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“WEST COAST REPRESENT NOW PUT YOUR HANDS UP!” Stiles was half singing half screaming to the music as I filmed him.  This was Snapchat gold.  My boyfriend singing Katy Perry as we drove to the beach.

“You’re a nerd you know that?” I said to him, giggling as I posted the video.

“Am I a cute nerd?”

“The cutest” I responded easily, then leaned over the console to kiss his cheek quickly.  “How much longer is the drive?” I asked.  He looked at the gps, and made a thinking face.

“I’d say about forty five minutes” He said, and I grinned, bouncing in my seat.  I put my bare feet up on the dash, fixing my sundress which covered my bikini.  Stiles grinned over at me.  “You wouldn’t be wearing two pieces of swimsuit, would you?” You giggled and nodded.

“I would be” Stiles fist pumped the air, which made you laugh.

“I love it, but feet off my baby” 

“I thought I was your baby?”

BTS reaction to you sleeping on their chest

A/N: this is my first reaction, I hope everyone will enjoy it^^

Rapmonster (namjoon): He would be sitting comfortabely on the couch in the living room with an open book in his hand. You were sitting next to him as his shoulder was resting around you so you could lay your head on his chest. After a while it would be really silent as he was reading his book so he looked down just to see your sleeping face. He would be smiling sheepishly because of your fair skin which made you look like a little baby.

“why do you have to look cute in everything that you do?”

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Jin (seokjin): It would be a lazy sunday when you two would be lying on your shared bed. You’re head was resting on his chest as his arms were wrapped around your smaller form. “jagi? jagi…Y/N?” he would ask confusedly as you didn’t laugh at his dad joke. He would turn his head towards you and instantly would widen his eyes as he saw you sleeping soundly on his chest. The little snores that escaped your throat was everything to make him know that you were deeply asleep. Slowly getting up without waking you up, he took the blanket from the far end of the bed to tuck you into it. He tiptooed out of the room to make his way to the kitchen. He was planning on making a little soup for you because of the hunger that always grow into you when you wake up.

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Jhope (hoseok): You two would be sprawled out on the floor of the practice room after a few hours of dancing. Because of the sleeveless top you were wearing you could feel the coldness of the floor hit your skin so you rolled over to your boyfriend’s side. “Im cold.” you murmured as you snuzzled your face in his chest. “Come here~” he would embrace you into a tight hug as you instantly felt warm because of his body heat. His stomache then made a weird nose, making his lips form an ‘O’ shape. “jagiya~ is it fried chicken or pizza for tonight?” he asked and felt slightly embarrassed for the loud noise of his stomache. “Y/N?” he would ask softly as he didn’t receive a respond. “aww~” he looked down to see your chubby cheek pressed against his chest as you selpt. “my jagiya is the cutest!” he would be internally fanboying over your cuteness.

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Suga (Yoongi): It was late at night when you entered Yoongi’s studio with some snacks and coke in your hands. You decided to bring him some food and not to sleep despite him being busy lately. He didn’t have the time to eat properly because of his hard work for their upcoming album so you always made sure that he was fed. “Y/N, I told you to just go to sleep.” he whined and watched you sitting comfortabely on his lap. “it’s past midnight and you haven’t eat anything, you worry me” you pouted and laid your head on his shoulder. He softened because of your words but still went further with his work. After two hours he finally finished and leaned back in his chair as he embraced your form tightly. “I finished” he said but got silence in return. Looking to you, he would realise that you fell asleep. He would snuzzle his nose against your temple and carry you to your shared bed. 

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Jimin: you two would be lying in each other’s embrace as you cuddled in bed. His mascular arms encircled itself around your waist to pull you onto his chest as you giggled cutely, making him also giggle. “I’m tired” you whined and laid your head against his chest as you totally relaxed. “sleep then” he said and brought the blanket up to cover your body which was in a pyjama. His soft stare would be fixated on your sleepy face as he sang a lullaby. Your eyes closed itself slowly until you deeply were asleep. “sweet  dreams, cutiepie” he whispered and kissed your head lovingly. 

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V (Taehyung): After a long session of playing with your puppy, he would fall asleep under the table as you made your way to your boyfriend who was lying on your couch, watching a movie on the TV. “taetae~” you would beam and lay down on his chest. “hm?” he asked and kissed your cheek as you looked up. “let’s cuddle” you suggested and received nothing else but his famous cute smile in return. “only if you won’t fall asleep” he challenged. “deal” you accepted his offer and immediately laid back down as you clutched onto him. Taehyung counted to thirty and looked down to see you already asleep on his chest.”this girl” he shook his head and putted his oversized sweater over you to keep you warm.  

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Jungkook: you would be lying on his broad chest as both of you laid on the sofa, him being busy playing games. “jungkook~” you whined for the millionth time that day. You were eager to go outside because of the good weather but he told you that he first had to win the game. You just shrugged it off but it has been two hours since he started to play that game and it worked on your nerves. “wait jagiya…I almost finished” he said but you already gave up as you turned your head away from the TV. Silently falling asleep you embraced him tightly, making it difficult for him to move his arms. He sighed and also give up. “you won” he said in between a sigh, thinking that you were playing with him until he looked own to see you fully asleep on his chest. He would widen his eyes and let go of his controller as he embraced you too, giving you his warmth so you peacefully could sleep. 

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My BTS wings experience

I will start this off with saying I lined up at 2pm on Wednesday the night before. So yes I camped out & was number 35 in line

It was so cold I literally thought I was going to freeze to death and I would never make it too Thursday night to see BTS. Skipping all that I will say the line up process for so messy and people were trying to cut even when we were in numerical order. Let me tell y'all when they opened those doors. It was a fucking stampede and security was SCARED.

They let us in so slow. My friend got through easily. Then I got through easily. But my other friend they was patting her down We were stuck. When I tell you I grabbed her hand and dipped. I DIPPED. No one was getting in the front of me. But luckily we caught up to my friend.

Then they gave us a whole speech on no running but I was like no one is gonna listen. Which they didn’t. But me and friends got barricade 

They kept playing the songs and music videos over and over which I didn’t care because it’s BTS. When it started and the introduction was playing on the middle screen aka the sheet I almost shit myself. Then when not today started the sheet didn’t even fall all the way and Namjoon was so confused. It was stuck but eventually it fell. Then it got real! (Video)

For the solo stages Begin was first  and the choreography was so much better in person. He’s so talented. Then next was Lie I believe and I barely recorded it because Jimin is so unreal I was so shooked.

Namjoon stage was so cute and us shouting “We love you!” The smile on his face and his dimples. Lawd Then next was Tae. I almost cried tears of joy because he really did that. (Video).

Cypher was so fucking LIT

When they came through the floor with “Lost” I was blessed with Tan skin (Video)

Tae was standing there for so long. I kept making eye contact. He fixed his hat so I involuntary fixed my hat when he did it. He smiled @ me

This part almost made me cry (Video).

They’re cutest beans ever. Actual sunshine. (Video)

Look at how happy Jimin was to see my banner and I wasn’t expecting anything at all!



1st I’m just gonna say that me and my friends are like magnets to BTS.

After the show they pulled up next to us on the highway and we waved to them and I’m not sure who, but someone waved back

and it just so happens that today we were walking down the block and saw Rap Mon taking his picture.


Also Ran into JRE in Ktown. So sweet. Nice seeing him again


Cake Batter

A Dean x Reader AU / fluff

A/N: This is my submission for @dancingalone21‘s AU Funny Quote Challenge [ x ]. This is an AU, in the fact that Sam and Dean are not hunters. I didn’t really get a chance to specify that in the story, but that’s really all I could think of. I haven’t written anything in a while, so I hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think! ♥

Word Count: 1,529

- language.

Tags: (at the end)

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It was Sam’s birthday, and you decided last minute to make him a cake - from scratch. You had never baked anything that didn’t come in a box with specific instructions, so you were nervous it would come out horrible. Sam wasn’t one for sweets anyway, but everyone deserved a treat on their birthday, and he was going to eat it if you had to force it down his throat.

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Tom Holland Imagine: So Cute

Summary: You’re visiting Tom’s family for the first time and insist on buying them a bottle of wine so you don’t show up empty handed and Tom helps you pick what kind

A/N: I just really don’t know why Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling aren’t married… (also, sorry this is super short)

Warnings: none


“Toooommmmm!” I whined for about the 500th time within the few minutes we had been in the store.

Tom rolled his eyes playfully again as he pulled me into his side. We continued to walk through the store as we scanned though all the different kinds of wine.

“How do you not know what your parents drink!?” I asked.

“Y/N, it’s really not a big deal. You already bought them both gifts and you didn’t even have to do that! Honestly, you don’t need to be doing this, love.”

“Yes I do! I can’t just not get them something!”

“But you already bought my mother a necklace and my father a tie! You’re fine!”

“Noooo! I need something else for both of them!”

Tom sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. I began to wonder off on my own when Tom’s phone rang. He answered it after he mouthed to me that it was his mother.

I scanned over all the different brands and flavors and ages. How the hell am I supposed to know which one they like!?

I trudged back over to Tom and tried to get his attention to ask his mother. Tom kept shaking me off and pointing to his phone.

“I know, Tom! I’m trying to get you to ask her about the wine!” I whispered.

Tom waved me off and turned away from me.

I huffed, angry from the lack of attention and playfully bit Tom’s shoulder. Tom smiled at me over his shoulder before he began to playfully act like he was being attacked. I giggled at his stupidity and walked away over to another set of wine bottles.

I heard Tom hang up the phone and walk over to me. I smiled as he wrapped his arms around my waist and snuggled his face into the crook of my neck.

“My mother said she likes just plain old red wine. Nothing special to it.” Tom said as he laid a kiss on my collar bone.

I grabbed the bottle off the wall and headed to the check out. I slapped my card on the table before Tom could even think about paying for it.


“It’s my gift, Tom. Not yours.”

Tom held his hands up in surrender and backed away. I smiled and kissed his cheek as the cashier bagged the bottle of wine.

“Thank you.” I said to her.

I intertwined Tom and I’s fingers and walked to the doors. Just as Tom and I were about to leave, he heard his name being called.

Tom and I turned to see two girls smiling widely as they stood next to their parents. The girls looked at each other before they ran up to Tom and hugged him.

“Can we have a picture?”

“Of course.”

Tom took pictures with both of the girls, acting stupid and cute with both of them, clearly making their day.

I stood to the side and smiled at my boyfriend when I felt one of the girls tap my shoulder.

I turned to her and smiled kindly.

“Hi, Y/N. I know you probably hear this a lot but I just really think you’re beautiful. Tom’s really lucky to have a girlfriend like you.”

“No, I’m the one who’s lucky.” I said as I looked at the love of my life as he shot me a wink.

After the girls got their pictures, Tom and I headed to his parents’ house.

After we finished dinner with his parents, Tom and I headed up to his room to watch movies and cuddle.

As Tom watched Star Wars, I played on my phone and opened Twitter. I smiled as I saw the girls that we had met today had post the pictures the took with Tom.

Tom looked down when he felt me chuckle.

“What’s so funny, love?”

“Those girls from today. They took a video of us and made it into a gif.”

I held my phone up to Tom and saw him smile when he watched the gif of me biting Tom’s shoulder and then him acting like he was being attacked.

“Did you read the caption, darling?”

I pulled the phone back to my face and read what the girls had written.

“So we saw Tom and Y/N shopping for wine today and they were just honestly the cutest couple I’ve ever seen. Plus, they were total sweethearts when we asked for pictures. New #otp”

I smiled and leaned up to place a kiss on Tom’s smiling lips.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

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111. Delete it. Now.

“Liv, delete it,” Aaron warned his little sister sternly. “Delete it. Now.”

Liv’s smile only widened in response, immune to the tone Aaron used on her.

“I mean it!”

“Aw, but you look so cute,” Liv laughed as she played it back again.

Aaron tried to grab the phone from her, but she was too quick for him, and she jumped up off the sofa to run away from him, standing the other side of the sofa from her brother so that he had no chance of catching her as they circled around the furniture, Liv laughing wildly as Aaron’s patience wore thinner.

Robert heard the commotion and burst into the living room.

“What’s going on?” he questioned, unable to stop the smile that formed as he watched his husband and his sister chasing each other around the sofa. “Honestly, it’s like I’ve got two teenagers to be responsible for!”

“Rob, tell her to delete it,” Aaron pleaded with him.

“Liv, delete it, whatever it is,” Robert obliged, half-heartedly.

“But you haven’t seen how cute he looks, Robert,” Liv smirked as she circled the sofa again and found herself next to Robert.

“Don’t you dare show him,” Aaron warned her, circling back on himself so he was stood the other side of Robert to where Liv stood, trying to reach past him to grab the phone off her.

“Oi,” Robert laughed as he grabbed onto Aaron’s arms playfully and held him back. “Show me then,” he nodded towards Liv as Aaron relented in his arms.

Liv beamed as she held her phone up to show Robert her snapchat story, Robert’s smile widening by the second as he saw his husband’s face transformed into the cutest little bunny rabbit using the snapchat filter.

“Liv, stop taking pictures. Liv, stop it. Liv!”

Robert burst out laughing at the squeaky high pitched voice coming out of Liv’s phone, the voice changer on the snapchat filter distorting Aaron’s grumpy warnings to make him sound almost as cute as the floppy ears, twitching nose and whiskers made him look. The filter added a slight pink hue to his cheeks, and made his blue eyes so much bigger than they usually were, and Robert’s heart jumped in his chest at the sight of him.

The video played over on a loop, Robert’s heart swelling further with each play.

“Alright, stop it now!” Aaron pleaded, cheeks reddening with embarrassment.

“Isn’t he cute though, Rob?” Liv grinned.

“The cutest,” Robert beamed as he glanced back at his husband, unable to resist swooping in to steal a chaste kiss from his lips.

“Shut up,” Aaron muttered under his breath.

“Can you send me that?” Robert asked Liv, smile covering half of his face as his heart reached full to bursting.

“Yeah, I’ll do it now,” Liv smiled, tapping away on her phone.

Robert looked to his husband, noticing how he was squirming with embarrassment at the video, and he couldn’t help but feel just a tiny bit bad at making fun of him.

His phone buzzed with the message from Liv with the video, and smiled again with the cuteness of it.

“You can delete it now, Liv,” Robert quipped.

“Oh, Rob –”

“Can’t have everyone seeing how cute he is now, can we?” Robert teased, watching Aaron looking back at him with his sulking eyes. “Just delete it.”

Liv sighed in defeat.

“Fine,” she tapped on the screen a few times. “It’s gone.”

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How about some headcanons for Reinhardt, Zenyatta, and Genji with an artist s/o who's shy/self-conscious about other people seeing their art please?


  • He would catch his s/o painting one day and would approach them right away
  • His steps are quite loud so his s/o would jump at his presence and try to hide their painting with their body
  • “What are you hiding there, mein Mausebär?”
  • His s/o’s art room had always been locked before, but since they were in it, the door happened to be open
  • Reinhardt would casually take a look around even if his s/o would be flustered, commenting on paintings and complimenting them
  • Would eventually take his s/o into his muscular arms and convince them that there was nothing to be embarrassed about with their skills


  • He is not the type of person to pry, but his curiosity would peak when he’d see his s/o sculpting outside, all messy with a white coat on
  • He would only watch for a little bit before going back to whatever he was doing before
  • Zenyatta would patiently wait until his s/o would bring up the hobby themselves, and only then ask more about it
  • Since he’s such a nice person, eventually, even if in a shy manner, his s/o would agree to showing him their art
  • He would be more thoughtful about it, commenting only if he really had something to say about the pieces
  • If his s/o would still show signs of being flustered, he would definitely bring out the simpler compliments, too
  • Would be curious to see more of their works in the future


  • Genji would always see his s/o sketching something into a drawing pad he’d never get to look in
  • He’d try to peek over their shoulder only to have them press the drawing against their chest
  • He would get more curious the more it was hidden from him, but wouldn’t try to force them to show it
  • Would eventually just accept the fact he wouldn’t get to see it, even if the thought of pinching the drawing pad was be tempting
  • One time when his s/o would be sketching outside, and he would be meditating next to them, he’d hear the rustle of paper
  • When he’d turn to look at his s/o, he’d see them blushing and presenting a sketch they’d made
  • Smiling behind his visor, he would say: “Finally showing me your drawings, huh?”
  • The deepening blush on his s/o’s face would be the cutest thing he’s ever seen

–Mod Evie

The Artist (Jonathan Byers x reader)

Summary:Jonathan takes his artistic S/O to a feild

Request: can you write an imagine for jonathan byers where youre an artist who draws and you and jonathan go to a nice field where you end up drawing and jonathan ends up taking pictures of you and its just a bunch if fluff

Warnings: Very fluffy, be warned

There was a large, grass filled field that stood not too far from Hawkins High. You’d pass it on your way to and from school, but never went into the field. There wasn’t a point going to the field, it was practically deserted, except for the few squirrels who would occasionally inhabit the grassy area. But knowing your boyfriend, that field was going to be a spot he’d drag you to.

Jonathan was leading you by the hand to his car, claiming he had a ‘special surprise’ for you, something he knew you would love. You didn’t doubt him, but were curious about what the teen wanted to share with you. As Jonathan drove away from the school on a familiar path, you realized just where you were heading. His car pulled up to the gravel parking lot, and you both found a good place to sit down in the field.

Pulling out your sketchbook, you begin drafting another outfit for one of Dustin’s DND characters. When Will and his friends discovered you were a talented artist, they all commissioned you to draw their DND characters. Dustin’s was the last one to do, and you were so into sketching out the final details, you didn’t notice Jonathan pulling out his camera and taking pictures of you.

Jonathan loved the way your (h/c) hair fell into your face, and saw the perfect opportunity to take a picture. He didn’t even know what you were drawing, but he was certain it was amazing. He kept looking at you with admiration in his eyes. Looking up, you met your (e/c) eyes with his brown ones.

“What are you staring at?”

“Just the prettiest girl I know,”

Lightly pushing him, you stuck your tongue out and made a pretend disgusted face “Gross,” Jonathan fell back, he acted like you pushed him hard. Crawling onto him, you lied your head on his chest. “I’m pretty sure you’re the cutest boy I know”


Thank you for 300 followers! I would love to do something special for the milestone. Requests are open, feel free to drop a request in our ask box. Please do not reupload any of my stories! Gif is not mine. Feedback is welcome and very wanted! Up next is a Jonathan fic!



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Like She’s Mine (part six) - Stiles Stilinski

I’m sorry this is late guys but here she is! 
warnings: mentions of sex as always, and swearing, as always

part one
part two
part three
part four
part five

“Stiles” I said, blinking my eyes quickly as though testing to see if he was real.

“You-you’re- you’re here” I said, a slow smile spreading on my face.  He was already grinning.

“Hey y/n” In seconds his arms were wrapped around my waist and I was hugging him so tightly I couldn’t breathe for a few moments.

“Wow, you’re here, you’re here early!” I said when we pulled away.  He nodded a little sheepishly, and I stepped aside.  “Come in, I’ll show you around the new apartment” I said.  He closed the door behind him, and I peeked around the corner to make sure Madi’s room was shut.  Thankfully it was, I would just tell him that’s Allison’s room and she liked her privacy.

“I got here last night, I just went back home and was at Scott’s for a bit this morning but uh, he said Allison was coming over for the day and I should go hang out with you”

“Wow, glad to hear you were so thrilled to see me” I said, and he rolled his eyes, hitting my arm gently.

“No, that was just his way getting me out of the house so him and Allison could bang” he said bluntly, making me snort.  He wandered into the kitchen, looking around a bit before sitting at the table.  Instantly I went to the sink and began to do the dishes.

“Sorry the place is a mess, I’m a mess, if I’d known you were coming-”

“No no, it’s cool” Stiles chuckled.  “I always knew you were the one to steal that sweatshirt” I looked down to see that I, in fact, was wearing his old lacrosse sweatshirt.

“Wow, that felt so long ago” I said smiling slightly before picking up a plate and scrubbing vigorously.

“It sort of was I guess” He shrugged.  “You finished all your online courses right?”

“Yep, I’m officially on summer vacation.  Did you ditch the last week?”

“No actually, I took my exams early so I could come surprise you, talked to Scott on the phone the other day and thought it was a good idea” You nodded, drying the plate and setting it on the counter.

“Well I’m glad you did.  I’ve missed you being around here” He let out a soft laugh and a barely there smile.  “You like DC right?”

“Yeah, yeah it’s nice.  Lots of new places to eat.  I’ll have to take you some time there’s a cafe there I think you’d like a lot” I nodded and grinned at him.  

“Yeah that would be cool” I told him.

“So does breastfeeding hurt?” My heart stopped.  I was sure I was going to go into cardiac arrest.  Did he just say what I think he said? I set down the bowl I was holding, and turned slowly.  I stared at Stiles, his eyes glued to the floor.  “Cause I was surprised that Scott told me that’s what you chose to do” Tears welled in my eyes, but he still wasn’t looking up.

“Stiles I-” I froze again when his head just shot up, hard eyes meeting mine.  But there were tears in there too, I could see.

“Let me guess.  You ‘were going to tell me’? ‘You didn’t have the right moment’? Is that it?” I swallowed painfully, unable to find the right thing to say.  “Because if I do the math right, you knew while I was here.  You knew and you didn’t tell me, while I was still here” He sounded so hurt it killed me inside.

“Stiles, I really was going to tell you… some day”

“Oh.  I’m sorry.  Some day.  When your kid’s twenty two and I get an invite to a wedding.  But I threw away the invitation because I didn’t think a Madison Rose l/n existed! I didn’t go to your girl’s wedding because I never knew you had a baby!” I let out a choked sound as tears spilled over.

“Stiles you’re being crazy-”

“No y/n, I’m being realistic.  How could you not tell me? We were best friends-”

Were?” You emphasized the use of his past tense.  He tensed up, and his mouth stopped moving, just hung open.  “Stiles, that’s exactly why I didn’t tell you!”

“Oh, but Allison knew-”

“ALLISON WAS STAYING HERE TELLING HER DIDN’T THREATEN HER FUTURE LIKE IT WOULD’VE THREATENED YOURS!” I screamed, I just didn’t care anymore.  I didn’t care if the neighbors heard, I didn’t care if he began to cry, I was pissed.  “Don’t you get it Stiles!? I couldn’t tell you, because tell me what you would’ve done if I had” I groaned out the words.

“y/n I would’ve stayed in an instant I wouldn’t have been mad-”

“No, you weren’t allowed to stay.  You had such a bright life ahead of you and I wasn’t going to let you throw it away because I made a mistake!”

“But that’s what best friends do isn’t it!?” He shot up from the chair, waving his hands frantically.  “They help each other! I wasn’t here- I- I didn’t help you at all! Because I didn’t know-”

“Maybe I’d dealt with enough disappointment in my life! Did you ever think of that Stiles!?” I rubbed my hand over my forehead, and he sighed.  It was quiet for a few moments.

I could not believe this was happening.

Stiles took a few deep breaths in a row, until he walked over closer to me.

“Come here” He said softly, and I closed the distance, falling into his arms and letting him hold me tightly.  “I wouldn’t have been disappointed in you, y/n.  I’m not disappointed in you.  I think you’re brave, and made a good decision” I sniffled, trying not to cry into his shirt.

“But I lied to you” I whispered.  He thought for a moment, then ran his fingers through my hair with one hand and rubbed my back with the other.

“And I wish you didn’t” He said slowly, and I wrapped my arms under his, my hands resting on his back and I pushed myself closer.  “But I forgive you”

“You do?” He nodded, pulling back slightly and pressing his lips to my forehead.  My eyes fluttered shut as I relished in that moment.  It was quiet again as we just stood there holding onto each other for a few more minutes.  It was our silent apologies and the solid message of it was “you’re still my friend and I still care about you no matter what” I held on as long as I could.

“y/n” Stiles put his chin on top of my head, and I hummed.  “You were right” I pulled back, furrowing my brow slightly.  “I would’ve stayed…  here for the year” He said slowly.

“I know” I replied quietly.

“I also would’ve beat the living shit out of Theo” I smiled a little as his hands pushed m hair behind my ears, still stroking through it.

“Well you’d be in line behind Allison Lydia and Scott” Stiles tsked, shaking his head.

“I’d get out that old baseball bat and everything-” I pulled away from him, heading back to my room.  “Hey- where’re you-”

“I’m going to get dressed so we can hang out today, we’ve got a lot to talk about”

“The cutest is when- oh no that’s- wait! Ugh I can’t pick one” I groaned, putting my elbows on the table and resting my head in my hands as I thought.  Stiles chuckled from across me, taking a drink of his coffee.  He’d asked me what Madi’s cutest quality is, but I just couldn’t pick one.

“When do I get to meet her?” He asked, a big smile on his face that made me melt and my heart swell.  “What?”


“You gave me a funny look” He said, and I glanced down at the mug in my hands for a moment.  Then looked around me, at the other people at our favorite cafe.  I wondered if they were regulars.  If they’d often seen Stiles and I here together.  I figured we’d be memorable, we weren’t very quiet.  I wondered though, if they remembered us, if they thought we were a couple.

“I was just thinking” I said, shrugging my shoulders, then lowered my voice.  “Do you think these people come here often too?” I asked him, and he looked over the other tables just as I had earlier.

“Perhaps” Stiles responded, pursing his lips.  “Do you think they’d remember us?” I chuckled linking my fingers together round my cup.

“Oh definitely” I said with a giggle.  We talked about meaningless things again, high school memories seeing that we were college students now.  It made me feel old, realizing I was a mom and had a somewhat steady job.

I told him that tonight Scott Allison and Lydia were coming back over to the apartment with Madi.  I told him he should come, and he made a pft sound, assuring that he’d be there.  I grinned as we walked aimlessly around town.  Somehow, his arm wound up being hung loosely around my shoulder, and it was like we just slipped right back to where we were.  Happy, loud, and outgoing teenagers that could walk around and talk about everything and nothing at once.

He dropped me off back at the apartment, and we shared a quick and right hug before saying we’d see each other later.  He told me he was very excited to meet Madi.  When he left, I did a little happy dance in the living room.

After a long shower and bath, like I had previously scheduled, I was painting my fingernails a nice deep blue color.  I was sat on the couch, towel on my head, and wearing denim shorts and an old band tee shirt.  I was happily flicking the brush across my nail as my show played, and it was such a content mood I almost forgot I had one teensy, weensy problem left.

You were still in love with Stiles.

An hour later, there was knocking on the door.  “It’s open!” You called, too busy tossing the salad in the kitchen.

“We’re here!” Alison sing songed, and I heard the happy gurgling of Madi.  I squealed, tossing in a few extra tomatoes before rushing over to the door.  You grinned big as Allison pushed in the stroller, Scott and Lydia behind.

“Hi Madi! Hi sweetpea!” I said sweetly, and stooped over to lift her up. “Oohh, were you good for Allison?” I said, holding her at my hip as I looked to the others for an answer.

“She was! She was very good” Allison said, kicking off her shoes and walking into the kitchen with Scott on her tail.  Lydia went into the living room, sitting on the couch and crossed her legs.

“Hold on Scott” I said, and I must’ve given him a borderline death glare, because Allison caught my telepathic message to take Madison.

“Oh man” Scott said under his breath.

“We’ll be right back Alli” I said in a sickeningly sweet tone.  “Walk with me to the hall, Scott?” He nodded, following me out of the apartment.  I made sure the door was unlocked when I closed it.

“Look, y/n I want you to know I’m so sorry and I swear to god I didn’t do it on purpose-”

“Scott… will you just tell me what happened? Because I was sort of humiliated this morning” I said quietly and slowly.

“He came over and we were just talking and he said how excited he was to surprise you and I was too happy for him being back and all of us hanging out again and I sorta just slipped up and said that he’d love Madi and how she’s such a special girl” I sighed a little, wrapping my arms around myself.  “It was a total accident y/n I swear”

“I know, I know you wouldn’t do it on purpose”

“Right, we’re friends I care about you-”

“Because Allison would’ve whipped your ass” I retorted with a chuckle, and it was uplifting to hear his small laugh as well.

“Yeah that too, but seriously, any way I can make it up to you, just let me know” I chuckled and shook my head.

“No no, it’s fine, really I just.. I don’t know curiosity got the better of me” I said with a nervous laugh.

“Hey, it’s cool” Scott shrugged, and held his arms out.

“What’re you doing…?”

“Come on, bring it in” He moved his hands, beckoning.  I laughed again, eventually closing th distance and letting him hug me.  Scott ended up picking me up which made me laugh more before he set me back down.

“Uh, hey guys” I turned to see an awkward Stiles standing in front of us.

“You came!” I said releasing Scott to wrap my arms around Stiles’ neck, but quickly realized he was holding a bag.  A birthday one, pastel pink with darker pink circles on it.  He put tissue paper in it and everything.

“Yeah of course I did” He said sheepishly.  Scott excused himself back inside.  I gestured to the bag in his hands.  “Oh” He grinned wide.  “It’s for Madi” He said.  I thought for a moment I was a puddle on the floor, but nope, still solid.  It was only my heart that has melted.

“Awe come on inside” I said softly, and he came in next to me.

“Stiles!” Everyone sorta cheered, and he awkwardly raised his hands.

“Where’s Madi?” You asked.  Lydia, who was sitting on the floor, back to the rest of the group, leaned over slightly.  Giving us perfect view of my little girl.  She had a block in one hand, the letter R painted on it in red, and in the other she held the small blue wolf that she’d grown so attached to.  She was sucking audibly on the pacifier in her mouth, and she was sat happily on a light green blanket Lydia had spread out.  I grinned happily and walked over to her.  When she looked up at me she smiled and her pacifier fell out.  I chuckled as I plopped myself next to Lydia in front of her.

“She’s just been sitting here, hitting this block on the floor and on my foot” Lydia said, laughing loud enough to get Madi to look at her.  I picked up the pacifier by the handle, and held it to her, silently asking if she wanted.  Her response was hitting it gently with her hand.  I rolled my eyes a little.

“She’s adapting your sass Lyds” I said, standing up.  Stiles was still standing near the doorway, eyes soft and smile caring as he watched her.  “Well come on, let her get to know you” I urged with a sweet smile.  He nodded rapidly, crossing the room and setting the gift bag on the table as he took my previous spot on the floor.  I walked to the kitchen to wash the pacifier, but secretly watched them from behind the wall.  In seconds he had her giggling and wrapping her hands around his long fingers.  I smiled to myself as Madison seemed to study his hands.  Stiles was looking to Lydia and Allison, confused as to why the girl was just staring at his arm.  Until she raised her arm and high fived the back of his hand.  She smiled and giggled in reaction to his chuckle.

I did eventually go clean off the pacifier, setting it on the counter when I finished before going back to the living room.  Dinner was still cooking in the oven, and the timer had said five more minutes.

I watched Stiles interact happily with Madison from my spot curled up on the end of the sofa.  Allison and I were chatting here and there, but my entire focus was practically on my daughter and best friend.  I think she realized this, because mid sentence she stopped, and just gently laid her head on the side of my shoulder.

“They’re the cutest aren’t they?” She whispered to me, and for a moment I thought that he’d heard, but he was too wrapped up in Madi.

“Yeah they are” I hummed back.

We ate dinner while Madison continued to play in the living room.  We were going to just sit around the table in talk, but Allison and Stiles got too excited and rushed out of the kitchen to go play with Madison, who seemed content to have people around her again.  Lydia nudged me as she stood.

“Good for her to have a male figure in her life, yeah?” A blush creeped up my cheeks at her subtle implication, and I looked to Scott for a moment, who was grinning like an fool.  I didn’t say anything, deciding to just quickly follow Lydia into the living room.

“y/n, y/n look!” Stiles called, and I walked over to where he sat on the floor in front of Madi.  He scooched himself back a little and beckoned his hands.  She crawled over to him

“Oh, Madi!” I clapped my hands together as I scooped her into my arms and pulled her into my lap.  “I’m so proud of you!” I tickled under her chin and she giggled.  I looked up to Stiles, who was watching out interaction.  “That was her first time crawling” I said, and his features lit up.

“Really?” I nodded.

“You got her to crawl” I told him, tearing up at the slightest.  He leaned over, just enough to wrap his arm around me in half a hug.

“Well you’re very welcome” He told me as I attacked her with tickles.  Splutters of giggles coming from her lips as she squealed.

“Dynamic duo” Allison commented, making Lydia chuckle and Scott mumble something else.  I didn’t hear it right, but it made the three of them burst into laughter again.  I looked to Stiles.

“What’d he say?” but he just flushed and shrugged his shoulders.  I pursed my lips, but shook my head and discarding the curiosity from my train of thought.

“Hey, can I crash on your couch tonight?” Stiles asked as Madison began to curl up in my arms.  I fully cradled her.

“Yeah I’m going to Scott’s for the night” Allison answered before I could.  “Couch is all yours”

“And I’m staying with my mom tonight in the old house” Lydia said.  “No nail polish fumes” She added with a chuckle.

‘Yeah sure I guess you can stay in my apartment that my friends just offered to you” I said with a small giggle.

“If it’s trouble I don’t-”

“No no” I cut off Stiles, smiling kindly at him.  “It’s fine, I was just messing with you” I told him and he smiled in relief.  “I’m gonna take Madison to bed, I think she just used up all her energy on you” I said, standing up still with her tucked safely in my arms.

“Au revoir” Allison called, laying across Scott’s lap on the couch.  Lydia squirmed as the brunette’s legs came into contact with the her stomach.  I watched her leap off of the sofa and walk to sit on the floor instead.  I turned the corner, opening the door to Madi’s room.

“Alrighty” I said softly as I laid her down in her crib.  “Night night Madi” I carefully tucked her blankie around her and watched her eyes heavily slide shut.  “Love you” I hummed, leaning over to give her her goodnight kiss on the head.

“Is she always this angelic?” I jumped and turned, not knowing that Stiles had come in.  He was leaning against the doorframe.

“Jesus I didn’t hear you” I said laughing slightly before looking back at Madi.

“I’ll take that as a yes.  You got lucky with a perfect child” I chuckled bitterly and shook my head.

“Perfect yes… but angel… ha” I rolled my eyes and tucked Madi again, desperate for something to do.  “She likes to wake up at two am screaming and bawling for no reason” He cringed and I shrugged.  “Also she went through a phase of puking every day, at least twice.  And it didn’t look of smell like it came from a human” He laughed but made a long grossed out sound.  “Come on over” I said, waving my hand in towards the room.  He hesitated for a moment before stepping inside.  He crossed the room to stand next to me, looking down at my sleeping daughter.

“She’s so peaceful” He commented quietly and I nodded in agreement, giving a small hum.  We stood there for a few more moments in silence before walking back out of the room, the monitor in my hand.  Allison was now sleeping, big surprise, and Lydia was casually going through her social media.  Scott just sat silently, petting Allison’s hair here and there.  He seemed to be thinking deeply, but maybe he was just zoned out.  You can never really tell with him…

“She fell asleep the second you left” Lydia said with a quiet laugh.  “Just crashed” I smiled good heartedly.  “Scott here’s like  rock.  Just sitting silently for the past five minutes. Quite awkward might I say.  I tried making conversation but he’d only nod or shake his head.  Not even in the right places” I chuckled again.  “I think I’m gonna head out anyways” Lydia said, standing up and yawning.

“What?” Scott perked up at Lydia’s announcement.

“I’m exhausted, and it’s already ten.  I told my mother I’d come over more around an hour ago…” I chuckled softly.

“You’ve never been at home at the times your mom wants to be.  Wasn’t your curfew nine all through high school?” I asked.  Scott snorted.

“Lydia Martin doesn’t do curfews” He mimicked in a feminine tone.  I had my giggle, not wanting the strawberry blonde to glare at me the way she was at Scott.

“Ha ha.  But seriously” Lydia stood, smiling softly to me as she held her arms open.  I accepted the hug and she rubbed my back for a short moment before pulling away.  “I’ll see you tomorrow probably” She said with a soft and tired giggle.  I nodded.

“Thanks for coming over Lyd” She nodded back before heading to the door.  I watched as she slipped her shoes back on, and waved as she walked out.

“Bye guys!” She called before closing it behind her.  I sat against the couch, butt on the floor and my back pressed against it.

“You look exhausted” I looked up to see Allison looking down at me from where she laid in Scott’s arms.

“I’m sorry, I thought you were sleeping” I said.

“I’ve been in and out of it.  I think it’s been a long day for all of us” She responded.  

“Definitely” I mumbled.  But caught the look on Stiles’ face out of the corner of my eyes.  Maybe it was guilt, I couldn’t really tell.  Just that he acknowledged my comment.  I didn’t say anything else, just sat thinking to myself as Allison uncurled herself from Scott.

“You wanting to go?” Scott asked, and she just nodded.  I was glad when she leaned over to hug me rather than make me stand.

“Bye Alli” I said, and she squeezed me tight for a moment.  “What was that for?” I whispered under my breath, only for her to hear.

“You know” She murmured back.  “Don’t let him slip away again” She added in the same secretive tone before pulling away from me and standing again.  I just stared at her with wide eyes and parted lips.  “See you later y/n”

“Bye Al” My voice was a whisper.  “Bye Scott” I hadn’t even realized her boyfriend was already waiting at the door for her.  They waved at us and I waved limply back.  WHen the door shut, Stiles sat down next to me on the floor.

“You okay?” He asked me quietly, and pulled his legs up, arms wrapped over the top of his knees.  The same as me, though I was tightly holding my legs to my chest.  I didn’t say anything, just kept on staring at the same spot on the floor where the carpet’s color was ruined.  Allison attacked me in a tickle fight and I spilled nail polish remover there.  I wondered if whoever moved in next would notice it.  If they’d wonder what the stain was from.  If they’d come up with some crazy story as to why that part of the carpet looks more white than beige.  Or if maybe they wouldn’t notice at all.

I hoped they’d be the ones to make up stories about it.

He caught m memo of just wanting to stay quiet to myself, so he stayed silent as well.  Which I appreciated as I continued to think about that spot on the floor.  Why it was so important for me to think so deeply about, I don’t know.  I just wondered if the story was going to stay or not.  If it was truly a permanent spot.  When he wrapped an arm around my shoulders, I looked over at him, our eyes meeting for a moment as I sank into his side.  He was warm, and smelled of vanilla.  After a little more thinking of that stain, I let my head fall on his shoulder, and thoughts of him invade my mind.

“Yeah I’ll be fine” I mumbled out long after he’d asked the question.

“Okay” Was all he responded with.  I released my legs, letting my knees fall slightly against his thighs.

I couldn’t tell you how long we sat there like this.  His arm around my shoulders, my head now lying on his collarbone, legs pressed together.

It was really nice.

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First Dates w Seventeen: Soonyoung/Hoshi
  • So you and Soonyoung knew each other from childhood
  • You always enjoyed going over to his farm and helping him out with the animals
  • Heartbreakingly enough, you had to move away from that area of the country because it just wasn’t the place for your family anymore
  • Turned out the best place for them would be in a bigger city
  • So the two of you had to part ways when you were eight years old
  • And, because you were eight, you didn’t really keep consistent contact with one another
  • But you never forgot each other
  • Your thoughts always seemed to drift to him whenever you were cooking eggs in the morning, and you always seemed to feel forlorn about the fact that the two of you never kept contact
  • You’d wonder if he ever thought about you, but you’d just get on with your day
  • Until one day, you were just chilling in line at your favourite coffee joint, when there’s this guy staring at you
  • At first you don’t really think much of it; he looks like he’s deep in thought, so you just think that he hasn’t noticed he’s looking at you
  • But like. He’s still looking, even after you’ve gotten your coffee and you’re starting to get freaked out
  • You don’t know if you should approach him or not
  • So you just sort of glare at him and hope that that’ll scare him off
  • Instead, his eyes widen in alarm
  • And then he starts making his way over to you
  • And you’re like oH NO
  • Because you really don’t want to deal with any bullshit this morning before going to work
  • But instead, this man walks up to you with the biggest, warmest smile
  • And you can’t help but think something is really familiar about it…
  • “Y/N? is that you?”
  • And you’re just like “what how do you know my name”
  • “it’s me! Soonyoung!”
  • You look at him for a second before being like hOLY SHIT IT IS HIM
  • How could you ever forget that eye smile?
  • And you’re
  • You’re so happy
  • You pull him into a back-breaking hug
  • And Chan looks between the two of you and says “hey, hyung, isn’t this the girl you said you had a massive crush on as a kid?”
  • And Soonyoung freaks out
  • And he’s like “no, no, no, it’s not like that!”
  • You just laugh and tell him it’s okay because. It’s Soonyoung. And you were like. Seven. So it doesn’t matter
  • You find it a little weird that a childhood crush was worth mentioning, but you don’t think much of it
  • So to your relief you and Soonyoung hit it off again
  • And it’s like you guys never stopped talking
  • And you’ve filled each other in on all the relevant things that have happened since you left and you guys are just super excited to be in each other’s lives again
  • And as much as neither of you want to admit it, the time you spend together is a lil excessive for people who are just friends
  • Like, the performance team rightfully misunderstands what’s going on and referred to you as Soonyoung’s date once and that was a mess
  • But you try your best not to think about it
  • Because, whether you like it or not, he’s grown up to be kinda attractive?
  • You know it’s kind of weird to think of him in that way, but you can’t help it?
  • Like, he’s fun to be around, and he’s quick-witted and he’s always so bright and cheerful and he always has a massive smile on his face and you just?? You always feel happy whenever you spend time with him
  • You actively look forward to spending time with him it’s usually the highlight of your day
  • And you’ve only been reunited for a few months you’re already Soonyoung Trash TM
  • But, unbeknownst to you, he’s You Trash TM

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William Nylander - Book Store fun

soemthing cute with william nylander? ily!

You made your way down the rows and rows of different shapes and colors of books. You ran your finger down the spine of the books on the bottom of the shelve as you read the letters on the spines on the top shelves. The book store was quiet just like you liked it. It made it easier to look through the millions of books. 

You took a sip of you hot tea and pulled out a book from the top shelf. You began to read the back of the book as you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist. 

“Ohhh what’s this one about?” William asked as he rested his head in the nook of your neck. 

“A murder of kids, I don’t know.” You giggled as you placed it on the side by you next to you. 

“Book pile?” William asked as he placed his book down on top of the pile of books you had. 

“Maybeee.” You smiled. 

“Gees, how many is that?” He asked as he became to count through your pile of books. “20…well at least I know you won’t be bored when am on the road.” He laughed as he kissed you cheeked. 

You kept looking through the books for a couple more minutes before you looked over at William who was already looking at you with a huge smile on his face.

“What?” You asked confused as you grabbed some of your books and made your way to the checkout. 

William grabbed the rest and followed you. 

“I just love watching you look through the books. You look so at home and at peace. I love it. Plus you make the cutest faces when you look at the books.” He laughs as the lady checks you out. 

“Your total is $233.50.” The cashier said with a smile. 

Before you could pull out you money William pulled out his card and gave it to the lady. 

“Thank you.” She said taking it and sliding it. 

“WILLIAM!” You yelled as you turned around. 

“What?” He laughed at you. 

“You just spent $233.50 on books for me, really. I would have gotten that.” You said feeling bad at the money he just spent. 

He just grinned and pulled you in to his chest while placing a kiss on the top of your head “One of those were mine!” He giggled as he grabbed the bags and card from the cashier. 


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How do you think Prompto and would react if on one night during stay in camp a stray chocobo chick would try to make a nest for itself in their crush hair?

Do you even understand how much I love this nerd?

Let Me Get This Shot!

The day had been long. Full of hunts, long hours in the car, and an extremely low budget dinner.

Prompto was sprawled on his back beside the fire, slowly drifting off to sleep. His crush was lying nearby, their head close to his own. The only reason the boy wasn’t asleep yet was because his heart was beating so fast he could feel it in his head. They were so close to him, and this made him so happy.

Suddenly, Prompto heard the rustling of grass and the light pitter patter of small feet. He rolled onto his side and pushed himself up, looking toward where he heard the noise.

“Prompto,” the voice of his crush brought him back.

He looked toward them and gasped. They let out a giggle. It was apparent they were completely aware of the chocobo chick that was now nestled in their hair.

“Don’t move!” Prompto had to do his best from squealing the words. He scrambled over to his bag, rummaging around quickly before pulling out his camera.

“L-let me get this shot!”

They didn’t move, as Prompto had requested, the click of his shutter and their laughter the only sounds in the night air.

“This…” Prompto started, then stopped suddenly, realizing what he was going to say.

“What? Don’t leave me hanging.”

“This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen,” he stammered, the words running together, becoming almost incomprehensible.

They laughed and removed the chick from their hair before sitting up. The chocobo chick chirped happily as they held it close to their chest, giggling as it pecked at their hands playfully.

Prompto reached out and pet the chick, too embarrassed to look at his crush. Why did he say that?

“I would love to have a chocobo farm,” Prompto said quietly, finally brave enough to break the silence.

“Could we do it together?” they asked with a small smile.

Prompto felt his face flush and his heart begin to race ever faster. He looked up from the chick, taken aback when he saw them smiling at him. He stared, unable to think of anything to say.

“I mean, you’re the cutest thing I’ve ever seen,” they teased, reaching out to give his shoulder a push.

Prompto couldn’t help but laugh. He couldn’t contain his excitement. Hearing that they liked him, even if it wasn’t an outright statement, made him so happy. And to hear it while they were cuddling a chocobo chick made him fall in love with the moment and them even more.

The Contest-Part 20

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, AKA@oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Rory Montgomery (OC), PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

After much debate, Jared and Jensen had convinced me that it would be much more fun if we surprised Nikki and Misha with the wedding reception/baby shower.  “So what cover story do we use to get them there?” Jensen had asked.

“I got it!” Jared had said.  “It’s almost Y/N’s birthday, so we can say I am throwing her a party for her birthday and because she’s staying on the show.” 

“This is good.  We can work with this.  You can ask Misha and Nikki to be the ones who get me there.,  I’ll make it REALLY hard on them. Nikki will bitch, but Jensen you can say you’re helping Jared set up.”  My mind was already whirling with possibilities.

The entire cast and crew had been sworn to secrecy.  I honestly had my doubts as to whether we were gonna be able to pull this off. Mark Sheppard couldn’t keep a secret to save his life.  Ruthie Connell was so excited she could barely contain herself.  Amateurs!

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Love, Unconditionally(A Richonne letter(A/U)

       Michonne looked in the mirror and ran her hands over her head. All of her locs were gone. She cut them off. Her skin looked ashen and her eyes had a sad look to them. She frowned. The chemo was taking it’s toll on her. She tried to stay upbeat. She didn’t want to bring the kids down. She didn’t want to bring Rick down.

        She took her rag and stuck it under the faucet. The warm water rushed over her hands and the square cloth she held. She wrung it out and put the rag on her face. It was something so little, washing your face in the morning, but Michonne appreciated it. It was like you were reminding yourself you were awake. That life was happening right now. She always noticed the small, the mundane. She turned the water off and hung her rag up. She left the bathroom and laid back down in her bed. She was always so tired now. She hated the light and kept her curtains closed all day.

      Thank god for her stepson, Carl, who was now 20. He took a semester off from his junior year in college to help with the kids. He dropped everything to be there for Michonne. You’ve always been there for me, so I’m gonna be here for you. Carl told her with tears in his eyes.The news had devastated him.

        Judith was now six. She lived with Rick and Michonne during the school year and spent the summers with her mother, Lori. Carl and Judith were Lori’s children. Her and Rick were still good friends. They just couldn’t be married to one another. They made divorce look easy, though, because they loved their kid’s. Lori’s job required a lot of travel, so Judith stayed with them the majority of the time.

    Which Judith loved because she got to play with her little brother, Marcus. I like having a little brother. I get to boss him around like Carl bosses me. Michonne laughed at the memory of her scrunched up little face saying that. Judith didn’t like being bossed around.

  Marcus didn’t really give Judith much trouble. He was only a year old. Her baby boy had the cutest eyes. They were hazel, almost like an amber stone color. He had curly hair like his dad and even acted like him. He would sit in Rick’s lap, and lean his head in the same direction as his dad as they watched cartoons. They even slept the same way. On their backs with their mouths slightly parted. They were two peas in a pod.

    She rolled over and heard something. Like a piece of paper being crumpled. She felt under her until she discovered the piece of paper. It was a letter. She reached over and turned her lamp on, sitting up to read it.


    I’ve often been told by many that I never was a good speaker. That I really could never put my words together, but I’m not that way with you. I could write you forever. I could talk to you forever.

    Remember when we took Carl and Judith to D.C for the summer. We lost our luggage, you lost your wallet. It was so hot outside. I wanted to be mad. I really was, but you told me we could still have fun. And we did. Carl really enjoyed the museums, and Judith had so much fun just being out of the house.

    Remember when we met. It wasn’t on the best of terms. I hit your car and you were late for work. My truck wasn’t that bad after the collision, so I offered to drive you there. You were mad the whole ride, but you stole my heart. Even with your crossed arms and pouty face.

     Now. Now we have another obstacle ahead of us. When we went to the appointment a while ago and they said they found cancer in your breasts, I broke down on the inside. You’re so young. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. When they said you needed to think about removal, and you cried because it was all so overwhelming, I cried with you. It is overwhelming. The chemo, the medicine, the aches and pains. But we’re fighting through this, Michonne. WE are fighting through this.

     The only thing I see when I look at you is Michonne. Michonne is the mother of my children. You are my lover. You are my friend. You are my wife. I love you, no matter what is going on with your body. None of that matters. You matter. You’re my warrior and you are strong and we got this. The love I have for you is never going to waver. It’s not going to fade.

   I love you so much, Michonne.


   “Mommy Michonne, Mommy Michonne.” She heard Judith yell. Judith burst into her room and paused. She saw Michonne’s tears.

   “Mommy Michonne, are you sad?” Judith said with her big brown eyes, clutching her teddy bear. She had her blonde hair in a ponytail. She looked adorable in the little pink outfit she had on.

   Michonne smiled. “No, Judy. These are happy tears.” Judith walked up to her and gave her a hug. “I’m glad you’re happy. I like happy tears.”  She said hugging her.

   Michonne started chuckling. “Awww, Judy. I love happy tears, too.” Rick was amazing. He just knew how she felt. She had been feeling that way. Like he wasn’t attracted to her, but he still cuddled her. He still whispered sweet nothings in her ear every night. He still loved her.

   Just then he walked in with Marcus. “You see mama? You see your mama, Marcus?” Rick said as he crossed the room with him in his arms. Marcus reached for Michonne and gave her a big silly grin. Michonne loved her kids. They just melted her heart. Carl walked into the room about a minute later.

   “There you are. Judith, I thought I told you not to bother Michonne.” He gave Judith a stern look. Michonne told him it was okay. He finally cut that long hair, she noticed. Now he opted to try to grow this beard. These Grimes men and their hair. She thought to herself.

    Everybody ended up sitting on Rick and Michonne’s bed. Rick turned the TV on and rested his back against the headboard. He motioned with his hand for Michonne to come closer. Judith started giving Marcus an A,B,C lesson which he didn’t understand, and Carl laid at the end of the bed and watched them play.

    Rick kissed Michonne on her forehead. "You get my letter?” He asked as they looked at their family.

    “Yeah, I got your letter. Thank You.” She looked up and kissed him on the lips.

       Rick loved her, no matter what.



Taeyong x Reader

Wordcount: 1,446

hi it’s the anon from the dog request, this time i wanted to request when taeyong meets your dog for the first time and it reminds him of his dog or something

You lay in bed, sunlight shining through your window warming your sheets. 

Ending a call with your boyfriend Taeyong, you sighed to yourself happy that his voice was the first thing you had heard that day. He phoned to ask if he could come over later.  It had been over a month since you had seen him in person, so of course your answer was yes.  After what seemed like a lifetime of Taeyong promoting and touring, the two of you were finally back in the same city, and you didn’t want to wait any longer than you had too to see him again.

As you lay in bed anticipating seeing your boyfriend, you heard a faint whimper from your kitchen.  Jumping out of bed, you quickly ran to the source of the noise.

“Benji, I’m so sorry!”

You glanced down at your pit bull, Benji, who sat beside his food bowl, waiting for his breakfast.  Hurriedly, you filled his food and water bowl.  It had only been three weeks since you had adopted Benji from the local shelter. The two of you were still getting into a routine.  That meant he got fed at the same each day, usually when you woke up.  But today, your phone call with Taeyong had delayed you.

You had recently moved to Seoul to be closer to Taeyong, but living alone coupled with him always being too busy to come over meant you wanted some companionship. You had fallen in love with Benji the moment you saw him.  When you had arrived in front of him, he came right up to you, tail wagging, trying to poke his nose through the kennel.  You knew right away he was yours.

Benji was one of the best things in your life.  You found the white patches on his tummy and paws that contrasted his dark grey body adorable.  And despite only being seven months old, he was well behaved and training him had been a breeze.   He would sit in your lap while you watched TV, sit beside you when you got ready in the mornings, and would even sometimes fall asleep beside you.  Your favourite thing about Benji though, was how in some ways, he reminded you of Taeyong.  Much like your boyfriend, Benji, being a pit bull, was seemingly cold and intimidating. But every day you spent with him, you realized more and more that he was cuddly, loving and fun to be around.  You couldn’t help but relate him to Taeyong. As soon as you had met him, you got past his cold exterior and the scandals from his past that so many people refused to get over.   It took no time at all to realize that he was kind, caring and a bright person to be around.  They were both just judged too quickly and misunderstood.  

You couldn’t wait for them to meet.  You had kept Benji a secret, wanting to surprise Taeyong.   Sometimes he would talk to you about how he missed his own dog, Ruby, an adorable papillion.  Because of his busy schedule, he couldn’t go home and see her often.  You had adopted Benji not just as company for you, but also to put a smile on Taeyong’s face whenever he came over – in addition to seeing you of course.

After feeding Benji, you had your own breakfast and got ready for Taeyong to arrive. It seemed like no time at all had passed when you heard your doorbell ring. You took Benji to your bedroom where you told him to stay, and rushed to the door, not even bothering to double-check who it was.   The moment the door opened, you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist, and a kiss being placed on your forehead.  You wasted no time throwing your arms around Taeyong’s neck, pulling him into the apartment as you kicked the door closed.  You both stood there for who knows how long, enjoying being back in each other’s arms.  Taeyong pulled away, but just enough to give you a quick kiss on the lips.  It felt so good to have Taeyong’s lips against yours after so long apart.

“I’m so happy to be with you again (y/n).  I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too Taeyong.   This past month seemed like an eternity.”

It wasn’t until he looked at you to speak that you realized how tired he looked. You were sure that he would just want to take it easy and spend the day cuddling after being away for so long. When it came to Taeyong, you were never sure what side you would get.  Sometimes it was the hot-as-fuck-needs-you-now Taeyong, and sometimes it was this side, his more gentle and cute side.  You loved both, sometimes one more than the other, but a part of you was happy that today, after so long apart, he just wanted to relax with you.

You had already planned to help him recuperate from his exhausting schedule by cooking for him, winding down with a movie, and maybe even taking a nap together. But you had one trick up your sleeve that you knew would make him feel better right away.

“Tae, I have a surprise for you.”

“(Y/n), I don’t need anything.  I just want to be with you.”

The two of you were still standing in the middle of your apartment holding each other, one of his hands running its fingers through your hair now.

“You’re going to love this surprise though.  Trust me.  Benji, come here boy!”

Benji came bolting out of your bedroom, straight towards Taeyong, probably thrilled to see a new face.  You looked up at Taeyong to see his eyes light up, his face immediately appearing more energized.  You could tell he had fallen for Benji just as fast as you had.  He bent down to Benji’s level, and began petting him. The two of them started playing with each other.  Benji pushed Taeyong to the ground and was climbing all over him.  Taeyong couldn’t stop laughing, trying to get a grip on the pit bull so he could pet him properly.  It was honestly one of the cutest things you had ever seen.  It made you happy to see your two favourite guys happy.

“This is incredible (y/n)!  When did you get him?!”

You explained how you had been feeling lonely and adopted Benji, knowing that a dog could bring a new light into both yours’ and Taeyong’s life.

“He’s amazing (y/n).  This is the best surprise ever!  I’m so happy to have another dog in my life, but…”

His voice trailed off at the end.  You could see a slight shift in his features, taking his expression from ecstatic to slightly somber.

“It makes you miss Ruby?”

“Yea. It makes me miss Ruby a lot.”

He stood up, picking Benji up into his arms for a cuddle.  

“I’m sorry if it seems like I was trying to replace her.”

“I don’t feel like you were trying to replace Ruby at all.  I had just forgotten how nice it is to be around a dog.”

“I’m so glad you feel that way.  I guess in a way, I was trying to make my apartment feel more like… More like a home for you.  I know how much you miss your home and family.”

He now had a dog that was closer to him and that he could visit more easily on days when he was feeling stressed or overwhelmed.  You had hoped that it would be comforting to him, and remind him of being at his own home with Ruby.

“(Y/n), of course one of my homes is with my family and Ruby.  But ever since we fell in love, wherever you are is like home to me too.”

Gently taking Benji from Taeyong’s arms, you put him down beside the two of you. Touched by his words, you pulled Taeyong in for another kiss.  His hands automatically went to your cheeks, cupping your face as you demonstrated, rather than explained, how much his words meant to you.  It went without saying how madly in love with each other you were, but it still meant the world to you to hear him convey thoughts like that. You both slowly pulled away from each other.  As both of your breathing steadied, you dropped your arms from around his neck. Taeyong didn’t remove his hands from your face, and looked deep into your eyes as he cleared his throat, ready to speak again.

“Ruby belongs to my family and me, but Benji is ours.  We have a small little family of our own now.”

**Thank you to the anon who requested this!!  I hope you, and anyone else who reads this enjoys it!  I wasn’t really sure what I was doing but I think it turned out okay lol.   Feel free to leave me feedback and requests you guys!!**

Sting (Kihyun x Reader)

Ayyyyy, what’s up? Someone requested Kihyun smut and boy, did I go absolutely ham on this one. I was like, “Yeah, it’s going to be cute and angsty!” Ha…near the end I kind of lost my cool lol But this is now one of my favorites story wise, also I threw bees in there because I love bees. And I love Kihyun too. Bam. Read and ‘bee’ amazed! lol

P.S. WHO? WHO? Who allowed him to be this attractive? I want a refund on life lmao

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It was one of those hot summer days where it was both miserable and beautiful. The sky was a cloudless blue, the streets were busy with tourists and young people, and the heavenly smells of food assaulted your senses every few feet because of the close proximity of the restaurants and stalls. You clutched your white tote bag protectively, careful of the precious contents within it as you were jostled by a rowdy group of teenage and twenty something year old boys. You shot them a dirty look behind their backs as they walked on ahead to harass more people, quick to remind yourself to not let them bother you. Today was a special day, you weren’t going to let anyone spoil it.

It was summer break for most young people, including yourself, as you were attending university in Seoul. But that included, like you just experienced first hand, high school kids and obnoxious college students as well. The streets were extra busy, making the sun seem one hundred percent hotter as you brushed shoulders with equally sweaty people. Again, you were quick to push this from your head as you thought eagerly of your destination.

A few more minutes of walking and you would reach it, the coffee shop where you had first met him, Kihyun. The memories you had made there together with him flooded your thoughts and brought a happy rosy glow that wasn’t from sunburn. A small smile found its way to your lips as you spotted the sweet looking store front, wedged between a fork in the road on the street so it seemed to command attention to itself. It was a popular destination for young couples and students, making it a busy place, especially during this time of the year. But the hustle and bustle of coffee making and food being served always made your heart swell with excitement. You could practically smell the roasting coffee beans and savory melted sandwiches they served there, making your mouth water in anticipation.

You eagerly bounced up the short steps to the entrance and as soon as you pulled open the door, a bell chimed to welcome you. Someone shouted a greeting that was barely heard over the lilting sound of conversation and business. You ordered your usual: coffee, a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup before you chose a seat in the upstairs loft area of the cafe. You quickly claimed the very spot where Kihyun and you first met and always sat at, the chairs giving a welcoming creak as they scraped across the stained wood floor. You knew Kihyun wouldn’t be here first, knowing he was busy with work as usual and would meet up with you when he could finally escape the shop. So you sat patiently, like always, awaiting his arrival.

It was about thirty minutes before you heard the familiar gentle patter of feet coming up the creaky wooden stairs, hand making an audible sound as it slid up the metal rail. You were on the edge of your seat, smile spreading across you face as the top of his head appeared, no other man having the same shade of light brown as he did. Kihyun found your eyes out of instinct, a tired smile coming across his face as he approached you. You stood up to embrace him, pecking him softly on the lips before squeezing him close to you. He returned your gesture, rubbing your back gently as he kissed your temple. 

You pulled apart and offered him a sit, a worried smile on your face, “You look so tired, baby. Everything alright down at the shop?”

He rubbed his eyes, making you think of all the sleepless nights where he stayed up late to plan, “I guess as alright as it can be. We ran out of stock again on almost six different products just today." 

Kihyun owned a popular shop called, Bee Nice (appropriately named by you because he wasn’t good with names), that sold products made from honey. Kihyun grew to love honey bees after he learned that the buzzing little creature was your favorite animal, even calling you possibly the cutest pet name, his little honey bee. 

Kihyun had always been interested in skin products, so when he began to research the topical uses of honey out of curiosity, he hatched a plan. You remember him pitching the idea to you about a year ago, his eyes bright with excitement, and practically bouncing around the room as he told you about his plan to launch a line of skin products and salves. Kihyun’s products sold like hot cakes and large cosmetic companies practically begged him on their knees to buy out his little business. You were adamant about keeping the Bee Nice brand as an independent company, crazily prompting the idea to Kihyun one night over dinner for him to open his own shop. He instantly agreed and was enthusiastic about the idea, buying one of the cutest vintage store fronts that could be found in Seoul, and thus the grand opening of your store began. Business boomed almost instantly, the demand for the products becoming almost too much to handle; but somehow, Kihyun always seemed to manage it. Bee Nice sold lotions, soaps, skin products, jars of organic honey in an assortment of flavors, different honey-flavored candies, and even apparel that sported tiny bees or honeycomb inspired designs.

You helped out as much as you could, the shop being your child and the two of you being the parents. But you were still attending school, pursuing a business major to help with the development of the company as much as possible. You felt bad sometimes about how much Kihyun had to take on, but he rarely complained, always saying it was a labor of love.

You reached for one of his hands and pushed a coffee mug into it, "At least we’re running out of products. That means the shop is still just as popular as ever, right? Better than not.”

He drank deeply from his coffee, sighing heavily, “I guess so.”

You furrowed your brow, concerned with his lack of enthusiasm, seeing as he was on lunch break and today was an important day. “Kihyun, is everything okay?”

To your shock his eyes flashed angrily as he spat, “No, everything is not okay.”

You flinched at the venom in his words, “H-hey, what’s wrong?”

He didn’t reply, seething in his chair as you nervously tugged on your tote bag,“I have something for you…” Maybe it would alleviate the situation?

“Oh yeah? What’s that, some more stock to fill up my empty shop?,” he retorted sarcastically. “Because that’d be a pretty damn good surprise right about now.”

You frowned at him, voice quiet, “Kihyun stop.”

“Stop what, _____?,” he snapped, slamming his coffee mug on the table so hard you thought it would break. “Stop working? I don’t have time for that. I barely have time for any of this!” He gestured rapidly between the two of you and around the coffee shop. 

You felt tears prick at your eyes, denying them the right to fall as you tried to speak strongly, “Well, then why did you come here in the first place? I don’t want to see you like this Kihyun, it’s not you.”

He stood up suddenly, the table rattling loudly as he pushed away his chair, “Yeah? Well I don’t want to see you either, _____, because you’re obviously not going to do anything to help me out with the shop, just like usual.”

Kihyun didn’t even give you time to reply as he gave you one last stern look before stalking towards the stairs. You watched him disappear faster than a piece of ice in the sun, hearing the now violent tinkle of the front door as it was slammed shut angrily. You finally gave in and let out a small sob, still unable to process what had happened. You’d never seen Kihyun this angry in all the time you’d known him, he never raised his voice like that. You felt the stares of people around you as you hastily wiped your tears away and gathered your things, still careful of the tote’s contents.

Happy anniversary to you too, you thought bitterly as you exited the cafe and began your long, lonely journey home. 

You felt even worse when you entered the empty house by yourself, shoulders sagging with the weight of your sadness. You walked into the living room, carefully taking out the contents of your bag and placing it on the wooden coffee table. You weren’t good at too many things, but you liked cooking and baking, finding that it was one of the things you excelled in. For your and Kihyun’s anniversary, you’d baked a small cake decorated with tiny, delicate bees made from frosting. The frosting words ’Happy Anniversary Honey!’ written in your best cursive mocked you through the clear plastic container.

You didn’t know what you did wrong, or if you’d done anything wrong at all. Was Kihyun right about you not helping him out more often? You thought he understood that you were still in school, leaving you barely enough time to yourself as you studied for your business degree. Didn’t he understand that you were going to school for the shop? He’d never snapped at you like that before, and you never knew he could get that way. Kihyun was always sweet and happy, tired usually, but still kind to you. He always made it a point to never drag you into his problems to protect you, but back at the coffee shop he’d practically stabbed you with them.

You sighed shakily and checked your watch, noticing that it was almost closing time down at Bee Nice. You always made it a point to tell the manager Shownu, a close friend of Kihyun’s, to try and not let him linger in the store and worry for too long. He was always trying to do everything himself and it made you wonder why he had even hired management to help in the first place.

It was getting late and you didn’t see a point in staying up to wait for him, but you did it anyway. You ate leftovers you found in the fridge, took a scalding shower, and then changed into your pajamas before plopping back down onto the couch. Kihyun would be home soon, and you were nervous, wondering if it wouldn’t be best to just go to bed without him. You decided to turn a random movie on on the television, letting the dialogue drown out the silence and slowly lull you to sleep. You pulled a blanket onto yourself, warding off the bad thoughts. You barely noticed your eyes sliding shut, all you felt was the slow embrace of sleep and the solid comfort of the couch beneath you.

You were awoken by something wet dripping on your face and familiar arms squeezing you tightly, a voice uncharacteristically husky with grief murmuring shakily somewhere from above you. You looked up to see the tear streaked face of Kihyun, who quickly released you after seeing you had awoken, scooting to the other side of the couch. You were shocked to see him crying, watching as he hastily wiped away the wetness from his cheeks, his eyes avoiding yours as he mumbled, “H-hey.”

“Hey…,” you replied cautiously, sitting up and sliding the blanket off yourself as you observed him. Kihyun looked like a mess and he’d obviously been crying for a while judging by the puffiness of his eyes. You had only ever seen him cry a handful of times, and whenever he did it was usually because he was upset about something he did wrong.

Your boyfriend twisted his fingers in his lap, struggling to find the words he wanted to say. “You…,” he tripped over his words clumsily, “I-I’m sorry for earlier.”

It wasn’t hard to tell how upset he was with himself and you felt your heart soften at the sight, “It’s okay, baby.”

Kihyun looked distraught, moving closer to you and gripping one of your hands in his, “But it isn’t, _____!,” he bit his lip, voice still shaky. “I yelled at you, in public too. I embarrassed you and left you alone, and most of all,” he dropped his head into his hands, disappointment curling off his words, “I forgot our anniversary and I can’t forgive myself for that.”

You clicked your tongue, pulling him into your arms comfortingly, “Come here, Kihyun.” He buried his face into your neck, his breath shaky with tears as you talked softly, “I can see you feel bad, baby, and I forgive you. You’ve been overworked for the past few months and placed everything on your shoulders. I haven’t been doing enough to actually help you in the shop, and it took a toll on you." 

You squeezed him tightly and he whispered thickly, "But I forgot.”

“Nobody’s perfect,” you kissed his head, smelling the familiar scent of honey and the old walls of the shop on him. “People forget things. Look at me, for instance,” you giggled lightheartedly, “How many times have I forgotten my keys to the house and had to have you let me in? Too many to count. But every time, you always laughed and patiently drove home to let me in.”

You took his face in your hands and kissed his lips gently, “And that’s what’s important, Kihyun. Not some cake or day to be remembered.”

He smiled shyly at you, his eyes filling with warmth as he turned to regard your cake, “Well, the day’s not over yet. Wanna stuff our faces with cake…together?”

You were already popping the lid of the plastic container off, “I’d like nothing better." 

Kihyun retrieved a fork from the kitchen, eyeing your cake in appreciation, "You really did a great job on it, baby. It looks beautiful.”

You blushed happily at his praise, edging on the cushion of the couch, “Hopefully it’ll taste as good as it looks.”

He rolled his eyes in amusement and took a bite, his mouth still full as he groaned, “Oh my god.”

Your eyes grew wide. “What?!,” you took his hand in yours and made him feed you a piece. You were genuinely surprised with how good it was, eyes practically rolling into the back of your head at the flavor, “Oh my god, go me.” You gave yourself a pat on the back, silently thanking the cookbook you had bought for Kihyun a few Christmases ago.

Kihyun laughed and took another bite, “I haven’t eaten anything all day, so this might be gone in a few minutes.” He fed you a forkful, watching the way your lips wrapped around it and slid between with a smirk, “It tastes so good, right?”
You groaned in appreciation, licking your lips of stray frosting, “Totally.” You swiped some frosting from the tray and sucked it off your finger, savoring the sweet and velvety taste.

Kihyun took his time with another bite, watching you suck your fingers out of his peripheral vision. It drove him crazy how effortlessly sexy you could be and you didn’t even have to try to turn him on. Two could play it at that game, and why not give you a memorable anniversary in the process? 

“I agree. But you know what tastes even better than this cake?,” he simpered, cleaning the fork with a swipe of his tongue.

You looked at him innocently, head tilting to the side like a confused puppy, “What?”


You felt heat creep up your neck as he looked over at you, a smirk playing on his lips. You managed to stutter out an, “O-oh.” You noticed how he was slowly creeping over to you, his eyes playful and flirty.

Kihyun drew his hand up to your cheek, titling your face to meet his as he pressed his lips to yours forcefully. Kihyun was passionate, but it was usually the quiet, gentle kind and whenever he tried to do something sexy, he would always become too embarrassed. But this was the I’m-going-to-suck-on-your-tongue-and-grope-your-boobs kind, which would usually make him blush.

Your boyfriend’s hands cupped your breasts, massaging them roughly as his tongue slid against your. You whimpered into the kiss, hands fumbling with his shirt as you gripped him by the shoulders. You pulled away from him with a gasp, a trail of saliva linking your mouths together where Kihyun panted across from you. 

Your eyes were wide as you took in his disheveled appearance, silent communication happening between the two of you as you reached over and began to unbutton his shirt. He smirked, fingers caressing your arms as they worked to quickly rid him of his shirt. When you pushed the clothing off his shoulders he sat back into the couch and beckoned you to straddle his lap. You settled down comfortably, hands splaying across his lean chest as his found your hair and yanked you in for another searing kiss.

His hands them rested on your hips, thumbs rubbing warm circles as he began to rock you into his clothed crotch. You gasped away from the kiss, feeling the rough material of his jeans rub against the thin layers of your shorts, his now obvious bulge pressing right against your bundle of nerves. You gave a whimper as he gave a hollow thrust up into you, “O-oh, Kihyun.” You bucked back into him, your sudden wetness having soaked through your panties and shorts.

“Does that feel good, baby?,” he grunted lowly, increasing the speed and power of his thrusts as he rocked into you. “Do you like the way I dry fuck you? Huh?”

“Y-yes,” you choked out, burying your head into the crook of his neck as he grabbed your ass and pulled you against him hard. Each snap of his hips sent heat racing to your stomach, the knot there coiling up impossibly tight as if it would snap any second. 

His voice was light and breathy, “You know what? I think you like it too much.” Kihyun stilled his movements and pushed you down into the couch, his body hovering over you as he pulled your shorts and panties down your thighs. He leaned down and left kisses trailing up your legs, his tongue tasting your skin as his fingers teased your lips lightly, “But I have something else you’ll like more.”

You watched with glazed eyes as he lazily stroked your lower lips, coating his fingers with your wetness. Your chest heaved with a content sigh when he finally pushed two digits in, his slender fingers slipping past your folds easily.
Kihyun listened to your relieved gasps as he slowly pumped into you, his other hand coming up to rub your clit teasingly. You cried out when he sped his movements up, hushing you softly and relishing your sighs and moans.

“I know,” he cooed, “My fingers make you feel so good, yeah?”

You nodded your head, eyes squeezed shut as you rolled your hips back into his fingers. Out of the men you’ve ever been intimate with, Kihyun made you feel the best not only physically, but emotionally as well. He always made you feel adored and loved, more than anyone else in the world. God, in that moment, all you could think of was how much you loved him too.

“K-Kihyun,” you lips trembled from the overwhelming feelings of affection and pleasure. “I love you. So much.”

Your eyes were closed, but if they’d been open you would have saw his quick bashful and warm smile. He slipped his fingers out carefully, and you opened your eyes to see him unbuckling his belt. The brown leather snaked out of the belt loops, his eyes full of adoration as he whispered, “I love you too, baby.” His pants, underwear, and your shirt dropped to the living room floor as he leaned down to press a chaste kiss to your lips, “You’re so beautiful, _____.”

His body pressed you gently into the couch, his hips touching yours as he guided his length into your heat. You gave a soft gasp as he entered your tight core, the slickness of your walls aiding him in his journey in. The both of you let out a collective relieved groan as he fully sheathed himself in you, Kihyun’s hands curling into fists slowly as he managed to keep his self control. Your fingers found his soft hair, tugging on the light brown locks as you whispered, “Go, Kihyun.”

He grunted in response, beginning to pull out slowly, sensually. He wanted you to feel him and every detail. Kihyun looked up at you with a smirk, seeing how your grip on his hair had tightened significantly, “Is it good baby?”

Shit,” you cursed, his warm hands smoothing up your sides as he rocked into you. “God, yes.”

Kihyun lowered his head to place wet kisses over your neck, groaning as your legs slid up and hooked around his waist to pull him closer. You tilted your head to the side, allowing him to suck dark red hickeys into the delicate skin, you cried out when he pulled away and began to speed up. He propped himself up onto his hands for more leverage as he fucked you into the sofa, his view of you from above absolutely driving him mad. The way your chest heaved with gasps of his name, chanting it over and over, strings of curses leaving his mouth as you bit your lip and cried out. Kihyun reached down and rubbed your clit generously, desiring nothing more than to see you reach your edge before he did. He saw the way your lip was trembling and felt your thighs twitch around his hips, knowing you were close from his sudden attention to your bundle of nerves.

“Are you gonna come for me?,” he said breathily, voice shaky from the rapid movement of his thrusts. “Huh?”

You could only whimper as you felt your end approaching, the hypnotic movement of the circles his fingers made on your clit rendering you speechless. His velvet voice rose an octave as he moaned, making you look up at him as he hammered into you relentlessly, “Are you coming, baby? Yeah?” His voice dropped again, commanding and sultry, “Come for me, ______. Come all over this dick.”

The pit of your stomach snapped at his words, sending a flood of pleasure through your body as you finally came with a cry. Kihyun groaned at the sight, feeling your walls clench around him over and over as he helped you ride out your high, “Yes, ______, holy shit you’re so beautiful.”

You bucked underneath him, the feelings of overstimulation sneaking beneath you as Kihyun’s thrusts became sloppier and more animalistic. The sound of skin slapping against skin echoed through your house as he approached his high. 

Kihyun came only a few moments after you, his head thrown back as he released into your heat. You blushed at the cute way his face scrunched up at the onslaught of pleasure, his moans absolutely musical to the ears as he road out his high and rocked into you slowly. The two of you panted and gasped for breath, the fatigue of after love making hitting you like a ton of bricks. Kihyun pulled out slowly and carefully, making sure to not hurt you as he lazily grabbed his discarded work shirt to clean you up and then him. He did all this with a small smile on his face, just a little shy as he cleaned his essence off your thighs.

Kihyun then laid down into the couch, pulling you so that your head rested against his chest and your legs tangled with his. His voice was soft as a feather, “I love you, my little honey bee.” His fingers brushed the skin of your back lightly, sending happy goosebumps down your spine at his touch.

You hummed contently, listening to his steady heartbeat as you murmured back, “I love you too.”

“Happy anniversary,” he smiled warmly, looking down at you with nothing but love and adoration. 

Silence filled the room, except for the smallest of noises: gentle fingers brushing against skin, content sighs, the softness of lingering kisses, and the satin sound of Kihyun humming you to sleep.

okay so, a while ago i got this request

and when i started writing it i did intend to stick to the prompt buuuuuut…

i got a little carried away with my own take on it, wanting to pace the story in at least a half decent way and making it a little more than just a short imagine. 

SO i started writing it but i’m gonna let you guys read this first part and see if y’all like it before continuing it. without further adieu, i present to you a hella long imagine and perhaps one of the most cliche pieces i’ve ever written;

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Word count: 686

You wake up in the middle of the night and catch Kai staring at you

For the last couple of nights, you had a feeling like someone’s eyes were strongly focused on you. Even in your sleep you felt it, but you weren’t paying too much attention just because Kai had his arms around you and you knew you were safe and that there was nothing you needed to worry about. It was fine.

‘You’re so beautiful.’ Kai whispered, watching how beautiful you looked when you were sleeping. Peaceful. A smile was on his face the entire time. He was the one who’s been watching you. He would wake up in the middle of the night and watch you sleep and remember how lucky he is. You squirmed a little bit and opened your eyes, only to find Kai looking at you with a gentle and genuine look.

'Kai’ your voice was raspy, yoir eyelids fighting to be closed again, but somehow you managed to keep them opened.

'I’m sorry, did I wake you up?’ Kai whispered and caressed your soft cheek gently.

'No, don’t worry. Why… why are you awake?’ Kai just smiled and kissed your lips gently, ready to tell you why was he so mesmerized by the way you slept.

'I’m just… enjoying my view. I’m sorry if you think this is creepy, but I can’t help it.’ He whispered, your muth forming into a smile, thinking how this is both funny and cute. Instead of sleeping, he woke up just to watch you sleep.

'No, it’s fine, bur have you been doing this every night?’ Your eyes were focused on Kai’s blue ones. Even with only moonlight shining on his face, you could perfectly see their color and he looked more beautiful than ever.

'Just for the last couple of nights.’ You laughed quietly and came closer a little bit, his palm pressed against your cheek.

'Why?’ You asked, still not completely clear why was he doing this and deep down you were dying to know why would Kai Parker do such a thing.

'You’re gonna make me say, aren’t you?’ You nodded and smiled making Kai blush a little bit.

'Because… I love watching you sleep. It's… really calming and peaceful and seeing you breathing, your chest rising up and down, knowing you’re still alive and here beside me makes me really happy and when you’re dreaming about something, sometimes a small smile forms on your face and it looks adorable. That kinda stuff just reminds me of how much I love you and how much it means that you’re here with me.’

You smiled again, unsure what to tell him because that was the cutest things he’s ever said to you and it made you indescribably happy.

'Is that cheesy?’ He asked, his palm still caressing your cheek gently.

'Very cheesy.’ He laughed and hugged you tightly, your warm body close to his. 'But I love it.’ You pulled away a little bit, just to be able to look him in the eyes, but still be close to him.

'I love everything you said because stuff like this really surprise me when you say them and it just adds another thing on the list of things I love about you, but it is super cheesy and romantic.’ You both laughed as Kai pulled you closer again, wrapping his strong arms around your body.

'You’re everything I need. If I have you, I’m happy.’ He whispered, making you smile but unable to see it because your head was pressed against his chest.

'I love you Kai.’ You lifted your head up just enough to connect your lips with Kai’s. 'Love you too.’ He whispered and kissed you again. He kissed every part od your face, from your lips to your cheeks and forehead, making you laugh. This was the side of Kai no one but you knew it exists. It was a little secret between you and Kai. Kai who at that moment wouldn’t hurt anyone. He was just a gentle person who wanted to kiss you all night and make sure you knew how much he appreciates you and how much you make him happy.

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