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“Let me down!! Don’t baby me!”
“Don’t make a fuss, Shishido-kun, you’re head is bleeding!”


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Ben better watch out, i mean henry has been all dreamy about jason since the bvs promo tour, talking about how impressed he was that jason was such a large man, and we all know how henry feels about taller and larger men don’t we, i mean he talked the same about ben. And scott eastwood was catched looking at him all dreamy too, so ben better step up your game bro, that akward hug won’t keep your man for too long.


Daisuke Takahashi, Closing Narration (Hometown Glory) || Love on the Floor


gif request meme: harry potter + favorite story arc  –> harry x sirius poa arc

‘Are you mad?’ said Harry, his voice easily as croaky as Sirius. 'Of course I want to leave the Dursleys! Have you got a house? When can I move in?’

bluewavelengths  asked:

(Cell or any other relevant character) what's it like training time patrollers?

“In a word: infuriating.

“None of these warriors are truly worthy to face a perfect being such as myself.  But they defeat me all the same, simply because they have the one thing I now lack: time.

“They plucked me from the instant of my greatest triumph and put me to work training their raw recruits.  At first I found it amusing.  I needed something to do, after all.  But eventually the novelty wore off, and I realized that my ‘students’ were simply using me for a practice dummy.  When they lost, they would simply train for as long as they liked until they could surpass me. 

“Of course, under normal circumstances this would be impossible!  Thanks to the Saiyan DNA in my cellular structure, I too would grow stronger with each battle, except I no longer have that advantage.  I find myself like a fly trapped in amber.  Unmoored from linear time, I can only ever be as strong as I was at the moment I arrived in their city. 

“As you might imagine, this has led to a certain… overconfidence among the Time Patrol.  Can you believe they actually take marching orders from an also-ran like Trunks?  Trunks, of all people!  I’ve killed him at least twice!  Easily!  But they actually admire him as if he ever amounted to anything!  And don’t get me started on Son Goku.  Half the people I spar with come to me dressed up just like him.  You know, I would have thought time travelers would be a little more familiar with history

“Astonishingly, there are patrollers who have no idea who I am!  The constant disrespect, the lack of terror, it really begins to wear on one’s state of mind.  For example, there’s one particularly audacious Saiyan I had the displeasure of meeting.  The ungrateful harridan had the gall to slap me.   I mean really?  You have the honor of fighting me, and that’s how you want to start a match?  Another time the little savage tore off one of my fingers and force-fed it to me!  And they say I’m the monster. 

“I mean, it grows back, (and actually it didn’t taste all that bad) but that’s not the point!  If they’re going to recruit throwbacks like her to protect the timeline, they might as well give me one of those stupid jackets they all wear.  Not that I can really wear a jacket.  The wings and tail don’t really work with it.  And I’ve never been much for the ‘clothes’ thing.   At least I wouldn’t bite the trainers, is what I’m saying.”

Listen. I know no one likes to hear negativity towards Glenn but I have express this: I’m a hundred percent certain that Glenn was the victim during the season finale. If he was not, I would be pleasantly surprised. I have come to this conclusion based of filming appearances, projects the actor has been working on, hints dropped by the actor or his castmates, and gut instinct. Personally, I think Steven has had an incredible run in the series and am massively proud of him for his accomplishments. He has taken this opportunity to grow as an actor, establish connections which have resulted into several more projects and opportunities for him. Yes, it’s unfortunate that the writers had not given his character the proper attention and development that Glenn and Steven deserve, but hopefully they can learn from their mistakes and better develop some of the other or newer characters.

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Briefly looking down at the arms around his neck, Padraic scoffed before glancing over his shoulder at her as best he could. 

I’d never  d r e a m  of giving you an order in public, your highness, ❞ he drawled, sarcasm oozing in his tone. ❝ But unless one of your rules advocates voyeurism and general nosiness from the royal guard, closing the door will spare us the trouble.