he makes me happy :d


yuuri and viktor inspired by this fanfic by @grayclouds. and i know that the fanart is not as good as the fanfic, but, well, i tried. 

i dont even know what to say about this fanfic im so full of feelings i cant- 

hey hey hey! im the sleep deprived anon that was inspired by your hip hop iwa! I didn’t get to finish his body because I uhhh ^-^“ fell asleep actually!! but here he is i hope you like! you’re like my inspiration and stuff and all of your AUs give me life!!

art by @yeamazaki


Listen… this man deserves the world today he works his little booty(which is super cute let’s be real) off everyday to produce and perform what he loves doing and I don’t think he’ll every truly understand exactly what that means to a lot of us but I (j)hope he at least feels loved on this wonderful day when Min Suga Genius Jjang Jjang Man Bong Bong was born💖💖💖

“Let me fall if I must. The one I become will c a t c h me.” 

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@therealjacksepticeye, congrats again on 15 million subscribers! As a community, we always want to let you know how much you mean to us. And so, I came up with this project idea! Thanks to many JSE community members, this video was made possible! We love you, Jack <3

Thank you to these wonderful people:

@alietteangielolle @amyrosemartin42 @antiisepticeye @arandomczechperson @avatareagleflight @blazeingecho @boopymooplier @candylani18 @crlexi @ebonywoods @emeralddoesthings @gamingdemon666 @geekygirl0816 @hi-im-autistic @hufflepufftrax @imaphangirl-frens @ithunderstorm @j-u-s-t-sam @jeanmarie504 @justacomicreader @justsomeshittydrawings @lyssadee @madiesunny @madebyrosie @markiplierfarmiplier @markislovejackislife @mikaylaseptic1 @nerdqueeniplier @odia13 @ordinarygurldoingordinarythangs @phan-is-our-resistance @pinetree2003 @puk128 @razztube @rebehxa @rosespedicyeye @sam-septic-girl @saziedaisy @septic-greenbean @septic101 @septishar @skyekyyuu @thatgirlintheglasses @theyoutubersart @the-geeky-ragdoll-blogger @tinybox-anj @whovian1077 @xxmess-of-fandomsxx I hope I haven’t missed anyone! <3

It was absolutely awesome to be able to be a part of this and to include you guys in something special for Jack! It was so cool to see so many community members around the world! And finally I feel like I’ve really started to give back some of the happiness to Jack that he deserves for making me so happy - hopefully he’ll see this! :D

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Hug him from behind, rubbing and feeling his little tummy, and then making fun/tease of him because he has his shirt tucked like an old man xx

Are we talking about this gif, here? 

Because, I swear to Jesus Christ, this is the cutest outfit I think he’s ever worn? My favourite fashion choice for the summer is literally to wear my t-shirts tucked into my trousers or my shorts and it makes me so happy that he wore that…

He’d be ready to go out for a night at Sam and Tomo’s, knowing that it was just a cosy night in with beers and board games because it’s been ages since they’ve seen him, with mutual friends and a cuddle with Sid. The missus would have been invited to join them, but, she’d already made an appointment with the sofa and a bundle of wedding magazines to make some final touches and add some final additions to their wedding, allowing him the night off to enjoy himself.

Standing in the kitchen as he slipped his house keys into his jean pocket, one boot on and one boot sitting on the tiles, his back to the door as he became oblivious to the missus appearing in the doorway with a smirk on her face.

“Babe?” He’d called out through the house, slipping his foot into his boot before jumping and looking over his shoulder, her arms around his waist and she pressed her face to the space of his back, “oh, hello.”

“Hmm,” she’d hum in delight, eyes shut, “love you. You smell nice.”

“I love you, too,” he’d smile softly, “you want me to get you the wine from the top shelf? Is that why you’re being so cuddly? What do you want from me, hm?”

“Nothing,” she’d mumble into his t-shirt, nudging her nose into his spine, “you look silly. You know only old men tuck their shirts in like this?”

“Maybe I am an old man. I’m getting some greys, you know? You could be marrying someone who’s actually 50 and has kids already,” he’d tease and laugh, turning round in her arms and wrapping his around her neck, holding her to his chest, “thought it looked like a good outfit for a cosy night in. Don’t you think so?”

“Hmm. It might grow on me, Peaches,” she’d murmur against his chest, “gon’a miss you tonight. Give my love to Sid.”

“Of course,” he’d chuckle, kissing her forehead, “sure you don’t want to come tonight? I’m sure the girls would love to talk to you about the wedding plans you’ve got going on in here,” he’d smile and tap her head softly, “you’ve got some lovely ideas up in here. Share them with someone else.”

“I’m okay here tonight. I’ve got some Say Yes To The Dress episodes to watch and your mum sent through some links for food and caterers since we’ve not decided. Oh, and Gemma sent some playlists through for the reception,” she’d smile and press up on her toes to kiss his cheek, a soft blush on his cheeks, “go and have fun without me for once. You deserve it.” xx

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hi, so you wanted drabble asks? if it's ok with you i'd like to suggest heated kissing with daveed in the midst of an equally heated argument?

(you can consider this a sequel to THIS DRABBLE but you don’t have to read it)

“Jesus fucking Christ, D, we were just talking,” you say.  He hisses when you apply a wet compress to the fresh cut on his forehead, but you just press a little harder out of irritation.  “At this rate we’re gonna be banned from all the bars in the Bay area.”

“You looked uncomfortable,” he grumbles.  “You told him ‘no,’ and he put his hands on you, and he wasn’t takin’ it.  He kept pushin’.”

You bite the insides of your cheeks, trying to swallow the same argument you two have been having for years.  “When are you gonna figure out that I don’t need you to fight all my battles for me, Daveed?  I can take care of myself.  The way you react to these guys, it’s like–”  You cut yourself off.

Daveed suddenly stands up, looking down at you with fire in his eyes.  “Like what?” he asks, his tone a low rumble that sparks something in your chest and in your core.  “It’s like what, (Y/N)?”

Part of you just wants to end this conversation here, but another part – the part that’s known that this has been a long time coming, the part that wants this – urges you.  “It’s like you’re acting out of something other than brotherly or friendly protection.  It’s like–”

“Say it, (Y/N),” he growls.

“It’s like you’re jealous.”

He slams his mouth against yours so quickly and with such aggression that you see stars.  You respond in kind, melding your lips to his, biting and sucking and panting as he pushes you up against the wall.  He pours years’ worth of emotion and passion and needing into his kisses, so that you can feel every bit of frustration he’s been dealing with, watching you go home with other guys, flirt with other guys, date other guys.  You can feel just how much he wants you – and how long he’s wanted you.

“D,” you groan, as his large hand presses to the small of your back, pulling you flush against his chest.

“Of course I’m jealous,” he says, his voice thick with anger and desire.  “Of course I’m fucking jealous.  God, I’ve been jealous for years, (Y/N).”  His voice and his mouth are harsh, his lips leaving a burning trail down your neck, across your collarbone.  But his hands are thoughtful and soft, holding and caressing and protecting.  (As he’s always done for you.)

“You’re an idiot,” you say.  You bring his face back up to yours so that you can kiss him, hard and meaningful, so that he can see flashes behind his closed eyes.  “You should have said something.  You should have said something.”

“I want you to be happy.”

God, D, you make me happy.”

He grins so brightly and so widely you swear your heart could burst.  You yelp in surprise when he hoists you up by the backs of your thighs, so that you can wrap your legs around his waist.  “I’ll make it up to you,” he murmurs, smiling against your lips.

Every time I watch Robert hold tightly onto Aaron’s arm it makes me sigh with happiness. He thought he’d lost him, he thought he’d never get to spend another night sleeping next to him, holding him as he fell asleep. HE WAS FORGIVEN! the one person he found that he wants to be with just for them and he did the worst thing he could have, he made a mistake that he thought he could never be forgiven for, but Aaron did. Aaron loves him so much, he knows Robert better than anyone else, he knows why Robert did it, he knows what was going on in his head at the time and he knows that it’s something he can forgive and work through because their relationship is worth fighting for.

Their love is so strong and I think they both know it’s too good to let go of.

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I feel like Louis' tweet alludes that he'll be cheering for her at the Marathon with the family (she said family & friends will cheer for her at certain points during the marathon). That makes me so happy for him if he'd be able to be there with his loved ones ❤

that would be lovely indeed!

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How will the sf ut uf us papys react to an SO who has Gigantism who they've been with for years but haven't said the "L" word to each other, so one day SO acts differently around them as in mother hen different for a week, and when the paps ask what's up SO Holds paps with a flushed face, dorky smile, heart eyes and everything and whispers "I love you" to paps and proceeds to smooch paps and tears up a bit because SO just loves him-

Tol / smoller tol dynamics makes me so happy. ~ Mod Dari

Swapfell! Papyrus

He’d he so confused but also have his soul flutter in his ribs as you skirt around him, picking up when he looked even a bit tired.

When asked you, he had expected a completely different answer.

His cheek bones flush, starting up at you with wide eye sockets.

He’d let out a soft choked sound, his sockets watering a bit.

Before he let out a watery laugh, his soul thrumming against his sternum; about yto burst from how much love you exhibited.

He’d whisper, not trusting his voice, “i love you too.

Underfell! Papyrus

He’d be incredibly flustered, unable to speak as he stared at you.

He could feel your heart thumping from how close you were holding him.

His entire skull was a soft pink, a soft squeak slipping from him(that he will vehemently deny).

He quietly nestled his face in the crook of your neck, only growing more flustered under your gaze.

There’s a soft rumble of his voice on your neck and you asked him to repeat himself.

When you strain your hearing just enough, you can hear his uncharacteristically soft voice, “I love you too…

Underswap! Papyrus

His face would go orange, a big grin lighting up his skull.

His soul was about ready to beat out of his ribs at the look on your face.

He looked so happy as he leaned for another kiss.

And another.

And another.

He’d smooch you until you both are panting and breathless, grin still on his skull.

“i love you too sweetheart.” He sighed, rested his forehead against your’s.

He really does. <3

Undertale! Papyrus

You could hear his internal screaming from where you stood.

His eye sockets were wide, his entire skull a solid orange.

He’s vibrating gently, melting into your hold as he pressed his face into your chest.

He’s the great Papyrus, he shouldn’t get so flustered because you decided to be super cute!

I LOVE YOU TOO DATEMATE!!” His voice almost cracked from how high-pitched and how happy he was.

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☾ headcannons for Zen, Jumin, and V please? (maybe cuddle hcs?) BTW I love all your posts they brighten up my day :)))

Thank you so much! That makes me so happy :D



  • He definitely sleeps with his shirt off
  • Like, 100%
  • You don’t mind though
  • He thrashes around a lot in his sleep, which was something you were not expecting
  • Sometimes his hair hits you in the face
  • Please just cut it off Zen
  • He’s definitely the big spoon though


  • He has multiple sets of pajamas and he wear a different one everyday
  • He likes to stroke your hair before you both fall asleep
  • Elizabeth III also likes to join you both when you sleep
    • She sleeps in the middle
  • Jumin isn’t one for cuddling so he just rolls over facing away from you when he sleeps
  • But this man snores!
  • So you don’t mind that it’s not aimed at you


  • The most normal sleeper you will ever meet
  • He just lies on his back, arms pinned to his side
  • Sometimes you have to make sure he’s only asleep and not dead

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What do you think Mr.J would do if he found out Harley had his baby in Arkham but they took the little princess from her then made her forget with electro shock therapy and they let Bruce Wayne raise her little clown? 🖤💚

If joker knew that his baby was somewhere out there then there’d be nothing anyone could say or do to maker him give her up. Even her like say she’s like “okay you’re my dad but being with Wayne makes me happy” he’d still take her with him because in his mind because of the torture and not originally knowing he was her dad she doesn’t know how happy she could be with him. 🃏 If he knew Harley was pregnant before she went he’d literally be trying to get to that baby every damn second so Wayne wouldn’t have her long. Since that was such a big plan on the doctors side joker would def return the favor. He’d find their kids and take them and electro shock them and send them away. Jokers brain is already non stop but if his girl is involved its just constant go go go so he’d stop at nothing to get his family back 💚💚💚💚💚💜

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do u have a crush?

hi anon i think ur new here so let me tell u about my boyfriend, jay;

jay is the best person ever. nothing can convince me otherwise. he’s like. you took everything good in the world and made it into a person and that’s jay. he makes me so happy and i don’t know what i’d do without him. he’s always there for me and he does all that he can to help me feel at least a little better. just thinking about him makes me feel a little better. i can tell he truly cares and i really need that. just everything about him is so. good. perfect. amazing. wonderful. and at night when i can’t sleep or i’m feeling my worst, i’ll think about our skype calls and his smile and laugh and how he says ‘i love you’ and i can’t help but smile like an idiot when he says it. i love his voice, it’s so soft and lovely and every time i hear it i get butterflies in my stomach. i love making him smile, or laugh, which happens a lot. i love seeing him happy; making him happy. i love him so much.

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My brother bought me a 12 sided fidget cube thing today !!!!!!! It's pink and green and black and it's so good im so happy !!! I didn't even have to ask him for it he just wanted to because he thought it'd make me happy and help me when I get overwhelmed !!!!!!!

Stim toys are THE SHIT.