he loves his hair so much lol

i made a new hq!! love child because i have no self control and i just??? love him so much???? he’s the son of iwaizumi and oikawa and he couldn’t get any more perfect like– here’s the lowdown

-literal Boyfriend Material™

-“have you ever seen a man so beautiful you started crying?”

-loves dogs. basically is a dog (he’s a good boy). has a dog, a male black lab named Shiro. Kaoru thought he was being clever

-has the softest hair in the world

-his smile can cure terminal illness, lift droughts, and bring about world peace

-has a fan club. is totally unaware of its existence. will laugh if you tell him “lol sure, whatever u say”

-“Captain Bara-Arms”

-thighs can crush a watermelon

-his spike and serve will 10/10 rip your arms off. he’s the hulk

-doesn’t understand sarcasm

-literally The Most Charismatic Man in the World™

-bad at math but Always Tries His Best

-his birthday is May the 4th be with you. also loves star wars and knows every piece of trivia there is about the movies and the extended universe, don’t try him

i just. i have a lot of feelings about this boy right now im sorry

unicorn head - rated

very beautiful!  gorgeous horn, lovely hair, she puts a lot of effort into her look & i bet she’s a hard worker! 10/10

not as multicoloured as her unicorn friends, but still very beautiful! she probably has a very kind heart. 10/10

1 word: very lovely. 
she’s a charmer, everyone loves her. i love her too. although she is blocky, she does not let that bring her down! 10/10

he looks so young and innocent! i’d trust him with my life. adorable boy, 10/10

she looks related to Apple in some way. she’s like the pastel version of her, but she’s still very lovely and unique! 10/10 i love her

very majestic. there’s a feeling of dominance around him, but i bet he has a heart of gold. probably the father of samsung and microsoft. he cares deeply about his children 10/10 loving father

wow! bold & bright! astonishing! she would get 1st place at a beauty contest. 10/10 gorgeous girl

hes very confident. he spiked his hair, & he is really beautiful! look at that smile. he’s a gorgeous boy & he knows it 10/10

mysterious gal!  shes quite reserved and tends to keep to herself, but she doesn’t mind being with her friends! you know in those wallpapers where there’s a beautiful horse at a beautiful lake? that’s her. beautiful. i love her so much 10/10

did a sketch of him with his greasy lookin black hair


Request: Where bucky ignores y/n or responds to her with one word or something like that? and when she confronts him he randomly blurts out that he likes her all along 

 A/N: Kinda changed it up a bit but it’s still around the same concept. Hope you don’t mind 

She knew she was fucked the moment she realized she fell for him.


Because Bucky Barnes hates her. Even more after their recent mission. Y/N wasn’t able to dodge the bullet targeted on her thigh, incapable of finishing her assigned task which according to Bucky, messed up the whole mission.

But god, she was too tired to fight back, staying seated on the couch and choosing to listen to Steve and Bucky’s bickering instead, constantly rolling her eyes on every remark. Steve just had to defend her to avoid another 30 minutes of yelling probably every curse word possible in the dictionary. Telling Bucky that it could’ve been you. It wasn’t her fault.

“But I didn’t get shot, didn’t I? She’s too weak to even be assigned on a mission!” Bucky fought back, jaw clenched while running a hand through his hair.

“You’re being an unreasonable ass, Bucky.” Steve shot back. Despite being his best friend, he was being too shallow right now that he would do anything to avoid another migraine from coming.


“Shut the fuck up, Tony.” Steve spoke sternly, eyes still set on Bucky’s face.

“You know what, Barnes?” Y/N said, wincing as she stood up from her seat. She was fuming now, range consuming her. Fuck, it hurt that he felt nothing for her. Not even a bit of sympathy.

But that was all a lie. An act.

“If you want me out, just say the goddamn words and I’ll start packing up my shit for your sake.”

Tears prickled in her eyes but she didn’t want to break down in front of him because crying wouldn’t change the fact that Bucky already saw her as someone weak.

He never hated you. Not even close. But the truth? He hated himself for not being there to save her. He was never angry at her, more to himself. And the thought of losing you terrified him, unable to breathe as if his lungs were taken out of his body.

Before anyone could say anything, she turned on the balls of her feet to exit the room. Nat immediately rushing to her side to help her out, only for Y/N to tell her that she was fine through gritted teeth but Bucky beat her to it, blocking out the elevator before she could leave.

“Y/N?” He whispered.

He’s never felt this guilty. It was his fault. He did this to you. 

 “I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m so sorry.” 

 She laughed and it wasn’t filled with any humor at all. And with those bloodshot eyes, a bandaged thigh, scars and bruises all over her body, Bucky couldn’t help but wonder- 

 How was she still so beautiful? 

“Get out of the way. I don’t need your pity, Barnes.” 

 Bucky almost winced at the tone of her voice. 

 What have I done? What have I done? What have I done? 

“Please just listen to me, Y/N.” He almost begged. Bucky just wanted fix the mess he’s made. But after what he did? It was impossible. 

“Listen to you? After underestimating me in front of the whole team, you want me to listen to you?” She scoffed. 

“I’m angry at myself. Angry that I wasn’t there to protect you when I could’ve lost you then and there. I should’ve protected you but I didn’t. It should’ve been me. You don’t deserve this.” He was breathless now, eyes wide in realization that he admitted everything to you. To himself. 

“You screwed me over, Bucky. All these months, you treated me like–" 

 "I’m in love with you, Y/N.“ 


 She almost missed it. 


The next thing she knew, he was in front her, lips a few inches apart, able to feel his breath on her face and wow his eyes were blue. So fucking blue that she wouldn’t mind getting lost in them for days.  He slowly pressed his lips against hers, Y/N laying her hand on the nape of his neck, fingers intertwining in the soft locks of his hair. Bucky felt butterflies in his stomach and for the first time in years he’s never felt this much love. For the first time in years, he’s never felt so alive.

Boyfriend Series; Junhui

- prepare yourself for the GREASE
- for your first date, junhui takes you to the beach and you’re both just walking along the shore, talking about anything that comes to mind
- halfway through the date, you playfully push junhui into the water and he retaliates by pulling you in
- you both chase each other around while splashing water everywhere, laughing and having fun together
- at some point, he takes off his shirt and you’re like OMFG JUN PUT YOUR SHIRT BACK ON and you cover your red face with your hands
- while your face is still buried in your hands, he grabs your waist and makes you both fall into the water and when you resurface, the two of you are laughing your heads off
- you and junhui walk back to shore when you get tired, and the rest of the day is spent sitting on the sand talking while waiting to get dry
- when sunset comes and you suggest it’s time to leave, junhui says “wait” and proceeds to write something on the sand with his finger
- when he finishes, you look down to see that they’re chinese characters and when you ask him what they mean, he says “i love you”
- and right after he says that, you both share your first kiss
- let the grease begin
- when you’re yelling at him, he brings his hand up to your face and squishes your cheeks together so that you make a fishy face anD THEN HE KISSES YOU AND YOU’RE LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME
- but it works and you’re not mad at him anymore and you hate yourself for it
- he says cheesy pick-up lines out loud in public just to embarrass you
- “jun i’m already yours THERE’S NO NEED FOR THOSE PLEASE STOP”
- when you wear tight clothing, he looks you up and down and wiggles his eyebrows and you’re like just leave
- the type to blow kisses at you and frowns the rest of the day when you flick/dodge them
- ALWAYS tries to show off in front of you
- once effed up his shoulder dancing to mansae because he over-exaggerated his dancing during the chorus
- after that, the boys banned you from coming to their dance practices
- teaches you a bit of martial arts for your safety, but during training he pins you to the floor and kisses you
- when he’s sick, he makes it seem worse than it really is just so you’d take care of him
- asks for kisses all the time
- “jun get up we’re going to be late” “i’ll get up for a kiss ;)” “ok i’m going first then” “NO COME BACK”
- the type to purposely send you shirtless pictures of himself and then write something like “oops!! sorry that was an accident” right after
- he ALWAYS walks out of the shower with his hair soaking wet, and his towel wrapped around his waist and you’re like PUT!! SOME!! CLOTHES!! ON!!
- insists that you watch the movies and dramas he was in before he debuted
- he LOVES it when you wear his clothes, he’s always lending you his shirts, hoodies and varsities because he loves seeing you in them
- in fact, you guys have matching hoodies and he insists that you both wear them all the time
- steals your phone to take selfies so that your photo gallery is filled with pictures of him
- but you just can’t bring yourself to erase them because you love him so much even if the pictures take up so much space
- always tells minghao about you and when you go to the dorm, you and minghao just tell each other stories of all the stupid things junhui has done in the past week
- you once told minghao you loved his new hair color and guess what junhui dyed his hair the same color LOL
- “minghao you have to stop, (name) might fall for you and we might end up having to fight to the death” “because i dyed my hair????”
- always within a five-meter radius because he “gets lonely”
- he’s always making puns and then laughs really hard at them and you’re like jun WHY
- junhui’s so positive all the time and it’s honestly so refreshing
- always drinks from the same straw as you because he believes in indirect kisses lmao
- really long and slow kisses on the lips, probably pins you against walls too
- he always surprises you with kisses and sometimes you put a hand over your mouth to stop him from kissing you but nope that doesn’t stop him HE JUST KISSES THE HAND OVER YOUR LIPS ANYWAY
- when you say “i hate you” even as a joke he takes it pretty seriously and asks nonstop if you really do hate him and buys you flowers and says he loves you nonstop
- he loves cuddling while facing you because he loves looking into your eyes and memorizing each one of your features
- junhui always tries to play it off like he’s all right even when he isn’t because he wants you to think he’s really strong and he doesn’t want you to worry
- but you know when he’s sad and you never push him to say it, and eventually he starts opening up to you and just having someone he can rely on…… he loves the feeling
- he may be greasy and all, but he does know when to stop and be serious when you’re not in a good mood
- when you’re sad, he gives you kisses on the forehead and tells you that you’ll be all right
- he also takes you out for a shopping spree and treats you for food and just does everything he can to make you smile again because your happiness is the most important to him
- you may always make a comeback to his greasy lines, you may always dodge his hearts and kisses, and you may roll your eyes a lot when you’re around him
- but you really do love junhui
- “i love you i love you i love you”
- “junhui stop”
- “i love you i love you i love you—”
- to get him to stop, you surprise him with a kiss, but after pulling away…
- “wait i wasn’t ready, give me another one!!!”

BTS Reaction: You’re insecure about being natural around them

Request:  I love ur blog so much I was super happy to see your request were open again lol 😭❤️ do you think you can do a BTS reaction to their girlfriend being too insecure to be natural around them? Like no makeup, natural hair, etc?

A/N: This is honestly so sweet thank you so much! I can only apologise for the wait, but I really hope it’s worth it for being such a sweetheart <3 xx


Originally posted by bangtannoonas

I think Jin would wonder if it was something he was doing wrong as you were so insecure and so he would go out of his way to compliment you, whether it be on your appearance or that your laugh was particularly adorable. Either way he would just try and make you feel comfortable enough around him to be natural without make up or your hair done, but he wouldn’t want to pressure you into it either as he respected that it was your body and your choice. 


Originally posted by kthmyg

He would watch you finishing off your make up before a date and would look at you and wonder why on earth a girl as beautiful as you both in and out would feel the need to wear so much make up. Of course you looked beautiful with it on too but he started to feel concerned that you felt like you needed it. He would sit next to you and whisper in your ear that you simply didn’t need it but when you explained you wanted to he would leave it at that, leaving a tender kiss on your cheek.


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

I think at first Hobi would be concerned, after all his main priority would be making sure you realised how beautiful you truly were and he was confused as to how you couldn’t see that. However, when he realised that you weren’t ready to be naturally beautiful around him yet he would make an effort to learn about your make up, asking you lots of questions and pointing out the ones his make up noonas use to reassure you it was okay.

Rap Monster:

Originally posted by bangthebae

While Namjoon would definitely appreciate the effort you put into your hair and make up, he would definitely drum into you that it wasn’t necessary and that you could show up bare faced and beautiful. Regardless, you knew the subtle looks and not so subtle heart eyes were a clear indication of how beautiful he thought you were but he would be understanding if you didn’t want to yet. 


Originally posted by chimcheroo

He would regularly play with your hair, loving the feeling of running his hands through it but one day he asked you what your hair was like naturally, when you first woke up in the morning. When you told him you thought it looked awful he dismissed you immediately, still patting your hair tenderly and promising himself that he would see it someday and tell you how beautiful it was.


Originally posted by armyfanclub

Taehyung would beg you to show him your face without make up but when you refused, compromised with maybe a little less make up or a more natural look. When you finally complied he told you how gorgeous you looked and how he could only imagine how radiant you were without it and that he hoped to see it someday before sitting with you and pulling faces in the mirror.


Originally posted by jeonbase

Little Kook wouldn’t be too sure how to handle your insecurity until he had a brainwave. He walked out the bathroom one day with his hair sticking up everywhere and remnants of your make up strewn over his face with lipstick up to his ears. ‘See Jagi, now you’ve seen me like this you gotta let me see you all natural’ he’d giggle, attempting to wipe his face on your shoulder.

jungkook oneshot #1

written using the prompt: “we’re unintentionally wearing matching shirts. of course they’re gonna assume we’re dating.”

words: 393 (lol this is one of the shortest pieces of shit i’ve ever written)

a/n: this is real short and real pointless but i loved the prompt a lot, almost as much as i love kookie.

Originally posted by hohbi

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just friends

so i got bored on the way home from Disney World, so i wrote this lil thing. pls enjoy. 

also, y/n/n means your nickname and from now on in my writing if you see that the that’s what it means just because i like nicknames but you know what’s a nickname for y/n ya know so yeah ramble ramble 

“Okay, but like, that’s a date, right? I mean, he asked me to dinner, doesn’t that mean a date?” You ask Shawn. You never really get asked on dates that often, or really at all, so you have no idea what constitutes as being a date, which is why you decided to run the situation by your best friend. You figure that since he’s a guy, he should know what boys mean when they say ‘hey, wanna go try this new Italian restaurant in town?’

“I mean, he didn’t specifically say the word ‘date’, which most guys do, but dinner at an Italian restaurant does sound very romantic.” He tells you from the other side of the couch where the two of you are seated, your feet tucked under his legs to keep your toes warm and a single blanket covering you both.

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anonymous asked:

impt question does a chanyeol w different hairstyles compilation masterpost thing exist?? (hehe tq!)

i looked around and i wasn’t able to find one, buT SINCE I’M COMPLETE CHANYEOL TRASH I’LL GO AHEAD AND MAKE ONE FOR YOU RIGHT HERE! someone help me



bc i do and i cry abt it often


and then look at those gentle curls i might just die right here



never forget the time chanyeol forgot to wear an undershirt 

okaY MOVING ON TO WOLF ERA (before this becomes a straight up chanyeol appreciation post)


another picture bc i’m quite a fan of the spiky black haired look

and then spockyeol to finish off

thank god for spockyeol (loOK AT HIS EARS FUC K)

((before we get to growl era i jsut have to include this))

((i’m bye))

okaY NOW LET’S TAKE A LOOK AT GROWL ERA NEXT (aka the era i fell in love with a giant noodle)

okay but like



i’m runnign out of things to say

he’s very good looking some one help me

ALRIGHTALRIGHTALRIGHT MOVING ON TO OVERDOSE ERA aka ‘bless the soul of whoever made chanyeol red’ era (pls prepare yourself)

ok but like

literally how is this fair at all

i never asked for this




i swear to god i liked this hairstyle

i promise i liked it

i had no issues with it whatsoever



okAY BEFORE I COMPELTLEY LOSE IT (maybe i already have IDK) LET’S CHECK OUT EXODUS ERA aka ‘what fucking color is chanyeol’s hair’ era

tbh i’m just gonna include everything from exodus all the way to love me right bc idek what’s going on anymore

so like he started off with this rusty red color for pathcode

this lasted thru the filming of exo next door and gave him such a soft look i loved it (also check out baekyeol ;u;) 

lol grumpyeol

but then this is where it gets confusing. like what is this color, is it gray? is it light brown? tan? 



ft. albert chanstein



tbh i’m actually dying righ tnow

i adORED his silver hair ;-;

bonus: sassyeol


//back to black plays in the bg

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just recently found your blog and I have to say that I am so happy with how you write Hunk! I love him so much and I feel he doesn't get enough love at all! Anyways, I was wondering if you could do how team Voltron kiss their s/o or like what are their favorite kisses? Thank you in advance!

Hunk is my HUSBAND so I have to get him right lol but yes my sunshine deserves more love cause he is perfect and pure. I am so glad that you like him as much as me


- He isn’t into pda much besides holding hands occasionally but if he is feeling particularly comfortable he will kiss their hands

- When alone he is about long tender kisses, hands in hair and deep breathing

- He loves kisses in the morning! Kiss his whole face and neck to wake him up he loves it

- After a really troubling mission or something he will find s/o grab their face in his hands and just leave a long kiss on their forehead. Its become almost a calming ritual to him


- Surprise kiss this boy! He gets all flustered and freaks out and its adorable

- When relaxing together he will kiss their temples constantly, like watching tv together and just barely turning his head to give their temples a gentle brush with his lips

- His kisses when alone are hungry and he wants s/o to be able to understand all his emotions through that kiss cause he can’t bring himself to say it all out loud

- After a super long kiss he goes back for one more small kiss


- She is smol and because of this s/o is bound to be taller than her so bending over and kissing her on the nose is bound to happen and its so cute she dies

- When holding hands she will find herself kissing s/os hand periodically 

- She holds her breath while being kissed even after the 100th one

- She doesn’t care how embarrassed she makes herself she is hooked on the good luck kiss before going out on missions


- You know those kisses where its like five small kisses in a row and its loud? Yeah those are the kinds they are always doing

- Much like him his kisses are always loud and obnoxious to others but also sweet. That classic ‘mwuah!’ sound is pretty much what his kisses embody

- He loves to lean on his s/o and kiss the top of their head

- When hes not trying to be annoying to his friends he is actually a really good kisser. Possibly the best out of the paladins


- Any kisses. The sweet boy wants to be kissing his s/o any time they are close enough

- If he moves at all during the middle of the night he kisses them, its just a habit

- He loves to give and receive kisses on the neck. It sends shivers up his spine and he melts

- Not really a kiss but he will also raspberry his s/o to see them giggle cause he is all about hearing them laugh 

Victor’s career

I was thinking a bit about the fact that Victor is five-time consecutive Grand Prix winner but like it is said that he was on the top since he was 16 so does it mean he’d won earlier but failed when he was 21 or that he started to win regularly when he was older (quite uncanny when you look at the average skaters age)? So how in my opinion his career looked?

Firstly, I’m sure that Victor started to win when he was 16, we know he won his first European Championships then so even if he wasn’t the best in the world yet he already was the best in Europe and in his age category (we also learn in ep 1 that he’s beaten world record in junior division year before so).

 And I think that we have even a more obvious proof here because it may be suggested in the 10 episode that Victor won the first Winter Olympics he was able to take part in. I can’t find the original post but someone noticed that when you look at one of the medals on Victor’s chest, the most exposed one:

It looks oddly similar to Torino 2006 medals:

Which would mean that Victor won his first Olympics being just 17 (and is obviously very proud of it). So he was already the best of best then. I’m also pretty sure that one of the medals with blue ribbon could be Vancouver 2010 medal and there’s really no reason why Victor shouldn’t win it if he was already the best (and I bet he’s Sochi champion too). And after Vancouver, he’s won every one of Gran Prix Finals that we know for sure. So what intrigues me is what was happening between 2006 and 2010 Olympics?

The first reason why Victor could not be able to win every competition before would be the fact that there were some older more experienced skaters which would be logical except that we never hear about anyone being even close to Victor’s league. Every skater from Chris to Yurio looked to Victor at some point. It’s like no one really remembers times before Victor, he was the legend when he was 16 already and we never see anyone who could be any threat or an inspiration for him. So I think that even if Victor lost some competitions then he was still considered the best and champion-to-be. 

And the only other possibility is that Victor could get injured at some point. This is just my headcanon now but I guess that he could get a really serious contusion when he was about 19/20 years old and he had to take a year off the ice to recover. I think it would make so much sense if that was the “dark moment” of his professional career, the one when he cut his hair and changed his style. And he would make his comeback right before Vancouver which would be a very nice similarity to Stephane Lambiel’s story (that wonderful skater that had his cameo in 12 ep) and I don’t know how much canon it will turn out (if will ever get any info about Victor’s past lol)  but I love this idea and I thought I could share it. 

Just you know, Victor starting to win everything and then suddenly he pushes himself too far and he don’t even know if he’ll be able to come back (poor Yuuri crying whole night because of his idol), getting depressed and cutting his hair but then working two times as hard as before and coming back just to surprise everyone and win his second Olympic gold. So much Victor style.

So this is it I just had this idea but I like it and maybe it will help someone with writing about Victor’s past idk. I’m just very curious who was winning when it wasn’t Victor himself I really hope will get to know more about Victor’s past next season!

Flower Girl and Star Boy

pairing: john laurens x reader!

word count: 2880

warnings: bad fluff, there might be a swear or two in there somewhere idk

summary: john laurens moves into the house next to your uncles and you grow up together, getting to know each other every sunday after church. he loves drawing, stars, and his turtle, Washington. you couldn’t help but become enamored with this boy; you just hope he feels the same way about you…

a/n: basically this was an idea that came to me after seeing all that wonderful fanart of John bein made of stars!!! i also hc john as a serious #artist for whatever reason, so that’s where that part of this came in. i hope this okay, it’s not really hamilton-related but it has ya boy in it!this is also probably bad, sorry - also sorry if something like this has been done before…

After church every Sunday, your family went to your uncle’s estate, where you then stayed until after it got dark to spend time with the relatives you wouldn’t see often otherwise. You didn’t really like it there – you felt so small and insignificant in a house full of adults and your older, taller siblings. But there was one thing you liked about it – in the backyard of your uncle’s house, there was a field of flowers of all different kinds, sprouting up from the soil. Every Sunday after dinner, before you left to go home, you would go into the back and admire the flora stretching out in front of you, a sea of scattered pastels and greens and whites.

Except one day, it was different.

The house to the right of your uncle’s had been on sale for as long as you could remember, which was surprising, because you didn’t understand how anyone could pass up this view. For whatever reason, no one was biting. However, you noticed two months ago that it had finally been bought, by a family your uncle said was ‘nice.’ You hadn’t seen anyone from the family yet, adults or otherwise, but on this early evening day in late May, there was a young boy, sitting in a lawn chair, sketchbook in his hand and a straw hat resting atop a mountain of curls. He looked around your age. Stepping tentatively through the grass, not to disturb any flowers, you walked over to him.

“Hi,” you said softly. “Are you one of the kids who just moved in here?”

The boy looked up at you, and the first thing you noticed was that he had the most beautiful collection of freckles spread across his rosy cheeks and nose. “Yeah,” he answered. “I’m John Laurens.”

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I Don't Mess With Drugs- Derek Luh Imagine

Request: Can you do imagine, Derek’s “bad” drug user & one day he’s in cafe selling drugs. And y/n is waitress in that Café. Before that Derek is selling drugs to some unknown person. You’re coming take his order. And when his taking his order. He fall in love you in right way. And you like change his life. In bout one second. Because y/n can’t stand drug user. Sorry if this is so messy request.

Warnings: I don’t think you have anything to worry about ☺️

If there was one thing that I couldn’t stand more than rude customers, it was drugs. I mean weed, is barely an exception, like it’s right there on the border for me, but drugs like cocaine and heroine are a big no-no.

Just the whole concept of injecting and snorting things into your body for the feeling and destroying your insides simultaneously is just stupid.

Anyway, today is a slow day here at Starbucks. A new customer every five to ten minutes. My observation is confirmed accurate when a new customer walks in. His hair is messy, eyes are red, clothes ripped up, and smells like drugs.

Oh brother. He sits down at a table where a previous customer was already sitting and the begin to engage in a conversation. Drug boy whispers something to the guy and passes him a very suspicious brown bag.

Previous customer hands Drug Boy a couple twenty dollar bills and makes his way out of the cafe in a rushy fashion. Hey, they just did a drug deal right in the middle of the cafe.The barista next to me, Kathy, taps my shoulder and says,” Hey can you take his order for me? I got a couple coffee orders that I’m busy with.’‘

Where did all of these customers come from? Was I that intrigued with what that guy was doing?

With slight hesitation, I make my way over to Drug Boy and we make eye contact. Past those bloodshot red eyes are actually really pretty brown eyes, too bad he took drugs. “Hey, can I take your order?”

He didn’t respond. Did he not hear me? Is he too high to understand anything? He’s staring at me like I’m the first human being he’s ever seen. Okay, let’s try that again.

“You ready to order?” I ask again, trying to keep my patience. “Huh? Oh, yeah let me get a vanilla cappuccino, please?”

I write his order down and begin to walk back to my rightful spot behind the counter. He grabs my wrists and turns me around ever so gently. I quickly shake his arm off. I don’t know him. Who does he think he is grabbing onto me like that?

“Wait, can you sit down with me for a second, please?” Hell no. What is he about to do to me?

“Um, I’m sorry, I have to get back behind the counter, it’s kinda my job”. He grabs my arm again and pleads,”Please, this will only take a second”. Once again, shaking his arm off of mine, I look back at Kathy who seems to be doing a good job at handling the orders. I guess she doesn’t need me. I sit down on the chair opposite this boy, whose name I still haven’t learned yet and try to find out what he could possibly want out of my life.

“Oh, I’m Derek, by the way”. There we go, that’s his name. There’s a silence. He’s still staring at me like how a five year old boy would look at a pretty girl in his class. “Soooo, why am I sitting here?”, I break the silence.

“Oh yeah, I just really wanted to get to know you. You just give off this indescribable vibe. I’d like to explore you”, he says leaning back in his seat and studying my face for any rejecting signs.

“I’m sure you’d like to but, Derek, was it?” He nods. “Yeah, I don’t mess with drugs”. He throws his head back and laughs. His laugh was adorable. “You don’t mess with drugs?”, he says trying to confirm that, that’s what I had said.

“Precisely”, I say with a smile. I begin to get up to go back to my job, when he stops me again. “Who said I do drugs?”, he asks furrowing his eyebrows.

“It’s written all over you, babe”,I tease. His eyes light up at my meaningless nickname for him. “What if i told you that I’d stop taking drugs, for you to go on a date on me?”, he questions with a hopeful smile.

“You don’t even know me”,I say squinting my eyes at him. “That’s the whole point of a date isn’t it?” I roll my eyes. That was a good point.

I look to side and smirk to myself. I mean he had potential. He was cute. He had nice hair and pretty eyes. He just needed to stop taking drugs, and he just cleared up that problem. Okay.

“I’ll think about it”, I smile and walk back behind the counter and begin making his order.

A/N: Thank you guys so much for reading! This is the third imagine within the span of 7 days, oh my god you guys I’m gonna cry, lol. This was requested by adsku. I love you guys and I’ll talk to y’all later!

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The R.F.A + V and Saeran (especially saeran bc <3) reacting to MC falling asleep on/against them

Hello :) Mod Saeran here bringing joy and happiness to all of the fandom :) NOT GOING TO LET THOSE RUDE ANONS GET TO ME. >:O

This is really fluffy and cute * I HAVEN’T WROTE FLUFFY AND CUTE IN A WHILE *


-It was a beautiful winter morning, the air was chilly, the snow gave the surroundings a beautiful white blanket. You thought the day couldn’t get better BUT IT FREAKING DID.

-The director called Zen that rehearsals were cancelled because the theater was way too cold to practice in.

-It’s been awhile since Zen stayed home so expect tons of kisses and cuddles C:

-You guys decided to cook breakfast together and he was so happy :’)

-When you were getting the flour and eggs to start mixing….. this man….. was…. ABOUT TO START WAR IN HIS KITCHEN….

-He grabbed a handful of flour and just threw it at you :O


       ~Zen: My angel just had to match the weather outside you look like a beautiful snow prince-

       *You threw flour back at him and it was a FLOUR FIGHT

      * You were mad because it didn’t even notice on his beautiful white hair ( I LOVE THIS MAN’S RAT TAIL IDGAF WHAT YOU SAY OR THINK )

      *So you decided you needed to be extra

      *He saw that you were pondering…… he was trying to figure out what you were thinking…. TILL HE SAW YOU REACHING FOR THE EGG

    ~ Zen: babe…. Princess…. PLEASE NO.

    ~ (Y/N): I swear to your beautiful voice if you don’t clean up this mess while I shower i will throw this at you

      *He laughed because you were trying to be mad but your whole face was covered in flour LOL

-He promised to clean up and when he finished he saw you sitting on the couch hair wet and wearing his shirt

-He loved moments like this he went over to you grabbed a blanket and pulled you closer to him C: but…. minutes later YOU FELL ASLEEP



-he felt so touched that you thought he was comfortable enough to sleep on

-He rubbed your shoulder so lightly that it felt like he was touching a delicate snowflake

-He whispered to you that he loved you so much and he thanked you for making him a better person

-He sang a beautiful lullaby that would of put Snow White to shame :’) he was absolutely in love with you.

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23 Reasons To Love Caspar Lee

in honor of his 23rd birthday of course (warning: cheesiness ahead) 

  1. his smile
  2. his laugh
  3. the way his eyes get little crows feet when he’s laughing and super happy 
  4. how much he adores his friends
  5. his spiky blonde hair 
  6. his love for his home country 
  7. the way he teases josh (we all love it and so does josh let’s face it) 
  8. his videos
  9. his hilarious yet simplistic tweets
  10. his kindness
  11. his sense of humor 
  12. his adorable inability to ever prank joe back 
  13. how he isn’t afraid to be affectionate 
  14. his compassion 
  15. his abs (to get a little superficial lol) 
  16. the way he gets so excited about fridays 
  17. how you can’t ever really insult him because he’ll just kind of twist it to his advantage 
  18. how much he cares for maddie 
  19. how much he loves his mother and his family 
  20. how much he loves us, his viewers 
  21. his adorable personality 
  22. his ‘exclusive interviews with’ sketches (that he hasn’t done in a while but i have hope haha) 
  23. his determination 

ya know…just to name a few ;) happy birthday caspar!!!

Accidents Cause Accidents Pt3

Word Count: 3777

    A/N: Here is the third part to Accidents cause Accidents! I’m sorry it’s so long lol. Let me know what you think, I love feedback! Much love!

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“And I love you.” Jughead felt as sleep took the beautiful (Y/H/C) haired girl laying on him and he cherished this moment. He knew for sure that in the morning the police and the hospital were going to be pissed that she was here, but he didn’t want to worry about that right now. All he wanted to do was spend some quality time with the one person in his life who had never betrayed him, promising to himself that this time if danger would show its ugly face again, which it most undoubtedly would, he’d do whatever it took to protect her.


    “Jughead! It’s time to get up. You have school today.” Fred called, trying to wake up the sleeping boy who was sprawled out on the couch. Jughead slowly opened his eyes, reaching to pull Y/N closer to him while he could before he had to go to school, but he felt no one by him. He quickly shot up, looking around the room but there was no confused girl to be found.

    “Where is Y/N?” Jughead asked, quickly standing up to go find her. Before Fred could even answer the question wildly thrown at him, Jughead stormed out of the room and into the kitchen. He quickly calmed down as he found Archie making pancakes and Y/N cutting fruit beside him, the two of them laughing and talking. Jughead leaned against the door frame, the two of them not noticing his presence yet and he enjoyed the sight. His two best friends were talking and joking around, just like before the accident.

    “Its my turn to make a pancake, Archie! You’ve already made enough!” Y/N complained, giggling as Archie bumped into her with his hip.

    “You don’t even know how to make them.” he playfully argued.

    “Did I before?” she asked, and Archie sadly nodded his head, remembering Y/Ns accident. It was easy to forget she even had one until she brought it up or when you saw her trying to learn things all over again.

    “Yeah, you did. You used to break into our house in the morning and surprise my dad, Jughead and I with them as a thank you.” He said, grinning at the memory.

    “Then move it, Archie. I’m going to learn again.” She said, pushing him out of the way of the pan.

    “Yeah Archie, move so she can learn and continue her morning felonies.” Jughead called, and the two of them whipped their heads around and finally notice the raven haired boy smirking at them. Archie laughed and threw his hands up in surrender, leaning against the opposite counter. Y/N turned around and stuck her tongue out at him and they all laughed. She took the batter, and poured it in, making the best circle she could. She watched as it bubbled, and she carefully flipped the pancake, revealing a beautifully golden treat.

    “Suck it, Archie! I do know how to make pancakes.” She teased, putting the pancake on the stack Archie had previously made and gave herself a high five. “Go me!”

    “Yeah whatever, I guess I’ll finish cutting the fruit.” Archie sighed, chuckling over at the girl doing a weird dance in front of the stove.

    “Yeah, you better.” she joked, and Jughead came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and burying his head in her neck.

    “Good morning.” he said, his breath tickling her neck.

    “Good morning to you too handsome boy.” Archie said, and Jughead turned his head to face him. Archie gave him a playful wink and Y/N laughed. She broke free from Jugheads hold, and placed the spatula in his hand.

    “Damn, I’ll just leave you and your boyfriend to it I guess, you two obviously need some alone time.” she said sarcastically, backing up and making her way to the living room.

    “No, come back here.” Jughead called and she slipped from the kitchen, winking to the two of them on her way out. Jughead sighed and flipped the pancake in the pan in front of him.

    “She is going to have to learn everything all over again.” Archie said worriedly, cutting up the apple that was on the board. Jughead sat there in silence for a few minutes, trying to think of something to say that would hopefully make Archie less worried. Archie was right of course, school was going to be a pain in the ass for the poor girl if she doesn’t get her memories back, which the doctor had predicted she wouldn’t.

     There is so much that Y/N did before that she has no idea how to do now, would she even be the same person? Jughead shook himself from that thought, of course she would be the same person, you can’t change someone’s personality. Your personality sticks with you, its molded by the things that you grew up with and the things that have happened to you, but Y/N didn’t remember any of that. At this moment in time, all she knew was the jackass doctor and the three people in this house not including her. The things she would know is being interrogated by police, being tracked down and hunted by serpents, and constantly being protected by people she didn’t know. She already felt vulnerable enough, what if it gets worse? What if it gets to the point where she starts to rebel in an attempt to feel less vulnerable, to feel in control. Her life to her is now a blank slate, her personality could completely alter, and the girl he fell in love with could be no more. What was he going-

    “Jughead! You’re burning the pancake!” Fred called, snapping him out of his thoughts.

    “Oh shit, sorry.” He quickly picked the pancake up with the spatula and placed it on the stack.

    “Are you okay?” Fred asked, watching as Jugheads face contorted, and he could tell the gears in his head were turning.

    “And did you even hear what I said?” Archie asked. Jughead sighed and ran his hand through his beanie free hair.

    “I’m fine, and yes I did hear you. Don’t worry Archie, look how quickly she picked up on pancake making, I’m sure she’ll learn everything else quickly as well.” Jughead said. “I have faith in her.”

    “Yeah, but that was making a pancake, that’s something five year-olds can do. Its easy. What about everything else? She’s going to be so overwhelmed.” Archie argued.

    “She’ll be okay, she was a smart girl and I’m sure she still is. If anyone can figure this stuff out, she can. She isn’t as helpless as everyone seems to think, just because she doesn’t remember much doesn’t mean she cant take care of herself.” Jughead concluded, trying his best to end the conversation.

    “Jugheads got a point Arch, she will be just fine. She will be staying with us for awhile though because I don’t trust that she’ll be safe on her own in her apartment.” Fred said, grabbing the orange juice out of the fridge and placing it on the table.

    “Okay.” Archie sighed. He was just worried about one of his best friends, and he was scared that things were going to change drastically with her, he had a gut feeling. He pushed it down though, deciding that he was outnumbered in his worries and that maybe he was just over-reacting. Although he wasn’t aware that Jughead and Fred feel the same way. Jughead turned the stove off and made his way out to the living room to check on Y/N, she had been far too quiet for far too long.

    “Y/N?” he asked, turning the corner to find her on the couch laying down. “You alright?” he asked, walking towards the girl. He heard a sniffle and worry set it. He knelt down by the couch in front of the crying girl, staring down at her face and playing with her hair. “Hey, come on, you can talk to me. What’s going on?”

    “I’m alright.” she whispered and he rolled his eyes.

    “You’re still a terrible liar.” he teased and she grinned. “Seriously though, are you okay?” he asked. She sat up and crossed her legs, staring down at her fidgeting hands.

    “I’m alright, to be honest I’m just a little scared. I heard you guys talking, what if I don’t remember Jug? I don’t even remember how we met, or where I came from, and apparently I have an apartment? Where are my parents, where are yours? Whats my favourite colour, what do I like to eat, I don’t know any of this!” she said, her voice shaking and cracking.

    “Woah, breathe.” Jughead tried to sooth, taking her hands into his. “We met when we were very little, I don’t even remember how we met so don’t feel bad. You come from Riverdale, and yes you have an apartment. Its your own because your parents left you about a year back, they said you were too much to handle and you were glad to leave because they were constantly at eachothers throats. My parents aren’t any better, my dad is an alcoholic and my mom took my sister and left, and I miss those two every day. My dad is still around though, but I don’t live with him, I cant really stand to be around him. I moved out a few months ago and I lived at the Drive In, although you probably don’t remember it. It was our favourite place to hang out and watch movies together. We would be up all night watching movies and joking around, stuffing our faces with popcorn and soda pop, it was nice until it got torn down.”

    “After the Drive In was torn down, I lived at school until you found out and you tried to get me to move in with you but I refused. I didn’t want to be a burden so you and your stubborn and caring self took my matters into your own hands and told Fred, who forced me to live with him. At first I was a little mad, but now I’m thankful for it, you always have my back and I don’t know what I would do without you. You and I both have been betrayed time and time again, but we have never betrayed eachother which is probably why we are so close.” he explained, and Y/N nodded her head listened.

    “I’m sorry Juggie.” She said, reaching out and wrapping her arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close, relishing in the moment.

    “Don’t be. Its not your fault, everything good that’s happened these past few months have been because of you, and I don’t know how I can ever thank you.” he said. She pulled away from him and sat back down on the couch.

    “Fred seems nice, I like him.” She said softly, and Jughead chuckled.

    “He seems to be the only good parent in this town.” Jughead agreed, looking over to the kitchen door to find him and Archie quietly watching. Fred gave him a small smile, and Jughead smiled back. “He is always there for us kids when we need him, he is definitely trustworthy.”

    “Alright.” She said quietly. Jughead looked down at her and smiled.

    “Oh, and your favourite color is (Y/F/C) and your favourite food is (Y/F/F).” he quickly added, earning a giggle from the (Y/H/C) haired girl.

    “Alright you two, its time for breakfast. Jughead and Archie are going to be late for school if they don’t hustle.” Fred called, and Y/N jumped off the couch, making her way to the kitchen. Jughead and Archie walked in first, but Y/N pulled Fred aside.

    “Thank you.” She said, and he smiled at her.

    “You’re very welcome.” He said, patting her arm. “I’ve known you since you were little, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

    “I appreciate it.” she pulled him into a hug, and she quickly pulled away and made her way into the kitchen. Jughead and Archie were eating, talking and laughing and Y/N took a seat in between them. “Move it you two, I want to sit in between of my two favourite people.”

    The three of them ate and talked for the remainder of breakfast, Jughead and Y/N playing footsie under the table. When breakfast was done, the two boys picked up their backpacks and got ready to leave, and there was a ring of the doorbell. Y/N tensed up, and hid in the hall as Jughead opened the door, but a blonde-haired girl she barely remembered to be named Betty walked into the house.

    “Hey you two.” She said. “Did you guys hear, Y/N wasn’t in the hospital this morning, she had checked herself out and no one has seen her since. Everyone is worried sick, I’ve been crying all morning.” Jughead and Archie laughed nervously.

    “About that…” Jughead said, and Y/N stepped out of the hall.

    “Betty right?” she asked quietly, and the blonde dropped her backpack and ran up to her.

    “Oh my god! You’re alright!” she exclaimed, wrapping her arms around the girl.

    “I am.” Y/N said, laughing as she wrapped her arms around the blonde as well. Betty pulled back and stared happily at Y/N.

    “You’re up and walking and you’re okay and ahh!” she exclaimed. “Why didn’t you tell me you checked yourself out and you were alright?” she asked. Y/N shrugged, nervously shifting on her feet.

    “I didn’t even know I was coming here, I kind of just walked and ended up here by chance. I also don’t really remember anything about you.” Y/N mumbled quietly, and Betty’s face fell.

    “Oh yeah, I keep forgetting.” Betty said, clearing her throat. Everyone in the room could tell she was choking back tears, and Archie spoke out.

    “We should probably be heading to school.” Betty nodded her head quickly, sniffling and wiping a stray tear from her face.

    “Betty, are you okay? I’m sorry-”

    “Don’t worry about it Y/N,  it’s not your fault. I’m sorry about what happened to you, and I know that you’ll remember soon.” Betty said cheerily as a cover for her sadness. She picked up her backpack and walked to the door.

    “Y/N, we’ll be back soon. How about you come to Pops with us after school, I’ll come pick you up?” Archie suggested, and Y/N nodded her head slowly.

    “Okay.” she replied, trying to swallow the lump in her throat. “Have a great day guys.”

    “You too.” Archie said, opening the door and waving. Jughead jogged over and smiled at her, to which she did her best to return. Jughead wrapped his arms around the girl, burying his head into her neck.

    “You’ll be okay. If you need anything just text me.” he whispered in her ear as he pulled away. She just nodded her head and leaned up, wanting to feel something that made her happy, Jugheads lips on her own. He smiled in the kiss, realizing that this was the first time since her accident that she initiated a kiss.

    “I will.” she promised. Jughead picked his backpack up from the ground and walked to the door, turning to give one last smile to the girl. “I love you.” she called as the door closed, and she heard no response. She quietly made her way to the kitchen and started picking up breakfast, leaving a plate out for Fred. After everything was put away, she sat at the table and slumped over, her head resting on her folded arms.

    “You all good, kiddo?” Fred asked, making his way to the coffee machine. She quickly shot up, looking over to the man.

    “I’m fine.” she mumbled, sighing and then yawning and rubbing her eyes.

    “Tired?” he asked, and she nodded. “Want some coffee?”

    “I don’t know.” she shrugged, playing with her hands. Fred took a mug out of the cupboard and poured some coffee in it, placing it on front of her.

    “You might not like this, so if this is too bitter for you then tell me and I can fix it.” he said, nodding down to the cup. She reluctantly took the mug in her hands and brought the hot liquid up to her lips. She took a sip and quickly placed the cup down.

    “Oh, no. Please fix it!” she exclaimed, shivers coursing through her. Fred chuckled and grabbed creamed out of the fridge, pouring it into the coffee, stirring it, and handing it back to Y/N. She looked at the mug that was now filled with a light colour liquid and she brought it up to her lips again, this time taking a long drink.

    “Much better.” she said, taking another long drink.

    “I’m glad.” Fred chuckled, taking a seat at the table as well and Y/N pushed over his plate of breakfast.

    “Eat up. I made you a plate before I put stuff away.” Fred took a fork in his hand and dug in, closing his eyes and leaning back in his chair.

    “Archie and you did a good job on this.” he remarked, taking another bite.

    “Thank you.”

    “you’ve been excused from school until they figure out what to do with you, so that leaves us with what to do with you here. What are your plans for today?” Fred asked, and Y/N thought for a second.

    “I don’t really have any. To not get dragged back to the hospital I guess.” she mumbled.

    “Stay out of trouble and that won’t be too much of a problem.” he teased. “And be careful walking, you’re quite a clumsy person.” Y/N grinned and rolled her eyes.

    “Okay dad.” she joked, and Fred froze. Y/N noticed and she felt her stomach drop. “I mean-I was just joking…I thought that’s what people said.” she stuttered, hoping she hadn’t freaked him out to the point he’d make her leave.

    “No, it’s alright Y/N, I promise.” he said, putting his fork down and turning to better face the girl. “If it’s any conciliation, I think of you as a daughter. I’ve known you practically your whole life and you don’t exactly have a family to take care of you, that’s why I do it. I’m really sorry about your parents, I tried to talk sense into them but they just don’t listen to reason and didn’t understand how fucked up it was to just abandon-”

    “It’s okay, I don’t remember it anyways.” she brushed it off, giving a light chucked. Fred gave a saddened smile.

    “Yeah. I guess so.” he mumbled, looking at the time. He stood from the stool quickly, grabbing the things he needed for work and rushed to the door. Y/N got up and followed and watched.

    “I’ll be home soon, have a good day. Anything in the fridge or pantry is fair game, okay?” he said, opening the door. She nodded her head.

    “You have a good day too.” she called as she left, shutting the door behind him. Once the door shut Y/N ran a hand over her face, sighing heavily and making her way back into the kitchen. She leaned against a counter and her eyes roamed the room. Her eyes lazily caught a glimpse of what looked to be a picture of a young girl on the front of a newspaper in the recycling, and she took it out.

    “Young Girl Solves Local Case And Consequences Follow.” she read, looking more closely at the photo. “Oh my god. That’s me.” she quickly scanned the page, her head racing too much to fully read it. She slammed the paper down on the counter, trying to take deep breathes to calm herself down.  

    “Chill the fuck out Y/N, you’re a wreck.” she muttered. No one had really talked to her about what happened, she didn’t even know the simplest details on the case she supposedly solved, reading this could shed light to what happened to her. She could figure out who turned her life around, who took the past 16 years from her. Slowly, she picked the paper back up.

    “Sophomore at Riverdale High School, Y/N. Y/L/N  recently solved the murder of Jason Blossom, another sophomore who was found dead last summer. After recording a conversation she overheard at the Blossoms residence, she soon made it home where she sent the video to Sheriff Kellers son. Unfortunately, she was spotted and tracked by Southside Serpents, who are now also under investigation, at her apartment where her and her boyfriend Forsythe Pendleton the Third, better known as Jughead Jones were taking shelter. Jones and Y/L/N hid in a closet in hopes to avoid being spotted, but they were found, Jughead Jones being thrown across the room and knocked unconscious and Y/N  Y/L/N being taken out to her balcony and thrown off. By some miracle, the girl survived with her only injuries being a concussion, a few broke bones and most unfortunately, amnesia. She woke up and has no memory of the incident that took place, or anything before that. We are wishing her a quick recovery and we thank her for her sacrifice.” Y/N read the paper out loud, dropping the paper to the floor when she was done. She stumbled back into the counter and stood there numb. It was only until she felt her face wet that she realized she was crying, and she slowly walked to the living room, laying on the couch.

    “We would like to thank her for her sacrifice.” she scoffed, anger now setting in. “It wasn’t a sacrifice I wanted to make, and now look at me! I didn’t even know the town where I lived was Riverdale! Who the hell is Jason, and was he worth this?” she exclaimed, tears spilling from her eyes. South side Serpents… she thought to herself.They’re the ones responsible for this.

    “I’m going to get those sons of bitches and I’m going to make them pay.” she growled, standing from her seat on the couch and making her way to the office. She opened the door and got on the computer, opening whatever search engine was first available and typed in Southside Serpents Riverdale. An address for a bar popped up and she quickly scribbled it on a piece of paper.

    “They don’t know what’s coming.”

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First Day of the Rest of Your Life(A 7x16 TWD Review)

Let me start off by saying I loved this episode. Every…single…minute…of..it(By admission, I never have fault with The Walking Dead because I will never watch a show I don’t like just to tell others I don’t like it). I love every boring episode as equally as the intense ones. The Walking Dead has never been perfect and to point out all the things that make it so is a waste of time. I’m going to try and hit major points. Bare with me as I keep wiping the tears away from my eyes….

Sonequa Martin-Green was AMAZEBALLS. From the opening cold sequence I just knew I was going have major feels. The feels are still there. Firstly, I loved the flashbacks. It was something I mentioned in another post of wanting Sasha to have 6 pages of sweeping dialogue about her, Tyreese, Bob, and Abraham. She had that in a way. The callback to “Nobody’s got to die today,” even the whole feel of this episode bounces back and forth like 5x9’s “What’s Happening and What’s Going On,” was for her and Tyreese.

The callback with Maggie. Sasha sitting there with the person who has gone through similar circumstances of losing 3 people back to back was so calming. They were just sitting there to enjoy the sunset. To be at peace with what’s going on around her. Seeing Bob’s jacket was so touching. Those three were the ones who left the prison together, Sasha, Bob, and Maggie. Bob and Maggie both taught Sasha it was okay to search for love. To fight for it, and it’s not just for the person you’re in love with, it’s for the family.

And of course the Abe flashbacks. The romantic in me loved that I got to see Abe so soft. So tender with her. That she was scared, and she knew something bad was going to happen, but he eased her through it.Gah! I loved the flashback sequences. I’m a sucker for disturbances in linear storytelling. Give me all the flashbacks. Give me something to explain what happened before; what I think may have happenned. Paint me a picture, and this episode did that. It painted me this picture of happiness, acceptance, bravery, humility, trust, loyalty, and knowing what the right thing is, even if it means giving up your life to save the ones you love. (Somebody help me up, I can’t).

That song. That damn song, “Someday We’ll be Free,” by Donny Hathaway broke me into a million pieces.  I loved it being repeated throughout. It was soulful and fitting for Sasha. She got her swan song. Her ballad of inspiration to ride into the sunset, and go out as the weapon that she was; that she probably was before the world went to shit. I cheered for a zombie Sasha attacking Negan. I cried for a zombie Sasha that Maggie had to put down(so fucking sad, and Jesus’ face was no better in that scene). Sasha Williams, I really loved you and I understood you through everything. You got a hero’s death.

So, onto Maggie. Maggie Rhee who is just all pregnant and leading the troops into battle. I just loved that scene. I loved how she stepped into the leadership role permanently. Negan noticed that she was alive and well, and that’s a bit concerning. I loved her speech at the end for/about Glenn.

Sidebar: Glenn and Abraham’s death will never have any heroic significant meaning. It is not supposed to make sense. That was the whole point of them being killed, there is no point to them being killed. The point was to show that even heroes have no control over their death. That sometimes there is no point to the evil that is committed by some, and Sasha realized that. That is why she committed suicide. She had absolute control over how she went out. It wasn’t going to be up to Negan, and her plan gave everyone a chance.

Onto Trashy McBangs. I had a feeling a while ago she and her kind could not be trusted. Aside from that nasty and disrespectful dig at Michonne in front of Rick(Fuck the war. Bitch would have been ninja kicked so strong if it was me, but Michonne has a more level head than I do). I just had a feeling she was going to turn. I mean, can you really trust anybody in this world? Especially with bangs like that, tf.(I only care about Michonne killing Jadis now. It is the event I’m looking for in All Out War, or sooner).

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10 reasons why you love your bias ~

10 reasons why I love Mr Jung Daehyun *^*

  1. His heart! He genuinely loves and cares for fans and the members. He does so much for us ;^; 
  2. His voice is silky smooth honey sent from the gods! It’s heaven to me, I float on a cloud (no joke his voice calms me down when I’m feeling panicky)
  3. His laugh, cutest giggle in the universe! His big ol smile when he’s happy and his cheeks! KITTYDAE! Lights up my world
  4. The wrinkles on his face when he hits a high note! #nosewrinkle
  5. The way he’s flirty/cheesy/greasy with fans. Treats us like we’re the loves of his life
  6. HIS TATTOOS!! the ‘hold’ tattoo for babyz and the ‘BAP’ tattoo because the group mean so much to him ;o; I had a dream of what it looks like, imma draw it
  7. the passion that emanates from him when he sings, the emotion he puts into his voice! He has so much charm and charisma on stage. I CRY
  8. He’s so beautiful. The boy is a true visual. He can pull off any hair style, his eyebrows are lovely caterpillars, he’s mr sparkly eyes *^*, I LOVE HIS NOSE, his lips are so glorious holy hell, I really like his jawline?? His tummy is so cuuute I wanna blow raspberries on it, he has the cutest uneven daebutt
  9. When he does aegyo and cringes at himself lol. lashglashdg
  10. The way he’s a soft floofy prince that often looks so cozy and huggable that I wanna tackle him with cuddles! it’s too much for my heart ;o;

I love everything about him. He means so much to me.
He was a massive source of happiness when I needed it the most.
He’ll forever have a place in my heart for that.
I genuinely love him very much.

my-so-called-trash-blog  asked:

i want to see/know more about your OCs!! if you have time, could i request #28 for Venn? i love his hair & grouchy expression 😍😍😍


Did I said I will commish noranb-artstuffs again soon in the last post? yeah :)

 I’m on the point of no return ahahah 

Anyway, here’s Masato posing based on my HC (so maybe you could get a glimpse on his personality) 

 Left to right: 

1. Smirking like no other than his dad (seme genes are strong) p.s He’s only smirking like this when he got excited (unconciously) otherwise, he is a serious and stoic captain 

 2. When you got through pass his wall, he’s surprisingly easy to blush (or that is just because I’m biased to blushing , who knows) 

 3. We need him to smile happily more often, isn’t he cute ;__; 

 4. There’s him, tries very hard EVERY MORNING to make his hair less wild, but he fails every time anyway. And the pyjamas oho, who else he got the fashion sense from XD 

This has become quite long, self-indulgent text post but I LOVE him so much! I have no regrets lol. I’ll be glad if many ppls like him too <3 

 And also many thanks for noranb-artstuffs for drawing this so accurately and so fast too ;__;