he makes me happy :d


yuuri and viktor inspired by this fanfic by @grayclouds. and i know that the fanart is not as good as the fanfic, but, well, i tried. 

i dont even know what to say about this fanfic im so full of feelings i cant- 

hey hey hey! im the sleep deprived anon that was inspired by your hip hop iwa! I didn’t get to finish his body because I uhhh ^-^“ fell asleep actually!! but here he is i hope you like! you’re like my inspiration and stuff and all of your AUs give me life!!

art by @yeamazaki

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I hope hobs comes back to vlive soon so we can shower him with love he's gonna have so much fun tomorrow 😊😊😊😊

i hope so too petal!! that would be so so lovely!! eventho i doubt he would do vlive celebrating his bday since they are busy preparing for the concert i really am positive they would at least do vlive right before concert as they usually do so!! skdahk i am so excite and nervous and so so sooo wonderfully happy i feel like bursting :(

This was fun! Space stuff is fun! Luffy is adorable and I love his design for the AU. So I drew him meeting my Sona, cause only Luffy wouldn’t be concerned about a Centipede Space Dragon and instead wants to say hi.


Arashi ☆ Sakura PV making
┗ The siblings vibe is strong~ ^∀^

Caitriona definitely does, because she spent quite a bit of time in Paris, and Sam is learning French. I just heard him at the table read the other day, and I was pretty surprised. He did quite well.