he loves her so much that he just tells her 'it's okay'

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So then shame on Pat because I don't know why he would be so dumb to be a fuckboy around you - you deserve so much better, lovely Brianna! Just curious (I won't mind if you don't like telling): what did he do? Why's he a fuckboy? (I absolutely agree with whatever you're telling that he's one because I don't think you would calling him one if he wasn't and if he doesn't deserve it 100%)

aww thank you :) ilysm, but its kind of a long story but basically he lead me on but then threw me out like trash when some other girl he thought was prettier came along which was my sort of my friend, like we were in the same friends group so i was pretty fond of her so that sucked, I didn’t blame her bc I knew she probably had no idea but my best friend was there when it happened and texted me about it I was not happy lmao i was like alright then, it made me feel like shit and then my best friend had confronted him and he played it off like he friendzoned me ‘she’s a nice girl but..’ blah blah blah, when the night before it happened he asked me on a date so i was so pissed he made me seem like some niave girl whose feelings he didn’t want to hurt when I was the one saying ‘lets just see how it all goes’ everytime I felt like he was moving too fast bc i really wasn’t sure what my feelings were for him, I thought he was a nice guy, he was cute, he smelled nice lmao like i wasn’t totally into him but I was willing to give it a shot and get to know him, which is a big deal for me bc i am really cautious about opening up to guys (like i will admit i never had my first kiss okay) and i denied him a kiss the first night we met bc i was like idk you and i don’t want my first kiss to be with someone who i barly know but lets just get to know eachother and see where it goes from there and he was like okay thats great so i had a good feeling about it. And he was two years younger then me and it kind of bothered me bc personally I don’t like the idea of dating anyone younger but i was like you know what, he seems like a nice guy so put that aside and see where that goes (he knew that too, he knew i wasn’t a fan of dating younger guys but i still was willing to try) and then I felt like he threw that in my face in the end by acting like I was some dumb girl or something, atleast thats how it felt, so it was just a sucky situation. I wasn’t heartbroken or anything but I felt like i wasn’t good enough or pretty enough for him, deff a self-esteem downer lmao but Im okay, it happened, im over it, i just have to keep moving forward and one day the right guy will come along i hope :)