he loves to get lost in the supermarket!

skam characters + food

mahdi: don’t try to cut in line in front of him on waffle day

isak: knows the latin name of every veggie. master of unfreezing freezers. the height of his decorating talent is when he makes ketchup smileys on cheese toasties

eva: uses an unholy amount of liquor every time she cooks

noora: touch her fishcakes and she won’t be kind. always.

even: recreates food from movie classics, insists on making spagetti just to be able to share the last piece with isak and end it with a kiss

vilde: has a spitting problem makes cat-shaped cookies. has a controversial relationship with potatoes

chris: only makes food you can eat with a spoon. queen of juggling eggs

eskild: everything he bakes is dick-shaped. loves to use lavender

sana: considers the best part of cooking when she gets to throw things in the bin from a distance like she would do on a basketball court

magnus: messy, but surprisingly good at cooking not unlike at sex

jonas: the kebab place is the only capitalist establishment he appreciates

yousef: likes to dance while making carrot cakes. always makes a dozen pieces of everything as practice for his family football team

mikael: gets lost in supermarkets, never finds the food section

BTS reaction to s/o having bad sense of direction/time

“Hi! Maybe you could make a reaction for bts when their s/o has a bad sense of time and direction and sometimes am late/get lost because of it? Thank you :)”- Anon

Hey!! Yes I can surely do that reaction :) I am very bad with following directions too. Bad enough to forget my way home lmao.


He would find it funny when you told him you were not good with directions at all. “That is not possible because you are perfect at everything” he lightly kissed your cheek. He was proven wrong when you got lost while finding your way to the dorm “ You really weren’t kidding were you…?”. You turned around and he was standing behind you with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

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 He got to witness how you weren’t good with keeping track of time when you got late on the day of your job interview. You were rushing around, and somehow ended up hitting him on his face. “Remind me why I am with you again ,y/n?” he asked you “ Because you love me….?” you sort of asked/said. “Wrong, I am breaking up with you”. He shook his head at you. 

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Hoseok knew you were bad with directions, but he didn’t know it was so bad you could get lost in the supermarket “ How is that even humanly possible?” he would break out into laughter as soon as he saw you. Every time after that incident he would tease you about that one time you got lost in the supermarket. 

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 He would be the happiest out of all guys when you told him you were always late to everything. He had affinity for breaking things, and you couldn’t for the life of you keep track of time. “I have finally found my soulmate” he would laugh to you. He just wasn’t happy when you bumped into him because you were getting late and he broke his favorite sunglasses “ I really can’t tell if I am at fault or if you are jagiya, for breaking these sunglasses.“ 

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He would worry for you every time you got lost. But he knew you couldn’t remember directions too well. “Jagiya, did you not reach home yet? I was so worried.” When you told him you kind of, sort of maybe took a wrong turn on your way home he would laugh. However he would tell you it was okay as long as you were safe. He would encourage you to go out on your own more, and if anything happened “I am only a phone call away” (ignore the caption in gif)

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Taetae would find your forgetfulness somewhat cute. He would be seriously amused at how often you got late. “Maybe I should gift you a watch for every single occasion” he would tease you. But he would always try his best to remind you if you were getting late. 

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This boy would be like Suga. He would get a little annoyed at times, but lowkey he would find it interesting and intriguing. He wouldn’t for the life of him understand how you could not comprehend directions. When you got lost while trying to find him at the carnival he announced “That’s it! I am buying you a gps that you can have on you at all times.” 

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*Excuse any grammatical/ spelling errors*

There you go hun! I really hope you like it :) Please feel free to request more! Have an amazing day



Dating Seungkwan would include


- the type to be trying to tear open his chopsticks and hit your titty with his elbow let’s be real

- annoying girlfriend type who always wants to sit like, RIGHT next to you in the booth and you’re like seungkwan I can’t even see you

-  “that’s what makes it more romantic”

- him slipping into his jeju accent when he gets mad and starts talking fast and you ain’t got any idea what he’s saying but nod anyways

- feeding him your food so much that your arm reaches for his mouth while he follows the fork like a baby bird

- sitting on the couch watching Disney movies and you hear some gross sniffling and when you turn on the lights its seungkwan crying into your shirt

- on weekends since he got the energy of the fucking energizer bunny he wakes you up by singing into your ear obnoxiously

- “ayoooo ladie-” “seungkwan I will put you in a headlock, don’t try me”

-  walking in butterfly gardens together having a great time, but then seokmin almost chokes on a butterfly behind y'all and you have to leave

- seungcheol is like the annoying high school teacher at prom, like he even sees seungkwans hands on you he’s like “ha ha, lets it keep it pg guys ;-) haha”

- trying to text seungkwan very serious but he jus keeps sending you memes and you’re like what the fuck

- going to the mall while a very exhausted seungkwan follows you around

- suddenly he’s 100% reenergized as soon as y'all even pass by a Victoria’s Secret

- he’s always trying to talk to you in English but you kinda sit there confused like….that ain’t English boy

- going out to eat and always over ordering, like y'all will think you’re hungry enough for all this shit but then you’re sitting there with half full plates like….what now

- kissing his neck but he throws his drink because he got surprised and then he’s mad at you for the rest of the day

- he’s really easy to scare….,,,…but you don’t do it a lot cause he cries easily and has a weak heart

- loses his mind whenever you do anything cute like he starts throwing shit he can’t handle it he wants to fight

- wearing his shirts and he gets mad but you don’t listen, but then he walks out in your bra and shit like how do u like it????

- “seungkwan…it’s not the same.”

- always singing when shit don’t call for singing, like you’re trying to cook and he’s in the background rapping about every ingredient you have

- “Vernon please come collect him.”

- doesn’t like it when you wear heels because he feels small

- tries to be cute and place little kisses on your mouth before he leaves for the day but ends up tripping and falling on top of your sleeping body, has to run out with a red bump on his forehead

- probably gets asked about it later on by his manager or an interviewer and seokmin has to help him with a response

- taking boat rides to jeju together while you sleep on his arm and he’s so hype for you to meet his mom

- his mom loves you and seungkwan is over the moon cause she’s important to him and you’re important to him and he boutta cry

- he don’t bring you to the dorms a lot cause even though it doesn’t show he’s really touchy about you and chan is to damn comfy with you for his liking

- sneaking off together at night to little shops and restaurants all over while seungkwan holds your hand extremely tight like he doesn’t want to lose you

- he the type to get lost in a supermarket and have to go to the front and get them to call you on the loudspeaker

- when you go up to find him he’s sitting there with a blue ballon while the old manager lady pats his head and you’re  like what the fuck am I dating or babysitting

- but sometimes you get really sad or scared sometimes and he’s suddenly superman and makes you feel safe and warm and you’re sorry you made fun of him for crying over the lion king again

- entertaining his weird phases, probably has a week where he’s super into fly fishing and you gotta deal with it

- being the 4th wheel in seokmin, hoshi, and seungkwan’s endeavors

- but it’s okay cause seokmin gives you piggy back rides and hoshi always feeds you when seungkwans away mc'ing or something

- you think they’re being nice but seungkwan probably asked them to do it because he doesn’t want you sad while he’s away

- flying to see your parents this time, and he probably practices his greeting for your dad in front of the mirror, in seven different octaves, 3 different postures, lmao

- going wild over your moms cooking and she probably loves him, and even though your dad looks at him like he’s weird, which he is, he likes him deep down

- people havin a hard time deciding if you guys are being sarcastic or serious talking to each other, it’s a house of sassy hoes

- dramatic coats together in the winter

- hoshi making you guys have a “get along” shirt that he sticks you in when you get mad at each other

- singing in the car to your favorite songs but seungkwan is like…,,,no

- “who sings this song, y/n?” “Exo, why?” “Yeah let’s keep it that way.”

- if he ever hurts your feelings from being a butt sometimes he’s always unsure how to apologize because of it

- ends up grabbing you and hugging you and singing cheesy love songs to make you feel better

- kissing his shoulders when he’s sore from practice but scoups runs over and grabs you like time to goooooo!!!!!

- borrows your lotions a lot so he always smells sweet like you

- trying to be cute and finish each others sentences but y'all always say the wrong endings

- little late nights where he calls you (until you wake up, you’re on alert for divaboo) and let’s out his frustrations, finding comfort in the way you would tell him everything’s okay and will continue to be

- trips with him in the moonlight where he makes you laugh and giggle by dancing all over town, cracking jokes at everything, kissing your cheek in little surprise gestures

- hoshi taking sneak pictures of you both and sending them to seungkwan later, he probably posts them with wild ass tags like “#truelove #seungcheolandjeonghancantfuckwithus #kawaii”

- it’s gonna be a relationship where you can never guess where he’s gonna go, what he’s gonna do next, and that’s all part of the surprise because your mc boo is one of the biggest motivators in your life and he loves you more than he loves being dramatic and that’s a whole lot and it’s just one of the most refreshing and wild relationships you’ll ever have and seungkwan the type to always keep you guessing and excitable every second of every day


(so uh…. I’ve got some headcannons of these guys I thought y'all might be interested in. There’s headcannons for the swap!au as well. I just call it Neighbor Hello or NH! for short. I did NOT come up with this au. I’ve seen different people post different variations of it but I don’t know who originally created it)


• He is a docile natured person. The demons possessing him cannot change this aspect of him, but if his house is under the threat of invasion, then they will ‘compel’ him to protect it at any cost.

• It’s very easy to hold a conversation with the Neighbor. He’ll talk about anything, really. Since he has no one to converse with normally, he will often times have conversations with his mannequins.

• He is very fond of crows. (obviously) There always seems to be one or two crows hanging around his house daily. These crows will sometimes attack the Protagonist or caw loudly when he gets too close to the Neighbor’s home.

• He loves kids. (Not in a perverted way, mind you) He loves interacting with them and is that kind of guy that’ll take lost children in the supermarket to the nearest employee and wait with them until their parents show up. He always manages to slink off just before their parents actually arrive.

• He’s a romantic at heart. 'He swept me off my feet’ kinda guy. His house is littered with romance novels.

• He’ll talk to his flowers pretty often, as well.

• He can’t stand fireworks. The loud noise and bright colors give him headaches.

• He hates looking at himself in the mirror. That’s why there are little to none in his house.


• He is rash and crude by heart. With a 'if it aint him, its me’ mentality. He thinks everyone is secretly out to get him. He also has a short temper and curses quite a bit. He sometimes genuinely tries to help others but, often times, his help is refused.

• He has constant nightmares, and sometimes night terrors, involving his Neighbor that fuel his desire to break into said Neighbor’s basement. They also fuel his fear of the Neighbor.

• He’ll sometimes past out from fatigue. He refuses to sleep because of his nightmares/terrors.

• He lives off of energy drinks and coffee. He literally goes days without sleep. He’ll have at least two cups of coffee in the morning and/or evening and a few energy drinks whenever he has to go back to his house. His bedroom is littered with empty cans.

• He has a slight form of tourette’s, resulting in some involuntary tics. These usually aren’t that noticeable unless he is under severe stress or fear. Which is quite often, considering he is constantly being hunted by the Neighbor…This has led to him being accused of using drugs before in the past. His haggard appearance doesn’t help, either….

• He is somewhat of a party animal. He has rich friends in the city that will invite him to their parties often. He usually doesn’t go because of his determination to break into the Neighbor’s house everyday. But, if he does decide to go, he’ll stay gone for over a week. Coming back home horribly hungover and looking like an utter mess. He usually doesn’t remember what transpired over the week.

• He doesn’t have many friends or family he’s actually close to. His only best friend’s name is Mike. He calls often Mike to tell him about his 'psychopath’ neighbor.

• He really isn’t an animal person. Literally every animal he comes across hates him.

NH! Neighbor:

• Many think that the NH! Neighbor still has the same docile nature as the original Neighbor. Or even, some form of anxiety similar to the original Protagonist.This is not the case. This version of the Neighbor has a particularly violent temper, with a very, very short fuse. Anything could set him off. Whether it be an obnoxious show on the television, to a particularly annoying neighbor knocking on his door. He is prone to throw dangerous fits when extremely angered.

• He’s a big hunting fanatic. He places mounted bears and other animals he’s killed in the same places where the original Neighbor put his mannequins. He also has mounted animal heads EVERYWHERE.

• He absolutely hates knives. He will avoid the kitchenware aisles in stores. He doesn’t keep any of them anywhere in his house. He doesn’t use them when he cooks. He won’t even look at them.

• He carries a giant wood-chopping axe with him everywhere. Even to places like the super market or the bank. It often frightens other people, but no one is brave enough to confront him on the matter.

• He’s very tall. Around 7'1 feet tall to be exact.

• He absolutely adores wolves. He used to have a well-trained pet wolf called 'Buddy.’ He passed away years ago. There’s a cross with Buddy’s name on it near the lake.

• His house suffers some serious damage from the fits he has sometimes.

• He loves orange juice. He has dozens of orange juice containers littering his home. He never uses glasses. Just drinks it right out of the container like the original Neighbor does with milk.

NH! Protagonist:

• He’s a very loyal friend. Often placing their needs over his own. He’s the kind of person that won’t tell others if he’s sick or unhappy. Often times, he tries to hide his sickness from those who care. He convinced himself that he can handle it on his own.

• His attitude and demeanor are quite strange for a guy his age. He has moments of courage, willing to tackle his loose cannon of a Neighbor head on, literally, and he has moments where he’ll hide in his house for two days after a particularly frightening scare from his Neighbor.

• He’s actually terrified of the Neighbor. Usually he’ll be fine if the Neighbor is chasing him, but if Neighbs catches him off-guard and gets too close, he’ll have a panic attack and cry. When this happens, the Neighbor will just leave the him there and walk away instead of throwing him out of his house. This is the only time he’ll show any sympathy towards the kid.

• He loves pushing his Neighbor’s buttons, since its so easy to set him off. If he’s not trying to break into the basement, then he’s just trying to aggravate the Neighbor.

• He has a metal bat with giant screws nailed into it. He won’t tell anyone where he got it or why he has it in the first place.

• He will never, ever sleep on a bed. He always uses his couch.

• He also has night terrors. Sometimes they’re about his Neighbor.

• He loves watching shows like 'South Park’ and 'Rick and Morty.’ He also loves to watch regular kid shows like 'Adventure Time.’

(Uhhhhh sorry if this is all over the place and inaccurate. This is just what I genuinely think of these guys. If anyone has any questions then feel free to ask! I’ll try to answer as best I can!)

(I’m gonna add their names and ages as well under this. They have the same names in the Neighbor Hello au.)

The Neighbor: Jessie Williams
Age: 42 years old

The Protagonist​: Ryan Johnston
Age: 21 years old

The NH! Neighbor: Ryan Johnston
Age: 36 years old

The NH! Protagonist: Jessie Williams
Age: 18 years old

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Your headcanons for the Kiribabies?


  • He spends a ridiculous amount of time in bookstores and libraries. He likes the smell and the atmosphere. 
  • He plays all sorts of strategic games.
  • Especially, he plays Scrabble and quiz games with his mom. 
  • He either listens to hardcore music or really calm classics. There’s no in between.
  • He can’t take cold weather (but he doesn’t get sick easily.)


  • He writes songs and poetry, and never-ever shows it to anyone.
  • Basketball is the only place where he feels confident; outside the court, he’s pretty insecure.
  • He needs a lot of time to get used to people and get comfortable around them. 
  • He reads “girly” magazines to understand girls more.
  • He makes impulsive purchases.


  • He eavesdrops on people around him.
  • For each match he bakes and cooks for the team.  
  • He used the language of flowers to create a conlang with his sister so they can talk about everyone around them without anyone knowing.
  • Collectable toys from vending machines are his favourite to collect.
  • He began writing a diary since he learnt about the concept of ageing and dementia because he became afraid he’d forget everything.  


  • He’s not friends with his older brother due to age difference. In fact, his parents prefer him over Kentarou. 
  • Fluffy pyjamas and slippers. No one knows about this. 
  • He sometimes has lucid dreams and it’s literally the best thing.
  • He may have a great memory but he gets lost in shopping malls and even supermarkets all the time (people around distract him.)
  • Has a large wardrobe but ends up wearing whatever is closer to him. 


  • He loves owl and cat cafes the most.
  • His mom is a chef, which is why he loves food and is really picky.
  • He’s a lot smarter than people assume.
  • His older sister taught him how to waltz, how to braid, and how to do nails.
  • May forget your name right away but he’s that guy who remembers every embarrassing memory of people around him. His own, too.


  • If they go abroad during summer they always have group Skype calls or chats no matter how big the time difference is. 
  • Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity, and UNO are one of their favourite ways to pass time. 
  • Hanamiya naps with Seto during lunches in the clubroom, where they have a few futons for this occasion. Sometimes, others join in.
  • During training camps, at night, they discuss how they’ll approach the zombie apocalypsis and other similar unrealistic situations. 
  • They all love summer because they have so much free time, which they can spend hanging out at each other’s houses.

Castle On The Hill
Don’t/New Man
Starting off with castle again. I have a feeling thinks going to continue for awhile, and also the hoax shirt thing lol. I love when the guitar part kicks in. I really love this song live. I think this crowd is gonna be awesome even through they just messed up the words haha. They still sound incredible. I love the beat in eraser and I’m still enjoying ed moving around. Just casually tuning the guitar while recording backup vocals lol. Just brilliant. Dive is probably my next favorite song after happier. He did not perform this during night one. I’m in love with crowd. Their and eds voices together are just beautiful. Dive is one of only a few songs ed doesn’t bvs or building for. Don’t/New Man is becoming one of my favorite mashups. Eddy please be careful jumping around lol. I don’t know why he’s singing the lyrics “2 shows” instead of “2 planes” but I’m not a fan of the change. I also don’t know why but ed always gets this bad boy attitude when he sings new man and I love it. He’s more rapping than singing with a flow on the second verse.
The A Team
I’m A Mess
Galway Girl
The a team is another song that ed doesn’t do a lot, if any, building for. It’s such a beautiful, simple song with a huge impact lyric wise. Oh I’m a mess always makes me a huge mess lol. I like the old video on the screens better. The bursting colors look better than these falling clouds of color. I will always love the building/bvs for I’m a mess. The crowd sounds great but it’s gotta be hard for ed to sing in one key when the crowd is singing in a key higher. But I like how they are singing to him and not just with him. Happier my heart ahh, I love this song. I don’t however love this video for this song. It kinda makes me motion sick lol. I don’t how he does it but this song breaks my heart and makes me smile all at the sametime. Yay Galway girl. I could watch him play this song for hours. Ripping out that ear piece haha better be careful ed. His little dance moves are the best haha. Oh goodness he’s already singing beat for her feet haha. He gets so into that he doesn’t really pay attention to what he says but I love when he gets lost in a song.
Nancy Mulligan
Supermarket Flowers
Human/I See Fire
Here’s another song he didn’t perform last night. This is nancy Mulligan. It’s a great song just a little too folky for my taste. It’s definitely better live but still not my cup of tea lol. Well I’m kinda surprised that he’s singing supermarket flowers. I did not figure we would hear it this early in the tour. It’s gonna be another song for me to get pissed at the crowd over lol. Now until don’t/new man, human/I see fire is my least favorite mashup. I do however want a full version of human. Sorry I got lost in the video on the screens lol. I’ve grown to absolutely love the video, maybe even more than the video from last tour. It’s just breathtakingly beautiful. So he now has a flag haha. He must have grabbed it from a fan between songs. Photograph is another great building/bvs. I will always love photograph.
Thinking Out Loud
Perfect is great song for all the cell phone lights. I got lost again, this time in the song so the video kinda weird lol. Sorry this bloodstream video is so bad but it was the only video avalible. The hip hop arms are back. I wonder if he’s still telling the same crazy joke lol. Oh changing the lyric crowd to turin for thinking out loud, slick ed very slick lol. Omg did they let a roster in, is Gladys here. I swear one of these fams hollering sounds like a roster haha. I love how much he loves this crowd. Well the wireless box came off the guitar strap lol. It’s always something with his guitars and their straps haha. This view is gonna be awesome for the sing video and lights. Sing louder, ed um I don’t think they can get much louder haha.
Shape Of You
You Need Me I Don’t Need You
What Do I Know
He also really gets into shape. This is the quietest the crowd has been all night. Let’s see if he remembers to take a picture during you need me tonight lol. I find it interesting that’s he’s not mashing anything with ynm, I kinda miss him throwing in random songs. Broke another string lol. Yay he remembered haha. What do I know. I swear he’s saying star monkey closing haha. He actually walked off the stage tonight with them still singing, he didn’t night one. What do I know in my opinion isn’t the best choice for a closing song but what do I know lol.

Night two is in the books. It didn’t differ much from night one other than he performed dive, Nancy Mulligan and supermarket flowers. I was so surprised he performed supermarket flowers. That song is like afire love, it’s very personal, and I didn’t think he would perform it so soon. I’ve learned that the new fyi for this tour is: ed takes out ear piece, get ready to sing haha. He takes it out so he can hear the crowd sing. My favorite is when they’re just singing without him asking and he takes it out just to listen. Tonights crowd was the best so far, it’s gonna be hard to beat them. Whichever crowd does will deserve an award haha. We are heading to zurich next, I remember this place being one of my favorite shows from the multiply tour. So hopefully they live up to my expectations lol. I’m looking forward to it either way. I hope y'all will join me next week for show number three, until then have a great week sheerios 💙💙💙.

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Hello! I love your headcanons so much! Do you have any headcanons for iwaoi where they just shop? Or be on vacation? Thanks :)

You guys keep giving me reasons to do all the domestic/fluffy headcanons for these two! Thank you! ( ´-ω-)b

IwaOi shopping headcanon:

  • Iwaizumi loves grocery shopping. His mom used to take him to the market and let him calculate the discount and compare the price. (Iwa is good at mental arithmetic because of this.)
  • Oikawa doesn’t like grocery shopping because he once got lost in a supermarket when he went shopping with Iwa and Iwa’s mom when he’s four. 
  • Iwaizumi does most of their grocery shopping once they move in together. 
  • Iwaizumi dares Oikawa to come along. (“It’s not like you’d get lost in a supermarket again. We didn’t get lost when you drove on our road trip.” “It’s not like I can use a GPS in a supermarket!”)
  • Oikawa discovers the fun of grocery shopping.
  • They play game while grocery shopping for dinner. Their favorite one is having each pick two ingredients randomly without knowing the other’s choice and cook their main dish with these ingredients. (They discover hamburger steak with onion apple sauce, which is more than nice, and disasters.)
  • Iwaizumi claims it expensive to take Oikawa shopping, the proof being the rarely-used bread cooker in their kitchen. (“We are not gonna get an omelette station. I didn’t even get the bread you promised to make me.”)
  • Oikawa buys it anyways and Iwaizumi buys a pot tree just to have Oikawa carry it because “well, you say I am too short to carry it without it blocking my sight.
  • (Oikawa ends up being the one water the tree and Iwa cooks omelette for breakfast.)
  • They go cloth shopping together sometimes. But when they do, the shopping part ends fairly quickly after their visit of sportswear. (The rest is more about food digging.)

Vacation headcanon:

  • Iwaizumi might be the one in charge of shopping list, but when it comes to vacation, Oikawa is fully in charge of their travel itinerary. 
  • They usually drive. Iwaizumi drives more out of necessity because Oikawa tends to get too excited and gets distracted by all the little things on the road. 
  • Oikawa helps direct the way. 
  • Oikawa takes care of their road trip playlist and likes to sing along. He likes to ask Iwaizumi to join him, too. (Iwa is surprisingly good at singing back-up and would sport a small smile while humming along with Oikawa. Oikawa is weak about those smiles and once asks Iwa to stop by a nearest rest stop just so he can kisses those smiles with his own.) 
  • Iwaizumi prefers nature while Oikawa prefers history and arts. 
  • Oikawa is Iwa'a personal guide when they wander the city and historical attractions. 
  • Oikawa gets sunburnt easily. Iwaizumi would make sure Oikawa is perfectly sun-proof when they do outdoor activities. (Oikawa is super envy of Iwa’s resistance to sun but consoles himself with the fact that he gets to have a beautifully tanned boyfriend after their summer trip.)
  • Oikawa claims his favorite outdoor activity is hiking since Iwaizumi likes to challenge himself by choosing the hardest route, which results of them being separated from most tourists and “what a sight with Hajime’s ass leading the way to the top.”   

Full Confession:

All of sudden, I can’t stop comparing Harvest Moon’s newer characters to the older ones. I realize that the newer characters have lose their depth and complexity in their personality. They become more bland rather than the older ones. I miss characters like Duke who has drinking problem and never pays when he buys in supermarket, Cliff who has complicated past, Gray who works hard to impress Saibara, Gill who lost his mother in such young age, Kai who gets disliked by villagers, Doug who has lost his wife and a tomboyish daughter, Lillian whose husband left her to search cure for her sickness, Rick who is over protective over Popuri, Karen who is pretty but she can’t cook and loves to drink, Mary who is writing a novel, Muffy who receives a lot of heart-breaks and wants love, Nami who is also complicated, Skye who is charming and mysterious and has unexpected talent, Witch Princess who likes to fight with HG, etc. Though, it doesn’t mean newer Harvest Moon games don’t have interesting characters, like Amir, Cam, Mikhail, etc, but they aren’t just as interesting as the older ones.

5sos Song Series 3: Say Something- Christina Aguilera + A Great Big World

This is a really pretty song… I actually hadn’t heard it until it was requested! :o


And I will swallow my pride.
You’re the one that I love
And I’m saying goodbye.

“That’s it? I’m breaking up with you, (Y/N)! React, get mad, just say something! Please!” Ashton cries, staring at your passive face with mixed emotions. You may be calm and accepting on the outside, but on the inside you’re crumbling to pieces. You love him, and you always will- but he’s throwing that away.

“What do you want me to do Ash?” you whisper, biting your tongue to keep the tears that sting your eyes from falling. His own eyes are watery, which only makes your heart break all the more. You can’t stand seeing him hurt, which was why you were accepting his decisions with grace.

“Say something! Fight for me, just show me you care.” He whimpers.

“You want me to leave Ash, so I will. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you happy, I love you too much to do anything else." 


And I will stumble and fall.
I’m still learning to love
Just starting to crawl.

"Calum, he was my first. He was my first date, kiss, boyfriend, first everything- and I’d trade anything to live those firsts over again.” You speak slowly, your voice shaky with despair as your cheeks are damp with tears.

“I know, that even though we went separate ways he still loved, loves, me.” You correct yourself, drawing in a breath. Your eyes scan over faces, but all you can see is Calum. His face, his voice, his scent; it clouds your brain, fogging your senses. “Somewhere out there, he’s watching over me- and that gives me peace, not only in our tragically ended relationship, but in life.”

“I will never stop loving you, Calum.” You whisper into the microphone, your eyes sweeping over the sorrowed crowd all dressed in black.


And I am feeling so small.
It was over my head
I know nothing at all.

You lie in your bed, that suddenly seems so much bigger. You know exactly why, as well- it’s empty. Everything seems too big without Luke, your ex-boyfriend. You were sure he was the one, and you still knew it in your heart that you were meant to be with him- only, he didn’t think that.

When he left, you felt lost- like a child who lost their mother in the supermarket, abandoned. You felt so small, like his leaving belittled you. You still wondered what happened, what caused him to fall out of love with you. Why did he leave?

You didn’t know why, and you didn’t know if you wanted to. “I know nothing at all…” 


Say something, I’m giving up on you.
I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you.
Anywhere, I would’ve followed you.

“I’m sorry, it’s not you… I just, I can’t go on tour knowing that you’re here waiting for me.” Michael speaks, his voice quiet yet it feels like a thousand daggers stabbing your heart. “I can’t handle the guilt of knowing I’m leaving you behind, knowing that I’m hurting you just by following my dreams.”

You whimper, holding your knees to your chest as if to capture the last of the loving warmth you’d felt just moments before. “Don’t leave…” You whisper, your eyes filling with tears as he stands up from your couch. His bags are by the door, and each bag feels like another punch to your gut. “I’d follow you, anywhere! Don’t you get that? Your dreams, they’re my dreams as well, now… I’d follow you anywhere, Michael.” Your voice cracks as his doesn’t respond.

“Say something, Michael! Please…” you cry, yet he still doesn’t reply. His bags now in his car, you watch as he drives off into the distance.

im not sure if the anon who requested this is a genius or satan

 me rn

  • Mom: So are you over Beth’s death yet?
  • Me: I don’t cry anymore, Daryl.
  • Mom: ...
  • Mom: These politicians! I bet not even one of them cares about our country!
  • Me: There are still good people, Daryl.
  • Mom: ...
  • Mom: Did you hear about the man who jumped into a frozen lake to save a woman?
  • Me: I knew it. It’s like I said, there are still good people.
  • Mom: ...
  • Mom: I'm glad you finally cleaned your room! It was about time!
  • Me: We all got jobs to do…
  • Mom: ...
  • Mom: Doesn't your father know how worried I get when he arrives late and doesn't warn me?
  • Me: When you care about people, hurt is kind of part of the package.
  • Mom: ...
  • Mom: What do you want?
  • Me: I want to you stop acting like you don’t give a crap about anything. Like nothing we went through matters. Like none of the people we lost meant anything to you. It’s bullshit!
  • Mom: I meant from the supermarket!
  • Me: Oh ok … maybe peach schnapps and moonshine.
  • Mom:
  • Me:
  • Mom: Where did I fail as a mother?

Let the countdown begin! In less that 24 hrs, my idol aka the sexiest hunk aka Calvin Harris turns 32! And instead of sharing photos, I’ll share with you some of the reasons I love this man:

  • He’s admitted he’s not good at dancing and looking like he’s having a good time even when he’s having a great time! He said he might need a life coach to change that.
  • He’s said he’s a very sensitive person and cries easily though.
  • If his house was set on fire, besides his girlfriend, he’d save his cat.
  • He’s said he’s a mother’s boy.
  • How fame hasn’t get through his head and he’s still the same.
  • How he embraces his past, very openly talks about working in a fish factory and supermarkets. 
  • Before releasing “Ready For The Weekend” he announced that he lost his luggage on the airport and his computer was inside so he was going to need more time to finish the album so he postponed the date. After releasing the album, he admitted it himself he had lied because he wanted it to be perfect and couldn’t make it perfect due to loads of gigs and shows so he thought of that, which wasn’t a lie 100% because his manager has indeed lost his luggage.
  • He bought sweets and treated the paparazzi’s because they waited all night for him and his girlfriend (now ex girlfriend) outside of the pub where they were celebrating her birthday.
  • He swore a fan he would post their photo of his Instagram and he did that. The fan was a girl who had cancer Emily and he took time to meet her and her family. Makes me wonder for how many fans he’s done that but they haven’t published it. 
  • He checks his DM and tweets because he wants to check out new artists. And blocks haters.
  • “dream man” and his answer “that would be a step too far”
  • He’s upfront and doesn’t sugar coat anyone.
  • Minds his own and doesn’t go around preaching.
  • Doesn’t take his masculinity too seriously. 
  • He knows his flaws and he owns them, taking his responsibilities. Admits he was wrong and takes no shits from anyone.
  • He know what he’s good at and where he’s not good at.
  • He doesn’t need to offend or insult to feel superior and prove they’re wrong when arguing.
  • The way he looks at you when you’re talking to him. The way he licks his bottom lip. His hands. His posture. 
  • His work ethics and love/passion/dedication for his profession. I repeat, despite his success and having broken a lot of records and sold million of singles worldwide, he’s humble and grateful and hard-working and genuinely thankful.