he makes a nice couch cushion

lego house (cover)
shawn mendes

request: an imagine where shawn is on tour and y/n calls him when it’s late at night and she misses him and asks him to sing to her

a/n: i’m trying something new. listen to the song for a nice lil touch (aka i put the telephone filter on the audio to make it sound like he’s singing through the phone but idk if it really got the effect)

Shawn was sitting on the lounge in the back of the tour bus, feet propped up on the couch, swiftly moving the sticks and knobs on the controller. “Fuck!” He sighed, tossing the controller onto the cushion next to him.

Matt laughed, high-fiving Mike. “Yeah! Nice job!” He cheered, going back to the menu.

The three men looked at Shawn’s phone when it started ringing, and the screen lit up, showing who was calling. “Isn’t it like, two in the morning there?” Mike asked, glancing at Shawn.

The singer nodded, and picked his phone up. “Hello?” He answered, walking out to the front of the bus, and sitting down. Everyone else was in the other bus, celebrating the show, but Shawn didn’t feel up to a party tonight. “Babe? You there?” He asked, worrying his bottom lip.

Your sniffles and tear-filled voice sent Shawn into overdrive. “Y-yeah.”

“Honey, what’s wrong?”

I just- I miss you. A lot. And I can’t sleep, but I really need to sleep. And- and I miss you.” You said, voice cracking.

Shawn felt his heart break at what his girlfriend said. He knew the long-distance would put a strain on their relationship, because both of them were hands-on people. It’s like being without your other half, you don’t feel whole. “Baby,” He said, sitting on the couch. “I miss you too, hun. But, you need to sleep. I’ll see you in a couple of weeks. Less than that, even.”

“I know, but it’s not the same bed without you. It’s cold. And lonely.” You confided, and Shawn felt his shoulders fall. “Can you sing to me?” You asked, voice so quiet Shawn almost didn’t hear you over the phone.

“Sure, honey. What do you want me to sing?” He asked, grabbing the guitar that was leaning against the corner of the bus.

Lego House?” You suggested, since that was one of your favorite songs, and you loved when Shawn covered it.

“Sure, sure.” He said, walking into the back of the bus, and nodding his head to the front, kicking his friends out. But, they were ok with it, since they knew Shawn wouldn’t do that unless it was important. “I’m going to put you on speaker, ok baby?” He propped his phone up on the small shelf in front of him, and started strumming the guitar.

By the end of the song, Shawn could hear your soft breaths, and faint snores. He smiled to himself, and set the guitar down. “See you soon, love.” He said, hanging up, and leaving a text for you to wake up to.

a/n: i know i said this wouldn’t be posted for a while, but tbh, i couldn’t wait to get it out lmao. let me know what you think of this, and if i should write more stuff and add the music i’m listening to when writing it? (it makes it more emotional in my opinion)

#26 [Dean Ambrose]

Requested, #26. “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake.” (Prompt from here.)

AUTHOR NOTE: This is shorter than my usual stuff. Just something cute and fluffy.

@superkixbaybay @hiitsmecharlie @ihtscuddlesbeeetchx3 @valeonmars @pjanina13 @catie-kaboom @cosmicswimming

“We’re getting married in a couple days.”

We are?”

You narrowed your eyes at your fiancé’s sarcastic response. The typical rueful grin came to his face at your look, making him appear years younger, and entirely nonthreatening. Taking it a step further, you kicked at him lightly, your foot making contact with his thigh. You were settled back against the arm of the couch, taking up one cushion, as Dean was seated on the next cushion, leaned back and legs wide.

“Hey! Be nice,” he demanded at your action. You pushed harder at this leg, grinning. “I’ll leave you at the altar if you keep it up darlin’.”

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permanentguitar  asked:

Hey Vic, what about bullet points about you & Shawn moving in together for the first time? :-)

  • you try to tell him, so many many times, that for now his condo is great - it’s more than big enough, in a great part of town, has a great view, and you’re already used to it
  • you’ve already had sex all over that condo, even on the balcony a couple of times, when you were both feeling a bit more reckless than you should’ve
  • but shawn insists, says you need a place that’s yours together - a place that you both meet at the same time, a place you decorate and fill together, a place you christen each night you sleep there for at least the first two weeks
  • so you let him drag you around toronto with a real estate agent, until you a find a place that’s got your heart lodged in your throat because it’s the first place you’ve been all damn day that you can actually see being you and Shawn’s home - there are no compromises to make in the layout, the view leaves you almost as breathless as the last, and there’s a padded bench in the shower that’s more than conducive to potential shower sex
  • shawn tries to hire people to unpack all of your shit and arrange the furniture in your new condo after the movers are done with it on moving day, but you insist you do it yourselves (even though you also insist that you hate moving and unpacking) because that’s when the memories start to get made, right?
  • so moving day comes and yeah, you hate moving, you always have, because there are boxes everywhere and the movers never follow the labels so you’re dragging shit from the living room to the kitchen and back again, but you realize you’ve been at this for two hours or so and you hadn’t even noticed because with Shawn, it’s actually fun
  • he does most of the heavy lifting, partly because he can lift more than you and partly because you pretend things are too heavy (he knows they’re not, but he also knows you just like watching him use his muscles)
  • you busy yourself by hooking your phone up to the built-in stereo system (shawn’s insistence) so you can blast music while you work
  • which means dancing while you work, which means Shawn stopping his work to lean back and watch you as he lets the realization that this is it, the real beginning of the start of your lives together, wash over him and it makes him want to dance with you, but you’re so much better at it than him, and you can do it while you unpack
  • so he watches you a moment more then smiles to himself before getting back to his own work 
  • he lets you unpack his boxes, and you love going through his shit because why not?
  • you find some old school year books at one point and get Shawn to take a break so you can laugh at it in front of him
  • (later, when he’s unpacking one of your boxes and asking you why you wanted to keep that weird text book on mummies, he finds one of your school yearbooks, and gets his own mocking revenge)
  • you don’t take a break until lunchtime, when you have to go get burgers and fries because there’s no food in the new fridge and you’re craving a chocolate shake anyway
  • you don’t take another break until three hours later, when the living room actually looks halfway decent in terms of furniture layout and Shawn decides it’s time to break in the new sofa you ordered from Restoration Hardware 
  • you make sure to tell him that, that this couch is Nice, so he’s extra careful to keep your ass up off the cushions as he grips you in his hands, his elbows braced beneath you while his face is buried in the apex of your thighs and the stiff tip of his tongue swirls around your clit 
  • you drip all over him, his hands and face and bit on his chest, instead of the nice white fabric of the couch you both fell in love with 
  • afterwards, when he’s lying on the rug and you’re collapsed on top of him, you both agree that this is the last time you want to move for a while
  • but when you do move again, you both know you’ll only want to do it with each other
The College Years - Sophomore Year (Chapter 31) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Missing Boy”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Isaac Lahey, Cora Hale, Scott McCall, Deputy Clarke, Noah Stilinski, Melissa McCall & Reader/OFC

Summary: Stiles gets released from the hospital, following his attack, and gets increasingly less patient with his ability to help the Pack crack the case of who summoned the rabisu to Beacon Hills.

Chapter Thirty - Chapter Thirty-One - Chapter Thirty-Two

Originally posted by teenwolfragingwhore

After nine days, Stiles had been released from the hospital and was finally allowed to go home. Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall had decided that Stiles would be safer sleeping on the McCall’s pull-out couch in Melissa’s living room, then going home to a normally empty house with Noah. Sheriff Stilinski had figured that Melissa, Scott, Isaac, and Y/n, all staying at the McCall’s with his son would be a better option than Noah occasionally being home to look after Stiles. It was temporary, and once Stiles could get up a flight of stairs by himself, Noah would take him home to his own bed. Stiles hated having to rely on others but he loved being in the center of the action again with most of the Pack coming in and out the McCall house at certain points throughout the day.

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Stay Alive for Me (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader) Part 5

Originally posted by thedivorcecrockpot

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Teenaged!Reader

Requested?: No

Prompt: Lin finds a teenage girl unconscious at his doorstep and decides to nurse her back to health. As her stay is extended, Lin finds himself attached to the troubled teen that captured his heart.

Words: 1700+

Warnings: FLUFFFF and Father/Daughter-style bonding

Masterlist / Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Six /


“You can set up your laptop on the kitchen counter or the coffee table,” Lin said, setting your suitcase and violin case next to the couch. “I have a trundle bed in my room you can sleep on too.” 

You grunted in response. You set your laptop case on the kitchen counter and joined Lin in the living room, plopping down on the couch, Lin sitting down next to you. You managed to grab all your clothes, your laptop, your violin, and the jar of money under your bed. You had been slowly stealing money from your dad, saving it up for enough money to buy the bus tickets you needed to get to Albany. In the jar were about five hundred dollars and sixty-four cents. But, now that your dad was locked away in custody, you didn’t really need the money. You can just save it for a rainy day.

“How are you feeling, (Y/N)?” Lin asked, laying the back of his hand on your forehead. “Your fever is going down faster than I thought. Good thing, too. It should be gone before next Saturday.”

You felt a warmth fill your chest and your heart started beating quickly in excitement. Next Saturday, you were going to be watching the premiere of Hamilton from the stage wing instead of the audience. Lin couldn’t get you a ticket but he managed to pull a few strings and now, you were going to hang out with the cast and ensemble as you watch the show. 

“I’m really excited.” You said, grinning brightly, making Lin chuckle and crack a smile. “I’ve never seen a musical live before. It’s going to be awesome!” 

“The cast is really nice too,” Lin commented. “I’m sure they’ll love you.”

“I hope so.” You said, sitting back into the couch cushions. “My social anxiety is going to be the death of me.”

Lin chuckled, patting your head. He sat back to, mimicking you and staring up at the ceiling. “We have a few hours left of daylight. Want to go anywhere?”

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door  asked:

Duuuude, hit me with Sterek and 18 or 19? Or 18 AND 19??

18. things you said when you were scared and 19. things you said when we were the happiest we ever were

“I want to get married,” Stiles says, petulantly.

Derek’s heart races at first, speeds with the excitement and exhilaration of the idea of it, before he realizes Stiles is holding Isaac’s wedding invitation, heavy cardstock with the pretentious french parfum wafting through the air.  

“You just want presents,” he says, holding the door open and stepping back, so that Stiles can come in.  

“No,” Stiles says.  “I mean, yes, obviously I would have the world’s coolest registry and wouldn’t waste my time with crystal stemware, but that’s not my point.”   He throws himself backwards onto Derek’s couch in a huff.  

“You want to get married,” Derek repeats dryly.

“Exactly, my friend,” Stiles says, pointing at him.  “Exactly.”  

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anonymous asked:

Sormik sweet vampire story with a little bit of suggestiveness.

 Warnings for suggestiveness. Obviously. And blood drinking. Also obvious.

Sorey’s leg was jittering madly.

No one else in the waiting room seemed nervous. They were smiling and chatting and laughing and Sorey wanted to join them but couldn’t bring himself to do it. He was too nervous.

The pamphlets all said how safe the process was. How he’d be giving blood to a good cause and the pain was minimal at most. Some even enjoyed it. Sorey believed it all when his professor had handed them out, but actually being here was a different feeling entirely.

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fic: And With You, My World Is Complete

Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~14,400
Characters: Steve/Natasha
Summary: It shouldn’t be this hard to have sex with her fiancé, damn it.

A/N: It was supposed to be simple little story but it turned into this monster of fluff and smut and I have zero regrets. Plus, I’m posting it on my birthday so now it’s extra special!


He breathes out a sigh, and she actually feels her stomach flutter in excitement, because she knows when she’s won a battle with him. He leans in, kisses her a little softer and slower than she’d expected considering how hard he is right now. “Okay, fine. I’ll be sure to make it memorable because this is the last time before we get married.”

She blinks, jerking back to look at him. Other than the dark, stormy hunger in his eyes, his expression is completely calm, almost nonchalant. He’s being serious right now.

“Excuse me?” He just stares at her, waiting for her to say more. “What did you just say, Rogers?”

He leans in, kisses her cheek. “I’m going to fuck you.” Kisses the bridge of her nose. “Hard.” Kisses her lips. “So that’s all you’ll be able to feel until our wedding night.”

Read on: [ ffnet ] [ ao3 ]

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William Nylander - The Publicity Stunt Part Six

Originally posted by nhlinfluenced

Word Count: 1644

Warnings: Cursing

Prequel / Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four  / Part Five / Part Six  / Part Seven  / Part Eight/ Part Nine

I woke up the next morning with a pounding headache. The world felt like it was spinning twice as fast while gravity held me tight to the bed. It took all the strength I had to open my eyes. Jelly like arms finding their way to rub my lids so they can adjust to the new light in my room.

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The Riddler has a gift for The Penguin.

The Riddler swaggers through the door, cane twirling, tipping his hat to the guards and making his way into the Iceberg Lounge without so much as a second glance. Knowledge is his trade, after all, and there did not yet exist a better location in Gotham to put one’s finger on the heartbeat of its criminal underbelly.

Ed is not here on business, not technically, anyways. Today, it’s personal. He sits at the bar, cane hooked over his arm, noting the new tender. He’s handsome, hair slicked back and suited up in an immaculate tux, as are all the men who work here. It’s almost as if the attire of the staff was designed with the intention of making Ed hot under the collar (despite the wintery theme).

In a way, he isn’t wrong.

He orders a martini from the young man behind the bar and scowls when it’s delivered to him. Glancing over his shoulder at Oswald’s usual booth, he waits until the Penguin meets his gaze. It doesn’t take long.

Ed waggles his brows and shoots a meaningful look at the bartender. He can perfectly recall the exasperated sigh Oswald is making, even though he can’t hear it from this distance. Oswald excuses himself from the table, shaking hands with the woman he was speaking with. She gets up and walks away.

Good. Oswald has a minute, then.

“He’s new, isn’t he,” Ed says. It’s more of a statement than a question. Oswald rolls his eyes, gesturing for the bartender to come over.

“Mr. Nygma is very particular about his martinis,” Oswald says.

“The optimal gin dilution occurs at around 30 to 35 percent,” Ed interjects.

The poor kid looks like a deer caught in the headlights.

“May, I, Ozzie?” he asks, already leaning his cane against the bar and heading around.

“Of course,” Oswald says, making a sarcastic sweeping gesture.

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Sick Day

Reader x Bucky

Word Count: 721

“I didn’t know that super soldiers could get sick.”

“Go away, Y/N.” Bucky rasps. “I feel like crap, and you’re not helping.”

You furrow your brow. “Sorry. Can I get you something? More tissues? Some ibuprofen for the headache?”

“Ibuprofen, please.” He groans.

“Ok. I’ll be back in just a minute.”

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Easy [ConstantinexF!Reader] [One-Shot]

So I meant to have this done on Valentine’s Day, but I was really busy with Cosplay and then one of my best friends celebrated her birthday and I just didn’t get around to finish it until now, I hope you can forgive me ^^’

I also know I should be working on my requests (and I swear I am!) but I just got over a real bad writer’s block and needed something that I really, really wanted to write with a character I’m most in love with at the moment - and that’s this bastard.

Anyways, a very late, very happy Valentine’s Day everybody and I hope you like it! :3

[If you enjoy my writing, feel free to request something when requests are open! ^^]


Fic Summary: She always liked to look for the easy way out. But when John Constantine was involved, easy just didn’t seem like an option.

Word Count: 5,7k

Warnings: language, mentions of sexual situations, blood and death

Running a hand through her (h/c) hair, the young woman plopped herself down on the couch in the Mill House, uncapping a bottle of whiskey and taking a big gulp from it. Fuck this day. She’d never liked it, but ever since… No. No. Nope. Not going there again. She let her eyes wander across the room, trying to find something else to distract herself with except for the bottle in her hand. However, when her gaze reached the mirror across from her and a pair of green eyes met her (e/c) ones, she immediately let her eyelids flutter shut and rested her head against the back of the couch.

“Fuuuuuuck…” she whined, trying to block out an onslaught of memories.

“Oi, keep it down, would ya? Some people are tryin’ to work ‘ere.”

She nearly jumped out of her skin at the all too familiar voice coming from the floor above.


A few seconds later, footsteps clambered down the spiral staircase, revealing the blond in question.

“You called?”

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“Well last I checked, I live here. As opposed to you, love.”

“Sorry I just… I thought I was alone. But honestly, what are you doing here? Tonight of all nights to be 'working’ - or whatever it is you’re actually doing up there.”

“Why, is tonight special? Did I forget your birthday again?”

“Yes, but that’s beside the point. It’s Valentine’s Day.”

“And this specific date should hold a special meaning to me… why, exactly?”

“You’re kidding.” she stared at him completely flabbergasted. “Dozens of bars, littered with desperate, lonely men and women? Isn’t that, like, exactly you’re kind of thing?”

“Didn’t feel like it.” he simply stated.

She raised her brows questioningly.

“You didn’t feel like it? Is John Constantine losing his touch?”

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Sleeping Babes - Drabble

All Rights Reserved

(Request by @mishdang Hope this is alright!)
(So sorry for the long wait! My schedule exploded recently smh)
(Also I come on after a few weeks and BAM I have over 100 followers?? Legit I was at like 8 wow thank you everyone)

The couch was just barely big enough to fit both Chanyeol and Baekhyun, but even so, Chanyeol still took the outside spot, squishing Baekhyun into the cushions and turning on an angle to make sure he didn’t fall off. Chanyeol tightened his heavy, lanky arm around Baekhyun’s waist, pinning his lovely boyfriend to his body. Baekhyun responded with a hushed giggle and an intentional entangling of their legs, thighs mushed together. The smaller nosed into Chanyeol’s other arm, which he used as a pillow, and kissed his bicep.

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The Irony

Prompt 17 of 642: Describe your next kiss.

“It was like…slobbery,” Dean said, his eyes glued to the screen in front of him, his fingers working the controller in his hand from muscle memory.

Castiel sat two couch cushions over, his fingers mashing the buttons on his controller so hard the clacking could be heard over the grunts and yells of the animated characters on the screen.  He was laughing at Dean’s description of his kiss with Crystal.

“No seriously, it wasn’t just my lips.  Like…it was outside my lips and was all wet.  It was weird.”

Castiel sniggered and pulled a triple combo that ate up most of Dean’s hit points.

“Shit!  You bitch.  Knock it off!”

“Learn to fight,” Castiel retorted.

They were silent for a moment as they concentrated on the battle.

“So, if that wasn’t good,” Castiel said, still focused on the game.  “What do you want your next kiss to be like?”

“None of your beeswax, Novak!  W-what do you want yours to be like?”  Dean’s voice sounded a little higher than usual.

“Well…” Cas said, and then gritted his teeth as Dean’s character pummeled his.  He flipped away, his hands raising the controller like that would make his ninja rise with it.  “I’d like it to be sweet.”

“Sweet?” Dean snorted.

“Yeah.  Sweet.  And innocent.  Meg was always so…well.  You think your kiss with Crystal was wet; Meg could never not use tongue.”

Dean shrugged his lips.  That didn’t sound terrible.

“But yeah, the next time I kiss someone—I’d like it to be a bit of surprise.  This sweet, innocent peck from a boy.  A cute boy.”

Dean’s eyes widened and his fingers stiffened; he tried to get his character to fight through his discomfort.

“Not a stranger.  Someone I like.  Someone I really like.”

Dean swallowed and pressed B so many times he started to get an imprint of the letter in his skin.

“Someone I’ve known for a while.  With pretty eyes and a nice smile.  Someone who makes me laugh.”

Dean’s character abruptly fell off a cliff and died.  He watched the bloody “You Lose” appear on the screen along with a deep, rough voice driving the point home.

“Someone whose last name starts with a W.”

Dean slowly turned his head and looked at his best friend.  Castiel was looking right back at him.

“And ends in ‘inchester.’”

Dean licked his lips.  He set the controller aside.  He  turned fully and looked at the gulf of a couch cushion between them.  He began to scoot closer when something jumped over the back of the couch.

Castiel started and sat back in surprise when Sam Winchester planted a quick peck on his lips.  Then he screeched in amusement and ran off, still shrieking and laughing.  Dean’s jaw hung open.  He watched his ten year old brother run from the room.

“Sam!” he yelled and jumped off the couch.

Castiel could hear Dean chasing his little brother around the house, running into things and knocking them over.  He put his fingers to his lips and had to laugh.  For his next kiss he’d be a little more specific.

anonymous asked:

Ut,uf,us,sf papyrus react to walking in on their brother doing the..''diddly'' with their s/o? (And mean sans' s/o)

Oh gosh that’s evil. XD

Undertale Papyrus

He feels so bad. He wanted to ask you and Sans to take a look at one of his recently recalibrated puzzles. The door wasn’t actually all the way closed, so he peeked through it before pushing it open and stopped in his tracks. You two didn’t even know he was there, but he confesses to you and Sans individually at a later time and apologizes over and over again.

Underfell Papyrus

This boy has sensitive hearing, so he became annoyed when you two–well, mostly Sans–got louder and louder. He knew what was going on, but he needed his sleep. He knocked on the door and requested that you two keep the noise level of your amorous activities to a minimum, but the door was partway open and its creaking when he knocked against it alerted you of his presence. He is frozen in terror, even thought the room is dimly lit and all he can see are your silhouettes. The next thing he knows, Sans is using his magic to move him out of the room and to shut the door behind him. His brother isn’t going to hear the end of it in the morning.

Underswap Papyrus

He honestly forgets that his brother does those things. He may be the older one, but still…That being said, he opens Sans’ door to ask him something and immediately regrets it. Before either of you can react, he teleports to his room and doesn’t come out until he has the courage to apologize. 

Swapfell Papyrus

Sans wasn’t expecting him to be back from Muffet’s so soon. He opens the front door to find you bent over the arm of the couch and bracing the cushions and Sans standing behindoHGOD WHAT IS HE WITNESSING. He shields his eyes and teleports to his bedroom as soon as he has his wits about him. He really wanted a snack but he doesn’t come downstairs until he’s sure you two are upstairs. He’s pissed that Sans didn’t give him any forewarning. A text would have been nice??? He would’ve gladly stayed out a little longer if he knew. He makes sure to suggest that to his brother in the future. He mutters an apology to you the next time he sees you.

AHOT6 Headcanon #1

This is also a bit of a homage to my own experience of having OCD.

Since Ray is such a clean freak and lives with OCD, living in a house with five other men is utter torture, so he puts everyone to work on the weekends.

Geoff is in charge of outdoors stuff. He mows the lawn, he cleans out the gutters, he organizes the shed. Don’t touch the garden, though, because it’s Ray’s and Geoff will face a very adorable yet somehow terrifying Puerto Rican whirlwind if those roses are messed with.

Michael is in charge of the kitchen. He empties and fills the dishwasher, wipes down the cabinets and counters, organizes the shelves for Ray (glass goes on the top shelf, plastic on the bottom).

Ryan is charge of sweeping and vacuuming, something that always takes forever because a certain British bird man keeps stepping on is floors.

Jack takes care of the living room. He organizes any games or controllers that were strewn about by an impromptu Team Nice Dynamite wrestling match. He makes sure the couch cushions face the correct ways, or else Ray would throw a fit.

Gavin does the laundry, and he makes sure to purposefully shrink Geoff’s pants. He’s careful to organize Ray’s by color, just how he likes it.

Finally, Ray takes care of the bedroom and bathrooms. He arranges each of their toothbrushes in order they always got up. Ryan’s ruby red toothbrush was first to the left and Michael’s bright yellow brush was all the way to the right. He arranges the bottles on the shelves by height, mouthwash in the back, toothpaste lying flat in the front. He rinsed out the cups, tapping each against the faucet exactly three times.

In the bedroom it’s always the biggest pillows in the back while the smaller lie in front. The blanket is folded back exactly six inches away from the pillows to allow them all to get in easily. Ray organizes Michael’s knick knacks and be centers Ryan’s laptop on the desk.

They all pitch in.

Because living in order is way more fun.

llnzmorgan  asked:

Geralt and Yen for the shipping meme? :D

*cries* thank u. 

  • falls asleep on the couch- Geralt, probably. “I was just resting my eyes, Yen.” “Uh-huh. That’ll be why there’s drool on my favourite couch cushion?” 

  • makes friends with the neighbors- Actually I want to say Geralt does this but like…Accidentally? Yennefer is quite happy to keep things private and she isn’t like rude or cold or anything she just doesn’t go out of her way to mingle. Geralt is like Tall and Strong looking so people will approach him and ask him for favours carrying heavy things or like “my cat is stuck in a tree could you??” and he’s too nice to say no? So he just gets roped into doing all these things for their neighbours and of course they insist on thanking him so he gets invited over for like tea and cake and stuff and he really just wants to keep himself to himself and live a nice, chill life with Yennefer but that ain’t happening. Yennefer thinks this is hilarious and accepts every single thank you invitation and teases Geralt while they’re there because “what a hero,” and he’s just like ¬_¬ 

  • is the adventurous eater- Probably Yennefer tbh. Geralt just eats meat off a stick and is happy with it. Yen has slightly more Refined tastes and any time anywhere new opens near them she insists on going and trying it out. Geralt is just…Baffled by it all. Like it’s small and there are tiny dots of sauce like he needs more sauce than that, ‘are they afraid they’re going to run out Yen??’ She rolls her eyes and watches him have an aneurysm trying to decide which piece of the 15-set cutlery he’s been given to use. ‘If you just use your hands to make it simple I am going to murder you with this knife, Geralt.’ 

  • hogs the covers at night- Definitely Yennefer. She’s not even sorry about it and she’s not subtle about it either. Geralt will like…raise his eyebrows at her and she’ll just shrug at him like “Yes, is there a problem??” And he just smirks and “No, not at all, carry on.” And she just…Yep, fine then, and tugs a little bit more over to her side. 

  • forgets to do the dishes- Hmmm, probably Yennefer is the one who genuinely forgets about them. Geralt “forgets” because he hates doing them but it never works. She boycotts all kisses and cuddles until he’s done it, it’s his night, he agreed. He complies with a lot of grunting and grumbling that they should just buy loads of disposable paper plates and plastic cutlery and save this nonsense. 

  • tries to surprise their partner more often- Geralt tries. Tries being the operative word. He’s very rarely successful. Somehow Yen always rumbles him and knows what he’s planning ahead of time and he’s just like ??? How do you do this!? But on the rare occasion he does manage to actually genuinely surprise her (usually with little, impulsive things he just does in the moment) she really loves them. And even when she knows what he’s up to she appreciates the effort and makes sure to let him know of that. 

  • leaves dirty laundry on the floor- Yennefer. It probably drives Geralt insane but she’s not stopping any time soon. 

  • stays up til 2 AM reading- Yennefer again, I think. She just gets Absorbed and is one of those like “one more chapter” that turns into the entire book type people. Geralt knows better than to try and encourage her to come to bed and has learned that he must never, ever kiss her and try and distract her in that way when she is reading. It will not end well for him. He just leaves her to it, mostly. Sometimes he’ll read to her too if she can’t sleep and she loves that more than just about anything else. 

  • sings in the shower- I want to say Geralt for hilarity reasons but Yennefer insists that it isn’t singing because he sounds like he’s being murdered and it’s just downright alarming. Geralt scowls at this assessment of his singing but honestly…She’s not wrong. 

  • takes the selfies- Yennefer. The concept would probably just confuse Geralt tbh. Like when Yen shoves her phone into his hands and tells him to take one of both of them because he has longer arms and it’s easier for him he inevitably ends up with like his thumb or finger covering half the lens and it’s out of focus and blurry and honestly just a disaster. Geralt doesn’t picture well he blinks at the wrong moment or is looking in the wrong direction or just looks utterly glaikit. Yennefer has given up on him and announces it’s a good thing she’s good looking enough for both of them. 

  • plans date night- Yennefer. Geralt’s idea of date night is just…”We have dinner, then sex.” To which Yennefer rolls her eyes and informs him that, “That’s every night, darling.” To which Geralt shrugs and grumbles something along the lines of “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” But he knows Yen likes getting dressed up and going out and doing nice things and he doesn’t have any real objection to it. Dinner and sex tends to be in her plans anyway so he’s good with it. 
Home Invasion


Ann and Shiho deal with an intruder. 

(Alternatively: Ann has a thing with bugs.)

Something short, sweet, and silly. Read it on AO3 here


There was something in the house.

Ann took a deep breath, trying to stave off the panic. She pressed her back against the back of the couch, considering whether to peek or not. Sweat beaded across her brow. Her breath came in ragged gasps.

Ann swallowed hard. She reached out, blind. Shiho found her hand and took it, clinging to her shoulder.

“It’s in the kitchen,” Ann whispered, eyes wide.

“Shh,” Shiho said, squeezing her hand, rubbing her shoulder. “It’s okay. I’m here. I’m right here.”

“We need help,” Ann choked out, fumbling for her phone. “Ryuji…!


“Hey, Shiho,” Ryuji said in the doorway, sticking his thumbs through his belt loops.

“Hello, Ryuji,” Shiho smiled. “Won’t you come in?”

Ryuji stepped in and kicked off his shoes, whistling as he took in the Takamaki residence.

“Shi-” Ryuji cleared his throat, not wanting to curse in front of Shiho. “…Shoot. Ann’s got a really nice house.”

“It’s nicer when it’s not under siege!” Ann squeaked from further in.

Ryuji rolled his eyes and ventured inside. Ann was behind the couch, having entrenched herself behind walls of cushions and throw pillows. Ryuji stepped gingerly over her fortifications, crouching down beside her.

“Hey, jerk,” he said with the utmost affection, placing a hand on the blonde mane poking out of the fort. “You’re really gonna make me come all the way over here for a cockroach?”

“It wasn’t a cockroach!” Ann snapped. She jerked her head up, fire in her eyes. “See for yourself! It’s in the kitchen!”

“Alright,” Ryuji said.

Shiho joined Ann in Fort Takamaki, while Ryuji rose and wandered into the kitchen.

“You big baby,” Ryuji teased. “You’ve fought Shadows way worse than- WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!?!”


Akira sighed, setting the intruder down on the front steps, while a bemused Shiho stood beside him.

“Honestly,” he said, as it skittered away. “It’s like you guys have never seen a water bug before.”

“It was all wriggly!” Ann wailed from her pillow fort.

“Yeah, dude!” Ryuji said, nervously, clinging to Ann. “You can’t trust anything with that many legs.”

Ryuji and Ann huddled together in Fort Takamaki, nervously swapping war stories.

Shiho giggled, raising a hand to her lips.

“We love them, don’t we?” she asked, smiling.

“It varies,” Akira said, deadpan, before catching Shiho’s eyes and returning her smile.