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๐Ÿ˜Š Alex because he's the best!

ahahah lmao ik you love him 🙈😊

1. He’s captain of the basketball team, everyone loves him.

2. But that does mean Jessie thinks he’s too ‘good’ like he plays for the school, enjoys school etc. not the kind of cool she’s into.

3. Noah and Alex have a scary move night every Thursday - Alex always makes Noah jump and he drops his popcorn everywhere!

4. Alex loves music. He’s into indie rock and really wants to take up the guitar. He also quite likes to sing, he might take it up at college.

5. He is aiming for a scholarship for basketball at a college in Willow Creek. They have an amazing team.

6. He is tempted to dye his hair, not sure how his Mum would think though…

7. He works out everyday, he goes jogging or he does weights. He is really determined to be the best at his sport.

8. Ever since his whole existential crisis ‘my family hate me’ thing as a kid, he has become really big of family and family values. He really is looking forward to having a family (when he’s older, he’s NOT ready now).

9. He goes to the gym with his Dad once a week, it’s their time to catch up and chat. They both love it; Luke is determined to reach the top of his career so Alex has been keeping him fit!

10. Alex really isn’t a big fan of cats… he find them super creepy.


Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤



아가새 ♡ 최영재



this love is o u r s

Harry is out there… being politically engaged, supporting women and the lgbt+ community, adding dates to his tour and playing bigger venues because he loves his fans, making amazing music, changing the industry, starring in a Nolan film, spreading love, discouraging hate, playing with babies, dressing his ass off, living his best life, and just generally being an all around good person??? And not to be dramatic but I’m honestly so happy that he exists and that I’m here to witness it.


40 / 365 days of my sunshine


he’s so beautiful (´▽`ʃƪ)♡


“I’ve always said from starting off, I don’t mind if I’m in a big budget film or a huge play or something small in London playing for 50 people, as long as I’m doing what I love doing for a living.” Dominic Sherwood

“The Get Down has no plotline”

I haven’t even watched part 2 yet but we’re talking about a show with :

- a smart and sensitive afro latinx boy trying to navigate between his feelings and the tough act he has to put on, and having to choose between doing what he loves most (making music with his friends) and what would allow him to leave the Bronx for a better life (internships in big societies and college). He is also torn between his best friend who pushes him toward the first option, and his girlfriend who pushes him toward the latter.

- an afro latina on a journey to become a famous singer despite her abusive father and crumbling family, she learns that the business is not as it seems but she is determined to achieve her dreams.

- a black boy who’s being abused by his boss and who built this amazing, almost mythical alter ego to navigate through life. Music is what makes him want to live and he’s trying to become an incredible DJ. He’s trying to navigate between making music with his friends and becoming famous for it, and doing his boss’ dangerous and illegal work because he has no choice.

- a black boy discovering he’s bisexual and falling in love with another boy.

- the Bronx as a character in itself, with white politicians trying to “win” it to further their career while never giving a shit about the population, the only influential person trying to better the lives of the neighbourhood is a latino businessman/gangster.

- a former secret love affair between adults with a love triangle involving a woman and two brothers.

- explosive gang wars.

- and all of this happening while the main characters discover and revolutionize music and even create a whole freaking new genre.

BUT TELL ME AGAIN HOW THE GET DOWN HAS NO PLOTLINE ??? Just say you’re racist and go smh

Yugyeom’s voice is everything…people sleep on his vocals…listen to this and you’ll see why I love his voice so much. It’s soft and soothing. He has improved so much with his vocals I am shook and so proud. I hope he makes more music, I absolutely love this song.

BTS reactions to a foreigner speaking perfect Korean

A/N: I love when the boys are shook. so this was really fun to write! Thanks for requesting!!! -amelia


He is on your level. He starts throwing out random english words trying to impress you after you impressed him with your fluency. “Pizza! P-I-Z-Z-A. I love pizza!” You also love pizza, and share your feelings for the food in korean. Jin and you are just having a fun time joking around and his english skills are actually impressing you quite a bit.

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He’s a lil salty because he had mentally prepared to utter a few words to you in english and now he’s not prepared for a whole other conversation. He makes it through, a little exasperated at the end but he still enjoyed conversing with you. Annoyed but intrigued that you were so intelligent and he loved what you said about his music, making that annoyance wash away.

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You had him fooled. When you walk up he immediately goes ‘Oh hello~” but when you begin to say your reply in korean, his face completely alters into a ginormous smile. He hardly lets you get a word in as he praises your speaking ability, then he moves onto your hair and realizes since you can communicate with him… he should let you say a few more words but it was hard to remember the format of a fan meet since he was looking at a beautiful foreigner.

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Namjoon always feels a close bond to international armies, as he could communicate the best with them. Even though you knew korean he wanted to continue talking to you in english, to impress not only his members but so the K-amrys could also be impressed. His talk with you was long and sweet. He praised your intellect and joked about the other members, who were side eyeing because they knew something was up with your laughs. 

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He tossed you the softest smile as you approached him and he greeted you very politely in english. After he said hello he looked kind of lost, but you saved the conversation explaining you were fluent. He laughed out loud because he was relieved, he loves international armies but it’s easier for him to express himself in korean. He said you had a different style to you, and he liked talking to someone refreshing. 

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Every army Taehyung meets is greeted with the same amount of AHHHH. He was super cute and bubbly with you until you started speaking korean and he was just stunned. He wasn’t expecting that. After he got over the initial shock, and you finished laughing at his shocked expression he went back to being AHHHHH, but this time, in korean.

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CAUGHT OFF GUARD. His high school career of english lessons flashed before his eyes in a blur and all of the sudden he snaps back to reality and your speaking korean? He needs a minute. On this day, Jungkook was definitely Jungshook.

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