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Thoughts on how Ed will come back

So, Ed doesn’t really have any friends and I doubt that someone at the GCPD is going to need him for something epic. You know, so if there was like, a massive piece of metal debris hurtling towards earth and Magneto was frozen, even though he was a villain, the good guys would say ‘we need this guy’. But, it’s unlikely the world is going to hang in the balance over an unsolved riddle where they think 'there’s only one man that can save us!’.

That means that a) he will get 'unfrozen’ due to an accident, like a fire at the Iceberg (fair enough, but not satisfying)

or b) Oswald chooses to thaw him out because he wants to (and that idea makes me squee so much *cries*)

     — —       Thirteen was unlike the other Primes. His type was warrior, a physical adept, with leadership and intellectual fortitude of kings. Where Megatronus was riddled with contradiction, Thirteen had no such troubles and was perhaps as a result far lesser in ego than any of the other late Primes. At this time of our making he was quiet and dutiful, obedient to Prime’s commands and dedicated to assisting those who required it. He was like Prime’s second, but unlike the rest he had no special object or weapon associated with him, taking up only those lesser tools crafted by Solus, and his armor, as he was instructed. This would seem odd if we did not all know that his true purpose was a mediator and visionary.

     Thirteen was an inspirational speaker and a deep thinker with a calm soul. His steady, perceptive nature meant he was well liked, and he pulled his own weight. He used to comfort others in times of stress with a friendly hand on their shoulder and the words,

                                                              ❝All are one.❞

There was a contented light in him that made us believe it. Even Megatronus would be calmed this way when he came in from one of his great battle rages, foaming with his puissance and resentment. Thirteen united us. Without his influence we would have fallen into disarray far sooner.

              — Alpha Trion
                The Covenant of Primus, pg 15

                             [ writing by justina robson; art by ken christainsen ]

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