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Let’s Break Down the Riggins Scene - Meta

OK so the new comic has lead a lot of people going to the conclusion that Riggins is a total and complete fucknugget. Relying on the comics is dangerous - fuck’s sake, just look at their Ken characterisation - but are they bringing in something we need to be aware of?

For reasons which are ficcish and shall at the moment remain tangential I’ve gone back through the Dirk - Riggins scene in Season 1 Episode 3 bit by bit to try and properly evaluate their reactions to one another. This is my interpretation, and I would love anyone else to volunteer their suggestions!

Dirk has literally just had his purpose affirmed and the case put on the rails: Todd has finally accepted that he needs to work with and help Dirk, there’s another clue, Amanda and Farah are working together upstairs. All. Is. Amazing!

Dirk camps his way down the stairwell and we see Riggins. In darkness. The music - a sharp, high-pitched, nails-on-a-chalk-board sound - begins. Riggins says “Hello Project Icarus” unemotionally. This is a solider. An army man. A complete contrast to Dirk’s colourful craziness that we, as the audience, have been enjoying. 

Something is wrong.

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My boyfriend just told me the reason he puts me down so much in a joking way is because he is projecting his insecurities on me because he hates himself and life so much. Since the 7th house is what you project, does this sound like Saturn in the 7th house? Or would it be something else?

Yeah… That definitely sounds like Saturn in the 7th :( I hope your boyfriend eventually learns to love himself.

I’d also check aspects made to his Saturn too… Maybe his Sun’s making an aspect to it.

Writing Is Hard

Summary: Dean finds the blog you use to read smutty fan fiction. And of course, he decides he can write a better story about himself. You help.

Warning: Smut, some dirty talk, mutual masturbation, all kinds of fan fiction clichés

Word Count: 4350

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. And thanks to @littlegreenplasticsoldier​ for being a great beta and being generally flawless. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

No. This isn’t happening.

This is one of those moments you’d had weird nightmares about, dreams that left you embarrassed and feeling all icky the next day until you finally convinced yourself that it wasn’t real. And just like those moments, this one will end any second now. You’ll wake up in some motel bed, Dean will be in the next room with Sam, asleep or showering or eating or anything but standing over your laptop with that look on his face.

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#when you unintentionally insult the bae #and you gotta apologize for it

Do you know what’s something Taylor’s done in her songwriting that I really enjoy and would like to see more of?

Bookending songs. Ending songs with the same lyric she started with.

‘You said the way my blue eyes shined put those Georgia stars to shame that night, I said that’s a lie’

'Drew looks at me I fake a smile so he won’t see’

'We were both young when I first saw you’

'Take a deep breath as you walk through the doors’

'Loving him was like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street’

You could even argue I Almost Do despite the changing lyric. 'I bet this time of night you’re still up, I bet you’re tired from a long hard week, I bet you’re sitting in your chair by the window looking out at the city and I bet/hope sometimes you wonder bout me’

Anyway it’s underrated and needs more attention

Cassian: *doesn’t want to trust Jyn but allows her to keep the gun anyway*

Cassian: *shouts Jyn’s name whenever she puts herself in danger’s way*

Cassian: *looks impressed when Jyn takes down the stormtroopers by herself*

Cassian: *tries to convince himself that Jyn is now expendable so he can now leave her*

Cassian: *goes to find Jyn first before leaving when Jedha’s bombed even though he already told himself she was expendable*

Cassian: *tells Jyn she can’t go with him and Bodhi because she’s the messenger and she shouldn’t be harmed (sure, Cassian, whatever you say)*

Cassian: *plans to shoot Galen Erso but hesitates*

Cassian: *sees Jyn through his telescope* *panics*

Cassian: *tells the Rebel Alliance not to bomb the base*

Cassian: *when the base is bombed, only one word escapes his lips: Jyn*

Cassian: *goes to save Jyn even though it’s highly dangerous and he might be killed*

Cassian: *tries to tell himself that the reason he’s attached to Jyn is based on logic and pragmatism (sure)*

Cassian: *can’t stop thinking about Jyn though*


Me: *sips drink, eats fries* Oh Cassian dear…

just so many rogue one emotions, spoilers ahead:

  • i thought being spoiled would mean i’d be prepared but NO. cried my way out the cinema. thanks disney.
  • ppl calling jyn unemotional and detached and like???!? she puts herself in very immediate danger to save a little girl and probably feels so much all the time she eventually shuts down cause SAME
  • cassian andor is every sexy girl love interest that’s been in the shit so much longer than the chosen one and is capable and dangerous and so emotionally closed off she should honestly not grow attached to one person so quickly but goddamn he didn’t even feel her steal his blaster 
  • welcome home JUST FUCKING DESTROY ME 
  • poe dameron always wanted a pet robot cause cassian andor had a pet robot
  • …what is saw’s deal i want a mini-series about him and the fact that the rebel alliance considers him an extremist though he was the one trying to protect a baby girl from being a pawn
  • baze no longer believed in the force but he sure as hell believed in chirrut and i want to cry
  • baze is actually 25 
  • living around chirrut ages a person
  • bodhi’s reaction when face to face with saw’s breathing apparatus makes me convinced he had a terrifying run-in with vader 
  • speaking of bodhi this man was a born leader and i’m so pissed he never got to do that
  • krennic’s crumpled-ass cape was a disgrace. no wonder no one likes you
  • so okay vader’s corridor fighting was awesome but what i most enjoyed about his return apart from his dramatic sauron tower was that they kept his fucking dorky finger-pointing hand gestures
  • the hugging at the end destroyed what was left of my shriveled husk of a heart
  • people knowing the odds and choosing to sacrifice themselves because someone has to fight, someone has to resist, someone has to draw that fucking line in the sand is the surest way to wreck me 
  • so fuck me this movie has left me void

so… this new chapter… tells us a lot about America, actually.

most importantly, it shows us that our whole headcanon about America putting on a ‘mask’ isn’t a headcanon anymore - it is literally canon. I mean, some people might not interpret it that way, but I think this is what Himaruya is trying to tell us.

because look at what America says : he has a rare personality that can get along with everyone. which means that America can read social cues, can read the so called atmosphere, and understands that his personality can sometimes be overbearing. this leads to the question - if you understand your personality is annoying, why don’t you change it? I mean I understand that this isn’t a simple thing to do, but no where have we seen America even try. if I knew I was annoying people, I would change my personality - or at least try to. so we can more or less assume America is keeping his personality overly positive for a reason.

the only question is why. Why does he act like this? there could be numerous reasons; a) protect himself from the rest of the world b) because of his age c) just wants to live a normal life and etc.

well nevertheless America don’t be to harsh on yourself bc I love you for who you are too

Writing is Hard, Pt. 2: Description

Summary: Dean wants to write a second story.

Read Part 1

Warning: Smut, dirty talk, use of a vibrator, all kinds of fan fiction clichés

Word Count: 4000ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Your laptop is screaming at you from its spot on the motel table.

You ignore it.

It’s not like you’ve been waiting all day to check it. It’s not like you were impatiently stomping around as you folded clothes with Sam and Dean in the laundromat, as they took their sweet time at the grocery, as Dean dragged you to some fucking hardware store because he needed a specific type of wrench (the six identical wrenches he already owns just aren’t enough).

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The way Alec grabs Magnus' arm but then his hand gently (so fucking gently) slides down so he can hold Magnus' hand and then Magnus grabs Alec's other hand and they're so gentle with each other, I'm dying. Also Magnus calling out Alec is my aesthetic

god i know all the malec scenes are so good. i love that at first, magnus’ expression is the same when anyone grabs him – just the way his gaze goes down and darkens. like magnus has never liked being grabbed. but with alec, magnus pauses and then alec realizes he’s too forceful, and he just loosens his grip and gently holds magnus’ hand instead – and magnus lets him, he lets him do this and he just melts because of this stupid shadowhunter.

and yes!! magnus taking zero bullshit and demanding respect is incredible. i mean, we always knew this was a part of magnus’ character – he’s never put up with anyone’s bullshit – but i just love how much this episode reinforced this idea. i think it’s really needed because i see way too many people characterizing magnus as submissive when he’s the goddamn High Warlock who’s gone toe to toe with the Clave for centuries. magnus has many faults and doubts, but a lack of self-respect isn’t one of them. he knows how he deserves to be treated and he won’t accept any less than that.

it’s just such a great feeling to see someone as down to earth as steve who actually appreciates all the work put in by fans and is vocal about it in a positive way rather than being pretentious and tearing us down like not only the media but other artists have who think believing in a boyband and their supporters somehow makes them lesser i can really see why louis befriended steve since he pours so much love into us it’d be understandable he’d want to release a song with someone similar in that way anyway what i’m trying to say is i love and respect steve aoki much

Chapitre 83 - The Final Obstacle

In which the ultimate family roadtrip is an Actual Literal Roadtrip. 



I N C O L O U R.

And this is how you know that Clamp secretly loves me. (For now)

But can we talk about how the family is shamelessly and unapologetically wearing matching shirts? Not even stylish matching shirts, but straight up tourist-shop-esque shirts with tiny feather patterns that THEY ALL AGREED TO WEAR TOGETHER AS THEY DROVE A JEEP THROUGH A SUNFLOWER FIELD. 


Please never show Tomoyo any evidence that this ever took place. 

I’ve seen a lot of anti-bughead floating around tumblr. But I would totally be on board for a solid romantic relationship between Jughead and Betty. They have a great friendship in the comics and Jughead often reprimanded Archie for the way he mistreated Betty. Jughead has always had a great amount of respect for Betty and thinks she deserves better. It’s something I’ve always loved about his character. So I think it would be really interesting if they gradually got closer.
People need to remember that asexuality is a pretty broad spectrum. And putting Jughead in a heteroromantic relationship does not invalidate his asexuality in the Riverdale universe. All that being said, it really all comes down to how their relationship will play out in the show, which has yet to be seen.

I know that, in theory, love is supposed to be soft.
I have felt soft love, before, but—
for the last two months, love has been
sledgehammer to my nervous system.
It keeps taking me out at the knees.
For the thousandth time, I remind myself
that want and need are two different things.
I remind myself,
to be needed is not love.
I kiss like a seed trying desperately
to put down roots in wet soil.
I keep trying to turn wild animal.
He keeps trying to make a home from my skeleton.
Neither of us is doing this the right way.
In spite of that, we keep crashing our bodies together:
expecting someone to catch us even when we’ve become
falling anvils,
cartoon pianos,
sticks of live dynamite.
I’ve done this song and dance before. I already know
I will let him turn me shelter
even while my roof is leaking.
I’ll put my mouth everywhere that hurts.
I’m good at it: unearthing my foundations
and giving them to other people.
It’s no wonder I have trouble standing on my own two feet.
It’s no wonder I’m so prone to slide downhill.
Even then, I still believe in a love that will meet me
at my own altar.
A love that patches the holes in the ceiling.
A love who comes, heart in hand,
and means it.
—  UNTIL THEN by Ashe Vernon

When I first read Jane Eyre some years ago, as a teenager, I of course noticed the very obvious, outspoken feminism in it. What I did not notice back then however is that the two men who want to marry Jane in this novel - Mr. Rochester and St. John Rivers - are not just characters but a further twist on that scheme.
I only saw that Jane married Mr. Rochester because she loved him and turned St. John down because she didn’t - more or less a coincidence, it could just as well have been the other way around. Now I see that St. John is nothing but your averade dude viewing Jane through his male gaze - he does not see her as she is, only how he wants her to be. He wants to control her, to shape her, to transform her into his liking - she is supposed to be hard-working, stern, quiet, dutiful, humble, obedient, feminine. Mr. Rochester on the other hand puts actual effort into really knowing Jane, and it’s the character traits that are most unfeminine (considering the time Jane Eyre was written), and most her - the ones that St. John wants to abolish completely - that he loves most about her: her passion, her resistance, her anger, her strangeness, her complete refusal to be caged in or to be owned by anyone but herself. He actually wants to be with her, not the woman he plans to make her be.
It’s amazing and I can’t believe how completely I missed this when I first read Jane Eyre.

The girl that I was at 16, looked for love in all the wrong places. I don’t blame her. She was thirsty for romance. She wanted fireworks and bad boys in ripped jeans, arrogantly thinking she can fix things. She loved with abandon and cried wolves for boys she couldn’t heal. I guess when you’re young, everything is fire; from the inside of your ribs right down to the ways you love someone. You don’t care for “whole”, because pieces are exciting to try to put back together. Somehow, you get hurt enough times to learn that fiery love isn’t necessarily good love. Now, at 25, I am still not exactly sure what good love is. But I look for different things. I look for softness - the crinkles in his eyes when he looks at me, the way he makes a home out of nothing but his arms around my body. The thing is, I learned that you will always burn for love, but it is with a quiet burning when your soul settles on someone else’s - sort of like a calm surrender.
—  A lesson in love // Genefe Navilon

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I love your writing omg it's so good!! How would hanzo, mccree, genji, and pharah react to seeing their s/o curled up on their bed almost in tears and when asked if they are okay they just kinda break down? I just had a really awful week and I would love some really fluffy shit. Thanks so much!!!

A/N: Hope you’re feeling better Anon, sending some good vibes your way! 


  • Hanzo’s rather quiet, so he’d notice you before you noticed him. He’s not the warmest person, though he tries to open up more around you, to varying degrees of success. His heart breaks when you break down in front of him, though he puts on a strong face for your sake. He’d pull you out of the bed into a tight hug, his embrace saying more than his words ever could. He’d simply say “I love you.” while holding you close, running one hand through your hair while he lets you use his shoulder to cry into. Once you’ve calmed down a bit, he’d let you slide back into bed while he goes to make tea. A warm beverage filled with love helps him cheer up, and he knows it’ll do the same for you. The rest of the night is just the two of you together in bed, with Hanzo refusing to leave your side until he’s certain that you feel better, and even then he’d still stay.


  • McCree finds you curled up on the bed and is immediately by your side, making sure that you’re alright. He’ll hop in beside you, wrapping you up in a big hug, his weathered poncho engulfing the two of you. McCree is very emotional, and is very much a hands-on sort of person, so you’re not getting out of that hug anytime soon. He’ll whisper how much he loves you while rubbing your back, trying to gently console you, pulling your bodies as close as he possibly can. “I love you.” “You mean everything to me.” “You’re perfect.” Except innumerable amounts of praise, each one heartfelt and meaningful. Don’t be surprised if McCree starts crying too, your pain is his pain, the two of you are a team. He won’t let you out of the hug, and the two of you will drift off to sleep in each other’s arms, his poncho still wrapped around you.


  • Genji’s extremely quiet, even more so than Hanzo, but unlike his older brother, he can properly show emotions. He’s in bed with you before you realize he was ever there, and his mask is off almost immediately. Genji’s quite in touch with your emotions, he was always good at reading people, and the years with Zenyatta only heightened those skills. He’ll be more affectionate than Hanzo, pressing a long kiss to your lips as soon as you look up at him, his embrace gentle yet strangely protective. To Genji, struggles in the past are something to come to peace with, they’re experiences that you’ll learn from, but they’re not what defines you. He knows better than anyone how tumultuous emotions can get when you’ve had such a rough time, and he’s there for you. Whether it’s meditation tips to help you calm down, or just a shoulder to cry on, he’s yours forever.


  • Pharah’s all business in public, but once she gets home she lets the walls come down. She’s concerned the instant she sees that you’re curled up, sitting on the side of the bed to make sure you’re alright. She’ll pull you up into a hug, holding onto tight as sobs escape your lips, looking as stoic as ever. She’ll whisper into your ear how strong you are, how proud of you she is, how perfect you are, anything that will let you know how much she loves you. Pharah will try and get you to smile again, though if that doesn’t work she’ll default to her usual state, being a rock for you to support yourself on. She hates to see you like this, and that hug won’t be released until you’re ready, she wants to protect you from everything, including a break down. The Amari’s have always been protective, and Pharah is no different, she promises that you’ll always be safe with her, nothing will ever hurt you on her watch.

Chris Evans helping you through a panic attack would include:

  • Sitting really close to you
  • Putting your head on his shoulder
    • sighing really loud in a sort of pouty way because he hates seeing you like this
  • “hey, babe”
  • rubbing your shoulder
  • “i know. i know.”
    • he just keeps talking in a deep, soothing voice
  • he gets teary-eyed 
  • “i’ve got you. shh. you’re all right, I’m here, okay?”
  • stroking your hair and nuzzling closer to you
  • after you calmed down he would ask what you want
    • doting on you for HOURS
      • “want me to draw you a bath, love?”
      • “I can make you some tea, you want some tea?
      • “We can watch your favorite movie! Does that sound good?”
    • he just wants to make it better
  • kissing all over your face until you start laughing
    • “god, i love that sound”
  • he seriously would not stop kissing you
    • “you” kiss “deserve” kiss “all the happiness”
  • cuddling and talking to you about anything
    • “we should go to iceland and get some sheep. some icelandic sheep, wouldn’t that be nice? and you could wear a Lil Bo Peep outfit!”
  • He just loves you and wants you to be happy

(I take requests)

“He looked behind the counter. Photos of all of them crowd and overlap each other…Keith and Lance dancing under the twinkling lights, Keith throwing his head back in laughter, Lance looking at him in a way that will never not make Keith’s chest ache.” - Nothing’s Quite as Sweet by @dimpleforyourthoughts & @jhholtzmann

This fic killed me if you haven’t read it already you should. I tried to put it down and sleep at one point but I just couldn’t, I kept reading it into the early am’s. It’s 50K+ words but it is so worth it, I promise. It has cats, coffee, and Klance, What more do you need?

The Jedi Council is right, attachments would absolutely get in the way of duty

Anakin and the twins fall asleep together after after some hardcore playtime. The Twins wake up well-before Anakin and decide to tinker with their father’s robotic hand. They close everything up before Anakin awakens

Next day at the council meeting, Jedi Master of the Council and Chosen One Anakin Skywalker gives Master Windu a big middle finger in the middle of the council session. He panickedly claims that he can’t put it down. Master Windu is furious.  Obi-Wan is unfazed. Yoda is amused. Someone has to call Senator Amidala.