he loves him so much i'm grant

you don’t have to be a jackson stan to be worried about him and see that he deserves so much better. he doesn’t have to be your bias for you to see all the hate he gets for literally everything he does and how he gives everything he has (and more) for us fans and got7 …

he’d literally sacrifice himself for got7 and us fans and yet some people have the nerve to blame it on him or to say jackson stans are overdramatic when they’re more than right speaking up about the unfairness?!

Jackson isn’t my bias but i’m worried shitless about him sometimes because he’s too kindhearted for a world like this and some of these “”“"fans”“”“ don’t give a single shit about his health or the sacrifice he’s constantly making for us and his group.

He’s one of the most caring, thoughtful, genuine, empathetic and smart people I know and he really makes the industry (and world!!) a better place for so many people… and yet he gets so much shit and taken for granted !??

I want jin to go on eating shows and act in kdramas/movies and film more eatjin and buy more pink things and collect more mario figurines and learn to play guitar and record more covers and continue to pursue and share all the things he is passionate about.

I want him to know what an unbelievably amazing person he is. I know he knows that he is slighted a lot, that people constantly judge and underestimate and undermine him but I want him to know that there is no one out there who is more deserving of happiness, of every ounce of success that has come his way.

he is beautiful and kind and selfless and overwhelmingly hardworking, constantly striving to try new things to share with us, to find new ways to show his love to us. the least we can do is to receive that love with gratitude and show our support for all that he has done, is doing, and will do.

I need jin to know that he is loved. let us not ever take for granted the blessing of a human being that is kim seokjin.


“ (After losing the center spot to Yamada) But I realized how it’s true that Yamada has always been the one who was putting the most effort into his works. Compared to such a Yamada… I had always taken things for granted, casually coping with works. I can’t be like that anymore.

Some of you may have heard me me say not so nice shit about Chip in the past… Well recently (and by that I mean yesterday) I decided to watch all the Sonic Unleashed cutscenes in Japanese

I take everything back. I love Chip now.

I’m also very glad that Sonic feels uncomfortable with people seeing him differently than himself or saying he’s scary as the Werehog.

Bless Sonic Unleashed, honestly.


          privacy is one thing harry likes, and he’s certain
that the public knows that. but much to his chagrin,
they don’t care, and he knows they never would. it’s
not that he’s closeted — no, he’s fairly open about his
preference — it’s just that the pressure is coming that
he isn’t spoken for. it didn’t work for hugh grant in love,
so it’s not going to work for him in reality. not
when his sexuality is a major part of his campaign.

           he’s sitting at the table in his flat, with merlin just
across from him. they’ve both been silent for what feels
like hours, though in actuality it’s probably only been a
mere ten minutes. both men are focused on how to make
things seem real, to make these odds better.

           chester king is still badmouthing him, he finds when
he opens his laptop. a direct message from the bastard to
ask if he’s found a partner yet. harry lets out a quiet huff, 
clearly not happy about it. and that’s what finally makes him

           ❛ a publicized relationship, ❜ he says out of the blue.
❛ just like performers do to promote their movies. i can take
a faux boyfriend — make appearances, go to events and
press conferences… what do you think? ❜

  • Bucky: *takes a deep breath*
  • Bucky: I lo-
  • Literally everyone, ever: yes, you love Steve Rogers, we know, you love Steve so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Steve, we KNOW, you love Steve you fucking love Steve Rogers ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE STEVEN GRANT ROGERS. WE GET IT.