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A long night in the office was nothing new, but he couldn’t just sit at his desk. He felt, oddly, antsy. Couldn’t sit still. His foot tapped to some song stuck in his head; he wasn’t even sure what it was or when he heard it, but it was stuck there nonetheless and it was distracting. He wondered if all this was from the coffee he drank a few hours ago. How terrible would that be if one of the things which kept him awake was going to prevent him from doing work - the reason he needed to stay up late. That can’t be it, he dismissed. Maybe he was nervous about the bill tomorrow.  Sure, the medical bill sounded nice, but in Alan’s opinion, it wasn’t the way to go. The song started to repeat itself again.

Alan made up his mind; he needed to clear his head a little. He’d grab dinner. Go for a walk and then come back to finish off the night to make a few phone calls and do last minute preparations. Pushing himself from his desk, he pulled on his coat and walked out of his office. Navigating the building was like second nature now, so it didn’t take him long to find himself outside in the cool air. He checked his watch. It was only just past 8. Luckily for him, that meant that things would still be open. Before setting off for dinner, he noticed someone else on the stairs. It was dark enough that he couldn’t quite tell who it was. Although it wasn’t odd to find souls at this time of the night, Alan was curious as to what the person was doing. “Heading out for the night, or going to get a late dinner?”

I really wish Cory...

… would stop trying to be like Feeny at home and rather followed the awesome example his own parents set for him. 

My crush on 90′s Will Russ aside, I always loved Alan as a character. Quite often in fiction aimed to young people, parents tend to be… problematic: they are either absentee, horrible or incompetent. Or some combination of the three.

Alan and Amy Mathews were never that. Why is Alan my fave? because he reminded me of my own father: someone who was fair and capable and present and with love for his children just pouring out of him. 

He wasn’t domineering, he had good advice for his kids when they asked him, but he didn’t smother them. He made mistakes but owned up to them and tried to fix them. Alan was a great guy and a great father. 

I don’t think Cory realizes that. Feeny was a great mentor and instrumental for Cory, Shawn, Topanga and Eric to be who they are; but he wasn’t A Father. Feeny loved the kids and helped shaping them, but they still had parents (or parent like people in the case of Shawn with both Turner and the Mathewses). 

*le sigh*

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