and I’m finally finishing this. I am so bad lmao) (also I didn’t add Justin as much in this one sorry)

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She stared at him. Her stomach tightening in agony as she begins to registers what he just asked her. I need your help, I wanna ask this girl on a date and I don’t know how. She felt sick. The boy she fell in love with was asking her to help with getting someone else.

“So?” He asked, staring at her. His eyes always made her squirm in her seat. They were breathtaking.

“I guess.” She whispered. A bright smile spread across his face. A smiled she loved so deeply.

Today was the day. She sighed heavily as one of her favorite songs came on the radio as she pulled into the parking lot. A song by Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here”. She glanced in her back mirror, the decent sized teddy bear she had helped buy sat in the back, taunting her. She didn’t even noticed she was crying until a tear hit the palm of her hand. A knock on her window made her snap out of her trance. It was Montgomery, her best friend since 8th grade. She sighed and opened her car door, getting out before hugging him.

“Everything okay?” He asks, a small smile spread across her face as she shook her head no.

“You have that thing with Jeff today don’t you?” Monty ask with a slightly disappointed look on his face. All she could do was nod.

“That fucking bastard.” Monty spit out. She could see his fist beginning to crunch up into a fist. She gentle rest her hand on top of his, instantly calming him down.

“Sorry.” Monty whispered. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Jeff pull up right beside her. She nodded towards Monty, quietly telling him that she’ll be okay. He nods back before leaving.

“Did you bring it?” Was the first words out of Jeff’s mouth. Not even a simple hello.

“Yep.” She says a little too harshly. She gets it out her car before handing it over to him. He smiles big, but his smile this time makes her stomach drop.

His faces brighten up. She turns around to see Sophie walking towards the two. Sophie was in the same grade, somewhat pretty with a bit of paler skin like herself, she had dark chocolate brown eyes and hair color to match. She was pretty. She didn’t even stay long enough to hear her say yes. She could hear the squeal of her high pitched voice. Her mood dropped even lower.

~A Week Later~

Her heart was breaking. Every day she saw Jeff, Jeff and Sophie, their hands intertwined. Jeff didn’t even acknowledge her existence. Monty grew angrier and angrier by the day.

It was lunch time now. Monty and her sat at their usual table, Monty’s other friends quickly surrounding them. She wasn’t paying much attention to their conversation until Bryce nudge her shoulder.

“So you in Y/n?” Bryce said with a slight smirk. She had never been found of Bryce, she always thought he was creepy and to handsy with girls.

“In for exactly what?” She asked dumbly, completely confused.

“The party? My house? Friday?” Bryce said. I looked over at Monty who shrugged. She sighed.

“Jeff’s gunna be there.” Justin said teasingly. This called for her to sigh again. But a plan popped up in her head, causing her to smirk.

“I’m in. Monty can I talk to you for a sec?” She said as she got up. He nodded and followed her out to the hall.

“What’s up?” He asked. The playful smirk held on her face.

“Jeff’s gunna be there right?” She said, earning a nod from him.

“So I have an idea.” This caused Monty to pull off a smirk.

“Let’s plan on both of us be anywhere near him throughout the night, and you know, act a little flirty, a little handsy, and see if he reacts?” She asked. She wanted to “show” him that she’s moved on.

“Deal.” Monty said just before the bell rang. They both nodded towards one another before walking in separate directions. Friday night was gunna be one hell of laugh.


She sighed, she was finally done. Make up all done up, hair perfectly curled and lips painted with a deep cherry color. She wore a black skirt that went a little above her knees. A simple army green shirt met in the middle. She had an oversized blue flannel thrown on top of it all, the sleeves rolled up high, and it tied at the waist. She looked awesome.

A car honked outside. Monty was here. She grabbed her purse and rushed outside. As she opened the door, a loud whistle was heard, making her blush.

“Shut up Monty.” Was all she said before he pulled off.

They were able to get a decent parking spot near the drive way.

“Want to hold hands as we go in?” Monty asked. She nodded. They both got out and they intertwined their hands as they walked into the house. The music bumped loudly, there were teens with the red plastic cup in hand, just letting loose.

They spotted Zach and asked him were Jeff was, he pointed to the outside. They both walked out there. Jeff was playing beer pong as normal. She didn’t miss the double take Jeff did as they walked outside hand-in-hand. She saw the familiar clenched jaw, tightening his beautiful features. She smirked to herself.

Monty led her over to a patio type arrangement. Four chair type coaches sat on a slab of concert. In the other two, Justin and Jessica sat. They had waved at each other before Justin leaned in, speaking in hushed tones.

“Did he see you guys as you walked in?” He asked with a smirk. She nodded, making Justin’s smirk grow wider.

“I’m gunna go get us a beer, I’ll be back.” Monty said before giving her a playful kiss on her forehead.

“Jeff’s gunna lose it.” Jessica said, all she could do was smile. Boy made a mistake.

It was two hours in, they laughed with Justin and Jessica, Monty tried telling her some unbelievable puns. Out of the corner of her eye she could see that Jeff constantly glanced their way. It was when Monty had gotten a little too close, she heard Jeff yell in annoyance and stomped away.

“That’s my cue.” She said as she got up. She quickly followed Jeff as he made his way through the house and outside possibly towards his car.

“Jeff!” She yelled, hoping to get him to stop. He did.

“What Y/n? Here to tell me how fantastic Monty is? How great your relationship is with him?” He practically yelled. He was laying it on thick.

“Why are you acting like this?” She yelled at him, just wanting to hear the truth she already possibly knew.

“I hate it! Do you not understand how hard it was for me not to go and punch him in the face and get you all to myself? Fuck how obvious do I have to make it?” He said, his face slightly growing redder. Yup, he was jealous.

“Are you saying you were jealous?” She asked with a mischievous smile.

“I-I I wasn’t-t jealous.” He stuttered.

“Is Jeff Atkins stuttering?” She asked as she walked a little closer to him. He was flustered and she found it amusing.

“Shut up and kiss me already.” Jeff said before pulling her by her waist.  

His sweet darkish lips planted on her soft painted ones. Her heart fluttered for a second before he pulled away.

“Stay over tonight? I have some over your clothes from when you stayed over last.” She asked, he nodded. He took her hand and they walked towards his car. As they drive off, she completely forgot about Sophie.

“Hey Jeff?” She asked, earning a little hum in reply.

“What about Sophie?” She asked, her heart flattering.

“I broke it off before I got to the party.” He said as he turned to her with a smile. Her heart fluttered again. She sent a quick text to Monty, thanking him.

They pulled up to her house, nobody was home. Parents off on a date night and staying at a hotel and her little sister was staying at a friend’s. They went up to her room, both getting changed into pj’s before climbing into bed. They faced each other, staring at one another with soft eyes and small smiles.

Jeff leaned in, capturing her lips in a quick kiss. He went in again this time letting it linger and slowly kissed her again and again. His hand rested on her waist as hers scaled up his neck. Her fingers glazed over his short brown hair before slowly tightening her grip on his perfect strands. She felt him squeeze at her hip before gradually sitting up to prop himself above her. His kisses got deeper and stronger. She felt his hands climb up and into her shirt, his cold hands setting her skin on fire. She didn’t remember how they got there, tangled in one another. His lips left her puffy swollen ones and moved to her neck. He gracefully bit and sucked at the skin leaving her squirming under his touch. Finally after what seem like mere minutes he let her free. He fell back beside her, breathy and laughing. She gave him one little kiss before cuddling into her side. She felt him move pieces of her hair and heard him laugh.

“That’s gunna be a bitch to cover up, sorry angel.” He said before nuzzling her head with his own.

After a few moments she heard his breathing slow and become even, he was asleep. This made her smile. She had the boy she’s dreamt about since freshman year next to her, sleeping soundly. Her smile held as her eyes fluttered shut. Dreaming about the possible future.  

My roommate is A GIRL?!

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Don’t forget to tell me how thirsty you are in the comments/Request box ;)

WARNING : You might blush/scream/laugh/ BE EMBARRASSED AF/ DIE OF FEELS or fall for Jungkook’s adorable personality <3



Genre: College au/ Roomate au/ Romance/fluff/ Smut (sometime soon)/Angst (in this chapter) /Comedy ( tbh there’s way too many dumb moments in this series lol)
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 11 641 words
Summary: Jungkook is your campus roommate who has a huge crush on you. He’s been hiding it for so long and you’re still clueless about it.

CHAPTER 12: Conflicted Coconut head turns into a panty dropper

Jungkook came back to his senses when you closed your eyes.


Panic suddenly invades his body as he watches your eyes suddenly shut on their own. He would momentarily ask himself, what was he doing so close to you in such an intimate position only lovers usually shared? It was the perfect occasion for him to simply lean in and get rid of all these emotion pilling up on his body and heart for the past year and half, but jungkook knew better than to let his impulsion win over his love for you.

He sure felt these raging emotions and his heart throbbing crazily as if it’d burst any second, but he couldn’t help but soften while looking at your soft facial features. As much as this was his best opportunity to show you that he was a man, he preferred backing up and admire you from afar. You were his biggest fantasy, his weakness, his most loved one and he knew better than to lose all the respect and trust you had for him.

Y/N deserves way better than this, he bites on his bottom lip while brushing his thumb over your soft cheek

“Y/N-ah” his manly tone calls your voice

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Movies and Licorice

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Human!Castiel, Sister!Winchester Reader
Word count: 0.8K
Warnings: swearing, teasing/arguing, lord of the rings (??), kissing (?), fluff, un-betaed 
Summary: Movie night with your annoying brothers and boyfriend. 
A/N: So this is a short fluffy something that came out of writing something a lot more emotional. lmao I don’t even know anymore. It’s just Cas x reader and brother!sam/dean x reader shit. 
the gif isn’t exactly tfw and might not totally match the scenario but whatever

Originally posted by stayclassysupernatural

“Movie night tonight, right?” Dean asked me from behind the fridge door right as I closed it. I jumped, surprised, and punched his jaw, managing to stop myself before I hit him too hard.

He winced, rubbing the side of his face. “Oww, y/n.”

“Dammit, Dean! You know how jumpy I am!” I moved to one of the cupboards, not having found any food that I wanted in the fridge,  and grabbed a box of cornflakes, tossing a handful of dry cereal in my mouth.

He shook his head. “So, movie?”

I shrugged and half nodded, making a consenting noise as I chewed my food.

“‘Mmmf?’ Is that the best you can do?” Dean snorted before I kicked his knee. “Ow! Again!” I smiled sweetly, giving him a ‘loving-little-sister-kiss’ on the cheek, making him groan. “What movie?”

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NCT as shit I overhear in Psych. PT. 2
  • taeyong: he sneezed on me so i punched him in the face
  • kun: sorry i'm late *lecture is almost over*
  • yuta: i should leave civilization and become a hermit
  • doyoung: what if we're not really awake and this world is just a simulation..
  • chenle: I just pretend I can't hear anything cause I secretly hate everyone
  • jisung: HELP IM LIKE FIVE WHY IS THERE A DICK IN MY TEXTBOOK *looking at anatomy*
  • renjun: sorry i can't hang out today i have to study for, spanish, chinese, french-- *add more*
  • johnny: i would say the daddy kink is disgusting but i'd be a hypocrite
  • mark: i joined 4 clubs and i regret all my life's decisons
  • winwin: i have like 3 sugar daddies
  • jeno: *obnoxious laughing every 6 seconds*
  • jaemin: *on the phone whispering* yes mom, I love you too. Yes I'm still your little baby honey bear. *off the phone* sup bitches
  • taeil: *bones cracking* SIDNEY I THINK IM DYING
  • haechan: this bitch just threatened me?? does she know who I am???
Momma Bear Part 2

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Sorry for this one being short and sucky.

Part 1

“Here we go again” You joked as the three of you walked into the High School building, the principle was standing outside of his office waiting for the two of you, with Harlow your 14-year-old daughter sitting in the chair outside the office.
The principal motioned for everyone to come into the room, once again taking a seat in the chairs provided you waited to hear what happened.
Before the principal could start speaking another teacher knocked on the door to tell him that the bleeding had stopped. Unimportant shit you didn’t care about at this time.
Soon after a boy walked into the room holding an ice pack to his face and sat down near the principal.
“So what happened?” Happy asked first, knowing how fast the last conversation got heated he decided to take the lead on this one.
“Your daughter punched Tyler here, in the face and broke his nose,” The principal told him, you saw the small smile that quickly faded from Happy’s face.
You turned to your daughter, raising an eyebrow she knew you meant you wanted her to start explaining.
“He kept trying to touch me inappropriately. Mr.Rogers just said he was being a boy and wouldn’t make him stop, so I did it myself” She said knowing that once she told the two of you that she wouldn’t be in trouble with you at all.
“You called me here to discuss this kid’s broken nose while he’s sexually assaulting my daughter?”  you stood and yelled at the Principal.
“Ma’am you need to calm down. Your daughter is being suspended for 3 days due to our no violence policy” He said trying to stay calm
“And what happens to this pervert?” You ask pointing to the boy sitting next to him.
“Ma’am please do not call a student that, he did nothing wrong he will return to class tomorrow” he said standing from his desk motioning for us to exit the room.
“How did he do nothing wrong, he sexually assaulted my 14 year old daughter” You wanted to know
“There were no witnesses or proof, just that she hit him” he crossed his arms
“So he sexualy assults my daughter and she defends herself and she’s the one to get into trouble, that’s bullshit”, you told the principal in front of the whole front office staff, making everyone turn their head in your direction.
“Please watch your language, Mrs. Lowman,” he said politely
“Nah fuck my language, and fuck that there was no proof bullshit. She told her teacher and he said he was just being a boy. That’s the type of shit that gets women raped, because no one teaches them that NO fucking means NO” you screamed at him, a teacher leaving a bruise on your child is one thing but having one say that a boy is just being a boy is crossing the damn line and you were fucking pissed. This was NOT going to go without consequence for the school.
“Alright, babe. Let’s go before I have to bail you out of jail” Happy calmly said as he placed his arm around your hip leading you towards the exit.

Once outside the fresh air helped you cool down a bit but your blood was still boiling.
Rest up against the wall, the little jackass Tyler came walking out of the building.
“Harlow, do you by any chance happen to know how old he is?” You asked your daughter, Happy looked at you suspiciously.
“17 I think, he’s a senior” She replied wondering what crazy idea you had running around in your head.
“HEY jackass” You yelled as you walked towards the kid as he was walking towards the parking lot.
He turned around hearing you yelling at him, you kept walking until you were right in front of him.
“If you EVER touch my daughter again or even think about her or so much as look at her. I swear to god i’ll have you registered and behind bars where karma is a fucking bitch or I’ll just let her father deal with your ass” You told him with an extremely calm voice that was more frightening than anything else.
With his eyes going wide, he head bobbing up and down he turned around and ran towards the parking lot.
“I guess since the kids aren’t in school for the rest of the week, we could take that vacation now instead of during summer?” You looked at Happy questioningly, knowing that it would be the perfect reward for you kids for doing as both Happy and you had taught them.
“Yeah, sounds good,” he said nodding his head up and down
“Wait, what vacation?” Harlow and Connor asked in unison.
“Disneyland” You smiled knowing that after the day your family had, had everyone needed a vacation.


The Cold Prince

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Legolas X reader 

His father was intimidating and held authority. Everyone thought that the Prince was such an angel ,but I, was his personal servant, can say he was not, he was arrogant and rude, nothing different from his own father. It was like serving a spoiled 5 year old child who whined about everything. Tauriel herself, found him annoying at times ,but still she enjoyed his company since they grew up together although she thought of him as only a brother while he bared feelings for the elleth. 

“ (your name ) ! Come at once ! I Am hungry !” 

I groaned for the fifth time as i stomped to the Prince’s chambers. “What is it that you want my lord ?” I was angry that he had been constantly calling me out of no where. It was late within the night, usually everyone is asleep. 

“ I am hungry, make yourself useful.” He spat with ice. I felt the urge to want to punch his beautiful face ,but smiled kindly due to the will to live and not be beheaded by the king himself. I smiled and said,” My prince, i am sorry but there is not a new batch of Lembas bread nor is the cook up, he is asleep.” He turned around to face me. 

He trapped me between him and the wall and was close to my face,” You lowly servant, i am hungry make me something then !” 

I felt my patience getting the best of me. “ My prince, i am only to help you with duties and protect you, i myself, do not have much skill within cooking and I must leave, for my little brother is all alone-” 

“ Did i ask?! “ He yelled into my ear. I flinched as i glared at him and he smirked,”Learn your place.” 

“ You’re no different.” I mumbled in which he turned around once more and asked,” what did you say ?” I clenched my fist,” You’re spoiled, you’re nothing like how the people explain you to be, you put up this facade, but In reality, you’re worst than the king.” He glared as he grabbed my shoulder and dug his nail into it. I clenched my teeth in pain but didnt remove my glare from him. 

“ Apologize immediately!I am more important than your pathetic brother !” This was the last straw, I pushed him back until he fell on his bed,” I am no longer your servant, i quit from this job, you call me lowly, but what about you, you’re just a  cruel and cold coward!” I felt the tears wanting to burst but i held them in and walked out. 

“ Stop !” He kept running after me ,but i picked up my pace, i was all his personal guard so i did have training myself and began to run at top speed. “ You will be executed if you leave those doors !” I turned around not holding back my tears ,” Will you really end the life of the only person who cared and protected you ? So be it.” And i ran out those doors not looking back . 

To be continued…..

Maybe ill make another part who knows. Sorry for the Lag I’m stressed with all my AP classes. I just started Junior year, god help meh…

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Nooooooo, the bakugou theater angst one. Noooooo can you please continue it with a happy ending? I can't live like thisssss

I-I’m so sorry that it wasn’t of your liking! :( I wrote a continuation which could be tagged as a little hurt/comfort, instead of the bitter ending of the first piece. I hope this one is more enjoyable, but I still believe jealousy can hardly lead to a happy ending.

First part:  

Word count: 960.

Bakugō Katsuki:

It couldn’t be.

[Name]’s surroundings slowly faded as she peeked into the audience through the curtains, barely paying attention to how her friend was doing on the stage as her eyes fixed themselves on a certain ash-blond boy.

It had been a month since she last saw him. Since they broke up. The last thing she would have ever expected was to find him sitting in the exact same seat from that time. How was he even allowed into the theater after what happened? Katsuki certainly had his ways, or either security couldn’t care about what happened in a small, unimportant theater.

But either way, he was not a person she was hoping to see among the spectators.

Or was he?

She had thought a lot in those last weeks, and even though she was angry at him, she was angry at herself too. For behaving like a child and breaking up so cruelly. What he did wasn’t the most pleasant thing at all, but every time she ignored his calls, her heart would break and her mind would whisper her to answer them. But she never did.

And now he is here, watching a play in which she was miraculously performing, since that day she thought her passion would be shattered; the director wasn’t ecstatic, but did forgive and allow her to partake in more plays.

Upon his words, she felt ridiculous. What an excuse of a reason she gave him to break up with him. She was just angry, she wasn’t thinking straight, but she didn’t want their relationship to end.

Lost in thought, the first act came to an end, and she secretly hoped something like that day wouldn’t develop. [Name] hoped that Katsuki wouldn’t go to the backstage like last time, she hoped that he wouldn’t try to talk to her. She didn’t know what kind of idiotic nonsense her wounded heart would force her to say.

But of course he hadn’t come only to watch her performance. A thousand worries raced inside her mind, provoking a throbbing headache, as she saw him emerge from behind the closed curtains, ignoring the fearful stares and glares thrown in his direction, and solely focusing on her perspiring form. She grimaced.

She would need her make-up done again. But that was the last of her worries.

The blond stopped in front of her, staring into her wide eyes with his own, filled with an emotion she couldn’t quite put her finger on, but one thing was clear: he wasn’t angry, for a change.

“Hey,” he spoke finally, rubbing the back of his neck. “You did fine back there. You actually rocked.” He coughed a little, and it was more than obvious that he was a little bit uncomfortable. [Name] couldn’t remember the last time he saw him expressing discomfort.

“Thank you,” she answered quietly, but said nothing more. She didn’t know what to say, and the expectant states and thumbs down she was receiving from several partners didn’t help her razing hearbeat in the slightest. “Look, Katsuki…”

“Look, I know I fucked up real bad,” he interrupted her, clenching his fists by his side; it might have been her imagination, but she thought she saw a small spark around. “But I seriously couldn’t stand the thought of you leaving me for another guy. Just thinking about you two making out during practices made me feel fucking sick.”

She stared at him, mouth agape. He still swore like a sailor, but she could tell his words held regret and honesty, and she felt her heart being squeezed by her own guilt.

“When you broke up with me, I felt so much worse, [Name]; you can’t even imagine. I lost you because I overthought losing you. It’s so fucking ironic and stupid I want to punch myself in the face, but I thought that might make you feel better, so pay attention.”

When his clenched fist raised against his own face, her eyes nearly came out of their sockets, and she could promise she hadn’t sprinted so fast since the speed tests back in high school. She cupped his fist between her two hands and looked into his surprised rubies with pain and determination.

“I never asked you to punch yourself in the face, and it won’t make me feel better.” She sighed, feeling his hand lower and relax, but she still didn’t let go. “You behaved like a childish asshole, okay?”

She paused, squeezing his hand; her eyes started to tear up, and she looked up at the spotlights in hopes tears wouldn’t fall. She knew she wouldn’t be able to keep her emotions at bay.

“But so did I.” [Name] sobbed quietly, biting her lip before continuing. “I decided to go for the easiest route and broke up with you before even giving us a chance to talk things over. But please believe me when I say it hurt as much for me as it hurt for you.”

“…Does that mean-”

“Don’t interrupt. I’ll finish soon, the second act will start in five minutes,” she sighed in exasperation. “What I want to say is that I’m sorry and I hope you’re too because I’m willing to fix things only over an ice cream date after the play.”

It took several seconds for Katsuki to process her words, but when he did, a small smirk tugged at his lips; his eyes, though, expressed a hint of relief and, dare I say, even genuine joy. He brought her close, quite hesitantly, before chuckling the tension away.

“I have enough money for just one ice cream, so I hope you don’t mind sharing.”

And despite the disapproving murmurs around them, [Name] couldn’t help but feel more than relieved at his joking comment.

Gilded Butterfly: a JB fic

Chapter 1

Here’s what they don’t tell you about being cheated on: nothing can ever be the same.

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Word count: 2952

You get kidnapped by the Gemini coven

A dark room. The only window on the wall covered with broken persiennes, dust that hasn’t been wiped off them for years, a small ray of sun shining through a couple of missing pieces of persiennes, but you still weren’t able to see where you were. You felt dizzy and weak like never before. Tied down to a chair as you jerked your arms a few times in all directions, trying to set yourself free, but it was useless. There was no way out of there and you knew it. A sharp stinging feeling rolled through your body, making you look down, your eyes finding a three inch wound on your thigh, the blood slowly dropping down on the floor under you. You cried out in pain, shutting your eyes closed for a second, panic taking over your body.

‘Well, well, well, look who’s awake.’ A male voice echoed through the small and dark room, somehow you managed to recognize it. Joshua Parker. He knelt down in front of you, a mischevious grin on his face.

'Why am I here?’ You stuttered, your eyes filled with tears, your hands shaking, but unfortunately you couldn’t hide your fear. You were scared for your life at that moment more than anything because you knew what Joshua was capable of.

'Because you, my dear, are what my son cares about the most, so to get my revenge for what he did to our family, is this.’ He replied as you swallowed hard, trying to suppress your tears and trying to stop yourself from crying out.

'So that’s what this is really about? Kai?’ You asked, your voice shaky and looked around the room, hoping you would find something, some kind of clue to get out of there.

'Well, since prison world didn’t stop him, this is what I have to do.’ He stood up, fixing his jeans and wiped his hands on them before rubbing them together, a smile disappearing from his face. 'I apologize, but, this is going to hurt. A lot.’ He used his magic and snapped the bone in your leg, a loud cracking noise echoing through the room, making you cry out in excruciating pain.

A loud noise echoed through the big hallway. The sound of Kai slamming the doors behind him and storming into the room where everyone worked thoroughly, trying to figure out how to get you back.
Kai knew why his father took you, but what he didn’t know and what was absulutely driving him crazy was where was he hising you. He spent hours thinking of all kinds of different places where he might’ve kept you, but when Stefan went to check them out, they were empty and no sign of you. Every failed attempt in finding you made Kai weaker and getting him closer to the point of snapping out.

'Still no sign of her?’ Kai asked out of breath, throwing the jacket down on the couch and rolling up the sleeves of his grey T-shirt.

'Still nothing.’ Damon trailed off, making Kai slam his fist on the table and groan out in frustration mixed with fear and pain and sadness.

'She’s going to be fine she’s a strong woman, I know that.’ Elena said, trying to calm Kai down a little bit, but it didn’t help. He couldn’t stop pacing around the room the entire time, driving everyone crazy.

'You don’t know my father! He’s capable of anything! He locked me in that awful prison world but before all of that, he treated me like crap for 18 years and he still does! I’m not gonna give up and sit around the house, telling myself that she’s going to be fine. We have to find her!’ Kai snapped at everyone in the room, running his fingers roughly through his hair, showing that anger took over his body completely. He was crushed and a possibility of losing you was in his mind the entire day.

'Kai! Calm down!’ Damon yelled at him and walked closer, placing his hands on his shoulders and squeezing them a few times, the tension in Kai’s body obvious under Damon’s hands. 'Well figure something out. You know we care about her and that she’s like family to all of us. She’s not going to die.’ Damon trailed off.

'I just can’t take this anymore. It’s too much for me and I- I don’t want to lose her. She’s everything to me, I can’t- I-’ his voice cracked, his hands placing on his face as he finally gave in. He was crying at that point, emotions completely getting to him, unable to control them. He was sitting on the couch, with his face burried in his hands, not wanting anyone to see him like that. He felt weak and that wasn’t one of his qualities. Even though he was crying, he was the strongest of them all and ready to fight if that would be neccessary. He felt a place next to him on the couch sink down a little bit, knowing someone joined him. He looked up and saw Bonnie sitting next to him, her hand rubbing his back in small circular motions, trying to calm him down. Bonnie and him weren’t on good terms, but she was an amazing friend and she was always there for you when you needed her. She knew that Kai means a lot to you and she would do anything to save you or him for that matter.

'If only we could use something to find her, to locate her. It would be so much easier.’ Elena said abruptly, making Bonnie to turn towards her, with her eyes wide, going through her mind because she knew there was something she could do.

'Wait here!’ She shouted and ran to, what used to be your room in Salvatore’s house, and went through all yur drawers, thrashing the room, until she finally found what she was looking for. A smile flashed across her face, because she knew that was the moment where she’d finally be sure where you were. She swiftly ran downstairs, holding a small capsule – like bottle, with a small cap on top, with red liquid, filled all the way to the top.

'What is that?’ Kai asked, a dash of hope suddenly running through his body.

'It’s her blood.’ Bonnie took out the Mystic Falls map and spread it wide on the big dark brown table, pouring some of the blood on the map, a few candles burning around it.

'Where did you get that?’ Kai asked, pointing at the bottle that was now halfway full.

'She kept it safe in her room. I guess she wanted to prepare herself for the worst and wanted us to use it incase something like this happens, and now we actually can find her.’ Bonnie trailed off, standing in front of the map, spilling out the spell as everyone watched a small drop of blood suddenly turning into a curved line, traveling around, finding the place where you were kept.

'Smart girl.’ Damon said, making Kai smiled, but Kai couldn’t take his eyes off the map, waiting for that small drop of blood to stop, revealing where you were.

'There.’ Bonnie trailed off, pointing her finger at the place, lifting her head up and looking directly at Kai. 'That’s where she is. But we have to think this thr- Where do you think you’re going?’ Bonnie asked as all of them watched him putting on his jacket and starting to walk towards the front door.

'To save my girl and to end everything once and for all.’ Kai responded.

'No, you’re not! This could be dangerous! You can’t go there all by yourself! We’ll go with you, but first we need to come up with the right plan and-’

'No! I’ve waited long enough! Who knows what could happen to her if we wait for just a little bit longer. She could be dead and I- I can’t have that.’ Kai chocked out the last part of his sentence, taking a deep breath and ran his fingers roughly through his hair.

'You could end up being hurt or killed, you know that right?’ Damon said with anger in his voice, frustrated at how stubborn Kai was, but on the other side, he completely understood him. He would’ve done the same thing if it was Elena.

'I don’t care. I’ll kill anyone who gets in my way, I promise you that. I’ll do anything to get her home safely.’ That was the last thing he said before he stormed out, slamming the doors behind you. He knew he was risking his life, but he was risking it for you, to save you and no matter the consequences, he was fully going for it, even capable of killing his own father.


'Please, don’t do this.’ You cried out, the pain in your leg causing your tears to keep rolling down your cheeks. At moments, the pain was so excruciating that it made your vision go black, thinking you were going to pass out. You could’ve sworn that a couple of your ribs were broken, the capability of breathing properly and normally was not possible. Everytime you breathed in, it felt like someone punched you with all their strenght, squeezing all the air from your lungs.

'Begging won’t help. You know that you’re just a bait, right? I knew I had to kidnap you because then, Kai would come after you. I know my son very well, enough to know that he would always come for you, no matter what. Even if that meant that he would end up dead.’ Joshua trailed off, making you snap out of your thoughts, distracting you from all the pain. Your eyes went wide, his words making you squirm in your chair and try to set yourself free, but like all those previous times, it was always the same outcome.

'You’re going to kill him?’ You asked, pain in your voice.

'That’s what all this is about. I’m going to give him exactly what he deserves. After causing so much pain to my family, he will die, even if that meant I would have to take myself and our entire coven down with me.’ Joshua stated, a small smile appearing on his face. You clenched your jaw, anger mixed with pain traveling through your body, wanting to punch him in the face right there for being such an annoying, grinning, bitter asshole, that deserved all the worst there is in the world.

'He won’t come, you know. He would never risk his life for me.’ But he would.

'You’re wrong there. I know your little witch friend will find a way to find you. She’s a smart girl.’

'You won’t get what you want. Never! I won’t let that happen.’ He looked at you with anger in his eyes, completely black coloured as he placed his hands on the arms of the chair. His breathing was heavy and his brows furrowed, wanting to completely snap.

'You, can’t do anything right now. The only thing you can do at this moment is scream.’ He trailed off and stood up, using his magic to cut another line on your body, this time it was your arm. Not even a second passed as blood started spilling down your arm and onto the floor, making you cry out, your body feeling like it was going to give up. You were tired and didn’t know for how long you could take this. When he finally stopped and silence filled the room, a thump noise coming from the front porch outside. Joshua looked through the window and seperating the persiennes, a smile flashing across his face when he looked back at you.

'Right on time.’ He muttered under his breath, standing on one spot and waited. You were scared for your life, but you were more scared for Kai’s life.

'Hello father. Long time no see.’ Kai said and slowly walked into the room, quiet footsteps behind you, old wooden floor squeaking underneath his body. When Kai kept walking forward, Joshua kept the same distance, walking behind you. Kai’s eyes suddenly found yours, which were filled with tears, your cheeks stained with both blood and tears, dried up blood under your nose. Kai gave you a sympathetic look and swiftly knelt down in front of you, setting your arms free, careful not to hurt you even more than you already were. You saw a glistening tear rolling down his cheek, but he quickly wiped it away with the back of his hand.

'Kai, please help me.’ You cried out and closed your eyes for a few second, your whole body in pain.

'I’m gonna get you out of here, ok?’ Kai whispered and picked you up, but when he wanted to take a step forward, his father used his magic and lifted Kai off the floor, making your body hit the hard wooden floor as you screamed out at the sudden fall.

'Not so fast. Did you really think I would let you walk out of here with her just like that? You deserve to die and that’s what I’m going to do right now.’ Joshua stated.

'Are the rest of the gemini coven members ok with that? Ok with dying? Because if they are, then that’s one hell of a dedication.’ Kai quietly said, a strong pressure on his neck.

'They’re ok with getting rid of you.’

'Then do it! Get it over with already!’ Kai snapped at him and looked at you laying on the floor, helpless.


'No!!’ You screamed out and hit Joshua’s ankle with a bigger piece of wood you found on the floor, interrupting his spell and making him scream out in pain, but it was enough for Kai to be free from the spell.

'Nobody hurts my friends and especially not her.’ Kai trailed off and with a swift motion, he broke Joshua’s neck, his body collapsing down on the floor. His breathing was heavy and deep, ignoring the fact that his father was holding a grip on his neck with magic just a minute ago. He turned his head, his gaze dropping down onto your body laying on the floor, your eyes closed.

'Hey, hey, look at me.’ Kai stuttered, his hand snaking behind your neck, lifting your body up and holding you close to his body, his right hand moving the hair from your face, that lock of hair stainef with blood. Seeing you like this, hurt and completely helpless, his eyes traveling down your body, memorizing all your wounds, his heart clenching at the sight. He felt like there was a lump stuck in his throat, not allowing him to swallow ot breathe. You finally opened your eyes, your tired eyes looking at Kai’s face above you, a weak smile appearing on your face.

'You came.’ You whispered.

'I’ll always come for you.’ Kai whispered, his arms pulling you closer to his body, making you wince a little bit. 'I can’t tell you how sorry I am.’ Kai cried out.

'It’s ok.’ Your voice cracked as you started crying, pain in your torso making your breath hitch. 'Kai, I don’t want to die.’

'You’re not going to die, ok? We’ll save you, don’t worry. Damon will be here in a few minutes, just hold on for a bit longer. You will be fine, you’ll see.’ Kai stuttered, his palm kept caressing your cheek gently.

'Thank you. For being here for me. I don’t know what I would do without you.’ You said and jerked your body a bit, Kai’s grip loosen a bit. He was worried that he had hurt you even more, his eyes scanning your body again.

'Kai, can you take some of the pain away? It’s too much and-’ At that moment Damon stormed in, making you and Kai turn your heads in his direction, showing him a smile for a split second. He dropped down on his knees beside you, biting onto his wrist, creating two small holes, allowing the blood to come to the surface. He brought his wrist to your mouth, warm blood trickling down your throat as you felt your wounds healing completely, the strength coming back to your body. You sighed deeply and wiped your chin with the back of your hand, Kai pulling you into a tight hug as you sobbed into the crook of his neck. He pulled back a bit and cupped his face, his eyes piercing deeply into yours. His lips parted a little bit before he kissed your lips multiple times, feeling your presence again.

'I thought I was going to lose you.’ He whispered and pressed his forehead on yours, his hot breath on your face.

'I was so scared. I thought I would never see you again.’ You stuttered, your voice weak as you were still sobbing.

'Hey, hey, you’re safe now, ok? I won’t let this happen again, not a chance.’

'Guys, sorry to interrupt, but we really have to go. Who knows who else could come here.’ Damon said and looked around.

'He’s right. C'mon.’ Kai said and helped you get you, his arm wrapping around your waist, helping you walk even though you healed perfectly. You loved how thoughtful and amazing he was. He was ready to risk his life for you, just so you could be safe.
After that day, Kai never let you out of his sight, constantly protecting you and making sure you were ok. What happened that day only made you realized how much you care about Kai and how much you actually love him.