he loves meat


Same, Cas. Same.

Lizbob was laughing at me earlier because I’m in the middle of this seemingly long stretch of episodes that involve Major Fandom Disagreements. And this is one of them. Because of this ^^


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Ernest’s favorite Benedick lines from Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing


Swap Meat (5x12)
I was watching this episode yesterday and I noticed this scene which I guess is often forgotten in all the hilarity of the subsequent episode. But I thought it gave a nice insight into baby Sam (with whom I am, of course, obsessed).

Love is not over | Yoongi

Masterlist | Taehyung | Jungkook | Hoseok | Yoongi |

Member: Min Yoongi/Suga

Genre: Angst

Length: 6.240 words.

Music Recommendations: 난 너를 사랑해 (Jin), Outro: House of Cards and again… Pricked

Summary: She said love was not over. She lied. How could his heart hurt like that without actually dying?

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He rubbed his eyes, puffy from all the tears he had shed.

His head was completely numb. A biting pain pricked every fold of his brain. He had stayed static in bed for hours, looking blankly at the ceiling.

She said she loved him.

She lied.

How could his heart hurt like that without actually dying?

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My Arrow Flies Ch. 1

Hunger Games AU: When Hiccup Haddock is reaped for the 74th annual Hunger Games with Astrid Hofferson, he thought it was the end. All he had to rely on were his crafting skills, a bow, and his meager hunting knowledge. Meanwhile, Astrid Hofferson just wants to survive-and keep an eye on Hiccup.

Read the FanFiction.net version here. -katurdi

My arrow flies

Strong and true

I won’t miss my mark

Nor feel any rue

This cruel world

Is all we knew

Our lives painted gray

With a hazy hue

The birds who sing

Haven’t got a clue

Of the lives we live

While they simply flew

We might say goodbye

One day quite soon

To this life we live

And start anew

My arrow flies

Strong and true

My aim won’t fail

Neither should you

Hiccup POV


I cursed under my breath, watching the rabbit I was hunting skitter away. I tossed my long auburn-colored bangs out of my eyes, trudging to the tree my arrow hit. I grabbed the arrow with one hand, yanking it out. I reached back, sliding the arrow back into my quiver. Tightening my hold on my hand-made bow, I silently followed my prey.

I was hoping to make a nice meal for my father- or, relatively nice. We’re used to eating half-baked bread and the meager amounts of grain the Capitol gives us. Why do I want to make a nice dinner? Today is the Reaping.(1) Usually after the Reaping is over, everyone celebrates. Well, almost everyone.

Lucky for me, I know how to hunt. I’m also pretty good at making traps, but someone might find them and take my game. My mother, Valka, taught me how to hunt when I was little. Well, littler. She died in a mine explosion when I was eleven. No one found hers or anyone else’s bodies.

Even though hunting or and even stepping foot in the woods is illegal, I do it anyway. In fact, more things are illegal here than things that aren’t illegal. Some of the many illegal things are owning weapons, hunting, going outside the district, and generally being happy. Sarcasm so included.

“District Twelve. Where you can starve to death in safety.” I muttered sarcastically. I glanced over my shoulder, making sure no one was following me. Even in the middle of the woods, you tend to worry about being caught. Courtesy of the Capitol, of course.

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Muldoon: [insults and threatens Silver] 

Flint: Excuse me, crew member no.4, only I have the right to do that. Kindly piss off.

Ibr if pri was in a fantasy/rpg verse his class will always be some cross between succu-incub and beastmaster


5.02 // 11.17  (requested by @samspurpletoothbrush )
Sam tracing his hand along Baby when he was leaving home in Good God, Y’all,
and when he was coming home in Red Meat.

Vernon x reader || insecurities

Pairing: Vernon x reader

word count: 960

Summary: You’re a trainee at SM ent. and they’ve been forcing you to lose weight and make you feel really insecure. But you’re boyfriend Vernon is there to take care of you. 

Warning: Hint at eating disorder(?) possibly

Your were walking hand in hand with your boyfriend alongside with the rest of his group. Today were Friday and the company was buying the hardworking group dinner.

Of course the kids took full advantage of this and went to the best meat place in Gangnam.

You were really not anticipating this. You were actually dreading this. Since 3 years back you’ve been a trainee for SM. And you had finally been placed in a group. But apparently you were fat.

The company had forced you to go on a 1 meal a day diet.

You didn’t want to be here, but Vernon somehow convinced you and of course he didn’t know about your forced diet.

“What do you want?” He asked after scanning through the menu you hadn’t even picked up from the table.

“Just a glass of water” you whispered and sank down into the chair. “Don’t be ridiculous, don’t you love meat?” He reassured you and for some reason you wanted to cry.

The company had given you nothing but hate. They’ve forced you to color your hair blonde and you had already lost way to much weight to be considered healthy.

And don’t even get started with the anxiety and panic attacks, and on top of all the company wants you to get plastic surgery to get you double eyelids.

“No, I’m not hungry” you muttered while fiddling with the hem of your shirt. “Are you alright?” You are so close to tears and you just shake your head.

“Guys we’ll leave, Y/N not feeling well so I’m taking her home” he bid everyone goodbye and pulled you out of the restaurant and waved for a taxi.

“What’s wrong?” That question sent you over the edge and you just started crying against his shoulder.

“Babe..” He sighed and wrapped you in his arms. A taxi stopped and Vernon gently pushed you into the cab and quickly gave the address.

He didn’t leave your side though. He had you pressed against him the whole ride while running his hands through your hair and over your back.

You continued sobbing silently throughout the whole ride into Vernons chest, fortunately the ride wasn’t to long.

He payed and both of you entered your apartment. Your hands was shaking to much so Vernon quickly grabbed your keys and unlocked.

You were just a shaking wreck as Vernon pulled of your jacket and helped you out of your shoes.

You were no longer crying. Just shaking.

But for some reason you fell forward into your boyfriend. He managed to catch you and quickly carried you to your bedroom.

“Okey, what’s happening?” He asked after setting you down on your bed.

“I-I…the company. I-I’m not allowed to eat” you stuttered and Vernon let out a long annoyed sigh and stood up.

“They-they also want me to get surgery” you mumbled and kept your eyes on the floor. But your attention was brought upwards when Vernon slammed his hand hard against the wall.

“That’s it, you’re not going back there” he growled through clenched teeth.

“You know it’s not that simple, it’s my dre-”

“It’s gonna kill you. That company is notorious because of it’s inhuman working conditions”


“Just come here, start working at PLEDIS, please. I love you and I hate to see you like this”

He went over to you again and crunched in front of you. “Hey, look at me” he said and lifted your face and forced you to look at him.

“You’re beautiful” he stood up and pulled you with him. “And you’re so much better than SM” he said while twirling a piece of your hair between his fingers.

Two fingers were placed under your chin and he pulled your face up to meet his lips.

His arms wrapped around you and pressed you against him while kissing you slowly.

Even after two years his kisses still sent shivers down your spine.

He smiled and pulled away to place kisses all over your face. “Let’s change and just cuddle and sleep” he kissed your nose and went to your drawers.

You’ve changed in front of him multiple times, hell he’s even seen you naked. But you have never been more insecure or vulnerable than today.

So while hoping he wouldn’t notice you grabbed a t-shirt and some sweatpants and tried to sneak to the bathroom.

“Help me” he whined and you giggled when you found him with his shirt stuck on his head.

You pulled the necklace that managed to get caught on his collar and successfully helped him to pull of his shirts.

He thanked you and pecked your lips.

“I’m just gonna change” you announced and tried to slink past him. “Woah, okey what’s wrong now. You always change around me” he quickly wrapped an arm around your hips and pulled you back.

“I know, it’s just..” You trailed of and focused on his necklace while pressing your clothes to your chest. “It’s just?” He pressed.

“Lately I’ve been really insecure” you muttered barely above a whisper. “Hey” he whispered and once again lifted your head up. “You’re beautiful and I love you just the way you are”

You managed to smile lightly. “now let’s get you into my shirt and let’s cuddle” he encouraged you and gripped the hem of your shirt. He looked at you for approval and you nodded and he quickly pulled your shirt over your head.

Even though he had seen you so many times he still gave you a once over and admired your body. But this time you couldn’t help but to wrap your arms around your stomach.

His eyes landed on yours again as he bit his lips and grabbed your hips. “God your so sexy”


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luffy’s laugh is a pun

ok so ive laughed about this to a couple of my friends in the past but when i was talking to my friend sei we realized that we hadnt actually seen a post about it on tumblr before. so here i am!

as said in the title luffy’s laugh is actually a pun, or more specifically a meat pun. we all know how much luffy loves meat. he actually yells about it so much that if u watch the anime subs u probably noticed very early on that にく(niku) is japanese for meat.

as for luffys signature laugh he always goes “shi shi shi” which is often just translated as “hee hee hee” in the manga (at least in the translations i read). now heres where we get to the pun itself:

in japanese the kanji for meat is 肉 which has two different readings, an on-reading and a kun-reading (there is a difference between the uses of each but that isnt rlly important for this pun so im not going to explain it.) now, the on-reading for meat is にく (niku) but the kun-reading is しし (shi shi) so when luffys doing his signature laugh it is literally a meat pun! 

Big Burger time for Jin & Jimin in Sweden!!

More Favourite & Least Favourite Foods

Oda already gave us some, but I’m going to add some more

Luffy: He really just loves meat
Zoro: I would say sushi but he’s never tried it so probably teriyaki chicken
Nami: Pot pies, fancy salads, and yogurt
Usopp: Broccoli, chicken noodle soup (his mom made it for him whenever he got sick), and bagels
Sanji: He’s one of those people who can’t really name a favourite. Maybe like, pasta fajioli, koshari, and smørrebrød
Chopper: Muffins, celery with peanut butter, and cheese and crackers
Robin: Vegetable beef stew, lamb, and spaghetti
Franky: Pot roast, tacos, and chili
Brook: Pizza, nyoki, and century eggs (god knows why)

Least Favourite
Luffy: Natto and salad
Zoro: Anything sweet really. It’s not that he doesn’t like the taste, he actually loves it, he just thinks it’s not manly
Nami: Tomatoes
Usopp: Casu marzu
Sanji: Several things. He cannot, for the life of him, understand why people eat spiders in situations that AREN’T life or death. He also dislikes hakarl and kiviak, and refuses to explain what they are because they’re disgusting
Chopper: He doesn’t like sour things, in addition to spicy things
Robin: Dates and hamburgers
Franky: Liver
Brook: Nothing really, he eats a lot of weird stuff

Dimple and the poor bastard he used as a meat puppet. After what he went through in the last couple episodes of MP100 (You know; getting dragged across a field by the ankle, being possessed by a floating green booger, physically over-exerted, having part of his ear bit off, smacked and tossed around by evil spirits, etc. all against his will), I felt AWFUL for him. Can you imagine waking up from that?! Holy Cheesus.

Since he doesn’t seem to have a name I decided to give him a temporary one instead of calling him “that security guard” because I feel like he deserves some love after all the garbage he got put through.

(I may or may not have been listening to “Damn, Yoshi ft Ben Briggs” by Gamechops when I was drawing and trying to think of a name.)