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No, but can we really, really talk about the fact that Alec went in the span of two months from never-killed-a-demon-in-his-life to submerged-in-a-huge-fucking-bloody-battle-that-ended-with-the-death-of-his-little-brother, and then to entering-a-hell-realm-to-save-the-world in another month or so??

Can we just

talk about that

Can you imagine the trauma?

I mean, he literally never even had actually fought before! It says right in TBC that Alec spent so much time defending and watching Jace and Isabelle’s backs that he didn’t have very much practice with attacking.

You know where Jace was in the middle of that battle? Riding a horse to go see Sebastian. Where was Isabelle? Apparently riding after him. Clary? Doing her thing being kidnapped.

And Alec was smack dab in the middle of a ruthless, merciless battle caused by legions of demons invading his beloved city, and endangering everyone he loved.

And yes, Alec was a trained warrior. “Trained” being the key word. Not experienced. Jace and Isabelle are experienced warriors. Alec is trained. It’s the difference between a solider in combat training, and a soldier sent to war. Jace and Isabelle have fought loads of demons, killed nearly all of them, too, since they were 13 or 14, I’d guess. What’s Alec been doing? Shooting arrows there, distracting that demon here, keeping them off Jace and Isabelle’s backs so that they could do the dirty work and dispose of them.

Hell, even Alec’s weapon of choice, bow and arrow, as opposed to a sword, or even an average seraph blade says everything. 

And he’s just been thrown into the worst side of his world.

Imagine the PTSD, the countless nightmares, for weeks, months afterwards, possibly longer, Magnus having to comfort him almost every night at the beginning. Imagine typically anxious Alec freaking out whenever Jace or Isabelle do something dangerous, or even slightly careless, because after all, he’s just been shown that nothing in his life, no matter how hard he tries, or how hard he fights, is safe, that anyone of his loved ones could be gone in an instant. And of course he knew that before, all shadowhunters know that, but there’s a big difference between knowing something logically, and actually experiencing and realizing it, and if Max could be taken from him, then anybody could.

I just want to give Alec a hug.


“There are always questions about how Hollywood portrays Asian characters. I guess I’m trying to break that industry into different aspects as to what Hollywood producers or clients are looking for in Asian male characters. So obviously you have Jackie Chan, the nerdy Asian ones, the Chinese food owner and all sorts of that. If I’m given the opportunity, I would love to have a romantic lead or a comedy lead or even an action flick. But I’m more towards romance – to show that the Asian guy can get the girl of his dreams.”

| l.h | - The girl on the streets.

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Words: 825 words

Storyline: Luke always walks the same way home and he hasn’t realized you singing on the streets until one day when he has earphones and music to distract him.

A/N: He isn’t in 5 seconds of summer here. | let me know if you guys want a part two.

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Luke had a routine he would wake up early in the morning go to work, have lunch, go back to work, go home, play guitar and sing and then go to sleep, that’s what his days would consist of. Today was no different, he woke up early in the morning, had a shower and went to have breakfast at his favorite coffee shop. He was a regular costumer there, so went he got there his order was already made, he only had to pay. He payed the old lady at the counter and told her thank you and made his way towards the exit.

When Luke got to work he was a bit more awake than before, the coffee had woken him up and he was glad because he didn’t want his boss to be on his shoulder all day. Luke worked in a music store, he had a passion for music, he could sing and play guitar but not too many people knew that, it was a secret that he kept very well hidden.

The day at work went pretty much like any other day, people coming in asking for strings for their guitars, people buying instruments, he loved helping people and he was quite good at selling. Lunch time came sooner than he realized, he only had 15 minutes so he went to the cafe next door and ordered some mac and cheese, lunch was pretty boring, the cafe was full old people and business men too focus on themselves or their phones to realized what was happening around them.

When Luke came back to the store, there was a girl around his age talking to his boss about some guitar strings, she seemed to know what she was talking about, and she seemed so passionate about it. She quickly paid for the strings and said goodbye. Luke thought she looked familiar, like she is someone she has seen so many times before but he can’t put a finger on where or who she is.

Finally the day came to an end for Luke he was already tired, as much as he loved music, it was tiring being behind a counter all day and he just wanted to go home and play guitar to relieve the stress. Luke always walked the same way home, it was part of his routine, he would have his earphones on listening to music, but today he forgot his earphones, so he just walked in silence, taking on his surroundings. He has never realized what went on around him on his way home, so today walking home, he saw the same girl who was at the shop, singing on the streets. He knew, he has seen her before, but he has been in his own little world to realized her.

There you were in the middle of the street singing your heart out, you loved singing but it was hard to make a living out of it, so you just sang on the streets to show the world your talent. You were finishing a song when you locked eyes with a boy, you’ve seen everyday for the past  three months you have been singing on this street. He always walked past you, not giving you a second glance, but today he stopped and you could swear he was a beautiful human being, he had the most beautiful eyes you’ve ever seen, he had a blonde quiff and a lip piercing.

You finished your song, and started packing up, it was getting late and you didn’t want to be alone on an empty street by yourself. You quickly put your guitar in its cage. Luke just stood there watching you pack up, he thought you were beautiful, he thought your voice was even better, he was frustrated that he hadn’t realized you before, he was mad at himself for missing such an amazing voice for such a long time. Luke wanted to speak to you and he didn’t know how, he could be a good looking boy but he was shy, he didn’t know how to approach girls.

You were about to leave when you turned around and saw the boy still standing there not doing anything, you wanted him to come and say hi at least but he just stood there, so you just packed your things and started making your way home disappointed that he wasn’t brave enough to come talk to you. And even more disappointed in yourself for being a coward and not going to talk to him.

And there was Luke in the middle of an empty street, thinking how much of an idiot he was. He was mad, he didn’t want to be shy, he wanted to be able to go and talk to you without any problems. He just shook his head and made his way home thinking that tomorrow was going to talk to you no matter what it took.

- my monkey writings.