he loves his baby ok

I’m coming into view as the world is turning.

So I know with Papa!Solas they usually have one, maybe two kids. But just imagine a happy ending Solavellan where he’s really, really excited about being a dad.

“Can we have another, vhenan?”

“One more, please.”

“This will be the last, I promise. Please?”

“… Just one more.”

And they end up with like five or six kids.

umm.. i don’t quite understand what is “being like themself” the last anon before i turned off the anon ask back then lllOAO)/


You’re cured, Mary. You’re going back to how things were… you and Otto. If i’m done here, i’m done here.

if jaune eventually dies, i want him to have a quiet death. sure he can be wounded in battle sure he can die young, but i kind of want him to fade slowly. his death not to trigger some action sequence or event, just for him to die and nothing else. because jaune was never meant to be a fighter, a warrior, so i want his death to reflect that. he just falls asleep. 

he wont have a manly, cool death. he’ll die soundly. he’ll die peacefully because at his core, he’s made for loving people. i’d especially love it if he sacrifices himself for renora or bumbleby, whether they’re romantic or not, because he can’t bare the thought of anyone else being torn apart. i want his dying wish to be for everyone still going to make sure once everything’s over, no one’s alone. everyone has someone to love.