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The crew explaining that  X-Men: First Class  is actually a romance between Charles and Erik.

Imagine confirming your relationship with your co-star, Sebastian Stan, in an Interview

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You don’t know about the meaning of strong bonds until you’ve seen two people communicate without spoken words..


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'Fast & Furious' Cheat Sheet: Untangling the Franchise's Twisted Timeline Prior to 'F8' (Spoilers!)
‘The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift’ (2006): (Left to right) Bow Wow, Lucas Black, Nathalie Kelley, Brian Tee. (Photo: Everett)

Most franchises have a chronology that unfolds in a straight line. The Fast and the Furious series, on the other hand, took a major detour along the way. If you’re planning to start your binge engines and re-watch the seven previous Fast films — or fill a gap in your F&F experience — before movie no. 8, The Fate of the Furiousarrives on April 14, you might want to consult our primer as a reminder how to shuffle the movies around to watch events unfold in chronological order, which is NOT as simple as following its production order. (Warning: Spoilers for all previous ‘Fast & Furious’ films follow.)

[Ed. Note: This story was originally published in 2015; it has been updated to reflect Furious 7.]

The Fast and The Furious (2001)
-Los Angeles undercover cop Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) infiltrates a crew of street racers led by Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) suspected in a series of local truck heists.

-O’Conner falls for Toretto’s sister Mia (Jordana Brewster).

-Dom is committed to steady girlfriend Letty (Michelle Rodriguez).

-After suspecting rival racer Johnny Tran (Rick Yune) is ripping off the trucks, Brian discovers that Dom is definitely the guilty party. Rather then arrest the guy who’s become his friend, he hands over the keys to his own car, and they go their separate ways: Brian to Miami and Dom to Baja.

2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)
-The short film, Turbo-Charged Prelude, depicts Brian’s journey to Florida’s sun-dappled party town, where he hooks up with street-race organizer Tej (Chris “Ludacris” Bridges), races under the codename Bullet — and becomes one of America’s Most Wanted due to the whole “letting Dom go” thing.

-Caught by the U.S. Customs Service, Brian is forced to go back undercover — in partnership with his childhood buddy Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) — to help deep-cover Customs agent Monica Fuentes (Eva Mendes) bring down drug kingpin Carter Verone (Cole Hauser).

-Brian and Roman successfully capture Carter, get their records expunged, and line their own pockets with spare drug money. O’Conner suggests he’s ready to put down roots in Miami, with Pearce serving as the Riggs to his Murtaugh.

Fast & Furious (2009)
-The short Los Bandoleros flash-forwards five years and finds Dom in the Dominican Republic, planning a heist with a new crew, including Han (Sung Kang), Leo (Tego Calderon), and Rico (Don Omar). Letty turns up, having followed his trail from Mexico, and signs up for the fuel-stealing operation that’s seen at the beginning of Fast & Furious. They also tie the knot in an off-screen ceremony, though we won’t know about that for three more movies.

-Han arrives in D.R. direct from L.A., where he made his first appearance in director Justin Lin‘s breakout 2002 crime movie, Better Luck Tomorrow. That earlier film isn’t directly connected to the Fast & Furious franchise, but both Lin and Kang have acknowledged over the years that it’s the same Han.

-Increased police vigilance during their fuel-tank raid forces Dom to ditch his girlfriend-wife and go on the lam once more. Three months later, Dom is in Panama City, where Mia calls him with the news Letty’s been murdered. He returns stateside to observe her funeral from a distance. Meanwhile, Brian — who has signed up with the FBI rather than continue to play Lethal Weapon with Roman — is on the trail of yet another drug runner…one who holds the key to figuring out who killed Letty.

-Brian and Dom reunite to attack the drug lord head-on, and this time Dom surrenders to the authorities rather than flee. Sentenced to 25 years-to-life, Dom is en route to the big house when Brian and Mia zoom by and initiate a prison-bus break.

Fast Five (2011)
-Once again fugitives from justice, Dom, Brian, and Mia head off to Rio de Janeiro where they reconnect with original Fast & Furious crew member, Vince (Matt Schulze). Their subsequent participation in a great train robbery puts Diplomatic Security Service agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Brazilian cop Elena Neves (Elsa Pataky) on the trio’s trail.

-Meanwhile, using information they’ve gathered from a computer chip outlining the criminal empire of Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida), Dom and Brian plot a heist to score one last big payday. That heist requires the participation of all their buddies, including Han, Tej, Roman, Leo, Rico, and Gisele (Gal Gadot), who converge on Rio to execute an Ocean’s Eleven-style scheme.

-Flush with cash, Brian and his now-pregnant girlfriend Mia head off to a tropical paradise where Dom drops by for a visit with his new lover, Elena. (Han and Gisele, meanwhile, take their partnership to the next level in Europe.) But back in the U.S., Customs agent Fuentes turns up at Hobbs’ office with evidence Letty isn’t as dead as everyone assumed.

Fast & Furious 6 (2013)
-Hobbs pulls Dom and the gang out of their post-Rio retirement to employ their special set of skills to stop the reign of terror propagated by a rogue British Special Forces officer, Owen Shaw (Luke Evans), whose ranks of vehicular soldiers include an amnesia-stricken Letty.

-The group stops Shaw, but Gisele is killed. Dom, now reunited with Letty, and Brian and Mia (with their infant son Jack) return to America and settle down in their old L.A. neighborhood for the first time since the original Fast and the Furious. Recognizing that three’s a crowd, Elena blesses the Dom/Letty reunion and decamps for parts unknown.

-Meanwhile, a grieving Han heads to Tokyo, where he’s in mid-chase when his ride is viciously T-boned by an oncoming car driven by…Shaw’s brother (Jason Statham), a sudden callback to…

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)
-Sean (Lucas Black), a rebellious Arizona teenager and gearhead, is sent to Tokyo to live with his military father after getting involved in one joyride too many. He soon falls into the city’s “drift racing” scene, learning the ropes of drifting from Dom’s old pal, Han.

-Midway through the movie, Han is killed in the aforementioned car chase that we see at the end of Fast & Furious 6. The identity of the other driver wasn’t revealed in this film, but there’s no doubt that Han is pushing up daisies after his car explodes.

-As the film ends, Sean is preparing to prove his drifting skills against a new challenger: Dom. The two pay homage to their fallen mutual friend and gun their engines…racing off, we learn in retrospect, to Furious 7, nine years after this film’s release.

Furious 7 (2015)
-Sure enough, Dom is in Tokyo to transport Han’s remains back to Los Angeles for burial, while it’s revealed that Owen Shaw isn’t dead, but lies comatose in a prison hospital. Meanwhile, Owen’s brother Deckard (Statham) sets his sights on Dom’s team in a grand revenge plan that sidelines Hobbs and blows up the Toretto household.

-Eager for his own revenge, Dom strikes a bargain with covert ops bigwig Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell) to steal the God’s Eye — a computer program that gives its user virtually unlimited spying power — in exchange for a shot at Deckard Shaw. The trail to the God’s Eye goes through hacker extraordinaire Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel), who becomes the team’s latest accomplice…and the object of Tej and Roman’s competing affections.

-Following a knock-down, drag-out fight on the streets of L.A., Deckard is sent to a top-secret underground prison. Letty shakes the final strands of amnesiac cobwebbing from her brain and is flooded with memories from their wedding night, when she and Dom exchanged a necklace rather than rings. They embark on their years-delayed honeymoon, while Brian and Mia head off into well-deserved retirement to raise their baby boy.

‘The Fate Of The Furious’ Featurette: Zombie Cars:

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My thoughts on Power Rangers

First off, you should know that this is all coming from a huge Power Rangers fan. I loved this series as a kid, so I was always going to get at least a little enjoyment out of this movie for nostalgia reasons. Is my opinion biased? Hell yeah it is because I love Power Rangers. Now let’s dig in. Spoilers ahoy!

I gotta give it up to Dacre Montgomery for actually getting me to like him. He was the one going in that I just didn’t care about. Jason was always my least favorite out of the group from the original series. But Dacre did a great job of getting me to feel bad for him. Sure, the “you are the leader” stuff was a little much, but I loved his relationship with everyone on the team and how he actually cared about them. He could have come across as just a jerk, but he didn’t. Props to him.

Now for my favorite thing about the movie. Billy. Oh my god, someone turn RJ Cyler into a superstar right now. I had heard he was great in this movie, but I didn’t know how great he’d be. He was just a scene stealer in every scene. I loooved the scene when he first morphed. I loved how he was the heart of the team. Everyone cared about him, even when they didn’t like each other, and it was heartbreaking when he “died.” It was great how they all came together because of him. That felt perfect.

The relationship between Billy and Jason was great. One of the strongest aspects of the movie, for sure. My favorite scene in the movie might have actually been when the two of them hugged when Billy came back to life. It was just sooo sweet and they both played it so well. Also, my new ship.

I loved all the characters, truly. Naomi Scott has just proved why she needs to be the next Hollywood leading lady. She was excellent in the movie. She really sold Billy’s death scene. A lot of that was on her. Becky G was adorable as Becky, and was able to sell herself as a nobody despite the fact that she’s gorgeous, which was impressive. I wish we could have scene more of this friendship, because they were great every time they were on screen together.

More Zack would have made the movie better too. I liked every scene he was in, but I could have used even more. Ludi did a really good job. I loved Zack’s friendship with Trini. That was really cute, and it was there without seeming forced. His relationship with his mom was also adorable.

As for the other characters. Elizabeth Banks as Rita was a lot of fun, and she actually felt menacing. Bryan Cranston was perfectly cast as Zordon. And Bill Hader was great as Alpha Five.


I won’t lie, the movie did drag a little bit in the middle. At some point, I was just ready to see them morph. But I did like the character building scenes of them getting to know each other. I also wish we had more time to see them fight in their suits before they went into their zords, but I get why that happened.

The entire final battle was just nonstop action fanservice and I loved every second of it. The “hold the line” scene was a little over the top but it still worked and I felt like we had gotten to know these characters enough to actually care about them so seeing them almost die was actually impactful.

The after credits scene! Tommy is coming!

But yeah, that’s just a ramble of my initial feelings about the movie. I’m sure I’ll post more about it. I had so much fun watching it, and I’m ready for the sequels.

Alien: Covenant Review (spoilers!)

I saw Alien: Covenant today. Firstly, I was spoiled for everything already, and that was okay. I didn’t try to avoid any spoilers, and it would have been totally impossible since I follow so many blogs that are as excited about this movie as I am. Secondly, I had seen both prologues (the Crossing & the Last Supper) that in my opinion are not necessary to watch before, but they shed interesting light on both ships and the relationships of their crewmates. I also found them interesting to watch after the movie. Foreshadowing!

Thirdly, I am a huge fan of Fassbender, and he’s cast in this movie twice. I also love horror movies, and the original Alien was a classic. While Prometheus was not as good as I wished it would have been, Fassbender totally saved it - and I was overjoyed that David 8 survived, since I longed to see more of him. He instantly became one of my favorite fictional characters.

So, the expectations were already big. Were they fulfilled? Mostly, yes. As I said before, I was spoiled already and there were few things that surprised me.

Fassbender was awesome. That was not surprising. His characters were two totally different androids with different objectives and loyalties: David 8, the lonely antagonist who was created with too much free will, and Walter, the loyal to the bone (so to speak) android who just wanted to build a cabin to Daniels and serve her for the rest of her life. Yes, I’m bitter. Walter deserved better. Fassbender played both perfectly. They had different accents, different smiles. When we as an audience were led to believe that Walter had won the fight between him and his brother, and he turned to look behind - I almost screamed holy hell, that is not Walter. David, you twisted bastard.

The aliens were also awesome. Frightening, animalistic, and totally unbeatable. There weren’t many jump scares, but I find the true horror of these movies is the knowledge that the alien is there and it’s fast and there is nothing you can do to escape it. The knowledge of the impending doom is oppressive. The horror was real. There was blood, and lots of things bursting through backs, chests, and throats of various people - and if that is not your thing, maybe think twice whether you want to see it on big screen. Me, I enjoy these kind of things so I cannot really say how frightening the movie was in that department? Lots of things inside of people ended up outside and it looked very real.

What was surprising was how much of the movie was located on the planet and in David’s lair. It was quite refreshing. (Compared to Alien and Prometheus, were most of the scenes and chases were done in the ships.) The locations were beautiful, and David’s lair was creepy - “something is not right in this place“. The feeling of wrongness of course only grew when we learned how David destroyed the creators, how he has become to hate humankind and only has one goal: to create. Replace the “gods“ that his creator (Weyland) wanted to find and become a better one?

I kind of liked all of the characters. Or, there wasn’t anyone that was super annoying. Well, Weyland I have hated since Prometheus, but he was on such a short while it did not diminish my enjoyment of the movie much. And his interaction with David explained so much of the android’s hatred for humankind. (He creates a perfect being and almost as a first assignement asks him to pour him tea that is so near of him on the table it’s insulting. How was David supposed to take that?)

Daniels was constantly crying, but I guess a death of a husband does that. As the whole crew consisted of pairs, the survival was not on the individuals alone, but every death of a crew member was taken hard. And as expected, lots of people died. I was actually surprised that Tennessee survived along with Daniels (well, can you really say survived when we know what happens to them, as David is in charge of the ship now..), I was so sure halfway to the movie that Tennessee would be next one to go. My money on who has going to survive was on Oram. Guess I wasn’t spoiled about that.

I would go on and on about Fassbender and the flute scene and the KISS (omfg) and all the things, but this was supposed to be a short review. I will write more about the relationship between Walter and David, they both fascinate me so much.

TL:DR: Should you go see this movie? If you like Fassbender (since he is a huge part of this movie, that is totally a necessary point), horror, things bursting through chest cavities (and all kinds of other cavities) - then yes, this is indeed a movie for you.

If you find aforementioned things disgusting, maybe you should skip this one.

I enjoyed it enormously. It had issues, but which movie doesn’t. Fassbender was awesome, and he was such a huge part of it! My fangirling heart is very happy.

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Oh how would the paldins go about pursuing their crush? How would they act around them? What made them fall for them in the first place? (pls make the their crush chubby)

Originally posted by yatsugarekun

Lance: Expect horrible pick-up lines and cheesy one liners from this dork. “Hey (y/n), you must be a banana, because I find you a peeling.” Other than the awful pick-up lines, he tries to be slick and smooth, but usually stumbles over his words and gets a bit clumsy. “M-me, well - me and you, u-uh movie?” He loved their smile, it made his day so much better when it beamed on their chubby face and all he wanted to do was kiss them all over and continue to make them smile.

Keith: Leaves little notes and even flowers in random places for them. “Dear (y/n), your eyes sparkle like the stars.” -Keith. He’s really shy around you, but will pipe up when he gives you a flower. “I-I found this today and I thought of you.” His actions truly do speak louder than his words. He likes how confident they are in everything they do. He saw others pick on their weight, but that didn’t let them down and the confident glow you radiated just continued to draw him in.

Pidge: Will stutter something out in front of them and then will blush and promptly run away saying they need to tinker with something. “Y-your laugh is ad-dorable (y/n), I-I mean, I have to go work on the new upgrades!” Takes a lesson from Lance and uses some nerdy pick-up lines to try and woo them. “Hey (y/n), I’ve got my ion you.”. Likes how optimistic they are in every situation, even when people put them down and say they can’t do something, they prove them wrong.

Hunk: Makes various food dishes for them and writes little notes on them that hopefully lifts their spirits or makes them smile. He’ll make you a cake and he’ll write in frosting, “(y/n), you looked so pretty today, enjoy the cake!”. Invites them to cook with him and they try new recipes together. “All you have to do is add the sugar, yeah, like that!”. Enjoys how they have a healthy appetite and likes to try his new dishes when everyone else won’t. 

Shiro: Is usually calm and collected around them until they do something adorable that makes him lose his confidence which is most of the time and it’s when they smile at him. “(y/n), do you want to-to-uh, is that the alarm, time to suit up!”. Other times, he leaves their favorite candies for them with inspirational notes on them. “Remember that the day is what you make it, you can do it (y/n)!”. Their laugh, whenever they let it go, it’s so contagious they he can’t help but to laugh along with them. Now, he wants to be the reason for their laugh.

I’ll Make You Love Me Pt. 6



You chuckle quietly as you flip through the notebook, tracing over the human’s answers and smiling to yourself.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Papyrus asks as he enters the living room.

“n-nothing!” you say quickly and shove the notebook in your jacket. Anxiety vibrates in your bones as his eye sockets narrow and he strides over to you. You sink further into the couch cushions as he leans over you.


“y-yeah. i guess.”

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Request:  You should totally do a love triangle one shot with Hoseok and Yoongi because anon here has a serious issue with these two and she would be very appreciative thank you if you read this I love you have a nice day okay xoxo

You mean these two cuties?! Thank you so much for your request, and here it is!~ Hope you like it, and please tell me if it’s okay? ^___^ (It is really long, and any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated!)

Originally posted by sugaist

Title: Decision

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Group: BTS

Pairing: Reader/Hoseok/Yoongi

Words: 2015

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Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

First of all, the cgi in this scene is lovely, they really have done a beautiful job with Asgard and I love watching these scenes just for the gorgeous background visuals and scenery porn.

But the most interesting thing about this scene is that they are directly comparing the Thor/Jane relationship to that of the Convergence, like that is literally what’s happening here.  It’s not just an implied overall theme that maybe has a parallel or two here and there.  There is a direct parallel being stated here.

They are very directly and very clearly saying here that Thor and Jane’s relationship is comparable to their two worlds, Asgard and Midgard (along with the other Nine Realms), coming into connection with each other, that it’s a once in 5,000 years event and, while lovely, once it passes, the connections between the worlds goes back to the same distance it had before.

That’s Thor/Jane, that they had this brief moment of connection and it was amazing, but their worlds will pass out of alignment again once this is all over, that Thor is very clear about this.

This goes together with the other overall theme of this movie (which is undercut by the change in the ending, of course) that Thor sacrifices personal happiness for the greater good, in order to become better suited for the throne of Asgard.  The original ending had Thor and Jane deciding they worked better as friends, which is built up throughout the movie, the distance between them that can be crossed, but is difficult to do so on a consistent basis, the toll that it takes on both of them to be constantly waiting for the other.

There’s a reason Malekith’s line of, “Ask yourself: what would you sacrifice for what you believe?” was so prominently featured in the trailers.

It’s not just Thor/Jane that’s about sacrifice, but about Thor’s carefree life and attitude that must be sacrificed, after all that’s happened and all that will happen in this movie, about how he doesn’t want the throne any longer, but the day is coming when he will need to take it up, and that requires personal sacrifice.

For better or worse (and I’m not sure where I fall on that spectrum), the ending was changed, though, and we have Loki secretly on the throne and Thor spending time between Asgard and Midgard, as well as the Thor/Jane relationship still going.  I don’t have strong feelings on Thor/Jane (for all that I’ve talked a lot about them in this liveblog so far—kind of hard to not talk about them, when the early movie focuses a lot on them) and I’m willing to give up a whole lot for Loki to still be alive and I like the idea of Thor wandering the Nine Realms to protect people in a more direct sort of way, which he’s at the point in his life where he still does better with that.

But I do think it made the movie a lot weaker in the overall structure.  I don’t think it affected sales, as much as I think it would have been a better story to have them decide to just be friends, I can easily see why that would be a “downer” ending for movie-goers, when there’s not another relationship to take its place, all in what’s a popcorn flick for most people.

I can see why they made the change and I guess I don’t really mind that the movie was clearly building up to something else, because it’s probably the best scenario I was going to get, given the realistic factors that went into such a thing.  I still get to point out, pretty much every chance I get, that Thor/Jane was headed for a breakup, instead of the movie spending the entire time trying to convince me that they’re a great couple, which all of the movies have always failed at.  But they also get to keep their upbeat ending for their popcorn flick, as that’s what probably sells more tickets to a wider audience, rather than just fandom.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just trying to be in a more zen sort of place or maybe I’ve just burned through all my rage about this and don’t have any energy left for it.  I don’t want to be an asshole about it, so I’m trying to find my way back to middle ground, even if I’m not sure I’m accomplishing that.

When I watch scenes like this, though, I sometimes think I could be interested in Thor/Jane in the sense that there’s all this other stuff going on with the pairing, besides just two people who supposedly fell in love.  There’s so much idealizing of each other going on, there’s so much of intense circumstances make for intense bonds but that will fade when the circumstances settle down again, there’s so much co-dependency going on, there’s so much of holding onto each other because they want an anchor or Thor wants to protect Jane because he feels she saved him when he needed it, there’s just all sorts of sticky, complicated issues that aren’t at all a Disney romance type of relationship.

But that very rarely gets focused on, because if you’re not interested in the cuteness of the relationship, you’re probably going for other ships that are even more sticky and complicated, so.

Still not over how marvel killed Quicksilver. What a waste killing off such a huge potential! ..And no more gorgeous Aaron with silver hair!

You didn’t mind taking care of your boy when he came home. It was a little overwhelming for him, finally landing at the airport, finished with touring, finished with promo, finished with interviews. It was especially overwhelming when he walked out to find his family all waiting for him, along with you, standing close to his mom with a fond smile on your face when you caught sight of his unshaved face and messy hair. His throat would tighten as he let out a little whimper, breaking away from his band to first embrace his parents, snug in between them like he was a kid again. His dad would pat his back when they released him, and nod his head to you, standing patiently to the side waiting for your turn. Michael would break into a large smile as you reached for him, wrapping your arms around his neck as his wound around your waist. “Hi, Michael,” You would whisper into his neck as he sniffled into your shoulder. “You’re home, baby, you’re okay.”

He would always be a little bit numb as he followed you into the shared apartment, his hand loosely intertwined in yours as you turned to shut the door behind him. He returned the small smile you gave him after settling him on the couch before leaving his side to find his favorite blanket from the bed. Before he had left, you two used it all the time for movie nights on the couch, pulling it around your shoulders before falling asleep as the television droned in the background. But now the blanket was just drawn around Michael’s drooping frame, his hands coming to grip the corners tighter around his shoulders when you left to go to the kitchen.

After consuming a mug of his favorite hot chocolate in his favorite mug (a star wars one that you had gotten after he made you watch all the movies with him) his body felt a little better. He was always on a constant hum on tour, always moving, talking, singing, thinking, thinking, thinking. Now that it was over, he felt like he needed to sleep for years.

“Bedtime?” He asked softly when you returned to the living room after placing the mugs in the sink. You couldn’t help but smile fondly as Michael hummed and closed his eyes when the palm on your hand fit over his cheek. You felt like you could never get used to having him right in front of you, in person, not pixilated on a computer screen. He was so beautiful in front of you, so soft, so delicate. You never loved anyone this much.

“Bedtime.” You agreed. Michael let out a small sigh of relief, taking your hand as he stood from the couch to follow you into the bedroom. Earlier you laid out on the bed his favorite plaid pajamas he had left at home for you to wear while he was gone, and you watched as a large smile broke his face when he examined them. After changing and brushing his teeth, he slid under the sheets and waited for you to turn off all the lights before tucking yourself into his arms. “Missed you, Mikey,” You murmured as his leg maneuvered between yours.

“Missed you, missed home.” He replied. To him it meant the same thing, you and home, because with you, he felt the safest. On the road, he was always checking behind his back, always over thinking what people said, always getting lost in his head and thoughts. At home, he was able to decompress and finally feel at ease.

In the morning, it was a surprise when you woke up to find him not in a deep slumber beside you. Post tour meant sleeping for about two days before Michael would leave the house. You slid into your slippers and padded to the kitchen to find Michael puttering around the kitchen. You couldn’t help but smile, slipping yours hands around his waist as he worked at the stove. “Morning,” You murmured, kissing his shoulder blades, the back of his neck. “I can’t believe you’re awake. Did you sleep well?”

“Slept perfect,” He answered, patting the top of your hand resting on his soft tummy. “I slept so good I was able to wake up early. I wanted to fix you breakfast since you always seem to take care of me.”

You couldn’t help but smile endearingly before craning your neck to plant a kiss to his cheek. You didn’t mind taking care of your boy, because you knew he would always work to return the favor. And that’s what made it work between the two of you. You took care of each other.