he love ketchup

It costs nothing to agree to harmless things with people you’re never going to see again. The man at Boston Market who served me mashed potatoes told me he loves ketchup on them, I told him that sounds like a great idea (note I would never do that), and he lit up like nobody’s business. He just had a small amount of joy in his day. It cost me nothing.
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Hi Jen I'm bored do you think we can have another random fact about Ed? Also, where in the world did you learn all those facts

Okay, here’s a random fact! You know how much Ed likes ketchup, right? A couple of years ago, he tweeted this:

And so many people started bringing ketchup to the Red tour that Stuart actually had to tweet this a few days later:

That was almost exactly one year after Ed had gotten his Heinz ketchup tattoo:

Alright, so it takes over five pounds of tomatoes to make one 20 oz. bottle of Heinz ketchup. Of course the bottle doesn’t end up weighing five pounds because the tomatoes have to be reduced first - cooked down to a paste, which gets rid of a lot of the water weight - so even with the other ingredients added in, the tomatoey flavor ends up being really concentrated, a lot more concentrated than it would be in a regular tomato by itself. Eating ketchup is basically like shooting a tomato laser directly into your mouth. So, given how much Ed likes the stuff, you’d think he must really like tomatoes, right?


Your random fact for today is: the boy doesn’t like tomatoes. When he gets food that has tomatoes in it (like salad), he picks them out!

My brother is like that, too. He and Ed both love ketchup, pizza, pasta, and other kinds of food that are made with a lot of tomatoes, but they don’t like tomatoes themselves. My brother said that for him, it’s a texture thing. The inside of a tomato can feel slimy, but something like pizza isn’t slimy. So I assume Ed’s dislike of raw tomatoes also has to do with the texture rather than the taste of them… although his favorite food is sushi, and if the texture of raw fish doesn’t turn him off, it’s pretty hard to imagine why tomatoes would be a problem. x)

You can see Ed picking some tomatoes out of his food in his new concert film Jumpers for Goalposts, out on DVD and bluray November 13, 2015!