he loves loves fish


Don’t stop walking…★


none of their outfits rly scream ‘wedding,’ but I saw ‘Hanzo in a dress’ and just……

headcanon: over the centuries, maui has, very deliberately, honed “making a dramatic entrance” down to a science

he can look at a scene and know that, for instance, a bad guy is about to set him up with a line like “what do you expect him to do, drop out of the sky” or the perfect angle to come in from so he’ll look suitably heroic

(corollary headcanon: when he doesn’t take the time to make a dramatic entrance? that’s when you need to start worrying.)

today i went to the pet store with my family and got some new stuff for our new fish tank and while we got what we were looking for some lil fish got my attention

he was alone in a small fish tank and the staff told me he has been in there for years on a sale but nobody wants him because his spine is crooked and his face looks a little ‘’weird’’
so obviously i bought him and called him ‘’lil handsome’’

no one can call him ugly anymore hes a good boy and he deserves a good life even if hes old and weird i love him

prove that he is the most handsome little fish

wooow so handsome little man!!!!

looking good!!!

ok so me and @kophing are at it again most of the text below is her idea btw!

basically imagine Mako is a fish poacher who mostly specializes in getting rare exotic fish like sharks for rich people and stuff (hook line and sinker), and Jamie is a merman who lives in heavily polluted waters and he wants to make friends, he is like super grimy stinky misses chunks of flesh, scales has no fins on the right arm A Mess

one time Mako is fishing for smth at some shady spot and he catches junkmerman and he is like “…. this is a fucking mermaid i have no use for this stinky fish no one would want to eat it” and tosses him out while junkrat is like ????? FRIEND ??

so he like keeps pestering Mako and like helpin him to get sharks and shit

and Mako is like wyd you silly stinky merman

one day Mako is watching the news and there is an oil spill in the area where junkfish lives, Mako pretends he doesn’t give a shit but he goes to check on him anyways, he finds junkfish under the docks and he is like all fucked up from oil and burns and cant breath, Mako sneaks him out pretending its a shark and takes him home, while junkfish is like trying to bite him 

and then jamie sees like all the shark skins and jaws in Mako’s house and he is like !!! but then Mako woshes him and he is still ugly but not as grimy, and he keeps him in the kiddie pool, and feeds him sardines or smth



Well, I’ve been gone, but I did a thing. This started out as a thrown together bored project that wouldn’t take a lot of my time. That ended quickly. I can’t just half do a tank, I just get too into it. So I present my mini planted tank. It’s a 20 long. It houses 7 ember tetra and 6 cherry shrimp. I’m kind of falling in love with it.