he makes me think of derek hale in his stupid too tight shirt

Pack Mother - Derek Hale - Part 4

Characters: Derek Hale, Werewolf!Stiles, Isaac Lahey, PackMom!Reader.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Derek and Isaac had moved in and you were up to your eyeballs in testosterone. Isaac was sleeping on the couch, Derek in the guest room. You miss your privacy.

You came home late one evening, you had errands to run. You went upstairs, wanting to crash in bed. You opened your door to find Derek in your bed.

“Oh, really?” You crossed your arms and looked at him.

“Isaac’s in my room. I had nowhere to go.”

“Why is Isaac in your room?” You raise an eyebrow.

“He brought some girl home, I don’t know.”

“Derek! Oh my God!” You slipped out the door and swung Derek’s door open. You walked in and leaned on the wall. Isaac looked up at you and groaned.

The girl looked at you blankly. “Can I help you?” She smarted off.

“You can actually. Get out.” You point to the door.

She nudges Isaac. “You’re going to let her talk to me like that?” He shrugs and she pouts.

“I said out. Now.” You slammed the door closed when she left and you looked at Isaac.

“What the hell?” He got off the bed and put his shirt back on.

“Don’t what the hell me, Lahey. Bringing a girl home? To my house?”

“We didn’t even do anything! We were just making out!”

“I don’t care. You still brought her here.”

Derek opened the door and stood behind you.

“This isn’t fair! Scott didn’t care about this stuff!”

You scoff, “Was Scott becoming your legal guardian? No? Then I don’t want to hear it. My house, my rules.”

Isaac huffs and pushes past you, storming down the stairs.

Derek high fives you. “That was good pack-parenting.”

You laugh. “I cannot believe you let him in here with a girl.”

“Sorry. That was bad pack-parenting. He’s done it before so I didn’t really think much of it.”

“He’s done it before? In your room? Derek…he needs his own room.” You sigh.

“I can sleep on the couch.” He shrugs.

“No, stay with me. It’ll be 100% nonsexual. You can handle that right?”

Derek smirks. “Of course I can.”

That day he moved all of his stuff in, you were now sharing a closet with a man who you’d just met. You’d kissed for maybe fifteen seconds, but you just met. “What side of the bed do you sleep on?” He turned and looked at you.

“In the middle…so pick whichever side you want.” You say, moving your clothes over in the closet.

Stiles has been in and out of the house all day. He’s decided that you and Derek are the only ones that can calm him down.

“Why is Jackson such a huge idiot?” He stormed in and sat on your bed.

“All right then..” You muttered before sitting beside him. “What’d he do now?”

“He said that I’ll never be as good of a werewolf as him, so when I got angry he laughed at me. He’s showing off for Lydia.” He grunts.

You roll your eyes. “I just talked to him about this..Stiles don’t let it get to you. If I’m being honest I think that he’s a little worried about you and Lydia. You’re stepping in on his lady, Stiles.” You nudge him and he laughs.

“I don’t mean to…I just can’t help it. She’s just..” He lays back on the bed and groans. “She’s so pretty and she’s got the greatest personality. I just don’t know how she can stand to be with him. He’s a dumb jock, that’s all he is. She’s too smart to be with him. I get her, I get her sense of humor and I get her smart little fun facts. I just really like her, y'know? I do everything I can not to screw up around her and Jackson always makes me look stupid.” He sighs.

Derek joins the two of you on the bed. “I know what you mean. Pretty girls are hard to get over.” He flicked his eyes over to you and smirked.

“Let me give you some advice. If you’re having trouble with Lydia just try being her friend. Don’t try to impress her, or show off, just be her friend. Go out on friend dates with her and Jackson, no matter how much it hurts because that’s going to show that you aren’t around just to get in her pants. It’ll show her you’re trustworthy.” Derek smiles at him.

“I never really have tried being her friend…” Stiles says quietly. He jumped off the bed quickly.

“So, quick question…”

“What?” You look up at him.

“When’s the next full moon?”

“Monday, why? Do you need us?”

Stiles nods, “Okay, thanks guys. I have to go be Lydia’s friend now.” He jogs out of the room and you look at Derek.

“Such a spaz.” He says under his breath and you smack his arm.

“Leave him alone.” You defend the younger boy.

“Fine. Sorry.” Derek throws his hands up on defense, a smile playing on his lips. “Let’s go out tonight.” He looks at you.

“I uh..where?” You stand up, pulling the hoodie you were wearing down.

“Let’s go to a club. You know, where we can drink and not have to worry about teenaged werewolves.” He laughs.

You snort, “That’d be great.”

“It’s a plan?” He asks you.

“It’s a plan.” You repeat, high fiving the much taller werewolf in front of you. You glance at the clock. “That means I should start getting ready. Can you call Isaac and talk to him? He probably won’t answer if I call. Just tell him what’s going on and that he gets his own room now.” You grab your makeup bag as Derek nods. You go to the bathroom, turning music on loudly. You go back to your room to pick a dress out before retreating back to the bathroom.

You finish getting ready and you head downstairs. You find Derek in a tight white button down shirt and dress pants. You feel your breath hitch when you see him. He smirks at you. “I talked to Isaac…are you ready?”

You nod, the both of you going out to his car. You arrive at the club, the line surprisingly short.

“You look drop dead gorgeous. I just thought I’d let you know.” He smirks down at you and you blush.

“You don’t look too bad either.”

You’re standing in line talking when you’re approached by a young girl. “Derek? You’re Derek Hale right?”

Derek turns and looks at her, nodding. “Can I help you?”

“You’re an alpha, right? You know what to do.”

“I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking me.”

“I-I’m pregnant. I think my water just broke. I need help.”

Your eyes go wide and Derek turns to look at you.

“I’m not Derek Hale but I can help you.” You say, stepping out of line. You take the young girls arm.

“I can’t go to the hospital. My mom doesn’t know I’m pregnant. I can’t go.”

Derek takes her other arm. “Let’s get her in the car.”

You help her into the backseat and sit with her. “Derek, take her back to the house.” You arrive at the house and you help her inside, setting her up in Isaac’s room. You take all the sheets off the bed and put a towel down over the mattress protector. You cover her up and sit beside her. Derek stands in the doorway, watching.

“How old are you, sweetie?” You press a cool rag to her head.

She groans, you can see her contracting. You take her hand and let her squeeze. She’s not talking through the contraction so you figure she must be close.

You stand at the edge of the bed. “Is it okay if I look?” She nods.

“I’m fourteen, by the way. I’m pretty sure the baby’s a werewolf too.”

You nod and look under her dress. “Derek, she’s crowning already.” Can you come in here and take her hand.

He nods and comes in, making conversation with the girl.

“Honey, what’s your name?”

“My name’s Brittany.”

“Okay, Brittany..I’m going to need you to push. Can you do that? I’m going to count down from ten and I need you to push while I count.”

She nods and squeezes Derek’s hand.

“1..2..3..push.” She begins pushing and you count down. This goes on for about twenty minutes. “Derek can you get me the blanket on the couch?” He nods and jogs downstairs.

“One more push, Brittany.” She pushes and you hold the baby as it comes out. “It’s a boy.” You smile.

Derek returns and you wrap the baby up. “I need scissors.” He grabs them from the bedside table and you cut the cord, careful not to cut too close.

You hand the boy to Brittany. She cries as she takes him. “Thank you so much. Thank you.”

“Can I get you anything?” You smile at her and she shakes her head.

“I’m okay. Thank you.”

“We’ll leave you be. We’re going to be downstairs if you need us.” She nods and you and Derek leave the rooms.

“So much for going out.” You look at him and he smirks.

“I still got to see you in this hot dress. I found it painstakingly sexy watching you deliver a baby in heels. You’re so badass.” He gives you a once over.

You push him playfully. “Shut up. I’m just doing what I have to.”

Isaac walks in the door and starts to go upstairs. “Ah..wait.” You holler.

“What?” He turns and looks at you.

“You don’t want to go in there. I’m not giving details just don’t go in there. You can sleep down here tonight.”

He groans and flops down on the couch. “Okay..”

You go to the kitchen and sit a bottle of wine on the counter, Derek smirking. “Yeah?” He asks.

“Oh yeah.” You nod and pour you both a glass. You hop up on the counter. “I just delivered a baby. I don’t how these things just casually happen to me.”

Derek laughs. “You get used to it. I was hoping we’d hang out more tonight but…”

“We’re hanging out now aren’t we?” You and give him a sly look.

You spend the rest of the night talking and laughing. You got to know each other better. You’d checked in on Brittany before going to bed but she was asleep.

You’re awoken at 6 a.m by screeching. You groan and get up. Is there a baby in the house? There’s a baby in the house. You walk across the hall to Isaac’s room to check on Brittany and the baby. When you open the door you only see the baby. You pick him up and cradle him. You yawn as he begins to calm down. You carry him to the bathroom to see if Brittany’s there. Nope. You go down to the kitchen to find a note. You read it and you panic. “Derek! Derek, come here!” You heard him get out of bed and come downstairs quickly. You must’ve woken Isaac too because he came shuffling into the kitchen.

Derek comes in looking like an adorable mess. He has no shirt on, just pajama pants and his hair’s sticking up everywhere. “What’s going on?”

You hand him the note. “Brittany left. She left the baby here. She said she doesn’t care what we do with him.” Derek’s eyes meet yours and you can smell the anxiety on him, the baby beginning to scream.

“I for one hate the kid already.”

“Isaac, shut up.” You and Derek say in unison. No one speaks for awhile. You and Derek just stare at each other, having a silent conversation.

kirst’s college/uni sterek au rec

Some would say this is an apology list…they would be correct.

For @kitstiles , sorry you had to wait so long bb

A Certain Romance by Vendelin

Stiles is in college and has heard a lot of things about Derek Hale, without actually meeting him. Well, that’s until he does of course, and Derek seems to be everything Stiles assumed he was, and yet not at all.

Written for the prompt: “Male puppies let female puppies “win” during play fights so they can get to know them.”

A Goldfish in a Bowl by orphan_account

Stiles really, really hates his roommate. He’s too clean, too quiet, too ruggedly handsome, and it’s just not fair. People like Stiles Stilinski aren’t supposed to hit the kinda-sorta jackpot and end up roommates with people like Derek Hale. Plus, Derek keeps walking in whenever Stiles is trying to have “Happy Manly Alone Time.”

Accidental by dragon_temeraire

Nothing makes a party more interesting than accidentally seeing your best friend’s erect penis.

And Also, I Love You by alisvolatpropiis

Derek didn’t look at all like Stiles expected. After all, he deliberately chose a school where being a nerd was cool, so he certainly wasn’t expecting his hotter-than-a-thousand-stars roomie to be an actual cool person. Derek has muscles, like everywhere, which he has a tendency to display in skin-tight, sleeveless t-shirts for bands Stiles has never heard of; his jeans are always tight and ripped too, and he has an impressive five-o’clock shadow, the tips of his jet-black hair dyed purple. And his eyes. Stiles is pretty sure he’s only seen eyes like that in comics, or on a movie screen, or in his freakin dreams. They’re somehow simultaneously all of the colors and none of them, transcending something so pedestrian and insignificant as words to encapsulate their beauty. Stiles would come to learn that he’s also wickedly smart, and he plays the guitar and speaks multiple languages, and his sunshine smile is even more alarming that his resting murder face.

Beauty and the Ex by aggybird

Stiles doesn’t want to screw up his chances with Josh, so he does something he may regret: he goes to Derek Hale, Josh’s intimidating ex-boyfriend, for dating advice.

Things don’t go according to plan. But with a little magic (and werewolves) they might go all right.

Biological Imperative by betp

“I want to have children with you someday,” Derek interjects firmly. A giddy laugh bubbles out of Stiles, and then he covers his mouth with both hands; Derek casually straddles his waist. “Not that I know why I seem to think that would be a good idea.”

In which Stiles’ biological clock is ticking a little faster than Derek’s.

Boyfriend Levels of Attention by Emela

“So,” Stiles says. “How do you want to do this?”

“How do I want you to take my virginity?” Derek’s eyes widen. “Gee, I don’t know, Stiles. That’s why I asked you.”

CAPTIVE by writeonclara

It’s porn. Well, it’s sort of porn. Gay sort of porn. Definitely Not Safe For Work. Isaac pushes Stiles out of the way to frantically exit out of the browser before their manager catches them looking at porn.


Stiles thinks he has college all figured out (despite his sourwolf of a roommate), until he gets scouted to be a model for the popular werewolf skinmag, CAPTIVE.

Darts of Pleasure by wearing_tearing

Stiles is naked.

He’s naked in a room that’s not his and in a bed that’s not his and there’s a hand lying flat against his lower stomach that’s most definitely one hundred percent absolutely not his.

Death by Sexile (Isn’t That Bad) by katehicky (chaoticdeadshot)

It’s not like Stiles’s never been sexiled before- he just doesn’t always appreciate it. Like right now.

“Scott, you dick! Bros before hos- you’re breaking the code!”

Fall In Love In An Empty Bar by iamthelightening

There’s a new bartender at Stiles’s favourite bar, and Stiles is Not Happy.

For Science! by grimm & Tsuminoaru

From his textbooks, Stiles had gotten the impression that vampires had a weird, stretched out look to them — slightly too-long limbs and pale skin. This guy, though, he looked human, broad-shouldered and clearly muscular even under a loose sweatshirt. He wasn’t pale at all, his skin lightly tanned, hair dark, eyes pale. They narrowed at Stiles and Stiles froze as the man looked him up and down, clearly judging him. He must have passed the test, though, because the man kind of shrugged and said, “Take off your clothes.”

Game On by stilinskisparkles

Derek first sees him from across the quad four days into fall semester. He’s sitting on one of the long benches, a marker pen in his mouth, grinning at something the kid lounging on the bench beside him is saying. When he laughs properly he pulls the pen out and throws his head back, his neck a long, lean line Derek is entranced by. He flicks the page in his book and highlights something, tossing the cap up in the air and catching it with his teeth.

Handsome Hobo by relenafanel & Swing Set in December (swing_set13)

Derek should probably stop rummaging through garbage if he doesn’t want people to assume he’s homeless.

How to Mostly Fail at Wooing Your Grumpy Next Door Werewolf: a comprehensive guide by Stiles Stilinski by crossroadswrite

(307): My new roommate is one of my Tinder matches… It is so on.
(631): U know this is gone far when im in the bathroom trying to take a pic of my asshole

Stiles peers down at the next profile sees a picture of a man glaring at the camera, ears red and big frames slipping off the bridge of his nose.

Derek ‘bunbuns’ Hale. 25. College student. Likes to take long walks on the beach, shirtless and on a horse and to be a buzzkill that should just get laid.

Howl for Me by BrightsideIsMyMiddleName

“I think the dog tried to cockblock me,” Stiles mentions frowning at his pizza during lunch.

Cora fucking chokes on air; the rest just sent their usual judging looks at Derek. “What?”

“Uh, there was nothing to cockblock, because it was just a friends of mine, but the dog would growl whenever Parrish was even remotely close of me.”

His stupid sister breaks down laughing - along with his stupid friends - and Stiles and Scott are left confused. Derek keeps scowling at the floor.

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I am the Alpha (Redemption Series: part 3)

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Word Count: 1446

Warnings: Angst, Smut!

If you want be tagged in my stories, just ask me!
Feedback is always appreciated.

Redemption (Redemption Series: Part 1)
You miss me? (Redemption Series: part 2)

The Kanima is dead. Well, not really. The correct word is ‘reborn’. Eventually the Scott’s pack found that the Kanima was Jackson, a friend of theirs, and in the end when they defeated, he’s reborn as a werewolf.
And when we thought that things were returning to normal, a new pack has come to town to give problems: a pack of Alpha.
Me? I try to be a normal person: I go to school, I come home.. and so on.
Derek? Things are.. better. He took me out to dinner, we talked a lot. But nobody said those three most famous words from that day in class.
I love you.
I know I love Derek, and I know he knows it. But when I think of the time when I have to, and I want to tell him.. my brain turns off.
It’s evening; my mother had the night off. She asked my brother and me to stay at home for a family dinner; she says has a surprise for me and Scott. It was a long time since me, my mother and my brother doesn’t spend a quiet evening together.
While we’re all in the kitchen, preparing dinner, we hear a knock at the door. Mom looks before Scott, and then me; I’m the one closest to the door and so I make my way to open it. I widened my eyes, when I see the person in front of me. He smiles and greets me. My mother is behind me, and invites him in, while I remain silent.
Six years. Six years have passed, my father has left home, and left my mother. And left me and Scott.
I turn to look at him, my face seethes with rage. He tries to get close to me, but I walk away.
“What are you doing here?”
“I wanted to see my kids.”
I bite my bottom lip, and I try to hold back the tears; I’ll not cry in front of him. He doesn’t deserve my tears. I step back towards the front door; my mother says my name, and tries to reason with me. But I don’t want to hear her. I don’t want to listen to anyone. I open the door, and I go out; I enter into the car, and I depart immediately. While I hope that my father didn’t follow me, I headed to the only place that comes to mind. And definitely where I feel safe.

Slowly, I open the huge iron door of the loft, trying to make as little noise as possible. Revise my father.. it was a shock. Losing Derek was one thing, but losing my father, when I was just a little girl..
How can a father to leave their sons, his own wife, all of a sudden? And how does he have the courage to come back after all these years?
Right now I just want to forget him; forget his stupid face. Right now I need to be in the arms of the person I love. In the Derek’s arms. The only light in the room there is the reflection of the moon; missing only a few days before it becomes full. I head towards the centre of the loft, when I see someone coming towards me.
“Y/n. What are you doing here?”
Derek is a few meters away from me, but I make my way to him, and I sling on his lips. He is surprised at the beginning, then returned the kiss. We move away after a while, to catch his breath.
“Y/n, what happened?”
“Shh.. I don’t want to talk. I.. I just want you.”
Derek looks at me, confused. I place my hand on his neck, and I draw back to me. Derek draws me closer to him, our tongues collide, and his hands began to travel all over my body, until you get to my ass. With an upward push, I find myself in the arms of Derek, my legs around his waist. We approach the bed, and Derek lay down, with me on top of him.
Derek and I continue to kiss, to lick, to bite us. I leave marks on his neck, on his clavicle; I take off my shirt, and I remain alone with the bra. Derek does the same, and then he takes off his pants. I’m still on top of him, my pussy rubbing on his boxer. Derek groans, while his arms are around my waist. I hold his wrists, and I block his arms on the bed, making him laugh.
“Do you like being in charge, baby?” Derek says, trying to get closer to my lips. I continue to cause him pleasure, rubbing on his cock; his moans excite me even more.
“You like to be in control, Der?”
He arches his back, slamming his cock at my panties; our groans mingle in silence. I rub faster, back and forth.
“Aah, shit.. I am.. the Alpha.”
I reach down on him, I kiss him, I bite his bottom lip.
“You’re the Alpha. But for me.. You’re just Derek.”
“Y / N, shit.. I’m com-”
“Me too.”
I feel the orgasm closer and closer; I close my eyes, to enjoy at best the explosion of pleasure, but suddenly I feel my body move abruptly. The position has changed: now Derek is on me.
Derek stopped me on the bed, a grin on his face.
“I told you. I am the Alpha.”
I try in every way to bring him closer to me; I have so much need him right now. He seems to read my mind, he approaches me, and kissed me; he leaves wet kisses on the lips, on the cheeks. He goes down more; He comes to bra and pulls me away. His hand is on my breasts, and squeezes it, while Derek continues to travel on my body, his lips that touch my bare skin. He arrives at my panties, and squeezing it between his teeth, he pulls those too.
God, how is exciting.
The Derek’s hands are on my legs, and clutching the ankles, pulling me toward him. With one movement, his cock is inside me, making me scream.
He begins to move, more and more.
“Yeah baby. You’re so tight.”
I wrap my legs around Derek’s waist, pushing his cock deeper, touching my g-spot. He groans, but when I have the opportunity, I change again our position.
I’m back on him, and I keep moving, his cock in and out of my pussy. I cling to the headboard of the bed, and Derek’s hands are on my ass.
“Yes, baby girl.. I’m coming.”
Derek and I come together, he said my name, I tell his. My body laying on his exhausted; we’re both sweaty, tired and breathless.
I move from Derek, and I lay me down at his side, while I try to breathe evenly.
“Y/n, it was great.. and unpredictable. But great.”
I smile; the other times he had been coming to me. This time I have taken the first step, and I don’t regret. By now, I have realized to have forgiven him, already a bit. And I realized that I love him. Really, I love him.
“Now you tell me what happened?”
I’m going to be serious; I was coming from Derek to forget the arrival of my father to my house, and he managed to make me forget, for a while. I approach him, and Derek wraps his arm around my shoulder.
“My father.. he’s back in town.”
Derek sighs, and approaching me closer to him.
“You can stay here if you want.. but, I think you should talk to him.”
I get up, and I sit, watching Derek confused.
“You’re serious? He abandoned my family. My mother, my brother, me.”
“Even I have abandoned you once..,” he says, lowering his eyes, remembering the pain he caused me, “..but you’ve decided to forgive me.”
I wrap my legs to the chest, and hide my face. Rethinking the eyes of my father, when he saw me and Scott.. I feel the tears forming in my eyes.
“This is different.”
My voice trembles, and Derek realize it. He gets up from the bed and pulls me to him. He cuddles me in his arms, while I clean my face with tears.
“Whatever decision you take, I’m here. I’m not leaving you.”
I turn to look at him, and kiss him. His lips taste like me, and I love it.
“Thank You.”
Derek smiles, and he lays down on the bed again, my naked body next to his.
“And, Derek?”
“I love you too.”

Forever Tag:

scruffysterek  asked:

For the prompts - Sterek (obviously lol) and H (just because I'm so curious what they'd be wearing and/or why.. )

H. “Everyone knows the 90s were the epitome of high fashion.” 

“Most of your clothes look like you’re in a 90s grunge band, why I can’t just wear something you already own?” Derek asked, glaring at the outfit that Stiles held up for him to wear.

“Don’t be so dramatic Der,” Stiles said with a wide smile, his eyes bright, “Everyone knows the 90s were the epitome of high fashion.” 

“When you said you wanted me to dress up as Slater from Saved By the Bell for Scott’s stupid 90s themed birthday party I figured you’d make me wear an ugly shirt and those stupid acid washed pants,” Derek said, “Not that you’d want me to wear his wrestling uniform.” 

“It’s a timeless look,” Stiles mused, tossing Derek his outfit and pulling on his faded jeans that he had bought at Goodwill earlier that week, “Now get dressed, it’s no fun being Zack Morris without AC Slater.”

“I’m sure it could be,” Derek muttered, watching as Stiles tugged his bright tee shirt over his head and then his patterned windbreaker.  He had even been growing his hair out so he could dye the ends blonde and style it like Zack. Derek knew that Stiles look this seriously for some stupid reason he couldn’t comprehend. 

“Come on Derek, you’re going to look amazing in it,” Stiles said, stepping closer and running his fingers through Derek’s exposed chest hair, “Really sexy.”

Derek rolled his eyes, but he picked up the maroon wrestling uniform and pulled it on over his jockstrap, “You owe me big time for this.”

“I will pay you back in sexual favors,” Stiles said, running his eyes up from Derek’s muscular legs to his bulge, “All the sexual favors you could ever want.”

The Bayside High School logo was pulled tight over Derek’s broad chest, his nipples exposed on either side, “I look incredibly stupid.”

“Well that’s because you haven’t put on your super awesome white high top sneakers yet,” Stiles said with a wide smile, “We’re going to look great.”

“You look perfect,” Derek muttered, grabbing Stiles by the windbreaker and pulling him flush against him, “You should know that the only reason I’m doing this is because I love you.”

“I know,” Stiles said, kissing Derek on his cheek shaven cheek, “I love you too.”

“Let’s get this over with,” Derek said, kissing Stiles once on the lips before they headed out of apartment and over to Scott and Kira’s apartment. 

When they got their Derek discovered that there was a prize for best costume and best couples costume. He and Stiles won. He still didn’t think it was worth the wedgie he had most of the night, but the look on Stiles face made the whole affair worth it. 

Drabble Prompts

When you Try Sometimes

(Happy Valentine’s Day!)


He has this in the bag, man. In the bag, zipped up, squared away, a hole in one, sealed and, laminated and—it was a lie, all of it.

Because the chocolates Stiles made two days ago? Yeah, those were eaten. By his dad. And the first heart-shaped card he bought? He gave to the nice old lady who just lost her cat of 20 years, because that’s true love, and anyone who says differently is a monster.

The second card got thrown away, because of reasons. The third card was a ‘hand-made’ card, with lots of cut paper and glitter and it ended up stuck to his ceiling. Along with a few other glue-infused things. They’re still up there now, while Stiles pulls his most recent failure out of the oven.

“Nice, perfect. I’m sure Derek’s favorite flavor is Chocolate-Triggering-Charcoal-Cookies. Tastes that remind you of family.”

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“One love, Two mouths”

A/N: Sweater Weather + Teenwolf = My unexpected crush on Derek Hale. Shut up.

Originally posted by semejohn

“Shit. Shit. Shit.” You scraped at the stone walls uselessly sliding down to the dingy wet moss speckled floor. Taking a bit of the greenery, you looked at the bite on your arm. It needed to be cleaned or something. Living in a town of werewolves, you should probably know by now, but it just hurt so bad. Ripping away a piece of your shirt turning it into a crop top your shivered in the cool chamber. It was mostly below ground with only a small barred window letting in a tiny bit of moonlight. You extremely regretted not wearing a sweater. It was mid autumn after all. Wincing in anticipation, you pushed the moss into the wound and wrapped the clothe around. Tears streaked down your face. It wasn’t just that they caught you or that you were probably going to die hear in plain black leggings and a newly cropped top like some basic bitch. You had always admired Malia and Scott and Derek. They were so strong. You would die of the bite they all survived proving you just couldn’t hack it. You wouldn’t be a werewolf. You certainly weren’t a gorgeous, brilliant banshee like Lydia and you could never imagine being the detective and all around goofball Stiles was. This was it. You were the basic ass human girl who dropped out of college to find herself only to end up back home in her small town lost among a bunch of teenagers who who constantly saved her ass. Some days you really regretted talking Deaton into giving you that job at the vet clinic. “I’m gonna die here.” You sighed, curling up to keep the little warmth you had.

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Don’t Forget Me - Stiles Stilinski

You and Stiles were a different kind of best friends.  Bestest friends, in fact.  Normal friends hang out on the weekends, get a look from a teacher when talking in class, and every once in a while, go to see a movie.  But no, that wasn’t you and Stiles.  Entire weekends were spent together, holed up in one of your rooms, and having a movie marathon.  Usually Marvel or Star Wars.  The night would be spent eating slice after slice of pizza, and draining bottles of soda.  Teachers did give you you looks, but would often drop a few profane words every time they caught you whispering and laughing in the back of the class.  Any movie that was out, no matter what it was, you and Stiles would go to.  Whether it was horror, animated, action, or even the most depressing of documentaries, you and Stiles made it your mission to go to it.  Buying a large bag of popcorn, drowning the kernels in butter to go with the film.

You met Stiles in the junior year.  Your family had moved to town a few days after the school year started, so you hadn’t gotten the time to walk through the school and learn your way around.  You were trying to quickly walk through the busy hall, looking rapidly between your papers, and the room numbers you were passing.  But of course, your inability to multitask to kicked in, and you crashed into someone.  A string of apologies instantly left your mouth, as you bent over to pick up all the things you’d just dropped.  But the person knelt down in front of you to help, and you looked up, meeting golden brown eyes.  He introduced himself as Stiles, and told you that he’d seen you in a few of his classes.  You’d blushed profusely, apologizing some more, and he laughed at you.  Then invited you to have lunch with some of his friends.

Stiles found out you were a kitsune by accident.  It had only been a month since you’d met, but in that few weeks, you’d grown attached by the hip.  It was a cold night when you had decided to have a movie night.  In the midst of you throwing blankets on the sofa to get ready, Stiles called saying that he was going to swing by some pizza place and bring dinner for the both of you.  You’d happily agreed and told him he could get any kind he wanted.  A few movies stacked and blankets folded later, there was a quick knock on the door.  You jumped up and ran to the doorway, opening it to reveal Stiles with three pizza boxes stacked in his arms, as well as two 2 liter bottles sitting on top of them.  You remember laughing as he stepped in, making some crack about how much he can eat.  But in all the movement, one of the bottles rolled off, falling to the floor.  And before thinking, you extended your hand, your telekinesis catching the soda mid air.  Stiles’ wide eyes bored into where his drink was surrounded by a blue aura.  That night, you’d done a lot of talking, and admitted a lot to each other.  You told him about how you were an atmospheric kitsune, and he’d told you about how some of your friends were supernaturals.  That was the first time you had a sleepover together.  The both of you talking through all your movies and pizza, and you’d crashed with your head on his shoulder.

From that moment on, no more secrets were kept between the two of you, and you went through everything together.  You were there for him when an evil deity possessed his body, and would often get calls at one am to calm him down from his nightmares.  He returned the favor when you lost Allison.  Sleepovers were a lot more often towards the end of your junior year.  The summer was peaceful.  But it all started up again in senior year.  Dread Doctors hunting you and the pack down, inserting memories and visions in your head, trying to take your powers.  You were trapped in their lab for days before Scott and Stiles found you and rescued you.  You didn’t leave his sight for a week and a half after that.

You were with him when the ghost riders took him.  He’d found you in the school, desperately sputtering nonsense and begging you to tell him you knew who he was.  He’d then tried to get you to get far away from him, as not to get you in harms way, but you’d shook your head and stood your ground on staying with him.  He’d taken you to the jeep, and you were holding his arms in your hands so tightly that your knuckles were white.  You cried and sobbed and pleaded with him to stay, and he just softly combed his fingers through your hair, down your cheeks.  He straightened out your clothes, fingers brushing the locket he’d given you for your last birthday.  A soft smile graced his lips as your watery eyes met his.  Just don’t forget me, I know you’ll remember.

You went through four months of utter torment and agony.  Four months.  You couldn’t bare to go through a day, or an hour, without him in your life.  You couldn’t talk to the pack, not without bursting into hysterics.  You couldn’t drive to school, you and Stiles always drove together.  You walked, everyday.  And everyday, you came late.  You steered clear of the library, it being yours and Stiles’ place of work.  You skipped any classes that you’d had with him.  You couldn’t sit in there in silence.  You’d gone to the cafeteria for lunch, but only twice.  The first time, you lost your mind five minutes in, the empty seat next to you driving you crazy.  The second time, Scott had asked you to come, saying how it hurt him just as much, but without you too made it more difficult.  You lasted ten minutes that time.  Six of them having been you waiting in line for food, and two of them when you were sat at the table.

Your heart had never pounded so hard in your chest when you saw him, his back turned, not far, just down the hall, thirty feet away.  Your knees almost gave out at the sight, but you screamed his name and sprinted towards him.  He’d whipped around, and he almost burst out laughing and crying at the same time, before catching you in his arms as you jumped into him.  You cried and mumbled things, arms wrapping tight around his neck, his arms linked around your waist as he spun you around and around.  Eventually, your grasp only grew tighter on one another, and you were lowered to the ground, too weak to stand, and him too much to hold you up in the air.  You knelt on the floor, and his hands ran all over your back.  Circles moving all over your back and your neck, tangling in your hair, it was like he was mapping out anything he could.  Too worried if he didn’t now, he’d never remember what you felt like.  “I missed you, I missed you so much” He pressed a kiss to your forehead, and another one to your cheek.


You were sitting on Stiles’ bed, the both of you with your backs on the headboard.  There was a movie playing, an Iron Man one you think, you couldn’t really remember.  It had been a month since you’d gotten him back.  And it was difficult to find either one of you alone these days.  He even followed you into the girls’ bathroom once, earning a slap across the cheek from Lydia.  You looked up at him now, and moved over slightly, leaning your head onto his chest.

“You okay there princess?” He murmured, an arm wrapping around your back pulling you further into him.  You nodded softly, closing your eyes.

“Mhm” It was quiet for a few seconds, and you laid your hand on his shirt.  Stiles looked down at you, eyes following your movements.  “Will you tell me stories?” You asked him.

“Yeah okay” Stiles said, smiling now.  You smiled too, rolling onto your stomach, folding your arms on his chest, and putting your chin on top.

You grinned and giggled as he told you things from the past.  Little things, from before he met you.  You often did this, you liked to hear about what his life was like before supernatural disasters.  Although you had heard of a few in sophomore year, but nothing as serious as you’d recently faced.  He told you about how he had a buzz cut, and once almost had to cut off Derek’s arm.

“Derek Hale?” You asked in shock, brows raising.

“Yep” Stiles popped his lips.  “Stupid Scott was too busy at Allison’s to get that bullet over” He chuckled, the sound reverberating through his chest and onto your skin, making you feel warm.  “Hales gotta knack for hating me” He added, making you giggle as well.  “I mean, Derek took to Allison more than me, at least my family never burned down their house!” You laughed again, this time setting your forehead on his stomach as you shook slightly with giggles.  Stiles looked at you, watching you smile and giggle, your twinkling eyes looking up and finding his on you.

“What?” You asked, laughter dying down as you caught his stare.

“Nothing I just..” He trailed off, eyes searching in yours.  “I don’t want to forget what you look like” You smiled softly back at him.

“Don’t worry Stiles, neither of us are going anywhere, alright?” His brow furrowed a little.

“College?” You wiggled up closer, your elbow propped between his arm and side, holding up your chin, mere inches from his face.

“Not an issue right now, is it?” You asked quietly.  Stiles pursed his lips and shook his head.  “Is this about the ghost riders?” You whispered, much more quieter now.

“Yeah…yeah” He replied one of his hands coming up to twirl in your hair , tucking a strand behind your ear.  “Just kinda puts some things into perspective” He said, eyes meeting yours again.  You nod, biting the inside of your cheek. 

“Yeah it does doesn’t it” You agreed.

You hadn’t talked about it, not in the month that he’s been back.  You figured he just wanted things to be as normal as possible, and it mostly has.  But it seemed that the past and the emotions had caught up with him.

“y/n..” He sighed your name, and you felt a long talk coming.  “I missed you, a lot, a really lot” A sad smile pulled on your lips.

“I missed you too” You said, setting your hand against his jaw.  “Scott made me go to school” You added under your breath.  “It sucked… counselor tried to put me on antidepressants” His brows raised in shock, and you slowly laid down on your side, almost curling up but he laid down  too.  His eyes never left you when his hand reached out to intertwine your fingers together.  A few tears pricked in your eyes.  “Damn it Stilinski you’re making me feel” You mumbled, wiping your eyes with the sleeve of your hand.

“Sorry that you have feelings” Stiles said, rolling his eyes.  But you sniffled now and he could see it was difficult for you to keep your eyes dry.  “Hey… hey I’m sorry, I’m sorry this is why I didn’t want to bring it up” He said quietly, hand rubbing your arm.  “I’m sorry, come here” He murmured, wrapping both arms around you, pulling you closer.  Your hands laid on his chest, as well as your forehead.  His chin set on the top of your head as he whispered quietly as you cried.

All the pain you’d previously felt rose again, but this time, it wasn’t pure torture.  It was closure.

“It’s okay… it’s okay I’m here now” He said, bringing his lips to your forehead, and kissing you between whispers of reassurance.  “I’m not going to leave again, I know that, you know that, we’re safe, I promise, I promise I’m not going to leave you again” You sniffled, hands now grasping the material of his shirt in fists.

“I love you” You said weakly, unable to look at him.  In fact, your eyes were shut tightly, and your face was buried against him.  Stiles smiled, leaving a longer kiss on your head, before cupping your cheeks and pulling you back from him slightly.  His thumbs brushed away the remnants of tears on your cheeks, and he smiled a little smile at you.

“I love you too, princess” He said, and pulled your lips up to his in a long awaited kiss.  Again your eyes squeezed shut, as though you were going to wake up in bed, and realize he was still gone.  Again.  “It’s real” Stiles mumbled against your lips, before kissing you again.  “I promise” A cross between a laugh and a cry left your lips, and you brought your hands up to pull him closer by the back of his neck.  When you broke apart for air, you smiled before opening your eyes.  Flicking from Stiles’ lips, up to his own eyes.  His own smile on his face, he pushed your hair back again.  “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner” You nodded.

“Me too”

“Back to no secrets?” He held out his pinky, and you linked yours with his.

“Back to no secrets” You agreed.

You fell asleep with Stiles that night, wrapped up in his arms, feeling warm, safe, and at home.  You felt like there was no weight on your shoulders, and life was looking forward.  There was only a few weeks left of your senior year, but they’d be a breeze.  Your mind wandered off to what Stiles had said earlier, about college.  You knew he’d gotten into Berkeley, and your heart thumped excitedly as you drifted off to sleep.

Because you did too.

xoxo ~Jordie

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'd love see a list of Sterek fics where one is a CEO and the other is their assistant or just works in the office. Please and thank you 😊

Yes! And we have an office au tag. - Anastasia

Originally posted by madness-in-suit

Our Break Up Makes The World Go Round by monsocks

(1/1 I 915 I General I Sterek I CEO!Derek)

Stiles has debts to pay. So he agrees to work as a personal assistant to the CEO, Derek Hale, during the summer. Neither of them was prepared for what was going to happen.

Christmas Memos by howl-to-the-wind (greenleaf)

(1/1 I 1,921 I Mature I Sterek I CEO!Derek)

From: Derek Hale <dhale@hc.com>
To: S. Stilinski <batman_boxers@hc.com>, L. Martin <queenscrooge@hc.com>, E. Reyes <redbitchqueen@hc.com>, …

Subject: Regarding Mistletoes

I shall keep this brief.

I am aware that Christmas is in a few weeks and I am not discouraging everybody from spreading holiday cheer around the company. However, the next person to put up a mistletoe in my general vicinity is going to get fired on the spot.

(Derek is the long-suffering president of Hale Corp, and the rest are testing his patience. Poor Derek.)

get into my pants by ericaismeg, foxerica (ericaismeg)

(1/1 I 2,657 I General I Sterek I Boss!Derek)

“Stilinski!” Derek’s voice comes loud and sharp. Stiles winces and turns around slowly. Yep, there is his gorgeous boss standing in the hallway with his tie a little too loose around his neck wearing a scowl. Derek does not look happy. Stiles lifts his hand up slowly in greeting and presses his lips tight together. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Of all days, it just had to be Derek who caught him.

“Heeeey there, Derek.”

“It’s Mr. Hale,” Derek corrects. Stiles closes his eyes for a moment and nods slowly. Fuck, fuck, fuck. He’s so fired. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“I–it’s not what it looks like, okay?” Stiles says, trying to breathe.

When it went so wrong by Electricviolinist

(1/1 I 3,059 I Mature I Steter,Sterek I CEO!Derek)

“I think you love me, you know,” said Stiles, to the painting of his lover, dressed in finery and astride a magnificent horse.
“You can’t prove it,” Derek grunted. Not the painting, of course, but the real man, more normally dressed, stood casually behind Stiles. Stiles wished he were more gloriously dressed in not very much.
He knew Derek was moving closer. He could pretend he could feel the heat as the gap between them closed. The heat of Derek’s body seemed as burningly heavenly as always.
“That wasn’t a denial,” Stiles smiled.

Stiles loves Derek, even though Derek has let him down.
Not a fluffy story. No happy ending.

That Thin Line In and Out of My Bed by fadedhues

(4/4 I 5,611 I Explicit I Sterek I CEO!Derek)

“Ow,” Derek says, scowling, rubbing his bicep where Laura hit him.

She retorts, “That’s what happens when you zone out and eye-fuck your new assistant, Derek,” crossing her arms and jutting a hip out.

(aka the one where Derek is a CEO of his family’s company; enter Stiles, his new assistant, who happens to be extremely fuckable)

Owning Him by manuhale13

(11/11 I 6,588 I Explicit I Sterek I CEO!Derek)

Stiles gets a job as an assistant to the handsome CEO Derek Hale of Hale Industries. eventually falls for him not knowing that Derek has a secret…

2 Days of Hale Publishing by relenafanel

(2/2 I 7,533 I General I Sterek I CEO!Derek)

Something must have poked his Christmas Spirit. It might be the way Hale was watching the proceedings with a scowl on his face, unable to hide what was clear derision. Earlier, his eyes had lifted when Stiles entered the work pen with the presents, and Stiles had been under the impression he had been vaguely pleased. The only thing Stiles could think of that would make someone such a gloomy grump was not getting a gift.

“What?” Hale asked, staring at him through the glass wall that made up the part of his office facing the work area.

“I’ve got something for you!” Stiles said, waving the small rectangular present as he walked in.

“That’s not mine,” Mr. Hale said, staring at the box like it offended him. Then he stared at Stiles like he was offending him more. “You’ve made a mistake.”

“No mistake, sir. It’s a special delivery from magical Hale Holiday Elves.” Stiles gestured to his head. “See the hat. A man wearing this hat makes no mistakes.”

Sideways and Slantways and Longways and Backways by hologramophone

(1/1 I 7,799 I Teen I Sterek I CEO!Derek)

“I called you a slave-driver!” Stiles cried hysterically. “I called you an ogre! I stole all the blue paperclips!”
Derek raised an eyebrow at him.
“That’s company property!” he shouted, waving his arms madly in distress.
Derek ran a hand over his face. “It’s not theft if the vice president of the company gives you permission.”

(Otherwise known as the Elevator AU)

The Fluttering of Our Hearts by theonewho_ranwithwolves

(4/? I 19,854 I Explicit I Sterek I CEO!Derek, CEO!Stiles)

Scott just got married, so why does he need his best friend anymore? He has Allison. You wanna know who Stiles has? his company and those rich old ladies who’d like to get in his pants. Oh, that’s just great. But when he meets the CEO that’s supposedly merging with his own company, why does his heart flutter just a bit?

Friends of Early Theory by Nanoochka

(1/1 I 23,934 I Explicit I Sterek I Angst)

In which Derek is a gruff, struggling executive for his family’s sprawling, wealthy company in New York, and Stiles is his quirky, offbeat intern who brings him cold coffee each morning and wears stupid T-shirts to work and generally succeeds at being a thousand times more charming than Derek could ever hope to be. To the outside observer, their relationship is combative but fond, although in private Stiles and Derek have a great deal more secrets, anger, and painful history between them than Derek is prepared to acknowledge or reveal. In retrospect, that might be half of the problem.

Not Like Bond & Moneypenny by WhoNatural

(1/1 I 29,869 I Mature I Sterek I Ugly Betty AU)

(AKA, the Ugly Betty AU where Stiles is totally Betty)

Stiles thinks he’s finally getting a break when a job at the sleek, sophisticated, Alpha Magazine opens up - but soon realises he’s not going to be writing anything and instead is playing tutor-slash-babysitter to their new Editor-in-Chief. Derek’s spoiled, grumpy, in way over his head…and so painfully attractive it makes Stiles want to lick his face. So there’s very little choice in the matter.

“Totally not like that,” he maintains, “It’s not like we’re Bond and Moneypenny.”

Scott gives him an excited grin, chuckling. “Dude, you’re totally his Miss Moneypenny!” he says, eyes wide like the world just finally started to make sense. “You’re the only one who won’t sleep with him even though you’re dying to.”

My Taco Sparkles by butyoureyessaidyes

(1/1 I 36,891 I Teen I Sterek I CEO!Derek)

The first time he sees Stiles Stilinski, the kid’s on his hands and knees in Derek’s office.

Or the one where Derek has to battle corporate espionage, meddling family members, clothing turned choking hazards, and inappropriate feelings for his obscenely attractive new intern.

Mr Hale by SephrinaRose

(26/26 I 52,337 I Teen I Sterek I CEO!Derek)

It was only last week that Stiles had been a completely happy college student, laying about and playing Xbox. But, now, only a few short hours later, he was known worldwide as Mr Hale’s bitch.

Oh shit indeed.

Or in which…

Stiles is a Columbia college student with photographic memory, who hates people that use and abuse others with their power. One day when he is forced to be in the same room as the King Of DickBags: Mr Hale, of Hale Magazine, he gives him a piece of his mind…only to find that it was a mistake he will regret for the rest of his life.

Or is it?

Strike One (Part 8 of Curve Ball)

Originally posted by blacksimmerr

Author’s Note: It’s finally here! This is more filler than anything, but this series is a slow burn ;) I hope you enjoy this next installment! The next will hopefully be out soon. Enjoy! :)

As always, thank you to my darling friend @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales for betaing, generating ideas, and listening to me rant and rave over this series. It wouldn’t be possible without you c:

Warnings: Language


“I seriously needed that,” I sighed contentedly, setting down the colorful array of shopping bags. “But my bank account did not.” Lydia chuckled happily behind me as she began setting her things down as well.

“Just bask in the feeling of your new clothes and you won’t even give a second thought to your wounded bank account,” she joked, shrugging playfully. I smiled widely, flopping down on my bed. I was exhausted. Shopping with Lydia was a tiring experience, especially when it was a celebratory occasion. Today’s spree was a pat on the back to ourselves for doing well on our midterms and a way to let out all the left-over tension.

A girls day with my best friend was exactly what I had needed. Now I was ready for a nap.

Several hours later, I finally roused from sleep, feeling much better and very hungry. Pleased to find that it wasn’t too late, I quickly brushed my teeth and changed out of my now wrinkled clothes, asking Lydia if she wanted to get something to eat.

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sterek modern royalty au: stiles is the crown prince, and derek is basically the royal mechanic

happy (belated) birthday literaryoblivion! i hope you like this

Stiles faces the cameras, waves his hand and smiles like he’s been trained his whole life to do. His back aches from the stiff posture, and he resists the urge to run his hands through his hair. A reporter asks him a question about his father’s upcoming peace summit, and Stiles automatically recites the answers.

Remember to smile. Remember the answers. Remember to be charming like Mom taught me.

The reporter thanks him, and Stiles continues down the line, answering more questions about the summit, but also superficial questions like who he was rooting for in the World Cup and what’s the worst thing about being the son of a king. “Never getting good curly fries,” Stiles answers, which isn’t what the reporter expects. “I never get to just run through a drive thru and get fries, and the one time I did, the workers were so nervous my fries were burnt.”

“Couldn’t they just make them for you at the castle?” the reporter asks.

Stiles grins and winks at her. “Just not the same.”

Be charming. Be funny. “You don’t have to be Prince William,” his mother had told him. “You don’t always have to be serious.”

His bodyguards stand by watchfully as Stiles takes photos with a few people, and then he faces the cameras again. His fingers self-consciously go to the waist of his dress pants, because they feel too tight, too restricting. But Lydia had insisted that his outfit was perfectly tailored. “This is what you pay me for, Stiles,” she’d huffed. “Now let me do my job.”

He trusts Lydia with everything, from his clothes and hair to booking his appointments, but that doesn’t make him feel any less constricted and ridiculous in these tight-fitting pants. He misses the days when he could wear oversized khakis and hoodies, despite the fact that he was heir to the throne. Sometimes, he thinks turning eighteen had been the worst thing to happen to him.

Stiles walks towards the car waiting for him on the curb. He waves for the remaining cameras, shouts out a few one-word answers to reporters’ questions, watches as his bodyguards keep more eager reporters from rushing him. At the car, he turns and gives one final, regal wave before slipping inside.

He takes a deep breath once the door’s closed. Without the adrenaline that comes with being in the public eye, his hands start to shake violently.

His driver, Isaac, turns around to look at him. “Are you okay, your highness?”

Stiles concentrates on his breathing – in out in out in out – the panic ebbing, though the shaking doesn’t stop. “I’m fine, Isaac.” He shoots him a weary smile. “Let’s go home.”

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I thought you were a myth - Part 7

Derek Hale x Reader (x a little bit of Pack)

A/N: This chapter is also fluff and set up for what’s to come. Also getting a little angsty. Sigh, you knew it was inevitable. And yes, I know some characters might be a little OOC (and I literally mean little) but it will make sense in the next part. Sigh. Yes. I will write more. (Here is the masterlist, in case you want to catch up.)

Words: 1,514

Warnings: None that I know of? Well, it starts and ends really fluffy and happy, but gets angsty in the middle. (Actually, mention of dead characters, so, a feels warning. And some light swearing.)

People requested to be tagged: @never-good-enoughhhh

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.


The last way you expected to spend your Sunday began with a jolt.


“Dogpile!” Some random voice cried, before you and a still snoring Derek were covered with your laughing pack members. A groan emanated from where you guessed Derek to be in the mass of limbs, the mattress bouncing slightly still from the initial impact.

“If you all don’t get off in the next five seconds, I will-”

“You will what?” Stiles’ voice challenged you back teasingly.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Thank you for an awesome blog! Do you have any celebrity!sterek?

aw, thank you, anon! have some fic recs where one or both of them is famous

  • Play Crack the Sky by Derbobbs (E, 130k) Excerpt from “Hale Pulls the Plug on the Future of Rock,” Rolling Stone, Issue 1203 – Oct. 2014 “Fans and music industry vets alike are left reeling in the wake of bassist Derek Hale’s sudden departure from Smokes for Harris. At a time when the foursome from Beacon Hills, California seems to be on the cusp of rock superstardom after just one double platinum record, Smokes has everything to lose.” Excerpt from “Smokes for Harris: Gladiator,” SPIN.com – Feb. 2015 “Smokes for Harris gives in a little to the pop punk of yesteryear in their sophomore effort, but rather than pandering to fans of a lost era they elevate the genre in a way that hasn’t been seen in quite some time. Frontman Stiles Stilinski works double duty as singer and primary songwriter and proves that he can handle the task even without former bassist Derek Hale.”
  • Just Act Normal by zosofi (E, 79k) If someone had told Stiles back in high school that he would be an Oscar winning actor by the time he turned 25, he would’ve probably told Scott to punch them. The thing is, though…they would’ve been right. Which makes returning to Beacon Hills, center of all that is supernatural and better left avoided, all the more awkward.
  • A Strong Heart and a Nerve of Steel by lupinus, uraneia (E, 22k) Stiles and Derek wake up married in Vegas. Well, they would have if it was legal. In which Stiles is the president’s son, Derek is his bodyguard, and Papa President orders them to pretend to be in love for the sake of gay rights.
  • The Last Song I’ll Write About You by WhoNatural (Not Rated, 2k) “So his face sells records, is what you’re saying,“ she says, and yeah, he’s been talking about the jerkwad for most of his lunch break, but that’s no reason for her to get that glint in her eye. “You must think it’s a pretty marketable face, if it can make someone’s debut album go triple-platinum in the span of two months.”

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juszaawik  asked:

Hello, it's me again :* i saw u didn't have a punk tag, and my question is if u know any fics that include punk!derek and punk!stiles? Remember to smile because it's worth it, okey? :* i love u! <3

punk!derek | punk!stiles


And Also, I Love You by alisvolatpropiis (1/1 | 7,155 | NC17)

Derek didn’t look at all like Stiles expected. After all, he deliberately chose a school where being a nerd was cool, so he certainly wasn’t expecting his hotter-than-a-thousand-stars roomie to be an actual cool person. Derek has muscles, like everywhere, which he has a tendency to display in skin-tight, sleeveless t-shirts for bands Stiles has never heard of; his jeans are always tight and ripped too, and he has an impressive five-o’clock shadow, the tips of his jet-black hair dyed purple. And his eyes. Stiles is pretty sure he’s only seen eyes like that in comics, or on a movie screen, or in his freakin dreams. They’re somehow simultaneously all of the colors and none of them, transcending something so pedestrian and insignificant as words to encapsulate their beauty. Stiles would come to learn that he’s also wickedly smart, and he plays the guitar and speaks multiple languages, and his sunshine smile is even more alarming that his resting murder face.

Cliche by adult_disneyprincess (orphan_account) (2/2 | 9,305 | PG13)

It’s cliché as shit, Stiles thinks. The nerd in love with the punk. He figures he wouldn’t want Derek Hale so much if he didn’t have those fucking tattoos everywhere, didn’t give a shit what people thought about him, and didn’t wear those stupid leather jackets. They’re not the same jacket either, Stiles has counted at least four different ones that the resident punk owns

If We’re Talking Body (You Got a Perfect One) by alisvolatpropiis (1/1 | 3,891 | NC17)

“What? Paint me?” At first, Stiles thinks that maybe Derek wants to paint a portrait of him, which is hella freaking weird, but then, judging by the heat he sees in his eyes, he knows that’s not exactly what Derek has in mind. Okay, so the guy is hot, talented, rude, and probably a little insane. Stiles is really regretting not running background checks on all of the building’s tenants before moving in. Laura Hale offered him such a good deal, he should have known there was a catch.

Like having to live underneath her obscenely hot brother who gets stoned and paints all night and says ridiculous things to the half-naked cop that barges into his apartment unannounced in the middle of the night.

You Are My Home by orphan_account (1/1 | 2,302 | G)

Loosely inspired by oakseer’s post on Tumblr: “what would happen if punk au combined with daddy derek i think it would result in my body shaking apart”.

We’ll Weather the Storm by hazelNuts (1/1 | 2,572 | PG13)

anonymous asked,“Punks can get scared of thunder storms too”

When Derek and Stiles get paired up for a school trip, Derek thinks it’s going to be disaster. Because Stiles is mouthy and smart and gorgeous, and that’s exactly Derek’s type.


Birds of a Feather Fuck Together by calrissian18, maichan808 (maichan) (1/1 | 26,144 | NC17)

Laura is a crusader without a cause, Stiles dances like the whole world’s betrayed him and Derek’s having trouble getting both feet outside his door.

cute little spawn from hell by wearing_tearing (2/2 | 2,169 | NC17)

Derek blinks, surprised. “Are you—”

“Leaving, yes,” Stiles nods vehemently.

“—afraid of babies?”

Enemy of My Enemy by calrissian18 (1/1 | 8,043 | NC17)

Stiles blinks hard. He can’t argue that he’s not quite all there, a little woozier than he would like, but he’s done more difficult things a lot worse off. The wolf didn’t know shit and Stiles sure as hell didn’t need him. He huffs out a little laugh into his own chest, leaning back against the armrest and chin dropped to his sternum, head lolling slightly. His eyelids are heavier than they were a minute ago. “What makes you think I wouldn’t use the opportunity to gut you? I hunt werewolves for sport, and so does everyone I have left.”

A careful claw tilts his chin up and it takes Stiles’ eyes a second to bring the face in front of him into stark relief. “You can barely keep your eyes open,” the wolf says softly, “I don’t think you have the upper hand now, human.”

The End As We Know It by PrinceKavi (12/? | 15,630 | NC17)

Stiles is kicked out of the pack. Well not intentionally but combined with being left behind by his bestfriend , Jacksons bullying and his Dads disappointed looks, Stiles is pretty ready for it. That doesn’t mean it hurts anyless. So he ditches the layers, makes friends with the punk rock feminists in Beacon Hills and even jumps into a mosh pit. But, for some reason Derek Hale is still on his mind, his hands keep sparking and theres this weird book in his moms closet that has some weird witch brews in it.

Why is junior year so complicated?

BORN VILLAIN by whokilledcodyosmond (15/15 | 110,823 | R)

Stiles is a troubled young hacker at odds with his father, the Chief of Police in Beacon City. After a chance meeting with a handsome but dangerous man, he learns it isn’t always obvious who the bad guys are.

and again by punkhale (1/1 | 3,471 | PG13)

Stiles likes Christmas, he does, but there’s only so many times a guy can hear “Jingle Bells” before seriously contemplating taking a bat to the radio and smashing it into a hundred pieces.


Write Me a Song You Tortured Soul by dearjayycee (1/1 | 2,129 | R)

The first time Stiles ever saw Derek he was standing at the back of a dingy bar, trying to not get caught, Scott at his side. Stiles fell in love instantly, what a cliche. There was just something about the way the man sang…It made his heart melt. 

Hale Storm by iamfrenchy (1/1 | 4,686 | G)

Stiles Stilinski wowed the world when he stepped on stage, he took the world by storm with the help of his band and they were famous, they got to play music and be punk rockers every single day. Derek Hale is in the up and coming punk rock band and when people start calling him the new Stiles, Stiles takes notice.

Or the one where Stiles and Derek are famous and they like each other and write music together.

Get What I Want - Derek Hale Imagine

Prompt #9: If your still taking requests I was wondering if you could write a thing where you’re a cat burglar and you were paid to steal something from Derek’s loft but he catches you and it’s super sassy and cute by then you both kiss cause you entertain him and its fluffy and cute? OH also you’re writing is awesome-sauce;)

A Little Note: Dear Anon, I’m not good with sassy, and I don’t think this imagine was sassy enough, or as sassy as you probably wanted. So since I couldn’t contact you, I tried my best and altered it a little bit by making the reader more of a bold character instead. Very bold. I hope you don’t mind and still enjoy my very first Derek imagine/prompt.

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

When someone names a price how far are you willing to go to get the cash? Are you willing to kill someone, steal something, or manipulate someone for the right amount? If you are, do you have the cold heart to pull the trigger, shoot the arrow, or push the blade and take someone else’s life? Do you have the quick five-finger discount to steal anything without a guilty conscience? Would you make someone fall in love with you just to get something from them?

With me it’s simple, give me a reasonable price and I’ll get whatever you want. It’s nothing personal, its just business. More importantly it’s good business with the Calaveras.

Working for the Calaveras is what pays the bills, buys food, and allows me to spoil myself with the latest gadgets and weapons. It’s more than enough for me to work just for them and not worry about working other jobs.

I don’t work for them every day, at the most maybe 4 or 5 times a month. They call when they need something and I deliver. Then they wire a five or six digit number to my bank account. It’s an agreement we both like and it’s certainly one I don’t have trouble with. 

Tonight is nothing different. I broke into a loft, Derek Hale’s loft to be more specific, to steal something. I’ve never heard of him and I don’t plan on getting to know him either. The Calaveras called saying they needed what’s called a Triskelion. It’s a medallion that supposedly helps werewolves control their shift. The Calaveras hunt and kill werewolves, why they would want something that helps werewolves is beyond me. I don’t ask questions. The less I know, the easier it is for me to do my job.

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anonymous asked:

Sterek prompt: Derek's the captain of the lacrosse team and goes over to Stiles' after a game and Stiles has an asthma attack, so Derek stays up with Stiles in the ER, worrying about him.

why does Stiles have an asthma attack.


but shut UP they don’t like each other jESus. Derek is so BOSSY and annoying and makes Stiles run track with him before school, and Stiles is so LOUD with his stories that threaten to make Derek laugh, ugh, and Stiles’ stupid tight jeans and Derek’s stupid PLAIN t-shirts that make Stiles salivate, and UGH the way Stiles eats is oBSCENE and the way Derek almost smirks to himself when he gets an answer right in class or WORSE when he’s goading Stiles into debate and one minute they’re on the national economy and then Stiles is gibing Derek into explaining exactly HOW they’d afford a home in the suburbs if Derek’s going to play lacrosse professionally, is he expecting STILES to be the breadwinner here? and Finstock’s pulling his hair out in the background and Scott’s confused because WHEN DID DEREK AND STILES DECIDE THEY WERE GONNA LIVE TOGETHER? AND— OH. ok they’re glaring again, and Stiles looks smug and Derek looks grossly like… ugh, turned on, he doesn’t wanna know, he’d rather admire his own notes which are neat and beautiful and he can trade with Allison later. so there’s shoving and winding each other up and TOO MUCH SEXUAL TENSION FOR A CLASSROOM SITUATION, but they’re not in to each other GOD.

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The Return: Epilogue

As promised, the ever so fluffy final scene

[Part I] [Part II] [Part III] [Part IV]



“We could skip it.”

Derek shook his head but didn’t bother lifting his lips from where they were occupied with Stiles’ neck.

Stiles’ neck was his new favorite thing in the world. Or maybe second thing, after Stiles’ hands. Or third, if he was counting Stiles’ eyes.

If Stiles as an entity counted, then it would have to be bumped to fourth.

Stiles gasped as Derek gently sucked in and Derek had to rearrange the list again. Because the sounds that Stiles made had to be his favorite. There were the gasps and the groans and the moans and – hell, Derek even loved the pitiful little whine that Stiles made whenever he pulled away.

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quantitatitivity  asked:

Hi! For that drabble meme, could you please do 84 ("I'm dying.) with Sterek but make it lighthearted? I love how you can turn angsty prompts into cutesy ones instead. It's awesome. Please and thank you!

[This is pure fluff just for you, honey. Thank you and I hope you like it!]


“I’m dying.” Emmaline whines, clutching at her father’s shirt. “I’m dying, daddy.”

“You’re not dying, sweetie.” Emma’s dad says, running a hand over her back. Despite his words he shoots Derek a desperate look like saying ‘she’s not dying, is she?’.

Derek smiles fondly, reaches out to ruffle Emma’s hair. “You have the chickenpox.” Emma looks up at him confusedly, her pretty face dotted with blisters. “It’s nothing bad, but you won’t be able to play outside with other kids for some time.”

Emma’s bottom lip quivers at Derek’s words and she turns to her dad with pleading eyes. “Hey, listen to the doctor.” Mr. Stilinski says. “Thank you.” He tells Derek, smiling softly.

Derek’s stomach fills with stupid butterflies and he has to take a deep breath to recompose himself. He feels like a teenager all over again. Ugh.

“It’s –” he clears his throat, “it’s my job.” Mr. Stilinski nods, brushes his daughter’s hair with his left hand.

The fact that he’s not wearing wedding ring doesn’t go unnoticed.

“I can’t play with Thomas, daddy?” Emma interrupts Derek’s train of thought. “Not even for five minutes?”

“I don’t think so, baby.” Her father answers. “You don’t want him to get sick too, right?”

The little girl shrinks into her dad’s hold. “No.” She whispers.

She looks on the verge of tears again, and her dad is not too far from joining her. “Here.” Derek decides, scribbling a few words on the paper he has in hand. “This will help you feel better.” He offers the paper to Mr. Stilinski, smiles when the other man arches an eyebrow.

“Chocolate ice-cream?”

“I heard it’s her favorite.” He winks at Emma, laughs when she lets out a loud ‘whoooop’.

“It is! It is!” Emma celebrates, clapping her small hands happily. “Daddy, ice cream!”

“I know.” Her dad laughs. “I’ll buy it when we head home. Here, hold Mr. Snuffles while daddy talks to Doctor Hale for a moment, okay?”

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anonymous asked:

would pretty pretty please write an au in which derek is a sassy stylist who communicates with sass and eyebrows and stiles is an up and coming artist who totally gets the tingles when derek fixes his jacket or his tie or when he eyes his outfit (which is totally attached to his body so like, technically derek is eyeing him as well and he is so more than okay with that)

this lit a fire within, even though I never expected to picture Derek as a stylist, ever.


It is not love at first sight.

Derek actually grimaces as they shake hands, eyes flicking disdainfully over Stiles’ worn jeans and dark green plaid shirt, half covering a tee that declares him a fan of Tea trees with a large tree and lots of mugs hanging from the branches adorned across it. He doesn’t look impressed, steps away and flicks imaginary lint off his dark cashmere sweater like the sun isn’t even a match for his ridiculous hotness, and he needs it to keep warm. It’s June.  Don’t even get Stiles started on the neatly pressed grey pants that cling to everything and still have that stupid line down the middle, like who even manages to keep that past midday? Hasn’t Derek sat down yet? Or, accidentally dropped something on himself, or walked into someone holding an ice cream. In a handful of seconds he’s managed to change Stiles’ mind about neat clothes being boring, and that he suddenly finds the look aggressively attractive.

“Hey,” Stiles manages after a minute of openly staring at Derek, “You don’t look happy.”

“I’m never happy,” Derek says flatly, turning to look at Jackson expectantly, “You want me to work with him?”

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Addicted to you – afullrevolution

It started as coffee and then moved to hand holding. Things escalated into gasping breaths and roving hands. Now, neither of them can do without.

The House in the Middle – afullrevolution

Stiles laughed. Laughed because he understood what Nietzsche had been writing about. Because hunters were clearly monsters for all they claimed to battle them. Because Stiles had looked into the abyss and the abyss was staring straight back.

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