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i think one of the reasons that i like cal so much is that he has ambitions and goals and dreams outside of mare

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Ok now, I’m sorry I swear I didn’t know what was I doing, or maybe yes, just for to do something but study. Aaaaand that post inspired me really hard… lol

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Mind if I suggest more uninterested hoe keith only he expierences with aphrodisiac for the first time? Or is drugs a big no no?


wow i said i was gonna sleep but im a liar DRUGS DIFFER FOR KEITH i’m thinkin’ he’d rather try it with a customer he trusts (and also knows what tf they’re doing too) so he won’t feel like he’s being taken advantage

hope u like the idea of rolo giving him some of that stuff & gettin’ Good Dick At Last 🔥🔥🔥🔥


“During the 6 years of my trainee days, the 3rd year was the most difficult time for me. I was tired, disappointed & i wanted to give up almost every time. I thought "what am i doing here?”. Time flew away & i was also getting older but still I didn’t give up.

Finally, the kids (MADTOWN Members) came one by one & joined the company & then a group formed. “Finally my debut time is coming”—– I thought. Honestly i was so happy to practice with the kids (because i was not ALONE anymore).“

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bail legit spends 19 years in a dead-eyed staring contest with palps, daring him to just TRY and arrest one of the most popular leaders within the senate or haul Organa before the ISB and ruin the thin veneer of “business as usual, no fascism to see here.”

bail organa has the best sabacc face in all the galaxy and literal poetry is written about it by young rebel recruits whose like, most triumphant moment in standing up to the empire before they were outfitted with rebel weaponry and trained in guerrilla warfare, probably involved a lot of swear words and then running away very quickly

consider: lost space prince finn as hamlet or a hamlet figure, sold out at a young age by his uncle in a grab for power and thanks to the first order running a protection racket in the outer rim, his past revealed to him by force visions in the form of the ghost of his murdered father & grappling with his newly found dual identities as both finn and as a lost space prince against the backdrop of a pending galactic civil war

Cersei: Come at once. Help me. Save me. I need you now as I have never needed you before. I love you. I love you. I love you. Come at once.


every time u remember it’s canon that levi’s mental image of erwin is some prince motherfucking charming bullshit, all handsome and gentle and sweet

then u remember their current situation and it’s like FUCK

but anyway!!!! levi in normal, safe settings. daydreamin bout that boy. those meetings where he looks at erwin instead of the room at large? u think he’s concentrating hard but nope erwins already discussed the plans with him so now he just basking in erwin’s Serious Face, letting erwin’s Persuasive Voice wash over him and imagining… rather unprofessional scenarios….

levi getting distracted by that cute mug at the wrong times, only the consequences aren’t anything more serious that a few minutes of hilarious awkwardness. all those fic and art are a thousand times more canon now thanks isayama.