he makes me so happy

You make me smile like the sun
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Oh, you make me smile

Kyungsoo is always in fight mode


ashton has the cutest laugh on this entire planet, listening to it instantly makes me happy :D


I just want to revisit the fact that Taemin is rich af (4th richest idol in SM) and he’s been wearing a worn out, ripped white shirt and you can see under that mask he’s smiling. He could buy himself probably hundreds more and he’s more than content with the one he already has and I just love it. The fourth richest idol in SM is the one that always forgets his wallet and makes others pay for him. He’s the one that couldn’t care less about designer clothes and high priced fashion because he’s got his slippers and t-shirts and he’s happy and comfortable with just that. He probably doesn’t even realize or care about how much money he has because what he would always mention with so much pride is that he bought his family a house in a expensive part of Seoul (which is also, by the way, very close to the SM building. Which means he wanted his family close to him), and a foreign car.


cute is not even enough to describe jimin when he’s unbelievably excited to see the sea and eat food