he makes a very cute zombie

Favorite Electronic Beats Profile Quotes-Noodle

 -”Noodle here from Gorillaz. Of course you know that, but I have to check, because recently I did a Facebook quiz called Which Member of Gorillaz Are You? and I got Russel! WTF? He doesn’t like octopus and he’s not even a Libra.”

-”I was only 10 when I joined the band, despite England’s child labour laws.”

-”I’ve battled hell demons, killed zombies (when it was still cool), staged my own death and been replaced by a cyborg. A really cute one.”

-”Usually I make a bowl of okayu, a kind of chicken soup, or just oil my mini-gun. Both are very soothing.”

-”I accidentally released a shape-shifting hell demon from a pearl shell. Oops, my bad.”

-”So now I have his head. On a shelf next to my Hello Kitty alarm clock (vintage, quite valuable).”

-”So you see, being in Gorillaz has shaped me into the woman you see today: a feminist-anarchist-avenging-angel-intellectual-soul-sister-of-mercy.”

Dating Theon Greyjoy would include...

-him always kissing you ,Goodbye’ when he goes with Robb to hunt

-you being always jealous when he is around a girl

-him being jealous when you are around a guy

-him kissing you in front of his friends so that they can know that you are his

- you comforting him when he is angry or sad because of his father

-nose kisses

-forehead kisses

-neck kisses

-basically, everywhere kisses

-loving but rough make out sessions

-slow and nice sex, even if he can’t contain himself very good

- Robb always telling you too that you look very cute together

- ,You know, if you could wear less clothes, things will be much harder ’

-being best friend with his sister, Yara, Jon and Robb

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i remember a while ago you did an au about bts in the apocalypse, and i love apoc AUs, so if it isn't any trouble can you do the same for vixx? love your blog regardless!!

find the bangtan version of this (here) 

warning: mentions of blood + violence 


  • honestly the zombie virus broke out and like hakyeon was applying a nice face mask before bed and he switched on the news and saw like the reporter get attacked and he kind of stood there like “are you serious? this is gonna be such a headache” and like pulled his glock out of the closet that he had been keeping in case someone tried to break into his house
  • and like hakyeon doesn’t look like the type to ever be violent without a purpose but tbh when he left his apartment in search for some groceries and amo he stumbled across the mall which had been abandoned and he was like 
  • “well, it’s a global crisis, might as well take advantage of it!” 
  • he basically went on a shopping spree during a zombie attack except there was no shopping he was just taking what he wanted like ooo this was too expensive before but now it’s mine ~~
  • and you were like in the small mall except you were panicked out of your mind running through the floors trying to find rations and like you end up in the same store as hakyeon and you’re running and you see this tall dude and you’re like maybe he’ll be kind enough to give me some rations
  • but like the moment you get within 10 feet hakyeon turns around with his gun pointed at you
  • and you’re like nO NOT a zOmBIE
  • and his like sharp eyes soften and he smiles like oh!!! another survivor!!!! i like your top!!!! and you’re like ???? is he complimenting me right now- that’s not the point and you’re like um do you um have any food??? and he giggles like right! food i came for food! wanna come with me to look for some?
  • and you’re like ??? ok,,,that’d be amazing actually and so you’re following him and he has this big bag and you’re like wow you already found so much food!! and he like giggles again like oh no sweetie this is skin care products - gotta stock up on those too since this whole zombie thing put everyone out of business
  • and you’re like oh my god but then you look at his face and you’re like his skin is nice wonder if he’s like an idol or something (lol)
  • and so the two of you get to the market and start looking around for anything that hasn’t expired and then you hear a noise and you’re like oh shit a zombie and you don’t have a weapon and you see it coming toward you but before you can just admit defeat or run for it hakyeon steps in front of you and like reloads the glock with a flick of his wrist and just shoots the thing. gets a goddamn perfect headshot and you’re like HOW WHAT and he smiles at you like “poor thing, you don’t have a weapon?? you should stay by my side.”
  • and tbh after seeing him take that zombie down in one clean shot you’re like yes. please take me under your wing.
  • you and hakyeon doing face packs together during an apocalypse like it’s the most normal thing
  • he teaches you how to shoot his gun and he’s so sweet and soft when he’s not killing anything like he looks like honey sounds like honey is basically a honey bun of loveliness and like does your hair for you and picks out cute clothes when you ravage through stores for rations and you’re like ???
  • the duality of a man, is a fashionable soft angel and then a precision shot zombie killer ,,,,,,could it be possible that u r in love rofl


  • main weapon of choice: frying pan 
  • that and like other kitchen appliances like once bashed a zombie’s brain in with a goddamn toaster 
  • his vast collection of kitchen knifes actually came in handy for something other than cutting up vegetables. incredible
  • anyway leo is like just trying to get to work when the zombie outbreak starts and he’s got nothing but his chopsticks in his bag for his lunch as a weapon and believe me he gauged zombies eyes out with it because one) he crazy strong and would be the type to get into hand-to-hand combat with someone and two) he thought the zombie was actually going for his lunch and not well him and he got a little….angry
  • but tbh he gets out of the train and he’s in masterchef mode aka kill everything in sight that tries to get him from going home and he gonna do it with just this pair of chopsticks
  • but he hears like a small whine from an alley and he’s like “is that an animal in trouble.” and he goes to see and it is an animal except like its ur dog that’s trying to defend you against a zombie and well i mean you’re holding it back but it’s barking and the zombie is just about to bite u WHEN
  • it just dies like it starts spurting blood from it’s neck and you look up and leo stabbed the thing with one of his chopsticks and you’re holding your puppy close to your chest and you’re like ????? and leo is just like
  • “is your dog ok?”
  • and you’re like ???!??!?!? because so much happened in the span of one minute who is this handsome dude who just killed a zombie with a eating utensil but leo doesn’t explain he just helps you up and is like “let’s get you and your dog to safety”
  • can’t believe leo saves you in this au because of your dog amazing moving on
  • and leo like plans on just you know depositing you and your pet somewhere like in a building or something but the dog actually grows fond of him like it jumps from your arms into his and like licks and paws at his face and leo is like ok wait actually
  • and you know you’re standing there, covered in zombie guts and you look scared and your puppy is your only companion and tbh leo is like “where did you get the dog” and you’re like “it followed me after the outbreak??? it’s not mine, but i couldn’t leave it alone….” and leo in his head is like ok. i like this person. they saved a dog
  • you two end up sticking together and like leo is big and intimidating and likes to hit things with pans and you like well you and the puppy follow him around and you once held your own with a cheese grater and tbh leo was very proud but he didn’t say anything
  • when you two sleep the pup curls between you it’s cute
  • you guys feed any strays you find and tbh you’re like leo i wanna take them home with us and leo, as much as he wants to be like YES he’s like let’s just give them our food we have to take care of our chi- i mean dog as it is
  • you two the cute fights with kitchen appliances and has a dog dream couple 
  • (leo grows extremely protective of you and the pup you’re like his family okok)


  • that’s how you meet him he’s literally in the middle of the street about to get his hand chomped off and you come from behind and like slice the zombies head off with this axe you luckily had in your backyard and ken is like “hey, we were talking-” and you’re like “aRE YOU out OF YOUR MIND??” and he’s like ????
  • and you’re like do you not get what is going on and he’s like shrugging like no not really, tbh who decided zombies were evil in the first place like- and while he’s talking a hoard starts building around you and you’re panicking because the more he talks the more time it is for the zombies to crowd around you and you’re like “shuttup dude and come with me”
  • and so you’re dragging him behind you and luckily you’ve got your little hideout spot set up in the ruins of a building that got abandoned when the virus broke out and it’s kind of messy because well it’s an apocalypse but ken is like 
  • “wow, i like your style!!!” and you’re like ??? style??? and he points the mattress on the floor and he’s like !!! and you’re like oh my god no this is not a choice i made these are the conditions of an apocalypse but ken just smiles and you’re like
  • well you’re like hit in the heart for a second because how can someone have such a beautiful bright smile but also you’re like 
  • ……he really has no clue 
  • and so you take it upon yourself to keep him safe and you also hand him like a baseball bat you found and you’re like “use this if the zombie gets close” and he’s like “i don’t think i want to, what if they have feelings and they know it hurts-”
  • and you’re like “it’s your life or their’s” and he’s like …..touche 
  • but it’s really nice having ken around he literally makes everything so fun and turns anything into a game like you two spend a lot of time just hiding and he makes up fun stories and once he sang and you swore you were harboring an angel tbh not a human
  • and he surprisingly gets very serious when it comes to you like after a while you’re confident enough to let him go out with you to scavenge for necessities and yeah he’s joking around being his big cute self and then once a zombie came @ you and literally you have never seen him use his bat so fast
  • he just swung it on instinict and like pulled you so you were behind him and like the zombies head went flying and ken was like “home run ^^”
  • also like just imagine how cute this would be: you wearing ken’s big jacket waving around your axe as he walks around with his baseball bat petting your head cuz ur so cute ok let me drown in this image 

Ravi & Hongbin 

  • pinkie promised each other that they’d help the other survive through this time of crisis because let’s be real they’d be done for if they were left alone 
  • ravi gets hold of like a submachine gun and like a pistol and he’s like “hongbin which one-” and hongbin takes the submachine gun and ravi is like “are you s-” and hongbin looks him dead in the eye like “i. do not. want. to. die.”
  • they make a little refuge in a hotel and they live off stuff in the pantry,,, they like refuse to go outside for a while because neither of them wants to deal with possible having to kill something even if it’s a zombie
  • but when they do go out surprisingly enough, hongbin finds himself to be pretty good with the gun while ravi kind of closes his eyes and shoots and like hopes for the best
  • initially you see hongbin first and think he’s weak enough to take his ammo from him 
  • but when you try to ambush him ravi sees you and sort of catches you in his arms and you’re struggling like let me go!!! and he’s like “where you trying to rob my friend??? that’s not nice” and you like bite him but ravi doesn’t let you go
  • and hongbin’s kind of confused like ??? why did you wanna rob me and you’re like looking at his gun and he’s like oH you don’t have a weapon???
  • and you don’t want to admit to these two random (cute) boys that you don’t have anything to protect you and ravi kind of frowns like hongbin we can’t leave them like this and hongbin’s like you’re right we can’t 
  • so you end up joining their little team and you considered just taking the gun while they were sleeping and making a run for it but hongbin and ravi both have their charms
  • like hongbin looks so fragile and delicate but he mows down zombies like they’re nothing,,,,granted when he gets back to the hotel he just curls up into a ball and gets a little emotional and ravi has to pat his back and tell him he did to save them 
  • and ravi looks like he should be tough and unafraid but he can’t hurt a butterfly and when a stray cat wanders into the hotel he feeds it what’s left of the meat he had and you find he carries a notebook around with him where he writes down what’s happening,,, he kind of mentions hoping to survive the virus outbreak in order to write a historical book about it later or maybe music about it and it’s actually quite fascinating
  • either way the two of them grow fond of you
  • except like every time you start undressing to shower and they see your bare back the two of them turn bright red and you’re like this….isn’t the situation to be like this
  • and you can choose man maybe you and ravi run around the hotel lobby playing a game of two person tag and he lets you ride on his shoulders when you two are trying to look out the barred up windows to see what’s outside
  • or maybe you sit with hongbin in the bathtub of the hotel, the water doesn’t work of course, and you just talk about what your lives were before this and hongbin actually gathers the courage to wipe the side of your lips where there’s a little smudge of something 
  • and like who ever you choose the other one is so supportive and idk
  • you three are just a traveling group of soft hearted cuties  


  • chose an arcade as his hideout because he gets to play all the games for free while the power doesn’t run out
  • when it does he spends time just lounging around on the tops of the old games , emptying out ticket machines for fun, and like putting on all the fake jewelry that got handed out as prizes or something just doing whatever to pass the time
  • also like i don’t know why but imagine that he’s doing this all while just wearing like a cut up tank top and some jeans ok idk why just imagine 
  • he doesn’t really have a weapon, he used one of the fake guns from the shooting games to whack a wandering zombie that came inside
  • he tried to live off the concession stand, but the popcorn that was left only lasted him about like a day and a half
  • one day he’s like on the verge of passing out because he hasn’t had water for like three days but then suddenly something wet is all over his face and well,,,,
  • you were passing by and you saw the arcade and you wanted to play the basketball game just for fun but instead you found this close-to-death tall large boy and you felt bad just abandoning him so you poured what you had in your bottle over him so he’d wake up and you’re like “drink this”
  • and hyuk has half the mind to be like “is it poison?” and you’re like no you dumbass it’s water
  • you also give him a can of pineapple that you had and when he eats it in like 5  seconds you’re like wow u must be starving and he’s like lol i am and you’re like oh……oh 
  • and off the bat you get that hyuk isn’t the kind of person that fends well on his own like he looks muscular and strong but he also looks like he could burn ramen if he tried making it and like you don’t have the heart to leave an oversized kid on their own so you’re like
  • if you let me use this arcade as a hideout, ill like share my rations with you
  • and hyuk is like wOW You’re a blessING from HEAVEN and he pulls you into a hug with his big arms and you’re like oh my god he does have muscles but you’re like lET GO because no you’re not about to fall for him after knowing him for like less than half an hour
  • and the deal works like hyuk has this sort of closed of area in the back where the office is that has no windows and a lockable door so it’s safe to spend the night there and he’s collected blankets and clothes to make a bed on the floor and you give him half of the cans you get from your trips outside and at some point hyuk is like
  • “wouldn’t it be better if we like went together???” and he’s like kind of chuckling like “i think my height might scare off a few zombies” and you’re like “that’s not really how they work…” and he’s like tbh i think ill be fine, it’s like all the video games i used to play!!
  • so you give hyuk one of your guns and you’re like “please don’t get yourself killed” and then you two venture out and hyuk does pretty darn well for someone whose never used a gun before and you’re kind of mad that he’s so naturally gifted it took you like a good week to get used to it
  • and it’s hyuk so of course he’s like a little teasing like “ah~ did you see that?? a perfect kill?? i could totally protect you from now on~~” and you’re like scoffing like ok this is your first trip out chill
  • but ,,,, after a while you and him become like a dynamic duo you’re both really good
  • and once you got hurt a little, not bitten but you fell to the ground and scraped your knee real bad and hyuk carried you back to the arcade and like while he was treating you under the flickering lights of whats left of the arcade signs he like leans down to kiss your bandaged wound and you’re like !! and he leans into your ear like “you don’t have to be so tough all the time, you can turn to me for somethings”
  • and it’s so shocking and hyuk goes back to his 5 yr old self a moment later but you’re like wow ok my heart??? han sanghyuk??? manly han sanghyuk??? 
  • he keeps betting you that when the power gets restored to the city he’ll bet your butt at a game of whack-a-mole 
Fic Appreciation


ok so i get it when people say that it’s a dead ship, but you can’t blame me for loving their relationship. Zayn is the smaller, quieter, but more passionate one, and Liam is the thicker, buffer, but more affectionate one. And, of course, you don’t have to agree with the ship, but come on, you’ve got to appreciate some of the writing.
Here are some of the really good ziam fics that despite zayn leaving, i still find myself hung up on and rereading.

Good Thing at a Bad Time
The zombie apocalypse/walking dead au where zayn finds himself alone until Liam meets him, and he and the rest of the boys just might convince him to stay. (minor side larry)

Pride @iwanttowriteyouafic
an abo au where zayn is like the feminist but for omegas, and liam is the most non-stereotypical alpha. zayn is caught up in his belief that all alphas are arrogant assholes, until niall proposes they make a truce for their heats/ruts… (IS full of smut, but still has a very good and emotional plot i love it) (side larriall but it’s so goddamn cUTE)

Not Even the Bad Guys (Could Take It All Away) @iambluehead
the superhero au where the boys are part of a team of saving the world, and zayn is one of the most powerful superheroes in existence; though he seems to hate the fact. niall is basically the hulk, harry has xray vision, and louis is literally electrifying. liam doesnt understand how he got put with these people, until he does. (side larry)

I’ll See You in Gold and Blue @iambluehead

a harry potter au (!!!) liam and louis are in one of the top quidditch teams in the world. harry is a journalist who writes for the daily prophet, hufflepuff niall is one of their biggest fans, and zayn is a muggleborn ravenclaw with a love for animals. he really has no idea what the whole fuss with hot quidditch players is, but he manages to find himself lost in one. (side larry)

The List 

another hp au (just because i love them so much) larry are enemies on opposing houses, and create a checklist of dares to complete; whoever completes it first gets to make the other house wear their colors. liam is dragged into it because of louis, and zayn somehow finds himself on harry’s side. (side larry)

Bioluminescent Vampire Squid


Not Happening (god i love scottmcniceass)

Ziam are roommates and they hate each other. louis and harry advises zayn not to hook up with liam. zayn is really bad at listening to people’s advice.

My Lungs and Your Lilac Eyes


Someone to Keep the Rain Away @zipplekink

The Cinderella Story that we all subconsciously needed. Ft zayn who loves fairy-tales and liam who learns to stand up to the people around him. for zayn, of course.

(if you couldn’t tell, i’m a bottomzayn stan and i live for angst whoops)


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I'm sure you have seen that post by JustJasper about Adoribull being old marrieds in Dragon Age 12. So maybe you could write something about that for Adoribull sunday if it strikes your fancy? The two of them living in the villa and meeting some new, young upstart hero?

Yes, and it is so wonderful!! (read it here friends!!!)

This drabble definitely is a cousin to it, but it focuses more on an aspiring hero than an established one.

good golly but this took a while. I hope it was worth the wait! <3

Words, 2694

Rating, G

Old Marrieds Adoribull featuring an ambitious young mage looking for a teacher.

Necromancy isn’t the most “heroic” of schools, Emeline knows. Bad enough that she’s a mage, but no Champion, no Hero, is a necromancer too. Not in Orlais, not in our Circle, not in our home, under our roof, in our family, and so on. She’s numb to that now.

But the Circle doesn’t have many corpses, or teachers for the sorts of things she wants to learn, so she goes looking. There’s a certain rumor she finds, and she follows it into the rolling green valleys at the western edge of the Orlesian heartlands.

Now, rumors about a mysterious necromancer living an isolated life away from others are bound to be overblown, frightening on purpose. Of course he’s a foreigner, and a retired Magister to boot. (Since when did Magisters live long enough to retire?) Of course he has an equally intimidating companion, of course great personages like the Inquisitor and Divine Victoria pay him visits and perhaps heed his counsel. It’s more than just knowledge Emeline wants to learn from him. It’s power too. Not that she tells anyone that. Mages aren’t supposed to want to be powerful.

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11 year old! Percy giving 10 year old! Nico a kiss on the cheek?

Percy and Nico walked down the shore. After playing Myth-o-Magic for a while, Percy suggested a break. Percy didn’t mind playing, it was Nico’s favorite game and it always brought a smile to his face.

“Do you think I’m getting better at sword fighting?” Nico asked. “Yeah, you just have to get used to your sword.” Nico looked at the Stygian Iron sword hanging from his waist. He loved it but learning the right way to use it was a challenge. Then he looked at Percy.

Percy was only one year older than him, but he seemed so much better than he was. He looked up to Percy for many different reasons: One, he was cute, very nice to look at. Two, he always stuck by him.

The other campers weren’t mean, but afraid. Once or twice, Nico has accidentally shown his powers, and that really didn’t make him popular. But Percy was different. He would play games with him, train with him, talk to him when no one else would. Percy always had his back, and Nico was willing to do the same.

“But it’s not fair. You’re cute and good with a sword. All I’m good at is summoning zombies and making holes in the ground.”

He heard Percy laugh, “you think I’m cute?” Nico stopped walking, he didn’t mean to say that. The expression on Nico’s face showed shock, regret and fear. Percy’s eyebrows knitted together, but his smile stayed.

“Nico, it’s fine.” Percy kissed Nico’s left cheek, making Nico puzzled and rosy. “You’re cute too.” Nico smiled as Percy took his hand.

They continued their walk in the sand, hand in hand.

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What do you imagine Reverse Falls to be like?

TIME FOR ANOTHER INSANELY OVERTHOUGHT AU. Ok. I have put a lot of thought into this actually. It’s… going to be different from most Reverse Falls versions, but this is how I’d do it.

The show opens on our hero, Gideon Gleeful, an earnest young traveling performer who just wants to make people happy! But he hasn’t had much luck. He’s just pulled into a new town, Gravity Falls, where he’s greeted with… about as much success as he’s had anywhere else. He’s also greeted with the Pines twins who very sweetly offer their protection. You know. If he pays up. Gideon being a wholesome little fellow is like w-what this sounds terrible and they’re like ok think about it.

Meanwhile Pacifica is living in a mansion with her parents–who are still pretty controlling but in this case in more of an overprotective way than a be perfect constantly way. This town can be dangerous with all the monsters and Pines running around! But Pacifica wants more! She wants adventure! She wants romance! She wants to live her life!

And she wants to sneak out of her house to meet her new boyfriend Norman. Which she does. He is so cute and wears a black hoodie and is definitely a normal man and not a zombie! 

Gideon is roaming the woods sulking about everything when he comes across Journal 3. He doesn’t have time to flip through it very much though–he hears Pacifica screaming and rushes to rescue her even though he doesn’t know her. Together, they fight off the gnomes and the experience makes them fast friends. Gideon tells her about the Pines kids and Pacifica’s like oh yeah, them. Yeah they’re bad news.

SO WHAT IS UP WITH THOSE HORRIBLE PINES TWINS? Well, Stanley Pines might be a humble roadside attraction manager on the outside, but he basically runs the town. Yes, the Pines are now basically a mob family. Stan loves money and he’s found a way to make people give it to him. It’s not like the Mystery Shack is bringing in any dough. 

No one is quite sure why the Pines twins live with Stan and not their parents, but they’ve been here for most of their lives now. No one wants to ask questions. The kids are… bad news. Dipper craves knowledge. And knowledge leads to power. And he will stop at nothing to get it. Mabel craves attention. Good or bad doesn’t matter, she just wants all eyes on her. Honestly they don’t like each other very much, but they still work together like a well-oiled machine. They still don’t have twin ESP, but they’ve got a whole bunch of other powers. Making a deal with a demon will do that for you.

Ah yes Bill. Of course he’s here too. He’s not from either dimension, so I’ve left him unaltered. I mean, I’ve thought about what a reverse Bill would look like and the only thing that would be sort of interesting to me would be a Lawful Evil instead of Chaotic Evil Bill but ehh it wouldn’t change that much. Besides him having more of a plan than just to PARTY. 

So Stan hasn’t been working on that portal for thirty years I mean why would we? Getting his brother out of the way has set him up pretty GREAT! Everyone was already afraid of that mad scientist in the creepy house and Stan was smart enough to use that fear, turn it into profit. But the kids, Dipper and Mabel, are less satisfied. Stan thinks so small, after all. Why rule the town when they can rule the world? Or the entire universe? And there’s a spell in Journal 2 that helps them summon a demon with the power to help them do just that.

Bill doesn’t know where Journals 1 or 3 are, but with him helping them to build the portal, they’d only be so much paper anyway. Dipper and Mabel are happy to help. In exchange they get to be gods when Bill takes over. Dipper gets to know more than anyone, and Mabel gets to be worshipped. They don’t care about bringing Ford back, he’s just the lackey compared to Bill’s genius, and they certainly don’t care about the world they’re destroying. What’s it ever done for them? People bullied and refused to believe Dipper, mocked Mabel for her weirdness… screw that shit. World domination/destruction time. They basically make the same deal Ford made with Bill in canon, only with full knowledge of just how bad Bill is. 

Pacifica and Gideon go on adventures and develop an awesome friendship! The Pines twins aren’t their only conflict, of course, but they are a big part of the overarching plot, probably a bigger part than Pacifica and Gideon are in the real series on account of how tied up with Bill they are and how they’re the big schemers instead of one of the good guys. SO YEAH. That’s how it goes when I think about it anyway.