he loves the doges

“Can be your Christmas present,Derek?”
“Every day with you is a gift, Stiles…”
“You are so wow..”

Sterek!Doge AU
Maybe as the first year of Doge!Stiles being rescued from the high kill shelter and brought into CourageWolf!Derek’s pack, he begins to find the confidence in himself to be more outgoing, not be ashamed of his odd speech pattern that seems to normalize over time but still lingers there when he doesn’t feel like putting much effort into talking. Perhaps, just perhaps, Stiles is finding himself to be more fond of the courageous and wonderful alpha that rescued him. Perhaps the feelings of the fluttering butterflies in his soft tummy are not ones that he wants to bash away, but perhaps ones that give way to more positive and wow feelings. Perhaps, the looks Derek gives him are ones that Stiles is hopefully reading correct, so he bundles up all the courage that his pack and his new family have given him these last few months, and takes that leap of faith and declare that his feelings for Derek are very wow and make him feel such flutter in his tummy. And this Christmas?

Well this Christmas may just end up being very very wow. 

LOOK AT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@cactaurkitten IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK U FOR BRINGING MY SON HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Headcanon: Young Genji had a doge (Shiba Inu) and he loved the living shit out of him.

Probably the best headcanon I’ve ever came up with and I somehow managed to draw two of my favorite things together  (つω`●)

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May I have a scenario, where 2pFrance kisses his s/o for the first time? :3 if you don't mind?

France wasn’t a romantic person, you knew this and accepted him for it. Though sometimes it did hurt, the only “love” he has ever shown you was when he would fuck you, like you were one of his old one night stands. To be honest, you didn’t know if he actually liked you or the sex. Yet you stayed with him, why did you stay with him, he’s never kissed you, not even during sex, no hand holding, not even a handshake was exchanged between you and the grumpy Persian. It hurt, alot. So for an experiment you left him, and moved in with Ollie for a week, which has led you to where you are now.

“S/O get in the car, we are going home.” Lois growled as he started to shove your things into a bag, a cigarette in his mouth, not lit on Oliver’s request. The request he only followed if it was Oliver asking. He never put out his cigarette if you asked, not even bothering to open a window when he smoked letting the toxic gas fill which ever room you were in. Why did he only listen to Ollie? Why not you, his very own S/O?!?

“No” that made him stop, he turned slowly towards you, his bangs covering his face so you couldn’t see his expression. To be honest, it terrified you to see, he seemed to be frozen in place. You were starting to wish Oliver hadn’t left to give you two space, at least you would have a witness to your murder.

After a few seconds, but it felt like years to you, he took a deep breath and said one word “why” in the smallest voice, if it wasn’t as quiet as it was, you would have missed it.

“Why, WHY!? You really want to ask me that? You never show any affection to me! You don’t even look me in the eyes most of the time, YOU DON’T LOVE ME!”

At that, France pounded the wall, startling you into silence, and you thought you saw a small trickle of liquid on his chin, but that could have been the shadows. He was breathing was heavy, almost like he was trying to remain calm. “Why?”


But he just kept saying “why” over and over again, like a prayer. It was starting to scare you.

“Louis?” you forced out, you had never seen him so … Broken before. “Hey, talk to me, you may not love me but I still love you. If you want to break up that’s ok” That got him out of whatever he was in.

His head whipped around, scaring you two steps back. His eyes were wide, like a scared child’s, tears streamed freely down his face, and his bottom lip quivered. “NO DON’T LEAVE ME S/O please,” and he kissed you, forcefully, like you were about to slip thru his fingers, which you nearly did. It became softer as you started to kiss back, it was salty from his tears, and soon your own tears started to fall.

“Awww,” Oliver cooed from the doorway, “see Francie, you can do it if you try”

“What” you asked, tilting your head adorably (I do this ALL the time, don’t judge)

Oliver walked over to a small table in the room, placing his signature cupcakes down. “Francie-Pants was asking how to show you that he did love you.” He dodged Louis’s punch, “He isn’t used to showing love as you know, so just,” another doge “teach him slowly ok?” Oliver quickly grabbed you and placed you between him and the angry French man, “he does love you, don’t doubt that. He even asked his 1p for advice!”


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So me and 4chan became buds over one of Shou’s streams… I have no idea how that happened, but it did. And he is an even worse flirt than me!

Karkey likes to stab me. ALOT. I think it’s their way of showing affection <3

Cosplay with Goat Bro! And Succubus Chara Space Filler for Dig

RFA+V and dogs

Kind of a stupid one but my dog gives me life and inspired me.


  • yoOsUN Love DoGES !!!!!!
  • he loves all animals so it’s natural he’ll love dogs
  • he’ll stop mid-conversation to point out a dog
  • spies dogs in cars
  • somehow spiritually connected to dogs because he’s just an adorable puppy
  • knows how to make them melt and show their pink bellies!!!


  • prefers smaller dogs because they’re easier to manage 
  • yeah whatever you say Jaehee
  • so puppies always just put a smile on her face
  • dog cafes
  • although she dislikes how unsanitary it is
  • she absolutely LOVES playing with the puppies
  • whenever things get too stressful at work she goes there for a cup of coffee and a quick play session with a whole bunch of puppies


  • he’s kind of weary of them
  • admires them but in person, he gets kind of tense
  • don’t get tense they SENSE IT!!!
  • whenever he’s out on a run and someone’s walking their dog, he will diverge from his route and gets lost
  • despite this, he constantly uses the dog filter on snap


  • he is a cat lover
  • but he doesn’t hate dogs
  • he just prefers the company of cats
  • they are low maintenance and quiet
  • dogs are obnoxious and dirty
  • but they can be cute


  • REALLY doesn’t like dogs
  • gets anxious around them and sometimes goes on the verge of a panic attack
  • if you have a dog, he’ll ask for it to be in the other room
  • poor puppy whines and he feels TREMENDOUSLY AWFUL AND GUILTY
  • he doesn’t deserve dogs


  • loves dogs, indifferent of cats
  • thinks dogs are great company
  • sally was his favorite dog until she passed
  • he probably gets one of those seeing eye dogs
  • and not only does it help him with seeing but it helps feel so loved

as promised here is my doge, he loves u a whole lot and believes in u. also he is very old (11 on monday!!!) - 🐣

oh my god thank you for this i love him so muchhhchch tell him happy birthday from me

AA Characters And Their Fave Memes
  • Miles Edgeworth: -puts mouth real close to the mic- kill me
  • Phoenix Wright: Any picture of apollo suffering captioned with "I'm fine"
  • Trucy Wright: Dat boi
  • Pearl Fey: OH SHIT WADDUP
  • Athena Cykes: And his name is John Cena
  • Apollo Justice: This Is Fine
  • Mia Fey: "I'll kick your ass I'll kick your mom's ass I'll kick your dog's ass I'll kick my own ass"
  • Franziska Von Karma: sweaty :/
  • Gumshoe: Doge reminds him of missile who he loves.
  • Klavier Gavin: He scream at own ass
  • Simon Blackquill: Any and all memes about being edgy (Not His Boss Edgey.)
  • Larry Butz: Waluigi
  • Godot: Is the one who replies to the "sweaty" posts trying to "educate the masses" nobody has told him and nobody is going to.


park minhyuk: a summary

-looks intimidating but is actually a big ball of fluff wrapped up in a sweater

-can dance better than u

-choreographs his own routines

-likes to eat hella food and also cooks too

-is a fucking dork who fanboys over bts songs

-acts like a five year old when he’s around toys

-doesn’t know how to pose for pictures

-loves minions like the rest of this trash group

-can’t act angry

conclusion: what even is park minhyuk