he makes me so happy its unbelievable

This is my brother. He wanted to be a princess fairy.

He really liked the tinsel things, he wanted some in his hair. (It’s a flower he drew on his cheek. Not a dick)

He told me he needed a cape that was black so he could blend in with the night. This was the best I had

The wings came sewn to the dress. He told me they were ‘sucky’ and he would like better ones next time. He was happy with the belt though.

He told me ‘it’s easier too see with my hair out the way. It’s in a pineapple thingy’

I told him he made a very good princess.

‘Fairy princess’ he corrects me, pausing before adding ‘Can I be a blue one next?’

I love him so much <3

The Broken Hearts Club

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Rumors are something that you would have to get use to when you start dating an idol. They were always linked to someone. A new dating rumor just about every other day. It was one thing to be a fictitious rumor but to have proof well that was another story in its self.

 We have been seeing each other for a few months now and I couldn’t be more happy with him. I mean it seems like a dream to be dating a guy that makes you so unbelievably happy. I mean yes he is the total package. He is handsome and sweet and he had a smile that could light up the darkest room. He can make me laugh til I’m doubled over in pain but there is a down side to this seemingly perfect life. Our relationship had been put through the ringer lately and we started drifting apart and arguing more and more over small things. It’s almost like we have a rain cloud hanging over us. I keep asking myself why don’t I just end it. But the answer was always the same. I love him plain and simple.

 I was home sitting on the couch flipping through channels when I got a call from baekhyun. He told me that he really needed to talk to me and he would be over after practice ended at 9. That was 3 hours ago and still no sign of him. I tried to call him a few times but it would go straight to voice mail. I just assumed that practice was running late for him and resumed half watching tv. No need to panic right. I trust him but still I couldn’t ignore the feeling in my stomach. Something just wasn’t right. I was nodding off on the couch when I felt my phone vibrant. Normally I would ignore it and continue to sleep, but it might have been baekhyun calling to apologize and I really wanted to hear what excuse he would come up with this time. Unfortunately for me it was a message from Mia.

 She was an assistant stylist for exo. We gotten close over the course of time when I would come to the company or concerts to visit baekhyun to squeeze in what little time we could together. She would keep me company when he was on stage or if he was in the middle of practice and I was wondering the building. She understood because she is in a relationship with an idol at a different company. i thought you should see this I’m so sorry :( her message said. Below it was a link to a news article. It was a thing we would do. send each other articles and get a good laugh out of the horrible rumors that people try to pass as true. But this time it was different. That feeling I had in my stomach earlier was back.

 My heartbeat picked up and my hands began to sweat. I clicked the link and My heart fell from my chest and shattered into a million pieces on the floor. My breath caught in my throat and i couldn’t breath. I couldn’t believe what I saw. “SM ENTERTAINMENT CONFIRMS THAT BYUN BAEKHYUN AND KIM TAEYEON ARE DATING! ” Everything went blank. I couldn’t form a single coherent thought. What the fuck is this?! I refused to believe it at first. He wouldn’t dare do that to me. He loves me right. Just trust him he will clear it up. I will just call him and see if he is coming.

 1st attempt…….. rings a few times goes to voice-mail,  2nd attempt………. 2 rings and then voice-mail,  3rd attempt. …..voice-mail. I throw my phone against the wall. Why is he doing this to me. Tears racing down my face and I sob loudly clutching my chest . All this time and this is what I get. How could he be with her when he was dating me. I didn’t want to believe it. i couldn’t believe it. What was going on. Why would he hurt me like this. He promised to love me forever and always. I guess forever came quicker than we thought it would. I sat there while the tears freely feel from my eyes. The only sounds that filled the room were my sobs and a news report that confirmed what I just read.

 I had been sitting there for what seemed like eternity when I heard the front door open. I wanted to confront him at the door, but my legs refused to move. “Baby.. I’m home” i heard him yell to me. I wanted to answer but I just couldn’t find my voice. I just sat there numb unable to grasp the fact that my normal was no longer mine to call normal. “Jagi why are you just sitting there what’s wrong?” He inquired walking towards me only to stop when he saw the tears. I turned to him inexplicably calm having had a few hours to gather my thoughts.

 I took a deep breath and asked him simply “Is it true that you are dating Kim Taeyeon?” The room fell silent confirming what i already knew was the truth. “i guess this was fun while it lasted huh?” I spite those venom coated words hoping to hurt him as much I hurt in this moment. “Jagi I’m so so sorry it’s just something that happened I didn’t mean to hurt you” he said reaching out to me. “I wanted to tell you but it seemed like the right time” I slowly got up from the couch. Trying to give myself the courage to let him go.

 The man I once wholeheartedly loved had now belonged to someone else. His lips weren’t mind to kiss his touch wasn’t mine to fell anymore and I have to be strong enough to let go. I calmly walk past him to the door and grab the knob. I hesitate slightly before opening the door. “You should go back to her I hope she makes you more happy then I could ever have, please leave” He walks past me out of the door and turned to face me with sadness and regret laced in his expression. “Jagi-” “My name is Y/N” “Y/N I never meant to hurt you please understand that.” With that he was gone.

 I close the door and slide down the wall and cry. I needed the pain to stop i could not take this pain anymore. I pull out my phone to call the only person I knew who would help me forget even if was temporary. He picks up after the 3rd ring “Well its been a long time stranger.” He joked all the familiarity that was his voice brought memories back that had been hidden deep down. “I need you Jimin now.” I said shaky but clear. Silence taking over the line

 "On my way.“ Was all he said before the it went dead.