he made a keek i missed that so much

#33 Keeks

Calum: “Hello!” I whispered to the camera, “Y/N’s asleep so we have to be quiet!” I brought my finger to my lips and hushed at the camera. The bedroom door creaked open as I tiptoed in. Y/N was fast asleep, little snores escaping her lips, as I slowly sat down on the bed. Leaning on my elbow, I leaned down next to her and filmed her. Some of Y/N’s hair fell across her eyes, covering up her beautiful face. I carefully picked up the strands and pulled them behind her ear. “Naww! Look at her,” I breathed, “She’s so cute. Like a little potato!” It took a second to realise how bad that sounded. “Oh God she’s gonna kill me when she sees this.” I turned the camera towards me. “I’m sorry baby! Love you bye!” I said quickly before the video ended.

Your POV
Ashton: I’d been missing Ashton so much while he’d been gone. I missed his voice, his laugh and everything else about him. We were supposed to Skype and call each other but one of us was always busy when the other one was free which sucked. Texting was all we could do but sometimes it wasn’t enough. I was taken away from my thoughts by my phone buzzing. It was a text from Ashton. 

From Ashton: Hey babe! Take a look at our keek :)

I frowned at the unusual text but did as he asked. A new keek had been posted and it looked like it was of Ashton. The title was ‘I miss you’. Aww! I quickly opened it up and watched. “This is a special video guys. To my girlfriend Y/N.” Ashton smiled. I giggled at his cuteness. “I know that we haven’t been able to talk much lately so I just wanted to say that I miss you. Like a lot.” He giggled on the last sentence which made me laugh. Ashton pushed his hair out of his eyes before proceeding. “I love you so much Y/N! And I can’t wait to see you!” He winked at the camera before saying a quick, “Bye!” And ending the keek. Ashton was so adorable. I loved him to pieces and I couldn’t wait to see him when he gets back. 

Your POV 
 I creeped through the hallway, stopping just outside the spare room, holding my phone in my hands. “Okay so I wanted you guys to hear this. It’s Luke playing around on his guitar.” I smiled, biting my bottom lip. “Here, listen.” I whispered, pushing the door open just enough to let the camera on my phone see Luke on the stool with his guitar. He strummed a random tune and hummed to it, before singing some lyrics.
Yeah she’s so sweet,
No other girl can compete,
As bright as the sun in the day,
Oh what else can I say
“Aww Lukey!” I smiled, forgetting that he didn’t know that I was there. Luke’s head shot up at the sound of my voice. “Y/N! You weren’t supposed to hear that. Uh.” Luke mumbled, scratching the back of his neck. “Aww Luke! Was that about me?” I giggled, stepping further into the room. Luke looked down at the floor before looking back at me. “Uh yeah.” He half-smiled, letting out a small laugh, “But it needs a lot of work.” He frowned at my phone. “Were you filming me?” He asked. I stiffened before quickly running out of the room. “Y/N!” Luke called after me. “Sorry guys gotta go! Luke’s gonna kill me.” I laughed before quickly ending the keek.

Your POV
Michael: The water was burning hot in the shower which was nice because it was freezing outside. London weather can be a pain sometimes, but as long as I’m with Michael while he’s touring it’ll be okay. I heard the bathroom door open over the sound of the pounding water on the tiles. “Michael?” I asked. I was pretty sure it was him, but I just wanted to make sure. After not getting a response I decided to ignore it. I was massaging my scalp when I felt something tickle my fingers. “What?” I mumbled, bringing my hands down to my face to see a spider on them. I screamed and flicked my hands, trying to get it off. The spider fell straight to the ground and stayed unnaturally still. It was rubber. I grunted in frustration before hearing a chuckle on the other side of the curtain. “Michael!” I yelled. “I think she figured it out, bye!” Michael laughed, running out of the bathroom. He must have keeked my reaction. Bastard. “Michael you are so dead!” I yelled. I had to hand it to him though. That was a pretty good prank.

A/N Hey! I hope you guys like it :) It may not be my best due to tiredness (I was evacuated from my house this morning because of a bushfire) but yeah I still hope you like it :)