he makes me happy :d


yuuri and viktor inspired by this fanfic by @grayclouds. and i know that the fanart is not as good as the fanfic, but, well, i tried. 

i dont even know what to say about this fanfic im so full of feelings i cant- 

hey hey hey! im the sleep deprived anon that was inspired by your hip hop iwa! I didn’t get to finish his body because I uhhh ^-^“ fell asleep actually!! but here he is i hope you like! you’re like my inspiration and stuff and all of your AUs give me life!!

art by @yeamazaki

“Let me fall if I must. The one I become will c a t c h me.” 


Listen… this man deserves the world today he works his little booty(which is super cute let’s be real) off everyday to produce and perform what he loves doing and I don’t think he’ll every truly understand exactly what that means to a lot of us but I (j)hope he at least feels loved on this wonderful day when Min Suga Genius Jjang Jjang Man Bong Bong was born💖💖💖


hi kaye, hope you’re having a good day! i just wanted to show you the sun hobi pillow i made! sun hobi is honestly one of my favorite things, so i wanted to be able to always have him nearby to brighten my gloomy days (๑・♡・๑) i messed up a lot on his hair since i don’t sew very often, but he’s soft and fluffy and makes me happy :’D

-Min Yoongi (So far away // 160815)

Today my whole company crew and I spent the entire morning doing charity works at the orphanage(playing with the kids, cleaning the house, etc). During the activities with the kids, my boss suddenly talked to me and asked about what I have done for animation.

It’s because my boss is a ‘business’ sort of guy, I never thought he actually interested and asked me about animation (it’s rare to find people in my place to be interested in animation too honestly. Hence whenever someone asks me that, I get super EXCITED and can talk about it for hours)

So I told and showed him TOO LOUD!, @ygoreanimate​ and all the other fun collaborative stuff I’ve done. Before we knew, the whole kids gathered around us and watched TOO LOUD! on his phone. It was SUPER CUTE AND FUN.

And during the meeting at his house after the charity work, he just made a HUGE PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT at everyone’s face, saying that I’m a incredibly talented animator and he’s gonna work harder with me on animation-related stuff starting tomorrow.

Buttons (M)

summary: It’s your first time meeting the boys & somehow Taehyung grabs your attention. Your boyfriend, Namjoon didn’t like it. Good thing he knew exactly which buttons to push to get your attention back…literally. 

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pairing: namjoon x reader (ft. an innocent tae)
jealous!namjoon, remote-controlled vibrator
1972 w 

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I’m honestly so proud of him right now :’) Jack has come so far since he started making videos, and this just makes me so happy :D I hope that one day I will be able to look back and see that I’ve made as much progress as he has. I’m so proud of this amazing green bean ^-^

@therealjacksepticeye Glad to hear that you had a great time, Jack! We can’t wait to have you back! Lol that rhymed XD love ya <3

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@therealjacksepticeye, congrats again on 15 million subscribers! As a community, we always want to let you know how much you mean to us. And so, I came up with this project idea! Thanks to many JSE community members, this video was made possible! We love you, Jack <3

Thank you to these wonderful people:

@alietteangielolle @amyrosemartin42 @antiisepticeye @arandomczechperson @avatareagleflight @blazeingecho @boopymooplier @candylani18 @crlexi @ebonywoods @emeralddoesthings @gamingdemon666 @geekygirl0816 @hi-im-autistic @hufflepufftrax @imaphangirl-frens @ithunderstorm @j-u-s-t-sam @jeanmarie504 @justacomicreader @justsomeshittydrawings @lyssadee @madiesunny @madebyrosie @markiplierfarmiplier @markislovejackislife @mikaylaseptic1 @nerdqueeniplier @odia13 @ordinarygurldoingordinarythangs @phan-is-our-resistance @pinetree2003 @puk128 @razztube @rebehxa @rosespedicyeye @sam-septic-girl @saziedaisy @septic-greenbean @septic101 @septishar @skyekyyuu @thatgirlintheglasses @theyoutubersart @the-geeky-ragdoll-blogger @tinybox-anj @whovian1077 @xxmess-of-fandomsxx I hope I haven’t missed anyone! <3

It was absolutely awesome to be able to be a part of this and to include you guys in something special for Jack! It was so cool to see so many community members around the world! And finally I feel like I’ve really started to give back some of the happiness to Jack that he deserves for making me so happy - hopefully he’ll see this! :D

//I’m sure there’s something out there like that already! XD
I haven’t come across it but fans create amazing art <3
But Sasuke loves animals so let’t not say he hurt one bc he adores puppies~

Killing a person is more likely haha. Fortunately Sasuke is living a life he can be proud of and happy <333

Still it’s a funny concept ^-^ There’s probably a lot of that stuff out there that I don’t see bc I’m not looking for it specifically.
Every time it’s brought up Naruto can be like:

And thus:

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☾ headcannons for Zen, Jumin, and V please? (maybe cuddle hcs?) BTW I love all your posts they brighten up my day :)))

Thank you so much! That makes me so happy :D



  • He definitely sleeps with his shirt off
  • Like, 100%
  • You don’t mind though
  • He thrashes around a lot in his sleep, which was something you were not expecting
  • Sometimes his hair hits you in the face
  • Please just cut it off Zen
  • He’s definitely the big spoon though


  • He has multiple sets of pajamas and he wear a different one everyday
  • He likes to stroke your hair before you both fall asleep
  • Elizabeth III also likes to join you both when you sleep
    • She sleeps in the middle
  • Jumin isn’t one for cuddling so he just rolls over facing away from you when he sleeps
  • But this man snores!
  • So you don’t mind that it’s not aimed at you


  • The most normal sleeper you will ever meet
  • He just lies on his back, arms pinned to his side
  • Sometimes you have to make sure he’s only asleep and not dead