he made her breakfast

i honestly get so frustrated seeing karamels being like “omg he made her breakfast in bed!!!! so abusive *sarcasm* lmaooo @ antis!!” 

because guess what? abusers aren’t abusive 24/7. my mum also cooks me really delicious meals and tells me she loves me every now an then, but that doesn’t change the fact that she hits me and acts like she owns me and guilt trips and manipulates and silences and yells at me basically every single day. not always all at once and sometimes really subtly, but she still does it. just like mon el. so can you please stop invalidating and making fun of abuse victims?

this is not intended to be hateful in any way, i’m literally just trying to get y’all to understand our point of view and stop treating this as some kind of joke.

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Can I just have Murasakibara, Hanamiya, Akashi, and Kise fighting with their s/o and it gets to a point where they kinda just leaves for a bit but the guys find them sleeping outside the bedroom door in the morning bc she thought they were still mad?? Idkidkidk

Kise: Sinking down to his knees, Kise hesitated to reach a hand out and touch the back of her head. Was she still angry? She must’ve been if she slept outside the room all night.

“____cchi?” His voice was quiet, still unsure if he should wake her.

In the end, he settled for simply stroking her hair out of her face. Kise took the time to really think about his words, reflecting on the argument and wondering where it had all gone so wrong. Maybe she’d said a few things she shouldn’t have; maybe he retaliated with things that were too hurtful. He needed to figure it out for both their sake.

“I’m sorry, ____cchi…”

Murasakibara: He could hold a grudge. He knew he could hold a grudge. He could hold a grudge for as long as it possibly took. That’s why, when he opened the door to find her sleeping right there on the outside, he stepped right over her and made his way to the kitchen. Breakfast was the first thing on his mind, not another argument.

“It’s not my fault anyway,” he reasoned with himself.

Still, as the hours ticked by and she didn’t come down to eat, Murasakibara found guilt eating away at him. Maybe there were things he’d said that he shouldn’t have.

“Damn it,” he muttered, setting off to find her.

Akashi: “You should have just come in if you were tired.”

He’d spoken quietly, unwilling to wake her up just yet. Stepping over her carefully, Akashi knelt down to get a better look at her face. There were streaks on her cheeks, a clear sign she’d cried herself to sleep.

“I shouldn’t have yelled so much,” he whispered regretfully.

Careful not to stir her too much, Akashi picked her up from her heap on the floor and moved to deposit her on the bed. Despite her deep sleep, she still managed to curl her fingers around the collar of his night shirt, forcing him closer. Akashi supposed he could rest in bed a few minutes longer, especially if it meant he could apologize the first moment she woke up.

Hanamiya: Still a little annoyed — especially since she didn’t bother showing up to bed — Hanamiya storms out of the room in the morning. This results in him practically tripping over her body lying on the floor.

“What the hell?!”

And in an instant she’s awake, her tired eyes searching around for the reason why Hanamiya was yelling. He was ready to start a new argument, ready to continue their previous one from the night before, but one look at her face had him shutting up real quick. The red rims around her eyes and hazy look to her gaze; she’d been crying all night.

“Let’s get breakfast,” he offered, voice quiet. It was his way of an apology.

in the woods

he sets a steaming mug on the coffee-table beside her, the scent of hot chocolate curling her lips up. last night, he made them rib-eyes with spinach and mashed potatoes, used that ridiculously expensive grass-fed butter and everything; she picks up the mug, takes a creamy sip, and decides that she can summarize this weekend with the word rich. though they only have two space-heaters in this little cabin, the room feels cozy nonetheless. she lounges on the couch, the secret history on her pajamaed lap, her legs up on the cushions while he sits down at her feet, lifts her toes up onto his lap. she sets the mug back down, returns to her words while he takes one of her wool socks into his hands and rubs his thumb along her arch. yes, she thinks; rich is the correct term.

though she’s unsure as to whose cabin this is, she knows it belongs to an old friend of mulder’s, some guy whose wife or daughter or other relative had been abducted, and due to mulder’s brash heroism - she stopped listening as soon as he began the story, for she figured it wouldn’t be true or that the true version would be far less exhilarating than mulder’s rendition - and she doesn’t want to question the ownership, not when it’s ever-so-softly snowing outside and not while their little space of the adirondacks is so blissfully, wonderfully quiet. according to the true locals, this is off-season, and they’re in a portion of the state that’s been owned by a specific family for years; the lake water, apparently, is safe to drink though she made sure mulder boiled it anyway. nonetheless, it’s just them and the neighboring cabin’s occupants out here for the weekend, the nearest paved road being thirty miles away, the closest gas station probably thirty-five. 

“are we staying in today?” he asks as he rubs her feet, still tired from their past week of nonstop paperwork. to skinner on friday, mulder claimed that he would have a twenty-four hour virus starting on that coming monday, a lie that skinner grinned and bore; as for her excuse to spend the weekend away, she was registered to attend a conference in alexandria that she’d intended to attend though mulder’s mentioned it hundreds of times that, technically speaking, they’re both playing hooky. yesterday, they spent the morning snowshoeing the property and hiking the short path down to the frozen-over lake, but today, life sounds best when her book, a blanket, and mulder are involved.

glancing out the window, she watches as an evergreen folds heavily beneath the falling snow; outside, the world is silent but full of change, the gravity shifting as it does with every storm. to herself, she wonders if they might end up snowed in and finds she doesn’t mind that prospect. 

“i’d like to,” she says as he switches to her other foot. 

of course, she’d been resistant at his first mention of a weekend like this, one planned out and researched and intended for - she nearly cringes at the word - romance.

“just wait for a holiday weekend instead,” she insisted as they sat together in the basement office, as she flicked through some new file, as she remained friendly but indifferent toward him in the way she’d mastered at work over the years. though their relationship had changed drastically - in a good way, in the best of ways - since he kissed her on the first, she still needed to be professional. “i’d rather not take time off.”

“but it is a holiday weekend,” he gave softly, his eyes puppying and his gaze silently hurt. 

“mulder, martin luther king day is in january, not february.”

“yeah, i know that.”

“then what holiday are you talking about?”

and though she knew that their territory since he kissed her on the first was uncharted, and though she knew that her priorities didn’t tend toward hallmark holidays, and though she knew better than to think he would overlook such a thing, she stared incredulously at him, couldn’t remember any february holiday other than her birthday though even that one was hardly worth celebrating.

“that’s the weekend of valentine’s day,” he explained, his eyes downcast, his ribs still as he waited for the inevitable rejection. “the fourteenth’s that monday.”

and now, she’s playing hooky for the first time in her career, and she’s wearing his thermal shirt, and he made her belgian waffles for breakfast, the world beyond them is a mess of bright white, and work is the last thing on her mind.

“i think there’s a scrabble board on the bookshelf,” he says, glancing back at the dusty, faded stack of almanacs; this place, all gas-powered and wooden, looks exactly the way a cabin should look, the decor straight out of the 1960s, the mugs in the cabinet all fading shades of green and yellow, all of the furniture holding the scent of pine. if there’s a box of scrabble in here, it’ll be an old version, the rulebook fading and three or four of the pieces missing. looking to him, she smiles softly, figures that everything’s more alluring when it has a quirk or two.

“yeah,” she offers, folding her pages over her bookmark, setting the novel down on the coffee-table. then, she shimmies down against the couch, her knees falling over his lap, and motions for him to come closer. though the word of the weekend is rich, she figures contact would also suffice.

“we’re not going to fit,” he warns but leans down alongside her anyway; with his folded legs draping across her hips and his arm steadying himself around her stomach, she exhales, her mind blanking meditatively, her heartbeat slow and soft. 

“i’m sorry that there’s not much to do around here,” he whispers against her skin, his lips ghosting against her collarbone. “i should’ve planned something else. though i know you like quiet places, this might be a little too quiet.”

“no, no,” she says, shaking her head as she twines his fingers through his hair. then, she quirks a lip, says, “a calm, quiet weekend with you is a rare treat.”

“we could’ve gone to san jose,” he muses; though she’s not entirely sure, she thinks he’s joking. “i heard that there have been sightings there. we could’ve stayed up until four in the morning, looked for flying saucers, and eaten junk food all weekend.”

“how romantic,” she deadpans. 

“this hasn’t been romantic at all,” he grumbles, the statement self-deprecating, his words intended for himself only.

on the drive from some tiny rural airport in vermont to this cabin, he brought out his blues brothers cd to keep them entertained while the radio stations went in and out; he imitated the guys on npr for a certain stretch of miles, each quip being met with a smile from her. though they arrived too late on friday night to see much of the property, he offered her a ski mask and sat on the cabin’s porch with her, pointed out the seven sisters constellation and labeled it the smudge in the sky. that night, she took his sleep-shirt out of his duffel, put it on before he could, and the incredulous but deeply satisfied look he gave her for that - and the mild-mannered but insistent way he managed to get it back, or at least to let it reside on the bedroom’s floor for the remainder of the evening - was worth any backroad boredom they could’ve had. though she always knew he was loving, could discern his intelligent passion from the moment she first met him, she’s still shocked with every extraneous touch, with every unnecessary caress, with the way he’ll stop stirring risotto just so he can bring her into his arms, and she’s far more shocked with how at ease she feels with him. when he makes her dinner, when he borrows her chapstick though she insists that he shouldn’t, when he spoons up against her in bed as though he could read her mind and sense that she felt cold, she feels her mind soften, her muscles relax; simultaneously, they’re honeymooners and best friends, and as she turns her head, kisses his forehead, she whispers, “it’s been romantic.”

“but has it been a valentine’s day kind of romantic?” he asks. 

“of course it has,” she laughs. 


“you’re asking someone who forgot about the holiday altogether.”

“so i should’ve made this year so memorable that you would never forget it.”

she closes her eyes, breathes him in, thinks of how many hours they have to themselves, just the two of them in the middle of nowhere on a snowy day, books and scrabble keeping them company, this cabin making them feel as though they’re the only people left on earth.

“i’ll never forget it,” she whispers to him. “i promise.”

32. Having Dean wrapped around your finger.

A/N: I have to write a history paper and turn it in by midnight tonight but instead I wrote this. Whoops.

Word count: 677


“Hey, focus,” she snaps her fingers in front of his face, making him blink a few times before focusing on her once more.

“Sorry, this stuff is just kind of gross,” he murmurs apologetically. He gives her a half smile and rubs the back of his neck.

“Well, as long as you’re with me you’re gonna have to deal with it, so suck it up buttercup,” she tells him, her current mood not one to be trifled with.

Her stomach hurts and he knows nothing of her pain.

“I know,” he sighs, offering her a small smile. “Just, don’t you think a guy walking around carrying…” he looks to the list she’s made him and lists off her necessities, “…a heating pad, chocolate shakes, and some… Pamprin? Whatever the hell that is. Don’t you think it’s gonna be a little weird?”

“Trust me, if anyone sees you they will know that you have a moody girlfriend back at home, and that you’re doing her bidding to avoid getting your head shoved up your ass,” she tells him, watching as he made a face. Her tactic changes to one that she knows he can’t combat. “Dean, please? I’m miserable…”

She gives him her best pout, and he exhales before smiling down at her.

“You never complain out on hunts,” he reminds her as he tucks the comforter up around her. She has to contain her smile as she’s victorious in persuading him.

“Yeah, because I’m too worried about not dying,” she tells him the truth. “Just go, please. My stomach hurts, and the sooner you get back, the sooner you can cuddle me to make me feel better.”

“Fine,” he presses a quick kiss to her lips. “I’ll be back in less than an hour.”

“You’re the best, Dean,” she smiles at him as he departs. After he leaves, she curls into her bed and waits for his return, dozing for only a few moments at a time.

“I’m back, Sweetheart,” he tells her, watching her crack an eye open to look at him. “I had to ask an old lady for help finding the Pamprin. She called me cute for buying it for my girlfriend.”

His cheeks are slightly pink as he gives her the plastic bag with all the things from her list.

“You are cute,” she tells him as she pops the medicine bottle open and downs the medicine with some water.

“I’m not cute,” he shoots back, sitting down on the edge of the bed beside her. “I’m a man.”

“Well, can my man rub my back?” she tries, offering him a half smile when he shoots her an exasperated look.

“First I made you breakfast, then you sent me to the store, and now you want a massage?” he asks, his green eyes holding her gaze. “What do I look like? A servant?”

“Please, Dean?” she requests as she gives her best pleading expression.

“Fine,” he agrees, and she makes a small sound of joy at his answer.

She turns over to her side so he can rub her back easily from his current position, moaning aloud when his strong hands found her flesh.

“Dean, that feels so good,” she tells him, humming her pleasure.

“Dean, where are the keys? I need to go grocery shopping!” Sam yells through the bunker, and Dean’s magical hands stop working on her back for a moment as he looks for the keys in his pocket.

“In here,” Dean calls back, and soon enough she hears Sam’s footfalls in her room. Nothing is said between any of them for a few moments until Dean speaks again. “Don’t look at me like that. I’m taking care of my girl.”

She turns to look at Sam, who is grinning a big, dimpled smile. He makes the sound of a cracking whip and then winks to his brother.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Dean yells as Sam starts to walk away. Sam’s all the way in the hallway before she hears his response.

“It means that she’s got you whipped!”

A better man (part 2 if 'If you ever come back')

She was gripping the paper in her hands, tears rolling down her cheeks. Why had he chosen now to tell her all this? Couldn’t he do it the night they broke up? She would’ve stayed if only he had told her he was willing to fight for her, for them and now he decides to tell her? Damn you Adam Wiles. Two weeks and there hasn’t been a day where she didn’t think of him. Despite all that happened during the last couple of months, all she could remember were the good things. The little things he did for her and she hated it because she missed him. Missed waking up with him, missed his arms around her, his lips on hers.

Deciding it was best to leave it alone for the day, although she knew she wouldn’t stop thinking about the letter, she left her apartment to visit her mom. She wouldn’t tell anyone about the letter, choosing to keep it to herself for a while so she could ponder what to do without anyone’s input.

Friday. It was tomorrow. The night his door and his arms would be wide open for her to crawl back into. She didn’t if she should. All she knew is that she had never had her heart broken like this. The future they had planned was shattered, all those little things they talked about. She had never loved anyone like she loved him in a relationship. It had never lasted this long. It had never given her the certainty of a future like she thought this one had. Adam Wiles had promised her a forever. Adam Wiles had promised to fight through whatever came their way. Adam Wiles promised her his love for the rest of their lives. Adam Wiles had broke all those promises.

She understood though. It happened, falling out of love happened. But now here he was, telling her all she thought was true was right. That him falling out of love with her wasn’t true.

By the time the next day had dawned, her mind was made up. She needed to talk to him. There were things left unsaid and she wouldn’t be okay until she sorted out the mess inside her mind so maybe she wasn’t going home, she wasn’t back to him but she was willing to listen to him, to see if he could make her stay.

The flight to LA seemed to be longer than usual, allowing her mind to wander off to thoughts she only had when she was alone. She though of him, allowing herself to travel back in time to the beginning. She remembered her favorite moments with him and she let herself fall back into the perfect daydream she used have when they were happy, when she wholeheartedly believed he was the one. That had flown out the window during the last month or so.

She insisted on driving herself to Adam’s house, although agreed that security trailed behind her. She had warned them that it would probably be a while until she left so she said that if an hour went by and she hadn’t returned then they’d go home. She knew it was certain because whatever happened inside that house would probably take the whole night to resolve.

Taylor took a deep breath as she entered the code before retrieving back inside the car. As she drove through the driveway, she took the time to calm herself down a little. It would go nowhere if she was so nervous she couldn’t spill a word of what she wanted to say to him. Boy was she nervous about being face to face with him.

When she stepped out of the car she noticed most of the lights were out, in the room she could see from that point. She shut the door, took one last glance at the house and made her way to the porch. Just as he said, there was a key under the mat. She couldn’t keep the small smile from creeping at her face. If she didn’t know any better, this would be an amazing romantic movie. She snapped out of it and got ready to open the door.

The light in the hall was on and the house was inviting, she could swear she was in the past for a second, coming home to him. It felt okay for a moment, it felt right but she knew it was all quite the opposite.

She heard footsteps causing her to stop right as she reached the living room. He was rushing down the stairs, having heard the door shut. He didn’t believe she actually came. Either that or someone had gotten in his house to rob him of all he had.

Then he saw her, catching glimpse of her blonde hair from behind. His breath hitched and his eyes widened a tiny bit. Taylor didn’t turn around at the sound of him coming closer. She didn’t move at all from her spot, she was all brave before and now hearing his voice was making her head spin.

“You came.” He murmured, stepping closer. And she turned to face him, his eyes staring right back at her. They were soft. “Oh my god, I can’t believe this is actually happening.” He chuckled to himself and suddenly she felt a little pissed.

“Did you think a letter was enough?” She spit at him and his smile dropped. It wasn’t going to be as easy as he wanted it to be. “Are you for real? You couldn’t have told me all this two weeks ago?” She waved the letter in her hand and his eyes glanced at it briefly before staring at her. “You’re right. You are an idiot.”

“I am.” He nodded.

“You took me for granted.”

“I did.” He took a step towards her.

“You made me feel like you didn’t love me, like you didn’t want me around anymore, like my love was some kind of loaded gun. You accused me of cheating on you.” She shook her head and Adam’s heart broke. He really really was an idiot.

“I’m sorry.” He told her.

“Why on earth would you send me a letter saying all that? Did you think I would just fall straight into your arms again?” She laughed bitterly and he smiled the kind of smile that accelerated her heartbeat.

“No.” He shook his head. “You being here means you haven’t given up yet which means I can try make this right.” He spoke gently, walking to her.

“What makes you think I’m gonna let you?” She challenged, looking up at him.

He smiled. “Why are you here then?”

“I…” She trailed off, not knowing why herself.

“Taylor, I’m gonna make this right.” He said, grabbing her hand. She let him. “Because I love you and I’m in love with you. I made many mistakes and for that I can never show you how sorry I am, how I regret so many things but if you let me, I can make it up to you and I can be the better man you want me to be. If you let me, I promise I won’t ever repeat the mistakes I made. And if you let me, I know I will love you for the rest of my days and I’ll show you I love you.” They stood face to face and Taylor couldn’t say anything just yet so she didn’t. She turned away, the closeness and the intensity of his eyes making her forgive him right away.

It couldn’t go down that easy. She couldn’t just forget the last month had happened. She couldn’t forget how miserable she felt but there he was. Saying all the things she ever wanted him to say. She could see it in his eyes that he meant every word of it. She hated that her heart had already forgiven him. She hated that all she wanted to do was press her lips against his and to get wrapped up in his arms.

“Taylor…” he spoke gently, turning her around to face him. “You’ve successfully buried yourself in my head.” She couldn’t help the small smile from forming on her lips as she looked up at him as she recalled the late phone call on February 26th when he spoke those words for the same time. “No matter what I do, I can’t stop thinking about you, ever. Not even when you thought I didn’t love you.” He paused. “When I spent hours upon hours locked up in that studio and forgot to make time for you, I didn’t forget you. You were my inspiration and I didn’t realize I was losing you until the MET. Until I saw you with someone else. I realized that everyone wants a piece of you because you are so special and you’re so beautiful. That scared me because someone better than me could have you at any moment-”

“But you had me, Adam. I was yours. For the last fifteen months, I was yours!” She argued, grabbing his face.

“I know that.” He nodded. “It wasn’t the way I wanted to treat you, Taylor. It was never how I wanted to treat you but I got scared. I got so scared about losing you and I was irrational in the way I let you know that. It sent you the wrong signals and I’ll never forgive myself for causing so much pain but if you can forgive me, please just, stay with me and I will never make those mistakes again.”

With a smile, she responded. “Okay.” She nodded. “Let’s try again.”

“Taylor?” He called out upon entering the house. He shut the door, making his way further inside the house. “Babe? You home?” He furrowed his brows when there was no answer. She had a meeting that morning while he went to the studio so he figured by the time he got home she’d be there.

They had fallen into a routine, always making sure they spent time together. He would either go to the studio in the morning or to the gym while she was also recording her sixth record. She was incredibly excited about it and had even recorded a couple of songs in his studio at the house. It wasn’t rare that they ended up eating dinner in the studio together while bouncing ideas off one another. She told him what she was working on and he told her what he was working.

It had gone back to normal, although the previous month was not forgotten at all, they just tried harder to make it all work and to make each other happy. So far it was all working perfectly. Adam had been trying extra hard to let her know he loved her. He planned romantic getaways, took her out to dinner, made her breakfast in bed. He wanted her to know he loved her more than anything so he never forgot to tell her.

Adam took a glance around the house, smiling when he saw Meredith crossing the room. He looked outside, noticing the window that lead outside open. He chuckled to himself and walked out there.

“Hey, you’re home!” She spoke excitedly jumping up and running towards him. He laughed against her lips as she joined them with his.

“Hi!” He grinned. “We’re having a picnic, huh?” He looked beyond her onto the blanket placed on the grass.

She shrugged. “I felt like it. It’s nice out here.” He pecked her lips, smiling. “Let’s eat, yeah?” He nodded.

They sat down and began eating. They talked about their mornings, what new things had happened and the plans for the next few weeks, all while Adam stared at Taylor, wondering how on earth he had gotten so lucky to deserve a second chance with the love of his life. He watched as she laughed at some stupid joke he had told her about something that happened with Burns. He noticed how carefree she was, how he had missed seeing that smile on her face and how happy he was that he was the one who put it back there. He had begun to take notice in little things she did more. Tiny details in his daily life that he had begun to love more than anything, like how when she got home late and the first thing she wanted was his arms around her. He noticed the way she acted around her friends, how caring she was. Noticed how she turned softer and at peace when she played with little ones, especially her godson. He heard her voice when she woke up in the middle of the night with an idea for a song, he enjoyed staying up just to catch a little glimpse of the smile when she had finally gotten it right. He loved her eyes in the morning and he cursed himself for stopping to notice it for a while. He loved how peaceful she looked sleeping. Finally, for the first time ever, he noticed the way she looked at him. He had never felt so loved in his life than the times she looked at him. He couldn’t explain, it was just a look that told him how in love she was, how much she cared and he wondered if she saw the same when he looked at her.

“What?” She giggled, taking a sip of her Diet Coke after noticing he was staring at her.

“What do you mean?”

“You have that stupid smile on your face again, babe.” She shook her head chuckling and putting down her coke. Adam grinned and leaned forward, kissing her lips.

“I want to marry you.”

She laughed. “Then marry me.”

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“he can’t be abusive because he made her breakfast” is the lowest bar in the entire world and i’m genuinely shocked that there are people out there who believe that like please please do not let this show teach a generation of women that as long as a man is pretty and makes you breakfast sometimes he’s a good guy


Once there was a scientist specialist in quantum mechanics.
As he was busy working in his lab on a project, he got a news that shook him to the ground,

His wife was no more.

He ran and ran all he could at the age of forty to see his wife for the last time
A funeral followed next morning.

The man depressed by his loss began to drink and smoke until one day he decided to invent something that had never been invented before a “Time machine”
Years passed as wrinkles and blemishes covered his face and then finally he was able to achieve the inevitable.

He decided to go 20 years back, as at that time he was a struggling and unknown physicist who spent most of his time at his house with his wife.

There was only one condition that he can stay only for a day, that was a drawback of the machine he couldn’t fix.

It was a sucess and he travelled in time.

Everyday he held his wife tightly and cried as she lay asleep, he made her breakfast and kissed her as many times as he could throughout the day, his wife was surprised by his odd behavior.She noticed the eyes which were occupied in the books of physics now looked at her all the time with an extraordinary glimmer.

Until one day,

“You better be observing something else mister, for your experiments” she said jokingly
“I wish I could but don’t have much time”

Finding the response quite odd she asked,
“You are okay right don’t you dare hide something from me”
“Yeah I am haha, what’s for breakfast”

“Oh don’t play that card with me, you’ve been acting wierd for a while you have to tell me whats wrong.”
The man took a pause as he was gathering courage to say what followed.
“I don’t know alright what if I told you that I am gonna lose you tomorrow what if I told you I don’t know how to live without you, what if I told you I don’t know what would I do if I lost you, what would you say?”

“I would say stop being a coward and live in the damn moment, have memories that you can hold on to while you let me go, it’s gonna hurt but you’ll be okay, that’s how I want to see you when I am there above somewhere in those clouds, I want you to be the same idiot you are now so I’ll have something to laugh about when I am bored

They both looked into each other’s eyes
The scientist’s face had an extraordinary glow as if he got the answer he was looking for.

After a few minutes of silence and they looking into each other’s eyes his wife said

“It was just dream right, I am just asking it’s been just two years and I haven’t irritated you enough you see, I can’t go like that”
They bursted into laughter
The scientist hugged her tightly and said in a low tone “Man I don’t want anyone else, I want you”

The scientist returned again to the present but this time instead of being frustrated and annoyed of not correcting the flaw of the machine he just had a smile on his face a smile which portrayed sucess, satisfaction and happiness all at the same time and his eyes filled with tears but happy ones.

The time machine was then set to fire.


Keep Smiling.

Bold Text (Bellarke One shot)

A/N: Teen for swearing. Bellarke Modern AU, long distance, love confession

It was always easier to be bold over text. Words were almost meaningless without the tone behind them there to reinforce them. You could confess your love but it didn’t matter as much when they couldn’t see the tears in your eyes and the way you tore at your lip as you waited for a reply.

And so that’s why Bellamy did it.

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Remadora Headcanons
  •  Tonks has a necklace that would show the moon cycle after she found out about Remus
  • She would check it every day
  • Remus was the only person who could call her Nymphadora
  • But he would always call her Dora or Tonks because it made her happy
  • Remus usually cooked but whenever Tonks made a burnt breakfast he told her it was the best he ever head
  • Tonks hated nose kisses because they made her sneeze
  • Remus loved them because he thought her sneeze was adorable
  • When one was taking a shower the other would slip in to ‘save water’
  • Tonks knew where ever single scar was on Remus
  • She was always curious about the story behind them yet never asked
  • He told her anyway
  • Remus noticed every scar, scrape, scab, and bruise that peppered Tonks’s body after a mission
  • The worse they were the darker he became
  • After a really bad mission and she came home with finger shaped bruises around her neck he vowed to track down the person who did it
  • When he found the guy Tonks had to keep him from murdering the Death Eater
  • Tonks would hold Remus after bad full moons, knowing how vulnerable and terrified he was
  • When Remus ran off after Tonks got pregnant he carried around a picture of her laughing because he was terrified he would forget her smile
  • He put that picture in the same pocket he kept one of Sirius and one of Lily and James
  • Tonks always wore Remus’s cardigans
  • He charmed them to keep the wearer warm and make them feel safe the first time he noticed one on her
  • When Remus went on missions of his own Tonks found herself waiting at the kitchen table through the long nights, never getting much sleep
  • She would reassure Remus that this is where she wanted to be every day 
  • Tonks craved every type of chocolate when she was pregnant with Teddy
  • Remus wasn’t a fan of having his picture taken but Tonks would always take some when he wasn’t paying attention because she wanted something to give to their child(ren) when they eventually passed

anonymous asked:

uhh sorry if this request is dumb, but how about the RFA + V + Saeran being MC's first kiss?

{ Haha my nap was a little longer than anticipated. Anyways; no it’s not dumb at all, darling! Don’t be afraid to send in anything you like, and i’ll be overjoyed to answer for you ^^ - Mod Kat }


♡ He hadn’t even realized that he had been shifting closer to MC
♡ That is, until, he felt his lips against hers and she had tensed next to him
♡ It was chaste, and sweet
♡ But the poor boy’s face was blistering red and his hands were trembling and clammy
♡ When they later told him it was her first kiss, he nodded wildly
♡ “It was my first kiss too! I hope you can be my last kiss as well!”
♡ He’s excited about it, honestly
♡ It feels good….knowing that he was her first kiss


♡ Their first kiss had been romantic, of course
♡ The moment accentuated with Zen’s arms tight around MC’s waist

♡ His lips tasted sweet, and he had been grinning widely against her lips

♡ He hadn’t even recalled her noise of surprise

♡ But he did remember the way she comfortably eased against his chest and leaned up to kiss back

♡ When she told him it was her first, he flipped

♡ Totally entranced

♡ His cheeks had promptly flushed and he chuckled

♡ “Oh? I feel bad, now. I should’ve set the scene like a true gentleman.”


♡ Her lips had tasted notably like the breakfast he had made her that morning
♡ She was sweet, and soft
♡ And initially, he had wanted to be careful and proper with their first kiss together
♡ But the moment he felt her lips against his, there was a spark of fire in his abdomen and he couldn’t help but rest his hand on the nape of her neck and urge her into it
♡ And she hadn’t any time to comply as she wished
♡ It was heat of the moment, after all.
♡ But still infinitely passionate and loving
♡ When she had told him later that it was her first kiss
♡ He was immediately embarrassed - how could he be so rough with something that important?
♡ But she had reassured him that she enjoyed it
♡ He couldn’t help but smile…..
♡ He’d have to kiss her more, then.


♡ She’s about skittish concerning romance

♡ But she is still rather flustered when MC grips her chin and leads her into a kiss

♡ It had been careful and affectionate

♡ And oh man did it alleviate a weight from Jaehee’s chest

♡ She couldn’t help but lean into the contact and hum in approval against their lips

♡ When MC later told her that she was her first kiss

♡ She was more than just a little flattered

♡ And poor Jaehee actually had to cover her flustered face


♡ With the cool breeze dancing across their skin

♡ And the warmth of one another’s company

♡ Luciel was hardly considerate of the tension that had been building up

♡ And instead he had decided to impose his adoration by turning to MC and interlacing their fingers

♡ Soon his lips had touched hers and it was a silent moment

♡ Where nothing but MC mattered

♡ Where nothing existed but their love

♡ So when she told him that he was their first

♡ He was absolutely enthralled

♡ He probably goes wild and presses another wild flurry of kisses all over her face

Saeran / Unknown

♡ Their first kiss together had been chaste

♡ They were curled up on the couch together with MC’S head resting against his shoulder

♡ They had been watching the snow fall serenely from the sky

♡ And they were occupied in listening to one another’s fears

♡ “I’m afraid of you not feeling like I do.”

♡ MC had looked up at him, her brows furrowed as they shift closer to Saeran.

♡ “I think I love you.”

♡ And they both knew it was one another’s first

♡ Especially as they bumped noses and awkwardly pressed against one another in the silence of the living room

♡ There didn’t need to be any confirmations, they just both knew.

♡ And Saeran was infinitely grateful she gave him something so special.

♡  He had truly been reluctant in the beginning
♡ There was curiosity welling up inside of his chest
♡ And he could feel his eyes being drawn to the silhouette of MC as they interlaced their fingers
♡ He had been the one to lean forward and capture her lips
♡ And she willingly complied; her hands gripping his
♡ When she had later told him that he was her first kiss
♡ He couldn’t help but give her one of those tooth-achingly sweet smiles
♡ And he embraced her and pressed another fleeting kiss to her lips
♡ Everything is warm….
♡ And they’re both happy

Do you ever think about the fact that when rory was 12 and was so sick she couldn’t eat anything luke made sure to make her mashed potatoes for every meal or how for her 16th birthday he set up a table with balloons and coffee cake or how he went to her graduation or how he helped her move in to college and moved her mattress out, then in, and then back out again. Or how for her 21st birthday he gave her the necklace that belonged to his mom or how Luke stayed up all night sewing dozens of tarps together so that Rory could have a going away party or how the one thing Rory has ever wanted from Chris was to be there and to show up and how time and time again Chris just couldn’t get it together but Luke has been a constant rock for rory who has always been there for every event and birthday since he’s known her, hell hes made her almost the majority of her meals, been there for breakfastes and lunches. He’s always been willing to help her or be there whenever she asked and even the times Rory doesn’t ask. Basically what I’m saying is do you ever think about how ever since she’s lived in Stars Hollow she’s had a dad and his name is Luke

Hi so okay me and @mango-strings saw this post circulating around and are really not fucking okay with this.

“how the fuck is china on here, ???, the future of a high school student depends entirely on an exam at the end of high school, and you can’t retake it or anything if you get a stomachache/smt then you’re fucked, chinese students get a fuckton of homework too, the american education system is a piece of cake compared to the chinese system.” - mango-strings

To clarify, we are absolutely pissed off that China is even considered to be put on this list. There is a exam at the end of high school called 高考 (essentially ‘high/big test’)  and it’s the worst nightmare of every Chinese student. It is almost like the SAT/ACT but a lot fucking harder because

1. can’t retake it. ever.
2. your parents pressure you so fucking much

There is a tradition that when there is a huge exam, their parents would boil them two eggs and lay them out as such so that the chopsticks and the eggs make ‘100′ as in “get full marks and the only reason we’re being nice is so that you get full marks and if you don’t we’ll be disappointed and hurt b/c we used all this effort”. Yeah. Happened to my mother and my aunts. And older cousins.

What’s more, my older cousin (in GuangZhou) is in her late teens and recently took that exam. She didn’t do so well. And my entire family on that side treats it as taboo. Whenever we bring up her or her academics a deadly atmosphere of tension just fucking encompasses the room.

My Mandarin Chinese teacher (she grew up in Shanghai) told us stories about how aloof her father was until the week of that exam and he suddenly turned loving and made her a good breakfast each morning. Just because of that exam.

And oh boy it doesn’t just start in high school. I went to a public school while in Hong Kong for my primary years (G1-6). In my first year I was told I was falling behind in math. So my parents enrolled me in Kumon. Kumon is a extra learning centre where kids go and have methods drilled in their heads mostly with math with 6 10 page pieces of homework you were supposed to complete 1 every day and go to the centre on one day. I had to go for EXTRA tuition in FIRST GRADE even though I got 90s on my tests because apparently that’s bad. I kept going to Kumon until I was mid way through 7th grade.

I remember sobbing the whole way home because I got a 81 on a Chinese Reading test. I remember having to sit down in an EXTRA meeting with my math teacher and parents because I got a 79 on my math test and I had tears streaming down my face the whole time and they told me they expected the two numbers to be flipped next time. The only time I was praised for my grades was when I got a 99% on my math exam. There’s a test you have to take in grade 6 that determines your high school acceptances. Yeah that’s right. I said high school acceptances. Because guess what bitches, we can’t just get into any public high school. There are tests you take to see which caste of school you can get in to. My parents transferred me out of public school before 6th grade though I stayed friends with the people in my primary school and there are horrors. My then 6th grade best friend slept at 2am crying over her work. At that time she had no possible distractions whatsoever. TV outside, phone outside, no laptop, books in the far corner. Meaning she had actual homework for roughly six hours including time for shower/bathroom and dinner. AT 6TH GRADE.

That was in GRADE 1 TO GRADE 6. In HONG KONG. I emphasis on HONG KONG because Hong Kong has a lighter education system than mainland China.

I could go on and on about how horrible the Chinese education system is but I think you’ve had enough. Honestly we could make post after post that could just be long rants about each subject addressed. No homework in China? Bullshit. No standardised tests? Bullshit. Paying teachers well? Lmao bullshit. 

tl;dr: China has absolutely no right to be up on that list

7 Nights Of BTS: Namjoon

She awoke the next morning, rubbing sleep from her eyes as the alarm on her phone went off at 10:00am. She groaned throwing her arm over her eyes, after she turned the alarm off. She didn’t know when Suga had left her room, but she felt the emptiness of the bed now. 

Getting up, she walked to the bathroom, relishing the sore feeling between her legs. In fact,it had been awhile since she had sex. A good while. She pulled her sleep shirt over her head, looking at her body in the mirror. She wasn’t amazingly impressed, but she wasn’t disappointed either. Her flat stomach, and wide hips, she turned to the side to look at her butt. Still perky. She looked good, it was easy to see why he couldn’t resist. What was that though? 

She brushed her teeth, after turning on the shower going over what happened last night in her mind. All the guys were super flirty, they went to bed, and Suga came in and gave her what was hands down one of the best nights of her life. Would he say something today? Should she say something? Maybe, it was just a one time thing. Could she see herself with him? Too many questions to ask. She stepped into the shower, washing her body, enjoying the hot water. Half of her wondered if they still slept, and she washed her face thinking that maybe she should play it cool. She had no ties to anyone, she could do what she wanted. 

She sighed, walking to her closet in her towel, picking out some clothes for the day. It was fall, and she picked a green army looking coat, a black long sleeve shirt to go underneath, and a pair of dark blue jeans. As she looked down in her drawer, for underwear and a bra, she heard someone clear their throat. 

She forgot her door was open and Namjoon stood there, lollipop in his mouth, sucking on it. 

“We made breakfast. Correction, Jungkook and Hobi made breakfast. Come eat.” He stared at her awhile longer, a playful smile on his face, making his dimples stand out more. 

“Thank you.” She looked back at him, then down at her towel, making sure it was fully around her breasts. 

“Wear the black lace bra under that shirt, gives me something to think about all day.” He winked at her and left as quietly as he came in. ‘

She stood there heart racing, as her mind replayed what he said again, and again. This had to be some sort of cruel joke. She closed her bedroom door, half expecting Jin or V to be bhind it ready to scare her, but there was no one and so she dressed, taking her bonnet off. 

She wrapped her hair the night before and now gently combed it, with a wide toothed comb, fixing it so it was like she wanted it, before heading downstairs. 

“Good morning >>>.” They all called in unison.

She smiled, saying hello back to the guys, making eye contact with Suga who made a kissy face at her. If they could see her blushing, she would be bright red, but she rubbed at her warm cheeks, and walked into the kitchen. 

“Do you guys have anything to do today? I work today from noon to five, so you’ll be alone for awhile. I’ll leave a key for y’all.” She grabbed a pancake, some eggs, and sausage, and a few pieces of fruit. 

“We have to go to the studio today and fine tune a song. After that, dance practice, and we should get here maybe an hour after or before you.” Namjoon answered her, chewing some pancakes. 

She sat down in the only available spot next to Suga, who reached an arm over squeezing her thigh under the table. 

“Oh.” She answered, her own hand going under the table, to squeeze his hand back, before she set to eating. 

Suga, eyed her and then looked at Namjoon smiling. “How’d you sleep, >>>?” 

Mouth full of pancakes, her face shot up and looked at Suga carefully. His face completely innocent, he smiled at her, his eyes searching her face for an answer. 

“Well, thank you. I’m well rested.” 

“No sleep interruptions?” J-Hope asked her, as he took a sip of his juice. 

Her jaw clenched, did they know something? Did Suga say something? “No, why? Did something happen?” She could play it cool. 

“No.” Jin said. “Well, V snores, so maybe you might have heard that.” 

“I do not!” V’s pink hair whipped up as he spoke. 

They guys all grinned, looking at her before, they set to cleaning the kitchen. Jimin sat at the table with her, talking a bit more before they scattered, to get dressed for the day. As she rinsed her plate, Suga was the first downstairs, and he came behind her wrapping his arms around her waist. 

“We’re gonna leave when everyone is dressed.” His lips kissed the back of her neck. 

She shivered under his touch, turning in his arms. “Did you say something to them? Do they know?” 

Suga’s innocent face and teal hair, turned to the left as he looked at her. “Told them what? About last night? How I made you come?” He leaned forward, his lips brushing over hers. 

She wasn’t buying it and placed a finger on his lips. “I’m serious.” 

Suga rolled his eyes, moving her hand before placing a kiss on her lips. “Would it bother you, that they knew? It wouldn’t bother me, if they did, and they wouldn’t be bothered either.” 

He let her go to think on his words, just as the rest of the guys came downstairs. They pulled on their shoes, each giving hugs and kisses on her cheek. 

“See you later >>>.” V, Jin and Jimin heading out the door first. 

Suga walked backward winking at her once more, before he walked out. 

J-Hope and Jungkook waved, at her leaving. 

Namjoon grinned. “Our ride is here, so we shall see you later.” He came over cupping her chin, his trademark playboy smile on his face, as he leaned in letting his lips brush over hers, as he whispered. “Maybe, you should keep on that bra and panty set so I can see it later?” 

He didn’t give her time to answer before he walked out the door, grabbing the key and closing the door behind him. 

She realized the whole time, she had been holding her breath, and she let it out, her heart now beating a mile a minute. What was this? What was she getting herself into? Why her? Why now? 

The whole day at work, she couldn’t keep her mind from thinking of Suga’s body working over hers. The way he smelled, and the feel of his skin on hers. She shivered in goosebumps every time she thought of him. Now the images of Namjoon’s lips, played in her mind and she squeezed her thighs together, as her mind gave the scenario of Namjoon naked before her, and her lips wrapped around his member. 

‘You’re a dirty slut.’ She thought to herself. 

‘No, you are not! You are a human with feelings and emotions and wants. And you want, every one of those boys to fill you up. It’s natural.’ Her mind thinking back and forth. 

‘Fill you up like a little bangtan cum dumpster!’

‘That is so not a bad thing.’ 

She shook her head freeing herself of her own thoughts as she felt her phone vibrate. 

“Miss us?” It was a text from Namjoon.

She quickly texted back. “No, I’m having a peaceful work day thank you.”

“Mhm. I keep seeing you in that towel in my head.” She could practically see him biting his lip. 

“Namjoon, stop I’m at work.” She sighed, looking over the shirts she still had to put out. 

“One hour left.” He sent her a picture of him smiling and winking.

She shook her head, feeling her core tremble. Why her? 

She got home before them. Leftovers would have been had but, instead of eating breakfast, Jimin and Jin ate the stew. She sighed. Chinese food it was. She had a recipe for eggrolls and honey sesame chicken with steamed rice. As she set the rice in the cooker, she began cutting chicken pieces and frying them in flour and oil. Her mind kept drifting to Namjoon’s words earlier:  “Maybe, you should keep on that bra and panty set so I can see it later?”

Just as she was setting the food in the oven, in it’s sauce, she heard the guys outside the door. They came in laughing and smiling, before getting quiet noses in the air. 

“I could get used to this.” Jimin said, removing his shoes and coming into the kitchen trying to open the oven. 

She smacked his hands away. “No. Not until it’s done.” 

He whined, poking his lip out at her, V putting his chin on Jimin’s shoulder he gave her puppy eyes. 

“Honey sesame chicken, steamed rice and eggrolls guys. Give it 10 minutes,” She patted their heads, as they both made barking sounds. 

She shook her head moving past them. “How was practice?” 

“Good.” They answered. 

“Tiring.” Suga said, plopping down on the couch.

“Go shower guys.” She shooed them, but they shook their heads. 

“It’s like 7 and you worked all day and cooked. Go shower >>>, we will take the food out and set the table. Besides you might wanna, relax or something.” Jin smiled at her. 

“No, I’m more hungry than anything.” She ran upstairs however, changing her clothes, before coming back. 

They were talking to themselves, and as she touched the living room floor, they dispersed, not looking at her. 

“You guys act so suspicious!” She said, walking to the oven as the timer went off. 

“You always come in when we are talking, and think the worst.” Jungkook answered her, pulling bowls out of the cabinet. 

As they set the table, and she arranged the food, they sat down eating and talking about their day. She thought she’d find herself near Suga again but this time, she was in between Namjoon and Jin. Jin’s broad shoulders, touching hers, his thick thighs pressing against her legs. Namjoon had the habit of keeping one hand in his lap as he ate, but the other hand was on her thigh, rubbing dangerously close to her core. Several times she had to scoot away, but as she moved towards Jin, he would snuggle into her side. Or set his bowl down and rub up and down her legs. All this stimulation was beginning to be too much, and after she finished, she set her chopsticks down standing up. 

“I’m gonna shower. Can y’all handle the dishes for me?” She rubbed her thighs, as they held up thumbs or nodded at her. 

In her room, she closed the door, looking at the clock. 9pm. She didn’t work tomorrow, good thing. Sitting on her bed, her head in her hands she breathed deep, thinking. First Suga, now Namjoon and then Jin? Stripping out of her clothes, she was left in her panties and bra and moved to the bathroom. Putting her hair into a bun she, looked for a shower cap, when the bathroom door opened and a shirtless Namjoon stood in his shorts and socks. 

“Need some help?” He closed the door behind him, moving towards the shower, turning it on. 

“Actually no, I have it. What are you doing in here?” She turned to face him. 

After he checked the water, Namjoon turned to face her, smiling. “I think you know where this is going.” 

He moved towards her, his hands on her waist, as he eyed her. “I see you have on what I told you to.” He kissed the tops of her breasts.

She shivered. “Don’t the guys know you’re up here?” Her hands on his chest, barely pushing him away. 

“They think I’m in the shower. I never said which one.” He said in between kisses, moving up her neck. 

His hands on her face, he kissed her lips. Savoring each kiss, he lifted her legs onto the counter, spreading her legs and pulling her towards him. RapMon pulled his pants off, letting his boxers follow. His member right against her clothed core as he proceeded to grind his pelvis into her. She leaned her head back, hands gripping the counter, eyes closed. She thought of Suga and snapped her head up. 

“Namjoon, listen. I have to say this. Last night.” His head came up from sucking on the skin of her breast, covering her mouth. 

“I don’t care. I’m with you now. That’s all that matters.” He kissed her lips, gently. One peck, then two, his fingers sliding her panties to the side, he rubbed her pearl. “Either you want me or you don’t, but considering how wet you are.” 

He let his words trail off as she pushed herself onto his fingers. Abruptly, he pulled away and took off his socks. Without saying a word, he climbed into the shower. “You coming?” 

She licked her lips, looking around. Should she? She removed her bra, her slit dripping as she thought of his touch. She could. She got in the shower. He had a rag already lathered, rubbing it up and down her body. He cleaned every inch of her, and let her do the same to him. He stood behind her, careful not to wet her hair, as his right hand held onto her breasts. Soapy and sliding, he caressed them, his left hand coming between her legs, fingers in and out, his thumb flicking over her pearl. She was so close, her arm back around his neck. 

“Are you gonna come for me?” He asked her, biting on her earlobe. 

“Yes.” She whispered. 

His fingers pinching her nipples, Namjoon rubbed her clit until she gasped and kicked her feet lightly, coming apart in his hands. He chuckled, lifting her in his arms, he carried her from the shower and set her on the bathroom floor. Grabbing towels, she gave him one and began to dry herself off. As she walked into her room, Namjoon grabbed her hand. “I’m not done.” 

She found herself sitting backward on his lap, as he laid down on the bed. Namjoon was deep inside her, as she rode him. Her hips up and down on his length, he watched her ass shake and jiggle as she bounced on his member. 

He slapped her ass, hard, the loud smack echoing in the room, he sat up pulling her body flush into his as he moved his hips hard against her. His hand on her throat, Namjoon pumped his shaft into her, his teeth finding purchase on her shoulder. 

“Come for me, sexy, let me feel you squeeze me.” He moaned into her ear.

She gasped, her hand reaching back and holding onto his neck. “Fuck, Namjoon, touch me.” Her hand shaking as she placed his hand on her breast. 

One last thrust, and he squeezed her nipple, listening to her ragged breaths as she came. 

She was asleep when he left the room. Naked in bed, he pulled the covers over her body, and turned off the lights. He wrapped the towel around himself and walked into the room he shared with J-Hope. 

Hobi looked up from his phone, smiling at his friend. “You were louder than Suga.” 

RapMon shrugged at him, his trademark smile on his face. “I do what I do well.” 



Imagine: Being Paul’s imprint, but you tell him that if he wants to have a romantic relationship with you, it’s going to take a lot more than just charming me. He has to prove to you that he really wants to make you two work.

You walked downstairs groggily, rubbing your eyes and yawning sleepily.

“Mom, what’s for breakfast? It smells delicious,” you call out softly, turning the corner and entering the kitchen. You sit down in your normal spot, looking over to the tan man sitting beside you. Paul Lahote? What is he doing here? “Wait, Paul, why are you here?”

“Well, I decided to make you and your family breakfast. I brought it over and was going to bring you breakfast in bed, but they told me how angry you get when you’re woken up, so I decided to let you sleep. Oh, and I brought you a few presents. They’re in the living room,” Paul smiles, taking a bite of ham from his plate.

“I like him,” Mother grins, nodding in approval.

You let out a groan, “you only like him because he made breakfast and he’s cute.”

Your mother rolls her eyes. ignoring your statement.

“When I said I wanted you to prove that you wanted to be in a relationship with me, I didn’t think you’d start the next day,” you grumble, chuckling slightly, “I need time to get used to the fact that a hot head is vying after the chill, calm girl.”

“He’s approved,” your father adds, giving you a thumbs up.

“Wow, Paul, what did you do to make my dad like you?” you gasp at him, to which he just smiles proudly.

“That’s top secret. So, will you go on that date with me tonight? Or do I have to ask your parent’s permission?” Paul asks, smirking slightly.

“Not yet, Lahote,” I begin, but my mother cuts me off.

“She would love to. (Y/N) will be ready by seven tonight,” your mother states.

“Wow, mother, I don’t remember you ever trying to force me into anything,” you growl, “you hate parents like that.”

“Sweetie, you can’t just lead him on like that,” she replies in a hushed whisper, as if he wasn’t in the room. Too bad that she doesn’t know he can hear us anyways.

“Unless you knew what he was. Then you’d try and stake him,” you mutter under your breath, smirking at Paul as he looks at you with an unamused look.

“What was that, sweetheart?” your dad questions, his eyes growing confused.

“Oh, nothing. But I am giving a proposal! If I stop leading Paul on, as you claim, mother, then can I get a dog? A husky, or maybe a wolf-hybrid dog of some sort?” you grin cheekily.

“They’re dangerous,” Paul inputs, giving you a look.

“So are you, but my parents love you, so why not give me the protection of a dog?” you shrug., knowing that he’s your dog. He is a werewolf after all, and according to imprinting from the internet, he’s your werewolf.

“Maybe. Come on, let’s eat. Paul made this beautiful breakfast and it looks delicious. Dig in, everyone!”

Stay-cation - Jensen Ackles x Reader

Jensen Ackles fluffy Drabble

Part Of: Music Quote Challenge

Music Quote: She doesn’t need a Hollywood movie scene or a sunset in Malibu no all she needs is the little things

Jensen had planned on taking his wife on a romantic trip to Italy for their anniversary, that was before she had her appendix removed. She wasn’t cleared to move around, so Jensen cancelled their trip, but still had his parents take the kids for the weekend. It was Sunday morning and Jensen woke up, Y/n was still asleep so he went to the kitchen. Since she was still eating lite food, he made her favorite breakfast, cinnamon spice oatmeal with a few chocolate chips thrown in. He also made a banana and strawberry smoothie and poured it in two glasses. He put the bowls of oatmeal and the smoothies on a tray and brought them in the bedroom. He put the tray down on his side of the bed, “Y/n baby, you awake yet honey” he said. “Yeah J I’m awake” she said, “okay I got some breakfast for you, let me help you sit up” Jensen said. He helped her sit up and lean her back on the headboard, he put the tray on her lap. “Thanks for doing this Jensen” she said, “you’re welcome sweetheart, but you don’t have to thank me for taking care of you, I’m your husband and I love you” he said. “I’m sorry you had to cancel our vacation, because of my surgery” she said, “oh baby, I don’t care about the vacation, all I care about is you getting better” Jensen said. “I am getting better, thanks to you” she said, “when you’re ready to travel again, we can go somewhere closer, you know still in the USA” he said. “I don’t need a Hollywood movie scene or a sunset in Malibu, no all I need is the little things” she said. She laid her head on his shoulder and as they​ ate a quiet breakfast together.

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i’ve talked about this before but again i must state that, regardless of your feelings on steinspirit, the entire concept of stein spirit and maka as a  family unit is absolutely fucking golden

like can you fucking imagine this modern au

maka wakes up and comes downstairs for breakfast before school and the entire kitchen table is covered with spare parts from stein’s weird robot experiments 

(stein knowing to make robots is the best piece of canon trivia, there’s another thing that there is so much headcanon potential for)

the only corner of the table free of the mess is occupied by spirit, who is out cold and probably drooling a little. there is a piece of paper resting on his head that stein glances at occasionally as he constructs what appears to be some bizarre version of a roomba

stein is so absorbed in what he’s doing that he doesn’t even notice that maka is there and by the time he does notice and offers to make her breakfast she’s already made herself toast packed her things and done the dishes

spirit is still out cold after staying up all night to assist with taking apart a five hundred dollar cleaning robot, so stein has to drive maka to school and honestly just the mental image of stein driving his stepdaughter to school is amazing. imagine stein driving a goddamn minivan

fucking hell parent teacher meetings with stein and spirit

there’s nothing about this that isn’t great folks