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Just Another (Not So) Ordinary Tuesday

Imagine meeting Jared Leto on Valentine’s Day!

Thanks @auntiemama1 for this gorgeous gif <3

“If you ask me, tonight’s just another ordinary Tuesday”, I said as I was unlocking my apartment door.

“You and your denials. When are you gonna embrace it and just deal with the fact that Valentine’s Day actually IS a holiday, and a wonderful one as well” , my sister was a hopeless romantic, she couldn’t hold in the excitement about tonight. Whereas I, couldn’t be more agitated with her euphoria.

“Oh please, some crazy people invented this so-called holiday just because they realized they could earn a fortune selling you all those fluffy gifts and stuff”, I said and threw my bag at the sofa.

Even when I was in a relationship during this time of the year I kinda felt like someone’s forcing me to express my romantic feelings on a certain day. Like, if I’m into romance I’ll do it when I want to, and how many times I want to, and not just on a certain day.

So, as others felt natural about celebrating Valentine’s day, it came natural to me to completely dis it and get annoyed by it. 

“You should really think about going out tonight and have some fun. It’ll be good for your bitter mind”, my sister said clearly frustrated.

“Thanks, but I’ll pass. Tonight’s the worst night to go out. Just the thought of all those couples being all fluffy and cute makes me wanna vomit”, I said and opened a fridge to grab a bottle of wine. 

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Anonymous asked: Prompt: “I was set up for a blind date, but she never showed, oh well, I’ll go talk to/hang out with that hot guy sitting alone at his table (not realizing he was his blind date)" 

Author’s note: I loved this idea, couldn’t resist. ;) 

The warmth as Dean entered the restaurant was welcoming. He rubbed his hands together, trying to warm them up a little before taking off his coat. He couldn’t suppress a smile as he took in the place. Jess had been right about that at least; this was definitely his kind of place. Not too cheap, yet not too fancy. The room was tastefully decorated with warm shades of red and brown, and the waiters and waitresses looked like actual people, not penguins.

Despite the hospitable environment, Dean’s nerves were suddenly creeping up on him again; blind dates were by no means Dean’s area of expertise. Why had he allowed his brother’s fiancé to talk him into this again? Oh yeah, because he was nearly thirty and feeling miserable because he was still single, all by his lonesome self. He could do this, piece of cake. Jess meant well, he had to trust that she knew what she was doing.

He glanced around the restaurant again, looking for someone who was sitting alone. Although the place was packed, nowhere did Dean spot a possible date. Then again, he was a bit on the early side. He should’ve pushed Jess for more hints as to what his date looked like, that would’ve been a hell of a lot easier. But Jess liked to play games sometimes, and she’d been all mysterious when she’d said that she knew someone from work whom she was a thousand percent sure would be Dean’s perfect match.

With a sigh, Dean eyed the small bar at the back of the restaurant. He would get a drink and wait there, it would at least look less awkward than sitting and waiting at one of the still empty tables, especially in case his date decided to bail on him.

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Fic: Heart by Heart (6/?) (M) Part 2

Author’s note: Here’s part 2 of a VERY long chapter. Enjoy!

Chapter 6 Part 2

“What do you think about these?” Emma adjusted the screen so Elsa could see whatshe was holding.

Elsa scrutinizedthe earrings through the Skype connection. “Are you sure you want something so…I don’t know, dangly?”

“What’s wrong with dangly?”

Killian had dropped her off hours ago; she wouldn’t see him again until their date. It had been a relatively quiet drive—for them anyway—it seemed they were both still feeling out this “fresh start” as Killian had dubbed it.

The ensuing week after their fight had been a series of awkward moments, brief text exchanges, late night phone calls. In some ways, it felt like they were learning each other all over again. And in a way, they were. Since Killian was busy working and putting together his presentation for his professor, they only really got to see each other when Emma managed to convince him to go out to lunch with she and Elsa. Elsa gave him the third degree—well, as much as someone as sweet and non-confrontational as her _can—_and pronounced herself satisfied. Emma had actually gotten a bit of a kick out of it, watching him squirm under her best friend’s glare.

Elsa’s seal of approval only confirmed what Emma knew. That her decision to forgive him was the right one. When he showed up that night, she’d been so relieved to see him, even though she hid it at first. Similar scenarios had played out with Neal, and she’d learned her lesson the hard way. But not once did Killian try to blame her and spin her words around until she didn’t know which way was up. He came—Christ, he looked terrible, even though she could smell the fresh soap on him—and basically threw himself at her feet.

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