he loves to be shirtless

Dating Zach Dempsey Includes...


Warning: profanity

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  • Cuddles, hugs, kisses literally most innocent couple EVER
  • Zach trying to teach you biology

“What the fuck is a mitochondria?”


  • Zach trying to teach you basketball



  • Zach very careful of your boundaries, he doesn’t want to hurt you like he did to Hannah
  • You didn’t know about the tapes until you were getting worried about Zach’s personality

“Are you… okay? You seem like me when I got my anxiety.”

“I don’t know anymore…Can you help me?

  • Sticking really close to each other after, you forgave him especially because you knew Zach and you knew all he wanted was for Hannah to love him
  • Shirtless Zach

“I-can you put a shirt on?”

“I think you can handle me without one.” *winks*

  • Promise rings

“This might be too much, no I’m not doing this.”

“Zach, you can trust me with anything.”




  • He may not be good at singing he doesn’t want to admit it
  • You admit it for him
  • You suffer from tickling fights

“You’re so rude gosh she took my spongebob toy.”

“You started it, you took my heART

  • Cute compliments out of nowhere

“Can you love me carefully?”
“I’ll love you enough, that’s for sure.”


- You calling him either ‘Sarge’ or ‘Soldier’.
- Him calling you ‘Doll’.
- When he has flashbacks to his time at HYDRA he get afraid when you touch his left arm because he doesn’t want to hurt you.
- When you fall asleep on the couch of the common room in the Avengers Tower he’ll pick you up bridal style and carry you to your room.
- Him helping you train for battle.
- The Sarge telling you inappropriate phrases with that dirty Russian tongue of his.
- Having to either wear heels or jump to kiss him because of the height difference.
- Metal arm kink.
- Occasionally walking in on him as he struts around shirtless.
- Loving the kisses he gives when he has his little 7 o'clock shadow.
- “Mission report, Soldier?”
- “You’re My Mission”
- Getting ‘slightly’ emotional whenever you or Bucky say “I’m with you till the end of the line”
- “I’m with you till the end of the line” is your wedding vow.
- Calling him 'James’ when he’s making you moan.
- That metal arm of his having a 'vibrating’ mode.
- Rough hard sex
- Slow passionate sex
- Quickies before missions
- Having to cover up your hickeys with makeup.
- When the team finds out that you and Bucky are together Tony immediately says “I knew you two were getting it on”
- Bucky thinks your moans are the sounds of angels.
- Whenever you listen to Angel With A Shotgun by The Cab you always think of your sexy soldier.
- When Bucky fell from the train in WW2 you jumped after him.
- You were also found by HYDRA but they stopped using you as an asset when you kept getting memories of Bucky.
- At HYDRA you and Bucky also trained together but you never knew each others names for a certain amount of time.
- At that point you called him 'Soldier’ but he still called you 'Doll’ because he’s a little flirt. - You and Bucky were the most wanted people in the world.
- HYDRA scientists would immediately erase your memories whenever they saw you and Bucky kissing.
- Before the war you met Bucky at a cafe when you accidentally crashed into him.
- You were too shy to speak.
- You didn’t know that he knew Steve and Peggy until that night when Peggy set you up for a blind date that happened to be with James Buchanan Barnes.
- Your first kiss when you were out of Cryo and Bucky had his memory back was when you played 7 Minutes In Heaven with the Avengers. ~ (A/N): If you’ve ever spent at least 5 seconds around me you’ll know how much I love JAMES BUCHANAN BARNES ❤️


Jared Leto wins “Prince of Darkness” Chainsaw Awards Fuse Fangoria 2006

His eyes!! Omg 😍😍

hinata has a first-years only sleepover and natsu sees yamaguchi and absolutely has to use her star stickers <3

Voltron on Instagram headcanons

Because my friend and I sat down and made a bunch of them so here we go

• Allura is on stuco and she’s always posting pictures of the decorations for the next school dance
• she maintains a study account for everyone in her grade to use as reference
• she’s always doing super cool shit like waterskiing or skydiving on the weekends so her posts about them make everyone jealous
• she’s the one who has followers from every school in the district
• probably runs a photography account too
• her bio has something about the sports she does, her school, just basic information
• fashion queen, she runs an outfit of the day account

• coran is a mess of memes and selfies
• shirtless pictures and flexing pictures because he loves himself so much
• much ranting about his parents and the world in general conspiring against him
• he tries to learn to skateboard and fails the first time around, the video gets posted and gets thousands of likes

• shiro posts study pictures too
• he also pulls all these crazy do-not-try-this-at-home-kids stunts like making flame throwers out of aerosol cans and posts videos of them
• he’s the one who tries to teach coran to skateboard, has like two skateboarding pictures on Instagram
• he swims and posts pictures with his entire team
• also on stuco
• has “#shallura” in his bio (im sorry but I’m trash)
• he’s in band and he always live blogs their band concerts and field trips on his story
• everyone mainly just follows him for the pictures of his pet cat, she’s fluffy and gorgeous and she’s named sky and she’s dark stormy grey
• altogether doesn’t post too often

• Hunk definitely posts food recipes. I know we’re all fed up with hunk being characterized with just food but he definitely posts food recipes.
• he’s a complete computer science genius and posts homework help for his classmates too
• majority of his photos are of Lance hacking his account and spamming selfies
• has a shitty science pun as his bio
• he reviews Netflix shows with Lance

• Pidge is part of Instagram royalty; they’re queer, they hack, and they game
• they’ve got thousands of followers for their video game cheats and tips videos
• they meme with Lance a lot too, so Lance gets popularity on Instagram through them
• they post one picture of this giant stash of soda and chips captioned “gamer fuel”
• they post another one right after it of this exquisite gourmet salad captioned “hunk took my gamer fuel away and replaced it with a meal :(”
• they put playthroughs up on their story every day
• they talk shit about every single person in their school by using pseudonyms for them, and everyone guesses who they’re talking about in the comments. No one ever gets to find out if they’re right or not.

• Lance just flat out memes, he runs a spam account and a main account.
• he runs both a dc and a marvel fan account, even though he does like D.C. Better
• he writes movie reviews
• on his main account there’s a lot of selfies of him with girls, him with his friends, him with his family… he just loves people and everyone is always tagged
• has the most followers after Pidge. Like allura, he’s the one who people from all across the district follow.
• he swims with Shiro on the swim team, and bitches about practice every day
• attends every social event ever
• plays the piano because I personally love this headcanon, he posts a video of him attempting to play the death waltz and it goes practically viral
• he learned to skateboard from shiro and now he can’t get enough of it
• he posts pictures of Keith glaring at and/or flipping off the camera a LOT
• complains about homework all the time
• his bio is something about space, but he never really posts about it because it’s more of a private fascination that just makes him happy
• he loses his mind over fish and spams pictures of them whenever he has a chance to

• keith is following only Lance on Instagram because Lance made his account
• he has exactly one (1) picture on his Instagram. It’s of his feet up on the desk in front of him, crossed at the ankles, black and white filter, captioned “rebel”
• the first two comments are Lance, one says “first” and the second says “why are you like this”
• his bio reads “Lance is the best” but he deleted the app after Lance made him download it so now it’s just up there permanently and everyone thinks Lance and him are a thing
• it also has something about him running track and what school he goes to
• his profile pic is Lance with Keith’s face in the background, smiling, but it’s the only smiling picture of him on the internet because whenever Lance tries to take one he immediately glares at the camera

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I want to hear about your 'playboy Inuyasha' dislike ;D (rant away my friend!)

Nanna, why you encourage my nerd rage like this. 

Here’s the thing about playboy Inuyasha: it’s so out of character. Let’s break this down a little. (And look, before I get started: I know we’re talking about AU portrayals of Inuyasha. But even in AUs, I really need the characters to feel like themselves. That’s where I’m coming from.)  

1. Inuyasha doesn’t have the social skills to be a playboy. He barely has the social wherewithal to make friends, let alone get in someone’s pants. Kagome is the reason he even learns how to develop friendships, and he didn’t even seek out that relationship: he was forced to hang with Kagome. Can you imagine him having the social skills to pick up some random woman? Pfffft. I’m sorry, but socially suave Inuyasha just doesn’t read like Inuyasha to me.

2. Probably because it’s so hard for him to open up and develop relationships with people, Inuyasha is very serious about the relationships he does have. He’s a fiercely loyal friend and even more loyal romantic partner. Like. Kikyou, anyone? He was downright pigheaded about his responsibility to her (granted, the circumstances were traumatic, but you get my point). He was so serious about it that he was willing to sacrifice his life to appease her spirit. This is not a dude who takes relationships or commitments lightly. I cannot imagine him sleeping around or stringing women along like it’s nothing to him, even in an alternate universe. 

3. Let me preface this by saying that I’m TOTALLY one of those fangirls who finds Inuyasha deeply attractive, fictional 2D anime/manga character that he is. Gimme a shirtless Inuyasha fanart and I will love you forever. That being said, let’s get real for a second: most people would find his half-demon traits a deformity, not a turn-on. Fics that portray him as some kind of sex god or ladies’ man because he’s just so physically attractive? I have a hard time buying that. I know us fans love the dog ears, but realistically speaking, I doubt most women would treat them as anything other than a deformity at worst, or highly undesirable at best. There might be a rare few women who’d show interest in him despite those features, but probably not because of them. (Unless it was someone who had some real kinky fetish, which I doubt Inuyasha would welcome.) 

4. For all his bluster and gruff-puppy act, Inuyasha’s a pretty damn disciplined guy. He’s impulsive, sure, but when it comes down to it—when it matters—he is perfectly able to control himself. He’s a warrior, he’s a survivor, he’s surmounted odds that would’ve killed most people: all of that requires discipline and control. A lot of the playboy!Inuyasha fics I’ve read portray him as some kind of slave to his carnal desires, and that just doesn’t read Inuyasha to me either. He may have those desires, but he can damn well control himself and deal with them.  

Those are my major objections to playboy Inuyasha (though I’m sure there’s more that I’m just forgetting). 

This got… kinda long. But remember, YOU ASKED FOR THIS. ;) 

Grayson Trying to be Sexy Would Include...

• wearing the color you love on him (all the time)

• tbh he doesn’t have to try

• cooking shirtless

• anything shirtless

• being assertive

• running his fingers through his hair

• dancing really… sexual. (I. E. Hip thrusts)

• working out right in front of you (HOW DARE HE)

• tugging on your lip with his teeth when kissing you

• showing you all the things he can do with his haNDS

• touching your butt/boobs a lot but “on accident” so he claims

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Okay but like Blackwatch era Trans Jesse getting caught wrapping himself up with Ace bandages by Gabe and being "I CAN EXPLAIN" and Gabe being utterly furious. Jesse is ready to suck on his six shooter when Gabriel goes on a tirade about what kind of idiot doesn't use a binder and didn't Jesse know that could fuck him up and fuck Deadlock for making him think has to hide himself. All the while Jesse is so stunned he just sits their, mostly shirtless.

Yeah I love this. I’m all about DadReyes with little shit child Jesse so this is very important to me.

I can see young Jesse in his room trying to bind with these bandages and Gabe just walking in cuz he owns these Blackwatch fucks he doesn’t care. And he sees Jesse, tits out, half wrapped in bandages and just kind of stops. And Jesse freezes and starts stuttering like “F-fuck I’m sorry I can explain-” and Reyes is like “son what kind of dumb fuck are you” and Jesse is like. Uh. What. And Reyes fucking goes off on him about ‘how unsafe it is and doesn’t he know better and why doesn’t he just fucking ask for stuff first it was not asking for more food and now this, and of course those deadlock fucks didn’t help you we should have slaughtered those red neck desert cock suckers two years ago, you’ll have a proper binder by tomorrow morning, and a couple to chose from by tomorrow night, god damn it you could’ve just asked me, or Amari, she would’ve helped you, Jesus Christ.’ and Jesse is just staring at him, not even caring about his chest being out, eyes wide with adoration and full of tears because this is the first time he’s ever felt truly cared for and accepted.

He gets the binder and has a couple for different weather conditions and what not until a year or so passes and he finally asks about surgery. And when he does it’s a “of course kid I’ll schedule something after the next mission so you can have some recovery time” without hesitation.

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Could you do a poly scenario with Jicheol?

“What should we do for Seungcheol’s birthday?” Jihoon asked absentmindedly while flipping through the newspaper, scanning the news articles and whatever advertisements had been put into it. It was the last week of July, meaning the big day he had just mentioned was a mere two weeks away.

You put your phone down and let out a thoughtful hum. “What’s our budget?”

Jihoon chuckled and turned to look at you. “Not very high? We both only have part-time jobs.”

“Right,” you sighed and got your feet off Jihoon’s lap, where they had been resting for a while, and sat up next to him. “Should we buy something? Make something? Take him somewhere?”

He shrugged, and remained silent for a while, before speaking up again, this time sounding hopeful. “How about all three? We could buy something, make him a card or a cake, and then take him out for dinner? I think he’ll appreciate the fact that he’s not the one paying.”

Grinning, you nudged Jihoon lightly. “Look at you, coming up with a master plan like that.”

His cheeks gained a slight hue of pink as he pursed his lips, muttering, “Don’t sound so surprised, you’re both important people to me.”

“I know,” you giggled and gave him a kiss on the cheek, one of your hands cupping his other cheek. “Let’s go shopping later this week, shall we?”

All you got was a nod, and once you had already returned to your phone, a quick kiss on your lips, after which you smiled widely and leaned your head against Jihoon’s shoulder. He rested his head lightly against yours and continued reading the news with a small smile on his lips.

It was Saturday morning, and you and Jihoon were just about to dress up and leave the apartment you three shared when Seungcheol came out of the bedroom, his smile wide and bright as he stretched out his bare upper body.

“What gets you so happy?” you asked with a giggle while putting your shoes on, and even Jihoon smiled at your boyfriend.

“I turn 22 in one and a half weeks,” Seungcheol said simply, and remained smiley when he looked at the two of you, now done stretching. “Where are you guys going?”

“We have some errands to do,” you hummed, and Jihoon nodded along.

Seungcheol squinted with a playful grin spreading to his lips. “Are you buying me a birthday present? You are, aren’t you!”

“You wish,” Jihoon said with a roll of his eyes and opened the door out of the apartment; despite his words, as soon as his back was facing Seungcheol, his lips curved into a smile.

Seungcheol pouted, and you laughed while grabbing your bag, mouthing the shirtless, pouty boyfriend of yours “He loves you” before giving him a kiss and leaving with Jihoon.

The dark-haired male shrugged, and as he moved to the kitchen to get some breakfast, continued humming about how his birthday was coming up and how you were definitely buying him something.

Meanwhile, you and Jihoon walked to the nearby shopping center, looking around curiously when you arrived.

“Where should we start?” you asked in wonder while scanning all the stores, spotting jewelry, books, clothes, music… just about everything. While Jihoon worried his lower lip between his teeth, deep in thought, you caught his hand in yours and interlaced your fingers.

Squeezing your hand in his, Jihoon finally spoke. “Do you think he’d like a watch? His current one’s a bit… worn out, I’d say.”

“A bit,” you said with a laugh, and began leading your boyfriend to the nearest jewelry store. “I think he’d love a watch.”

Jihoon smiled, and once you were in the store, began looking at the watches. You tried not to focus too much on everything else they had to offer, and laughed every time Jihoon pulled you back when you were about to wander off to look at necklaces and rings.

Grinning, he looked at you warmly. “Try to focus, we need to find him a watch that looks good and is affordable.”

“Sorry,” you sing-sang and looked at the collection of watches. None of them really struck you as something that Seungcheol would wear, so some minutes later you were pouting a little. “I think we should try another store.”

“Yeah,” Jihoon said with a sigh, just as disappointed as you were.

You walked to another store, and were delighted to find a watch just like Seungcheol as soon as you walked in. The price, however, was a bit out of your range, which made you pout - at least until Jihoon pulled out a coupon from his pocket.

“I actually have a discount,” he said with a small smile that only widened when you turned to look at him like he had just saved the day, which he pretty much had.

“I love discounts,” you said as you hugged Jihoon, and grinned when you pulled back, looking at his slightly embarrassed expression.

He chuckled and shook his head, after which you proceeded to move to the cashier, and a moment later you left the store with the watch in a neat box that was in a gift wrap.

With the present bought, everything else seemed a lot easier, and you stopped for some coffee before moving on to the nearest store selling stationery and the like, from where you bought some materials for the birthday card (and bought a ready one just in case something went wrong).

When you got back home, you were met with an empty apartment, since Seungcheol had a football game. Jihoon sighed in relief. “This makes hiding the present a lot easier.”

“This makes a lot of things easier,” you laughed while unloading the card materials onto the kitchen table, which you more often than not also used as a desk. “Should we do the card now?”

Jihoon took a look at the time, and concluding that you had enough time, nodded and went to hide the box the watch was in. “Sure, let’s get to it.”

Making the card proved out to be a lot more fun than the two of you had initially anticipated, and you were happy to notice that you wouldn’t need the backup card, after all. What was a bit less fun was when Seungcheol came home and you realized that time had passed a lot faster than you thought, and had to scramble as you had to hide the card and the materials used on it, and threw whatever waste was left to the trash.

“Were you working on something?” Seungcheol asked with a grin when he had locked the door behind himself, dropping his training bag to the floor. “You look so panicked.”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” you laughed nervously, looking at Jihoon from the corner of your eye as he speed walked to your bedroom to hide the card. A relieved sigh left your lips. “How was the game?”

“Guess,” Seungcheol smirked smugly and walked up to you, placing his hand on your lower back and slowly leaning down. “We won.”

You placed your hands on his shoulders, trying to steady yourself at least a little as he kissed you in a way that took your breath away. At that point you didn’t even mind the fact that he was sweaty - with his lips so demanding on yours and his hand pulling you flush against him, you didn’t even register it.

When he pulled away, he smiled at you. “You’re cute.”

“Thanks,” you mumbled dazedly, blinking slowly while Seungcheol started moving to the bedroom.

“Jihoonie!” he called out while disappearing into the dark room, where Jihoon had yet to come out of. You laughed as you listened to the exchange in the bedroom.

“You’re sweaty, stay awa–” Jihoon’s stern words were cut short, and you knew that the reason was that Seungcheol was giving him a kiss similar to the one you had just gotten. Soon Jihoon continued, his voice much softer. “…y from me.”

Much to your relief, Seungcheol didn’t bring up his birthday again that evening, and instead glowed about the fact that his team had won the soccer game while showing you and Jihoon affection every chance he got.

The closer you had gotten to Seungcheol’s birthday, the more excited he was about it, and the more you and Jihoon shared excited grins, although you were both still a bit nervous about whether he’d actually like the watch or not.

When the evening of Seungcheol’s birthday finally came, all three of you went out for dinner. The restaurant wasn’t the fanciest, but it also wasn’t the shabbiest - just the right amount of fanciness for the birthday, but not enough to make any of you uncomfortable.

You ate with happy chatter passing around, and when your plates had been taken away and you were waiting for dessert, Jihoon finally turned to Seungcheol with his lips curving into a smile.

“We got a present for you,” he said, his voice steady and warm as he looked into the excited, dark brown eyes of his boyfriend.

“Yeah,” you said with a smile of your own, immensely pleased to see the birthday boy so happy. Seungcheol could barely keep his bottom on the chair as he grinned, the gummy grin that had both your and Jihoon’s hearts melting.

“What is it?” he asked, excited, and moved his gaze from you to Jihoon and back to you.

Jihoon turned to look at you expectantly, and you threw him a look just as expectant. A moment passed, and slowly the smile on Jihoon’s face died out as he frowned a little. “…Didn’t you bring it?”

Your eyes widened. “Weren’t you supposed to?”

“No,” Jihoon said curtly, his voice rising a little in pitch, and sighed while rubbing his temples a little. You pouted, unsure of what to say.

“…From what I’m getting, I assume I’ll get my present when we get back home?” Seungcheol asked, still smiling brightly as he laughed at you and Jihoon.

The two of you threw him apologetic looks, and spoke in unison. “We’re sorry.”

Seungcheol shook his head and placed his hands on top of yours and Jihoon’s. “It’s fine. I can’t wait to get those tickets to see Taeyang.”

You and Jihoon looked at him with wide eyes, at which Seungcheol couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“I’m kidding, I’ll love whatever you’ve gotten me,” he said while snickering, and only calmed down a little when the waiter brought you your dessert.

“You better…” you muttered with a pout, and got an assuring squeeze on your thigh from Jihoon.

Seungcheol nodded, and with a straight face, said what you considered to be one of the cheesiest things he had ever said, which was a lot. “I mean, I love you two, so I’m bound to love what you’ve bought for me, too.”

Jihoon grimaced but smiled anyway, and you snorted. Seungcheol grinned cheekily while digging into his piece of cheesecake, feeling incredibly self-satisfied.

In the end you and Jihoon were happy to see that Seungcheol really loved the watch, and immediately replaced his old one with it. Neither of you really minded the kisses you got from him that night, although you did both give him quite a few, too.

“It’s been a great birthday,” Seungcheol said with a happy sigh when you were all lying in bed, having one of your usual talk sessions before sleeping.

“We tried,” Jihoon grinned and shared a warm look with you, and you smiled at him. 

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