he loves his job so much bless

*climbs out of trash can*
I just wanted to say that Matthew Daddario is a fucking blessing this man is so pure and unproblematic and literally has no clue what half of the slang we use means and thinks people who call themselves trash are actually not trash but are lovey and he wants to live on a farm with cows and loves to travel the world but he also loves his job so much and is the captain of the malec ship and will fight anyone who doesn’t think that malec is the best otp he also loves to talk about photosynthesis and how amazing peoples butts are and he never gives proper answers to any questions he’s asked because he thinks that he’s a clever little bean and he also wears green shirts for all the live chats he does because he made it a tradition and he can’t help but talk with his hands even though his friends make fun of him this man is literally 6'3 feet of pure bliss he loves to make people smile and wants everyone to love and support each other I just I mean when will your fav ever

My Fake Boyfriend Epilogue

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1645

Warnings:, A lot of fluffy.

@drinkfantasy thank you so much for being my beta. You are the best. And thank you @amrita31199 .

You look at yourself in the mirror, fixing your makeup. You can’t believe that this day is finally here, today is the day that you would become Mrs. Barnes. After a year of dating and a six-month engagement, this day is finally here.

“Don’t you look precious?”. Your grandmother remarks , turning around you smile at her , drying the tears on her face. “Please, don’t cry, if you start crying I will start crying too… again and this would be the third time today.” She smiles at you, you can see the pride in her eyes. “Are you nervous? Marriage is a big deal, I wanted to run away on my second marriage.” She says taking a sip of her glass of champagne.

“I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life, I love Bucky and I trust him with my life.” You calmly respond and it is true, you don’t doubt Bucky’s love for you. Other things might scare you but never your love for Bucky.

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Sonic Unleashed playthough blessings:

Dan calling Arin baby any chance he actually fucking gets

Arin telling Dan how much he cares for him (this happened like three times now, happened today again)

Dan encouraging Arin whenever he passes a stage, regardless if it’s a bad ranking or an S rank

Arin’s been pouring out his feelings everywhere and I love it so much

Both of them saying words of encouragement to the audience itself

Also Dan being like “I’m so proud! GOOD job, Arin.” Whenever Arin picks up a fucking ring or defeats like one enemy haha

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could you please write some headcanons on sana and yousef raising their first child ft. the balloon squad as uncles?

Hiiii nonnie I love yousana as parents and omg the balloon squad are the best uncles they would be so happy with the their first kid

  • I’m convinced that yousef and sana’s first child is going to be a girl who has her father and all her uncles wrapped around her little finger like sana has blackmail and her daughter has the pout ™  one cannot simply say no to her
  • So they had their first kid pretty earlier like year or two after they got married and they were so excited because it was planned but at the same time it wasn’t so it was a bit messy when they realised they were actually doing this
  • And the boys were so excited because no one had kids yet and it will be the first balloon baby but also Sana’s kid which makes even more special and they are so ready to shower it with love

  • Okay but their daughter is going to be spoiled by her dad and uncles like  sana is the tough parent or else her daughter is going to so sheltered and spoiled  which isn’t bad but sana knows the world is hard she can’t always protect her
  • Elias loves her so much like he always takes her out to go somewhere museums, parks and anything kids like he very invested in that kid because he takes his job as uncle very serious and he has a lot of experience as he is already the best uncle for jamilla’s kids

  • Okay but their daughter is like mini-sana in terms of looks and Yousef feels blessed ™ because he can’t believe his wife and daughter are so beautiful
    • when is like Yousef is spoiling her too much and sana calls him out and he is like “how can I not when she looks like the most gorgeous woman in the world” 
    • Yousef will always be smooth ™

  • Sana loves taking her daughter to the mosque because she always gets so quiet until she notice her mom isn’t focussing all her attention at her and then she starts fussing
  • Her favourite uncle is Elias because he is the best and always gives the best presents and she can tell him anything because he can keep secrets really good!!! closely followed by uncle Mutta because he is really funny and always makes her laugh

    • She likes uncle Mikael but he is so quiet most of the times
  • Her first birthday party was a disaster to plan because of the balloon squad they all had different opinions on what she would like and this why sana wanted to do the planning on her own but no Yousef just had to invite the guys and seriously she is one (1) it doesn’t have to that complicated the boys outvoted her during the final decisions

  • The guys once picked her up early from day-care when she was little bit older to take her to have a fun day out without telling sana and she was so angry because one (1) text saying they are taking her daughter to have fun at a undisclosed place isn’t enough and seriously keep your phones on she called like 5 times 
    • “what if something happened, Yousef I expected more from you” “you didn’t send me one (1) picture”
  • So once sana and the boys went to park to have a family picknick and adam was playing with with the baby and sana came to give her daughter a bottle and adam was like “no, no, no I’ll do it” which made sana smile because he was taking his job as uncle seriously and then this old lady came up to them and was like 
    • “oh you guys are such a cute couple, how long have you been married” and before sana can correct her she is like
    • “your daughter looks exactly like your husband, you are so lucky since he is so handsome” and adam is loving this and agrees with her and plays along with the whole thing and 
    • Yousef is just dying because first of all THAT IS HIS DAUGHTER AND WIFE and second of all everybody thought it was the best thing to happen this week , joked about for weeks 
    • Yousef totally kicked adam in the shin when nobody was watching like how dare he ?????
Mr. Important & Miss. Big Ideas Part Two


Hollie spent all night revising profiles. In fact, she only got two hours sleep. She is running on coffee and lots and lots of chocolate. She took deep breaths as she left that morning. She prayed she didn’t look how she felt. Plus, she was going to be up late tonight! What had she gotten herself into? She arrived at Mr Styles’ big building ready for a day of work then partying all night long. Except she just wasn’t going to be partying, was she? Reading out names to Harry that he probably should know. Hollie’s ideal was that surely, if they were to talk to him, or he had to make conversation enough then they were worthy enough of Harry learning their names. Why did she?

She placed her bag under her desk and began to look at her agenda with Harry today.

10:00AM - Attend meeting in room 2. Bring files.

12:00PM - Break. Half an hour.

1:35PM - Meet at Mr Styles’ office to discuss paperwork.

3:30PM - Sort out emails.

4:00PM - Mr Styles’ office to sort out this evening’s plans.

Hollie thought today’s events looked quite alright. Wasn’t too heavy after her long night of revising people who earn more in ten minutes than she does a year. “Hollie, let’s go.” Harry spoke brushing past her. She quickly slipped on her heels and began running after him. “Did you just run?” He asked her. “Uh, yes?” She said. “Don’t, You look unprofessional.” He said. “Okay.” She nodded. God, why was he such an arsehole? The meeting room door looked massive. It looked even bigger when she walked in the room and saw loads of men, dressed in expensive suits with their clean crisp notepads ready to write down all that was said. Luckily, Hollie had grabbed her notepad upon running. “Morning everyone, this is my assistant. Miss Hollie Garvey. She’ll be joining us today.” Harry spoke.

“Personally, I think the advertisements good, I mean the more advertisement, the more money, right?” One man spoke, Harry nodded. “Yes exactly! Then we can buy that new building!” Another exclaimed. Hollie rolled her eyes. “Hollie.” Harry spoke. He had been quiet throughout the whole meeting, this being his only word. “Yes, Sir?” She spoke quietly, rather embarrassed he had called her out in front of such a large and rather intimidating audience. “You rolled your eyes, why?” He asked. He had seen that? Hollie opened her mouth to deny doing such a thing. “Don’t deny it, why?” He asked. Hollie was about to say that it ‘didn’t matter’, but she realised that if she wanted to get somewhere sometimes, she had to speak up. “I think it’s just silly. I’ve done my research and since the start of this year each and every magazine you have published had more than 89% of the pages as advertisements. You said that since January your sales had fallen. People don’t want to see James Franco lookin hot on the advert for Gucci. And, pardon my language, but it makes them feel shit about themselevs. The public should want to read your magazine because, one, there is something they can actually read. Two, make them feel as if they need it.” Hollie said. Harry smiled looking at her. “Your target group are young men. Stereotypically, they’re probably bouncing between girlfriends. So headlines such as ‘How to make your woman happy in less than five steps’ or ‘How to ensure you keep your LAD demeanour , yet keep a lady.’. It’s what your audience want, and you’re giving them James Franco on a widespread. Don’t get me wrong, I personally would love to see James Franco, but your audience do not. I’m sorry for going on.” Holly spoke. One man started laughing and Hollie could feel the heat rise in her cheeks. “It’s funny isn’t it Reece.” Harry spoke laughing. “Yes Harry, where the fuck did you find this one.” He laughed. Harry joined in. Shit, Hollie’s so going to lose her job. “She thinks we want women, HA.” Reece laughed. Harry stopped laughing abruptly. “Oh, was that what you was laughing about?” Harry asked, Reece nodded. “Funny, because I was laughing at the fact that because of her two minute rant she just went from earning less than you, to more.” Harry smirked. “Funny the difference two minutes can make.” Harry said sternly. “Miss Garvey, if you would like to accept my offer, of course. I would like to offer you your own column within The Gard. Each month, I’ll give you 30 odd questions from our readers and you can answer them from a woman’s perspective. How does that sound?” Harry asked. Hollie was stunned. “Oh um, of course! I’d love too!” Hollie smiled. “Well done Hollie!” The man next to her smiled.

After the meeting, the man who was sitting next to her approached her. “Hey, names Liam.” He smiled. “Hello! Hollie!” Hollie smiled. “I knew that,” Liam laughed. “I loved what you said in there, I completely agree!” He smiled. Hollie thanked him. “I see you’ve met Liam,” Harry stated as he stood by the pair. “I have indeed.” Hollie smiled. “We have a schedule to stick to Hollie, if you wouldn’t mind. Hollie nodded and began to walk but then, Harry crossed past her and gave Liam a man hug before saying “See tonight yeah man?” And a nod from Liam. Hollie then presumed they were friends. As they were getting the lift to go up to Harry’s and Hollie’s office Hollie spoke up. “Were you serious about what you said in the meeting?” Hollie said. “I know I haven’t said this, but I think you have great potential within you Hollie, that today proved it to my staff and me. I think it’s fair to say you have some big ideas raked up in that pretty mind of yours.” Harry smiled.

Hollie got on with the rest of her day, doing as told and getting involved and getting to know the company the best she could. But it was fast approaching 4:00PM and she was ready to go to Harry.

She knocked on his door and she entered quietly as it appeared he was on the phone. After a few minutes he apologises and began speaking. “So, I take it you revised all my profiles last night?” He asked. “Of course.” Hollie smiled. She wasn’t going to say that she just went over them this morning to ensure that she knew everyone, and she did. “Right, I have someone here to get you ready for the ball.” He smiled. There’s a rack of dresses over there in your size. Just pick one and we shall cater the rest to that.” He smiled. Hollie was stunned. She browsed the rows of wonderful dresses with price tags bigger than three months rent. She fell in love with a baby blue one that caught her eye. It was beautiful and beyond expensive but once more, she wasn’t paying and she thought that was the least of Harry’s worries. “This one?” Hollie held it up to show Harry. “It’s beautiful, and up to you.” Harry smiled. “I think this one.” Hollie smiled. “Very well, Mario!” Harry called. Mario? Hollie spun around to find a very outgoing man coming towards her. “Hello darling, let’s get you ready! Ooo, you’re going to be a saucy little minx in this number aren’t you!” He smiled. Oh god.

Hollie and Mario were no longer in the same room as Harry, therefore, Mario began speaking. “So how long have you know Harry?” Mario asked. “Oh um, he hired me yesterday. Assistant” Hollie smiled. “Oooo, lovely. I’ve never done this for any of his assistants before.” He smiled. “How long have you known Harry?” Hollie asked. “Oh all my life. He hits me up with a few jobs bless him, does me and my family well.” Mario smiles.

After having her hair and makeup done, needless to say, Hollie felt like an absolute princess. And it’s no secret to say that once she had the dress on, she was going to feel amazing. She didn’t want to dress up much, let alone have a the money for a night out. So she just didn’t bother.

It was fair to say that Hollie felt quite nervous to stand in front of her boss, feeling and looking as good as she did. But never the less, she walked out to her boss and stood, quite proudly. “Wow.” He whispered. He brought his tattooed hands to his lips and wiped away his smile with a cough. “You look delightful.” He smiled. He tried to look professional and that he didn’t think his assistant was in the least bit gorgeous and wasn’t excited to have her upon his arm this evening.

“You look pretty good too.” Hollie smiled at Harry. He looked handsome in his clean cut black suit with a blue tie to match her dress and his beautiful boots. “Thank you. Now, let’s go we have a limo waiting for us.” He smiles holding out his arm.

As they both walked out of the building they were met with a neat black limo. Harry opens the door for Hollie and steps in carefully. She didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of her boss and tonight she most definitely needed to prove to him she was ready to do this job and be the best assistant he had ever had. But, as Harry watched her step into the black limo, he admired her. As he sat next to his stunning date, he smiled. “Ready?” and she nodded.

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Prompt!! Magnus uses "i need your strength" as an poor excuse to hold Alec's hand in public

This prompt is my entire aesthetic. Bless you.

Magnus hesitates at the curb, frowning, looking down at his feet. “Alexander,” he says quietly. And he turns his hand, still at his side, but palm-out. “Please.”

It’s a gesture, and posture, and expression that Alec has seen before. When he’s burned out, after a job, or during one. When he needs strength. Alec doesn’t hesitate, doesn’t even think. He takes Magnus’s hand and gives it a tight squeeze. Waiting to feel Magnus’s magic in that point of contact. Waiting for him to… wait. “Magnus.” They’re just… walking. After dinner. They’ve put less than a block of distance between them and the restaurant. Magnus wasn’t even using magic. “Why do you-”

“Just so tired,” Magnus says quickly, making a poor attempt to conceal his smile as he threads his fingers through Alec’s, wraps his other hand around Alec’s arm. “So drained.”

Alec rolls his eyes with a little laugh as they cross the street. It’s a weak excuse. And hell, it’s not like Magnus needed an excuse anyway. As if Alec wouldn’t have held his hand. As if he needed a reason. “Mags, you’re not even trying.”

Magnus lets out a silly, dramatic sigh, and ‘faints’ against Alec’s side.

-send me a character or pairing, and a prompt, and I’ll write a three-paragraph fic for you!-

Not to be emotional but Minseok is turning 27 in just a few days and I am here asking myself how does time pass so fast? I feel like it was yesterday when he debuted, he was such a small, quiet person and in 5 years he grew to this strong man who protects his group from the shadows, who never speaks without thinking.

 A man that grew to become confident with himself, his members and us, his fans. Who let’s us in his life but also keeps a very defined barrier between Xiumin, the lead vocal and main dancer of one of the biggest kpop groups that ever existed and Kim Minseok, a simple man who loves to protect his family and loved ones and not to shove them in the claws of media and fans.

He changed so much but two things have stayed the same: his passion for his job and the amount of hard work he puts in whatever project he is working.

I am grateful that I was here from the beginning of his career to see him evolve and better himself, it is a true blessing to have such an amazing person to look up to 

Loved and Lost - Or Not At All

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader inspired by I Know You by Skylar Grey. I am interpreting the lyrics slightly differently, considering this is from 50 Shades of Fucked Up. Those movies got a soundtrack they didn’t deserve -_- @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch


Strength didn’t just come in the form of bulging muscles and a rough jaw, or a hardened exterior waiting to be cracked open. Sometimes, strength meant shielding your heart from the world you lived in so as to not corrupt who you were deep down. No one knew that better than Dr. Spencer Reid. 

From the moment you met him, you saw his strength - not physical - he was by no means imposing, but you could see the cracks in his eyes, the outside world so begging to get in and infiltrate his heart. But he wouldn’t let it in. It could be considered a blessing - his ability to shield his heart from the sadness he saw, but it could also be a curse. That ability was no doubt a double-edged sword. In shielding his heart from the travesties around him, he unknowingly built a wall around his heart all together, leaving him unable to be vulnerable to the kind of love he so craved. 

He told you as much when you met, not in so many words, but he divulged what he did, claimed he had to shut pieces of himself off in order to do the job, and said because of the job, he didn’t always have the chance to foster the kind of relationship he wanted. But there was something about him - his desire for vulnerability, the softness of his eyes, the gun-roughened skin of his hands - it made you want to know more and reveal the man beneath, so despite his warnings you told him you wanted to get to know him.

A year and a half into the relationship, you could see there was love in him, desperate to get out. At first, you told him that you would help him, be patient, and allow him to love you in time, but slowly, you were losing faith that he could admit his love for you. Somehow, in his mind, the second he said he loved you it was real, and therefore could be taken away - just like the last woman he loved.

“Something wrong?” he asked, bringing you out of your daze. He’d just returned from work, and with a tentative smile, you nodded that you were fine. But it wasn’t fine. He was holding back and he didn’t want to; you’d been patient enough.

Again, he looked at you, not saying anything. “I’m not okay.” You looked out the window, clutching just a little bit harder on the collar of the shirt you were wearing. “I’m not okay, Spence.”

“What’s wrong?” His eyes flashed in fear, trying with his brilliant mind to pinpoint what was wrong. But sometimes intelligence couldn’t give you every answer.

For a moment, you swallowed your words. You loved him. You knew he loved you even though he wouldn’t say it. Shouldn’t that be enough? Why did it matter so much to you that he say those words? Whatever faults that desire exacerbated, they were there, and you wanted him to say it. “Why can’t you say it?” you asked. You could feel you lip quivering and did your best to stop it. 

Immediately, his face dropped. “You know why, Y/N. You know how I feel about you.”

“But do I really, I know you care for me, but I don’t know that you love me, because you won’t let me close enough to know. Even after a year and a half together, I haven’t met your mother. I haven’t met your friends, save for Penelope, whom we ran into on accident. I feel things when you kiss me…when we’re together…but that isn’t everything.”

His eyes were watering, at a loss for where to head from here. “The second I admit anything, the second you could be taken away from me…like Maeve…I can’t have that happen again…”

“But what if this time, instead of me being taken away, it’s me walking away because you won’t let me in?” The tears were no longer at bay; you couldn’t keep them there. “I love you so much, Spence. I can see how badly you want to love me. What you’ve given already isn’t even a fraction of what you could give if you opened up to me. But if you continue like this…I’m afraid I can’t be the one. I don’t need a man to scream it from the rooftops, but I do need you to be able to say I love you as you look into my eyes.”

Slowly, you turned away from him and looked out the window, hoping he would just leave and make this easier on you, but he just stared at you. “I can’t lose you,” he whispered. “You’re the only thing grounding me anymore.”

“I don’t know what to say to that, Spence,” you sighed. “I’m glad I can be a grounding force, but I need something in return - nothing material - I want you. All of you. Not these bits and pieces that you’ve shown over the past 18 months. There is nothing you could say, nothing you could’ve done that would make me walk away if you’d just be honest with me.” For a moment, you let your words hang between you, before going over to your door and opening it, praying he would just walk out if he couldn’t say what he truly felt. “And Spence…I hate to break it to you, but if you believe that saying your true feelings means that I could be taken away, and that that would hurt you, then your feelings are there whether you voice them or not. If you choose not to voice them, I don’t know what else I can say.”

“Do you want me to leave?” he asked teary-eyed. 

Your eyes shot up from the ground. “Want?” you asked incredulously. “No! I don’t want you to leave! I love you! But I can’t continue in a relationship that I put everything into when I know that he doesn’t love me back. I just can’t do it anymore, Spencer. I love you so much, and I assume I always will, but you refuse to say it, which leads me to believe that you don’t actually love me. You care. That I can see. But you don’t love me, you just don’t know-”

“But I do!” he exclaimed, his lashes blinking away tears. “I do…love you.”

A wall of tears cascaded down your cheeks, hearing the words you never thought you’d hear. Words were one thing though - actions were another. “Why won’t you introduce me to the people you love? Your mother? If you love me, why do you insist on keeping me separate from everything and everyone else? Why won’t you let me know that side of you? I know you. I know your deepest desires, but you want let me know so much of yourself, and if you love me I don’t understand why that is.”

“Y/N, I love my job. I’m good at it. I feel like I’m doing good for the world. But this job has taken so much from me - pieces of myself that I can’t get back, people I love - if I ingrain you into the rest of my life, I could lose you too. I don’t want to lose you. I can’t.” His eyes stung with tears, and he wiped them away, but they quickly returned in greater numbers. 

Closing the space between you, you took his face in your hands and pressed your lips to his. “You haven’t introduced me to your family, any of them. I am completely isolated from everything else about you. If someone were to come in here right now and shoot me right between the eyes, do you think it would hurt any less because I haven’t been fully ingrained into your life?”

“I don’t know,” he breathed. “I’m scared to find out.”

You kissed him again, his lips tasting of the ocean - the one he was drowning in. “I know you are,” you replied. “But do you want to remain scared your entire life? Wasn’t it Alfred Lord Tennyson that said ‘tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?’ Would you rather I’d never entered your life to begin with?”

“No,” he exclaimed. “No. No, I’d never wish that.” Something came over him then. Like something clicked in the cogs of his mind. “I love you…I love you. I’ll work on it. Like really work on it. I’ll tell them, my team, I’ll tell them about you tomorrow. Please…give me one more chance. Allow me to prove that I do love you…more than anything else in this world.”

Once more, you pressed your lips to his, sensing his relief and relaxing into him just a bit more. “This is it. This is the last time. I’ve heard this before.”

“I know,” he said quickly, his brown curls falling into your face. “And it’s going to be hard, but I can’t watch you leave…I love you.”


Angst. Post-TYBW. Canon-Compliant. Same ‘verse as Unsubstantial and Transparent. Ren//Ruki and implied Ichiruki. ~700 words.

Dissembling to yourself is a skill hard-learned, and must be oft-practised. 

There are several things that Renji Abarai knows to be true: the yakisoba noodles from the yatai near the city wall down by the Eleventh are the best in the Seireitei, Ukitake-taichou’s favourite tea is the fancy one from the tea shop just over the wall in the 1st District of the Rukongai, and Ichigo Kurosaki is in love with Rukia Kuchiki.

After Ukitake-taichou dies, Renji amends his list of inescapable truths – it now includes the fact that Rukia will take up Ukitake’s haori and she will do it well, and he wonders, as he watches her move through the horde of Hollows they came across while on joint patrol, what Ichigo Kurosaki is doing now. He puts the thought out of his mind and steps up to guard Rukia’s weaker side. She looks up at him, that old fierce grin on her face and eyes alight with the heat of the fight, before leaping back into the fray with a yell.

Three years pass, much the same, Rukia steadily clawing her way into the taichou’s role through grit and determination and nerve, and Renji thinks she’ll make it this year, and then there’s a hell butterfly, from the gensei – and there’s a very short list of who can send one of those there. Renji never asks what was in the message, but Rukia shrinks afterwards.

She collapses in on herself, and Renji adds another thing to his list of truths: If he sees Ichigo Kurosaki again, he will tear that son of a bitch’s head clean off his shoulders. With his bare hands.

Renji picks the pieces of Rukia up, and puts them back together as best as he can. He’s not stupid, he knows the reason she falls into bed with him isn’t because she actually wants to be there, with him, it’s just because the person she’d rather fall into bed with - the person she used to fall into bed with if the rumours are to be believed - is no longer available and well, she’s only mostly human.

Renji will not begrudge her the comfort she takes in his arms, and he only lies to himself a little about how it makes him feel.

(It doesn’t feel like someone is driving a knife between his ribs when she closes her eyes at the peak of her pleasure, when she bites her bottom lip until it goes white and bloodless, in an effort to keep the words he can hear in the back of her throat from spilling out - she forgets herself in the heat of their joining, forgets that his hands aren’t young and barely battle-scared, that his hair is red, that her fingers tangle in it so much more than they used to in someone else’s - and Renji thinks he’s pretty good at this whole lying to himself thing.)

When Rukia gets pregnant, they marry quickly and quietly (with her brother’s blessing) and she gives birth to their daughter - rough and tumble and red-headed and violet-eyed - and Renji falls (madly, deeply, irrevocably) in love with this tiny girl that wraps her whole hand around one of his fingers.

Ichika (and Renji bites back so much when they choose the name that he fears he might actually break a tooth from the pressure on his jaw) is his baby girl, she is his tiny shadow, traipsing around after him everywhere.

Things settle comfortably between him and Rukia - they have their daughter and their jobs and that leaves neither of them with much time to wallow in ‘what if’ or ‘maybe’. Renji stops adding things to his list of truths, because the only truth that matters now is that Ichika is his, and there is no truer thing.

They don’t go down to the gensei again until Rukia finally gets the promotion to taichou, and as soon as Renji watches Rukia make eye contact with Ichigo, the last ten years falls away in the sweep of soot-black eyelashes against porcelain skin and the clench of a broad hand around a door frame.

“Yo,” says Ichigo and Renji finds himself forcibly reminded of that previous singular and most important truth - Ichigo Kurosaki loves Rukia Kuchiki, and now, watching the slow smile that curves across Rukia’s lips, Renji wonders how he could ever have thought otherwise.


cr: HilkeH ch.

i am sobbing ;_______; babies did a good job, and i love how the crowd sang along with them, it’s beautiful ;w;

i just love everything. youjin is simply precious, jihun sounded so soft and his ‘i know you will still love me the same’ just kind of killed me, heejun kind of messed up the lyrics a little bit but more than made up for it with his vocal and adorably playing his imaginary guitar, seungjun’s low voice, and have i mentioned how good inseong’s vocal is? he just slayed ;-;

i love these babies so much and i’m so proud of them. i hope they’ll continue going places and bless more people with their vocals :’)

Hoseok doing his job as choreographer leader and singing For You. This boy is golden, okay.

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I am so grateful for Val. I didn't know about him until normani got paired up with him, but he's just amazing and soooo supportive. I worry so much about my girl because she's always worked so hard and she's so underrated within the 5H fandom, but this is shinning the spotlight on her. Val is just so incredible at his job, and you can tell that they both have the same work ethics. anyways I'm just happy that she's going through this journey w him bc he is such a pleasure. Bless them both!

💜💜 I love this so much 

God Save Yuuri Katsuki (2/?) (ao3)

“Wait, wait, wait,” Phichit says with his face still in his hands. He’s just stopped laughing at Yuuri’s misery, cheeks red with exhilaration. ‘A friend’, he calls himself. “Tell me again.”

Yuuri doesn’t even try to look for any warm feelings he’s ever had towards the other man; there are none left. Phichit Chulanont is officially not his friend anymore. How long does it take to evict a roommate, again?

“Maybe you’d like to record it?” Yuuri asks dryly, busying himself with their dishes. “This way you can listen to it forever.”

Phichit makes a move like he wants to reach for his phone (Yuuri wonders if all roommates are so rude; maybe he should note on his next ad about an available (Phichit’s ex-) room that rudeness toward him is strongly prohibited) but stops in the last moment.

“I’m sorry, Yuuri.” He doesn’t look too sorry. “You have to admit, though. If a babysitter for your kid tried to fight you out of your apartment with a toilet brush, you would be laughing too.”

“Toilet brush and an air freshener,” Yuuri mumbles, like it makes it any better.

Phichit bursts into a fit of giggles again and because Yuuri is such a good friend, he only swats him with the kitchen towel when the dishes are done.

“I hate you,” he mutters on his way to his room.

“No, you don’t!”

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Summary: Alfred, the butler of the Kirkland Manor, is hopelessly in love with the master. 
Pairing: USUK
AU: Human, Master/Servant 
Rating: T
Words: 974
A/N: Requested by @myblackcamera ! Hopefully you like it! Thanks so much :)

Soft, melodious piano playing drifted downward into the kitchen, sweet and slow. Alfred sighed as he poured a cup of tea, the beautiful music sweeping him into a feeling of blissful calm and romanticism with each note.

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I know it’s a late post but I just want to give a shoutout to the conductor during the May 24, 2017 evening show of Book of Mormon in West End because it really feels like he’s part of the ensemble, giving out perfect reactions to every scene and dancing in his little spot in the orchestra in Every.Song WHILE he conducts and being just as scared as Elder Price when he’s in Spooky Mormon Hell Dream and his piano skills are perFECTION and I love that guy so much I wanna give him a hug

Chandler Riggs Imagine!

Before I begin, I just want to say thanks for liking and reblogging my story “Second Choice”! It really means a lot! I have a few imagines that I will be releasing before tonight’s episode of TWD Finale 😁😭 love you guys!


I was sitting with a group of friends at a local coffee shop. I normally don’t get nervous before I have to go on the little platform they call the stage. I’ve been playing here for a little over 3 years now, so it was basically my second home. But today was the day that I finally get to meet Chandler’s parents. It was about an hour before my gig started and Chandler showed up with his brother Grayson, and his parents. I waved and walked up to them.

“Hey Chan! Hey Grayson!” I smiled and hugged him then his brother.

“Y/N, this is my mom Gina and my dad William.” Chandler says as he puts his arm around my waist.

“Hi, nice to meet you guys! I’m Y/N” I extended my hand to his dad and then his mom.

“Hi” his dad replied. His mom just stood there and had a smile on her face. The smile wasn’t an ordinary smile either. It was probably one of the fake at smiles ever.

I could feel myself getting red and turned to Chandler who placed a kiss on my temple.

“Let’s go order some coffee! They have the best coffee in town. My treat!” Chandler added trying to cut some tension.

“Sweetie, we can all pay for our own.” His mom added looking at me with that creepy smile.

“Uhh yeah, your mom’s right Chandler.” I said shakily.

We walked over to the counter and looked at the different drinks they had.

“You guys can go first.” I said trying to be polite.

“We are still deciding, you can go ahead.” His dad told me. His voice was soft and he seemed nice, but he was still intimidating.

“Okay, uhh thanks.” I added quietly not making eye contact.

Normally I’m all bubbly and just always so happy. But now I was so uncomfortable; his parents were judging hardcore and it gave me anxiety. Chandler noticed and placed his arm around my waist again.

“You okay?” He whispered in my ear.

“Y-yeah. I’m okay.” I said getting out of his grip, not trying to make things more awkward.

I went up to the barista who happened to be one of the owners.

“Hey Y/N! How are you pretty lady?” She exclaimed as she saw me. It instantly put a smile on my face.

“Hey Martha, I’m good. How has your day been?”

“Girl, it was so good, now even better that I get to see you perform tonight! Yours?” She really knew how to make my day.

“That’s so sweet of you! It’s been pretty good. Chandler is here and so are his parents.” I replied looking down as I finished my sentence.

“Lemme guess, very judgmental? "She whispered

"How’d you know?”

“Girl, I can see the mom staring at you. Want me to say something?” I laughed.

“No, it’s okay. I can handle this.” I smiled.

“Hey Martha!” Chandler said as he walked up to the counter with his family behind him.

“Hey there my little tv star! How’s it going?”

“Great! This is my mom, dad, and little brother.” He introduced them.

“Alright, what can I get you guys?”

“We are paying separate.” his mother said sternly.

“I beg to differ. It’s on the house.” Martha told Chandler’s mom.

“You don’t have to-” his dad started to say as she was cut off by Martha.

“Anyone who comes with Y/N gets it on the house.” Martha said with a smile.

“And why is that?” His mom added.

“Well, you see my girl Y/N has been such a huge part of this place. She has helped us so much, she’s family to us.” Martha said as she looked at me. I simply smiled.

“So you work here?” His mom asked me.

“Mom, stop asking all these questions and order something.” Chandler told his mom trying to stop her from being rude.

“It’s okay Chan. No I don’t work here, but I do volunteer here a lot. And at a lot of other places. For example, I volunteer at the hospital, the animal shelter, and I help out at the Salvation Army.”

“Oh. I did not know that.” She was taken aback by all the things I do.

“And she also donates all her tips from performing here to different charities” Carl added trying to talk me up to his mom.
It was time for me to go perform now. Chandler kissed my cheek and I walked up to the stage.

“Hey guys, I’m Y/N for those of you who don’t know. But by the end of the night, you will get to know the real me.” I finished then started to play my guitar.

“Thank you guys so much and God bless you all. Have a good night!”

I walked off the stage and went up to Chandler who hugged me.

“That was probably one of the best performances yet!” He said kissing me.

“Thanks. I felt like it was too!” I said proudly.

“You wrote all of those songs?” His mom asked me.

“Yes I did, Mrs. Riggs” I said politely.

“Impressive!” His dad exclaimed.

“I loved it! Good job! "His brother added

"Thank you guys, that means a lot.” I smiled at them.

“Y/N, can I speak with you?” His mom asked me. It was the first time she said my name.

“Umm yeah.” I said and we walked towards the back.

“Listen I want to apologize for being so rude. I just thought that you were dating Chandler just for his fame and his money and I thought you’d get in the way of his job. I didn’t know that you were so down to earth.” She was smiling at me.

“Well thank you. And I just want you to know that I really care for your son. I would never do anything to hurt his career or use him for fame, or take his money.” I assured her. She simply smiled and pulled me into a hug.

“So will you accept my apology and we can start over?” She said as we pulled apart.

“Of course Mrs. Riggs.” I smiled at her.

“Oh please, call me Gina, sweetie.”

“Alright Gina. And I want to let you know, I really do care for Chandler. Even if he wasn’t famous. He’s a great person and I really love him.”

“Aww you love me!” Chandler said as he walked up to us.

“I’m glad you found an amazing girl like her, hon.” Gina said and walked away leaving us.

“So you got to meet my parents finally.”

“Yeah, it was” I paused “ something.” We laughed.

“Sorry about her in the beginning. I didn’t know she would come off so rude” he said pulling me into a hug.

“It’s okay babe, she was just looking out for you.” I said looking up into his beautiful blue eyes.

“I love you Y/N.” He said

“I love you too” I said back as we kissed.

***sorry it was kinda long and boring. It was one of my first Chandler imagines I wrote! Hope y'all liked it!

Queen of Hell

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Word Count: 1,321

Warnings: None

Notes: Happy Early Birthday Mark Sheppard!!! Here’s some Fluff to celebrate :)

With a flash of wings, you were standing in the long dining hall you had met him in plenty of times. There he was, Crowley, the king of hell, sitting at the end of the table, smiling at you.

“Hello love.” He smirks as you sit down opposite him, “What would you like to eat for tonight?”

“It doesn’t really matter.” You shrug, quite tired from your long day of answering prayers. With there being no God, it was hard to keep up with all the work.

“Women…” Crowley rolls his eyes, “We’ll take a classic Steak dinner.” Crowley motions for his servant to bring his order to the kitchen, and his servant exits quietly.

The two of you stare at each other for a moment, you loved Crowley, he had showed you there was so much to the world that being religious took away from you. But that didn’t change the fact that you were an angel and that you had a job to do.

“Barachiel is starting to question my absence. He thinks I am neglecting my blessing duties.”

“Well screw Barachiel.” Crowley slammed his fist down on the table, weary of the heaven talk.

“I wish it were that simple, but not only is he my boss, he is my best friend. He knows I’m hiding something.” Worry has set over you, and you know that your secret is being jeopardized in just coming here.

“Don’t worry so much darling, we will find a way, you know it was hard for me to tell my demons about this.” Crowley reaches over to grab your hand.

You scoff, “It’s different for you, you’re the king you can do whatever the hell you want. If Barachiel finds out I will be cast down, who knows what will happen to me.” Fear sets over you at the thought of having your wings torn off and your grace ripped from your soul. You shudder and Crowley notices. He gets up and says something to his servant.

“C’mon love,” He says as he walks back over to the table, “We’re going to eat in my room tonight.” Taking his outstretched hand, you walk with him to his room. Taking a seat on the oh so familiar bed, you almost burst into tears.

“Why can’t heaven just understand?” You whine, “Why are they so strict.”

“That’s the only way they know.” Crowley looks at you sympathetically, “Down here is different, down here we love and accept. Please, just leave, what would they really do. I would send my demons to keep the angels away and…”

“No Crowley,” you shake your head, “I can’t. It is my duty to stay up there. If I leave I could start a full blown war.”

“Well what about me then?”He shouts, startling you. “Isn’t it also your duty to love me? At least that’s what you promised me when we first started this thing we have. Do you know what it’s like to just sit down here and waste away waiting for you? Every single day I hope that you come down here, every single day I wait for you. How much longer will this last? Sometimes I question whether you really love me?” He looks at you angrily, painfully.

“Don’t question my love Crowley,  you know how much I love you, how much we have been through, but tensions are high and you know it what with you kidnapping prophets. I love you baby, just give me some time to think things out.”

Crowley just shakes his head and joins you on the bed. The two of you eat dinner pretending nothing is wrong. You spend most of the night together until it comes time to leave. It takes everything you have not to just stay with him, but you have to go back to heaven.

When you get back things are just as you left them. Sitting down at your desk, you barely have time to pick up where you left off last night before being called into Barachiels office. If angels  could sweat you would be dripping. Crowley had introduced you to feelings like nervousness and doubt, and although they felt terrible, you loved being able to experience it.

“Close the door behind you, Y/N.” Barachiel states in a flat tone. You close the door and sit down behind his desk. You had grown up working with Barachiel, but now you felt like a stranger to him, and he to you.

“Look, I’m your friend right now, not your boss, so just answer me truthfully.” He sighed, and you nod steadily, “Right, now I want you to know that I followed you last night.”

“Where?” You cocked your head to the side, deciding to play dumb.

“Don’t be like this. I know you went to hell.” He looked suspiciously at you, “I know you were with Crowley.”

“So what if I was?” You leaned back in your chair. You had nothing to be guilty of, you weren’t guilty of loving someone.

“You spent the night with the king of hell.” He spat at you. “You disgusting whore!” He shouted and backhanded you across the cheek, sending you flying to the ground. Getting up, you pull an angel blade out of your coat.

“Don’t make me do anything stupid Barachiel, please, I don’t want to fight.” You pleaded with him.

“This is you choosing that demon scum over me, isn’t it. You aren’t going to kill me, you aren’t going to do anything.” He steps out from behind his desk and charges you. In a moment he is on the floor, silent and still. On your blade is the blue blood that inhabits all angels. It is too much to look at Barachiel, so you use your powers to quickly clean it up. You know it had to be done, you know you couldn’t have been with Crowley unless you did it.

Behind you, the door to Barachiel’s office opens, revealing a worker of his.

“Barachiel, I…” He steps in slowly, but neither you or Barachiel is anywhere to be found. You are standing in Crowley’s empty room, not bothering to go looking for him. You slide your hand over his large bed fitted with a gorgeous, silky red comforter. Tonight, you would lie in it with him, and you would for every new night to come.

“You have to understand, I can’t have those denim wrapped nightmares…” Crowley walks through the door and catches eye contact with you, “Get out.” He says. Not bothering to look at the demon he is talking to. “I said get out!” He shrieks, and the woman behind him shrinks back out of the room and closes the door.

“What happened? What did you do.” He runs up to you and grabs your hands in his. Pulling you to the couch on the other side of the room, you sit on his lap and curl up in his arms.

“Barachiel, I…I stabbed him.” You squeak out, barely fighting back sobs. Just moments ago you were standing in front of your best friend, now he was dead, and you would never go back to heaven again. Quietly sobbing into Crowley’s arms, he stroked your hair.

“Shhhh, Shhh, it’s okay love. You didn’t kill your best friend, you simply removed the object standing between us. Look, now you’re here with me, they will look for Barachiel before they look for you. Everything is falling into place, okay?” You pulled away from Crowley chest and nodded while he stroked your face.

“Now, let’s not get ourselves in a fuss. You being down here with me makes you the queen of hell. And the queen can only have the very best, so where should we start? What have you always wanted?” Crowley looks lovingly at you.

Putting on your best bedroom eyes you reply, “You.” and pull him into a long, passionate, lustful kiss.

I’ve rekindled my obsession love of Critical Role and I honestly couldn’t be happier about it. I love them all so much, characters and players alike. 

Keyleth has grown so much and is becoming such a great leader. Obviously she’s struggling right now, but she’s showing how strong she is by continuing to move forward when all she wants to do is stop.

Grog is learning and becoming smarter (or at least trying very hard to, bless him). 

Vax is doing his best with what has been given him, and trying to enjoy the time he has left.

Vex is evolving, and learning forgiveness (and how not to be a hoarder and money obsessed. Good job bb). 

Pike is spreading her kindness as far as she can, and doing a kick ass job at it.

 Percy is also allowing himself to be happy, and doing what he can to negate the evil he unwittingly brought into the world. 

And my dear sweet bard Scanlan is not only bACK WITH THE GANG (I cri), but he’s matured, working on being a better father to his daughter. He’s treating women like people, and working on accepting the love that his friends are trying to give to him.



Heath Ledger: A Life In Pictures, WA to host exhibition celebrating life and work of Perth film star

KATE CAMPBELL, PerthNow November 12, 2016 4:25pm

HE was famous for his prodigious acting talent and on-screen charisma.

Now Heath Ledger’s family want people to get to know the man behind the movie star.

Next year, the public will get to see a display of some of the late Perth actor’s most cherished possessions, memorabilia and mementos.

Some of the items include his Academy Award, BAFTA and Golden Globe for his penultimate role as The Joker in The Dark Knight, his Joker and Brokeback Mountain costumes, his personalised script for the The Dark Knight and perhaps the most insightful piece – the diary he kept while preparing for the iconic villainous role.

His Guildford Grammar blazer, his many cameras and photographs as well as his prized Ducati and Harley-Davidson motorcycles give a glimpse of his personal life.

Reminiscing yesterday over the pieces they hadn’t seen in years – each with its own story – his father Kim Ledger, mother Sally Bell and sisters Kate and Olivia Ledger said the exhibition would celebrate the actor’s life, his passions and the mark he made around the world. Ledger died in January 2008 at the age of 28 from a prescription drug overdose.

Mr Ledger said despite the fact his son was a “very private individual” he did not think he would disagree with what the family was doing in collaboration with the WA Museum and Art Gallery of WA.

He said Ledger’s daughter Matilda, now 11, had not seen these items or been involved in the process, but she and her mother, Michelle Williams, had given their blessings.

“Michelle has done a pretty good job of keeping Matilda growing up as a young girl not being affected by anything around her which is lovely but I’m sure she will bring her daddy into her life film-wise when she feel it’s right and that time might be fairly close …” he said. “At the end of the day, this (exhibition) benefits his little girl because it would just be an amazing piece when she turns 21 and gets it all.”

Mr Ledger said it was bittersweet having so much recognition for his son, because it was also a tragic reminder of him not being here anymore.

Heath’s mother joked even the family continued to learn things about him, especially his multifaceted creative side.

“It’s emotional for us as well because every time we see that’s our boy, but he’s not here. But it’s a great honour that everyone’s bestowing upon him and it’s just wonderful that he’s held in such high regard,” Ms Bell said.

Ledger’s early life in Perth will also feature prominently. “A boy from Perth doing what he did just shows all kids today that if you want something bad enough you can do whatever,” his sister Kate added.

Younger sister Olivia said although the exhibition was amazing, it was not even close to having her jokester of a big brother in the flesh.

“I think a lot of Australians feel a sense of connectivity to him because he was so real,” she said.

Culture and Arts Minister John Day said the exhibition would be an exciting window into the personal and professional lives of “one of WA’s much-loved sons”.

Heath Ledger: A Life in Pictures will be free and run from October 2017 to January 2018 at the Art Gallery of WA.