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Lunar Interlude II – Internal Affairs: TAZ Pre-Finale Relisten Recap

Justin has a Quiznos Crisis™.

  • Travis jokes about writing his initials on the relic destruction spheres “like a magic trick”.  Exactly like Angus does in the Reunion Tour.
  • Magnus trying to hug Lucretia and Lucretia not letting him get close is sad as fuck but what else is knew
    • The IPRE crew breaks my heart twice a week.  I’m immune
  • Lucretia is super bummed out about Captain Captain Bane’s death because the two of them were close friends, but also probably because that’s yet another thing for her to feel guilty about. Yikes.
  • [after learning that Robbie’s been thrown in the brig] Taako: “Was it because he loved pringles too much?? Did he pop and then neglect to stop?”

    Lucretia: “Hey if that’s a crime, then we all deserve to be thrown in the brig”

  • Griffin describes Lucretia as being “flabbergasted” upon hearing about the boys’ meeting with the red robe.  Either this was an Oscar-worthy facade on Lucretia’s part, or she was very surprised by the fact that Barry decided to establish direct contact with the boys.
    • The Director ruffling Angus’s hair is the stuff dream are made of
  • Enter everyone’s favorite nasally nerd lord, Lucas Miller.
    • As many people have pointed out, Lucas does talk about the voidfish “popping out a kid that makes us forget our own existence” in this episode. I am convinced that Griffin McElroy relistens to these episodes and cackles maniacally about all of this sneaky fucking foreshadowing.
    • This episode is also the first appearance of the E-G-G-B-A-B-E melody. Griffin is on some next-level shit.
  • On a personal note, hearing the first instance of the voidfish’s melody after the finale is pretty god damn emotional.
    • So is Johann asking the boys if they’re okay with being forgotten if they die.
    • So is Taako asking if people would forget his cooking show (and by extension, the incident at Glamour Springs).
    • Here’s something interesting: I don’t think Merle speaks at all during this exchange. Taako asks about his show and Magnus claims he’ll never die, but Merle stays quiet.
  • Magnus is actually the one that hands Leon the coin this time, which gets him to leave the room. However, Taako makes it a point to put the coin in perfectly and no-scope the crank specifically because Leon’s not there, making Griffin angry on Leon’s behalf.
    • Taako gets the cloak of the manta ray on this run, though, which proves to be 100% fucking useless throughout the rest of the campaign. This is Leon’s curse. Nothing will convince me otherwise.
  • First occurence of the fantasy costco jingle, which haunts my dreams to this day.
    • First appearance of the Flaming Poisoning Raging Sword of Doom as well. Nice.
  • This is also the episode where Garfield first acquires Magnus’s blood, immediately making Travis go “oh no am I going to die”
  • Things that would be useful if the McElroys remember them:
    • Merle’s physician’s pendant gives him a 25% chance of retaining a spell slot when he heals someone.
    • Merle is able to infuse weapon strikes with divine energy and deal an extra d8 of fire, ice, or lightning damage.
    • Okay real talk though. If Merle doesn’t ever use this then I’m going to absolutely lose my beans.

Onto the Crystal Kingdom! Recaps are tagged as ‘Lauren pounds some TAZ’.

Remember not to pop and then neglect to stop, and also have a lovely day!


This was a lil something I wanted to make for rebornica to cheer them up as they’ve been having a rough time and that just won’t do.

I made their version of the FNAF guards into Crystal Gems from Steven Universe, making this a Crystal Gem AU I guess. Lol For those that don’t know, within the show the Crystal Gems are warriors with gem themes and have a variety of powers and abilities granted from their respective gems.

Mike Schmidt would be Blue Topaz, but they can still be referred to their regular names.

Mike’s gem was damaged when he was a kid and it never healed completely, thus why his eyes are blank. This prevents him from using most of his powers, but can still kick ass with his weapon, some laser canon that needs work. Lol He’s dating a human named Doll.

Jeremy is Emerald and looks up to Mike a lot, who is his mentor and good pal. Though very anxious and nervous, he’s been getting better since Mike took him under his wing. Jeremy loves human anime and manga, as well as the lemon fruit for some reason.

Fritz is Citrine and is the team’s heavy hitter. He also loves to eat even though gems don’t really need to. He’s pals with Chica, the Amber gem, as the two are total foodies and often visit as many restaurants as possible.

Phone Guy, aka Scott, is Pyrope. He wears a mask that can express what he’s feeling. His weapon also acts as an orb that acts as an extra set of eyes as well as shooting blasts of energy and the like.

Lastly Vincent is Kunzite. He’s a corrupted gem that even before his corruption, was never quite right in the head. Pre corruption, he caused fellow gems (Freddy=Sunstone, Bonnie=Tanzanite, Chica=Amber, and Foxy=Ruby) to turn into near mindless beasts just because he wanted to see what it was like.

He and Pyrope used to be pals until Vinny showed his true colors. As a monster he’s referred to as the Naga (because Naga Vincent in the Mythology AU is my absolute fave). He’s a high level threat because he retains his intelligence and memories, as well as his weapons, the elbow blades.

These are it for now. I’ll get to the gem version of the animatronics when I can. Lol Hope you like these, Rebs! :)

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companions reacting to having a child with ss

Preston: You know the term proud dad? That doesn’t even begin to describe him. When the survivor told Preston she was pregnant, he lit up like a pre-war christmas tree, but he was also the most worrisome. He elected a temporary general to care for her duties and watched her over like a hawk. When their baby was born, Preston held them a prized egg. He loves playing with them, and they’re often found under a tree, child in his lap, asleep. 

Piper: Hearing that she was pregnant was the best news of her life. She’s excited to be a mom and during the duration of it, she writes pregnancy articles and papers about how to deal with such a thing. She becomes somewhat of a celebrity with her work. The Survivor beams when he sees her, thinking she has never looked more beautiful in her entire life. When she gives birth, she cries, never knowing something could be so perfect. Pictures of their family are tacked above her writing station.

Cait: With how much she’s done to her body, she didn’t think she could get pregnant. She’s terrified. What if something happens to the baby because of what she did? The Survivor comforts her, tells her that he’s there for her and no matter what, he will not be leaving her. When their baby is born, she weeps. This is her chance at redemption, a chance to give her child the life that she never had. She won’t mess this up.

MacCready: Nervous doesn’t even begin to describe it. Her pregnancy makes him think of Lucy’s but that is quickly overshadowed with how happy he is. He didn’t think that he would have another kid, but then again, life happens, huh? Their child is born, and Duncan has never been more excited. He gets to be a big brother, and MacCready finally feels like they’re a family again. With an extra person, of course.

Deacon: When he learns of her pregnancy, he’s terrified. His entire life has been a lie and changing constantly, and now a child. That’s pretty permenant. But he always wanted to be a dad. He tries his hardest to be there and not make too many jokes, hormones make the survivor cry easily. When Deacon holds his kid for the first time he says, “Hey there buddy, it’s me, your dad.” And that’s something that isn’t going to change. 

Hancock: Being a ghoul means you can’t have kids, at least not naturally. He and the survivor find a burned caravan. While checking for survivors, they find two small children. They take them in and Hancock ensures that they’re treated like royalty in Goodneighbor. They love Hancock and the survivor, and Hancock has got to admit, being a parent is almost as satisfying as being high.

Valentine: He and the survivor had been looking to adopt, and there was really no short supply of kids that needed parents. A child comes to his office, sniffling about their parents missing. Ellie watches while he and survivor look for the missing parents, but the results are grim. They return and tell them their parents won’t be coming back, and they take the kid in. It takes a while, but eventually they warm up to the synth and his partner, and they make a normal family.

Curie: Synths don’t work that way, and Curie finds children too fascinating to really adopt. Instead, Curie becomes a teacher in Diamond City and claims that all the kids in her classroom are her children. The survivor can’t help but smile, knowing that their wife loves every single one of them as much as she can. When they ask her if she would like to adopt, she says that she cannot abandon her children, as they need her.

Danse: A war means a lot of orphaned kids. Danse the survivor find a child stumbling around ruins and immediately take them in. Danse is as nervous a cat in a room filled with rocking chairs since the kid has taken a particular liking to him. He sees himself in the kid, at least, what the memories remind him of. In just a few days, the child is already calling him “papa” and, when no one is around, Danse lets the kid onto his shoulders and runs around. He never thought a life of domesticity would find him, but he wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Strong: Strong teaches the kid how to fight once they come of age. Strong also insts that Strong should teach the child how to flay their enemies and rip out hearts to eat. He does not understand why the survivor and their love interest say no.

X6-88: Teaches the kid how to use energy weapons and teaches them things from the institute. He has an extremely calm demeanor around them, and it frightens them some. When they do warm up to him, they call him “Uncle X” and bring him flowers. He keeps a dried one on the inside of his coat pocket.

Benny, Benny, Benny.  What can you say about the boy who’s some unholy combo of Boynton Beach grandmother and wolverine pup?

Benny Siegel is a force of nature.  Benny Siegel is an angel of death.  Benny Siegel is probably the most trigger-happy of all Boardwalk characters, including Al “pay for his funeral” Capone and Crazy Gyp Rosetti and Van Alden, the Man with the Iron Valise.  Even his childhood friends seem a little nervous when he whips out his gun like he’s the Sundance Kid.  So why can’t Benny Siegel get no respect?

Benny suffers a little, I think, from the fact that he’s so infamous a real life gangster, second maybe only to Al Capone, that his presence on the show plays off more novelty-lite.  Oh, let’s see how many situations we can put Bugsy Siegel in to contrast with his future self!  Oh, let’s make him get trounced by Masseria’s boys!  Oh, let’s make him fail to nail his target in the Rosetti hit!  Oh, let’s make him the annoying pipsqueak child of the Lansciano marriage!

So have your laughs, but just remember that Benny Siegel may play the clown, but he’ll never play the fool.  His humor is as hanging a threat as those rather dashing holsters that never leave his side come Season 5.  He knows what buttons to push to intimidate, or to aggravate, or to put himself on better footing than his opponent.  His cluck-clucking confuses a dour-faced Jimmy.  His toying with Charlie and Meyer is always a reminder that he’s nothing to be handled or ignored.  His scare tactics manage to turn a kidnapping on its head.

You see, like Charlie, Benny ain’t stupid.  Not by a long shot.  Who else could grow Las Vegas from a gleam in the mind’s eye to the crown jewel of the desert?  His solutions just aren’t your solutions.  The show tries to pass this off less as anger and more like eccentricity, but from what I gather Bugsy was much more “Bugsy” in life because he had a temper that snapped like the cheap ponytail holders you buy in bulk from CVS.  He had quite a head on his shoulders.  A head for violence, sure, but for other things, as well.

Take, for instance, the scene where Masseria’s goons-by-way-of-nephews (how many relatives does this man have?  And why do they all make it a point of causing our boys untold tzuris?) show up to threaten Meyer at the saddest little gambling establishment in New York City.  When one of the card players cracks a joke, Nepotism Number One says, “why’s every kike got to be a wiseass?”  Now, it would take Meyer four seasons to react to such a slur.  Benny, however, takes all of about half a line.  Benny, who up until now has been spending his time lifting cash from the bank, snaps back.  He snaps back because he’s Benny, of course, but more so because the slur targets him especially – as a Jew, yeah, and as kid who uses his wit for a weapon.

Benny is all energy and single-minded fury.  I think Meyer’s restraint frustrates him.  He longs for the older boy’s approval, but he also longs for some release.  He is, you could say, not a fan of Meyer’s “why can’t you play nice” methods of moneymaking.  Unlike, Charlie or Meyer, Benny doesn’t seem to be in it for the money at all, which is kind of why I love him.

I’ll admit it – my love for Benny is selfish.  I love that he sleeps around with women named Talia, that he frequents the old neighborhood to do so, that he’ll have a bullet through his leg and a raging Cuban bodyguard on his ear and he’ll still find time to joke bitterly with poor Morris that as long as you have your health – abi gezunt!  My love for Benny is Jewish pride distorted, and certainly distorted when I recall real life events like Mr. Siegel claiming he could’ve ended World War II by shooting Herman Goring and Joseph Goebbels.  I love that he uses insults like putz and mamzer and yentzer to people like our resident breadstick-in-a-bowtie.  It’s not just that he’s Jewish and it’s not just that he’s authentic and familiar and something of the past.  It’s that AR dissociates from his Jewishness; Meyer disguises his.  Benny, on the other hand, is a walking, talking ad for Manischewitz. Benny is a modern-day Samson.  Benny is Bar Kochba, Rabbi Shimon Ben Lakish, Judah Macabee.  Benny doesn’t want to wait and play the game – he knows he deserves the respect now.  It’s that Meyer will stew and stew and AR will take his insults on the chin, but if Benny had been at that poker game, our tactless friend would’ve been toothless by the time they were drinking tea in China.