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Pairing:  Tony Stark x Reader

Featuring: none

Words: 1498

Warnings: none I think

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Request: requested by @gingie4life:

“Hello, would love a Tony Stark reader best friends fic that’s like work husband wife relationship, that maybe turns into something more. Maybe Tony takes the first move kinda deal. Thanks.”

Notes: sorry it took me so long! Uni got me really really busy, probably you already forgot about the request but I hope you like it!

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Roller coaster. That was the best way to describe the past year of your life. Somehow, a year ago, Tony Stark itself showed up at the company where you used to work demanding you to work with him. He didn’t even ask. He just told you to do so. At the beginning you weren’t too sure about working with him. He had a name and a reputation behind him so of course it made you hesitate. At the same time, you knew it was the opportunity of your life so that same week you signed your resignation letter and left the job you had been doing for the past five years.

It was a huge step, and huge change. Specially, when you found out you weren’t going to work for Stark Industries, you were going to work for the Avengers. When you first found out about it fear was all you felt as you remembered all the chaos caused in New York and so many other places because of them. Yet, when you thought about it, you saw a chance to make a difference, to make the world a better place. Maybe the caused chaos, but it was their work and it had to be done. Immediately, you signed your contract. Tony had you move there the moment you signed your contract since it was safer. You used to live alone so you didn’t have a single complain about it.

Ever since, the Avengers had become your family and the Avengers Tower had become your home. You loved your work at the lab with Tony. What did you do? Well, you were an engineer so your work was create or improve the team’s weapons and suits. You loved it. And they were so happy with your job and with you. Some of them were sceptical with someone new at the beginning, especially Bucky, but you ended up making your way through him eventually and at that point he was like a big brother to you. An overprotective one, you had to admit. But you loved him and you loved every single one of them.

“Morning Tony” you said walking a Monday morning into the lab with two cups of coffee. “You spent the night here again?” You asked as you saw the rings under his eyes.

“I had to” he said taking the cup you offered. “Thanks, love” he said.

You smiled a little. It had been a time since the pet names between you two became a thing. It started out accidentally but now you were both used to it, and you liked it. It made you feel special somehow.

“You have to sleep, Tony” you said sitting at your usual spot.

“Sleeping is overrated. The sooner I figure this out, the sooner we defeat that freak” Tony sighed.

You had spent a week now trying to figure out how to defeat a guy who could create breaches and move to whenever he wanted. It looked cool, but it became a problem when he suddenly appeared behind anyone on the team and attacked from behind. Not funny.

“And what will happen when you fall asleep while you’re flying?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

“Unlikely” he replied turning again to the screen.

You shook your head as you watched him work all focused. It was true that you had become close to everyone in the team but it was more with Tony. You had been his protégée from the very first day you started working there. Soon, you had found yourself trusting that man with your problems and fears, with your life and stories. With everything. Eventually, he opened up to you as well. By that time, you two knew each other better than anyone else in the team. You had a special connection that no one else shared.

So you knew better than talking him out of keep on working. He wouldn’t sleep until he found a solution and you knew the only way to get it done was helping him, so you put the coffee down and turned on the computer, opening all the files with the data you had about this guy.

“The world is crazy” you sighed as you read all over the info again.

The morning went by quite fast and before you knew it, your stomach was asking for food so you got up and headed towards the kitchen to make sandwiches for you and Tony. Meanwhile, you thought it would be a good idea to make a milkshake as well so you opened the fridge looking for the strawberries but they were nowhere to be seen. That was weird considering you bought them yesterday.

“Stark” you mumbled and closed the fridge before going back to the lab. “Tony! Where are my strawberries?” You asked the moment you walked into the room.

“3 am cravings. Sorry not sorry” he said not looking up from the screen.

“Couldn’t you just tell me?” You asked crossing your arms.

“I forgot” he shrugged looking at you with a small smile. “Sorry, I’ll buy more later today ok?” He said with an innocent smile. You rolled your eyes and left the lab once again. You knew he wasn’t going to buy any strawberries anytime soon.

Like you had planned, you made a sandwich for each one of you but this time you didn’t put mayo on his, knowing he really really liked his sandwiches with mayo. You put his plate next to him and went back to work.

“(Y/N)?” You looked at Tony when he called your name. He was holding his food. “Where’s the mayo?” He asked.

“12 p.m. craving. Sorry not sorry” you said smirking.

“You ate all the mayo!?” He asked horrified.

“No, but I craved not to put it on your sandwich” you replied trying your best not to laugh.

“But…I love mayonnaise…” he mumbled.

“And I love strawberries” you shrugged before turning to your screen once again.

You knew you were overreacting but it was the only way Tony would actually listen to you. Suddenly, you heard him getting up. When you looked up, you saw him walking out of the lab with the sandwich on his hand. That was weird. You imagined he would be back soon so you just went back to your work.

But it took him longer than expected to come back and when he did he was carrying a big wooden box that was put next to you.

“What the fuck?” You asked as you looked at him.

“I’m sorry” he said uncovering the box.

When you saw what was into the box you started laughing. He had bought a stupid amount of strawberries just for you as an apology. This man had no filter.

“Can I have mayo now?” He asked.

“Did you really buy all these so I would put mayo on your sandwich? Wouldn’t it have been easier go to the kitchen and get some yourself?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Maybe but it tastes better when you do it” he shrugged before going back to his work.

You smiled warmly while you looked at him. He may get on your nerves many times but there were no sweeter man than him in the whole world. With a smile, you took the box and went to the kitchen having no idea what you were supposed with so many strawberries. Probably a cake. Or many milkshakes. For starters, you made another sandwich for Tony, with mayo this time and also a milkshake for each one of you.

“Here” you said going back to the lab. “Extra mayo” you told him with a wink.

He looked at you the whole time until you sat down and even then he didn’t look away from you. Eventually, you forced yourself to look at him since he didn’t stop staring.

“What?” You laughed.

Silently, he got up from his spot and approached you. He kneeled down in front of you so he was at your height, took your face and kissed you slowly, out of nowhere and catching you completely with your guard down. It was true you had feelings for him, it was true the whole team had told you Tony had them too, that you two were already like a couple and sometimes like a married one, but you didn’t believe them. Until that moment which was too short. Soon he pulled away.

“What was that for?” You asked as he went back to his chair.

“I love you” he shrugged typing away. “I thought you knew, I just wanted it to be clear” he added.

Hearing those three words from him made you melt. Slowly, you got up and pushed him away from the computer just to sit on his lap and kiss him again. This time, he wrapped his arms around your waist, kissing you back.

“What was that for?” He asked when you pulled away. You shrugged smiling.

“I love you too”, you replied.

Coffee Shop Date || Jihoon || Oneshot

Originally posted by wonyeols

Word Count: 1383

Genre: fluff

Summary: Jihoon never seemed to be the romantic type but when he was in love…that was a different story.

The first thought he had when he woke up was “I really want to go on a coffee shop date”. He sighed, sitting up on his bed, and stretched back. He groaned, moving from side to side before he stopped, dropped his arms and ruffled his hair a tiny bit. He stood and walked over to the full length mirror, looking at himself. He tugged off the sweater and dropped it to the ground before he went to his closet and riffled through his clothes, pulling out simple yet stylish items, and then headed to the bathroom.

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Sky Painted Pretty Colours

summary: you and bucky hate each other, and stages through your relationship

warnings: there are swear words, insults, angst, meh meh

word count: 5,751

requests included:

-> What about if the reader is friends with nat or Wanda and comes by to hangout and says she wants to start working out so bucky volunteers/gets told he has to train her but she comes sporadically when she has time and overtime he likes her and fluffff

->Hey bby! Here’s a request for you: a bucky x reader where the reader is having a little girl conversation (about Bucky) with Wanda and Nat and he overhears :) Idk I find that cute for some reason

A/N: it’s long af and like through the years okay have fun im going to sleep it’s 4:15 am

p.s. read my previous fic

p.p.s. here’s my masterlist

Steve’s grip on the paper he was holding tightened significantly as his ears nearly bled from the constant bickering.

“Shut the fuck up, Bucky.”

“You’re the fuck up. How do I shut you up?” he shot back, making you seethe.

“Says the asshole who can’t even fight properly.” You both circled around the mat.

“That’s rich, coming from you.”

“Wow, how original, Barnes-”

“Oh my God, will you guys shut it already?! Just train and get out of here!” Steve finally lost it. He would have separated you both long ago, but no one could deny you were good for each other. For all the pent up anger you two had, it was good that you relieved it some way because none of the other the Avengers were able to keep up with you.

Both of you glared at each other but agreed silently as you shut up, continuing the training as usual.

Steve swore the tension could break through his shield if it was materialised.


“Hey JARVIS, where is everyone?” you called out, wondering where the hell everyone was since you were alone in the common room.

“They’re all watching a movie in the home theatre Agent [Y/L/N],” he informed you as confusion took over you. Why didn’t they call you?

As you opened the door to the theatre, the light flooding the mini hall, everyone turned to look at you.

“[Y/N]? We thought you were out.” Steve squinted.

“Who on earth told you that? I’ve been in my room the whole time!” you exclaimed, feeling a little hurt, honestly.

“Buck-” Every head turned to him as he smirked at you.

“That’s just cold, man,” Sam commented as Bucky smirked.

“Well, it wasn’t like your presence was missed. Literally nobody cared.” He shrugged. You looked around at everyone as they looked a little guilty.

“We really thought you were out,” Nat tried to convince you but you gave her a tight lipped smile.

“It’s okay,” you offered, walking down the slope to where Bucky was sitting alone in a row. You sat in the seat next to him, obnoxiously picking up your legs and sitting diagonally in such a manner that your feet were propped up on the chair in front of Bucky to obstruct his view.

“What the fuck?” His eyebrows knitted together.

“Don’t mind my feet, Sam.” You nodded at him as he grinned, figuring out what you were doing.

“How am I supposed to see?” He threw his hands up angrily.

“I don’t know, why don’t you sit somewhere else?” you asked innocently, knowing all the seats were taken up by the remaining members who were fighting smiles.

“Fuck off [Y/N],” he growled and went to move your feet.

“You come near my feet and I will not hesitate to kick you in the face. Don’t fucking try me.”

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Diaries of Anarchy  #3 - Jax


Friday, 8th September, Indian Hills, Gross Headquarters AKA their clubhouse

Diary, this is the worst thing. We’re on a run and we’ve gone into lockdown. It’s been like this for DAYS and I’ve run out of products. All this hiding out is reeking havoc with my hair and skin.
Suggested doing makeovers with the boys, but everyone, with the exception of Juice, said “no”.
Now I’m rummaging around in the pantry, trying to find something I can use to cleanse my T section. All I found were some stale crackers and off milk. I suppose if I plugged my nose, I could grind up the crackers and make a paste…

Gross Sleeping Quarters AKA my room

I CAN’T TAKE IT, DIARY! I opened up the milk and nearly started retching. How can I put something like that on THIS FACE?
Went back into the bar room, everyone drinking.
“Prospect, I need you to go to the local and pick me up some cucumbers, a fresh lemon, NOT lemon juice, and cling film.”
“Dude, you know the clubhouse is being watched and we’re laying low until this crap with The Niners blows over, right?” Opie asked me, as though I’m an idiot.
You are an idiot. - Opie
“Half-sack is small, he’ll sneak out and back in without anyone noticing. Plus, Clay isn’t here and I’m in charge, so you gotta do what I say.” I replied, which is true.
I pulled Half-sack aside and tried to convince him to go, but he wouldn’t do it.
“How do you all expect me to charm these guys when I DON’T LOOK CHARMING?!” I asked them, as I stormed off to my room.
And so here I am, lying in my bed of rapidly decreasing youthful looks. I managed to find some anti-aging cream that I think one of the sweetbutts had around. It’s expired, but at least it’s something.

My room, feeling my pores tightening

I’d smeared the cream all over my face, even around my eyelids. Can’t take any chances. But then my door opened and Juice walked in.
“DON’T LOOK AT ME, ORTIZ, I’M HIDEOUS!” I said, trying to cover my face.
Juice walked in anyway, sitting down on the edge of my bed. He pulled a bag up onto his lap and opened it, and my eyes grew so wide, I didn’t care how many wrinkles I got.
There were creams and grooming equipment laid out in perfect arrangement.
I quickly got up, wiping my face on one of Opie’s shirts, and dumped his stuff off his bed and into the hallway.

10:15pm, My room, with my new bestie

Juice and I sitting on our beds, face masks on.
Opie is hella pissed that I kicked him out, but it’s his own fault. He doesn’t appreciate me or the things I do. I bought him all these beard oils for Christmas last year, and he told me he wouldn’t be “putting that shit in his beard”. Ungrateful.
“It’s pine-scented, like your people!”
“‘My people’?”
“The mountain men.”
“You know mountain men are crazy and can kill you, right?”
“I just want your beard to be lush, sue me.”
I’ve told him countless times that if he insists on impersonating a yeti, then he needs to braid his beard and hair so he doesn’t get all the knots. I even sent him tutorials on different braids, but you can’t tell people.
Juice understands me, though. He’s rubbing cream into my dry, cracked hands.
Jax, your cuticles! - Juice
I know, Juan, I know! I didn’t bring my softening cream and there is ABSOLUTELY NO pharmacist in Indian Hills.
How do these guys live?
Cavemen, Juice. Cavemen.

Wednesday, 13th September, gas stop on the way back to Charming

Finally going home! I can’t wait to get back to my precious bathroom. Oh, and Tara.
Had fun with Juice on this run, we’ve been trading tips and doing our best to stay fresh with our limited resources. Sat up talking one night about our favourite products. Who knew Juice was so knowledgeable? He’s going to take me to his favourite stores next time he goes and hook me up.

I have a giant headache. All morning we had Chibs screeching like a banshee, looking for his honey.
Who gets that worked up about honey? And why yell at us? I mean, we took it and used it all on our treatments, but there’s no need to bellow about it.

Juice has brought me a sandwich from the gas station. My stomach has been feeling queasy the last few days, but this is better than what we were eating on lockdown.
It was hard getting a decent meal while we were there. I’ll make you a smoothie when we’re home, and then I’m booking you into Clear Passages for a cleanse. - Juice
See, diary? This is what real friends do.
I said to Juice, “you know what I could really go for?”
“Ugh, don’t tell me, KFC? I’ve been craving it for days. Don’t tell Chibs.” He said.
What? Boys just wanna have fun, too.

2:00pm, Charming

Back home. Can’t wait for tomorrow, Juice is coming over and we’re going to have a boys night in, really treat ourselves.
Tara seems so glad to not have to go through my skin care routine with me. She’ll be sorry when she’s forty and looks it.
I was so happy when I walked in the house, I might have bypassed her in the doorway and went straight to the bathroom. Kissed everyone of my products and promised I’d never leave them again.
Tara’s pissed, but she’ll get over it when she sees my glowing skin after I’ve used my pore strips.

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hatsune-mikumiku  asked:

Thing where S/O is eating something, and the paladins ask "can I have some" and they're like "sure" and then they kiss S/O?? (Sorry if this is vague)

I didn’t know if you wanted this as a headcanon or as scenarios, but it made more sense for me to do it this way. If you want a headcanon, don’t be afraid to ask!

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anonymous asked:

Hi, if you're still taking prompts can I ask for an ABO jaydick, with Alpha!Jason and Omega!Dick, the rest is up to you. I just need some abo goodness. Thank you!

*bows to you* Thanks for requesting Omega!Dick because there seriously isn’t enough out there (and Alpha!Jay with Omega!Dick) ~ Have fun with this piece!

Jason blinked at Dick, watched as the man strolled about the kitchen, pulling all sorts of ingredients from the pantry and refrigerator and settled them all on the table. He leaned up against the counter, examined the assortment of food that Dick had gathered and arched a brow in curiosity.

“What are you making?” Jason asked his omega who was happily humming as he pulled out two slices of buttermilk bread.

“A sandwich,” he simply replied, not bothering to glance at Jason and continued forth with his cooking. 

Jason just gazed at him, still confused and scrunched his nose. “What kind of sandwich?”

“I don’t know yet,” he answered and shrugged his shoulders. 

Jason watched carefully as the man grabbed a jar of strawberry jam and slathered it on both sides of his bread. Next he went for the jar of mayo, fucking mayo, and put that on top of the jam. The alpha gagged inside of his mouth, already appalled and then when he saw him going for a banana and peeled it open to slice and put in the sandwich, he threw up his hands.

“Dick,” he said and captured his mate’s attention, pausing mid-way as he was about to cut up his bananas with a knife. “That’s gross,” Jason stated truthfully.

Dick just gasped at him. “It’s not gross!” He argued and continued on with building his sandwich. “It will taste delicious.”

“Okay…?” Jason didn’t understand what was up with his palette as of late. Dick had been having weird cravings and pairing food that did not go well together.  

Trust me. You can have a bite to try,” Dick offered and neatly placed his blanket of bananas on one side of the bread.

“No thanks,” Jason said and held up a hand. He was not up for whatever Dick was making because he knew he’d spit it out instantly. Like when he decided to make dinner last night and created an atrocious dish of a peanut butter sauce spaghetti. Let’s just say, dinner ended up in the trash and they went out instead.

“But!” Dick argued and slapped his sandwich together, pressed it down flat and took a bite. His lips spread into a wide smile and he groaned loudly in pleasure. “It's so good,” he said, voice muffled as he was chewing.

Jason stuck out his tongue in disgust. “No Dick. Just no.“ 

“Bite?” Dick asked, munching loudly and offered his sandwich as he held it towards his alpha. Jason just shook his head no, took a step back and retreated to the living room. He was not about to subject himself to unappealing food even if his omega seemed to be enjoying it.

He hoped Dick was just going through a weird phase.

And maybe he really was because from then on, Dick went through a cycle of cravings. At one moment he’d want chocolate, and then ice cream. He even went so far as eating a whole 1.5 quarts tub of ice cream all by himself while sobbing to some sad romantic film.

He wasn’t even in his heat or pre-heat and it just made no sense to Jason. He would have known if he was going into heat because Dick’s scent would slowly spill, seeping out into the air and settling like a stagnant buoy. They’ve been together long enough for Jason to know when Dick was about to go into heat, often knew it first before Dick would realize himself. Besides, the omega ate up a storm and he pretty much ate anything. He’d often be snacking up until his heat so he could put on some weight since he knew that he’d be shedding it off during his heat.

So Jason knew that Dick was definitely definitely not in heat. He was just oddly being strange and something was affecting his taste buds. 

Hopefully it would pass soon.

It didn’t pass and it was still on-going. Jason had ignored it for the most part, but it was getting on his nerves just a bit because Dick would try to feed him whatever it was he was eating.

Not to mention, the omega’s scent was different. It was less sweet, didn’t smell like the sugary and fruity scent that he often oozed.

“You smell different,” Jason mentioned, had embraced Dick from behind and dipped in to smell the gland off his neck. He sucked in a long breath, taking in a whiff of his omega scent and yeah, it was different.

“I do?” Dick questioned and arched a brow at him, vivid blue eyes filled with confusion. He hadn’t realized it himself and tried to take a sniff, but couldn’t tell the difference. Jason knew though, he knew his omega too well and if anything was off just a bit, he would know.

Like with the food cravings and now his scent. He’d also noticed that Dick was putting on a tiny bit of weight which wasn’t unusual, but he hadn’t had his heat yet so it was possible he was only doing it in preparation. Though it was kind of too early for him.

“I didn’t notice,” Dick answered and frowned at his alpha. Jason immediately caught a whiff of his disappointment and swiftly moved to calm him by stroking his hair, threading his fingers through gingerly.

“It’s fine. It’s nothing bad. Just something I noticed,” Jason said.

“Could there be something wrong?” He asked and pressed his lips into a thin line in wonder.

“I’m not sure, but we could visit Leslie,” Jason offered. It wasn’t a bad idea at all, maybe they could get an explanation as to Dick’s strange behavior lately.

“Okay,” Dick agreed so they gave Leslie a call to set up an appointment.

“Well,” Leslie said and pushed up on her glasses as she narrowed her eyes down at the couple. “This isn’t uncommon.”

Dick and Jason stared at her in confusion. They were currently at her clinic, seated inside of her room. Dick had just finished getting checked out by Leslie and she seemed a little pleased herself. She hadn’t yet told them what was up, but that Dick was all fine and dandy, nothing wrong with him at all.

Oh. Okay,” Dick said and scratched his head. “Um, what is it then?” He questioned, curious about what it was that was driving his instant craving for food and the change in scent.

Leslie’s lips pulled into a wide smile and she clasped her hands together. “You’re pregnant,” she simply stated.

Jason’s eyes widened in surprise and he heard Dick gasp loudly beside him, tipping forward in shock as if he almost wanted to grab Leslie and shake her to say it again.

“I'm—I'm pregnant?” He asked, voice squeaking in surprise. Jason could just feel his distress oozing from him and moved to settle a hand on top of his, hoping to calm him down. It’s not as if Jason wasn’t freaking out himself, but he needed to be there to support his omega.

“Yes. You’re pregnant. About a month and a half in.”

“I—I,” Dick stuttered, confused at the new information and pinched his brows. “I—how?”

Leslie just stared at him dumbfounded, like that answer should have been obvious. She said nothing and tossed her attention at Jason, narrowing her eyes at him. Jason just stared back and shrugged his shoulders. What else was he supposed to say? Obviously it was him who got Dick pregnant. When and how, he wasn’t so sure.

“Your alpha of course,” she stated and Jason scrubbed a hand down his face. Of course she had to state the obvious.

“I—I know that,” Dick said, a pink dusting his cheeks in embarrassment. “I get it. I just, how did I not know?”

Leslie chuckled softly. “It’s not strange you didn’t realize it. Especially if you didn’t plan for it.”

Dick was huffing, breathing loudly as he was having a moment of crisis. Trying to process the fact that he was pregnant with their child. Jason trailed a hand away from Dick’s and placed it at the small of his back, slowly rubbing gently circles to ease his mind.

“Hey,” he murmured. “Calm down,” he said as if that would help him. 

“Just breathe, Dick,” Leslie said, also worried about Dick’s current state as she was able to smell his strong scent, filled with anxiety and fear.

His exhales came in bursts, irregular and they wanted to prevent him from hyperventilating so Jason began to excrete gentle pheromones to help him relax. “I’m freaking,” Dick groaned. “God, I’m pregnant,” he sighed and buried his fingers in his hair as a form of signaling his frustration. “I can't—how did this even happen? When?“ 

”…Maybe during our last heat?“ Jason added, a little unsure himself. He knew how passionate their heat could become and that was also when Dick was most likely to get pregnant.

That,“ Dick hummed aloud in thought. “That would make the most sense.” and really it did since it happened about two months or so ago. Considering Dick was already 1.5 months in, the times aligned well.

“Yep,” Jason said and turned to look at his omega, gingerly tapped his chin to turn him so they were face to face. His expression was down, forlorn and he appeared worried. “You okay?“ 

Dick drew in a shaky breath and nodded his head. “Fine,” he answered even though Jason knew he wasn’t.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. We can get through this together.“ 

"But, do you—do we want to have a child?”

That was a valid question for a couple who lived a dangerous life. They were vigilantes, constantly fighting crime at night. Having a child would cause a disturbance in their rhythm and something they would need to adjust their lifestyle to fit. But of course Jason knew that because Dick was an omega. There was a possibility they would one day have children.

It just, well, he didn’t expect it to go unplanned. Figured they would have planned for it so they could adapt to the change and be prepared.

But he supposed they would just have to go with it right now since it’d already happened and not because he felt obligated, he actually wanted a child. A cute little child of his and Dick’s.

“Yeah,” Jason answered. “I mean, I want to have the child. Do you?" 

I do,“ Dick replied immediately. "I do, I really do. I just, I’m not sure we’re ready.”

Jason chuckled at that comment. “We’ll never be ready, but we can always try.”

A small smile graced his lips and his expression relaxed, his scent returning back to normal as his anxiety decreased. “Yeah,” he replied.

“Don’t worry,” Leslie piped into the conversation. “We’ll all be here to support you.” Her ‘we’ extended to all of the batfamily and honestly, Jason knew that to be the truth since Dick was the only omega in their family filled with alphas and betas.

They left the clinic feeling a little lighter than when they had entered and settled themselves in the car, ready for the drive home back to their apartment.

“I guess,” Dick started and chewed his lip, a little nervous. “We should tell everyone else?” He offered and Jason groaned at that comment. 

“Ugh, I am not looking forward to that,” he said, completely forgot about having to deliver the news to the family. Fuck, it was going to be a nightmare.

Dick just chuckled and rest a hand on top of Jason’s, twined their fingers together and kissed his knuckles softly. “I’ll be there to support you.”

“Shouldn’t you be the one telling them and I support you?” He eyed his omega skeptically. 

Dick smiled teasingly and laughed. “I guess you’re right.”

“Damn right. I am not about to be yelled at by them." 

"Hey, they love you too.”

“Yeah, but you're their omega. They are protective as hell.”

Dick just rolled his eyes playfully at Jason and leaned in close, puckered his lips for a kiss. Jason obliged and pressed his hot lips against Dick’s tender ones, kissed him passionately as he probed inside his mouth, licking and tasting all that was his.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you if they get aggressive,” Dick said and smiled into the kiss. Jason just huffed a breath and captured his lips once more.

Unexpected Surprises

Summary: Chris Evans x Reader where Chris and the reader are expecting their first child and she goes into labor during the Civil War premiere (as requested by @macca-mcsexy)
A/N: I realized that this fic could be read as a prequel to Fatherly Love ! :3
You were due in two weeks. You looked ready to burst - but still, Chris insisted he take you to the premiere - “I want to show the world my beautiful wife and my baby. You can’t say no to that.” The premiere was in less than a week. He smiled as he sat down next to you and put his arm around you. You were sat in the comfy spot of the couch - where you could stretch your legs as much as you liked; you were currently residing in that place. It was the most comfortable place to sit so you’d claimed it as your own and told Chris to go get another spot - since that place on the couch originally belonged to him.

Technically, it’s still a fetus. It’s only called a baby once it’s out of the womb.” You stated, quoting the book you were reading - it was about pregnancy and labor (you were currently up to the labor part).

Sorry, Mrs Scientific.”

“Who can blame me? I’ve been sat on my ass for a solid four months. Obviously I was gonna go do some research. What would you have done? Do you even know how exhausting it is to have to do everything for two people? I should’ve been used to it, since you’re here, but-”

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[title]: Clingy

[pairing]: Clingy!Bucky x Reader 

[summary]: The Reader isn’t giving Bucky her full attention and Bucky is not happy about it at all.

[warnings]: fluff man

[a/n]: im sorry that i haven’t posted in a while. I just started school fml and there’s just a lot of work, but im here now, so it’s okay!

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           It was one of those days. One of those days where Bucky woke up exhausted, dark circles hanging noticeably under his eyes, lips curved into a grumpy frown. He had been up all night while images of the murder that was permanently etched into his past danced violently in his memory. And she had been up all night too. [y/n] was awake before he was, gently stroking his hair that had been dampened with sweat and cooing sweet promises to keep him safe.

           It was her soft touch and velvety voice that had eased him out of his night terror. He had clung to her as if his life depended on it, letting her press her lips to his forehead, and he cried softly to her while she held him. She even made him tea despite his wishes that she wouldn’t leave him. And eventually he fell back asleep hours later to her sleepy voice whispering those same promises to protect him, and she intended to keep them.

           [y/n] was exceptionally tired in the morning as well and slept significantly longer than Bucky did. But now Bucky was in a foul mood from his lack of sleep and the fact that his [y/n] went out with Sam and Scott and T’Challa to show Thor the wonders of laser tag.

           So he sat on the couch, phone in his hand, while SpongeBob flickered quietly on the television in front of him.

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Mama - Liam x MC

Book: The Royal Romance
Pairing: Liam x MC (I named her Mayra Knightley)
Summary: A month and a half has passed since the coronation. Mayra has returned back home to New York City only to find a bittersweet surprise she took back home with her.
Additional Info: I headcanon that everyone was able to spend that time at the hedge maze with the prince (whoever wanted to) and there was no diamond option.
Rated: T for Teens/Young Adults

Part 1: Discovery

“Is that ramen noodles with peanut butter, Mayra?” Daniel inspected my distinctive colored bowl.

“Yeah, why?”

“What do you mean ‘why’? That’s kinda gross.” He remarked in disgust.

“Hey, don’t judge me if a girl’s got cravings!” I defended, throwing one of our hand towels at him. Thanks to Daniel, when I had come back from Cordonia he was willing to share an apartment with me until I got back onto my feet. Not only that, but I was grateful that he managed to get me a job at another local bar he also worked for. 

“You’ve been having weird ones the last couple of weeks. First tuna sandwiches with cherry syrup then grilled cheese with caviar and now this?” Daniel laughed, gesturing the breakfast in front of me.

It was odd that I was making strange mixtures of my food recently but I’m sure it’s just me beginning to savor what normal food tasted like again. Compared to…a month and a half ago.

A month and a half ago…

A month and a half ago I was practically destined to become queen of a foreign country I barely knew about. A month and a half ago I was wearing a frilly white ball gown compared to the barely clothes I own now. A month and a half ago I had realized I had fallen helplessly in love with a prince and he returned the emotions back. A month and a half ago I realized that fairytales didn’t always have a happily ever after. A month and a half ago…was the last time I ever saw him.

“Mayra!” I heard Liam call out my name to the crowd, his eyes frantically searching for me.

“Liam! I’m here– get off!” I yelped when of the guards aggressively yanked me farther to the ballroom doors. My voice was no use though as all the chaos and voices drowned me out.

I saw Liam take a step off the dais only to have guards hold their hands out in front of him, “I need to speak to her.”

My heart fluttered knowing he was attempting to at least hear my side of the story and a light of hope lit up in me until…Queen Regina pulled him aside to whisper into his ear. I fought harder against the guards and tried to grasp either Drake or Hana’s hands fighting through as well.

“Please! I need to speak with him!” I pleaded.

“Prince Liam will now make his announcement.” I heard King Constantine announce.


“I choose…” I saw Liam’s blue eyes darken as he clenched his fists “…Lady Madeleine.”

I was snapped back into reality when I suddenly felt my stomach churn sickeningly. My eyes glanced at my bowl curiously and stirred the material in it questioningly. I smacked the food in my mouth slightly only for it to suddenly taste nauseating and bitter.

“Mayra? You okay?” Daniel asked with concern.

Ignoring him, my eyes widened when I felt my entire body tense up and my abdomen clench as stomach contents rose up to my throat. I ran past him and into the bathroom, throwing the seat up. I got down onto my knees just in time for the vomit to pool out of my mouth.

“Mayra! Oh my god!”

“Go…” I gagged into the toilet, gripping the sides of tightly “…away!”

“Hold on! I’m going to call my uncle!” I hear Daniel add.

I didn’t focus on that though. Instead, I continued throwing up my breakfast and last night’s dinner into the toilet. After a couple of minutes, my retching eased into a light headache. Taking a deep breath, I regained my posture but still kept my hands placed on the seat incase another wave were to come. Figuring it was done, I flushed the toilet and fell back onto my butt against the bathroom wall.

“God, that was horrible…” I muttered and placed a hand on my forehead to feel if it was hot. I was warm but nothing too severe and just a bit exhausted out of nowhere.

“Mayra, Dr. Parker is here,” Daniel informed me.

I nodded and allowed him to help me up. I swayed slightly on my feet but managed to walk back into the living room where he placed me gently on the sofa. In front of me I saw Dr. Parker, Daniel’s uncle, give me a warm smile.

“Mayra, dear, how do you feel right now? Daniel told me you were throwing up earlier.”

Trying to swallow the slight acid still in my mouth, I nodded slowly, “Yes…uh, I think it was the peanut butter and ramen.”

“No, Mayra. This has already happened three days in a row now.” Daniel said with a frown.

“All the same time of day?” Dr. Parker raised an eyebrow at him.

Daniel nodded and I slumped into the seat, groaning, “Dr. Parker, really it isn’t anything. Maybe just a stomach flu.”

“Yes but I do need to ask you some more questions, Mayra,” Dr. Parker scooted his chair closer to me. “Let me just check your eyes, ears and throat first though.”

He went on with his procedures to check me but his expression was still troubled. Being somewhat of a good reader of people I knew there was something he was trying to hold back from telling me.

“Dr. Parker is everything okay?” I asked, real genuine concern now.

He rubbed his mouth, thinking deeply and looking me straight in the eye. “Mayra, have you been having cravings? Back aches? Any delays in your menstrual cycle?”

Reflecting back, I knew I had cravings and at times my back would suddenly feel like someone was hammering into it. My period though…it’s always been late, never normal so I don’t know what he was trying to get at. “Well yeah, I have cravings a lot now and my back has had some ache episodes but my period has always been irregular so.”

“Right well…Daniel? Do you mind stepping out of the room?”

He was taken aback but nodded at his uncle, “Yes, of course.”

When me and Dr. Parker were alone, he lowered his voice to me as I inched closer in curiosity. “Mayra I don’t mean to probe but… Have you been sexually active with anyone the last two months?”

I blinked, now knowing what he was trying to tell me. No, I couldn’t be…not when he’s…oh god no. My mouth hung open as I just stared at him, frozen in place.

“Mayra…I think…I think you’re pregnant.”

FitzSimmons Future Fic. ~1100 words 

Fulfills @thefitzsimmonsnetwork‘s Fanwork Friday Prompt: Space

Title from Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”

Jemma was sitting at the kitchen table, finishing up a sandwich. Of course, it was Fitz’s favorite sandwich and at 32 weeks pregnant, it was the only food that would satisfy her daily cravings. As she finished it, Jemma ran a hand over her large stomach. “Of course, Daddy’s favorite sandwich is the only thing that will make Mummy happy right now,” Jemma laughed. “And, you better believe that he is not letting me forget it.”

Suddenly, Jemma heard Fitz’s voice call down from upstairs, “Jemma, come up here for a sec, will you?”

Jemma pushed herself out of the chair, sighing slightly as she struggled to get up. “What is it, Fitz? Is everything okay?” she called back as she waddled up the stairs, her large belly making the task much more difficult.

As Jemma got close to the top of the stairs, Fitz’s face appeared, his eyes shining and a smile on his face. “Everything’s fine… I just have a surprise for you. It’s in her nursery.” When she reached the top, Fitz grabbed her hand and led her down the hall into their little girl’s room.

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Summary: As excited and happy as you and Bucky are about becoming parents, he can’t help but doubt himself about it.

Originally posted by leafierleaf

Many extravagant things have happened so far in Bucky’s life. Meeting you of course was at the very top of the list.

But let’s just say the day that you told Bucky he was going to be a dad, topped everything. Word’s could not explain how joyous he was about it. And still is.

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anonymous asked:

JESUS U HAVE NO CLUE WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO ME. ITS 2:38 am, I HAVE SPENT THE LAST FOUR HOURS READING YOUR BLURBS... Could you make me one? Um with Harry, really cute one. But kinda sexy at the same time? Idk work your magic!!!!

Hi! I’m sorry I kept you up late, hope you didn’t have anywhere to be the next day :) I’m combining this with another request, one about you wearing his clothes, emphasis on the flannel. 

Thank you very much for reading and requesting <3

Waking up alone when Harry isn’t a million miles away is a much different experience to when he’s touring.

It’s still a disappointment to open your eyes and see empty sheets on his side of the bed, having to pull the covers up tighter around you to block out the cold that Harry’s arms had warded off the night before, and yet you can press your face into his abandoned pillow and the smell of his soap and cologne and skin is right there, stronger than ever. Nothing could ever compare to waking up entangled with him, his warm breath puffing out over your collarbone as he buries his face further into your neck, but even his temporary absence is a thousand times better than the bleak realization that the only contact you might have with him that day would be a few texts and a brief FaceTime call.

You stretch and roll over, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes as you unplug your phone from its charger and flick through your notifications. You can’t resist the smile that tugs on your lips when you see you have six messages from Harry, mostly just him being unbearably sweet and wishing you a good morning and telling you how much he misses you and can’t wait to come home to you. Your two year anniversary is creeping up quickly, and yet he still makes you giggle and kick your legs out with girlish excitement. As you slowly pull yourself out of bed and begin to head towards the bathroom, you text him back letting him know you’re awake and that you miss him too, and then you set your phone down on the dresser so you can hop into the shower and wash off the sticky reminders of your late night rendezvous with Harry.

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018 / Expectant

sorry i haven’t posted in ages my god

anon requested a pref where you’re pregnant.. hope it’s okay?? remember to request, i can do blurbs, preferences, text thingies, whatever you’re into

ASHTON : You tossed the last of Ashton’s now-clean socks into the clothes basket, wishing they were as clean when you’d had to put them in the washer. Shuddering at the memory, you closed the glass door of the dryer and bent over to pick up the heavy wicker basket that now smelled of ‘April Rain’ thanks to Ashton’s choice of dryer sheets. 

“Babe, what are you doing?” You heard Ashton say with a hint of hysteria. You turned to see that him leaning against the door jamb, his arms crossed and his brows knit together slightly. “I told you that you shouldn’t be carrying heavy stuff around, let me do it." 

Ashton had been coddling you ever since the small bump on your stomach started to grow, and although it was sweet, you couldn’t drop everything and lay around. There was work to be done, and with Ashton’s busy schedule, he couldn’t always help out. Although it was strange at first, maneuvering around the bump, you’d soon figured it out and could keep house like a champ.

"Ash,” You smirked, and shifted the basket higher onto your waist. “Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I can’t go about my business. The clothes need washed, the floor needs vacuumed, you need a shave.” You giggled, nodding your head towards the scruffy beard beginning to take shape on his jaw. Even though you personally liked it, you knew that he’d have to take a razor to it before the awards show you two were attending tomorrow night. “I can’t just watch TV for nine months until he decides to join us." 

Ashton furrowed his brows even more so, but then relaxed his face and chuckled. “I guess your right. I just don’t want you to stress yourself, or anything to happen to you.” 

"I know, I know.” You smiled, looking past your previous annoyance and counting your blessings you had such a sweetheart looking after you. “Thank you. But I’m a big girl, I can handle a few pounds of your smelly socks." 

"In that case,” Ashton pulled a face and backed up a few steps into the hallway. “I’ll go, uh, find something else to do.”

He took off down the hall like a twelve year old, blonde curls bouncing as they were tied back in one of his hundreds of bandannas.

“Thanks for help, Irwin!” You yelled sarcastically, laughing at the fear his own sweaty socks had induced. 

CALUM : The restaurant was mildly quiet, the fresh Sydney air breezing though the open balcony as you listened to Calum telling an animated story about something mischievous Michael and him had gotten up too. It made you happy, that Joy had offered to buy the two of you lunch, well, three of you, considering the six month old bump on your stomach that held the tiny combination of you and your husband.

“How have you been feeling, (Y/N)?” Joy asked, turning to you and ignoring her son as Calum sipped his Corona with his eyebrows furrowed. “Is she kicking a lot?" 

"Yeah, a bit.” You smiled at your mother in law, her features reflected in Calum’s. “She likes to move around a lot when her Daddy talks to her. He even played the guitar for her last night.”

Calum couldn’t help but grin against the lip of his beer bottle, proud of the fact. “The kid’s not even born yet and she already thinks I’m fucking fantastic.” 

“Calum Thomas!” Joy exclaimed, whacking her son with a napkin as you stifled a giggle. “I can’t believe you. Swearing in front of your daughter." 

"I’m gonna teach her all the bad words, right from the start.” He teased, leaning into your ear and pressing a kiss to your cheek. “She’ll be cussing like a sailor in no time." 

Joy sighed, shaking her head while you narrowed your eyes at him. “You better freaking not, Hood. I am not having our child become a mini Michael Clifford.”

"Hey, that’s a good namesake, don’t you think? I like Michael for the name.” Calum joked further and you kicked his foot under the table. Joy whacked him again with her napkin until Calum put his hands up in defence. “Alright, alright, so we won’t call her Michael.”

Have you picked out a name yet?” Joy wondered, directing the question towards you as she assumed Calum wouldn’t give her a serious answer. “Mali had a couple of nice ones a few nights ago.”

“Not really. We thought we’d figure it out when I’m really pregnant.” You sighed, finishing the last bit of your creamy rose pasta. 

"Yeah,” Calum interjected, his mouth full from the piece of pork chop he’d just shovelled in. “Apparently raging pregnancy hormones help with creativity." 

You felt like slapping a palm to your forehead, but resisted. “I can’t believe you’re going to be a father. Lord, help me.”

"You can always stay with me, dear. I’d love to have you.” Joy replied, shooting you a smile. “Calum can manage by himself.”

“She’s mine, Mum. Back off.” Calum teased, linking your hand in his below the table. Joy laughed and the conversation continued lightly until the waiter appeared with the bill in hand. 

“Let me, Calum.” Joy stated, picking up the cheque as Cal’s hand left yours in order to protest against his mother. 

“C’mon, Mum. I’ll pay, it’s no problem.” He tried, but she refused, shaking her dark hair at her son. 

“You treat me too much, Calum Hood. You buy me expensive things, you bring me this beautiful daughter in law, and make me a grandmother. I’ll buy lunch this time.”

You couldn’t refuse that logic. Joy paid the bill generously and stood to leave, as did Calum, slipping his light leather jacket over his bare arms as you discarded your napkin onto your plate. 

“Can I have a little help?” You asked your husband as he slipped on his dark sunglasses, framing his eyes and making your heart hammer a few beats faster. He still looked like the same bad boy that had asked you out in the supermarket five years ago, except that you had come to realize, however, that he wasn’t all that bad; just a huge puppy-dog that left empty vegemite containers in the cupboard. 

And now you were carrying his child. Things had a strange way of working out, you thought. 

“Sure thing, baby.” He grinned, coming around to your chair and letting you take his hand as he assisted you out of your chair, one wide hand supporting your back as you stood up completely. You had been beyond excited to have passed the halfway mark in your pregnancy, just as Calum had been, but the added stress of carrying around a small child was beginning to strain you on you. 

“Thank you for lunch, Joy.” You smiled and gave her a hug, kissing her cheek. “It was really nice.”

“I’m just glad you and the baby are doing well. Make sure you con him to rubbing your back whenever you can.” Joy laughed, patting Calum’s shoulder. He let out a soft chuckle and gripped your hand in his after hugging his mother. 

“She already has, don’t worry. I’m starting to think she’s using me.” Calum teased, and you gave him a nudge with your shoulder. 

“Not at all, baby. Besides, who else would make me peanut butter and pickle sandwiches?” You smirked as Calum pulled a face, shuddering at the weird combinations of food you had been craving. 

“Don’t remind me.” He laughed, sticking out his tongue.

LUKE : ”I am so ready to have this damn baby. I’m driving myself mad.” You swore, leaning on the couch and wallowing in the onslaught of gross emotions and sickness you were feeling. Your doctor had warned you that the last two months were the worst, and boy, was she right. 

“Well, sorry to break the news to you babe, but you still have another whole month to go.” Luke informed you as joined you on the couch with a beer in one hand for himself and a lemonade for yourself. “But you can do it, I know you can." 

"I feel like a piece of trash.” You sighed, resting your head against the couch. It was true - you had been plagued by nausea, pain, and to top it all off, the baby had been keeping you up all night with kicking and poking at your bladder and internal organs like they weren’t important. 

“You’re my piece of trash, though.” Luke complimented, pulling you closer towards him. He’d been away at band practice for most of the afternoon and hadn’t been available to cuddle while you wasted away the day. 

“Any more bets on the gender?” You asked him, referring to the other boys and what their opinions were. You and Luke had decided to keep the gender a surprise and that meant, of course, betting on what the outcome would be. You personally felt it would be a boy, and thought your vote should count for two since you were the one actually carrying the thing. 

“Ashton says boy, but Cal and Mike both vote girl.” Luke shrugged, downing a sip from his bottle. “But I agree with Ash. I have a feeling it’ll be a boy.”

“Me too.” You sighed. “What are we gonna name him, though?”

“I thought we already talked about this?” Luke chuckled, pressing a kiss to your temple. 

“Luke, Hurricane is not a good name for a kid, no matter if Barney Stintson says so.”

"Whatever. I like it.” He teased, pouting his lips. You watched him as he smoothed back his blonde hair and you could only hope that your child, boy or girl, would be blessed with the same golden color.

“Yeah, but the kid might not.” You laughed, thinking about the ridiculous names he’d come up with in the past. “I don’t know, how about, if it’s a boy, we name him after one of your brothers?" 

Luke scrunched his nose and shook his head, pulling a face. “No way. I am not fighting them over which name is picked to be the first.” He started massaging one shoulder with a wide hand, making you feel ten times better. “What about Wesley?”

"Wesley Hemmings.” You weighed the words on your tongue, liking the sound. “Well, it’s one to consider.” You smiled, pecking Luke on the lips and returning your head to rest on one broad shoulder. 

MICHAEL : “I don’t see why we need so many clothes.” Michael whined, sitting cross legged on the nursery floor beside you, folding stacks of onsies and tiny outfits gifted to you by his mother after a shopping spree at Carter’s. “She’s just going to outgrow them in a few months anyway.”

“I think it was nice of your mom to buy us all this.” You countered, inclining your head towards your husband. “And besides, you were the one who couldn’t wait to buy baby clothes.”

“Yeah, but I buy cool ones. Like this.” Michael laughed, holding up a tiny shirt with the inscription ‘My mom is hotter than your mom’ printed in bold letters. You had told Michael not to buy, but as you were washing baby clothes one afternoon much like this, you saw the stupid shirt in the pile and almost killed him. “Mum doesn’t think it’s very funny.”

“Neither do I.” You tried to shoot him a disappointed face but Michael was holding up another one that he had pulled out of the pile, his own face contorted into one of fear and major amusement. “Okay, okay, don’t kill me. Calum bought this one.” 

You groaned, wishing Michael had more baby friendly band mates, for written on the shirt was, in liner type, ‘All Daddy wanted was a blowjob’.

"I’m going to kill Calum.” You gritted your teeth, piling clothes in front of you and your expanding belly. Michael let out a soft laugh and then shrugged, maintaining a thoughtful look in his eye.

“Well, it’s kind of true." 

fireflydolan  asked:

9&10 😁

9. One thing you would ask Ethan

id ask him on a date to get some frickin chinese food bc im currently having some bad cravings for that

10. One thing you would ask Grayson

can he teach me how to cook bc i rlly rlly want to make other things besides a grilled cheese sandwich hahahahahahahaha

tysm for asking💗💗and i love love love ur acc too oh lord im stanning aaahhh

Mike knows there is fast food places near campus but for some odd reason he is craving grilled cheese sandwiches . As soon as his last morning finish Mike went straight to the campus kitchen so he can start making his lunch . Fifteen minutes later Mike was in the middle of getting ready to make his first sandwich when he saw someone walk into the kitchen  “ I’m about to make grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch do you by any chance want me to make your some “ Mike Said with a smile as 

Interior, Part 2.

A/N: This is a follow-up to a previously posted imagine titled ‘Interior’ which can be found here.

I could tell his eyes were fixated on me as I stood in his living room, a large pad in my hand as I jotted down random notes and messy sketches like an artist inebriated with their work. If a stranger were to glance at the black and white sketches and short hand notes attached to various structures, they may not have understood it but I did.

It seemed every time I moved my feet about the room, his head bobbed in that direction though he sat on the nearby staircase to seem as if he wasn’t really paying me attention. That was how he was since my arrival this morning, alternating between playing on his phone and burning a hole in my back with his gaze.

He couldn’t see the slight hint of a smirk curving my lips as I knew I had his attention, jotting down the colors of window shades that would best match the vision I had begun to conjure up for the home. I had been working like this for hours now, pulling inspiration from places I wasn’t sure I had ever visited outside of my dreams.

Like the Palace of Versailles.

It was the one place, or one of a few remaining on our list, that we had yet to visit together though we had made the promise to one day. That was before our relationship ended and any chance of jetting off to France became obsolete.

Was it bad I was incorporating pieces of my own relationship to a home that was meant to house his new one? I was sure it was but I couldn’t help but close my eyes and picture turning this vast home into a miniature Palace of Versailles, gold, mirrors and intricate details everywhere. I couldn’t afford for it for my own home so I figured it would be of good use here considering Mesut could afford it.

I wrote ‘GOLD’ and underlined it two times with my pencil.

“You should take a break,” I heard Mesut say. I turned and looked over my shoulder, realizing he was now standing and walking towards me.

“Oh no. I’m fine. I’m on a roll.” I turned back to the pad in my hand but he continued to walk over to me in protest, that familiar confidence oozing from his stance and walk.

“You’ve been working for hours now. Come on. At least let me grab you a snack and drink.”

I couldn’t deny that my stomach had begun rumbling for the craving of some sort of lunch or snack so I looked up at him, now standing face to face and nodded. “Okay.” I dropped the pad onto the nearby couch along with my pencil and followed him into the kitchen. I watched as he first grabbed for a glass from the cabinet and walked over to the fridge.

“What would you like? Water, soda…”

“Water is fine.”

“I could make you one of my famous sandwiches…?” He questioned with a smirk and a smile soon replaced it. I giggled some before responding, “God, I miss those.”

“I’ll take that as a yes then.”

He grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and handed it to me before beginning to pick out various ingredients for the sandwich he planned on making me. My stomach rumbled with approval.

“So what kind of ideas do you have for this place?” He questioned as he tossed the ingredients to the empty counter.

“Wouldn’t you like to know? Just know I think you’ll like them.”

With his hands empty, he neared me, now standing close in front of me as I looked up and met his eyes looking down at me. “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” My response wasn’t as confident as before and my head began to drop shyly as if I hadn’t been around this man for years of my life. Mesut didn’t accept my retreat, instead stepping forward and pressing my chin up to get me to look at him. I was sure in that very moment he was going to kiss me as he cornered me against the counter, our bodies pressing up against each other. I could feel the heat of my body intensifying and I was sure his was as well as our stare never broke. I could feel him pressing his hips into me but before the danger could progress further, the click of a lock and a yell jolted us out of our own engagement.

“Mesut!” I could tell immediately it was Mandy, her heels clicking against the marble floors. Mesut reluctantly withdrew from me slowly as if he didn’t care about being caught in that moment though I’m sure he did care. He didn’t utter a response to direct her steps but it was unneeded as soon enough, Mandy appeared in the doorway of the kitchen with a smile, sauntering up to her man and pulling him into a deep kiss or at least deep enough for me to feel like vomiting as I watched.

Mesut withdrew with a silent smile as she began speaking, looking past him to me. “Ah, you’re still here! Always working,” she smiled. “Did you see the notes I left for you?”

“Yes. I did.” The notes were filled with her own suggestions for the home, some I agreed with and some I didn’t but this was her home to decorate not mine.

Mandy turned from me and back to her boyfriend. “I’m going to go upstairs and begin getting ready for the event tonight. It’s going to take me a while,” she giggled before kissing his cheek and walking off and upstairs. After a moment, Mesut turned back to me with a sympathetic smile.

“So…what’s the event?”

“It’s a charity event. A sort of bid on the players sort of thing. Whoever has the highest bid gets a date where they can pretty much do whatever they want with us,” he chuckled. “Within reason of course.”

My eyebrow raised curiously. “Mandy is allowing another woman to take you on a date?” I would never. Even for charity. There were some crazy women out there…

“Ha. No. She’s planning on winning the bid for me though I told her if anyone bids over €100,000 for me to just let them win. There’s a limit because they don’t want little teenager girls sneaking their way in and putting their parents’ mortgage on us.”

“What’s the limit?” I pushed curiously.


“€200,000?!” My boss Maureen practically yelled as I stood on the opposite side of her desk. I had been rehearsing in my head how I was going to ask her for this money ever since I left Mesut’s place and so far, it wasn’t going as planned. I expected her to refuse but I didn’t expect that I would forget completely all that I had planned to say.

“It’s for a good cause! And the money will go to charity!”

“That is a lot of money. I mean sure we have millions in our account but that’s for business purposes and I’m sure you’re not putting up any of this tab.”

She was right. I didn’t have €100,000 just free to exit my account. Hell, I didn’t even have €20,000 I was actually willing to part with for this purpose so I would just have to convince her it was a good investment. “It is for business purposes. We could win the bid for him and bring him to the office for a day, have him take pictures and somewhat promote the business. We could even have him call some big clients who are still deciding if they’re going to use us or have him come out with me to a home I’m working on. Having a superstar of Arsenal backing us would surely help business. It’s a great marketing tool. Everyone would want to use us then.”

I could see her eyes narrow with skepticism, her arms crossing over her chest but I could tell she was at least contemplating the idea. I stood there, trying my best to conjure up a convincing smile as I waited for her to speak again. We went a few more moments in silence before she huffed. “Fine but this better work!”

I walked into the ballroom, aligned with various round tables and highlighted by the stage displayed at the front of the room. Everyone seemed to be dressed in their best attire and I self-consciously pulled at the hem of my dress.

I still wasn’t quite sure why I had decided to do this but it was now or never as I stood in the back of the room, my eyes scouring the room until I saw some of the Arsenal players standing to the side chatting and laughing amongst each other.

I could recognize Mesut immediately as he took turns listening to his teammates and the man on stage who was suggesting the bidding was about to begin. I took a deep sigh and listened, relieved when the first name called was Olivier Giroud instead of Mesut.

I watched with amusement as many hands went in the air, women shouting various bids and Olivier gave a smug nod on stage in approval of all the love he was receiving. A woman squealed when she won the bid at €120,000. I peered around as she hopped up. She was fairly pretty. Blonde, petite. Olivier would have a good time.

A few other players were called before Mesut made his way to the stage. I looked around the room to see Mandy perking up in her seat, an excited smile decorating her lips while an amused smirk perked mine. If she only knew…

Hands went up in rapid succession yelling their bids but Mandy’s were always the loudest. I elected to remain quiet until they hit the number Mesut had told me of earlier.

“€100,000!” Mandy yelled and I saw Mesut smile on stage. The other bidders grew quiet, not wanting to go over such a large sum of money. That was when I stepped in. I didn’t move forward from where I stood in the back of the room but I made my voice powerful enough to be heard.


Immediately, eyes turned to me, most filled with awe and others smiling at me. Those smiles were mainly from a few of his teammates who recognized me. I could see Mesut trying to peer past the bright lights on stage to see the source of the voice and Mandy was turned in her seat looking at me with her mouth hung agape.

“Going once…twice…sold! To the beautiful lady in red,” the host exclaimed. Finally, the attention turned from me when the next player was led on stage and everyone began opening their wallets for Aaron Ramsey. Mesut was still looking in my direction and Mandy was now storming towards me with an angry look on her face.

“What the hell was that?!”

I shrugged carelessly. “I was just trying to raise some money for charity.” Lie.

“You sneaky—“

I cut her off with a smile before she could even begin to say anything else, realizing that at any moment Mesut may arrive by her side. “Oh, and by the way, Mesut doesn’t like stainless steel countertops in his kitchen. Too uncomfortable during sex,” I winked.

I didn’t bother giving her the satisfaction of being able to say anything else to me, instead confidently walking away as Mesut was now only steps away and looking at me with confusion. I was sure she’d divulge all the details of our conversation and her disapproval to him later in private.

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