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it's a date

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warnings: violence, harassment

a/n: hi I’m in love with Gaston, like yeah he was a major asshole for the last hour and a half of the movie but i like to think he had a soft side, you just had to be patient enough to see it. SO PLEASE REQUEST GASTON IMAGINES THANK YOU (or other BATB characters xoxo)

You sighed as you turned another page of your book. You tapped your fingers aimlessly on the table as the tavern bustled with people. You continued to read your book until it was taken out of your hands. You gasped and looked up to see two men standing in front of you holding your book.

You glared as you calmly said,
“Give me back my book.”

The two men smirked as one of them said,
“We just wanted to talk to you miss.”

You stood up and held your hand out for the book,
“I’m not asking again, give me back my book.”

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eddiespatronum  asked:

Heey, I'm new in all of this tumblr thingy but I've found your blog and I really love it! So I was wondering if maybe you could make a story about a girl that has been Bucky's best friend (besides Steve) since he got his memories back, and one night they get drunk at her place after a mission, but things get a little "out of control", so the days after that they have to decide what's going on with them and with their feelings?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Fandom: MCU

A/N: first of all, let me welcome you to tumblr!!! I hope you enjoy this hell we all call home lol. also, I’m really glad you enjoy my writing and hope you like what I made out of your request. <333 (PS: I really hope no one ever decides to look at my google history because the search for gifs has taken me to some very smutty places hahaha)


“So what do you say, boys? Drinks at my place?” you asked when you walked over to them on the jet.

The mission was a success and you were all on your way back home now. 

Celebrations were in order.

Bucky smiled and nodded. “Sounds good.”

“I’d love to, but I’m having a date tonight,” you literally beamed when the words came out of his mouth. He was your best friend, had been for ages and you just wanted him to be happy and find love again. He was slowly getting over Peggy. It had taken a long time, but he was getting there.

“Who’s the lucky girl?” you sat down next to him, still smiling like an idiot.

Bucky didn’t listen anymore, way to distracted by your smile. You didn’t seem to notice.

“You know her. But that’s all I’m going to say. I want to make sure it works out before I let you know who to kill when it goes wrong.”

You kissed his cheek. “You know me so well.”

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I’m gonna do this but better maybe like in a few days because I have no patience for anything and I drew most of this at 4 am yesterday, but for now thank u @kazliin for the warm up suffering 

lol I remember when everyone was like oh wow I wonder when Viktor fell in love w Yuuri n p much no one was like - fuck ages ago this lad has been in pain for yearrrrrsssss - turns out he was whoops lol (why u gotta do this to my soft skating son with 0% tact and 100% enthusiasm???).  

A few amazing moments from the SHINee World V concert in LA last night

- SHINee dabbing. Enough said
- Jonghyun and Onew’s amazing harmonies during ‘Please Don’t Go’
- Minho talking about going to go see the Clippers games (he wanted to go see the Lakers instead lol) and fanboying screaming “YEAH BABY”
- Cues Minho imitating the basketball players
- Key interjecting during all of this saying “I don’t know anything about sports, so what did you eat today?” (very done with Minho at this point LOL)
- Taemin imitating Key speaking English and getting extremely embarrassed (PRECIOUS)
- Jonghyun squeezing the hell out of Taemin cooing and saying how adorable he is
- Taemin saying SHINee should pretend they are like the Power Rangers cause SHINee is 5 and Power Rangers are 5; Key going “Don’t say we are 5.. you did”
- Key singing parts of LaLa Land
- Key not remembering those parts of LaLa Land and Minho asking Key if he’s ok (cause Key is literally ripping his hair out at this point)
- Jonghyun being extra and blowing kisses to everyone
- Minho and his legendary ‘dibidibidis’
- SHINee seeing our fanproject during ‘1 of 1′ and Jonghyun asking to see it again after ‘1 of 1′ ended
- Us showing Jonghyun’s birthday banner to SHINee and Key going “OH YEAH IT’S ALMOST JONGHYUN’S BIRTHDAY LOL” 
- /cues our happy birthday song to him/

And finally, wise words from Key aka Kim Kibum himself:
“ You guys this is real. You are not watching Youtube right now”
“Thank you all for singing with us and even singing some of our fanchants. You could be better at Korean than some of us ahaha” 

Bless SHINee. Bless them all. 

Hidden || Part Two

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The first part can be found [ HERE

Requests are currently [ CLOSED ]

Masterlist can be found [ HERE ]

Word Count: 1.1k

Summary: In which Joe’s so enthusiastic about how great (Y/N) is, the rest of the boys get suspicious as to why jack hasn’t introduced them yet. 

Dedicated too: Everyone who requested a part two and/or supported the first part. I hope you all love this xo

“She’s fucking incredible.” Joe breathes out in shock as he walks into the living room of Caspar’s apartment where all of the boys were gathered. They all turn to look up at him with their eyebrows furrowed, all but Conor, who catches on immediately and smirks smugly. “She made brownies, and she played Fifa with us, and then she sketched me a tattoo because I said I’d always wanted one and it’s amazing and I literally wanna go and have it done now.”

“Oh my god, you lucky prick!” Oli huffs, glancing over at the rest of the boys who somehow still haven’t caught on. “You’re all such dumbasses, he’s obviously taking about (Y/N).”

Joe nods quickly, jogging over and taking a seat on the couch, passing Josh his phone and pointing out the photograph. “I managed to get her to follow me on Instagram, look how pretty she is.”

Josh whistles lowly after scrolling for a second before [passing the phone to Caspar who’s eyes widen as he scrolls up a little before passing the phone on and nodding in agreement. It was true, she was hot, and she had such a lovely personality it was crazy. “Jack’s such a dickhead, I can’t believe he hasn’t introduced us to her yet.” Mikey grumbles, scrolling up and down for a moment before passing the phone back to Joe. “Did you notice anything, unusual, about her? Any reason he’s keeping us away from her?”

Conor snorts, causing everyone to turn to face him. “Oh come on, do you seriously not see it yet? Jack isn’t trying to keep you away from her; she just has a busy schedule and any free time they have they spend together. Alone, like a normal couple.” He shrugs and picks up his phone, checking the date and time quickly. “She has today off so she’ll be at Jacks, I’m sure they won’t mind us popping over to say hello.”

Oli narrows his eyes at Conor and frowns. “You sure? I don’t wanna walk in on something disgusting.”

Conor laughs and shakes his head. “You guys are so stupid. I’ll just text him, so get ready. We’ll leave in a few.”

Back at Jack’s apartment, he glances over at (Y/N), who’s stood in the kitchen in her pyjamas with her hair up in a messy bun and dancing to the music playing out of the speakers as she began to make some milkshakes. They’d been craving one since the night before, and so she’d sent Jack on a quest to hunt down the ingredients and agreed to make them herself if he complied.

“Babe, the boys are all coming over; that okay?”

She looks up from the blender with a surprised smile on her face. “All of them?” Jack nods and smiles when she squeals in excitement and jogs over to the cupboards. “Okay, I’ll make enough milkshake for everyone.”

Jack stands up and walks into the kitchen, wrapping his arms around her and swaying them side to side, following the beat of the music. She hums in content, turning around in his arms and placing a small kiss onto his lips. “Should I get changed or anything?”

He looks down at her leggings and his shirt which hung off of her shoulders and shakes his head with a adoring smile. “You look beautiful; and I can almost bet that Caspar’ll be wearing pyjama pants when he arrives. So don’t worry about it.”

“M'kay.” She smiles, pecking his lips one more time before pushing him away slightly and laughing. “Go away, I can’t concentrate on the ingredients if you’re here distracting me.”

“Distracting? Me? Never.” He chuckles, but follows her orders and walks back over to the couch, glancing over his shoulder dramatically and blowing her a kiss which makes her laugh as she throws a few more Oreos into the mix. He turns off the TV and instead focuses on editing his new video, smiling a little whenever (Y/N) could be heard giggling in the background and deciding just to leave it in.

It wasn’t long before there was a knock at the door, and (Y/N) glances over at Jack quickly. “Want me to get it?”

Jack shakes his head and peels his eyes away from the computer screen, placing it down onto the table and standing up. “No, I got it princess.”

She nods silently and goes back to concentrating, pouring the exact amount of milkshake into each cup before adding whipped cream and crushed up Oreo for decoration on top; followed by long plastic straws and a small cherry. She was known for going way over the towpath everything she did and made, but that was just (Y/N).

The boys all flow into the apartment, and she greets Conor first, seeing as he walks straight into the kitchen to give her a hug, knowing exactly where she’d be. She hands him a milkshake and giggles when he kisses her cheek sloppily before running off to make himself comfortable in the den.

The rest of the boys were just as she’d expected, they were all funny and there was no awkwardness between them at all, she just seemed to fit into their little group. They seemed to appreciate the milkshake, especially Caspar, who was done within a matter of minutes and was already asking the boys for theirs.

She ended up playing Fifa with a few of them, helping Jack edit his video and even played a few drinking games, though she substituted her vodka for cranberry juice seeing as she had work early the next morning. Eventually the clock shows two am and (Y/N) and Jack are the only ones still awake, and she can tell Jack was just itching to snapchat the whole scene in order to embarrass them all.

She yawns and stretches her arms up, placing a kiss on Jack’s cheek before standing up and smiling down at him tiredly. “I’m gonna head to bed, you coming?”

He nods, eying the boys one last time before standing up and wrapping himself around you, guiding you away from the human puppy pile and toward your shared bedroom with apleased sigh. “They all really like you, told me that they wanted you to be their girlfriend when you went into the kitchen to grab the spare controller.”

She smiles in relief, pausing in the middle of the hallway and pulling Jack’s head down, pressing their lips together and humming against them. “I like them too, but I’m yours.”

He smirks and pulls her flush against him. “Mhm, and don’t you ever forget that.”


Imagine Roman not being able to stop smiling when he finds out you’ll be his tag team partner for a match.


Roman was waiting in the ring for his tag team partner, listening to the cheers and boos of the crowd.

He waited to hear another entrance play, until he heard Y/N’s entrance theme start playing. At the sight of Y/N strutting out onto the stage, he smiled excitedly.

“I knew my baby wouldn’t leave me hangin’.”


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No laughing Matter

This is a Haikyuu! fanfic.
The manga/anime and all the characters doesn’t belong to me.

This is just some silly pre-KageHina fanfic but I hopy you all like them.

“I wasn’t laughing!” nr 6 (Pre-KageHina, hope thats okay)

Word Count: 1919

Summary: Kageyama and Hinata being stupid dorks who don’t know they are in love with each other. That’s all tbh.
Warnings: This fanfic contains lots of fluff and tickling
Based on this prompt from anon:

“Ha! Got it!”

Hinata grinned as he returned the serve back to the Setter who stretched his hands out to catch the ball.

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BTS Reaction: You leave after your first night with him because you’re self conscious of how you look without makeup

First of all: love your work 🙏🏻♡ Second: Can I get a reaction where you disappear the morning after the first night you spent together (doesn’t have to be with sex, what fits the member/situation best), and they later find out it’s because you are insecure about your looks without makeup and effort and didn’t want to let them see you in that ‘state’ ? thank you so much

thank you dear!!

y/n = your name

The Scenario:

The morning light penetrates his eyes as he comes into the awakened world. His veiny hands glide over the bed wrinkled bed sheets where your body used to lay. Once he realized your absence he abruptly sits up in bed, squinting into the emptiness of his room. Maybe you’re in the bathroom. His feet pad down the hallway and stop in front of the door to the restroom.

“Y/N?” He calls into the wood of the door. No response. Sensing the worst he hurries back to his room and grabs his phone, dialing your number, his breath coming up his throat only to hit a stopping point in the middle of his worry.

You answer after a few rings, to his relief, and begin to apologize profusely.

“I’m so sorry I left,” you ramble with a shaky voice, “I barely slept last night and I was so worried you’d be disgusted with me once you saw my face without makeup and my hair messed up and in that state and I was just so nervous and I’m so sorry.”

The Reactions:

Namjoon (Rap Monster):

“Shhhhh (y/n) breathe. I would never think any of those thing. You’re such a beautiful girl/boy. Do you think I look flawless in the morning? No! Now please let me take you to lunch so we can talk more.”

He’ll feel upset that you’re so insecure about your looks, and he’ll give his 100% from this point on to make sure you know that you’re beautiful.

Originally posted by sugmon

Seokjin (Jin):

“No, sweetheart! Please don’t apologize. You’re so pretty; with or without makeup. Come back so I can give you my healing hand kisses!”

Jin will be very worried until your back and under his vigilance and care, and he will always compliment you whenever he sees you looking sad.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Yoongi (Suga):

“Hey, don’t say that. You don’t have to worry about those things around me, really. It scared me when you weren’t here.”

Poor Yoongi won’t really know what to do. He’ll want to talk to her more about her insecurities in person and really discuss and work through them. Yoongi will be so attentive to her/him from now on.

Originally posted by fullfangirling27

Hoseok (J-Hope):

“Nooooooooo, honey, don’t be sorry. You’re beautiful! It hurts me to think that you’re so self-conscious of how you look. I was really scared when I woke up and you weren’t there.”

Hoseok will be the sweetest guy. He’ll always try to put a smile on your face and compliment you whenever he can. Hobi will also stop wearing makeup around her/him, and encourage her/him to do the same.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin


“Baby, please don’t say that. I used to feel that way too. Whenever one of the haunts had a V Live I wouldn’t let my bare face show on camera, and it’s tiring to hide your face from everything and everyone. Please try to believe me when I say that you’re absolutely beautiful. Come back over; I’m lonely.”

Jimin’s heart would break a little once he hears your ramble of worries, and he will do his best to help through and out of those insecurities. Jiminie will be so patient and so sweet with you.

this is my favorite gif of him omg look at him aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Originally posted by wellhell0therenicetomeetyou

Taehyung (V):

“Aish, what are you saying? You’re so pretty! Who cares what you look like without makeup? I want to see your cute, squishy face!”

Tae will slowly ease you into being more comfortable without makeup on, and the whole time he won’t wear makeup either to encourage you and show you that it really doesn’t matter that much.

Originally posted by helendrv


“Hey, don’t apologize. It’s okay.”

Someone help him. Kookie is totally caught off guard and has zero idea of what to say. In retrospect he really doesn’t care if he/she wears makeup of not, and eventually he’ll come up with something helpful and comforting to say, just give him a minute to piece it together.

Originally posted by yourhopeyourangeeel

I have no asks in my inbox so please feel free to request!!!!

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Can someone please write the full From Russia With Love? I need to know what happens with the strawberries. I'm desperate

credit to @dystopiansushi @exile-wrath @omgkatsudonplease on Discord

Here is the post this is a reference to!


“Hi there, Y/N.”

You look up, and there he is–Victor Nikiforov, in all his glory. His hair is silver, like a silver coin, and his eyes are blue, like the ocean on a sunny day. “Oh, h-hi Victor,” you stutter, and your heart is racing like a racehorse.

Victor puts his fingers on your chin, grips it lightly. Instinctively, you move closer, until your chests are just inches apart. “I see you bought some fresh strawberries today.”

You nod, not sure of what else to say. His gaze is captivating, pulling you in like gravity. His breath ghosts across your lips. “They’re supposed to be extra sweet this time of year,” you exhale.

With one hand and the dexterity of a renowned figure skater, he uses his right hand to grab a strawberry from the basket. He puts it between his teeth, then moves forward and presses it between your own. You catch it, just barely, and a smile begins playing on his lips, which are as red as the berry itself. “Sweets for my sweet.”

There’s a pause as you silently eat the strawberry.

His finger drifts to your cheekbone. “Look at your pretty Y/E/C eyes.” You can’t tell if you’re seeing stars or strawberry seeds behind your eyelids anymore.

LOLOLOL I can’t even keep going I was getting uncomfortable

Stucky - An exceptional Lovestory

(part 2)

A few days had gone into the country…

Since Bucky’s jealousy attack and the crushing realization that he loved Steve not only platonic. For the simple reason of not disturbing Steve, and for the self-serving reason not to talk about it, he avoided any contact. Every truth was less bad if they were not pronounced. But why did he feel so terribly lousy then?

Out of sight, out of mind, it was said. But now it was almost 3 weeks, and nothing changed. No matter what he tried as a distraction, again and again his thoughts led him back to his best friend.

Long absent, soon forgotten… What a huge morose!

That Steve called several times a day did not contribute to an improvement of Bucky’s condition.

But Bucky remained obstinate and ignored all calls. It was one of the most difficult tasks he ever had to deal with. He would have given everything to hear Steve’s voice. But he was afraid to collapse. 

But sometimes his longing became so great, that he watched his best friend from afar.  “Like a perverse stalker!”, he thought to himself.

Bucky was overbearing, so Steve had no chance to discover him. But in an inexplicable way, Steve saw him one day. As if he had a sixth sense. 

“Bucky!” He shouted loudly across the street. It sounded crazy, but he had felt Bucky’s presence. He was happy and irritated at the same time, to finally meet his missing friend again.

Bucky stood as if rooted. He wanted to run away. He wanted to escape. He wanted to scream. He wanted to cry. He wanted to bang his head against a wall.

He wanted… What he really wanted… Was to run across the street, and to embrace Steve heartfeltly.

But he just stood there. He could not move. Was this a shock?
As in a slow motion, he saw that Steve was approaching him. Closer and closer. Bucky’s heart began to race. In order not to be caught, he gave an angry expression.

Steve looked at his buddy for a long time. At first thoughtfully, but then his face changed to a smile. He was just glad to see Bucky again. “Why didn’t you answer my calls? Are you hiding from me?”

Bucky didn’t answer. He just looked at Steve.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Steve wanted to know.

Bucky took a deep breath … 

(to be continued)

Part 1

Drunk [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Could u pls do one where the reader is younger and has never been drunk or had sex and rick has always been the closest to her and watched out for her. So one night he lets her get drunk at his house while he stays sober to watch after her and she gets wasted and horny and tells him shes a virgin and comes onto him but he keeps saying no bc she’s too young. But she starts taking off her clothes and seducing him and he gives in. Thnk u so much! 💕

OMG, I LOVED this request. Enjoy anon! ❤️

Words: 2,246

Warnings: Smut, Loss of virginity, seduction, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex, swearing

A/N: Ohhhh dear lord, this is some filth right here! 

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VIXX: fluffy times in the tub

N: you’d think he’d be the type to literally beg you to hop in the tub with him and never get out, but think again lol. He’s too much of a busy bee to just chill and sit in the bathtub with a bunch of roses and candles. I mean he loves it tho, he just barely has time so you’d have to literally drag him away from his work and sit him down. He’ll sigh in peace and thank you for making him relax like this. Might pull out a bottle of wine and yall just get tipsy while blowing bubbles at each other.

Leo: this lil cat loves it lmfao he’ll be asking you to take a bath with him at every chance he gets. He’ll sit behind you as he softly strokes your hair and massage your tired shoulders. He’ll take this time to be extra romantic and light some sweet scented candles to match the mood. He’d hum in your ear and whispers sweet nothings. 9/10 will turn it into something more, so beware.

Ken: he’s just so fun to be around in general, and it’s even better when you’re sitting in front of each other in the tub and telling each other about your day. He might get annoyed at the distance between you and pull you between his legs and practically suffocates you with his hug. He just wants to be as close as possible. He’ll bring in little snacks as you two tend to spend hours, just laughing and kissing and whispering in the bathroom.

Ravi: also not the type to jump at the chance to take a bath. Like Hakyeon, he’s hella busy as well and might not have time. But ofc he can’t resist you when you ask him bc he’ll do anything for that smile. He’ll gladly strip down and sit you between his legs and listen to you talk about anything and everything. Might like it a lot, so he will end up asking you to do it again, preferably soon.

Hongbin: tbh he’ll ask you first before you even mention it. He loves taking this time of the day and relaxing with you, it’s the best feeling in the world. He’ll waste so much of the water and splashes it everywhere just bc he’s moving around so much. He just wants to get comfortable and get close to you so he can’t pick a position. Might end up falling asleep to the sound of your voice tho.

Hyuk: good luck trying to say no to this brat, he’ll literally pick you up and drop you in the bathtub. He’ll put on music and make funny faces and noises to make you laugh, but you roll your eyes and hit him. He doesn’t know the definition of relaxing, so it might take a few times before he finally settles down and just holds you in his arms.

Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

Yaaaall I’m not ok, shirtless Hongbin needs to be illegal 

Moaning Mona Lisa (M)

Genre: Smut/Fluff (⚠️: Oral? Taehyung’s tongue? idk lmao)

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 3297 he’s my bias… I got carried away… I’m sorry…

Summary: Taehyung can’t finish his painting until his muse can relax…

A/N: This is the fourth installment of my Spring Day drabbles series! I only have three left to do. They should be up later this week! Check out my other ones thru the link at the end of this post 😊

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Professor Pride Week 5

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

Title: Professor Pride Week 5

Pairing: Professor!Pride x Reader

Word Count: 1,437

Warnings: fluff, angst

A/N: Just gonna remind anyone who cares that there is a new NCIS and NOLA tonight! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I hope you all enjoy this new chapter! I love you all so much! <3 <3

Series Masterlist

Out of all the times he walked into class, he never thought he would catch you in the act.  He watched as you placed the coffee on your desk.  You set it down so gingerly, a soft smile on your lips.  He wondered if you smiled every time you had set a coffee down on his desk.  He had to admit that he missed the coffee on his desk lately.  No one ever got him coffee before.  He wanted to make it up to you somehow, and he would.  

Pride acted as if he hadn’t just seen you place the coffee down on his desk.  He hummed happily as he sipped his coffee.  For some reason, the coffee tasted much better than it had all those other times.  It was from the same place just like before, but it seemed different today.

He watched the class as they took their test.  His eyes scanned over the crowd of students.  Some of them had that concentrated look on their face, while some of them had that clueless look on their face.  He huffed out a small laugh from behind his newspaper.  He set down the newspaper as people started to turn in their tests.

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Helping Hand. (pun intended)

Hello, Love bugs!

Phil X Reader 

warnings - smut, so much smut. I'm glad I have this community of sinners.

Ok sooo I was really hoping you could do a Phil x reader and Y/n catches Phil pleasuring himself and she decides to help him out? 💕 if you can ~love Anon

When Phil and yourself started dating he told you that his penis had a mind of its own. In Phil’s own words. It was always a bit strange when you would wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning with Phil sporting a rigid erection.Usually pushing into your backside while the two of you spooned. Now that he has gotten a bit older the random erections are less common for the both of you. It’s not like he had a problem getting hard. He was just better at controlling his body. It had been a while since you woke up to find Phil hard from god knows what kind of dream. Usually fixing said problem was never really hard to do for the both of you. 

This morning, however, you woke up to something even more uncommon. An empty bed. Cracking your eyes open slightly you could see the blankets where Phil was usually was tossed haphazardly to the side. Reaching for your phone to try and see what time it was you blinked in the bright light before realising it was only five in the morning. You laid in bed spread out waiting. You had decided Phil probably got up to go pee or get a drink. Waiting forever you decided to see if he was sitting in the lounge. Sometimes when it was late and he couldn't sleep he would take his laptop and do some work. so his tossing and turning wouldn't disturb you. Sneaking your way down the hall you peaked you head into the lounge to see absolutely nothing. It was dark with no Phil in sight. Checking the kitchen next you find the exact same nothing.  

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anonymous asked:

How would Seth Rollins react if you called him "daddy"?

How would Seth Rollins react if you called him “daddy”…

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

~ You’d let the small words, “daddy” slip between moans within the soft, passionate reunion sex you had long awaited after Seth’s travels.

~ His eyes almost instantly widened in pure shock as you paused before rolling off his chiseled build.

~ At this moment in time it was fairly hard to distinguish his reaction, his face was solely ripped of expression.

~ You instantly regretted the words that had left your mouth.

~ “Er-er I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that…”

~ As you attempted to get up out of the bed, Seth tugged you back into his embrace by your arm.

~ “No apologies needed, I love you y/n.”

~ He ran his hands down your bare back, placing fierce kisses down the side of your neck.

~ His fingers tangled with the knotted curls of your hair as his lips slowly made their way to your mouth.

~ In Seth’s eyes, that was by far the sexiest thing you’d ever said.

~ What was previously a slow reunion between the two of you soon took a drastic change into a more rough, needy sex.

~ Lots of ass grabbing and biting.

~ “Who knew Rollins, that such a simple word could turn you on this much?”

~ “Who knew a person could be so damn hot y/n.”

~ He practically begged for the name “daddy” to be repeated multiple times in his ear, which ultimately drove his desire for you over the edge.

~ Once his overbearing passion died down a bit, the two of you were left closely connected in a tight hug under the sheets.

~ He whispered in your ear one last time, “Maybe I could get used to that.”

Oh my lord, Seth is just too much, ugh! He’s too hot. Anyways hope you enjoyed this ;) ~ Nikkii

Text Message From a Stranger

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You watched Chibs from afar, you knew you shouldn’t be here that you being here could get him killed but you needed to make sure he was okay. God did Chibs look anything but okay. His skin was paler then usual and his clothes seemed to swallow him. You wondered if he’d been eating. You watched as Jax gently hugged the older man, saying something to him you couldn’t hear. “Y/N?” A voice whispered behind you in complete surprise, causing you to jump out of your skin. You turned and faced the person, Juice. “Shut up. You didn’t seem me.” You walked past him, only to have your arm grabbed. “What the hell? Have you seen what-.” You clasped your hand over his mouth staring him in the eye. “Do I look like I’m blind Juice?” You growled. “Do you think I would do this if I had a choice?” He mumbled sadly under your hand. “I had too. I had too or both of us would have ended up dead. That man wasn’t planning to let any of us out of that shop that day. I had to not give Chibs another weak spot, give any of you a week spot. I know more about this club then I should, so I have to be dead,” You paused glaring at him, “and you need to forget I’m not.” You pushed him away and swiftly left. — Chibs sat at the bar, gently putting his head down. Tomorrow was your funeral and he wasn’t sure if he could bring himself to go. It wasn’t an easy thing, admitting you were dead. Tears again filled his eyes, he closed them pushing the stupid things back. He would not cry. He felt a hand on his back and looked over at Gemma. “I’m so sorry baby.” She said, opening her arms to him. He hung his head accepting her comfort. Her eyes were filled with remorse for him. “You deserved more happiness then what you got from life so far.” “So did they,” He mumbled out, as she let him go. He wandered to his room in the Clubhouse. He dropped on to his bed, “I’m so sorry Y/N. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you.” He grabbed the half empty bottle of whiskey that lay on his bed, opening it and downing it. — You could see that chibs obviously wasn’t listening to the person preach, and neither were you, all you could here was what Juice has said last night. You stepped away with a slight sniffle. You couldn’t stand to look at him anymore. You had no family, so it was only Chibs and the club. “I’m sorry Chibs.” —- Juice stood up half way through the funeral, much to the surprise of those present. He stormed away; he couldn’t do this to Chibs not when he had touch the person he loved last night. It wasn’t fair. He walked away, “Damn it!” He slammed his fist into a tree. His shoulder was grabbed by Chibs causing him to jump. “C-Chibs!” “Juice,” He hugged the younger man. Juice went rigid in his grasp. “Thank you for coming, but you don’t need to stay.” “Yes I do Chibs.” He hugged Chibs tightly. “Then after… There’s something I need to tell you.”

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And probably he loves to go shirtless when he is at home with y/n. Bcs he is surely a fucking tease. And maybe he works out/ lifting weights infront of y/n shirtless and making that 'noise'

holy shit i’ve just thought about the noise and oh god 

he’d also sleep shirtless even if it’s a bit cold. in those cases he’d cuddle up against you and maybe move a bit and y’know basically teasing you even more until you finally give up and end up on top of him making him beg because of course he has to pay for that teasing.

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I hope I'm not bothering you, but how would the Axis + Romano, Spain, and Prussia show affection to their s/o? Like even in the simplest ways. tysm! (//∇//)

((AHHHHH, I LOVE STUFF LIKE THIS ^ ^ FLUFF IS MY FAVORITE TO WRITE (Well, in my top favorites, next to smut and gore ^ ^ ) ))

N. Italy/ Feliciano Vargas
Feliciano is definitely more of a physical affection person. He loves to hug and cuddle, so there would be lots of that. Also, lots of cute little kisses all over his S/O’s forehead, nose, and cheeks.

S. Italy/ Lovino Vargas
Even though Lovino isn’t one of the most affectionate people, he will cuddle the shit out of his S/O to show affection. Literally. He won’t let them out of the cuddle grip until they know (and confirm) that they’re loved by him. ((PRECIOUS BEAN OML-))

Japan/ Kiku Honda
Kiku isn’t really one for physical affection. But, if he is comfortable with his S/O, he will give them small hugs and the occasional chaste peck on the cheek. If he’s not fully comfortable with them yet, he’ll draw cute little chibis and pictures of his S/O/ of him and his S/O together.

Germany/Ludwig Bielschmidt
Ludwig, much like Kiku, isn’t really one for physical affection very early in a relationship. But if he’s closer to his S/O, he’ll cuddle with them. If not, he leaves cute little love notes on his S/O’s mirrors and dressers in their native language.

Prussia/Gilbert Bielschmidt
Gilbert is much unlike his brother when it comes to physical affection. He loves to give his S/O lots of hugs and kisses, and he (much like Lovino) will cuddle the shit out of his S/O. He also loves to give his S/O cute little nicknames in German.

Spain/Antonio Fernandez-Carriedo
He’s one for physical affection. He loves to hug and kiss his S/O, and he’ll do so to show them affection. He’ll also give his S/O piggyback rides and dance all around the living room with them ^ ^

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The Devil is Damned

Lucifer x Reader

Warnings: Maybe some mini flashback stuff in the beginning.

A/n: It’s short but I like it.

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Three weeks.

Three weeks since he came fighting back from the ill-intended grasp Crowley had on his very being. Equal time to him lashing out upon the unholy Winchesters for claiming you as their wayward prisoner. Hearing your distressed strain for help overflowing within the walls of his twisted and tangled mind.

The Winchesters had put your mind and body through so much. Shifting you around at their will as though you were nothing but a meere toy made of misfortunate glass. But even the strongest of glass can break at the crushing feeling of manhandling impact.

Every feeling of sheer pain. Misery. Heartache…every nightmare Lucifer had managed to help keep at bay with his touch. It call came flooding in like a broken dam after being struck by the venomous touch of two “heroic” borthers. For three solid weeks you and the staggered Archangel kept tucked away in a harmonic relm somewhere safe he had created amongst the neverending dynamic of Earth.

Now, the two of you lie deep beneath thick fluff filled comfortors. The smooth bare skin on your heated back was gently outlined by a gliding hand. His very touch polishing your skin in the most innocent of ways. Occasionally the serenading rubbing would stop along the outline of the back straps of your sports bra. Curling his fingers underneath the outline and drawing along the inner edges of it. Perhaps he thought you’d finally drifted off into a swift pleasure filled sleep when he stopped just before propping himself upright to ascend from the King size bed.

“I can’t sleep without you here.” Your soild uncompromising voice unfoldingly spoke outward to him. A demanding hand snapped backwards and greedily clutched to his arm. Your tightening grip ambushing his skin and leaving a deep ruthless red mark given by your fingertips.

Inflaming eyes turned towards your inviting gaze. With every flicker of his mesmeric eyes he seemed to mentally invade your mind. Scavenging for a refined thought or plan. But he found himself locked out of your appealing thoughts. As he had been since his return.

“Please don’t leave me alone just yet.” His charming demeanor just sat before you, lingering on every word you spoke as though it were the first. “I’m not ready for that right now” Moved by a fearful passion you tugged him closer until he once more rested horizontally beside you.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen to you. To either of us.” Strongly he spoke to you, even at a low gruff tone the empowerment in his voice showed his true raging emotion about the subject.

“If you were to tell me that this was all planned out, I’d be shocked beyond a words doubt.” The words overflowed off of your lips without your meaning to do so. “For now, the only thing I want to worry about is how I’m supposed to keep you on lock down with me in this unbelieveably perfect hideaway.” You half laughed, yet meant it all meaningfully.

“Well an awe-inspiring motivational woman like yourself shouldn’t have too much trouble convincing me to do otherwise.” He spoke with a lingering fever of human fixation pondering in his mind. Lying on his backside with his left arm upward allowing you to snake underneath it and slip your way closer into his body.

“The fact that you’re slightly and shamefully obessed with my mundane surface wouldn’t have anything to do with the toll of convincing you, now would it?” On impulse you easily landed your hand onto his chest, leaning inward slightly so you were resting just at the inner edge of his shoulder. The Devil didn’t bother replying with words swallow.

His eyes were resting in a graceful and innocent manner as he shook his head no with a pouted lip. Everything about his being was captivating, mesmerizing every delicate line in your eyes. Grazing your finger lightly along the light veins rushing beneath his skin you as well closed your eyes. Allowing the thought of a dream spread in your mind. But no dream could ever truly fulfill your human mind. Not when you were living one just being next to him.