he makes me mad tho

So I just finished watching “Nunbal” and it ripped my whole heart out of my chest stepped on it threw it across the room and then left and didn’t even say sorry.

My goodness that movie was so good heartbreaking but so so good😭 If you haven’t watched it you gotta watch it be prepared tho its ruff on the emotions and if your soft like me tough to get through with out a breakdown but it is such a good movie the story is so gripping and moving and heartbreaking like wow. Jinyoung and the lead actress Ji woo acted their butts off seriously!! I was so caught up in the characters and the story I forgot I was watching Jinyoung for almost the whole movie like it was that good.

break time 🍓 🍓 this friendship is something merlin needed tbh. oh well!

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