he made the show 10 times better

I was entertained, but definitely I wish Finn and company would’ve had more training time. Would’ve made it so much better, because this season didn’t really have a stand out moment. Maybe the drunken master fight. Overall, it ended on a pretty high note. Was a pretty enjoyable show. Not the best but I won’t complain too much about it. Certainly not horrible like reviews have implied.

Compared to Killgrave/Kingpin/Punisher, the villains were forgettable. So about 6/10.

I came to really like Danny, even if he was kind of boring. I wish they let him be more humorous.

Interesting story but poor writing. They also definitely could’ve used Chris Brewster’s help on the fight choreography, they just felt a bit stiff and unrealistic since they couldn’t hide Danny under a mask. Though considering he only had three weeks to train, 12-14 hours a day shooting, and he had 15-20 minutes to learn a fight scene before they have to shoot it, no matter how big the scene is. We should be happy they weren’t worse

I got the feeling they tried to compensate for the typical complaint of having a few episodes with lots of action being followed by slow filler episodes by trying to spread it out evenly, but the problem is better solved by just making the seasons shorter.

Defenders is going to come down to who they let take care of the writing. If it’s the people who’ve been behind Matt and Jessica, we’re in for a treat. If its the teams from Luke or Danny, could be rough.