he loves his heroin

The sexism behind Kurt Cobain's suicide

Imagine if in 1994 Courtney Love had committed suicide leaving her husband, her band and her 18 month old daughter behind. Her husband Kurt Cobain would be devastated having lost the love of his life and no one would blame him for the death of his wife or try and look around the suicide blaming it on him and calling it a murder. No one would attack him for getting on with his life and continuing to make music and releasing more albums soon after the death. No one would call him a bad father for trying to raise his daughter single handedly and occasionally neglecting or messing up his parental duties and when he did it certainly wouldn’t be an issue because Frances wouldn’t have had a mother to raise her and he would be doing “the best he could” as a single parent. No one would attack him in his mourning period just because he married Courtney Love. No one would mention his heroin addiction as a coping mechanism or his attitude on stage and with his band. The world would have moral compassion and sympathy for a talented man who tragically lost his wife to suicide. No one would treat a man like that for something that was inevitable due to his wife’s own addiction and mental health.
Now flip it and realise all those things people didn’t and wouldn’t do is exactly how the world treated Courtney Love after Kurt died.
Sexism has come a long way but how come when either one of them is mentioned even now in 2014 Kurt a suffering addict is hailed an icon and Courtney a once suffering but now recovered addict is still viewed as a bad influence, a mess and a murderer.