he loves himself so much its just ugh

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I really like your family's what you make of it and let me be your call boy. I feel like the first one really shows the emotions to the viewers and the second one was like smutty yet there was more to it, its like angsty but very well written. good job!

hahaha, thank you so much! I loved writing both fics; the first one was so like, intimidating to write, because I really wanted to do this really emotional bedroom scene where Dan is desperate for affection, and he almost convinces himself it was all just in his head, but Phil is just this incredibly gentle, amazing human being, and ugh, it makes me happy that people saw it that way! And then, of course, Let Me Be Your Call Boy being a large excuse to write smut, but I also really wanted to give the story more meaning, so I tried to push some things like getting tested and sex addiction and stuff like that. Anyway, so I’m so happy you enjoyed both of those fics, thank you so much!

let me know your fave fic of mine and why!

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Hamiliza soul mate au?

Aw yes. If any couple can be described as soulmates, its these nerds.

  • Okay so, in this modern reality you can feel your soulmate’s strong emotions from a distance, like they echo from their heart back to your’s. 
  • Little Eliza’s family wonder why she’ll suddenly turn so sad and lonely at a moment’s notice, why she cries in the night like she’s grieving for someone she doesn’t know. She has her family and her sisters to help her though and as she grows up, she only becomes more and more determined to find this poor person her soul is connected to and make their life better. 
  • Meanwhile, all the way over in Puerto Rico, Alex doesn’t often feel anything but his own emotions, they’re so strong and why would life ever be kind enough to give him a soulmate anyway? But every so often, when he’s calm for once, he feels these sudden bursts of laughter and security come from but he’s stunned. He tries not to hope too hard but they give him a small feeling that maybe things might get better eventually if he works hard enough. 
  • After years more of unexplainable sadness and fear and anxiety, Eliza sees Alex from across the room at a party in college and knows that he’s who’s sadness she’s been feeling. Alex knows who she is too, he recognises the kindness in her eyes, he’s felt it for himself. And when he sees her face, he feels happy and it takes him a moment to realise that it’s not just her happiness he’s feeling. He has some for his own too and its been a long time since that’s happened. 
  • Eliza always knows when Alex is feeling really stressed out and frustrated over his work, she just walks into his office and pulls him out by his hair if she has to. He insists he’s fine, he’s just going to do a few more pages, he’s okay honestly! And Eliza just looks at him and taps her chest, reminding him that he can’t hide from her. Alex just huffs and relents, letting her hold him and stroke his hair until he calms down. (In this AU can I argue that because they feel each other’s emotions, Eliza can help Alex before he falls apart and has an affair? I’m going to do it anyway)
  • It’s dizzying for Eliza to have to feel everything Alex feels, its all so intense and fierce and sometimes its too much. Alex feels awful, mutters that Eliza would be better off with someone else, someone who wasn’t so unbalanced. Eliza shakes her head and hugs him tight, telling him firmly that she wouldn’t trade him for anyone, he’s her soulmate and she loves him. 
  • Ugh okay, if we have to go with stupid sad history, the whole Reynolds this wouldn’t last very long because of course Alex is walking around with so much guilt and self hatred, he can hardly move. And he can feel for himself how angry and heartbroken Eliza is when he confesses and its just awful. 
  • Oh my god and when they lose Philip. Eliza sat working at her desk and she just feels pain and grief like she’s never felt before hit her right in the chest and she cries out and clutches at her heart because it feels like its breaking. She doesn’t want to believe it but she’s expecting the text from Alex that comes quickly begging her to come to the hospital, Philip’s been badly hurt. 
  • And then she doesn’t think she can cope after everything when she loses her Alex too. But as she goes on she can sometimes feel the ghost of pride and love in her chest, like Alexander is watching her and is so, so proud of his wife and urging her to keep going. Thats the only way she manages.