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I decided I needed to draw another Polysquad pic cuz the last one wasn’t great,,,


remember the time jin ate a fry off some random man’s plate

Captain America Civil War Review Containing Spoilers and Emotions

Score: 8.5/10

Handsome strong big fight. Big boys punch hard, feel hard, get hard. Hold me in your strong arms handsome America man. Hold me to your enormous pecs I want to listen to them whisper to me. I love you.

So many men. I wish I could smell them. Here is what I think they smell like

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Quotes: Tony on BTS

“Not to talk about any other group, but they’re just different. BTS has so much to offer …  People were like ‘Look up BAP, look up EXO, or G-Dragon,’ and all these groups. I checked them all out, and it wasn’t the same for me, you know.”

Rap Mon can rap really good … but the fact that he wears makeup shouldn’t take away from it or the fact that he dances shouldn’t take away from it because that’s his culture.”

“… my favorite track is ‘Hip Hop Lover.’ It’s amazing- the rapping, the hook. I was really amazed.”

“My boy Suga pulled his phone out and said, “Hey I produced this track. Do you wanna listen?” So I heard [‘Let Me Know’] before but when I could hear it in speakers, that was a beast. Suga is amazing. He made that record. He produced the track, the hook, and everything.”

“It will happen eventually, whether I get Jimin to sing a hook or Rap Monster to rap or something. Something will happen in the future.”

“They’re so dedicated, always dancing, always practicing. It’s not all forced- they don’t have to do that. They just want to be good at what they do because they’re going to get so much flak for wearing makeup and for dancing.” 

“When he’s rapping on ‘Hip Hop Lover,’ you hear greatness in Rap Mon.”

“The most talented one of them all, even though they’re all super talented, is Jungkook who is the youngest. He can do all three. He can really rap, he can really sing, he can really dance as you saw in ‘Bulletproof.’” 


I like that the actor playing Technical Boy has explicitly said not to get out the violins or feel sorry for his character, because even though Technical Boy is a tragic character none of it excuses his actions

Technical Boy is a fascinating character with how he relates to our world, but I have a deep fear that he’s going to get woobified because he’s a quirky, pretty white boy with sass and I’m really glad his actor shares that caution. Technical Boy is all the whimsy and fun of the internet and technology as well as all the wonder and intellect, but as we’ve seen in his introduction he’s also every nasty, evil, utterly horrific and inherently racist part of it too
(he had Shadow lynched ffs, of all the ways to have his ‘children’ kill Shadow he chose something with deeply racist context, so don’t try and say Technical Boy isn’t racist- if its on the internet, it’s Technical Boy)

we’re only just moving onto the second episode so there’s not much out there on tumblr yet but I am bracing myself for the wave of Technical Boy Stans who are going to Snapeify/Lokify/etc. him

His voice is deeper than the ocean (⊙▽⊙)

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Can you please do imagine where your with tom holland and he falls in love with you while you guys are going a movie together. You can change it or add to it!

Tom Holland:

Gifs not mine

A/N: I hope you enjoy it! 

You were in hair and makeup getting ready for the next scene when Tom walked into the trailer holding flowers in his hand “For the lovely (Y/N).” He said his accent peaking over his American boy tone “Why thank you Thomas.” You say taking the flowers trying to move over your body and face so much “What’s the reason behind the flowers?” You ask looking at Thomas through the mirror, he has in his held up taking photos of you so you begin to make funny faces for him as you see the flaws go off a couple of times. When always did this and they he would post it on his Instagram story and the fans would go absolutely crazy over the photos shipping you both which made you both burst out laughing. “We shoot the love scene today so I’m trying to get further into character … if you truly must know.” He said pouring slightly, you turned to face him “Well if this is how you get into a loving character then we must act in more romance movies, these are beautiful Thomas.” You say getting up from your seat and placing them in an empty vase filling it with water “We’re setting up for you both, so head over to wardrobe ASAP because we are also done filming guy!” Gray said looking so happy that his creation was coming alive.

 When you were first offered the role you were hesitant and your manager told you it would be an absolute waste of your time and talent, but after you had a one on one conversation with Gray and learned his reasoning behind the movie you couldn’t resist the role his passion for his movie matched your passion for acting. Once you began filming you didn’t understand the buzz that was coming around about your male lead until you saw him, your jaw nearly dropped to the ground you couldn’t help but smile at his cute quirky nature. When you finally meet formally you had both hit it off agreeing to make this the best movie for Grays sake and his wife. You and Tom looked at each other rushing to wardrobe wanting nothing more then to wrap up the movie, not because you were tired of it, no because you couldn’t wait till you say the final product of everyone’s hard work. 

“You look stunning (Y/N)” you heard Tom say before behind you causing you to turn to him showing off the front of the dress “Do you truly think so?” You ask turning around once again twirling in the emerald dress “God are you lost sweetie ? Heaven is upstairs not down here.” Gray said turning you around watching the green shimmer down your dress “(Y/N), Tom I haven’t been able to take to you both much but I want to thank you deeply, I truly appreciate what you’re doing for me and my wife and no matter what I know it is going to be amazing.” He said kissing your forehead and pulling Tom into a tight hug before walking away. “Well, are you ready for our final scenes?” You said walking in the direction of the door but you felt Toms hand grab you “(Y/N) there’s something I need to tell you…” Tom said causing you to turn your face to look at him and just as he was going to open his mouth “We’re ready & waiting for you guys!” Gray yelled from the set you pulled Tom gently by your side “Tell me later okay Thomas.” You said walking to the set and Tom still holding your hand following you. 

The romance scene was over as was the accident scene now all that was left was the death scene, you laid on the hospital bed with “iv” connected to your arm and Tom curled over your “life less” body crying and saying his lines but something causes you to stiffen “I love you (Y/N).” Tom says in a soft tone so that no one could hear him and his mouth wouldn’t be seen moving on camera. 

After all the scenes had passed you marched to Toms trailer banging on the door to be greeted by a half naked Tom but nonetheless you dove in “(Y/N) about-” he didn’t get to finish his sentence because your lips latched onto his lips laying a feverish kiss that you needed to get out of your system “Damn it Thomas and all this time I thought you saw me like a stupid friend. God, I love you too dork.“ You said breaking away from your kiss trying to catch a breath but Tom had other ideas, he lifted you up from your legs tossing you over his shoulder and taking you back to his trailer, kicking the door before your real life love scene took place.

I’m Sorry, but

Check Please! au where everything is the same but Bitty has a little brother.

  • His name is Jamie, and unlike his big brother Jamie got that             Bittle Build ™. He is tall and swole and blond. He does peewee football. He is Coach’s undisputed favorite right up until Bitty goes to Samwell.
  • (This is untrue, but the boys don’t know it. In reality, Coach’s favorite son switches from one to the other, depending on who is being less annoying. Coach and “Dicky” are really similar and they don’t have much to bond over, so it just looks like Jamie is his favorite by proxy. But Jamie is so terrible. He loves him to death, but omg someone save Coach from his children.)
  • Okay, so Bitty goes to Samwell, and Jamie, who is about 5 years younger, is looking at highschool and he might be on the football team. (Dat Bittle legacy, yo.)
  • But then his middle school has a play and they desperately need male performers, and Jamie, the biggest attention slut you will ever meet, is like, “Sure?”
  • Nothing is ever the same again.
  • Bitty falls in love with a “straight guy” at Samwell while his kid brother falls in love with musical theater. Bitty is blasting Beyonce in the shower. Jamie has discovered Les Mis.
  • Coach tries to get Jamie to focus on football. (Dat Bittle legacy.) And Jamies is just like, “How can you think about football at a time like this?” He turns back to the dog eared script in front of him, eyes haunted. “Who has time for football when the Sharks and the Jets are fighting?”
  • It is Jamie’s freshman year of high school when he appears in the living room. “I need the power tools!”
  • “Are you going to be weird?”
  • “I am going to BUILD A SET!”
  • At least when Bitty was figureskating, they only had to worry about sports related injuries and bullies. Now, with Jamie, they need to worry about bullies and accidents involving nail guns. Which is how Coach ends up helping the theater department build sets and props.
  • It would be good bonding time if Coach didn’t have to run around slapping power drills out of kids’ hands.
  • Jamie has so many friends in theater, and all their names are terrible. Coach thought “Shitty” was a bad nickname until he meets Melky.
  • “Milky?”
  • Jamie sighs. “Ey, Melky!”
  • A round-faced kid with a mohawk looks up. “Yeah, Dunkaroo?”
  • “What am I thinking of? A white colored beverage, strengthens your bones, comes out of a cow?”
  • “Melk?” 
  • “Melky,” Jamie finishes, like that is all the explanation he needs.
  • Coach needs a drink.
  • So there’s Melky, Jamie is somehow Dunkaroo, there’s Hussy,  Zelda and Horace. Horace is a girl, whose given name is lost to the sands of time. Zelda is a young man with a soft spot for green tunics and rolling around on the ground. Hussy is 100% normal American boy unless trains happen. “He really, really loves trains.”
  • Coach neeeeeeeds a drink.
  • Jamie has unlimited access to the underground gay community in his high school. No one wants to mess with him openly because he’s already taller than his peers and he inherited a lot of his mother’s less stellar personality traits.
  • What I’m saying is, he’ll be sweet as honey to you and then you’ll be coughing up your own teeth. “Gosh, Dad! I don’t know how that happened! He just hit himself in the face! Over and over!”
  • His sophomore year he takes up tap at the local dance studio. The theater department is thrilled to have a male lead with fancy feet. Bitty is so proud and Jamie just /basks/ in Big Brother Approval.
  • Jamie and Suzanne go up to Samwell to visit Bitty on Family Weekend and SMH are a little weirded out. Because there is a middle-aged Mom Bittle, who is just like Bitty but, well, middle-aged and a mom. And there is a six-foot-tall, broad-shouldered, 200+ pound Bittle who looks like he could bench press Holster and is, like, hiding behind Mom Bittle? Until Bitty tells him not touch anything, and then he’s running through the Haus yelling, “I’m going to touch EVERYTHING!” and Bitty is yelling and Suzanne tunes them out and has a very nice conversation with Jack.
  • Dex is like, “So you’re into musical theater?”
  • Jamie looks up from his phone, and his smile is 100% Bitty. “Yup!”
  • “That seems kinda, idk, girly?”
  • Jamie hums. “It’s pretty gay.” Shitty is on the gross couch and his head whips around and he’s watching Young Bittle, right up until Jamie looks up again and sighs. “But is it gay enough?”
  • Dex doesn’t have answers, okay? He came out to have a good time and honestly he feels so attacked right now.
  • After that visit Jamie works so hard in school. He was in a frat house with a bunch of cute, athletic dudes who offered him beer before his terrible brother told them to stop. That’s a *dream* of his. Now he has to go to college.
  • Jack comes down to Madison for Independence Day and Jamie is soooo over it. He has to pretend to share a room with his brother so Jack can pretend to have Bitty’s room to himself. AND he has to cover for when Jack and Bitty disappear to make out. Gross. Bitty owes him big time, okay?
  • And Jamie can be really mean when he wants to be, but he has no idea how to give the shovel talk. So at one point, when he and Jack are alone together, he looms up on Jack and is just like, “If you break his heart,” and Jack is staring up at him, “I will find you,” Jack’s eyes widen, “and I will cry all over you.”
  • “Wat.”
  • “It’ll be really uncomfortable for you. Have you ever seen a six-foot-tall dude cry? I can do it on command, look!”
  • “Please stop. Mon dieu, BITTY HELP!”
  • (Jack never breaks Bitty’s heart.)
  • Jamie and Bitty are at the sink, doing dishes. “Maybe I should take up hockey.”
  • “NOOOOOO!”
  • They sing duets, but since they can never decide on what to sing, they end up singing two different songs and it would be a cool mashup if they weren’t singing Beyonce and Phantom of the Opera, respectively.
  • Jamie absolutely refuses to bake pies. He’ll do cookies and brownies, but anything that requires a pie shell is no-go.
  • Jamie eventually attends Samwell. Coach Hall sees him on campus and does a triple take. He ends up with some of the same professors Bitty had, and he gets so sick of being asked, “Did you have a brother who…?”
  • He doesn’t really come out so much as be aggressively Not Straight his entire college career. Other actors hate him/want to be him.
  • He ends up meeting and then dating this really cute guy who was going to be a performer on Broadway but then he got sick and went to college to recuperate. Coach Hall spits his coffee all over the copy of the Swallow when he reads that. (Coach Murray laughs and laughs.)
  • Just. Bitty having a little brother.
Old Friend! Cal

Pairing: Y/N and Calum

Warning: Smut, Swearing and Spanking

Word count: 3K

Summery: Y/N is a surfer who bumps in to her old friend and they catch up ;) Also i’ve written before, not on tumblr though so first one! I’m excited af!!

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I placed my surfboard in the sand and looked at the sea, todays been the longest day and its only really just begun, I had to work the late shift at work again last night and my boss is a pain in the ass, always wanting something from me, do this, do that. Like what do I look like a piece of shit you can walk on? No, at least I have the weekends off, which gives me two day to relax and enjoy the view of the sea and of course, go for a surf. I’ve been surfing since I can remember my dad used to take me out every Saturday morning, since his death I’ve still gone although his replacement is a pain in my ass i still love her for coming out with me, id rather be with Y/F/N then be alone. 

“What did you want? I have a ham sandwich or cheese before we hit the waves”
I looked over Y/F/N as she leant over the picnic basket, Y/F/N was tall, blonde and blue eyes, you would of thought she actually knew how to surf but she doesn’t, but she’s getting better every time I take her out. She got out the sandwiches and looked up at me.


"Mm cheese please”

“Are you sure?”

“You want the cheese don’t you?” I giggled, she tossed me the ham sandwich and sat on the tartan picnic blanket.

“Do you ever get tiered of surfing?” she asked

“How do you get tiered of something you love?”

“Didn’t Derrick get tiered of you?”

I took a bite out of my sandwich at the name of my Ex of nearly 6 months, We’d been together 2 years It was puppy love we’d met in high school he was the new beautiful American boy in a foreign land and he was the classic popular boy with all the girls swooning at him, after about 3 months he asked me out and me being shocked as why he asked me I said yes, turns out that the relationship was a bet which earned him $20 and that for 5 months he’d been cheating on me with his soon to be step-sister, which is disgusting 1. because you don’t cheat on somebody and 2. its practically insets. But after people found out his mum never did marry that guy and he moved far away from here.

“He didn’t really love me though”

“He was a asshole and a pig and he didn’t deserve someone like you sorry for bringing it up”


"Hurry up and eat the rest of that and we can go surfing" 

I ate the last piece of my sandwich and stood up wiping off the sand that had already managed to get on my ass. As I looked over the beach it was quite empty apart from a tanned boy reading a book and a elderly couple sitting on deckchairs. As I looked more at the tanned boy the more I recognise him, I’m not sure where from though.

"Y/N c'mon”

I grabbed my surfboard and followed Y/F/N down to the sea

I shook off the water from my hair and undid my wetsuit revealing my blue poka-dot bikini. Nothing attractive really it just something comfortable, and something that if I take of my wetsuit I won’t be stripping down to my birthday suit. I folded my towel around my wetsuit so my bag won’t get soaked and put it in my bag whilst getting out my shorts and t-shirt and putting them over my bikini. Y/F/N was also doing the same. 

“Are you entering the surf competition this year?” She asked

“No I don’t think I should”

“And why not?”

“Because of last year” Last year, the year was awful it was the year i fell off the surfboard and whacked my face against the board whilst doing a trick, after the competition I came 4th and had to get stitches in my nose. 

“But that won’t happen again, history doesn’t repeat itself”

“I’ll think about it”

“Ok well I’m going to go to Dans and I’ll see you tonight at the camp fire”

“Do I have to go” I wined

“Yes and if not I’m going to drag you by your hair”

“How about no”

“Bye Y/N” she giggled

I waved goodbye to Y/F/N as she walked across the road to her boyfriend Dans house, he’s really nice and takes care of Y/F/N, he’s holding the campfire party tonight as he practically lives on the beach, which I wish I could do, unfortunately I live 10 minutes away from the beach and have a small flat in the middle of town, which is the busiest part of any place. 

I grasped hold of my bag and surfboard and walked over to my car. A shitty blue box basically, but thats all I can afford, due to the fact that all I do is surf and theres not really a degree in that. I opened the passenger door to put my bag in but the wind made it slam against the car next to it.

Shit” I said whilst dropping my surfboard and bag to the ground.

I pulled my door away from the other car, hoping that no one had saw as there was a little bit of my blue paint on there red car, I licked my thumb and rubbed it against the blue paint but it seemed to make it worse and it smudged a little and revealed a silver scratch down it. I looked back up and saw no one, I shouldn’t leave it but theres nothing I can do, I turned around going to pick up my bag but I fell into someone’s arms.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry”

“No worries” the man said, I stood back up on my own two feet and looked up at the man, although, these eyes I recognised all too well, the tanned boy on the beach was in fact the boy who went to my high school and was one of my good friends until I started dating Derrick, His name was Calum and boy did puberty hit him hard.


“Hey Y/N”

“H-How are you, its been so long?”

“Good, apart from I now have a blue scratch on my car”

“This is your car? I’m so so so sorry” I said turning around and closing my car door and leaning against it with my head in my hands.

“I really didn’t mean too it was the wind but I was just putting my bag in the-”

“Y/N! it’s ok I’m getting a new car next week and this is going to the scrap”

“Oh well thats a relief” I sighed

I stood there looking at him, he’s changed a lot since the last time I saw him. His full fringe now turned into the semi quiff. His muscles now defined and tattoos over his arm and chest, which is practically screaming at me as he’s not wearing a shirt.  His brown eyes still warm, a beautiful dark brown colour and more noticeable now he’s not wearing his geeky glasses. He’s also such a beautiful colour and has beautiful golden skin. In a way I missed him and when he used to come round and tutor me, well when I say tutor me I mean we used to make pillow forts even know though we were 15 and supposed to be learning Shakespeare. But it all went, the fun, the laughs and the happiness when Derrick asked me out and Cal used to ignore me, he never wanted to hang out. I tried for months every time i asked him to go somewhere he’d shove it to the side, in the end Derrick told me to stop trying with someone who didn’t care for me anymore.

“Do you need help with your surfboard?" 

"Oh no I’m ok really”

"Ok well I’m going to go, it was nice seeing you”



“What are you doing tonight?”

“Nothing, why?”

“Did you want to come to the camp fire party? It on this beach at 7?”

“You want me to come?”

“More than anything" 


I grabbed my surfboard and went round to the back of my car whilst Calum pulled out his car, all i heard was the remains of All time low Backseat serenade as he drove off.

I put my surfboard in the boot and my bag in there too. I got in my car, the green air freshener Y/F/N made me buy after I had eaten a McDonalds filled my nose with a mint flavour, one of them smells that you can actually taste, I’ve been meaning to get read of it but its in the shape of a surfboard and looks pretty cool. I turned the radio on and drove home.

“So that’s why we broke up” I finished explain mine and Derricks break up to Calum

“Well if you’re asking me he’s a dick for doing that to you”


I looked around the beach and everyone was in there pacts and chatting away, Y/F/N was practically eating her boyfriends face off.  There was a group of girls on the beach dancing to the overly played pop music. However I was sat toasting marshmallows with Calum who arrived in a black button up shirt and black jeans which made him look more attractive then ever, it was hard to take my eyes off him.

”What happened to us?”

“He told me to stay away from you”

“What really?!” I gasped and turned toward Calum. 

“Yeah, after you got together he told me to stay away, so I did”

“Why did you listen to that ass?" 

"Because..h-he told me he’d hurt you if I didn’t, not as in violence but he’d tell you things, that wouldn’t be true not ever, but you seemed so happy with him”

"You shouldn’t have listened”

“I know.. But I was young and stupid”

I looked at the fire in front of us and back at Calum

“Wanna go to my house and build a pillow fort?” Calum laughed and grabbed the packet of marshmallows we were eating

“Let’s go”

The whole journey to my flat I couldn’t keep my eyes of Calum and his jawline mostly, man that could cut a bitch. 

We got to the door and I unlocked it, I went straight to my room and got all the duvets and pillow and ran back into the living room

“I went through you cupboards and found chocolate, cola and ice cream, along with the marshmallows we stole" 

"Great here we go”

We spent a hour building the fort, trying to keep pillows on top of other pillows but failed most of the time so our fort is a few pillows on the floor with the duvet lying across two sofas above us. We managed to eat the rest of the marshmallows and the ice cream had melted by the time we got to it, after the cokes I went and got something a bit stronger.

“I can’t believe I haven’t seen you in three years” I said whilst opening the bottle of beer and passing it to Calum

“I missed you”

”Ive missed you too” I whispered, looking down at the beer

“How’s you love life, anyway? I told you about Derrick what about you?”

“I’m not with anyone”

“Really a guy like you?” I said whilst Calum sat up on his elbow looking over me

“Yeah a guy like me, there’s only one girl that I can’t live without”

“Really who?”

“Selena Gomez” I laughed at him and I smacked his shoulder

“No but really, ever since day one it’s always been her”

“Ever since she went on Disney channel?”

“No I’m not talking about Selena I’m talking about you”


“Yeah you” he mumbled 

I looked up at him and his eyes seem to look genuine, I never thought that he would like me, I didn’t even know I could like him. But the feeling in my stomach tells me otherwise. He lent down and gave me a Eskimo kiss which made me laugh and as did he.

“God you’re a idiot”

I rolled on top of him and leant down 

"I know Cal, I know” I pressed my lips to his, I’ve never felt fireworks, never ever but if this is what fireworks feel like I want more, I swiped my tongue over his lips and he taste like minty-cola. I stopped kissing him and tugged on his bottom lip, smirking at him which made him moan and made me laugh. I moved to his neck, he smelled delicious and I sucked a hickey. His hand grabbed hold of my waist as he tried to grind up into me, which made me moan into his neck.

“Y/N-N please”

“What do you want?" 

“You” I sit up straight and rest my hands on his chest slowly scratching down as I grind on him. 

“As much as I love this” He gets hold of my shirt and pulls it over me and flips us over. 

”I’m Incharge, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted this”

I grabbed hold of erection and slowly palmed him

“I think I have a rough idea”

He leant down and kissed me again as I leant up and unclipped my bra. He started to kiss down my neck sucking hickeys as he went, he got down to my boobs and sucked onto my left nipple whilst his hand massaged my left. 

“F-fuck Calum” I whined 

He moaned which vibrated around my nipple, he took the other nipple into his mouth I was in pure bliss, my hand went into Calums hair and the other too Calums button on his jeans he sat up and took off his jeans and then undid mine. 

“I’ve been waiting for this so long I don’t think I’ll last…”

“It okay I just need you and only you”

He took of my panties and his boxers and reached over to his jeans as he was doing that I leant forward and kitten licked his dick

“Y/N Jesus” I looked up at him and he had his head tilted back and his hand moved into my hair 

“Y/N” he whined as I took him into my mouth, he let out a few curse words before tugging me off him

“I-I w-wanna fuck you”

I leant back “then do it” I giggled whilst rolling onto all fours and wiggling my ass in the air. I heard a small ‘fuck’, after he rolled on the condom his hand came down and slapped my ass. Which I was not expecting to feel so good, so I wiggled my ass again and he laughed whilst palming my ass and spanking it again. I felt his tip at my entrance and he stayed there circling it around my entrance. “Calum” I whined, “What?” he smirked, I pushed myself backwards onto him. We moaned in unison as he pounded into me, he kept smacking my ass and I could feel him hitting my g-spot which made me muffle my face in the pillow below as I clutched the sheets.

“Nu-uh pretty girl” Calum moaned and grabbed my hair and pulled me into his chest hitting me at a better angle. I reached around and grabbed hold of his ass and leant my head on his shoulder. He sucked on my neck licking over the hickeys he previously made. Which made me whimper over and over again. 

“I’m going to cum pretty girl”


“Cum then beautiful” he whispered in my ear, which sent me over the edge as I fell onto the pillows, I series of swears and relating Calums name came out my mouth as I saw stars. I got up just to turn my head around and watch Calum cum in me.

I rolled over and he collapsed on top of me so his head was resting on my chest. 

“You know I wasn’t joking, I’ve like you for a really long time when you went with Derrick I was so upset and I didn’t want to hurt you so I let you to be with someone you loved”

“I never really loved him, I always thought of you, ya know, I thought of you more than him, you were always on my mind”

He raised his head and kissed me 

“Be mine?”

6 weeks later it was the surf competition and I had made it into the final, there were me and two others Australia’s sweetheart and a girl who is a bitch so I’m not associating with her, it was the last race and we had to perform at least 5 tricks I was nervous as fuck. So far I haven’t smashed my face on any surfboards and I’m a lot more experienced this year and i’ve got an amazing boyfriend who’s been supporting me through this competition along with Y/F/N and Dan.

“You’re going to do great baby” Calum says whilst kissing my forehead

“Thank you”

“Yeah!! you’re gonna splash them outta the water” Y/F/N said excitedly whilst jumping up and down into Dan’s arms

“I love you” Calum whispered in my ear my breath hitched and I turned around to face him 

“You mean it?”

“I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t” he blushed

I grabbed hold of his face and kissed him “I love you too” I mumbled against his lips

We smiled into the kiss and let go by the sound of the speaker calling me over

“If you win I’ll give you the champion a small present” he spoke whilst winking

“Pretty sure it’s not small Cal” I shouted as I ran to the start line.


Scoups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Junhui | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Woozi | Seokmin | Mingyu | Minghao | Seungkwan | Vernon | Dino

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  • He would’ve been so embarrassed and nervous to ask you out
  • would’ve took years and constant pep talks from all of the members to get him to ask you out 
  • He came with this little note attached to a flower and smiled brightly while you read it
  • “Of course ill go out with you”
  • “Its okay i understan- wait really?”
  • He’s a total gentleman and makes you feel like the most important thing in the world
  • He’d be a bit nervous with skinship but after a while you’ll have trouble getting this boy off of you
  • “Joshua i can’t breathe, you’re laying on me”
  • He’s your american boy and he loves it
  • He has this swag and bad boy part about him no one knows, only you
  • He’s always playing tricks or sending you memes 24/7 you literally can’t catch a break
  • He takes you on sweet coffee or park dates, he’s an innocent being and he likes simple dates the most
  • Your first kiss would’ve been quick and extremely thought out
  • You were on your way home when he stopped you by grabbing your hand
  • “Wait.. let me do this first”
  • He would lean in rather quickly and peck your lips gently but it didn’t stop there
  • Once he pulled away, he’d go in again more passionate this time. He’d put one hand on your face the other around your waist pulling you in
  • He’d kiss you as if he was trying to share his breath with you, he was skilled and he knew it
  • When the kiss was over his bright squished eyed smile would be back
  • “Ive been waiting so long to do that” 
  • His goal in this relationship was to make you laugh and giggle as much as he could and he’d be good at that
  • He loved to see you smile and would do anything in is power to make you smile
  • This lil boy loves to sleep with you 
  • When you are both in the same bed, he’s so content with his life at that moment he never wants you to leave him
  • Spooning is his favorite
  • He loves having you in his arms and would gently hum into our ear from behind until you fell asleep
  • He’s an early bird and always has breakfast for you when you wake up
  • He’d be shirtless in his gray sweats making breakfast and singing his favorite song … jfc isn’t that a sight. you’re lucky as shit
  • Joshua would want to teach you guitar no questions asked
  • He’d have his big hands over yours teaching you certain tunes and cords, occasionally he’d look at you and just smile because you’re so cute when you’re focused
  • You would both binge watch anime like your life depended on it
  • Okay.. short sexy time
  • he’s both submissive and dominate but it varies depending on his day
  • Isn’t much of a marker but when you do it to him he’s putty in your hands omg
  • He’s as sweet if not sweeter than usual when he’s taking care of you
  • he wants to make you feel good
  • He hates HATES fighting with you
  • if something is wrong you better be ready to talk it our right then and there because it’ll hurt him more than you think to see you upset 
  • He’s a fan of PDA so just be ready because he’s always holding your hand, always kissing you and always … always calling you sweet names like baby, honey and sweetie 
  • The type to surprise you with flowers and presents randomly just to see you happy
  • When he’s jealous you’ll know…. ooooohhooo you’ll know
  • he’s cold and extremely passive, he’ll let you know he’s jealous just by his tone of voice 
  • “When i asked you out i didn’t know i had to share you.. this is not a community dating service y/n”
  • When his says he loves you joshua truly means it, he isn’t the type to throw those worlds around like they are nothing. He is IN love with you
  • Dating Joshua is like dating an angel, he’ll take care of you and love you like you deserve