he loves and respects her so much and he wants everyone to know it

THAT scene IS beautiful (Sherlock spoilers)

So I’ve been thinking about THAT SCENE (I haven’t done much else for the past few days) and I was thinking that Louise Brealey was right.  That scene is beautiful.  Not because of the declaration of love that was forced upon Sherlock and Molly, but because that one scene shows us how much Sherlock has learned about love, respect, and cruelty over the course of the show.  When Sherlock realizes he has to get Molly to say ‘I love you’ to him, he is visibly upset.  He already knows it will hurt her.  He knows it is one of the cruelest things he can do to her because he knows she is in love with him.  The man who couldn’t be bothered to notice he was being asked out on a date. The man who had no problem using Molly’s attraction to him to get what he wanted.  The man who could see everything except that Molly went to the Christmas party for him (something everyone else could see clearly).  That man was upset he had to make Molly say three words.  Season 1 Sherlock would have brushed it of.  It’s only words??? What’s the big deal if it saves a person’s life?  But season 4 Sherlock knows exactly what a big deal words can be.  He now understands how his words can hurt a person, and he cares if his words hurt Molly.

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pls give me a plot where muse a is a scary mob guy who knows how to kill ppl with guns and torture for information, and his family r pretty much the most well respected in that community and everyone fears them, and he’s got a rep as a pretty bad guy. one day he’s following some guy who owes him money and ends up in a bar, where he sees muse b, a pretty, innocent student who basically lures him in. he is taken by her almost immediately, and she’s intrigued by him (also v attracted), and the two talk and hit it off. now, he’s a bit pissed, bc she turns him soft and ruins his rep, but he’s v protective, and she’s too sweet to hurt. buT WHAT HE DOESN’T KNOW is that muse b is the daughter of an fbi agent who has been tracking the mob for years and all of their illegal activity, but muse a doesn’t know this, so their relationship is lowkey forbidden and also v secretive. when muse a finds this out, he’s tells her they gotta get out of the country, because the fbi are onto him - and he asks her to run away with him. fearing a life of loneliness, boredom, and one without him: muse b accepts.

I loved Lydia Branwell so much in this episode??? Like, she was so respectful of Alec’s choices, even though she knew he didn’t actually want to marry her for her and was still respectful even when he chose otherwise like holy shit

I mean, I know Alec shouldn’t have gone through with the wedding but everyone was wanting him to reconsider and I guess it was just nice to have Lydia support his choice either way and let him make it on his own. She even comforted Alec saying he should go for it when he was at the altar.

I also love how she didn’t condemn Clary for thinking she was the mole.

I hope she’s not dead. Is she dead. Please don’t be dead. She was such a fabulous character from start to finish

some Jake/Amy things I have not yet seen pointed out:

–“Maxi Pad” as Jake’s name for Amy’s Bond Girl character, adorable because he “didn’t want to make it too sexual,” because while being attracted to Amy he still respects her boundaries

–Jake resisting the impulse to trash or slut-shame Jenny for picking another man at the wedding (not so much Jake/Amy but just Jake’s general feminist tendencies)

–Jake being SUPER WILLING to slow dance with the old lady like he barely hesitated before offering his arm idk it was just cute

–Amy says “I never said ‘in love’ or 'deeply’”…yeah, you never SAID it, but did you feel it?

–also the fact that everyone now knows Amy used to like Jake 

–there was definitely some jealous!amy in there too which is ALL I WANT IN LIFE