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Not my Jacket - Part 1 - S.P

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The red headed boy run into Southside high. Ghoulies looked at him oddly and serpents glared at him.

“Archie? What the hell are you doing here?” Jughead quizzed him.

“It’s Mayor McCoy! She’s rounding up all the serpents. You gotta go jug!”

“Oi!” Sweet Pea walked up to the red headed boy, pushing him slightly, “What are you doing here.

“You have to g-”

Archie couldn’t finished what he started. For the mayor, trailed by cops, started walking into the school. First they got fangs, securing him in handcuffs. They ran after Toni, slamming her into the ground.

“Fuck” Sweet peas eyes wondered around. “Fuck, fuck wheres y/n?”

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Lucky I Love You

Summary: After having to cancel on Steve so you could do some chores, he surprises you before heading over to the Henderson’s to babysit the kids for the night.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 1.8k

Disclaimer/Warnings: Fluff. So much fluff.

A/N: Another idea of mine! Let me know what you think.

On a beautiful fall day, you sat in your front lawn with a rake laying beside you. You had your head tilted up to the sky, feeling comfortable in your oversized sweater and jet black leggings, your worn out Chuck Taylors on your feet. You had your headset pulled over your ears as you listened to the album Make It Big. You were fan of ‘Wham!’. 

You were supposed to be raking the leaves. After all, that’s why you had to cancel on your lunch date with your boyfriend, who just so happened to be Steve Harrington. You reached over to grab it before pushing yourself off of the ground, making sure the walkman was secured to your waist before you began to gather all of the leaves.

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I’m Sorry - Loki X Reader


Summary: You and Loki were a couple, but he left you in fear for that your life would be nothing but worse with him in it. When he finds himself watching over you six months later, you have to remind him that you can protect yourself from whatever “bad” he might bring into your life.

Warnings: Okay… There are some serious feels ahead. This is probably the most emotional and sad thing I’ve ever written. Also, there is a brief mention of a kiss.

Words: 4 402 (longest thing I’ve written!)

A/N: Okay wtf… I’m “dead” for like 2 months and then I come back and post two things in the span of 3 days, both of which are my first Loki X Reader’s, and one which is the longest and most emotional thing I’ve ever written???? Shit’s crazy, man…

Anyway, please tell me what you think! I would actually like to write a side-story to this about that camping trip to Washington, so tell me if you’d like that!

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He watched her from the balcony, hiding behind a column to keep his presence unknown. She was smiling, brighter than ever. Never had he seen her so happy, and his heart broke at the sight. She sat laughing with a few of the Avengers, their humorous conversations going in on the early hours of the morning. With tears burning his eyes, he smiled at her. She was so beautiful. He could bare believe she was no more than a mortal. She was so ethereal, so bright… She seemed far more a god than he did.

“She misses you.” Thor unveiled, startling Loki with his presence. Loki stared at his brother with big eyes and clear embarrassment from having been caught in such a fragile state. He wiped his eyes to rid of any tears that threatened to spill, doing his best to hide his face.

“And what difference does that make?” Loki spat, instantly becoming defensive, subsequently being surprised by how unbothered Thor seemed to be by Loki roaming the balcony of the Stark Tower. Until just moments prior, Thor had been under the belief that Loki was in Asgard, but even when that was proven to not be the case did the God of Thunder as much as flinch. To get away from his frustratingly, calm, brother, Loki walked away from the pillar and to a part of the balcony where Y/N would not be able to see him, even if he was not deliberately hiding.

“I will not argue with you why you should be with the woman that you love.” Thor explained, looking Loki in the eyes boldly before beginning to make his way for the door inside.

Loki watched Thor leave, and as the door opened, the sounds from inside were let out and Loki was given just a moment of hearing Y/N’s laughter. It cut through him like a dull dagger, slashing brutally through his heart without mercy. Never had he thought someone’s laughter could hurt a person so much, but it pained him to the brink of where his knees grew so weak that they threatened to fold right beneath him.

He remembered every detail of the night he left her as if he was still in the moment. They were stood in the living room of her apartment when he said he had to leave, but it had all begun a few blocks away from her building. Loki had been recognized by a couple of pedestrians, and it had only taken moments until a crowd had gathered with red in sight and a hunger for revenge for all the terror Loki had brought them. He had been forced to teleport both himself and Y/N to her apartment to get away from them, but he hadn’t been quick enough. Someone with bad aim had thrown a brick for Loki’s head, but it had struck Y/N just an inch under her eye as she had cradled to his side for safety. She had been bleeding quite a bit, even if the wound was far from lethal. She had repeatedly kept reassuring him that she was okay and had instead attempted to ask him if he was alright, but he had blocked out practically every word she had said. All he could think about was how she would never be able to live the kind of life that she wanted — that she deserved — if he was part of it. She would either get hurt physically, or she would have to completely adapt to Loki and his need to stay out of the public eye.

Her place was on earth. Even if she had never said no to living in Asgard, Loki already knew that there was nothing for her there. He just wished she could have seen how she was the only thing keeping him on earth, and he wished she could have seen how he could never live there after all he had done. Unfortunately, she couldn’t see it, and he couldn’t let her believe that the two of them could ever be with one another. In his eyes, he only had one choice, and that was to leave her. The longer he would have been with her, the more painful it would have been for both of them when a time came and it was physically impossible for him to stay. So, he ended it quickly, and prayed that their feelings for one another would subside as painlessly as possible.

They had stood in her living room, she had blood streaming down her cheek, and he had told her he was leaving. He had never been good at dealing with his own emotions, let alone express them, and so his words had been stone cold. Y/N had laughed at first, her mind not possibly being able to grasp such an absurd thing considering their relationship was so good and stable. It wasn’t until his eyes had gone empty and started to water — looking anywhere but in hers — that she realized he was not joking at all. She hadn’t been able to help the tears which bursted almost instantly with her realization, and Loki had been forced to do everything in his power to keep his own tears under control.

He had never seen her cry until that moment, it hurt him more than anything he had ever felt in his entire life. More than when hearing her laughter on the balcony of the Stark Tower, more than when finding out that his father had lied about his his very being for as long as he could remember, and more than the death of the woman he had once called mother. Seeing Y/N completely break right in front of him and knowing he was the cause for it was enough to let a single, cold, tear fall from his eye.

She had been crying out so many words, trying to convince him to stay and how things weren’t so bad, and he had been stood in silence. Even when she begged him to speak he had not made as much as a sound. Even when she began to hit his chest in a sorrowful rage, he had stood still, and even when she fell into his chest — sobbing pleads of him to stay with her — he had remained staring emptily into the air of her apartment. It wasn’t until she with a quiet voice whispered a heartbroken ‘I love you’, that he could not endure it anymore. He had left her in that moment, clinging to his chest with tears stinging the wound on her cheek as she wanted nothing more but for him to stay and speak to her, that he had in the blink of an eye traveled all the way back to Asgard.

He had fled to an isolated forest of his home world and spent hours slashing and hammering at everything within reach, screaming so loudly that it ripped through his throat to the point where his lips were stained with blood. He had hurt himself far more than he had hurt the things he had hit. He had desperately been trying to think of anything but Y/N, but his mind had not cared for what he wanted. He had been left with nothing but memories which he shared with her, and they had kept him on his destructive frenzy for hours upon hours with a single memory in particular to fuel his berserk rage.

The memory of their first kiss. If he focused hard enough, he could almost still feel her lips on his. They had been standing on a riverbed in a more than desolated area in the state of Washington, a place Y/N had always wanted to visit ever since seeing images of its breathtaking nature in a travel guide she accidentally stumbled upon. She had been able to convince Loki to follow her on a hike across a minor chian of mountains and spend a weekend camping along a nearly overgrown trail. It had sounded dreadful at first, but once the cities disappeared behind them and they came into territory where life was still nearly untouched by man, it was everything but dreadful.

Y/N’s smile as they had encountered wildlife, or managed to find a waterfall, was enough to keep him happily going. He had never seen such joy in a being before. She was so innocent and pure, the exact opposite of himself, and he had absolutely no choice when it came to falling in love with her. He could have done nothing but resist the feeling and fight against the urge, but he would have fallen just as hard anyway.

They had set their camp for the night on a dried riverbed of round rocks just as the sun set on the horizon, their tent at their backs and a campfire before them. In the distance came the sound owls and wolves, and close by was the sound of calmly flowing water and the loud cracks of damp firewood heated by flames. The sky was still light peach from dusk, but the brightest stars had been able to be spotted. It had been there, sharing a seat on a large piece of driftwood, that they had first kissed.

She had leaned towards him and begged to steal some warmth by borrowing the cape he was wearing. He had begun to remove it so that she could wear it — which was what he believed she had asked for — but she had moved even closer and draped the fabric around her, sharing the large cloth like a blanket between them. At a loss of words by the intimacy of their sudden position, he had found himself simply staring down at her head as she sat slightly leaning towards him on his right, eyes watching the fire. After a few moments, she had noticed. She had spotted him in the corner of her eye and had glanced up, chuckling in amusement and asking him what was wrong.

It had taken him less than a second to bring his hands to her cheeks and press his lips against hers. In that very moment, she became the light that was able to light up the darkness which plauged him. She made him a better man, a better everything. Simply by being around her, he saw certain actions of his pasts as mistakes, actions which he had never seen that way before. Whenever she would speak of New York, his heart would sink upon remembering the alien army which he had led straight towards it, but she would lift his heart right back up. She saw the bad in him, but she chose to look past it too. She did not live in denial of what he had done, but she focused on Loki in the moment and what she could do to make him into the man she knew him to be.

A tear fell, landing on the railing of the balcony. If he was not so heartless, he would have allowed himself to sink to the ground and cry himself dry. Every part of his body wanted to give in to the urge of doing just that, but he sought support from the railing and kept himself standing, his bruised knuckles turning white from his harsh grip.

Then came a sound, the turning of a handle and a dragging against the balcony floor. The door was open, but there was no sound from inside, and the light footsteps that followed were certainly not those of his brother.

It seemed as if all of New York went quiet in that moment. He couldn’t find words, but he wasn’t alone that time. Y/N stood in silence too, staring at Loki’s back whilst fiddling with her shaking, fingers. She wanted to say something — she really did — but her mind was nothing but blank. It had been nearly half a year since Loki vanished right in front of her, and whilst her checks were free of tears and the wound under her eye was just a light pink scar, she was no less shattered. If anything, she was worse than the first couple of weeks after he left. Then, she had still had hope for that he would come back. She kept telling herself that he would, that even though he had his struggles on earth, he would realize they could make it work and return to her.

Eventually, weeks turned into months, which turned into half a year. The grief she should have dealt with right after he left, built up as time passed, and as her hope faded, her grief came crashing down at a faster rate than she could get over it. It led to depression, or what she self-diagnosed as it, anyway. She wasn’t a cry-baby, wasn’t as emotional and typically feminine as a lot of women often are patronizingly portrayed, yet she still cried every day for months. That she was a woman had nothing to do with it. Her heart was broken, and that heart could have been inside of anyone.

The few times she slept, she rarely got more than three or four ours worth of sleep. The first month she had kept turning to Thor for help, and she had felt pathetic for doing it, but she really hadn’t had any control of herself and her emotions at the time. Whilst Loki had been in a frenzy of destruction, she had been in a frenzy of desperation. She kept coming to Thor with ideas of how they could reach Loki, how Thor could help her to at least talk to Loki, but she had had no right to crave that help from him.

Thor had tried. He had gone to Asgard, he had searched for Loki, and he had found him, or at least what was left. Thor had found that Loki had ordered the guards to lock him up in the dungeons and not release him no matter what he said. To Thor’s surprise — as well as the guard’s — Loki had not made a single attempt to escape. He hadn’t even attempted to make them free him. He had wanted to stay locked up, and most importantly, he had made it clear to Thor that he did not want Y/N to know anything about him in any way. Thor was left in the middle of a good friend and his own brother, and he had to ignore both of their wishes and do what he saw to be, if not the best, then at least the most pain-free.

He had returned to Y/N to let her know he couldn’t find Loki, and when Loki asked Thor how she was doing, Thor said she had left the Avengers shortly after he had left her. Thor did not want Loki to know that Y/N forced herself to come into work every day with bloodshot eyes and socialize with the team bearing a fake smile. He did not want Y/N to know that Loki constantly had bruises and cuts on his fists from punching whatever he could find, or that he did not go a single day without screaming so loudly that the dungeon walls seemed to tremble. It is what Thor saw would do both of them the least harm, and if both Y/N and Loki could step out of the picture for a moment, they would both agree.

“What are you doing here?” She asked, her voice quiet. Loki flinched slightly at the sound, hearing the sorrow laced in the voice that was once filled with pure joy.

His eyelids fluttered as his eyes kept stinging with tears wanting to spill, staring out over nighttime Manhattan and its millions of lights. He had asked himself the same thing for nearly an hour and hadn’t thought of an answer, so he was left without words once more. He wanted to turn around and look at her, let her know he was alive at least as he couldn’t speak to make that clear, but he didn’t have the strength in him. It had been hard enough to see her inside with the other before when she hadn’t known he was there. He couldn’t stand the thought of seeing her so devastated once more, and mostly it was because he couldn’t promise he wouldn’t leave if she came crashing into his chest again.

“I don’t know.” He somehow managed to croak out, his voice breaking halfway through the three-worded sentence. Y/N kept looking at the back of his head, noting how messy his long hair was, as if he hadn’t taken touched it since they last saw one another.

“Were you going to come inside?” She questioned, not at all prepared for if the answer was 'no’. “Or were you hoping to just stand out here and not have me know?”

He didn’t have an answer to that either. He had gone to the balcony completely blind, without a single clue of what he was doing or why he was doing it. He wished he had the answers to her questions, if not for her sake, than for his own, but he had nothing.

“I don’t know.” He repeated, still refusing to even turn in her direction, let alone look at her.

She wanted to move closer to him, but she felt like a deer caught in lights. Her body was frozen in place. All she could do was stand there and try to process the situation in a way which wouldn’t end with her completely breaking down like she had often found herself doing in the safety of her own home after Loki left.

“Can you just say something?” She felt the familiar lump in her throat that formed whilst she cried. She tried to swallow it down, but it stayed in place, only hurting her whenever she tried to push it down.

“I…” Loki began, letting out sigh as he seemed incapable of speaking properly. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know if you can say anything?” She questioned, a short laugh erupting from her mouth before she could contain it. She was far from amused, and she had no desire to laugh at him in mockery, but it had been coughed out almost as on reflex. She was so lost in her own emotions that her body no longer knew how to react accordingly to them.

“No.” He admitted, which was the truth and nothing but it. He didn’t have the slightest clue of what he was doing. All he knew was that the months without Y/N had been far worse than any hell he could imagine, and he dared almost promise that he wouldn’t live for much longer if things kept on going the same way they had. He had tried his very best to stay away from her, to let her live a life free of him on earth and not have all of their suffering be in vein, yet he found himself sharing the space of the balcony with her.

“So… Am I supposed to just walk away now and leave you? What- what’s happening, and don’t you dare say that you don’t know.” She demanded, her voice still calm but judging by the slight change in her tone, her emotions seemed to be getting the best of her.

“I don’t know.” Loki — who refused to stay silent — gave her the only answer he had, even if it wasn’t the one she wanted.

“No. You can’t say that. You can’t.” She refused, becoming more upset by each second. He could hear her take a few step in his direction and he watched a vague, yellow, light flash across his clutched hands before disappearing. He was just as out of control as she was, and the fact that he realized that made things even worse. He couldn’t understand how someone could effect him as much as she effected him. He had always been careless in his life and had never experienced love until he met her, and love changed him so drastically that he became defensive — nearly hostile — towards those changes.

“I don’t have answers…” He explained, the longest sentence he had given her that night.

“Please think of them, then…” She took a few more steps forward, her tone back to broken. Loki let his eyes close, his jaw clenched tightly in anger as he was unable to contain yet another tear.

He didn’t understand how someone could be so calm after being left the way he had left Y/N. If she would have been furious — tried to punch him in the face as soon as she had laid eyes on him — it would have hurt less for him, but it was painfully obvious how much she still loved him, and he knew he would never deserve that kind of unconditional love.

I can’t…” His voice cracked again from the same kind of lump in his throat that she was dealing with.

“Please…” She yet a few more steps forward and bluntly began to reach her arm out for him when suddenly, he vanished, leaving a short trail of yellow light. Her chest felt hollow, her lips hanging parted. She watched the empty air where he had just stood, the feeling of deja vu crushing her like an ant under a boot.

“What I did was unforgivable.” His voice came from behind her and her entire body shuddered in relief at the sound of it, her first tear of the evening slipping from her eye and running over the light scar on her cheekbone. “I had no right to come here. I should have stayed away, I should have kept you safe and fulfilled the whole purpose of why I left you, but I… I can’t. No matter what reason I think I have for coming here, they don’t make it even remotely alright.”

Suddenly, the words seemed to be pouring out of him like running water, which was ten times better than the 'I don’t know’s’ she had received before.

“Why can’t you understand that I never wanted you to stay away, that I still don’t?” She questioned, glancing over her shoulder to the point where she could see his legs. In one, swift, move — hoping he would not teleport again — she turned around and faced him fully.

She let out a shaky breath upon seeing his face for the first time in over six months, watching him squint his eyes shut excessively hard to not be able to see her. Under them were dark circles from his lack of sleep, and she spotted the bruises and cuts on his knuckles as she let her eyes roam across his body for a brief look. His hair was partially hanging in front of his face and a deep crease was settled between his eyebrows.

“You deserve to be happy, Y/N…”

Hearing him say her name was like music to her ears. Nothing had made her feel as good for the past, half, year than hearing that.

“I was happy.” She took a slow step closer to him, considering no magic as a victory. “Before you left, I felt like the happiest person alive…”

He didn’t want to believe that, even if he could confirm that sheerly from his own perspective. The amount of happiness he had seen in her on their one camping trip over a year ago was enough to confirm it.

“Loki…” She began when she saw the flash of pain strike his features upon hearing his name in her voice. “Please look at me.”

“I can’t.” He said once again, exhaling sharply and keeping his eyes tightly shut.

“Look at me.” She repeated, feeling her eyes burn for a moment. “See that you don’t need to leave me to keep me safe…”

There was something in her voice, something about how she had slightly changed her tone, which led Loki’s eyes to soften. The creases around them became smooth and — slowly — they began to flutter open.

Before him stood Y/N, eyes glowing vividly blue from the power which the Tesseract had granted her in an accident during her time as a SHIELD agent years prior. They were locked right onto his, and seeing her look at him for the first time since he left felt like a cure to his self-caused torment. After he let out a sigh of relief, Y/N’s lips quickly stretched into a smile.

“You see that?” She asked with an airy laugh, her smile and glowing eyes still on display, another tear slipping from her waterline. “I can protect myself. You should have known that I could, even if I got hurt just once.”

He was breathing heavily, his words gone again. He didn’t understand how he could have ever been so ignorant. Y/N was more than capable of taking care of herself, he should haven known that, just like she had said. Perhaps it had all just been too much for him and his poor skill in emotion-management, and it pained him to think he might could have spared the months upon months of torture had he just stopped to think for a moment.

“I’m sorry.” He stammered, his tears building up until he couldn’t stop them anymore. They fell from both eyes and kept coming from time to time, but he wasn’t alone with that either. Y/N began to cry right along with him, covering her mouth with her hand to quiet her sobs. “I’m so sorry.”

Simultaneously they closed the space between them. She snaked her arms around his back and hid in the crook of his neck whilst he covered his arms over her protectively, his head resting on her just as hers did on him. His tears stained her grey shirt with dark spots, and for the first time in his life, he felt as though he didn’t care about showing his emotions. Y/N deserved to see them. He was the reason for her depression, for letting her cry herself to sleep the few nights she slept at all. He was the reason he had spent months inside of a prison cell, punching the walls until his hands were soaked in his own blood, and screaming until his voice was gone. Keeping his thoughts and emotions from her was a mistake he would never make again.

Thor stood on the ledge of the rooftop, three floors above the balcony where his brother kept Y/N in a strong embrace, smiling down at the couple who seemed to have finally found their way back to one another, taking some credit to himself for the heartfelt reunion.

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Hey, if you missed my A/N at the top, please tell me what you think, and tell me if you’d like a side-story about that trip to Washington! ^^

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Head Canon: The First Time Sweet Pea Falls in Love

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A/N: This is my first attempt at a head canon. It was inspired by an upcoming Sweet Pea one-shot by @ju-gg. So look out for that.!
Warnings: Swearing. Sorry.

  • Okay so Sweet Pea’s first love used to be a North sider until her family moved six blocks into the South side of Riverdale. Jughead, remembering her from shared classes, made sure that she was adopted into the Serpent group when he saw some Ghoulies sniffing around her. 
  • I think that this would have piqued Sweet Pea’s interest, Jughead’s protectiveness for this girl. He would start to fuck with her. Try to get under her skin to get under Jughead’s skin.
  • He’d do shitty things like ask her to hang out only to roll up to Archie’s house for a little mayhem. She only went because she thought Jughead was going to be there, too. 
  • Archie was shocked when he saw her and Sweet Pea loved that he got under the ginger’s skin, too. So he threw his arm around her and pulled her into his side. What could she do? He was her ride home. 
  • She was not impressed by the rain fight and she made sure he knew it. In retaliation he gunned his bike to force her to cuddle up.
  • After that night he started bestowing random kisses on her. He will kiss her anywhere but her mouth.
  • Her nose, forehead, cheek, neck, shoulder, the tips of her fingers and her jaw. A N Y W H E R E.
  • He laughs at her like there’s a joke she’ll never get. Until one day the joke is on him. He’s in love. And he doesn’t know how to touch her with the gentleness she deserves.
  • He doesn’t know what to do, he’s never been anyone’s boyfriend before. He’s only made out with girls, he’s never kissed them. He’d seen relationships on TV and in movies, but the only relationship he saw in real life? Two drunks who fought, screamed, cried, fucked. 
  • So he pulls back from her, but he can’t stop looking and it is so hard to stay away.
  • He’s not the boyfriend type. There’s nothing soft and flowery in him to give. And she’s definitely the girlfriend type, she deserves all that flowery shit but he doesn’t know anything but hard, fast, loud, and violent.
  • He tries to learn. He walks beside her and in almost private moments he reaches for her hand. He tells her she looks nice and she looks at him with suspicion. He tries to laugh with her, not at her. 
  • When a Ghoulie steps to her, he immediately steps back and puts his fist in their face because even though it’s not official, even though there hasn’t been a date or a kiss, that is his girl. H I S.
  • Sweet Pea and the Ghoulie end up suspended, and that pisses him off because that’s three days without an excuse to see her. He’s stomping out of the school when he hears her call his name. 
  • She says thank you and he can physically feel himself relaxing (he refuses to think of it as going soft, he is not a soft person). Her gratitude, the way she looks up at him–it sends a rush of heat through him.
  • He’s always taken what he wanted and this is no exception. He takes his hand, the one with the bruised knuckles, and takes her cheek and then he gives her something in return–a kiss. His first.
  • And he’s in love with her.

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Always You | Sweet Pea x Reader

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Request: Could you do a sweetpea imagine where she’s good friends with him and they like each other but she has a a-hole boyfriend? @foriternity

A/N: This is my first imagine ever, I hope it doesn’t disappoint. Feedback and requests are welcome.

Sweet Pea loved you with all his heart which was very out of character for the Serpent. However he couldn’t help it when it came to you, his best friend for years. You were one of the first people who actually cared about him, to him you felt like home, you were the safety he had craved all his life. Unfortunately for him he only realised this undying love for you after you started dating your now boyfriend Jeremy, a well known South Sider trouble maker. He would never understand how you a loving caring person could date that obnoxious jerk. Sweet pea denied his feelings for you for so long because he was so scared of your rejection, he couldn’t handle being rejected by you and now it’s too late.


“So are you coming to Fangs party tonight? Everyone’s talking about it.” Sweet Pea sidled up next to you at the lunch table. Even though you weren’t a Serpent your friendship with Sweet Pea gave you an honorary Serpent status, and the fact that you got along well with all the other Serpents at the high school.

“Nah, I promised Jeremy I would spend the night with him.” You say exasperated, crossing your fingers that Sweet Pea won’t delve deeper into the matter. The moment you suggested going to the party to Jeremy he flipped out, you knew he didn’t like any of your Serpents friends and has tried on many occasions to keep you apart from them, he has always been possessive like that.

“Really Y/N,” he raises an eyebrow at you “Fangs is going to be disappointed if you don’t show, hell we all will be. It won’t be as fun without you, who am I meant to hang out with?” he pleads

“I’m sure you will be fine without me, you have Toni and literally all your other friends.”

“But it won’t be the same without you.” He pleads

“Stop you’re making me blush.” You joke only to be met with his serious stare.

“Are you actually going to let your boyfriend tell you what to do?” He eyes full of concern.

“It’s my decision Sweet Pea.” He rolled his eyes not taking your lie.

“If you must, bring Jeremy along.” He spat sneering your boyfriend’s name.

“Yeah, no party’s complete without a fist fight.” I sarcastically say. “The Serpent’s and Jeremy can’t seem to be near each other without fighting.”

“I wonder why.” He muttered sarcastically, You shoot him a glare.

“Look I promise no fighting.” Putting his hands up in surrender.

“Pinky Promise?”

“Really Y/N are you trying to ruin my reputation?”

“No pinky promise, no party.” Pointing your pinky as threateningly as possible.

“Fine, fine.” Hooking our pinky’s as quickly as possible.


“Let’s get this over with.” Jeremy sneers, slamming his car door shut. You were shocked you had managed to convince him, it took at horrible screaming match to get him to finally agree to go with you. The moment you got into the party you felt the Serpent’s eyes on Jeremy, Jeremy was known for causing trouble for the Serpent gang, and the tension was thick.

“I see this party is full of South Side scum.” He loudly says to me, causing even more eyes to turn in our direction. As much as you wanted to protest and stand up from your friends, you wouldn’t dare talking back to Jeremy and risk causing a scene. He grabbed your arm practically dragging you to the bar area.


“Hey, hey. Can I some damn service here?” Jeremy slams a fist on the bar rattling all the glasses.

You hadn’t even been waiting a minute for drinks, the poor barman who had a line of orders turns to Jeremy with a glare. You keep your head low knowing all the attention Jeremy’s behaviour was getting, though by now you were used to it. You tuned out Jeremy’s snappy replies to the barman searching for your best friend Sweet Pea. You are going to murder him if he doesn’t show up after everything you went through to get here. You doubt he would be able to miss you with Jeremy’s loud behaviour.

“And for the lady?” The bartender brings you back from your thoughts.

“Just a coke please.” You didn’t feel much like drinking especially knowing that you will be the one driving home when Jeremy gets wasted.

“Don’t be so uptight, would you live a little.” Jeremy cruelly mocked.


“Well, well, well look who finally decided to show up.” You fumed when you spot Sweet Pea pushing his way through the crowd towards you. Jeremy had left you stranded by the pool table at least half an hour ago, leaving you furious. Mad at him for leaving you, mad at not being able to spot any of your other friends and especially mad at Sweet Pea who you haven’t seen all night after dragging you into this whole mess.

“It’s called being fashionably late Princess.” He smugly joked.

“It’s called ditching your best friend.” You grumbled.

“I didn’t ditch you, I’m here aren’t I.” He countered.

“Sweets you pinky promised.” You jokingly whine.

“I didn’t agree to being on time.” He teases

“It was an unwritten rule to the pinky promised.” You mutter pretending to still be mad at him. You can never stay mad at sweets for very long especially with that adorable smile.

“So where is your charming prince.” Sweets snarled. He always got so tense when he mentioned or heard about Jeremy.

“His around here somewhere.” You gesture at the party.

“Guess that means it’s just us.” he says smugly wiggling his eyebrows. You gently nudge his shoulder giggling.

“Let’s go dance.” You burst out, now that Sweets was here you felt relaxed and giddy.

“Y/N… My reputation.” He whined childishly.

“Pretty please, it will be fun.” You grab his hands interlacing your fingers, gently tugging him towards the dance floor. His face lights up at your the actions, tightly gripping onto your hand. You and Sweets join Toni and another serpent girl on the dance floor, you start having fun and letting your worries melt away. All that mattered in that moment was Sweets and you.

It all changed when the slow song sounded through the speakers, Sweets jokingly bows “May I have this dance?” You both spin around the room though it wasn’t the most graceful dancing, tripping over each other’s feet until you settled on a gentle sway. It seemed in that moment everything clicked into place, you felt so safe in Sweets arms and his touch made butterflies burst in your stomach. You couldn’t help but stare up at Sweets who was looking affectionately down at you. He stared to lean into you his soft lips gently landing on yours making you melt inside, you had never felt this way before, this happy … this in love. You forced yourself to abruptly pull away no matter how much it pained you. Sweets hurt expression sent a stab of pain through your heart, he looked crushed. You stumbled away from him.

“Y/N please I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” Sweets reached out for you.

“Sweets I can’t. I’m sorry.” There was so much more to say but you turn and run. Going to look for Jeremy to take you home, away from the pained expression on Sweets face, away from the man you realised you love.

A/N: Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed. Probably going to do a part 2 for this imagine. Requests welcome!

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Idk if u take prompts but even thought to consider, doesnt have to be a prompt. Ok so its moxiety. Patton realises he hasnt had a hug ALL DAY and he's feeling Emotional(tm) and finds Virgil who reluctantly gives a hug and Patton discovers that Virgil is AMAZING at hugs and always comes to him for hugs when he needs them now. Virgil also loves the attention and being able to help his favourite side. ("Virge u cant have a favourite!!" "Yes i can Pat its you 💜💜💜")

A/N Don’t like the way this turned out but oh well.

Title: Favourite

Pairing: moxiety (Morality/Anxiety) - can be read as platonic

Genre: fluff, drabble

Word Count: 360

Patton didn’t feel… right. Something about his day had been off, but he couldn’t pinpoint what.

He had done his afternoon chores and Thomas was up-to-date on all his projects, so it wasn’t like he was forgetting to do something. This did nothing to make the confused ache fade away.

The side was still mulling over his predicament when he popped up in the common room. The bundle of blankets on the couch seemed to jump when he walked past, which struck Patton as odd. Reversing, he saw that it wasn’t just blankets. Virgil was curled underneath them, barely visible, focussed on whatever was on his phone.

He looked cosy, and Patton wanted to cuddle his adorable friend.

That was when he realised. Patton hadn’t been hugged all day! This was unacceptable, and, pouting, he sought to remedy it immediately.

“Virgil,” he whined, getting the side’s attention, “I haven’t been hugged all day!”

Virgil sighed. He knew there was no point in trying to continue scrolling through Tumblr peacefully now that Patton had put his mind to something, so he turned off his phone. “Why don’t you ask Roman? Didn’t you say he’s the best at hugs?”

Patton frowned. “He’s busy. And besides, we’ve never hugged before! I don’t want to make unfair judgements!”

“You spend too much time around Logan,” Virgil grumbled, untwisting himself from the blankets and sitting upright regardless. “Well, if you want a hug, you should sit on the couch ‘cause I’m not moving.”

Patton happily plonked himself next to Virgil and immediately threw his arms around him. The anxious side was surprisingly warm, but not fever-warm. It was the kind of warm Patton associated with cookies and puppies playing in the sun. It was a… safe-warm.

Virgil gathered up his courage and tentatively wrapped his arms around Patton in return.

“You know,” Patton started, head resting on Virgil’s shoulder, “I think you’re better than Roman at hugging. But don’t tell him that!”

Virge chuckled. “Don’t worry, I would never set Roman on my favourite side.”

“You can’t have favourites!” Patton tutted in mock-disapproval.

“Why not? You do,” Virgil pointed out. Patton only huffed and held Virgil tighter.


“Jacin is only a friend.”

It was the truth. He was a friend, albeit one she would cut out her heart for.

some more of these. Jacinter lured me in promising adorable childhood-friends romance but then buried me under angst and pain

Dive Part 6

Photo creds to @levitann on tumblr


Jungkook x reader

Warnings: Smut, strong language,

Subject: Smut, Angst

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Anonymous said to :

I would like to make a request and I wish you can make it a series. BTS- Jungkook. Smut- it doesn’t matter, anything does it. Angst- 3 (he uses you but you catch feelings and because of it you don’t seem to notice he’s using you, until one day.) sorry if that doesn’t makes sense. AU- 2,5 and you can make something on your own too. I JUST REALLY LOVE ANGST, SO PLEASE MAKE PURE ANGST OUT OF IT, I AM FEELING SAD THESE DAYS, I LIKE TO CRY! 😊😊😙😙😍

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Feelings? Not A Chance…

Author Note: Tell me what you guys think of this one… I feel like I should remake it but let me know what you think! Also they’re around 16 in this imagine.

Prompt: I never really feel a thing. I’m just kinda too frozen. You were the only one.That even kinda came close.


Sparks. Richie was never a big believer in true love till those sparks started. He easily shuddered under (Y/n)’s touch as she lazily traced shapes on his skin. Those sparks easily prancing across his skin reminding him of how easily she could control him.

He let out a content sigh as he pulled her closet. A small smile forming as a small giggle escaped her. God even that laugh sent the sparks haywire. They seemed to travel through his veins making him want to quiver at everything she did.

Richie was sure he didn’t know what love was, but this… This seemed like what love should be. After all depsite all the girls he’s been with not one had ever made him feel this sparks that now plagued him daily.

His brown eyes finally met her bright (e/c) ones. He pressed a kiss to the tip of (Y/n)’s nose chuckling slightly as she giggled once more. “Good morning,” He mumbled quietly.

His heart practically melted as she gave him a tired smile. “Good morning,” She grumbled nestling her face in the crook of his neck for warmth.

This was often their routine during the weekend. He’d stay over to escape his parents and (Y/n) would just nestle up to him the whole time. Richie tried to ignore the warmth spreading through him as he wrapped an arm around her waist. He used his other arm to run his fingers through her hair in a soothing manner.

“Thank you,” He mumbled quietly. So quietly that (Y/n) almost didn’t hear it.

However, she did hear him. She pulled back slightly so her eyes could meet his. She tilted her head slightly as she asked, “For what?”

Richie’s cheeks were a slight pinkish now as he smiled down at her. “For helping me figure out what Love is….”

(Y/n)’s whole body was suddenly heating up at his words. The butterflies in her stomach easily multiplying at his statement. “I thought you don’t have feelings,” She teased trying to ignore the hammering of her heart.

Richie let out a soft chuckle. “Only for you (Y/n). Only for you.”

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New Chapter - How would Harry and Y/N react if Oliver wanted to branch out into the music business as a teenager and follow in his parent's footsteps.

Oliver had always loved being around music and you and Harry whenever you would be working on something. He would tag along to the studio at times and he would spend some time in the makeshift home studio as well. He had learned to play guitar and piano at an early age and even sang in the school talent show every year.

However, neither you or Harry knew Oliver had been considering getting out into the music industry until one night when he approached you both about it. All the younger kids were fast asleep, while you and Harry were working on a song together when Oliver knocked on the door.

“Hey, Ollie, what’s up?” Harry asked.

“Can I talk to you two about something?” He asked.

“Of course, sweetheart, everything okay?” You asked.

Oliver walked in and sat down looking at the two of you. You could tell he was nervous to talk about whatever it was he wanted to have a conversation about.

“Everything’s fine,” Oliver said. “I just… I wanted to run an idea with you.”

“And what’s that?” Harry asked.

Oliver took a deep breath. “You know how much I love music, right?”

“Yeah, we know,” you nodded. “But what about it?”

Oliver bit his lip and looked at you and Harry. “I want to pursue music. I want to perform in front a crowd. I want to write and record my own album and tour the world. I want to do what you two have done since you were my age.”

You and Harry looked at each other before Harry spoke up. “I’m not exactly surprised that you want to do this, and I’m proud of you for wanting to do it. However, the music industry is tough. Yes, your Mum and I started out young, but it wasn’t this glamorous life. It was hard work. We were away from our families and everything we knew, our lives went from 0-60 almost overnight.I have no doubt that you can do all that, son, because I see in it you, but there are things your Mum and I missed out on because we started so young and we’d hate for you miss out on those as well.”

“Your Dad’s right,” you nodded. “When we had you and your siblings, your father and I both agreed we’d give you all the most “normal” life as you grew up even though our careers were not so “normal.” We’re not saying we don’t want you to pursue this, we just really want you to think long and hard before you decide.”

“I know and I have,” Oliver said. “I know there are things I’d miss out on if I made it, but look at all the things I’d get to do if I did make it. Look at what you two accomplished.”

“He does have a point,” Harry nodded.

“If you’re absolutely sure this is something you want to do, then we’ll support you 110%,” you smiled.

“Thank you,” he said. “But there’s something I want to add.”

“What’s that?” You asked.

“I don’t… I don’t want either of you to make a call to someone… I want to do this myself,” he said. “I want to know that I can make it on my own and that people will like my music for me… which is why I want to audition for the X Factor.”

“Really?” Harry perked up.

He nodded. “I looked it up and they’re having auditions here soon, I just need your permission,” he said.

“Where do I sign?” Harry smiled widely.

Oliver smiled and pulled out the paper to give to him. Harry quickly signed it and hugged him.

“I’m so proud of you,” he whispered. “No matter what happens, okay?”

“We love you, baby boy,” you smiled hugging him tightly.

“Muuumm,” he whined.

You laughed. “It doesn’t matter how old you are or how tall you are, you’re still my baby.”

He laughed. “I love you,” he said hugging you again.

“I love you too, now, it’s getting late, so why don’t you head on to bed,” you said.

He nodded and went to walk out of the room before looking at the two of you again. “Thanks again,” he smiled.

“You’re welcome,” Harry smiled.

When Oliver was gone, you looked over at Harry. “Our little boy is growing up,” you whispered.

“Yeah, he is,” he smiled kissing your head before you both decide to head to be yourselves.

Little Games


Request: HEAR ME OUT:   Patrick x Reader (female) x Henry with a dash of the fact that those boys can talk dirty for daysssss   Also I hope you’re having a lovely day! x


Walking down the streets after school had never been fun. Especially if he Bowers Gang we’re cruising by, everyday (Y/N) would wish they had better things to do than drive around. But this afternoon they had been driving around, hanging out the windows and slapping their hands against the side of the car, wolf whistling to girls and cat calling them. They all retaliated somehow, whether it be screaming back at them or throwing something at them, everyone was used to their antics. But (Y/N) had enough, even if they were some of the most attractive boys she had seen, she didn’t like the attention one bit, especially when people would stare at her when the boys would start hollering. She always had to walk a few blocks each day to get from school to home, wishing she had a car. Although, despite the many times Patrick and the boys have tried to coerce her into the car, it wasn’t happening. Although, she had always wondered what it felt like to be close to Patrick - or Victor - or even the man himself, Henry Bowers. It was true, they were attractive but they were assholes. Even she had standards. “Hey baby!” She sighed as she heard the familiar voice behind her. She tried not to look, full well knowing Patrick was licking his lips, something that regrettably turned her on. That boy was fire and so was his counter part. “C’mon why don’t ya hop in? We’ll behave.” Henry cooed. She heard Victor and Belch’s chuckle. She often thought of Belch as the quiet one, the one who would be the most sane, her eyes met with Belch’s and he looked back at Henry and the boys and back to the road, he slowed the car, just cruising beside her so close she could smell the cigarette smoke.

She stayed silent, figuring they’d just go away if she ignored them. “Don’t be shy princess.” Patrick drawled. “If you get in, we’ll stop makin’ a goddamn scene.” Henry cocked his eyebrow. She slowed, turning to look at the boy. She took in his soft but harsh features. She turned her attention to Patrick, dragging his tongue over his bottom lip, grinning like a psycho. “Will you leave me alone?” She asked, stopping beside the car. She secretly hoped they wouldn’t. “You’ll have to find out.” Victor perked up. She crossed her arms and sighed in defeat, sweet, sweet defeat. Patrick climbed out of the car and opened the door. She stepped forward and felt Patrick’s large hand place itself on the small of her back. She looked back at him then her eyes flickered back to the seat in the middle. “Are you gonna get the fuck in?” Henry groaned, his mood shifting drastically. She nodded.

Belch’s car was small, she knew she would have to be squished against the boys sides but she wasn’t denying that she’d always wanted to. She slid in beside Victor who grinned to Belch and Patrick. Patrick slid in after her. She was right, this car was small and her body was meshing with the boys’.Her heart was racing, faster and faster each breath she drew, inhaling sharply the scent of all different colognes and cigarette smoke. She was trying to figure out which cologne belonged to which boy, she hadn’t noticed Patrick’s eyes gleaming in her direction. He leaned towards her, she inhaled instinctively. Her nostrils filled with his scent, disgruntled by the fact that her favourite scent belonged to Patrick Fucking Hockstetter. “You seem tense little one…” He purred in her ear, sending shivers down her spine. “Leave the girl alone, Hockstetter.” Henry groaned, his eyes meeting yours through the rear view mirror. She silently thanked him but he didn’t notice. Patrick rolled his eyes and leaned back towards the window. They pulled up outside her house. As she went to get out so did Henry and Patrick but Patrick didn’t go back in. “You boys coming?” Henry asked the others. “I have to take Vic home and then my dad wants my help.” Belch shrugged. “My mom needs my help.” Vic said meekly. Henry shrugged them off and turned towards the house walking towards it. “Well? You coming? There’s no fucking way I’m wasting my time looking for your bedroom.” Henry opened the front door using the key he found under the welcome mat.

His knowledge about her home had truly scared (Y/N) how much did they stalk her? She walked ahead of Patrick, Henry now stood in the entrance way, waiting for her. She took the lead nervously. “So why are you guys here?” She asked, timidly walking up the stairs to her room. “We’re gonna hang out…” Henry’s voice was dripping with mischief. She let them into her room and as if it were their own they immediately got comfortable, taking refuge on her bed and her desk chair. She sat on the bed beside Patrick, facing them both. “So babydoll… We’re gonna play a little game. We play it with all of our whores.” he said. “Your whores?” She spoke up. He snickered crossing his arms. “What? You think once we got you in the car we’d just let you go? Especially after months of trying? Damn you sure ain’t smart.” Henry grinned. She swallowed the lump in her throat, “what are you gonna do to me?” her voice was shaky and it didn’t help that Patrick had let go of her hand a few moments ago. “Oh darling don’t you worry. We won’t hurt ya.” Patrick cooed. “We just like to play.” He added.

Patrick leaned down to her ear and made sure no one else could hear him, “don’t worry, it’s just us.” His fingers entwined with the tendrils of her hair. She felt a shiver run down her spine. “We’ll start easy. Truth or dare.” Henry’s suggestion almost made (Y/N) laugh, it was such a juvenile game but she knew deep down that if she played with with these boys, it would be the least juvenile game she’d ever played and will ever play. “Y/N… Truth or dare?” Henry shifted comfortable, placing his elbows on his knees and leaning forward, dropping his hands in front of him. “Truth.” She muttered, Patrick giggled. “Okay… Would you fuck at least one of us?” He cocked his eyebrow, expecting her answer to e a disgusted no and for her to try to leave. “Yeah.” She deadpanned. Henry’s eyes widened, a small boyish smirk playing on his lips until he looked over to the boy beside her. His features became stone again as he saw her glance at Patrick and back to himself.

“Henry… Truth or dare?” She cocked an eyebrow, seeing that she had him right where she wanted him. “Truth.” He narrowed his eyes at her. “If you could fuck anyone, who would it be?” She asked. he snickered and stared her down, “You.” She wasn’t all that shocked but she still expected him to name a famous actress or Victors mom. “And baby I’d fuck your pussy so hard you wouldn’t be able to walk.” He winked, earning. raspy chuckle from Patrick. “Wouldn’t you like to try.” She teased. He cocked an eyebrow and leaned closer, “is that an invitation?” He bit his lip and she held back a laugh. “Patrick-” “dare.” Patrick interjected with a smirk, leering at (Y/N). Henry was frozen, there was nothing he could dare Patrick to do without having him touch or interact with (Y/N). Patrick would do anything, that was a fact. Henry took a risk and allowed Patrick to have his moment of egotistical fun. “I dare you to pick something from (Y/N’s) closet and then get her to wear it.” Henry shrugged, out of ideas, wishing it were just him and (Y/N). “Actual clothes, Hockstetter.” Henry warned, seeing the look on Patricks smug face, knowing full well he couldn’t have this girl half naked around Patrick, especially if he wanted her to himself, God they both did. Patrick smirked with a nod and headed towards her closet, opening it and looking through, a look of determination and confusion on his face. He reached in and plucked a dress off of one of the hangers. “This. Now this is a dress!” He pointed to the item of clothing he held. it was a light blue dress, short and low cut. Patrick motioned for her to stand up and she removed her shirt, taking the dress and putting it on, then taking her jeans off from under the dress gingerly. “Fuck. You should wear dresses more often.” Henry praised quietly from his corner. She grinned at him. “You wish, Bowers.” She said. “Alright, girlie… truth or dare?” Patrick licked his lips as he leaned back onto the bed using his elbows as support with his legs crossed. “Dare.” She said, sitting back down on the end of the bed, facing Henry and Patrick. henry’s eyes flickered towards Patrick, his eyes met with Patrick’s, Patrick looked back towards the girl in front of him, “kiss me.” he said breathlessly. Her heart began racing, her cheeks began to burn.

Whatever she had gotten herself into, she liked it. She turned her body towards him, scooting closer to his crossed legs. Patrick didn’t move, he didn’t lean in, he sat still, waiting for her to come to him, which she did. Kneeling in front of his legs she gripped the headboard behind him and leaned in, her other hand sat at the base of his jaw, her lips centimetres away from his, she let a shaky breath escape, her heart was going wild and her breath followed suit. She connected their lips, feeling the soft warmth of his lips, he kissed her back. His tongue ran along her bottom lip, one of his hands coming up to hold her throat gently. Henry’s jaw clenched and he cleared his throat, the pair slowed down, she took his bottom lip between her teeth and tugged lightly before pulling away. Her cheeks a deep crimson, she tried to fight the smile creeping onto her lips, especially when she saw Henry’s cold facade, knowing he wasn’t pleased. “Henry… Truth or dare.” She licked her lips, making his breath hitch. “Dare.” He sighed, pretending to be bored. “It’s your turn to kiss me.” Her words shocked both the boys, neither wanted to share her with anyone, let alone each other. Patrick smirked lightly, seeing straight through her little game, Henry on the other hand, his vision was blocked by the gorgeous girl, wanting to kiss him, he hadn’t seen this as a game, he saw this as her fantasy and he was into it.

He shifted in the desk chair and stood up, taking a step towards the bed where she sat. He closed in on her and leaned down, his hand caressing her cheek, he pressed his lips against hers, still unsure but when he felt her tug him closer he smiled into the kiss. Patrick grinned ear to ear, rolling his eyes. Her hands gripped Henry’s tank top and pulled him into her, their lips moving in synch, her tongue sliding against his own, his hands gripping her side. She pulled away from Henry, reaching out for Patrick’s collar and pulling him over to the pair and as he was close enough she attached her lips to his, Henry’s hands caressing her body and her tongue exploring Patrick’s mouth. She pulled away from Patrick who kneeled on the bed, towering over her. Her hands on his hips, tugging at the hem of his shirt she lifted his shirt half way off his body and he pulled it the other half way off, throwing it aside. Her hands began trailing down his torso lightly and reaching the waistband of his jeans, looking up at Patrick and reaching up, snaking her hand around the nape of his neck, she pulled him down. She kissed him and began leaving a trail of warm kisses along his neck and collarbone, palming him through his jeans, a moan escaped his lips. “Oh fuck… You really are our little whore…” He muttered. She pulled away and moved back to the side of the bed, sitting on the edge, facing Henry who was still standing at the bed, he’d been watching her with Patrick and he couldn’t wait for his turn. She pulled him back into her, letting him step between her legs, she pulled him down and connected their lips, her hands running up under his shirt. She let her hands fall back out of his shirt and took it from his body. Her eyes scanned his torso, she reconnected their lips hungrily, letting her hands explore his body for her. Henry’s hand tugged at her hair and the other was stuck on her neck.

She grabbed his shoulders and threw him onto the free space on the bed beside her, climbing on top of him and straddling him, her hands planted firmly on his chest, she planted her lips on his and enjoyed the feeling while it lasted, she dragged her lips down to his jaw and trailed light kisses along his sharp jawbone her hand resting on the other side of his jaw. Her lips left kisses from his jaw down to his chest, she could feel him bulging against her, she rolled her hips, forcing a groan to escape his lips, his hands held her hips in place, stopping her, his lips parted as if he were panting heavily, his eyes pleading for more but his hands said otherwise. Patrick snickered from beside the two, earning her attention, she gestured for him to come closer, to which he obliged. She sat upright, resting on Henry’s bulge. (Y/N) took her shirt off and took note of how both boy’s eyes began to analyse her gratifyingly. She grabbed Patrick’s face and pulled him into a kiss, one of her hands trailing to find his bulge, which was easy enough. She began palming him again, his lips quivering in pleasure, his eyes rolling back into his head and a sick grin plastered on his face. She felt Henry’s grip on her hips loosen and taking her chance she rolled her hips again, feeling the boy jerk underneath her in pleasure, “god fuck!” He moaned, closing his eyes. She pulled away from Patrick and began to kiss Henry again, rolling her hips slowly, he moaned against her mouth, “fuck - you like - bein’ a - slut?” He taunted to which she rolled her hips and kissed him harder.

her heart dropped when she heard a door slam shut. The front door slammed shut. She jerked away from Henry and looked to Patrick who had already stood up off of the bed. “Y/N, you home?” She heard her mother call. “Shit.” She cursed under her breath before getting off of Henry and putting her shirt back on. “You guys need to go. Right now.” She whispered, both boys located their shirts and pulled them on quickly. “Out the window!” She muttered as she heard her mother’s footsteps against the first step. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow. We’ll play tomorrow.” She winked as Henry climbed through the window, smirking at her, his cheeks flushed. He jumped down and Patrick began to climb out, he pulled her close to him and held her waist with one arm and used his other arm to hold onto the window not to fall out. He pressed his lips against hers, pulling away and licking her bottom lip. He left with a wink and just as he jumped, there was a knock at the door. “I’m getting changed.” She sighed. Her heart had been beating at a million miles per minute. “Okay. Come down when you’re done, I’ll be in the kitchen.” (Y/N) peered out the window and watched as the two boys were making their way down the road, glancing back at her house. She began to chuckle to herself silently, closing her eyes, resting her forehead against the window. What had she gotten herself into?



Was gonna post yesterday but my laptop decided to fuck me over so here ya go! X 

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Can I make a Kingsman request? After Agent Whiskey is rejected by Clara, he gets bored and finds another woman to pick up and spends ages flirting with her using all the charm he has. Love your stuff btw, and so glad you're writing Javi now.

Summary: What does Whiskey do when he’s rejected? He finds another target.
Pairing: Reader x Agent Whiskey.
Fandom: Kingsman.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 1455
A/N: This turned out more fluffy than flirty, but I hope it’s still okay!

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You’ve done a few things that should’ve gotten you in trouble. But tonight you crossed the line and need to pay for it.

Originally posted by trenchcoatedangel67

AN: I was literally half asleep while doing this. Thanks for the love on my last one “Help“. Please if you have any requests don’t be afraid to ask. Thanks lovelies.


You sat on your bed, staring at the books in front of you, focusing on the creatures that you’re trying to remember. Your phone rang and you answered it, scratching the back of your head as you put it on speaker. “Hello?”

“Hey Y/n. I didn’t know if you’d answer.” Sam said.

“Yeah.” I nodded. “What’s up?”

“We’re heading back to the bunker now. Probably about a day away.”

“Okay.” You nodded with a small smile. “I’ll see you in the morning?”

“Yeah probably.” He let out a sigh, looking down at the problem growing in his pants.

“Uh-oh.” You said, sitting back. “I know that tone. What’s wrong?”

“I can’t stop thinking about you.” He whispered.

“Dean by you?”

“Yeah.” He mumbled.

“You think you can control yourself?” You asked as you took your shorts and underwear off.

“I’m trying.” He said. You bit your bottom lip and started rubbing your clit, smiling to yourself.

“Sammy.” You moaned. Sam’s hands gripped the stirring wheel and listened closely, looking over at his sleeping brother and then the road. “Sammy would you let me cum?”

“Y/n.” Sam warned.

You pushed your fingers inside of your wet core, whimpering at the pleasure. “Sammy please let me cum tonight.”

“Stop.” He said lowly. You pumped your fingers faster, feeling your climax getting closer.

“Please tell me I can cum Sammy.” You whined.

“You can’t.” He growled.

“Please Sam!” You hollered, holding yourself back.

“I said no and I mean it.”

You shoved your fingers deep inside and hollered as your climax raked over your body. “Sam!” Through the pleasure you could hear the line end, smiling to yourself as you stood up, putting your underwear in the hamper and jumping in the shower. You washed up quickly and got out, heading to the kitchen to grab something to eat. Your phone rang in your hand and you looked at it. “Hey Dean.”

“What did you do to my brother?”

“What do you mean?” You asked confused. “Well for one he’s cranky and two he’s not talking.”

“I didn’t do anything that you want to know about.” You said, finishing your sandwich. You could hear the garage open and the engine of the Impala. “Sam said you were gonna be here tomorrow.”

“I forgot to mention that he was speeding.” Dean hung up when the door opened, he was the first to walk in while Sam grabbed the bags. “You did something ‘cause Sam isn’t this reckless with Baby.”

“You don’t want to know trust me.” You shook your head and bit into your sandwich.

“Oh.. oh!” Realization hit him and he shook his head in disgust. “You’re right I don’t want to know.” He grabbed a beer and opened it. Sam walked in and looked straight at you, his expression serious as you smiled.

“Hey Sammy. I thought you wouldn’t be here until morning.” He walked towards you as you spoke. “Are you o- Sam!” He picked you up and put you over his shoulder, surprising you. “Sammy! My sandwich!” He smacked your ass as he walked causing you to yelp and shut up. You knew what you were getting yourself into when you disobeyed him. “I’m sorry! Sammy I’m really, really sorry!” He wasn’t listening to you. He went into his room and kicked the door closed before locking it and tossing you on the bed. He stared at you as he undressed, now standing in front of you fully naked. As much as you enjoyed the view you were afraid. Afraid that the only way to get out of this is by crawling or not getting out of it at all.

“You know how I feel about you coming without me.” He stated, pushing you back and tearing your clothes off.

“I put those on not to long ago Sam.” You said with a gasp.

“I don’t care.” He stared hovered over you, staring at you. “You won’t be able to come tonight unless I tell you to. If you do then I won’t fuck you for a week. Do you understand me?”

“Yes sir.” You said, nodding.

“Good girl.” He pushed your legs apart as he got down. He devoured you, sucking on your clit as he pushed his fingers inside of you. You moaned, pushing your hands in his hair but he stopped you, grabbing the tie from his dresser. “No touching either.” He tied your hands together and placed them above your head. “Keep them there.” He went back to your dripping core, licking your juices in delight. He pushed his fingers back inside of you, enjoying the moans emitting from your body. More of your juices flowed and he stopped know that you were close.

“Sam!” You yelled, looking at him.

“What?” He asked as he licked his lips. He tried to look innocent but with his face between your legs that was impossible. “This is punishment remember?”

“Come on you could be nice at least one time!” You shouted.

“Be nice?” He asked. “Remember when you caused my laptop to get a virus?”

“That was Dean.” You said, confused.

“And then you broke my comb.”

“Also Dean.” You said.

“No that was you.” He looked at your hair and nodded.

“Okay fine but the virus was Dean.” You defended.

“You’re the only one that watches Anime without subtitles.”

“Touche.” You mumbled.

“I was being nice to you those times but this time I’m punishing you and that’s my final decision.”


“No buts.” He said, glaring at you.

“Come on Sammy.” You whined as he pushed his fingers back into you slowly.

“Do you want me to cover your mouth too?” He questioned with a raised eyebrow.”

“No.” You shook your head quickly.

“Then hush.” He kissed you. “All I want to hear are your moans and screams.” He pumped his fingers again but this time he was relentless, pulling loud moans from you. You were getting closer already, your entire body going from hot to cold for a second. You cursed, screaming Sam’s name just as you were about to fall but he stopped, chuckling before standing up.

“Fuck Sammy!” You were getting frustrated already from the denial. “I fucking hate you!“

“I love you too.” He kissed your cheek and grabbed the condom that sat on the nightstand. “That was two baby girl. You’ve got two more.”

“Two!?” You yelled, staring at him. “That’s ridiculous!”

“Two or messing with my things and one for disobeying me. The last one is cause I feel like it.”

You whimpered, staring up at him with wide eyes as he pushed his hard member inside of you. He did it so slow that you thought you would lose your mind. “Sammy please.“ You gasped as he started thrusting in and out of you. “Sammy!”

“Please what?” He could feel you getting closer, tightening around him.

“I need to cum Sammy.” You closed your eyes when you started shaking only for everything to stop.

“Do you want to be neglected for two weeks?”

“Two weeks?” You questioned.

“You’re right.” He nodded and snapped his fingers. “If you cum before I tell you to then you won’t have me for a month.

“And I thought you were the nice brother.”

“Who do you think I learned this from?” He leaned his head to the side before thrusting again. The rough thrusts sent you into a frenzy, digging your nails in to his back. You’re climax was already there, just waiting for Sam to stop torturing you. “Beg.”

“What?” You were confused now.

“Beg.” He repeated, slowing down.

“Sam please let me cum. I’m sorry for being a bad girl earlier. Please let my cum Sam! Please!” You stared up at him and he stared at you.

“Remember you’re not the only one holding back alright.” Sam pounded into you, causing you to scream at the top of your lungs, digging your nails into his back and scratching his arms. You but him as a tense wave rose in your stomach. You were just about to let go but Sam stopped, staring at you. You wanted to cry your eyes out at his cruelty. But he pressed his thumb against your clit and started back up again, watching as you writhed in anticipation. With a swift flick of your clit Sam knew you were coming undone. You screamed at you started shaking, his thumb still gliding across your sensitive nerves. “Cum all over my cock baby girl. Come on keep going. I know you can do it.” You bit your bottom lip and looked at him, sighing. “I’m not done with you yet.”

“What?” You managed out. “What do you mean?”

“Means that I’m not going to stop unless you’re a mess in my arms.” He smirked and turned you over, getting ready to start round two.

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Sooo remember single dad!tom meets tattoo artist!tom? Tom scoops his daughter up into his arms and says "that's wonderful, darling!" And his daughters colorful arm points at you and she says, "who this?" And toms like "this is my lovely friend, Y/N." and you wave and toms daughter says "hewwo!" In that cute little baby voice. And tom asks her, "how would you like it if Y/N joined us for dinner tonight?" "Yay!" She claps! -continue at your leisure-

Oh mY and after dinner you politely accept her (and his) invitation to hang out at their house for awhile and you end up being tatted on by her massive set of Crayola markers by her AND tom and she’s doodling various things while he’s tracing little red hearts along your collar bone and then he leaves for a moment to go to the restroom and comes back to find his Lil angel passed out on your lap and he feels so bad that he doesn’t want to wake her so he grabs some blankets and cuddles up to both of you and you all sleep there that night :’)

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oh my gosh i think THE bad boy of 5sos is Calum, don't even try to deny it. can you write a blurb with him being all smooth and soft around y/n but turning into a total bad ass™ as soon as someone tries to insult her or something like that? love your writing btw ♥

“I told you that you don’t need to pick me up. I can take the bus.” You say, walking towards your boyfriend and his motorcycle at the school parking lot. Calum shrugs, his leather jacket slung over his shoulder as he leans against the motorcycle. His tattoos compliment the skin on his arms, a thing that always makes you amazed.

“I don’t mind picking you up.” He tells you, holding his hand out when you get closer. You take it, and he pulls you to him. “How was your day?” He asks softly, his hands resting on your waist. You smile. “It was okay. Missed you.” You admit, dropping your bag down beside your feet. Calum grins, and you swear his smile could cause miracles.

“I missed you too, angel.” He says, “Luke said he would help me sneak you out, but one of us has to get a good education and go somewhere with their life.” You frown, reaching up to move some of his hair away from his eyes. “You still could, you know. I’d help you if that’s something you really want.” Calum’s eyes soften, fondness growing in them. “Nah, honey. I wanna see you succeed. You’re gonna go so far.” You stand on the tip of your toes, ready to kiss him, but laughter stops you. You look over your shoulder, seeing a few girls who have hated you since high school started.

“How does she even have a boyfriend? She’s so slutty.” One of the girls says, trying to act discreet but saying it loudly. You roll your eyes, looking back at Calum. His jaw in clenched, his eyes focused on the girls talking about you. “Who are they?” He asks.

“Just some girls who have nothing better to do than talk shit.” You say, shrugging. You move away from him to pick up your bag, but when you stand back up, Calum is walking over to the girls. You groan inwardly, running to catch up with him, knowing he’s going to defend you until the end of your days.

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Okay, okay, here me out: HCs for Jared having a younger sibling by like a year and nobody really knows they're related because you're really quiet and don't talk a lot and Jared catches you making out with Connor behind the school (is that too long for a request I'm so sorry)


A/N: Enjoy :)

  • You and Jared had an agreement that nobody needed to know you two were siblings
  • It was okay anyway because you were a year younger than him
  • Nobody would even expect that you two were related because you were extremely closed off from the world and kept to yourself a lot
  • While Jared, well he loved to talk and be loud
  • And in your Junior year, you started dating Connor Murphy 
  • Connor didn’t even know that you and Jared were related until he saw one of your school-work papers
  • And he put two and two together
  • “Y/N? Is your brother Jared?” “What?”
  • And that’s when he found out that he had been dating his friends sister
  • So he didn’t take it that well
  • “That totally breaks bro-code.” “How do you know what bro-code is?” “I don’t, but this definitely breaks it”
  • He couldn’t believe that you were related to Jared
  • And now you were still keeping a secret from Jared
  • So one day, while you were at his house
  • You two were working on homework and his hands started to ~wander~
  • Lets just say that it ended with you straddling and making out with him
  • Suddenly there was a knock on his door and Jared’s voice
  • “Dude I have something to tell you and it’s urgent!” Can’t it wait till tomorrow?” “Let me in man.” “No, I’m uh, naked.” “Why are you naked?” “I was, um, taking a shower.”
  • That was the time the two of you almost got caught
  • The time that you two got caught though was after school, and you were waiting for Jared to pick you up behind school
  • And Connor saw you there so he went up behind you and grabbed you
  • You screamed slightly and turned around to see Connor
  • He kissed you and you closed your eyes for barely a second before you heard someone else screaming
  • “Y/N! What the fuck are you doing?” 
  • You quickly said bye to Connor and got into the car
  • “Connor you and I are going to fight tomorrow” “Just drive, Jared!”
  • He started immediately screaming at you
  • “You were making out with my best friend! How long has this been going on?” “A few months.” “And you didn’t tell me!” “No! Because you would’ve acted a hundred times worse!”
  • But Jared was actually pretty cool with it after he got his drama moment
  • So Connor would come around to your house more often and if Jared was trying to spend time with him, you would always join, which slightly annoyed him
  • But he was okay with it afterwards
she loves you, dipshit

a/n you guys have no idea how hard it is to come up with a title that doesn’t suck. when you send me prompts from now on, please include a title so that i don’t rip my hair out. this is inspired by the prompt given to me by @onlinecasualty, which basically said they wanted mileven in high school trying to have a normal life. warning for some homophobic and racist slurs. enjoy!

mike wheeler stared into the bathroom mirror. normally, he didn’t care at all about his looks. but this was different. for the first time, he would be going to school with el, and he wanted to make a good first impression. yes, el had lived with him for a week. yes, he had spent 353 days pining after her. yes, el was fully aware of how much mike loved her. but this was different. mike wanted to…he wanted to impress her. he just wasn’t sure how.

so he started with his looks. he called upon steve, the most fashionable man he knew, asking for advice. steve rose to the occasion wonderfully, providing several too-small shirts, pants, and shoes. he also gave mike advice on how to style his hair.

in steve’s words, “the girl knows how much you like her, dipshit. i’ll be wanting those clothes back.” mike chose to ignore this, as well as to leave the farrah faucett spray dustin loaned him out of the equation. he chose to wear a polo shirt and pants that steve once wore (they still smelled of axe body spray from when steve wore them).

the gang had wanted to make el’s first day at school the best yet, and they wanted to start it out by taking her on her new bike (mike had taught her over the summer how to ride) to school. hopper was set on simply driving her to school, but the gang insisted otherwise. there was nothing less cool than being driven to school, especially on your first day of high school and especially not by your big, scary police chief father. so they settled on hopper dropping el off at mike’s house, then having everyone meet there and bike to hawkins high.

mike left the bathroom and went into the living room, where will, dustin, lucas, and max were already waiting. though mike had spent most of the summer with will, dustin, and lucas (and el, of course), he actually had not seen max since they got out of school, since she went to stay with her dad in california for the summer. after her chilly introduction with el, the two slowly became friends and by the time june rolled around, they were quite close. in turn, mike gradually warmed up to the girl (he didn’t have much choice, since she and lucas were officially dating now). now, max was as much a part of the gang as mike was.

she had changed over the summer, though. she was very freckly from the california sun, and she started wearing her hair up and it now was pulled into a messy bun at the crown of her head. she was also taller now, and showed curves that the boys had not noticed before. had el changed that much, and they simply didn’t notice because they saw her every day?

a honk from the street announced el’s arrival. hopper unloaded her bike from the back of the police cruiser and she grabbed the handlebars, walking the bike up the pathway to mike’s front door. the six of them then set off, the boys and el on bikes and max on her skateboard, for hawkins high.

they spent the entire ride there giving el last minute advice about what to do. according to dustin, “if the teacher asks the class a question, look away. the sons of bitches can smell fear, i know it.” on the other hand, will said to “flip through your notebook and pretend to look for the answer until the teacher calls on someone else.”

as expected, nancy and jonathan arrived at school faster than the gang did, and they met up at the entrance to the school. nancy was very helpful in showing everyone their lockers and how best to keep them clean (she said to never keep food in the lockers, but mike could’ve sworn he saw dustin shove a bag of chips into the corner of his), and they found that eleven’s locker was right next to lucas’s. that was good. lucas had street-smarts, and he could help el stay away from the mouth breathers.

the first half of the day passed more or less uneventfully. eleven had every class with at least one member of the gang except for math and science, but she was more or less okay. between the start of the new year and the new school, no one paid attention to her. she was just one of a hundred new freshmen. 

at lunch, however, was when things started to go downhill. 

it started with mike’s stupid need to be heroic, to be someone’s night in shining armor. he managed to secure a table in the cafeteria for them all to sit at, but it happened to be closer to the bullies then they usually were. so it was no surprise when troy and his cronies came by with the usual insults. as usual, they picked on max for “dating midnight,” called will a fag, and insulted mike and dustin for being ugly. however, they noticed eleven, sitting in between max and mike, and whistled.

“hey, pretty,” troy smirked, “come over here and sit with me. those nerds aren’t worth your time.”

el didn’t fully understand what he said, but she assumed that it was bad judging by how mike turned red with rage. will gently touched his arm. “just ignore them,” he said. mike took several deep breaths, but what happened next no one could have prevented.

mike took his water bottle from the table, unscrewed the cap, and stood up. he stalked over to where troy stood and poured the contents of the bottle on his head. was this very immature? yes. was it in no way helpful? also yes. did mike regret his decision? not even a little. 

at least, not until troy turned around and in one swift move, punched mike in the face.

“so tell me, mr. wheeler,” vice principle neil mclaughlin squinted at the pink slip in his hand. “why did you pour the contents of a water bottle onto your classmate’s head?”

mike chewed in his lip, regretting it immediately as he tasted blood from where troy broke the skin. “i’m sorry, sir. i shouldn’t have done that.”

mr. mclaughlin gave a humorless chuckle. “i’m not the one you should be apologizing to, mr. wheeler.” he nodded towards the door, where a soaking wet troy stood. oh god. mike stiffly walked over to where he was and muttered an apology. troy smirked and turned away.

for the rest of the day, mike was irritable and distracted. he eagerly left when the final bell rang, running for the bike rack. he didn’t want anyone to see him, though he could feel the stares of his classmates burning on his neck. he was about to get onto his bike to head home when he saw a familiar car pull up next to him.

“go away, steve,” mike said as he unrolled the window. 

“hopper’s taking eleven home. get in, dipshit.” mike sighed and opened steve’s trunk, shoving his bike in before hopping into the passenger seat. 

on the drive, he recounted the events of the day. “i wanted to impress her,” he finished. “stupid, i know.”

steve scoffed. “why do you need to impress her? you saved each other’s lives, literally.” mike shrugged. steve stopped the car, and mike realized that they were in front of his house. “hey, look at me,” steve said. “you’ve got nothing to worry about. she loves you, dipshit.”

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whats your opinion on the trans girl mike wheeler hc?

aw man it’s one of my favorite headcanons ive seen out of the stranger things fandom, actually. it’s not really my person headcanon, but i adore it. the people who came up with it have put so much love n care into it that it just makes me so happy n sometimes when i go through their blogs then see a post referring to mike w he pronouns afterwards im like ..who lmao but yeah it’s a good hc made by really good people that just makes my heart happy

Here To Stay

Request- I have a fall request/idea? Jonah and the reader are spending time with his family in Minnesota and they have a day to themselves. They get up early, get breakfast, go apple picking, Jonah gets a camera and takes pictures of the reader in the woods with a bunch of foliage, carve pumpkins, get dinner, and cuddle and watch the sunset. He’s super protective all day and is constantly holding hands, hugging, and kissing the reader. So basically all the fall stuff and just a large amount of fluff. - @jacks-oodles-of-noodles

Warnings- You might die of cuteness.

Pairings- Jonah Marais x Reader

Word Count- 1.5K

A/N- not edited stuff again but I’m posting this because I want to don’t @ me. Like i said I’m back and reposting all my old writings! oh look yet another trashy fic by yours truly

     “I love it here.” You sigh watching the sunrise. You had traveled out to be with Jonah and his family in Minnesota for a few weeks but the rest of the family had something to attend to so now it was just you and Jonah. You felt his arm slither around your waist and pull you to him.

     “You should move here.” He smiles down at you, drinking every feature of you. He loved you so much and had a great day planned out for the two of you.

     “I want to but my parents want me to go to college in state so I can help out at home.” You look down, wanting nothing but to stay here with Jonah forever.

     “Pumpkin Pancakes? I didn’t know that was a thing until now but that’s all I want in my life.” You say after Jonah shows you the recipe he wanted to make for breakfast.  He laughed his cute laugh and went to grab a few ingredients from the fridge. You start to mix the flour and other dry ingredients together.

      “You don’t have to mix that. I can do it! You can get some music!” Jonah sneaks up behind you, kissing you on the cheek.

      “Ok! Music is number one priority!” You hop up to grab your phone while Jonah adds more ingredients. You put on his favorite playlist full of great, yet chill, songs.

      You help Jonah add ingredients and switch off mixing the batter while swaying to the music, sometimes singing along. The recipe then called for you to wait 10 minutes to allow for the batter to thicken. During this time Jonah grabbed your hand and the two of you swayed to the music together. He randomly twirled you out. Then a bouncy fun song came on and the two of you grabbed kitchen utensils, having a duet together. You didn’t care that he was perfectly in tune and you weren’t. Nothing mattered anymore except the rush of joy and love you felt. You danced around the kitchen until your timer went off.

     “Let’s flip some pancakes!” Jonah winks and starts to pour the batter on the griddle, singing along to the current song. Sometimes you couldn’t believe how lucky you were to have Jonah. He pretty much invented the word perfect.

     “Jonahhhhh help me!!” You whine, jumping as high as you can to reach the apple hanging from the branch that was just out of your reach. A soft breeze blew through the crisp air, rustling the colourful leaves, making for the perfect scenery with Jonah walking in the middle of it. He had worn plaid today and you felt as if you were living out every dream you had about having a perfect Autumn day.

     “Okay cutie!” He grabs the apple and puts in in your basket. He slips his hand in yours as you walk around the orchard, admiring everything.

     “Look there’s another!” You point to a shiny red apple dangling from a far away tree, the sun glinting off it just right.

     “The perfect girl finds the perfect apple. What could possibly be next?” Jonah narrates in his British accent™. You laugh and hop onto his shoulders, straining for the apple. You finally get it and climb down, dropping it into the shared basket you had.

      “Wanna have a little apple picnic over there?” You ask, pointing towards a small hill that overlooked the orchard. Jonah gives you a quick kiss, which was answer enough.

     “How many apples can we eat?” You laugh, looking at the cores scattered around the picnic blanket.

     “Apparently a lot.” Jonah says through a mouthful of apple, causing for both of you to burst out laughing.

“I never want this day to end.”

    “It doesn’t have to.” Jonah squeezes your hand giving a look, begging you to stay. You knew how badly he wanted you to move to Minnesota. You hated making up lies about your parents but you knew today would the best day to drop the news on him. But before you could say anything Jonah interrupts you train of thought.

     “You look so beautiful with the leaves behind you. I have the perfect thing for this. Would you be down to go back to my house to grab something?” Jonah asks, unable to stop gazing at you, lost in your beauty.

     “Of course!” You smile. To him your smile lights up his world. To him you’re bathing in the glow of the sun like an angel. To him you were the perfect, most beautiful girl he’d ever met and he couldn’t ever describe how in love he was with you. Not only your smile but your laugh. Not only your laugh but your humor. Not only your humor but You. He could never get over you and fell in love with you everyday. He had to find some way to capture it in a memory. A memory of the perfect girl on the perfect day.

     “Sometimes I wonder if we’re the same person.” You laugh, seeing Jonah’s polaroid camera. You both loved the way polaroids looked and how almost old fashioned it was. You both loved the feel of stepping away from all the technology and just throwing it back.

     You threw up some leaves in the air and jumped as Jonah snapped a picture.You waited for the film to develop and snapped a quick picture of unsuspecting Jonah being all smiley and cute in the leaves. Both pictures developed and were probably the cutest photos you had.

    “How are you so photogenic?” You ask your boyfriend. It was impossible to get a bad angle of him.

      “I honestly have no idea. Guess it’s in my jeans.” He shrugged and then proceeded to pull out a cute bracelet form his jeans. He hadn’t been expecting the comment but figured now would be the best time to show you what he had gotten with the help of Esther.

     “Is this for me?” You stutter asking a dumb question as your mind blanks. You had been dating for 2 years but had made a pact not to get gifts for each other. No winning approval or love. Everything had to be real and it had to be intimate.

      “I think it’s safe to say that this is only the beginning of a journey ahead of us and I wanted something to remember this day with. I’ve never felt so in love with anyone than I do right now and whether we are on a path for life, I can’t say. All I can do is hope and love. I love you so much (Y/n).” He slides the bracelet on your wrist and kisses your forehead. A dorky smile spreads across your face and you hug him tightly and he spins you around.

     “I love you so much Jonah Marais Roth Frantzvich.” You use his full name, kissing hip on the lips. You knew he hated it but you had no other way to make it any more deep than to use his full name.

     “PUMPKINS!” You shout running towards the two pumpkins perched on the deck table. Jonah had said he wanted to carve pumpkins so he brought some out and you were so excited. You absolutely loved carving pumpkins.

     “I knew you’d love it!” A smile brightens up his face. It made him happy to see you so happy.

     “What’d you carve?” Jonah asks,  turning his pumpkin to face you showing the face he had carved.

      “Now that,” You say hiding your pumpkin, “That would be a surprise for me to know and you to find out AFTER we roast the seeds!” You grab the tray of pumpkin insides the two of you had scooped out. You picked out the seeds, sprinkled some brown sugar on them, and put them into the oven to roast. It was a tradition of yours to roast the pumpkin seeds.

“That smells heavenly.” Jonah says, catching a whiff of the baking seeds.

“Anndddd they’re done!” You jump up to grab them as the timer goes off.

      “We’ve eaten all the seeds and it’s starting to get dark can I see what you carved please?” He pleads with you.

     “Yes. I’ll get some candles to light them up,” You grab your pumpkin and some candles and head out to watch the sunset. You place the candles in the pumpkins and flick the lighter. Once the candles are lit you turn your pumpkin around in the evening light to reveal a replica of Minnesota. You had a pin stuck into a lone part of Minnesota still left. Jonah’s face lights up. You pull out some keys that lead to your new apartment. You’d never seen Jonah so happy. He grabs your face and gives you a kiss and pulls you in for a hug, spinning you around.

      “Are you actually moving here?” He asks in excitement. You nod and he kisses you again. You were here to stay.

      “I won’t be leaving for a long time. I’m here to stay.” You giggle. Jonah’s face was nothing but pure joy and yours was nothing but our love. What a perfect ending to a perfect day.