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Although being Head Girl had perks that were enough to make Sybil feel even more superiour than some of the students in Hogwarts it was never as good as she would’ve liked. And after everything important for the day was completed the only things left were.. let’s just say not up to her linking. Strutting through the seventh-floor corridor after she had just ended an argument between the portraits of Edward Rabnott the Slytherin was planning on taking the staircase that led back to the dungeons when she noticed a door appearing at the end of the corridor, the Room of Requirement. She hadn’t seen the place since her third year when she found herself trying to run away from McGonagall before she caught her sneaking around after curfew. 

She nearly smiled at the sight of it. It was exactly what she needed right now, to be able to get away without actually leaving the castle. And after all, no one was going to notice if she dissapeared for a few hours, it was already normal for her to do so. Before she knew it she was already stranding in front of it, with a hand on the handle. What she didn’t expect though, was to see someone on the other side.