he loves his waifu


idk about u guys but this is the only thing i can think of when im watching the kizuna ending with makoharu in tokyo


I’ve drawn a lot of yugioh lately???? anyway here’s a mini dump of my favorite things from these past few weeks~ a non-yugioh dump will be coming soon as well!

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Silly Headcanon : They love spend time together, even when he was a king with a lot of responsabilities, sometimes he left them and go see his waifu because he loves her :3 And then they sleep together, walk, talk about anything and nothing … just to spend time together … even if they know that at the end of the day they will see each other … STILL it’s not enough x’)

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Yo senpai good evening. Where do you think Akira's character arc will go down the road? I'm not really seeing much outside of her realizing Mado was indeed a flawed father who didn't equally prioritize her over getting revenge for his dead waifu who he loved dearly. There's also her relationship with Amon and Seidou, how do you think that'll end up? Thank you for your time.

Yo anon-chan!

An Akira ask; I am blessed :D I actually really love Akira. She was one of my favorites in the original TG along with Amon, and I still love her a lot. Her character reminds me a lot of someone I love dearly. But enough Akira stanning; here is my answer (part of this answer comes from a recent convo I had with @linkspooky and I’m drawing on this meta of theirs and @undergroundsky):

I think Akira’s arc is the same as everyone’s arc right now: she needs to confront the wrong deeds committed by her parents to overcome them. We see that with the Quinx and their biological parents and Kaneki, with Kaneki and his mom/Eto/Arima, Furuta and his father, Touka and her father, etc, etc, etc.

Because Freud, Akira’s two love interests (Amon and Seidou) reflect Akira’s father. Amon was his partner and a participant in many of his misdeeds, but is still preaching peace and pretty words. Seidou met her in the academy much like Kureo met Kasuka, and Akira outperformed him like her mother outperformed her father, and now Seidou even physically resembles him and does similarly unhinged/violent things–but still loves her.

If Amon is what she likes to envision her father as, Seidou is what he actually was.

I don’t believe Akira is going to be able to grow past her father until she faces Seidou again, like Amon won’t be able to until he faces Donato (aka what the same person Mado was only a ghoul). She and Amon disappeared together because she’s trying to cling to the vision of what she thinks her father was like (and also leaves Goat and ghouls in the process, because that would mean confronting it too); they’re also still idolizing him. Akira needs to reconcile with the fact that Kureo loved her and was mostly a good dad, but he also did terrible, terrible things, and she can do that through reconciling with Seidou. Amon has his own arc related to Donato that we will see dealt with.

Whether or not she’ll end up with Amon or Seidou I don’t know, but yes, I expect her to live and end up with one of them. She might end up with Amon, the man who represents what she wishes her father was, and move on from her father completely. Or Amon might be an illusion (since he is more like Mado than he wants to admit) and she might end up with Seidou (as the meta I reference says, Seidou’s “like an inverse parallel of Mado in that he lost himself and consequently devotes whatever is left to live for the one he loves, rather than for revenge on those who tore him down into what he is”). If you want me to speculate more on that you are welcome to send me another ask; I’d answer it below a cut.

Thank you again for the ask!

I still consider it funny how I/H fans try to convince us IR shippers that Ichigo has always been in love with his waifu, and the fact that he married her is the proof for that so we should better shut up and move on.

Okay, ignoring character development, making a chara who’s a prototype of a typical shounen fangirl, having only the one person in mind, and let the girl get the candy she so wished for is very original and written well…

Not to mention marrying the person who had always been a bro, then they didn’t talk for 40 years because of pride issues, then nearly killing “the loved one” and then let’s be friends again, because that other bro(Ichigo) helped us, how lucky, so we can get married in the end…

The whole thing is f*cking forced. If there was a better story for both couples, than I could admit it was Kubo’s intention from the start… but still, IR history is better and I don’t care if some people claims that it was good for friendship. If it was only good for a friendship, than what was the I/H for? They never once had such a significant moment like Ichigo and Rukia, ever. It was more like they spoke a different language nearly all the time. The only one O/ri was on a same level with was Ishida, and that kid deserved better…Period.

Kinatsu Week 2016

Day 4: Living Together

Kin-chan is not the best cooking, but he tries his utmost to help At-chan in the kitchen (´▽`)♡