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Naruto characters + Quotes about Sasuke
↳ 23.07.2017 | Happy Birthday, Sasuke! You are loved! ♥

Copious Quantities of Codliver Oil- Fred Milton and Daan Jippes (H781)

this was a tricky one- anon asked if I could recall the earliest example of Gladstone having actual moral doubts about his luck that I knew of

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gendry coming back next episode what makes you say that?! I HOPE YOURE RIGHT GIRL

Putting aside all of the little hints and reminders we’ve had of his existence in the last two episodes, all I need to believe he’s coming back next episode is this photo that was leaked months ago:

Bearing in mind in this photo we see Jorah healed, and Jon and Daenerys clearly on side, and it looks like they’re leaving Dragonstone, I’d hazard a guess this is Ep4 - or the tail end of Ep3. There is no way it is later than that, because of how few episodes we have this season. 

Gendry is LITERALLY THERE. Now, assuming this is Ep4, why on earth would they have dragged Gendry out of King’s Landing, to Dragonstone, to then move him from Dragonstone in literally the same episode? Even by Thrones standards (or Varys’ merman standards, either or), that’s ridiculous. 

I reckon Davos (remember, he has a soft spot for Gendry and knows where Gendry resides in King’s Landing, having grown up there himself) will go and rescue him in Ep3. Gendry is the last of Baratheon blood, but he also can make weapons. Which they NEED. Davos will want to get him to protect him, but also will see worth in him. This is all theoretical, because ultimately we KNOW Gendry is coming back, somehow. I just strongly believe Davos is involved. 

This is all working on the basis this leaked photo is Ep4. Which, as I said, it cannot possibly be any later than. There is also a chance it’s from Ep3. In which case, that just settles the entire argument. 

Timing wise, I don’t see how on earth Gendry’s return won’t be next episode. AND I AM READY TO EXPLODE WITH JOY OVER THIS.

Day 15 - Bonds
You all knew this was coming. Local woman screams in the corner about Firebirdshipping for seventeen hours straight. They’re so in love you guys, I mean, look at them.

I love that the Majima Everywhere gimmick in Kiwami isn’t exactly this wacky, random thing that Majima is doing because he’s hungry for some Kiryu attention. It has an actual in-game explanation; the entire Shimano Family is out trolling the streets of Kamurocho looking for Kiryu. Majima just apparently decided to interpret his orders as an excuse to dress in a series of elaborate costumes and get bounced all up and down the pavement by his good, good pal Kiryu. His reports back to the family office must have been wild.

“I dressed up like a taxi driver and took Kazzy to the pier and then he beat the shit out of me because he is so cool and strong. I’m going to try again with an even better disguise, you don’t even know how good this one will be. Two words: disco revival. And you said I was dumb to keep that outfit all these years!”

I woke up this morning and checked the Jeremy Jordan tag to see how things were going. And honestly, it’s not much better.
I’ve seen people bragging that you spent a lot of time bullying him, some of you have been blocked by him and it makes you proud, and some of you are going after the people that are supporting him.

Really guys? Really? Your bragging about being a bully? You’re proud of harrassing someone for making a joke about a ship? You’re looking way too deeply into it to see it as mocking the entire lgbt community.
If he blocked you, he’s not being petty about it. It means you must have been harrassing him so much that it was really upsetting and disturbing him to the point that he literally couldn’t deal with it anymore. You’re proud of that?
I understand that your feelings were hurt, but you’re doing nothing but showing us that the fandom is a horrible, toxic, degrading group that feels no shame in bullying and attacking people because they said something you don’t like.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a massive amount of Jeremy Jordan posts to reblog.