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Magnus: [talking to Lucas, holding him by the neck] I defended you up there. And you’ve hidden all of this from us. We could have helped. You could have worked with the Director to figure this out. As a scientist you have disappointed, you have let down the concept of experimentation and… science. You’re a coward and I hate you.

Y’know, I have to admit I’m a little baffled by the people saying Flicker is not “daring enough”, too “easy”, that they’d hoped Niall would “go out of his comfort zone.”

Like… I’m expecting artists to sing the music that they like? And for a first album, I’m really really not expecting them to be “daring”, whatever that means. Flicker is so very clearly Niall through and through, you can tell he wrote songs he can stand behind, he sounds so comfortable and sure of himself on all of them, he’s open and vulnerable and fun….. how could anyone be disappointed?

He might not be your thing, and that’s more than fine by me, but I’m really puzzled by the people saying they expected “more” from him.

y’all i went with my sister to her work tonight (she’s kennel staff at a vet clinic) and as she was doing her stuff, she sent me to play with kittens who were currently looking for homes.

They were so sweet!! and loving!!! my heart broke in two when i had to leave them!!! they we’re rubbing all up in my face and purring so loud. and snuggling. they just wanted love!! !!!!!!


Imam Ahmad said,

The Angel of Death came to Ibraheem ‏عليه السلام and told him to that it’s his time for his soul to be taken and so he (Ibraheem) asked the Angel of Death ‘Oh angel of death, have you seen a dear friend taking the life of another dear friend?’
Then the angel of death went back to Allaah and told Allaah what Ibraheem had said to him…
Look at the answer of Allaah, He [Allaah] said, “go back to Ibraheem and say ‘Have you seen a dear friend who dislikes to meet his dear friend?’”
And when the angel of death came back and told him the answer of Allaah, Ibraheem ‏عليه السلام said take,“Take my life and soul away from me at this very moment.”

Who is ready to meet Allaah? From amongst us who? The only ones who are going to wish to meet Allaah, are those people who’ve done the righteous deeds…

— Shaykh Muhammad Ali

anonymous asked:

Why do you think Archie kissed Veronica when they were sitting on the couch? Like what made him be like yes I should kiss her

*Rambling Jasmin ahead*

 I’m pretty sure Archie had a “fuck it” moment and just went for it. 

Okay, I had a big long ass respond ready but it was all ramblings and didn’t make sense, so I’m gonna try to give you the cliff notes instead: 

  • Archie literally had a love at first sight  moment when he met her. Okay, maybe not “love’. But it was definitely something-at first sight, and no, I don’t think it was purely physical. I think it went past a physical attraction. It was just a magnetic pull toward the other person. In the reboot comics, a lot of it is “I need to know who this girl is” and “I want to know everything about her.” It’s just this very pure intrigue and attraction that he has for her. And the script described it as the fish tank scene from Romeo + Juliet.
  • They have this amazing kiss in that closet but they both know they messed up. More importantly, Veronica’s all like, “nah, boi. We fucked up.” And she chose to repair her friendship with Betty than to pursue a romantic relationship with Archie. So they keep each other at an arms length after that. You can even say they were suppressing and/or ignoring whatever wild attraction they have toward each other (and that just build up until episode 10). 
  • Between episode 3-9, they had very cute moments of jealousy. (V: “I have a date tonight” A: “You do?” & A: “I stayed up all night working on some songs with Valerie” V: “>.> …Valerie, huh?”) So it was clear that their attraction toward each other never left. Not to mention, they became very in-tuned w/ the other person: Veronica scolding him when she was wrapping up his arm. It came from a place of care and she immediately knew that he was punishing himself. Another moment where it showed their emotional connection was when they made up after the Pussycats performed and Archie was up next. They became very good friends between episodes 3-9. 
  • Episode 10 rolls around: Archie got humiliated not once but twice in one night. He speaks about doing things “differently” and “what if”s. He’s vulnerable, okay!
  • Remember, Veronica is the girl that made him forget the world around him when he met her. He literally blocked out betty and everyone else. That’s the sort of attraction he has for her, and that doesn’t just disappear overnight.
  • Now, you have that very same girl telling him that if they hadn’t met, “it would have been a tragedy of epic proportions.” I mean .. that’s flirtatious, if you ask me. And I think it almost gave him a boost of confident. 
  • So now you have Archie being like, “fuck it. I’m going to kiss her.” 
  • What does he have to lose? He got humiliated twice already. He feels like a fuck up already so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ fuck it.
  • And my favorite part! Archie gives her a little smooch and then they pull apart like “O.O ….should we do this?” After the disaster of their first kiss, they are being cautious. Not to mention, Archie is kind of handing her the reins and letting her decide if she wants this. 
  • So while Archie may have been the one to kiss her first, Veronica definitely made the decision to continue.

I’m so sorry if this doesn’t make any sense, and the sheer size of this answer xD it’s 3am and I talk a lot