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continuing off this post/ask i had bc now im thinking about it

  • coran is a washed out rocker who is always hunting for new talent when he stumbles upon a band named the Garrisons
  • it’s made up of 3 members, a singer and guitarist named Lance, a pianist named Pidge, and a drummer named Hunk, and something about them strikes his interest
  • He gets Allura, who is a manager already for a two-guy act known as the Paladins, and talks about combining them, and her eyes light up because together, they’ll be fresh and new, like nothing the music business has seen since her father’s day
  • Keith is another guitarist who can also play bass, and Shiro’s the singer and a pianist; Allura gets them on board with the idea (or Shiro, at least)
  • and all 5 make a new band called Voltron
  • Keith and Lance always argue over who gets to play guitar in the songs
  • eventually they start comparing tips and Keith teaches Lance how to play the bass as well as they still bicker and they have fangirls who ship them and it’s amazing
  • Lance serves as a backup vocalist for Shiro (who’s very popular with the ladies)
  • and they all become a big hit and Coran manages their public image, says it’s better now early on that all the members remain unattached in romantic relationships, and don’t have groupies (Coran’s all the fangirling they need tbh) 
  • and Allura’s like “yes this is a good idea very professional”
  • and then she and Shiro start spending more time together, as he’s currently the most popular in the band among fans and the face of Voltron, and he’s always thinking of ideas to help the others become better known too
  • and as the oldest, Shiro tutors Pidge in piano and in whatever school she’s missing
  • Allura turns out to be a really talented song writer who never thought she could make it big on her own so Shiro starts having her sing as well and they write songs together and it’s super cute ok
  • Allura having to deal with Shiro fangirls - SHE DOUBLES AS THE BAND’S BODYGUARD and bc she’s buff and it’s beautiful
  • and yeah in between concerts, tours, long nights and photo shoots, Shiro and Allura fall in love

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into you by ariana grande, klance?? For the fic thing. I'm listening to it as I type this and honestly I'm gone™

Keith decides by his fifth drink that the room should really not be spinning this hard. 

He’d only come to this house party because Pidge had insisted they actually try going out for once, like normal college students. Keith had countered with a very valid and enticing offer (Lord of the Rings marathon with their own stash of alcohol in the safety of their dorm) only to be shot down.

“You need to learn to socialize,” Pidge had said. “Besides, Hunk told me that Lance is gonna be there.”

Suddenly, Keith was feeling up to drowning his liver while bass-heavy music made his ears bleed.

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Andy Cohen on The Wendy Williams Show

That One Time You Saw Me Dancing In My Underwear

Words: 495

Pairing: Keith/Lance

Lance has never had a problem with his neighbors. He lives in an apartment by himself and its a relatively quiet place. That is, until someone moves in the building over, the only thing separating them is a slim alley.

The guy is constantly blaring his emo death metal all hours of the day and night, but the lights are never on, which gives Lance the impression that the guy isn’t even there half of the time.

Today the music is particularly loud, and Lance is surprised that someone hasn’t complained yet. He’s just about sick of hearing Evanescence and My Chemical Romance, their depressing words seeping in through the walls.

Lance decides to take a shower, hoping to drown out the songs with the hot water. He does admit, it takes the edge off when he emerges a hand full of minutes later only in his underwear. But the music is still too loud and Lance grits his teeth.

He stomps over to the window, pulling it open and sticks his head out. He squints at the neighbors window, hoping to catch a glimpse of the stranger, but to no avail. So Lance straightens, opens all of the windows and heads to his computer.

Lance navigates to YouTube and types in Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics. He clicks on the video, tapping the volume button until it’s reached its maximum.

The bass immediately sounds through his apartment and he steps away, grabbing his hair brush and turns his back to the window.

Sweet dreams are made of these,” He sings terribly off tune, making sure to shout the words. If his neighbor hears this, he’ll have to turn down his music, right? “Who am I to disagree? Travel the world and the seven-”

Lance jumps around, pointing to the neighbors place and nearly slips as a guy stands there on the fire escape, watching him with an amused grin.

Lance realizes that he’s stopped his sad music and he quickly pauses his, gripping the hairbrush tightly as he marches to the window.

“You!” Lance accusingly stabs his finger against the glass. “Stop playing your music so loudly! I can hear every word. We all had that phase too, okay? But seriously, keep it down!”

The neighbor pushes off the metal bars, and that’s when Lance takes in the fingerless leather gloves, red biker jacket, and a black mullet hanging down his neck. He blinks because holy Quiznak, he is hot.

“Sure,” He says, stepping through the window into his place. “Oh, and you might want to put some clothes on.”

“Wh-” Lance looks down and realizes that he had completely forgotten to put clothes on, only in a pair of boxer brief.

“Unless, you don’t want to,” The mullet guy says. “Because the view is pretty great from here.”

Lances cheeks burn red and he’s pretty sure the other guy is blushing as well, but he disappears inside of his apartment before Lance can confirm.