he lost his sammy

okay just hear me out guys

i have three ways wally isn’t dead okay just stick with me on this denial train

1. another pipe burst. he said he’d quit if that happened.

2. sammy found out he lost his keys again. he said he’d be fired if that happened, and as we know from chapter two, it did.

3. some other really Weird thing happened and he’s like “yeah no I’m gone byee” and he LEFT and is NOT DEAD and EVERYTHING’S JUST GREAT RIGHT NOW GUYS

Fluffy, bf Dean x reader? - God I love this gif. *my heart* I’m so sorry about this, by the way. This got away from me a little bit.

20 Questions

Your house was quiet as you sat up next to Dean and looked down at his half-asleep form. It wasn’t often that you got to see him, but when you did you made the most of it. He looked up at you and gave you a serious look, then adjusted his position slightly to give you more room. Those eyes were so beautiful and you found it hard to put your thoughts together when you looked into them.

“Penny for your thoughts,” He said quietly, causing you to snap out of your trance. You gave him a small smile as you sat with your legs criss-crossed, the fallen bed sheet exposing your chest to him. You were so comfortable around him.

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the fully toon character stuff cute while the subject is so dark....

That’s the insidious side of it, isn’t it? Like, underneath all the goofy cheer and wacky characters, it’s… empty. They’re caricatures, and the exaggerations totally skip past their most defining traits.

Henry’s a know-it-all stick in the mud, but he’s lost his ability to prioritize and push through adversity. Sammy’s a bitter grump, but he’s lost all passion and devotion. Norman’s a pleasant old pal, but he’s no longer watchful or insightful.

It’s, y’know, maybe a step above a life of eternal mindless agony. But that complete destruction of self….. it creeps me out a lot more.

Can we talk about how strong Sammy is? He lost his mother before he was even a year old, he went through who knows what shit during his childhood, he finally got out of the shitty life and then he goes and loses his girlfriend the same way his mother died. He lost his father not too long after that. His brother has died, twice. The first time because of him. And not to mention he literally went through his brother being a demon, literally went through being chased down by his big brother with an axe. And not even a year later that big brother who he has looked up to his entire life then goes and wants to kill him. Sam has been through so much shit and he still comes out being a beautiful angel.

Can we talk about how strong Sam Winchester is.

Winchester brothers-The Journey of a Winchester

Title: The Journey of a Winchester

Pairings: Winchester brothers x sister reader

Word count:1265

Summary: We all wonder what it’s like to be the Winchester’s little sister, what it would be like to live as the youngest Winchester, how she would be treated, how protective they’d be… well this is snipets into the life of the Winchester’s little sister, whether it’s dramatic moments on the blink of death and torture or whether it’s a long, night drive in the Impala. 

3:00 AM

It was late yet you couldn’t sleep. You were tired, your lids were dropping slowly but sleep would not embrace you. You had just been off a long hunt, your face was scowered in dirty scratches, your mouth dry and chapped. You had even managed to get yourself a whopping good slash in your side.

You held your bloodied stomach, one that was not serious enough for a hospital but enough for stitches and caused you a lot of pain. You wanted to turn to your brothers, who were packing up the hunting supplies, and tell them that you were injured.

The Winchester inside you would not allow that. Especially being a female Winchester, you had to prove you could survive in a man’s world. Even if you were only a teen. You had to prove not only to your brothers but also to yourself.

Plus, you were stubborn as hell.

The car dipped as the older hunters carefully shut Baby’s doors. Dean swiped the key as he grinned at the familiar purr. You shuffled, trying to find a position that was comfortable but your stomach simply jolted with a sharp, shooting pain.

You grimaced, growling lowly as you held tighter onto your torn stomach and bit down on your lip. You just couldn’t wait to get to Bobby’s and stitch yourself up. Your hairline began to bead with sweat, your face flushing pale at the blood your hand cupped, you were losing way to much of it.

You were too tired to care.

‘’You okay back there?’’Dean called out when he glanced in the mirror. He frowned, brows creasing as he quietly nudged Sam. Sam glanced up from his phone and looked at his older brother who motioned him to look towards you.

Sam frowned too when he saw your face. Thankfully, it was dark, they couldn’t see the stain your t-shirt held in your side. But they could tell you were sweating and shuffling a lot.

‘’Yep. Peachy’’You called back, trying to sound as cheerful as possible. They shrugged it off with a pulled muscle and hit the road.


You watched as the world quickly flew by, the wind biting at your skin as you held the window open just a crack. A whimper fell from your mouth when Dean drove over a bump. The car racked with a jolt as you clenched your eyes shut.

‘’Okay, that’s it. I’m pulling over’’Dean grunted as he pulled into the side of the road.

‘’Wh-what! Why?’’You yelped, your fingers clenching tighter on the spot in fear you had been caught.

‘’You are definitely not okay’’Dean chuckled bitterly as he got out. Sam too got out but you stubbornly refused to move. Your door had been swung open and you greeted your giant brother with folded arms and a stubborn glare.

‘’Come on. Out’’Dean motioned. You grunted, getting up and tightening your jacket as you folded your arms and hid the hand that held the blood under the other one. ‘’Walk around’’Dean ordered.

You knew the drill. This was something either of you would do if the other one was hurt but was refusing to tell. It was put here because Winchester’s did that a lot.

Sam and Dean leaned against the car as they watched patiently. You bit down on your lip, watching your black converses on the ground to try and divert your attention away from the nausea that was swimming around in your stomach.

Sam and Dean watched you carefully, their eyes roamed over your bent figure as you puffed out your cheeks, hollowing them back in as the excruciating feeling of pain overwhelmed you again.

It was too dark out to see the large, crimson stain your shirt held, but Sam and Dean both knew you better than they knew themselves, they knew you were hiding something.

However, you managed to pull off the drill and with a weary look, Dean grunted and allowed you to get back in the car.

Sam checked on you a lot, constantly asking if you were okay and glancing at you in the mirror.

“You okay?’‘Sam asked as Dean got out the car for some gas and snacks. Your lids fell heavy as you kept your hand on your bloodied stomach but the pressure was dropping off as you began to fade in and out of consciousness. ”(Y/n)?“Sam muttered. He shuffled around in his seat, his brows creasing in concern.

’’M'just tired, Sammy’'You whimpered. Sam’s eyes narrowed as he shook his head.

’'No you’re not’'He sighed, getting out the car. A gush of wind hit you as Sam came in and sat next to you. His awkwardly long body scooted next to yours as his fingers grasped your cheeks and pulled your dropping head up.

’'Jesus, (Y/n). You’re sweating like crazy… you’re burning up’'Sam winced as he felt the thick moisture coating his fingertips. He pressed the back of his hand to your clammy forehead and winced when he felt the unnatural heat it emitted.

His eyes roamed your face but your head dropped onto his broad shoulder, your hand falling from your side and landing on his jeans. Sam got out of the car as he made his way into the shop and towards Dean.

’'Hey, man. What are you doing?’'Dean frowned in confusion. ’'Where’s (Y/n)?”

“She’s in the car. Look man, she’s burning up badly, I think she’s coming down with something. We should probably pick her up some medicine’'Sam pointed out as he started browsing the shelves.

Dean patiently listened to him before nodding. ’'You wanna get some bandages too?’'He asked. Sam frowned, looking at his brother in confusion.

’'What?’'Sam mumbled. ’'Why?”

“You’re got hurt’'Dean said slowly as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Sam frowned again as he scoffed quietly.

’'No I didn’t…’'He argued, his brows furrowing deeply. Dean glared sharply at his brother, hating the 'you’re an idiot-look’ Sam was giving him.

’'Then why are you bleeding!’'Dean barked as he pointed at Sam’s jeans. Sam’s face held more confusion as Dean’s held a cocky 'I win’ smirk.

’'It’s not mine!’'Sam defended. They both stared in confusion before Sam’s face dropped.

’'What now?’'Dean groaned.

’'It’s not my blood…’'Sam repeated in a whisper, speaking more to himself than Dean.

’'Yeah I know. You said’'Dean grumbled as he began to grab more bars of chocolate for you when you got to Bobby’s. Bobby never tended to have chocolate and so you tended to throw a lot of fits when you were deprived of your holy grail.

’'It’s (Y/n)’s…’'Sam whispered. The two brothers dropped everything and ran to the Impala. Dean swung open the car door only for you to come crashing out, unconscious.

Both of your brothers pulled you out of the car, carefully lifting you into a grassy area and away from the road.

’'I can’t see anything, can you?’'Dean questioned as he squinted his eyes to look. Sam grabbed his phone and turned on the flash, his fingers pulled at your clothes, trying to find the bleeding. His fingers grasped your coat and pulled it aside as they were instantly met with a worryingly large amount of blood.

They both looked at each other, eyes wide and full of panic. Dean smacked his fist off the ground as he glared up at the sky.

’'Dammit, (Y/n)! Why didn’t you just tell us!’'Dean growled as he cursed under his breath. ’'Sammy, she’s lost a lot of blood”

“I know, Dean. I know’'Sam fretted. Dean looked towards Sam for help.

’'What do we do?”

“I don’t know…”


Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 1615

Pairing: Souless!SamxReader

Summary: When Sam lost his soul, you lost a part of yourself as well. After spending months on the road with the cold imitation of the man you used to love, you finally break and try to end it all. Except Sam isn’t ready to let you go - no matter if he has a soul or not.

Part 2: Gone

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They killed the girl that he loved.
He got possessed by Lucifer.
They tortured him in Hell.
And he lost his soul.

Dean Winchester, 12.22

Let me break this down a bit.

They killed the girl that he loved.

Jessica Moore would NOT have been killed by the demons if Sam had bitten the bullet and stuck with hunting instead of pursuing his self-actualization. Sure, he had every right to do so, and sure, it seemed to be the more sane, and definitely easier choice. BUT: Jessica Moore would NOT have been killed by the demons if Sam had stayed in the hunting life.

Also: Dean never chose to pursue his self-actualization - even though he canonically had dreams of going to college - and so never got the chance to love a girl. Scratch that: he DID love a girl, in spite of sticking with the hunting life, but his honesty about his “job” destroyed this relationship. 

(Also also: had Sam been as honest to Jessica she might have left him, and the demons mightn’t have killed her. Just saying.)

He got possessed by Lucifer.

This was Sam’s conscious choice, not something that ~happened~ to him, and, as many many discussions of Swan Song have pointed out, a spectacularly stupid choice. If Dean hadn’t turned up at Stull cemetery, either half the population of the world would have died (if Michael had won), or Lucifer would have won and brought Hell on Earth. (And, you know, if Sam’s hubris in season 4 hadn’t led to him disregarding Dean’s better instincts, Lucifer mightn’t have been raised in the first place.)

They tortured him in Hell.

Well. “they” tortured Dean, too, but it’s all about what Mary’s choice did to poor Sammy, so let’s just ignore it.

And he lost his soul.

Because he insisted on his stupid plan to actively say yes to “got possessed by” Lucifer and went to Hell. And Dean actually was the one to get Sam’s soul back by intentionally flatlining, and calling up Death, and making a deal with Death. To play Death for a day, and what a joyful experience all that was for Dean. Not. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying Dean should have pointed any of this out to Mary. In fact, it was completely in character for Dean to focus more on Sam than himself. I was actually surprised he brought up the parenting - and supposedly “failing” at it - ascpect at all.

It just would have been nice for a change to have a character point out to Mary what a shitty life Dean has had as a consequence of Mary dying, and John going on his life-long revenge quest.

Then again, in all seriousness, which other actor on this show would have been able to pull off a scene like this even a little as convincing and heartbreaking as Jensen did? Jared would have scrunched up his forehead and heaved his shoulders a lot and made a lot of… pauses… between… words and Misha would have woobie-faced the whole scene. Yeah, cringeworthy to even imagine it.

So, even though I’m mad that - as usual - no one acknowledged Dean’s shitty life, at least we got one truly satisfying scene out of the last two episodes of season 12.

I hate you.
[Voice breaking] I hate you.
And I love you.
‘Cause I can’t – I can’t help it.
You’re my Mom. And I understand 'cause I have made deals to save the ones I love more than once.
I forgive you. I forgive you.
For all of it.


nikita character meme | two of two colours
michael + black

Supernatural with the song Toxic by Britney Spears


Sam sighed as he sat alone at the bar, having been abandoned by his brother for a blonde in a tight dress.

He wouldn’t have been so annoyed if it weren’t for the fact that this bar, which Dean had decided on, was having a karaoke night.

So far every single person that had gone on the tiny stage in the corner had been awful. No one with even a slight talent for singing.

He was ordering another beer, had lost count of how many he’d had so far, when he heard Toxic by Britney Spears start.

“Kill me now…” He groaned to himself, closing his eyes. He absolutely hated this song in the first place, hearing someone stumbling over the words and hitting the wrong notes was going to be hell.

“Baby can’t you see, I’m calling. A guy like you should wear a warning…”

She was very different from the other women he’d heard that night. Her voice was soft and confident, and when he turned to get a look at her, he stopped breathing for a second.

“Woah…” Sam chugged his beer as he kept his eyes glued to her.

To his surprise she was dressed much more casual than the other women in the bar, wearing jeans and a pink and blue plaid shirt. She was wearing vans that were the same shade of pink as in her shirt. Her hair was thrown up in a messy bun.

She didn’t stick out in a sexual way, and he liked that. She seemed like a good little girl that simply just wanted to do karaoke and unfortunately this bar was the only place to go.

He was just enjoying her voice when they made eye contact, and she smirked at him.

She was moving her hips to the music now, her free hand that wasn’t holding the mic slide over one of her breast as she sang and kept her eyes on him.

“The taste of your lips, I’m on a ride. You’re toxic, I’m slipping under. With a taste of poison paradise…”

Her hand slide down her body, teasingly close to the button on her jeans, and slide back up. She licked her lips.

Every guy in the bar was watching her now, but Sam knew this was all for him. Their eyes never lost each other’s.

“Intoxicate me now, with your loving now, I think I’m ready now.”

The song came to end and everyone was clapping and whistling at her. She thank them quickly and bit her lip before finally looking away from Sam and hurrying off the stage.

She had went right out of the bar and he was throwing money on the bar to cover his drinks as quickly as he could so he could follow her.

He pushed the bar door open and before he could even wonder which way she had went, she was wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her body as close to his as she could.

Sam was shocked, he honestly hadn’t realized that she had wanted him to follow her. He’d was just going to and hope she didn’t think he was crazy.

“Kiss me you big moose.” She laughed breathlessly and crashed her lips against his. He wasted no time returning the kiss, refraining from biting her lip.

“I live just around the corner.” She mumbled against his mouth, slipping her fingers into his hair and tugging in the direction they needed to go.

Some how they made it to her door without breaking the kiss for more than a few seconds at a time.

She let go of Sam long enough to the open the door, which was unlocked. Normally he would have said something about that being dangerous, maybe even go on a rant about it, but not tonight.

Sammy wanted her, bad.

She was pressed against again, her hand sliding down to feel just how much he wanted her.

As soon as her hand grazed him he scooped her into his arms, bridal style, causing her to giggle cutely.

“Which way to the bedroom?” He damned and she pointed to the door just across from them.

She was tossed onto the bed and he stood in front of her, taking his shirt off as quickly as he could. He moved on to his jeans and she was starting to take her own shirt off when he stopped her, taking her hands in his with a smirk.

“No. I’m going to undress you. Got that?”

She moaned, finding this side of him extremely hot. Biting her lip once more she looked up at him all innocently.

“Anything you want…” Her eyes sparkled slightly as she added a quite little, “Daddy.”


Sam was groggy in the morning, blindly grabbing for his phone which was buzzing all too loudly. He had drank too much and for some reason the sheets in his bed felt different. They felt much softer than the motel sheets normally did.

The phone stopped buzzing and he was going to go back to bed when he heard her voice and it came rushing back to him. He stayed still and just listened…

“Hello?” She answered the phone in a cheery tone.

“Sam?” She glanced at the bed and plopped down in the arm chair by a big glass window. “So that’s his name. I was wondering.” There was that adorable giggle from the night before…

“He’s still in bed. Who is this? Don’t worry, you’re brother is fine Dean. I promise I didn’t hurt him, much.” Her voice went a little husky. “I might have left a few scratch marks down his back.”

Sam smiled against the pillow and shifted slightly, letting her know he was about to ‘wake up’. As nice as this was, he couldn’t hang out in a chicks bed all day. They had a hunt.

She glanced at the movement in the bed and got up. She pulled the sheet up and snuggled up to him, laying her head on his shoulder.

“Hey, he’s about to wake up.” She told Dean. “Just meet us at the cafe across from the bar in…”

Sam was turning, wanting to get his hands on her again….

“Give us half an hour.” She hung up on Dean before he could protest.

They had a nice little shower together before heading to the cafe.
Once at the table she looked between the brothers with an excited smile. “Well I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Y/N.”

“You didn’t even learn her name?” Dean was trying to hide how proud he was of his brother for going wild for once.

Shyly, Sam rubbed the back of his neck and avoided looking at either of them. “We didn’t do much talking.”

They all shared a laugh.

They ordered breakfast and each made small talk as they ate.

Y/N and Sam took turns rubbing each other’s thighs under the table, making a game out of who would get caught first.

Sam lost as he brother scrunched up his nose. “Control yourself Sammy, be a freak in the sheets but a gentlemen in public.”

All too soon though, breakfast was over and Dean was hinting at the fact they needed to get going. They did have a work to finish up…

“We’ve got to go. Work, you know.” Sam gave Y/N a shrugged as he pulled out his phone. “But if you don’t mind. I’d love to call you later.”

Dean climbed into the impala and turned the radio on, being a good big brother and leaving them alone for their good byes.


She had just taken his phone when all of sudden, she disappeared into thin air.

“What. Dean!” Sam was whirling around, trying to comprehend what had happen.

“Sammy.” Dean was at his side, pointing to the ground where she had been standing. There laid his phone, and a note…

“Come and find her boys. -Love Crowley”

She’d know Sam less than 24 hours and he had managed to put her in danger. He was indeed, toxic. @livelovelike555

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Imagine getting this snap from nate of your sleeping boyfriend of 2 years sammy who’s on tour. After being with each other for 2 years you kinda felt like you needed some alone time apart from each other and luckily sammy was going on a Europe tour and would be gone for 6 month. 5 weeks into the tour you started miss being close to sammy and get to see and touch him everyday and this made you feel terrible, being away from each other made you realize that you cant live without the other one it was just a hole in your heart. After nate sent you this snap you felt so bad and started crying cuz you miss sammy so much, it hurted so much that you could feel actual pain in your chest. Nate called you moments later and told you that you have to see sammy asap, he wasn’t eating well and he lost his intresse for completing the tour, he was homesick and needed you and without hesitation you booked the next flight to go see your babyboy. Should I do a longer imagine/fanfic with more details of this. Message me with ideas I’d love to start writing but I suck at it doe… 😞

I’m Here

Requested by anon

Summary: Dean and Sam both go to you when they have nightmares, and one night they both need your help
Words: 1,023
No Pairing
Warnings: None (nightmares)

Your name: submit What is this?

It was sort of an accident the first time it happened.

You had been sharing a motel room with Sam on a night that there was an extra room available and Dean insisted on hustling pool so he could afford his own.

You were woken up in the early hours of the morning by the sound of Sam calling out.

“No,” he was moaning, “Jess. No. Stop! No!”

He was thrashing about, getting himself caught in the sheets as he was trying hopelessly to reach out for her.

You couldn’t stand to see him like that, so you got up and gently woke him up.

His eyes shot open and he was breathing heavily.

“Wha- Jess,” he stammered, “It was Jess.”

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The Edge of Sanity (Part 3)

Title: The Edge of Sanity (Part 3)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary: Dean struggles to find the reader before time runs out and she’s lost to him forever

Word Count: 4,355

Warnings: none

POV: Dean’s, third person

A/N: ah okay so here’s part 3! Honestly thank you for your kind messages and being so sweet and supportive! This series will definitely have another part and that should be the last one. I hope you guys like it! :)

Read Part 1, Part 2

Dean stared into the bottom of his glass, watching the bronze liquor swirl around the reflective edges. It was the kind of generous golden beauty he knew would take away the burning ache in his chest if he just dove a little further down the bottle. It wouldn’t subdue the constant stream of shame and guilt clouding his mind, but it would make your absence a little less painful. He needed to take the edge off before it threatened to kill him.

He swallowed the last swig in one gulp, wincing as the burn passed his throat. His eyes caught the empty glass, wondering how, after spending hours drinking this crap, he could still feel so helpless.

Rage boiled over inside of him like a catastrophic thunderstorm on the brink of a shore until a scream left his lungs and he hurled the glass against the wall. Shards scraped against the cheap wall paper, the whiskey staining the carpet. Labored breaths left him light headed and sweat began to bead against his brow.

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Nash and Sammy were your 2 best friends. You went to Nash’s house to hang out with the both of them while Sammy was in town. You got to the house and you walked inside, not caring if anybody opened the door for you. “I’M HERE!” You ran up the stairs and stopped at Nash’s door, it was closed and you could hear them talking. You knocked on the door and Sammy came to open it. You looked him up and down, him being shirtless. You didn’t see him shirtless often, but when you did it turned you on. You walked inside seeing Nash wearing a white shirt and a flannel. “What are you guys doing?” You laughed looking at them both. “Well, we were in the middle of getting ready, I posted a video and we were going to go get some food.” “Samuel go get ready because I want food.” You looked at him seriously. “Fine. I will. But are you sure you don’t want to see me shirtless?” “SAMMY NO!” You started blushing and Sammy went and put a shirt on and came back over to you and Nash. “Y/N will you take a picture of us for my snapchat story?” You nodded and took Nash’s phone and took a selfie posting it on his story then taking the picture of them. You put the caption DO IT and then posted it to his story along with your selfie. You gave him his phone back and then Nash started walking downstairs. “I’m using the bathroom and then we can leave!” Sammy walked over to you and put his arms around you giving you a hug. “You definitely liked seeing me shirtless, did you not?” “I DIDN’T!” You started blushing and you smiled into his chest still hugging. “I love you baby girl.” It drove you crazy when he called you that, but you both knew that you had a thing for Nash more than you did Sammy. “Sammy, you know.” “Yes I know that I’ll never have a chance with you because you’re in love with Nash and I have a surprise for you.” “Huh?” You looked at him confused. “You are going to tell Nash today.” “No. Sammy no. Please no.” You started freaking out and backing away from him. You ran downstairs and out of the house and you got into your car and just sat there. Sammy and Nash both chased after you and they sat in your car. “Sammy no. I will not.” “Will not what?” Nash was confused and he looked at you smiling. He made your heart melt and you were becoming weak. “Tell him Y/N.” “Tell him what?” “You.” You and Sammy were both looking at Nash. “Tell me what?” “SAMMY I’M NOT TELLING HIM!” “Tell me what?” Nash was trying to be as calm as he could. “That Y/N likes you.” Sammy mumbled and then jumped out of your car. You started crying and you got out of your car and chased after Sammy while Nash was chasing after you. Nash grabbed ahold of your arm and pulled you into a hug and then he leaned down and kissed you. You kissed him back and it was the best feeling ever. You pulled back and looked behind you at Sammy who was facing the other way. You ran and jumped on his back even though you were wearing a skirt. “Sammy, I hate you but thanks.” “No problem baby girl. Now lets go get food.” You ran over to Nash and grabbed his hand as he looked down and smiled at you. You turned around and saw Sammy, slowly walking, and frowning. You got to the car and Nash yelled to Sammy. “DUDE YOU COMING?” “No, mom texted me and she wants me home, something with my sister. Have fun and I’ll see you guys later! Bye!” Nash waved goodbye and you looked at him. Sammy looked like he lost his puppy dog, and was lost. You felt bad for him, but Nash didn’t notice. He started driving away and you got a text on your phone. It was from Sammy. You checked to see what it said. ‘Sammy Boo: I love you Y/N but I’ll never get you. Bye baby girl.’ You felt a tear fall from your eye. You broke, because Sammy meant so much to you. He was the only person you could go to with anything, you could tell him that you slept with his brother and he wouldn’t care. He accepted you. “Nash stop the car.” “Babe everything okay?” “I’ll be right back.” You got out of the car and ran down the block and ran back to Nash’s house. You saw Sammy sitting outside waiting for whoever. “Y/N what are you doing here?” “Coming back to save my best friend.” You hugged Sammy and he hugged you back. “Sammy, I know that Nash and I aren’t going to work out. I just want to be able to know that my best friend will be there for me when he breaks up with me. Will you?” Sammy smiled looking down at you. “I definitely will be right here, supporting you no matter what happens.” You hugged him again and you both walked to Nash’s car and got in. “Sorry Nash, I just couldn’t leave my best friend behind.” You smiled and Nash was smiling back at you. This relationship was definitely going to be hard for Sammy, but in the end he knew that you would end up being his.

My Deal

Title: My Deal
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Other Characters: Sam and Bobby
Request: anonymous asked: Can you do a dean x reader where it’s reader who makes the deal to save Sam instead of Dean in season 2. And then when Dean finds out he starts being mean and Ignores her and flirts with other girls in front of her. Then one day she has enough and leaves and everyone has to find her
Word Count: 2,851
This is the longest request I’ve written! I got carried away I guess but I hope that you like it! Message me any feedback that you might have about this. I don’t know how to feel about his yet. I’m liking it but I’m disliking it. Anyways, enjoy! Have a lovely night <3Thank you for requesting and reading. Muah!

 Part Two: Surprise, Surprise.

9 Months is all you had left before you took a little trip down to see Lucifer. The deal that you had made in order to save Sam’s life and avoid Dean going through unbelievable pain, left with you a year to live. Most people get 10 years but demons love making your life impossible, so a year was all you got. It didn’t matter. You were doing it for someone you cared about deeply. Did the guys know? Did Bobby know? Nope. Nobody knew about your little deal. Nobody knew how Sam came back to life but nobody did any investigations either. It was better like that. Though, you were in the process of telling Bobby.

“You mean to tell me that you sold your soul to save Sam’s life?!” Bobby almost screams, furrowing his eyebrows. His tone didn’t sound very nice at the moment and you were glad that you’re a girl or else he probably would’ve smacked the living crap out of you.

“Shhh!” You put your finger to your lips and sigh. “Dammit, Bobby I don’t want them to find out! I want them to think that my death was just random. A case got me.”

“And if you’re not a damn case?!”

You didn’t think of that. Well, crap. He was right. What if you weren’t on a case when your time was up? What if you were randomly at home when it happened? “I didn’t think of that..”

“How long you got?” Bobby sighed, realizing that there was nothing that he could do to help you.

For a brief moment, you could’ve sworn that you saw his eyes get glassy. He was like a father to you and he saw you as his daughter. Losing you would devastate.  “A year.”

Bobby’s silence tells you that shocked him and hurt him even more. “How?”

“I don’t know. I got a year or no deal.” You confess. “So, I took the deal. I couldn’t watch Dean suffer because he lost his brother and I couldn’t lose Sammy either.”

You and Dean had a thing for each other. A hook up here and there. Unadmitted feelings for each other but almost never really acted on.

“I can’t believe that you did that.” Bobby shakes his head, bringing you into a tight hug. “You idjit.”

“Y/N!!” A roaring Sam and Dean pushed through Bobby’s door, searching the place for you.

You jumped up and rushed to their side. “Woah. What’s up?” You furrow your eyebrows, slightly confused because they’re yelling and they have no reason too. You haven’t pranked them or anything.

“You want to tell us what the hell a demon was talking about when he said that you sold your damn soul to save Sammy’s life!” Dean screamed at you. He was demanding answering, not asking if you would be nice enough to give them an answer.

You froze in place, Bobby coming out confused as well. “What is going on?”

“Y/N sold her soul to save my life..” Sam’s voice was quiet and hurt. He couldn’t believe you did that for him. He hated the fact that you did that. It was sweet and nice that you care about him so deeply but he didn’t want you to give up your life for his.

Bobby stayed quiet and glanced over at you. “Well, there’s your secret now.” He walked away, ready to pour everybody a drink because quite frankly, you all needed it.

“Wait, you knew about this!?” Dean grew angrier. “Are we the only ones this isn’t worth mentioning to?!”

You sighed loudly and cursed under your breath, running your hand down your face and almost wanting to pull your hair.

“Dean, calm down.”

“Calm down!?” Dean growled and turned to you, angrier than before. By now, you knew that you had lost his trust for good. “I cannot calm down. You are dying in how long?! The demon said you had a damn year, Y/N! I am losing you in a damn year!”

“Technically 9 months..”

Dean glared at you. “That was the stupidest decision you’ve ever made, Y/N and you’ve made some pretty fucked up decisions. Do you not use your brain at all?”

“Dean.” Sam put his hand on his brother’s shoulder as an attempt to calm him down. “Let’s you get out of here before you say too much.” Sam pushed him out of the door and turned to look back at you. “But he’s right. I’m not supposed to be here and I am and because of that you’re going to lose your life, Y/N. That’s not right.”

A small ache started in your chest by having Dean being mad at you and to top it all off, Sam didn’t approve either which ultimately, you didn’t expect them to.

6 months left. Dean ignores you, barely talks to you and he talks the only thing that comes out of his mouth are insults. In his head, he’s thinking that by doing this, he’ll get you out of his head faster and out of his heart as well. By the time that you’re gone, he won’t feel it as bad but he’s wrong. The cut runs deeper than that. As much as he’d like to get over you, he can’t. He’s going to have to face the pain that he’s going to feel when you’re gone. He hates thinking about the day but it’s engraved in his head.

“Will you freaking watch it!” Dean pushed you behind with a low growl. “I’m not your damn baby sitter, Y/N. I shouldn’t have to watch over you 24/7 since you can’t do anything right.”

Ouch. Another cut in your heart. “You don’t have to watch me, Dean.” You push past him, looking for the demon that might be hiding anywhere.

“Guys! I got it.” Sam comes running from behind you. “He didn’t know anything about saving you.” He tells you.

You never told them to look for a solution, but they are. Dean is forced to. In your head, if It was up to Dean, you’d be dead already.

“Oh, sad.” Dean rolled his eyes and walked back to the Impala. “Let’s go to the bar.”

Sam looked over at you. “He doesn’t mean any of that, you know that right?”

It still hurt whether he means his insults or not. It still cuts freaking deep because you lost what you had with him in a minute. The trust, the-possibly-love, the care and connection. It’s all gone. There’s nothing but resentment in his eyes.

The ride to the bar was dead quiet. Nobody spoke a word. Well, on occasion, Dean would speak to Sam but ignore you like most days now. If he wasn’t ignoring you, he was insulting you. Point is, he was always a douche to you now.

“I want to go home, Sam.” You look over at Sam, hoping that he would take you home.

“Walk.” Dean mumbled. “My car is not an option until I want to go home.”

You sink back in your seat, tears building up in your eyes. You’ve apologized to him over and over and over again and he still gives you the silent treatment or just tells you straight up he doesn’t care.

“Dean, come on.” Sam looks at his brother, pleading with his eyes to stop this nonsense.

Finally, Dean parks and gets out, shoving the keys in his pocket. He enters the bar, making you and Sam sigh at the same time.

Sam glances over at you quickly. “Let’s go?”

Shaking your head no, you look down at your shoes. “I’m just going to stay here. Don’t worry. Being alone kind of sounds good right now.”

Sam frowns. “I’ll talk to him.” He heads out, following his brother.

When he’s finally out of sight, you sink down in your seat again and let the tear rush down your cheeks, wondering of a way to get Dean to forgive you and treat you like he used to. Like his princess and the one that he loved being next. The one he came to with whatever was on his mind. You were more than just someone in his life. You were his best friend, the one he was slowly falling in love with. The one he was experiencing with what love truly was and meant.

In a matter of minutes, Dean was outside with a girl by his side; kissing and touching each other. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. You closed your eyes and shook your head, hating the image that was playing over and over in your head.

Dean pulled away slightly, glancing over at the car and noticing that you were still in there. Tears streamed down your cheeks, making his heart ache a little. Instead of going over to you, he pulled the girl closer to him and crashed his lips to hers again, making you get out of the car and walk back to where you guys were staying at.

The whole way there you cried your eyes out and at one point you stopped to scream at the top of your lungs, letting everything out.

You didn’t stop at the motel, no you continued until your legs couldn’t carry you anymore. Then, you asked a random girl for a ride and she took you all the way back to Bobby’s. Nice of her but you were prepared for anything that she might’ve tried to pull. On the way, you received many calls from Sam and Bobby. Lots of texts from Sam too, demanding to know where you were and if you were okay. You never answered.

You pushed through the door of Bobby’s and went straight to your room, packing everything that you had and grabbing the big duffle bag,  You walked down the stairs, Bobby standing at the bottom with a pissed look on his face.

“I called.”

“You did, congratulations.” You drop down your bag and go over to where you hide your money. “Now, you saw that I’m okay and now I’m leaving. Screw Dean!” You scream which shocks you and shocks Bobby. “Screw everything! If I’m going to die, I’m going to die alone! Far away from everybody!”

“Stop.” Bobby walks over to you. “Stop right there, Y/N.”

You don’t listen and instead grab your things again and walk to the door. “I’m so sorry Bobby but I have to go. If I stay, Dean is going to end up killing me with his actions and words and trust me… “ Again, your eyes get glassy. “That’s a more painful death than anything else..” With that, you walk away from them again. Ready to start the quest on your own until it was your time. By now, you had accepted it. That was your faith, so be it.

“She left because of you.” Bobby said straight up, not keeping it from Dean or Sam.

Dean looked down and grabbed another beer. “No. She left because she wanted too..” The pain eating at him again. You still a few months left and now you were completely gone and the pain was worse than he’d imagine it.

“No, Dean. She left because you really were being a douchebag.” Sam corrected him, standing by Bobby. “I’m going to look for her.”

“She doesn’t want to found, boy.” Bobby objected, knowing you more than anybody else. “I want to find her as bad as you do but trust me, we’ll make her angrier. She wants.. She wants to die alone.”

‘She’s not going to die.” Sam objects, shaking his head. “She’s not going to die. I can look for her myself, it doesn’t matter.”


Twenty minutes away from your death, you decided to go on a hunt that has been there for a while and you finally couldn’t wait any longer. You’re going to die anyways. Might as well finish this job before your time is up.

Just as you’re getting out of the car you hear another car pull up. A very special car though. And you know exactly who it belongs to. The Impala.

You don’t turn, instead you continue walking ahead of you and pretending like you didn’t hear anything from the start.

“Y/N!” Three voices were heard from the distance. Dean’s. Sam’s. Bobby’s. Dean’s. Dean was here. Dean came.

Your legs keep walking, not stopping for a minute. Just as you turned to your side, you noticed that the neighbor that was walking towards them was a demon. “Demon!” You yell, pointing at the man and running after them.

In seconds, Sam’s holding the knife that kills demons and the demon is gone. You stop and sigh. You’re never going to stop worrying about them.

“Y/N.” Sam embraces you tightly, smiling at the fact that you’re okay. “Gosh. Where have you been? We’ve been trying to find you!”

“I’m fine. Now go.” You hug Bobby quickly and stop at Dean. His eyes beg for a hug but you stop and walk back. “Go. I don’t want you guys here.”

You knew exactly what was coming for you and you didn’t want them to watch you die.

“Y/N ple-“ Dean starts but you cut him off.

“I don’t want you here.” The tone of your voice is cold, which hurts him because he’s suffered so much without you. He’s ready to apologize and tell you that you’re going to see this one though. That he’ll be there by your side.

In the distance, a growl is heard and you knew exactly what is. Instant tears rush down your face and you push them all away. “Go! Please! Please! Just go!” You plead at them, trying to keep them safe.

They all stare out into the distance. Dean pulls you by his side, trying to protect you. You push him away and look at them. “Go. Get in the car. Drive. Drive as far as you can and don’t you look back, you understand?” Your eyes are fixed on Dean’s. A tear slides down his cheek, shaking his head he steps closer to you.


“10 minutes.” Bobby says quietly, glancing at his watch. “Get in the car with us. You can run.”

“But I can’t hide.” You reply. “I don’t want to hide.”

“Y/N.” Dean looks at you as the growls get louder.

You push them all away. “Get out!!” You scream at them and in a matter of seconds, you’re all running away. You could’ve gotten them in the car but they didn’t want to. You’d take them to a safe place and then walk away from them without them noticing.. If you made it.

The clock is ticking and the growls get louder and soon enough you’re being chased by a hellhound. You can see it. You can see how it looks like and the fact that it’s coming just for you.

When your terrified scream is heard, it’s the signal for them that it’s 12 am. Your time is up. They all stop running. Time stops for them, frozen in place, they can’t move or do anything to prevent what’s happening to you. Their hear pounds hard in their chest. Dean screams as he watches you get tore apart. He’d give anything to have you safe and sound and him being there instead. Sam watches horrified, pleading but he’s pleading into the thin air because there’s nobody else there. Bobby’s eyes get glassy again, no sound is heard from his mouth. He’s frozen in place too.

When it finally stops, you’re in a pool of your own blood. Your body is tore apart, blood still pooling at your side. There was no way of saving you from that. The hellhound finish you. Mauled you to death. Dean holds you in his arms and for once, Bobby and Sam saw him cry, scream your name into the thin air, hoping and begging for a miracle that didn’t come. They watched him curse and apologize to you over and over again. He told your lifeless body, he loved you. Again, he screamed as if that would relieve his pain. It didn’t. It felt as if he was dying too but it wouldn’t end. The nightmare would continue. There was no end in his pain.

“It’s okay, you know,” Sam says quietly one day, and Dean looks up from picking at the label of his beer to see his brother staring into the bottom of his own.

They’re in the bunker, nursing their respective post-hunt drinks as they sit across from one another at the dark, wooden table. Dean’s tired, enough that he can feel sleep pulling at him; but Sam’s words pull him out of his daze, a jolt of adrenaline surging through his chest.

“I mean, if you’re…and if, you and Cas…” Sam trails off, not because he’s losing the words to say what needs to be said, but because there’s nothing to elaborate on.

They both know what he’s trying to say.

Dean’s throat tightens for a moment, and he finds himself pulling his bottom lip in between his teeth, biting down before he pushes out a low sigh. He nods, avoiding Sam’s eyes; and nods again, clearing his throat.

“Yeah,” he says, voice suspiciously scratchy and thick, “I know.”

This…whatever it is, between Cas and him, it’s gone unspoken between them all for years. Almost unacknowledged, really, except for a few precious moments, now being one of them.

Dean thinks of the back of Cas’ hand brushing against his arm; of quiet nights in a dingy motel, sitting across from Cas at a small, wooden table as the pace of his heartbeat picks up; of blue eyes and warm skin filling his dreams, startling him awake in the early morning with a kind of longing he hasn’t felt since he was a child, wishing for his mother to come back for him.

The silence that follows falls over him and Sam like a veil, the atmosphere shifting ever so slightly, an awkwardness filling the room. It makes the hair on Dean’s arms stick up, the back of his neck prickling uncomfortably.

“Okay. That’s- good.” Sam gives him a small smile, then, and Dean relishes in it.

His brother stands then, dropping the now empty glass bottle in the recycling bin as he makes his way out of the kitchen.

Just as he’s about to leave, Dean twists around in his seat and says, “Hey.”

Sam pauses, turns to face his brother expectantly.

“I, uh-” Dean finds himself momentarily lost, stumbling over his words, facing heating up as he mumbles, “Thanks, Sammy.”

Sam just smiles at him, softly, warmly. “Yeah, Dean,” he says, and then he’s gone.

Jack Gilinsky: New Girl pt. 4

Pt. 1: http://5secsofviners.tumblr.com/post/109147392689/jack-gilinsky-imagine

Pt. 2: http://5secsofviners.tumblr.com/post/109236881254/jack-gilinsky-imagine-new-girl

Pt. 3:

“Jack? I know what Sammy told me about you and Leigh… But what’s your side of it?” I ask him as I sit on his bed Sunday afternoon. He looks up at me and furrows his eyebrows together. “What do you mean?” He asks. “Well, Sammy said you really loved her.” I said to him. “I did. Until I saw her fucking Eric on my bed. Then every ounce of love I had for her disappeared.” Jack said to me. I nodded my head before looking back down at my History textbook. “Why the sudden interest?” He asks. “I dunno. She just seemed like she still cared about you.” I said. “Still think I have feelings for her?” He asked. “I don’t know, maybe. You’re a lot different that what I had imagined and I just wanna make sure you’re not just using me to get over her.” I said to him. “You don’t have to worry about that. She means nothing to me.” He said. I smiled a little bit. “So does that mean you’re interested in me?” Jack asks. I look up to see him smirking at me. “I didn’t say that. But in case I end up having feelings for you, I don’t wanna be hurt.” I said. Jack sat up and grabbed me by my waist and pulled me into him, causing me to wrinkle tons of papers. “I would never hurt you, baby girl.” He whispered in my ear as his thumbs rubbed circles on my hip. I closed my eyes and leaned my head onto his chest. He continued to rub circles and then used the other hand to run his fingers through my hair as he kissed the top of my head. “We need to get back to work…” I said, pushing off of him. “Oh, yeah. Right.” He said, laying back down on his bed and pulling his math binder to him.

-The Next Day-

“What’s cookin good lookin?” Sammy asks as he walked up to open his locker. “Wow, you’re so cool. No wonder all the girls swoon over you.” I say, rolling my eyes. Sammy laughs and pulls out his English binder. “Did you do the English homework?” He asks as we walk to the classroom. “Yeah. Jack and I did it at his house last night.” I said to him. “So are you and him like a thing now?” He asks. I shake my head. “Nope. Just friends.” I say. “Oh c'mon! I can tell you like him and everyone in the school knows he likes you! So what’s holding you back?” He asks. “I’ve been here a week, Sammy. I’m not ready to be someone’s girlfriend yet.” I say to him. Sammy nods his head as we enter the classroom. I sit down next to Jack and Sammy sits behind me next to Nate. Johnson comes running into class, trying to hold all his stuff before the bell rings and he sits on the other side of Jack. “You good, man?” Jack asks, laughing. Johnson lays his stuff on the desk and looks over at Jack. “What do you think?” He asks. Jack laughs and turns to face me. “Hey, you wanna come by my place today and hang with the guys and me?” He asks. “Yeah! That would be so much fun!” Nate adds in, grabbing Jack by his shoulders. “Yeah, you should come!” Johnson adds in. I turn to see Sammy nodding his head with a big smile. “I don’t know, guys…” I say. “Pleaseeee! I’ll make you cookies!” Sammy pleads. I giggle and agree, earning “yes!"s from all the guys. "But I do need to make some girl friends, you know!” I say to them. “Why!? What’s wrong with us!?” Sammy asks. “Well unless you guys are fine with me calling you up to complain about period cramps…” “OKAY WE’LL FIND YOU SOME GIRLS!” They all say, cutting me off. I laugh and turn my attention to the class.

-At Jack’s-

“How about we play some hoops?” Nate asks. “Yeah! But we have an odd number…” Johnson says. “Well Y/N’s a girl so she doesn’t really count…” Jack says, causing “oooo"s from the other guys. "Well I just so happens, Mr. Gilinsky, that I’m amazing at basketball!” I say to him, causing another round of “oooo"s. "Sure you are, sweet cheeks.” Jack says winking at me. “Fine. Then it’s me Nate and Sammy against the Jacks!” I say. “Fine.” Jack says to me. We go out onto Jack’s driveway with a basketball. “I’ll let your team start since you have a disadvantage.” Jack says, tossing me the ball and winking. I immediately start dribbling the ball and Jack comes up to guard me. Normally being tall in basketball is a good thing, but I like to use my shirt height as an advantage. Jack holds his arms high so I can’t pass it to Sammy, who was open. I sprint under Jack’s arm and go up and shoot the ball, making the basket. “OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!” Sammy and Nate yell. “Lucky shot.” Jack says to me. “Mmhmm sure.” I say. Jack takes the ball and starts to dribble it as Sammy and I go to guard him and Nate guards Johnson. “Bet careful, baby girl. I don’t want you getting hurt.” Jack says, teasingly bouncing the ball higher than my head. I roll my eyes and take his distraction to my advantage and steal the ball from him. I dribble the ball up and shoot another basket. “Had enough yet, Gilinsky?” I say, teasingly. “Alright, Y/L/N, no more Mr. Nice Guy.” Jack says. I roll my eyes and pass him the ball to start with again. Sammy and I go to guard him again but he sprints past us and goes and dunks the ball. “How’d you like that, Y/N?” He whispers in my ear as he runs by me. The game continues on back and forth. Sammy and Nate making a few shots and Johnson making a few. But mainly me and Jack, wanting to be the winners. Jack goes for goes for another dunk but accidentally hits me while running past, causing me to fall to the ground. “OWE!” I yell. Jack immediately stops and runs to my side, placing the basketball down beside me. “Baby, are you okay?” He asks, with worry in his eyes. “Jack, it hurts really bad…” I whimper while rubbing my bleeding elbow. “Oh god, here hold-” “GOTCHA!” I yell and toss Sammy the ball. Sammy immediately goes up and dunks the ball. I run up to him and high five him, while Jack still sits on the ground in shock. “HAH! WE WIN!” I yell, doing a happy dance. “What the hell!?” Jack yells, getting up from the ground. “Maybe you shouldn’t be such a big softie! Girls aren’t as weak as you think!” I say, poking his chest. “Y/N, I seriously thought you were hurt! I was freaking out!” He said, getting angry. “Jack, it’s a game.” I say, running my hand up his arm, calming him down. “Yeah, that he lost!” Sammy yells. “Oh you better run, boy.” Jack mumbles as he takes off at Sammy who turns to run for the house. “That was really good, Y/N.” Johnson says walking up to me. “Yeah, you really shocked all of us!” Nate says. “Thank you, boys.” I say, hugging both of them.


Once again, sorry for a sucky chapter😔 guys it might be a while till I can update cause I think my friend might be staying with me for a week so I won’t have as much time. I’ll update asap though ❤️

11. “Is that a bet?”

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Dean was in one of his moods around his Sammy. He was always the betting kind. And after that last round with his brother, he lost horribly. It was his turn now, to make Sammy loose. He wanted to drive him just as nuts and break him the way he could so easily break him “Is it a bet?” he asked, as if Sam didn;t believe Dean could make him break faster then he broke Dean himself as he stared at him now

Between Two Lovers (Part 3)

Previous Parts:

Part 1, Part 2.

WARNING: there is a little bit of smut at the end.

Between Two Lovers.

It’s been 5 months with this whole Cameron slash Sam thing and it’s getting harder and harder to pick between them, and with all that was happening I still haven’t received the letter to {pick any colleges you want}, and I was starting to loose hope, what if I didn’t get in? what was I supposed to do? That was the only college that I applied too. 

Now the boys and all my friends noticed my behaviour and they would say ’oh don’t worry (Y/N) it will come soon’ ‘maybe it got lost in the mail?’ Should I just accept the fact that I probably didn’t get in? I sat down on my bed, Lia and Jc sat in front of me “I don’t know what to do” I said sighing and Lia moved next to me “With the college thing or Cameron and Sam?” Jc replied to me and I shrugged “Both” I told him then groaned and layed down.

Through the few months I’ve gotten really close to the boys of O2L and Lia, they are now the few people who I would call for anything, they always had great advice and they never failed to make me smile when I’m blue.

Just when I was about to speak my phone rang and it was Sammy it’s weird how he always called when I am in need of help “Hey Beautiful” I heard his voice say and I couldn’t help but smile “Hey Sam, what’s up?” I asked when Lia and Jc looked at each other making some weird faces “Oh nothing, I’ll pick you up in an hour I have a surprise for you” He told me and I nodded even though he couldn’t see it “Yeah sure” I told him, we spoke for a few minutes before hanging up.


Third Person’s POV:

Sam pulled up in front of (Y/N)’s place and waited in the car for her to come down, she told him she was still packing so he told her to take all the time she needed he even asked to help but she insisted that he stayed down. Just when she came down and sat in his car his phone began to ring and he saw Cameron on the caller ID “Yes?” he said answering the phone “What is this I hear about you taking (Y/N) somewhere” Cameron said and Sam shook his head 

“(Y/N) needs to escape from all this so I’m taking her to have a little fun, there is no trouble in that now is there? She needs this more than anything so if you don’t mind..” Sam said whilst Cameron listened. Sam hang up and looked at (Y/N) who was now sitting beside him “So we’re are you taking me?” She spoke softly turning her gaze towards him, a small smirk appeared on his lips as he looked at her “To the city that never sleeps, New York”


Your POV:

Sammy was taking me to New York, I still can’t believe it! It was my dream to go there and he was taking me! I’ve never been so happy, and Sam was right I needed a little fun so that’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to let loose there and just enjoy myself for once.

I woke up 4 hours later since we left kind of late and I woke just in time to see that we were entering New York, I gazed out of the window “Wow” I mumbled and smiled “So I’m gonna check out the apartment my friend left us and we meet at this diner later okay?” he said stopping the car “In? an hour?” I asked and he nodded “Yup, and call me if you get lost” He chuckled and I smiled “Thank you Sammy” I kissed his cheek and jumped out of the car and went around the corner.

I loved that he trusted me, I don’t think Cam would have let me roam around New York alone, I looked around in fascination, there was a lot of people but I didn’t mind at all.

Sammy’s POV:

I checked out the apartment and it was perfect, my friend was out of town and I spoke to him the other day and he said we could stay at his place as long as we want so I thought why not?

Cameron keeps texting me and it’s getting really annoying, I looked around myself trying to find my car when I saw him! I quickly walked between the people, what the hell was Cameron doing here? Better yet how did he know we were here? This was supposed to be my alone time with (Y/N), I keep pushing through the people and looked back to check if he was still behind me but he stopped and looked around confused.

I made it far enough from him and stood by the diner where (Y/N) and I were supposed to meet ’come on! where is she'  I thought when I saw her, woah! She stood a few distance from me, her clothes were different and so was her hair she did this cute little flip to the side showing me her

red strands “You look great” I told her smiling “I thought I needed a makeover” she said walking towards me “Why? You’re already…” I was cut off by a voice behind me “Beautiful” I looked behind me and saw Cameron, I looked back at (Y/N) and she had an even bigger smile, if that was possible. “Cameron!” she said and hugged him, and to be honest I wanted to punch him “What are you doing here?” she asked pulling away but he didn’t answer instead he changed the subject talking about how even more beautiful she was now.

Cameron’s POV:

I got all the information from Matt who after begging gave me the address, I wasn’t leaving (Y/N) alone with Sam, I knew what he was doing and there was no way in hell I was going to let him steal away the person I loved the most, so I took my car and drove there, Once I arrived I saw someone familiar walking around and it was Sam, I smirked and pulled my car right by the building he just got out off, I believe he saw me which was why he walked faster, I followed close behind him and I saw her, how can this girl get even more beautiful then she already was? “Beautiful” I finished Sam sentence and he looked pissed, I didn’t mind at all when she hugged me.

Your POV:

“Is the apartment ready?” I asked Sam and he nodded “Yeah but he isn’t staying with us” he hissed and I shook my head “Sam, we can’t leave him, he is coming with us” I told him with a serious tone, he groaned and walked ahead of us, I followed and so did Cameron, we reached this apartment and Cam got his bag out of his car, we went up and it was gorgeous “This is amazing!” I said and ran to the window, it had the perfect view of the city.

“I know what you’re doing” I heard Cam said and when I turned around I saw Sam getting closer to him till they were face to face and I could see the anger in both of their eyes “What am I doing? huh?” Sam replied “You’re trying to get (Y/N) all to yourself and I’m not going to let you”  Cam told him, Sam got even more angrier “Back off” Sam said and out of no where Cam punched Sammy

(Guys! sorry that’s the only gif I could find well made xD so let’s pretend their indoors and there is no people just the three of them)

 "Guys stop" I said getting in between them but Cam pushed me away gently and he punched him again this time Sammy didn’t just stand there, he punched Cam right in the face and he fell down 

My eyes quickly watered up and I ran to them “Stop!” I yelled and pushed Sammy away, I bent down to see if Cameron was okay “Cameron?” I whispered touching his cheek he flinched but opened his eyes, I sighed in relief that he was okay “This has to stop right now!” I sobbed and helped Cam up “I’ve had enough of you guys fighting! I want to go home” I whimpered and went a bedroom closing the door behind me.

I could hear them talk whilst I was laying down 'You okay Cam?’ 'Yeah, you?’ 'Yeah I’m okay, sorry I punched you’ 'I’m sorry too, seeing her cry really hurted more than the punch’ 'Mhm, I love her bro’ 'I love her too! and instead of this we should let her decide’ 'I want her to be happy’. Their conversation made me smile a tiny bit, I got inbetween two friends and that’s horrible. I would never let a guy come between me and my girls, I feel like the bad guy here.

It was already night time and I stayed the whole day in the room, I just finished showering and I layed in bed closing my eyes, when I heard the door open and then closed, I pretended to be sleeping when I felt someone lay behind me and that person wrapped their arm around me “I am so sorry” I heard Cam whisper “Please don’t hate me” he said and I sighed “I don’t hate you, I love you” I said and he kissed my ear, I smiled

a bit and he kept kissing my ear then moved to my neck “Cam stop it’s not right, Sam is here” I mumbled trying not to moan “He isn’t, he went out 17 minutes ago, let me show you that I really love you” He layed me down on my back and hovered on top of me, I felt his lips on mine and I kissed him back then I realized he was shirtless, he helped me remove my top and I saw his smile when he saw I wasn’t wearing a bra, I let out a shaky moan when his kisses went down towards my breasts, he lifted the covers over us and he slided down my shorts along with my panties, his lips went back on top of mine and they were gently but sooon turned more needy, I felt his hand go lower and lower then felt his finger pressed against my clit, I moaned loudly and he began moving his finger in circular motions, I felt another finger but this one entered me “Cam” I moaned his name as he quickend his speed, I whimpered in pleasure and just when I could feel my climax he pulled his finger out.

“I love you” he whispered and I felt the tip of his harden member right at my entrance and he slowly entered me, he let me adjust for a little while before thrusting slow at first then quicker as my pleasure increased, my breath became heavy, sighs escaping for my mouth, Cameron cried out your name before releasing inside you, and shortly I came behind him he rode out his climax then collapsed on my chest, neither of us spoke all we did was stare into each other’s eyes, He sat himself down on the bed I was about to stand up when he pulled me down and covered me, I giggled, and he gently kissed me.


(Aaaaaand that’s it folks! writting that smut part was so weird especially since I’ve never written anything like that before, anyways I hope you guys liked this. There was a lot of povs, a lot of gifs and I’m sorry xD so Part 4 is the end of Between Two Lovers and It will be posted tomorrow or after tomorrow depends, so if you guys want it tomorrow then message me and tell me xx love you -Maggie)