he lost both of his parents too

The Arrangement: Part 2

Title:  The Arrangement: Part 2

Summary:  He’s a mechanic. She’s a lonely woman with more money than she knows what to do with. Fate brings them together and sparks fly. But only for six weeks. That’s the arrangement.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count: 2421

Warnings: Language, drinking, angst

Author’s Notes:  This is part two of a multi-part series. Read Part 1 here. Shifts between multiple points of view.

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anonymous asked:

Did you like this chapter? Thoughts?

Yup, I liked it a lot. Thank you for asking this question, because I have many things to say about this chapter. Forgive me in advance for what I feel it will be a long reply. 

First of all, I was surprised (though I shouldn’t have been) at Akira’s coldness towards Kaneki. I get where she’s coming from and I understand how hard it must be to digest this sudden change, and everything that goes with it. Flat out acceptance would have been unrealistic and the result of bad writiing, because Akira couldn’t possibly have gone from a mindset in which she represented Justice, and she had no reason to doubt her moral standing, to one where she must admit to herself that her worldview was limited and bigoted, and that the world isn’t as black and white as the Academy would have liked them to envision. 

Despite that, I wasn’t expecting for her to shut Kaneki out completely (and for killing Arima on top of that, which is a lie for f*** sake Akira c’mon, you can figure that much out!), because however confusing her feelings might be right now, he’s one of the few people she’s closest to in Goat, and that’s true the other way around, too. I feel like Akira needs Kaneki’s perspective on this new situation she’s been forced into by her own rash decision-making, because unlike Seidou or Amon, who are in it because of circumstances, Kaneki is her only ally that’s in it because he fully believes in what he’s doing. Amon is getting there, too, what with his forgiveness of Touka and with his newfound way of channeling his anger and grief towards the unfairness of the world instead of random scapegoats like faceless “Ghouls”. But I don’t know. I feel like Kaneki’s perspective is important, too. And having Akira’s approval is even more symbolic for him, I reckon. 

She’s still a mother figure for him. We all can agree of how positive of a character development this could lead to, if he were to finally have a healthy and supportive mother figure for a change. Eto has always used him for her machinations. He needs someone who can guide him and respect him without asking anything from him, without taking anything from him. Akira can (and will) be that person, imho.

Anyway, I’m positive that she’ll come around eventually. She’s smart, strong-willed and perceptive. There’s no way she won’t pull herself together in order to follow her heart instead of suppressing her feelings and get things taken from her, even if her whole narrative wasn’t centered around the theme of being left alone. She just needs a bit of time to sort out her feelings and find a new reason to fight. and that can happen only after she talks it out with a few characters currently part of Goat. I’m really looking forward to her confrontation with Hinami and Touka in particular, though I’m also curious about her feelings towards Takizawa (if he’s not dead). 

On a side note, I really love how Ishida pointed out the irrationality of Hinami’s feelings towards Akira. Grief doesn’t obey logic, and even though she does realize that Akira has nothing to do with the cold-blooded murder of both her parents, she can’t help but associate her with it, anyway. It’s a curious diversion from the usual theme that states “the children pay for the sins of their parents”, because even if Akira didn’t do anything wrong per se, she’s not innocent, since she did approve of her father’s doing and she would have done the same in his place. She doesn’t see Ryoko’s and her husband’s death as a sin at all, and instead used the quinque derived from Mr. Fueguchi with the obvious pride of someone who thinks they’re fighting for the right side. So I’m curious as to how Ishida intends on smoothing out this particular conflict, and how it will affect both Akira’s and Hinami’s character development. 

Forgive me for my obvious bias, but Ayato too deserves a small mention, here.

This scene gives me SO MANY FEELS for so many reasons ;n;

The way I see it, this scene wasn’t portraying just Hinami’s grief. Just look at Ayato’s expression right before he goes to comfort her. Ayato knows where Hinami’s coming from. He too lost both his parents, and he too knows what it feels like to have his own life saved at the cost of his mother’s, who chose to stay behind in order to buy her children time to escape. Just. He knows how she’s feeling because he’s already felt it all, too. 

I love that their relationship isn’t based on forced companionship. It might have been like that at first, but they grew to be such mature and strong people thanks to the support and trust they gave to each other, thanks to the shared burdens and mutual understanding of each other’s pain. Idk, this scene might have been really brief but it meant a lot to me. 

Moving on: Amon and Touka’s talk. *Deep breaths* What can I say. It beat all possible expectations I might have had. 

I think that in a sense it was exactly Amon’s unyielding sense of justice that brought him where he is now. He says it himself: he doesn’t hold a grudge against Touka specifically anymore, but he would have arrested her anyway, if he was still an investigator. That was the right thing to do; setting a moral example for everyone to see so that no one else will have to undergo the same pain. That’s the kind of justice of a ghoul investigator. But this sense of justice itself was flawed, because it didn’t take into account Touka’s own take on justice, and how it was Mado the bad guy from her perspective. So arresting her can’t be the answer. Not only that, but he’s no longer an investigator, so he can’t appeal to the sense of justice of one. 

He himself has changed, and so his moral grounding has to change, too. So then, it comes to this:

This scene is one of my favourites of the whole chapter because it doesn’t just represent Amon’s character development, but also Touka’s absolution. You see that shocked face Touka pulls? I can assure you that Amon’s forgiveness means a great deal to her. This was Touka after Ryouko’s death:

“It doesn’t matter if a murderer like me dies.”

She doesn’t sugarcoat it for her own sake. She’s aware that what she does, killing people to survive, is wrong. She doesn’t conveniently brush it off as something she needs to do because she’s born that way, unlike other characters. She’s always felt this conflict more than other people. Killing never came easy to her, and deep down, she feels obvious guilt over what she does. So having Amon, a former human and enemy, come to her specifically with the intention of telling her that the real evil is not her nature but the circumstances that make men monsters, is really important for her character. For the first time, someone who has every right to hate her, to want her dead, is offering her acceptance. If Kimi’s comment about Touka’s kagune was meant as a “you’re as valid as I am” moment, I consider this talk with Amon as a “you’re as evil as I am” moment. Both were very important for Touka’s character development, and a necessary step towards her own acceptance of her dark past in order to move forward. 

Then there’s Furuta’s moment of glory. Gosh, he leaves me speechless every time. :’D The way he’s not taking the ceremony seriously is very significant imho. Once again, he proves that his role in the story is that of the comedy to Kaneki’s tragedy

Take this single panel as an example:

Kaneki’s group is facing an internal crisis? Meanwhile, Furuta is at the peak of his power. Kaneki despairs because he’s a horrible leader and his organization is only held together by the lack of other options, meanwhile Furuta laughs in the face of his own success, and all of his scheming give way to the exact outcome he’s envisioned. 

I love how he keeps being the comedic aspect of this whole tragicomedy of a story, how he keeps up the facade of the “six year-old” while feeling dead inside, and I love how he chose to wear a stupid mask the moment he reached his goal, because it only stresses further the artificial nature of his own playfulness. 

Just think about it from a narrative perspective: this is the moment that we, as readers, should feel threatened by him. This is the moment he officially becomes the Enemy, because everyone in the CCG accepts him as the leader. Instead, we laugh at him. We don’t feel threatened at all. We’re asked not to see him as the final villain, but as a joke, as another victim of the system. A guy who in his moment of glory, when everyone’s looking his way, chooses to wear a mask, and chooses to treat his victory as a laughing matter. Idk, the more I think about it the more it makes me want to cry. This guy doesn’t have anything (or anyone) else but his sense of humour, and he clings to it like a lifeline. It’s such a lonely, empty existence… I know I shouldn’t pity him after all he’s done but…

Anyway, anyway. This post is already long as it is so I’m going to stop there. Thanks again for giving me an excuse to vomit all my thoughts/feelings of this chapter! o/ I hope it was an interesting read :’D

Stress Relief - Wolverine x Reader (NSFW)

I currently have no life…For real, sent me your requests, I have a broken wrist and nothing better to do than write “x reader” things because I enjoy them.

Another piece with Logan, this time, he needs to relieve some stress. Totally NSFW by the way, fluff and SMUT yo. First one I write actually, so, sorry if it sucks. So, yeah, you know.



When Logan came up with the idea of making a new school for mutants, you didn’t expect it to be that stressful. It had been quite some times since Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters closed. After the professor’s death, it just wasn’t the same anymore…But there were still kids all around the world in need of help. Kids that parents chased away, kids that were forced out of their homes, or kids that were just too powerful to take care of themselves without hurting anybody else. You agreed with your boyfriend, there was a need for a new school…Ororo and Kurt directly jumped in. They missed teaching as much as you. And eventually, you opened your own school. Jean Grey’s institute for higher learning. You didn’t really like the name, as you and Jean never seen eye to eye (probably because Logan used to be crazy about her, and that she was a bit jealous that he completely forgot his feelings towards her when you entered his life), but you thought it was a cute hommage nonetheless.

Logan and Ororo became headmasters, and you were happy that you’d declined the offer to be one, because it was Hell to take care of a school like that. You didn’t know how Professor Xavier did it all those years.

A particularly stressful day took you to Logan’s office.

On the door was a handwritten note stating : « Taking a break, fuck off !! ». You smiled at it, imagining Logan becoming very angry at whoever knocked on his door…Whoever but you.

You knocked.

-Can’t you fucking read !! I’m busy !

-Busy relaxing ?

You heard his heavy footsteps coming from his desk to the door. He opened it and as soon as his eyes met yours, his harsh expression soften. He took your hand and led you in, closing the door behind you. You knew right there and then that he had a bad day, as he didn’t attack your lips with his mouth, pinning you on the door and tearing away your clothes. Instead, he gestured for you to sit in a chair in front of his desk, as he went around to rest in his own chair.

He looked exhausted, both physically and mentally, and your heart ache a bit to see him in such a state. Oh no, that wouldn’t do. You needed to make your Wolverine feel relaxed for good.

You didn’t take the seat he gestured to, and instead went around his desk, and settled yourself behind his chair. He looked at you curiously, twisting his neck to see your face. You rested your head on his shoulder and gently kissed his jaw, his neck. You could already feel his tensed muscles relaxed a bit. He let out a content sigh.

Probably to the surprise of many, The Wolverine, behind closed door, loved being affectionate, and loved receiving affection. Hugs, kisses, snuggles…and lots of sex. With him, sex was never boring, wether he was making sweet love to you or fucking you roughly. Your needs always came first, and that’s how he liked it. But today, he needed you more.

You lifted your head from his neck, he groaned at the lost of you, and you smiled. You started to massage his shoulders, applying the perfect pressure, according to his low moans.

-I don’t know if your muscles are tense, or if it’s just your adamantium bones that I feel right now, but it’s hard. Don’t you dare make a dick joke.

-Haha, didn’t even cross my mind, too tired. And I’m pretty sure it’s a bit of both.

-Tough day ?

-Tough fucking month.

-I hear ya. Some of the kids have been a bit of a…handful.

-Kids, parents, teachers, paperworks, damn bamfs…Everything here is a handful.

-Well, you asked for it.

-Shut up.

You laughed and kept massaging his shoulder. Your hand slowly crept under his red flannel and over his muscular chest, all the way down his abs, tracing the well defined muscles with the tip of your fingers. You gently unbotonned the shirt while doing so. He didn’t stop you, and let his head fall back on your shoulder as he closed his eyes, enjoying your touch.

-This is nice.

-Yeah ?

-Yeah. You’re definitely a good stress relief darlin’.

You smiled as you resumed kissing his neck, nibling slightly there and there. He raised one of his hands and tangled it in your hair, tugging lightly on it so that you’d raise your head. Your eyes met. You kissed his forehead, you could feel him totally relaxed under your hands. He gave you a weak half-smile, and you knew he wanted to speak, to tell you how he felt, but couldn’t. He wasn’t the kind of man to just express his feelings with words much, but when it happened, it made your heart sing. However today, he just didn’t had the strength in him to conjure words to explain what was going on in his head, in his heart. So you just leaned in and kissed him, you bent down behind him, him twisting slightly his neck up to reach you. The hand he had in your hair stayed there, and tugged once again to direct you around the chair to face him. It started as a sweet and tender kiss, but it was definitely beginning to get hungrier. You straddled him on the chair, and his other hand went to support you on the small of your back.

His tongue licked tentatively on your lower lips, and you gladly let him slip it in your mouth, not even fighting for dominance, giving it to him right away.

You pulled away and he groaned, trying to get you close again, but you resisted, and he just stared at you with an annoyed look in his eye. He wasn’t in the mood for teasing…but that wasn’t what you had in mind at all.

You got off of his laps, and started to trail kisses on his jaw, down his neck, on his chest, licking slightly over his right nipple, biting there and there, slowly going further down, down, down…

-I like where this is going.

You winked at him. You knew he liked giving more than receiving, but on days like this, he would gladly let you do whatever you wanted to him. One hand caressed his abs softly, as the other unnuckled his belt with expert fingers. He raised his hips to allow you to slowly take his pants and boxers down, letting his half hard cock out free. In just a light touch on the side of his shaft, you saw it raised quickly to become hard as a rock. He was staring at you, mesmerized at the effect you could have on him. Before you, it’d take him quite a while to get even half-hard. Which is why he was big on the foreplay. He never had a problem having an erection, but it always took time and work to get him fully there…while you, a swipe of your fingers and he was gone. You just smiled shyly, and fisted your hand around his lenght, squeezing just a tiny bit. He held his breath, and grip the side of his desk chair in anticipation. You slowly stroked him, putting your head on your free hand lazily. He just scoffed, and you got the message. He really wasn’t for the teasing right now.

You kissed his thighs, and, while resting a hand on his abdomen, you stroked his cock more firmly with the other one. He grabbed the hand caressing his abs, and squeezed it. He felt your lips rise in a smile on his tigh, and you raised your head, locking your eyes with his. With a sultry look, you started licking his tip slowly, tasting the saltyness of pre-cum. He let out a groan of pleasure, and the hand that wasn’t holding yours slipped back into your hair. You licked his cock from top to bottom while still stroking him, enjoying his little moans there and there.


He pleaded, and you took your cue to finally put him in your mouth. You sucked on him, hard, your head bobbing up and down faster and faster, stroking what couldn’t fit in your mouth. You had no gag reflex, so you let him kick the back of your throat repeatedly. You felt his hand tightened in your hair, and with a gentle caress of your hand on his chest, he understood that he didn’t had to hold himself, as he started to set the pace he needed by guiding your head with his hand. The obsene sounds of suckling filled the room, and you realized that, even though there was an angry note on his door, someone could interupt the two of you, and it would be extremely awkward…with the help of your telekinetic powers, you locked the door, the click it made distracting Logan for a split second, before he understood and the hand in your hair became even more eager, almost hurting your neck by forcing your head up and down quickly. He realized that you might be uncomfortable and tried to ease his move, forcing himself not to buck his hips in your mouth…but you erased every worries by slightly tapping his abs with the hand he was holding.

He fucked your mouth mercilessly, feeling the knot in his lower stomach tighten and tighten, reaching a point of extreme ecstasy.

He tried to pull your head away, unable to speak and therefor to tell you he was going to come. He didn’t really like coming in your mouth, as he thought it was somewhat disrespectful…but you snaped his hand away and kept on sucking hard. Your name on his lips, and a heartfelt « I love you » later, and he let his seed came all at once, so much of it that it overloaded your mouth, and you slowly took him out, wiping the corner of your mouth, and smiling at him.

He was panting, trying to catch his breath after his strong orgasm, but he stopped you as you were going to tuck him back in. No, he wasn’t going to let you go that easily. But he needed a minute, that you gave him, letting wet kisses all over his chest, collarbone and neck.

When his breathing calmed down, he gripped your arms, not hard enough to hurt you, but enough for you to understand that he was back in control, and that he also needed that.

You let him do whatever he had in mind.

He reached for you, grabbing you under your thighs to ease you up on his desk. He dragged his chair closer, and pulled you down for a kiss. Even sitting lower than you, he could reach you easily, as you were quite short.

He could taste himself on your tongue. With loving movement, he took your shirt off, and your bra, kissing between the valley of your breast. You thought that in this position, someone could see you threw the window, and with a swipe of your hand, you closed the curtains. You felt his smile while as he was gently biting on your pulsing point. He licked quickly around one of your nipple, flicking the other with his fingers. He loved the feeling of your breasts’ soft skin, and he fondled away.

In one swift movement he took your pants off, without unattaching his mouth from your hardening nipple, biting a bit more roughly. As you did to him, he slowly kissed down your body, and, bringing his chair ever so closer, ligned his face with your sex.

-I don’t have to ask if you’re enjoying yourself, do I ?

He smuggly said as he lighly brushed one finger at your slick entrance. You were dripping.

He didn’t waste any time and made you gasp as he lapped at your cunt eagerly. Logan had a thing for eating you out, and you knew it, so, even if you were dying to feel him inside of you, you decided that his tongue was going to do fine for now. He gripped your thigh with force and made you buck your hips in his face, licking and sucking shamelessly. Yes, his tongue was definitely going to be fine for now. He made sure to leave countless marks every where on your inner thigh and around your sex, just for his personal enjoyment later.

You tried to muffle your moans and cries as best you could, knowing there could be people in the corridor just outside his office, but he made it so difficult.

You could feel your orgasm building up quickly, his tongue left you for a split second as he licked his fingers. You knew what was coming…and you were right. He finished you by rubbing your clit between two fingers, while his tongue was still inside you, and he slowly inserted a finger of his other hand in your arsehole, making sure it wouldn’t be uncomfortable, but quite the opposite.

You screamed of pleasure in your hands, muffling the sound as best you could, and he kept licking you threw your orgasm to prolonged it, waiting for you to stop shaking before pulling away.

He directed you into his laps once more, and you rested your head on his chest, fondling lovingly with his coarse chest hair.

-Relaxed yet ?

-Not quite.

-Really ?

-Well, ready for round two ?

You smiled and looked at him, a hint of challenge in your eyes.  

-Sir, I originaly came here just to check if you were alright, cuddle a bit maybe, nothing more.

-Yeah, and then you just…came.

You wacked his chest lightly, and pulled him down for a heated kiss. He raise you and sat you down on his desk once again, lining himself up with your entrance.

-Are you ready darlin’ ?

-For you, always.

Kissing you once again, he pushed into you in one swift thrust, and you both swallowed each other’s moans. He stilled, letting you adjust to his size and grumbled :

-No matter how many times I enter you, you’re always so goddamn tight.

-No -you had difficulties talking when he was fully sheathed inside you like so- you’re just too big.

Your kisses were getting sloppy, and you wrapped your legs around his waist, pushing him even further in. He was all the way to the hilt now. You sucked on his neck, leaving love bites, as you whimpered to him the word he had been waiting for : « Move ».

He slowly pulled all the way out, before slamming back into you, so hard that it made his desk creak. Your hunger for each other knew no bounds, and your hips met him thrust for thrust.

He pushed you so that you’re back was on the desk, he was still standing between your legs, his hands holding your shoulder onto the desk to pound into you roughly, just like he knew you liked. Your hands grip his forearms for some support, and both of you had the hardest time not making any loud sound, the sound of skin slapping skin insanely obscene in the silence of the room. He set a fast and hard pace that made your eyes roll to the back of your head, and if his groans and desperate little cries were any indications, he was also very much enjoying himself. The man had the stamina of a horse, and you weren’t so bad yourself, this could go for a long time. After a while, you said :

-Flip me.

In a breath, and he obliged. Not loosing the connection, he expertly flipped you on your stomach, and with this new angle hit all the right places. Unable to hold yourself, you cried out, and he placed one of his hand on your mouth while the other griped your waist to keep slamming into you. You gripped the corner of his desk so hard your knuckles were turning white, you were definitely goin to walk a bit funny for a while.

After a few minutes, he felt his knee start to buckle, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to finish in this position, so he took you with him as he fell back in his chair with a loud thud, and continue to fuck you in a reverse cow girl position. His pace faltered, and he slowed down, caressing your entire body with loving hands. You pressed your back against him, and just enjoyed the tender moment. You were a flexible woman, and you flipped yourself to look at him in the eye, slowly riding him as you knew you were both very close from exploding. He quickened his hips again, and you slammed down his member hard.

You both threw your heads back for a silent cry, your orgasms racking violently threw your bodies. You could feel his seed warming your insides, as he felt you clench around him, unable to hold anything back. You fell in each other’s arms, exhausted and beyond pleased, shaking slightly. Your heavy breaths filled the room. Logan was embracing you, as if he was afraid you’d suddenly disappear…You definitely fulfilled your duty, you relaxed your Wolverine with success. He was melting in your arm, content beyond measure, whispering words of love and devotion in your ear.

A knock on the door disturbed your peace, and you hurriedly pulled off of him and tried to gather your clothes thrown aphazardly around the room. A slight panic in your eyes, as Logan pulled his pants up, and buttoned his flannel back.

Storm’s voice came in threw the door.

-Logan, when you’re done having sex with Y/N, could I please talk to you ? It’s quite important, we’ve got a school to run here !

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how the band treated and raised ten year old noodle ?? (Danke)

Yeah, no problem! 

The band:

  • First of all, they didn’t know they had to raise a child so all three of them were completely lost of what to do.
  • Murdoc would be the most lost of what to do. He didn’t have a great home so he would be scared of trying to raise Noodle. 
  • 2D and Russel would be the ‘parents’. 2D had loving parents and Russel kind of immediately embraced her.
  • They all kind of forgot to put Noodle into school so they all collaborated and taught her what they knew or remembered. 
  • Murdoc even went out of his way to buy Noodle a Leap Frog so she could learn when no one was able too help her. 
  • 2D always took her to the carnival when it arrived in Essex. Russel and Noodle both liked watching TV for hours on end together. Murdoc and Noodle always played pranks on both 2D and Russel together. 
Towards Tomorrow

Prompt; Pregnancy Reveal

Requested by @levycchi and @kmmcm


Gajeel was the first one to notice that Levy was pregnant.  

It didn’t outright reveal itself with fanfare or awful morning sickness, but with tiny little changes that he’d notice from day to day. First it had been her smell, growing sweeter from the familiar floral and dust he was used to. It intrigued him everytime he’d wake up next to her, snuggling closer to bury his nose in her hair. Bathing often made no difference, only intensified the smell.  

There were other things he noticed as well, seemingly subtle enough for her not to catch but had been blatantly obvious to the dragon slayer. Her tastes in his food were changing, and she’d frequently asked for spicier foods. However, it seemed to backfire on her, giving her horrible heartburn that often left her in tears. When he offered a more palatable choice, she shocked him by flat out refusing it, leaving him pondering as to why his rarely picky wife was suddenly worse than Asuka whenever they babysat her.  

Then there was the random mood swings she went through, making him nervous on days she’d wake up in tears. He never knew what he did or said to piss her off, even when she claimed that he hadn’t. Nevertheless, he’d find her sobbing over the simplest of things, and merely kept his distance till her tears went away. On the upside, making love to her was far more intense than before. She took more dominant roles than she had used to, but finished before he had a chance to get into it, complaining of her tender breasts whenever he fondled them. Then, she’d snuggle next to him, already asleep before he had a chance to even tease her.  

One day, Pantherlily had offered her some chocolate when she was restless, and she broke out sobbing when she took it, startling them both.  

“Er, Levy? Everything ok?” The Exceed asked, nervously glancing at a frozen Gajeel. She couldn’t answer for a moment, only wrapped her arms around Lily and murmured her thanks as Lily awkwardly patted her back. Gajeel could only watch as she wandered away, calming down as she nibbled on her treat. Lily leaned close, worry on his face as he glanced at the little mage then back at him again.  

“What on earth is going on with her?” He whispered, and Gajeel could only shake his head, at a loss for words. It was rare when her mood could be cured by a simple piece of chocolate and a hug anymore. Frazzled and frustrated, he finally made his way to Porlyusica’s to figure out what the hell was going on, towing a rather grumpy Levy behind him.  

“I’m not sick, dummy,” she growled at him as they reached the doctor’s doorstep. He paused before raising his fist to knock, giving her a long look over till she stamped her foot. “I’m really not, Gajeel!” Tears were prickling at the corners of her eyes, and he could feel the panic start to rise. He reached out and grabbed her arm, tugging her close enough to hug her. He had surprised both of them, but he recovered first, holding her closer and nuzzling her hair.  

“I ain’t said you were sick, Lev,” he muttered, rubbing her stiff shoulders. “I just wanna make sure you’re ok. Think you can handle this for me?”  

She nodded after a moment, relaxing into him as he kissed her crown. He grasped her hands then, leading her inside the older woman’s home.  

Porlyusica wasn’t particularly pleased to see them, but heard the dragon slayer out as he began to explain what he noticed. Setting tea out wasn’t exactly her thing, but placed a cup out anyways in front of a blushing Levy, who sat silent through his entire story. “Was I really that bad?” She asked, her voice soft and uncertain. Before Gajeel could reassure her, Porlyusica cleared her throat, catching her attention.

“If what he says is true, then the next question would have to be when your last cycle was,” she mused, squinting her eyes at the script mage. Levy’s brow furrowed in confusion, then lifted as realization dawned on her. Gajeel, on the other hand, was a bit slower to understand.  

“Cycle? The fuck is tha-”

“A baby?”

He froze as the words left Levy’s mouth, his own eyes widening in comprehension as he looked at her. Baby? As in, she’s pregnant? He thought, the pieces finally clicking into place. It made perfect sense, he mused, nodding slightly as he recalled all that they went through.  


She’s pregnant.

Pregnant with my baby.  

My baby.  

Our baby.


He jumped up and whooped, startling both of the women as he scooped up Levy and hugged her close, whirling her around the tiny room that the old hag called a “waiting room” or whatever bullshit. He laughed as Porlyusica lunged forward to rescue the teacup, snapping at him that this wasn’t a playground and to knock it off before she kicked him out. He gently set his wife on the sofa, kissing her cheek as tears flowed down both their faces. She clung to him as she turned to face the old woman, half giggling, half sobbing.  

“Could it be?” She asked, breathless with hope. Gajeel squeezed her shoulder, giving the doctor the same hopeful look. This was something he’d only dared to dream of, something he nearly lost, something he’d firmly grasp in both hands and refuse to let go of. He couldn’t believe it, they were going to have a baby!

“It’s still too early to tell just by observation,” Porlyusica warned, but the glint in her eye was more optimistic than cautionary. “Dragon senses are too good for their own good, so we’ll take a couple of tests to be sure.”  

Whatever Gajeel was going to say to the subtle jab was interrupted by Levy, who giggled as she wildly nodded her head, squeezing his hand fiercely. They were going to be parents! She could only begin to imagine what having a baby was like, but one thing was for sure; as long as they were together they could handle anything!

Raised by Maids

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Thomas Shelby x Reader

Living with Thomas Shelby wasn’t easy after Grace’s passing, and working for him wasn’t any easy either. He had started going out at night with Grace’s favorite horse and he wouldn’t come back until morning to feed the horses and give Charlie his breakfast. Then, he would lock himself in his study for most of the day unless he had other “business” to attend to.

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Hey! I love what you wrote with Damian and Jason I was wondering if you could do something with innocence and broken pieces? (You can pick one or the other or do them together its up to you if you like)

Ah, thank you so much!! I hope you like this one too~

“They’re playing with Legos,” Dick had said through a mouthful of cereal.

Jason really hadn’t expected that to be true and in a sense, it wasn’t. After all, who thought of Legos and immediately imagined an entire ballroom filled with what could only be considered as an expanding Lego kingdom.

And in the center of it all was Damian, bent over and adjusting the flags on his castle. He took a step back. The highest tower of the castle far surpassed his height, which was probably where Bruce came in handy.

Jason tucked his hands into his pockets, feeling oddly out of place but not quite sure where to pinpoint it. “Hey, squirt, where’s your dad?”

Damian brushed back his hair and scowled. “Getting more pieces. Our armory is severely lacking and we’ve only just started on the village.” Despite the annoyed tone in his voice, Damian seemed at ease surrounded by his Lego kingdom. “Why do you require Father’s services?”

“Needed a file,” Jason said, squinting at a Lego man who… had a gun. They made Lego guns?

Jason kind of wanted one.

He kind of wanted all of this. The Legos. The hanging out with a parent who’d go out and get more Legos just because.

But no. Jason got a shitty childhood, had to grow up too fast, lost both his parents, gained one who refused to be his substitute dad, never really had a friend and then fucking died. At sixteen.

Like a moron.

He grit his teeth.

“What file?” Damian asked, watching Jason over his shoulder.

Jason sighed. Took a step forward. “Look, kid-”

“Don’t!” Damian snapped sharp, eyes wide but the resounding crack that echoed under Jason’s foot made it clear he’d fucked up anyway.

He winced and took a step back. Under his foot were the cracked and broken pieces of a few stray Legos. He scooped them up and something in him felt lost. Something he’d never had shattered in him. That childhood he used to envy from other kids. The innocence and softness that came with having a real family and getting to play with fucking Legos.

He frowned and rubbed his face with his stray hand. Glancing back at Damian, he said, “Sorry, Dames.”

There was an inexplicable agony on the kid’s face as he stared at the broken Legos in Jason’s palm. Not pain-pain but something still harsh. Still hurt.

Jason relaxed onto the soles of his feet. His hand fisted around the Lego pieces.

Damian never had a childhood either.

Not like kids were supposed to have with giant lights and love and wonder and parents who didn’t train them to be killers. Jason took a quick glance around the room one more time and wondered if Bruce realized that finally.

Realized that Damian was all kinds of fucked up in ways that couldn’t be fixed just by teaching him to be good.

The kid grit his teeth and looked away. “Whatever,” he said, snippish like his mother. “Father is bringing back more later.”

Uncertainty squalled his voice and Jason was left wondering how long ago it was that Bruce left and how many times he’d missed out on shit like this. Loving moments with his fucking son.

You’d think having two kids die on you would make a parent more attentive when they came back but Bruce was always good at defying the norms.

Jason shoved the pieces into his jacket pocket and eyed Damian for a long while. Then he sighed. He was really beginning to hate himself at this point. He was a zombie. He’d died.

He was supposed to be heartless. Uncaring. Kicking down bad guys and shooting them in the head with remorse. No love. No guilt. Nothing.

And yet…

He ducked forward to sidle up behind Damian. “Hey, you ever thought about adding another tower?”

Damian frowned at him, like he was some kinds of stupid. “That’s ridiculous, Todd. Another tower would throw the symmetry out of proportion and even if I were to maintain the symmetry, the entire structure would be off balance and crumble under a stiff breeze.” He threw Jason a look of pure scathing. “Even an imbecile could see that.”

Jason smirked. “Sorry to disappoint but I never wanted to be an architect, Little D.” He gestured grandly. “Educate me.”

Damian sighed, like he didn’t want to, but a small smile quirked at the edge of his mouth as he launched into a long-winded and probably boring explanation on proper castle structures.

Jason licked his lips and settled in, focusing.

Because that was the shitty thing about Jason Todd. He could get fucked over by people who “loved” him. He could die again and again and yet, every time he’d come back, he’d more than likely fuck himself over by jumping off the deep end and learning how to love again. Like some kind of ass.

Because family meant a lot to him.

And Damian, regrettably and also not regrettably, was family.

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Assorted Tanaka hcs???

- His mom is Japanese-American, and was born and raised in the heart of LA. His father, born and raised in the heart of some low-key farm town in Japan, was over in America for studying purposes, and when they met, the fell in love. They settled down and got married in California, and stayed there until Tanaka was four.

- Because of his whole background, he really, really loves American culture, especially from the 90’s. His sister had the privilege of being a bit older and getting to really experience it all, and he’s so jealous. There nothing this kid loves more than Tupac, MC Hammer, and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

- That being said, his casual clothes are really, really stinking cool. He looks like the punk straight out of a 90’s dance battle movie and he loves it. He’s had people say he looks kind of intimidating, but his sister and Nishinoya dig it, so other people’s opinions don’t matter.

- Looks like a sinamon roll, is actually a cinnamon roll. Its canon that he gives off a bit of a bad boy persona, but God, the moment you sit him down to watch a sad movie, he’s the first to cry. Him and Nishinoya decided to go see “Lion” thinking that it would be cool, because with a name like “Lion” it has to be badass, right? Wrong. After the first ten minutes Tanaka was already bawling into his sweatshirt, and either Nishinoya didn’t catch on, or was crying too, because neither of them said anything to eachother after it ended.

- He’s very respectful towards girls. Growing up with a sister, he knows what sets girls off, what they like and dislike, and how they react to certain things, et cetera. Although, he’s a bit more flirty with Kiyoko because, even if he thinks she’s undeniably gorgeous, they’re just friends, and he’s come to terms with that, and he knows she’s ok with his rambunctiousness. Although, he would never, ever touch her, or say something to her, or do something that would make her uncomfortable in any way. She’s pretty, yes, but she’s not an object, when he’s not flirting and such, he treats hr like he would treat anyone else. (Honestly, the most unrealistic thing about Haikyuu is that nobody wants Tanaka. He’s literally the best.)

- He runs one of those basic, 300,000 follower meme accounts on Instagram, all of his teammates follow him, none of them know that it is him.

- He’s honestly very sensitive, when it comes down to it. Although he can sass a man to the moon and back, the moment somebody shows him the slightest bit of anger, he acts like a kicked puppy. All he wants is love and validation, even if he is a little bit wild sometimes.

- He’s the kind of person to say “don’t touch me, leave me alone.” when he’s upset, and really mean, “please make a fuss of me, don’t leave me alone.”

- After the third years retire, Tanaka is hoping and praying he becomes the official ace. Deep down, he has no doubt he’ll be created with the title, although part of him can’t help but fear that Hinata is going to receive it instead.

- His walls are covered with so many posters of rappers, basketball players, volleyball players and skimpy playboy girls that he has no idea what the actual color of his walls are anymore.

- He has an entire drawer in his bedroom filled with all kinds of junk foods. His stash has relocated several times due to the fact that Saeko always finds it, and always hoards it for herself.

- Saeko became his legal guardian when he was thirteen. Unfortunately, his parents both got in a car crash and died, and him and Saeko were absolutely torn about it, as any human being would be. Although, it was much, much harder for Saeko because during the process of grieving, she was also desperately trying to gain custody over her little brother. She had already lost two members of her family, and she didn’t know what she would do if she lost her brother, too. It was difficult for her, but in the end, she won, and throughout it all, Tanaka never knew anything. She didn’t want him to know, because she didn’t want to pile on the heartbreak.

I saw many people spculate that the reson Chloe is acting the way she does it’s because her father is neglecting her and insted of spending time with her he just give her stuff she wants.

Now, don’t get me wrong, he indeed spoiled her too much, but saying he only show his love in a materialistic way it’s not true.

I get why people think it’s true, we this more than once in other shows:

but I really don’t think this is the case with Chloe.

Mr. bourgeois was willing to come to Chloe’s class for the career day even tho he probably has a lot of work as a mayor (thing that Chloe seems to take as obvious):

and guess who didn’t came for the career day?

I understand that he probably has many work to do but if the mayor himself was able to make time for his daughter couldn’t he do the same?

This man did not hesitate for a second to give up on his position as the mayor of Paris when his daughter was seems to be in danger:

and he tried to act like a responsible parent and teach Chloe a lesson for blaming people with no proves:

as someone pointed out once, his look when prince Ali couldn’t join them because of his schedule shows that he think it’s important to give children time to have fun:

he let her join the juries but was logical enough to kick her out after what she done:

he gives her love and affaction all the time and even in front of other people:

he smiles when he talks about her and to her.

And now let’s talk about Adrien’s father:

hugs and affaction seems to be a big deal and they are rearly happen:

He didn’t make time for him even in his birthday and refused to let him have a party:

Adrien looks sad i their portret:

even when he does “appear” in his son’s calss activities, he doesn’t do that personally:

Adrien’s father seems to fit more to the “rich neglecting parent” motive than Chloe’s father.

and they both lost their mother.

Yet we can see how different they act:

Mr. Bourgeois isn’t the perfent father and he is spil Chloe too much. But I wouldn’t have call him “neglecting” or “showing her love only in a materialistic way”.

If Chloe really has a reason for her actions, it’s not the same as Pacifica and Diamond Tiara.

Lion Man

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Summary: You’re about to get married to Fili, but your nerves start kicking in.

Pairings: Fili x Reader

Word Count: 770

Warnings: None

Requested by: Anon

A/n: The request was kind of confusing because they lyrics that I translated were nothing like the one I was provided but I did my best. This is my last Drabble for the weekend because I already wrote like six of them and I need to focus on my series. Also writing this, I did some research and I realized that I severely fucked up in Little Brat because it’s Hobbits that have their coming of age at 33, not dwarves, but I can’t fix it now because I’m already too far in and we’re going to pretend that I’m right. Lol bye.

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aaaaaahhh 7 clony plz plz plz

“I almost lost you.”

Tony waits an hour and a half before they let him see Clay, but to him it felt like forever. His eyes are red and swollen from crying and his nose is raw. He sees Clay parent’s first, they’re both sitting on either side of the hospital bed. And then he sees Clay himself. A mess of too pale skin and white bandages covering both wrists. “Oh god, just like Hannah.” He thought. He’s mentally punching the hell out of himself, because how could he not have seen this coming? First Hannah, then Alex, and now Clay? He’d never be able to forgive himself.
Clay’s parents look up, bleary eyed and try to give him a smile.
“Tony, I’m so glad you came.” Clay’s mom says, and gets up to give him a hug.
He hugs back, squeezing tightly, staring over her shoulder at the boy he loves. The boy who has just tried to kill himself.
Clay’s mom looks back over at her son, then to Tony. “Why don’t we give you two a few minutes alone?”
His parents head out the door and Tony takes the seat on the left side of Clay.
Clay looks back at him, looking like he wants to crawl out of his skin. So pale, so…lifeless. Looking at Clay in that moment was like hearing what he did to himself all over again. He wants to cry again. But he doesn’t. He can’t. He has to be strong for Clay right now.
“Oh, mi amor.” Tony’s voice cracks, taking his hand. “Baby, I love you so much, why would you do this? I almost lost you.”
Clay’s face is blank. “I know you do. That’s what made it so much harder. But Tony….this wasn’t because of you. It was me, the way I felt; about myself, my life. I knew you loved me but love can’t cure how empty I feel.”
It takes everything in Tony to not start crying again. “I’m always here, remember? I’m not going anywhere, I’m going to help you as best as I can.”
Clay nods slightly, squeezing Tony’s hand. “I want to get better. For you.”
Tony smiles as he blinks back tears. “Don’t do it for me, Clay. Do it for yourself. You deserve to be alive.”

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I wish you would write a fic where Robert talks about losing Pat to Aaron...(idk if you are still doing these...)

“Who’s that then?” Aaron asked, squinting at the yellowing photograph in Robert’s hands. 

Robert looked up, in his own little world for a second before he replied, brushing a thumb over the kindly face in the photograph. “My mum,” he said, glancing at the photo again. He couldn’t be more than a few weeks old in the phone, a tiny baby with a shock of white blonde hair peeking out from underneath a tiny knitted hat. “My real mum, Pat.”

Pat Sugden, the mother he’d never known. He’d only been a few months old when she’d died, no where near old enough to even have a fuzzy memory of her, no one around to tell him about his mum. 

He knew next to nothing about the woman who’d brought him into the world, the woman he’d gotten half his genetics from. 

Robert looked up, his vision blurry with tears as he looked at his husband. “I didn’t know her,” he said quietly, hating the way his voice cracked as he spoke. How could he possibly feel grief for a woman he’d never known?

“How old were you when you died?” Aaron asked, sitting down next to Robert on the edge of their bed, a reassuring hand on Robert’s knee, his fingers digging into Robert’s leg, grounding him, keeping him in the room. 

It was hard, to talk about this sort of thing, but Aaron helped, Aaron always helped. 

“Five months old,” Robert replied quietly, looking at the photo again. He recognised it as Emmerdale Farm, the rolling green fields of his childhood home, his tiny baby self bundled up in Pat’s arms. “How can I feel sad about someone I never knew?”

“I guess maybe you mourn the mum you never had.” Aaron said, trying his best, just like he always did.

Robert nodded. “I just….. It wasn’t enough that I lost my real mum, you know? Pat died when I was a baby, and I was lucky enough to get another mum in Sarah, and then I lost her too. Hows that fair? Some people get a mum for their whole lives, and both of mine had died by time I was fifteen.”

Aaron’s arms were instantly around him, calloused palms rubbing gently up and down Robert’s arms as he started to cry, feeling jealous, and sad, and overwhelmed all at once. He saw it everyday, saw Bernice with Diane and was so jealous of the fact his step-sister still had a mum, still had a parent to love her. He saw it with Laurel, and Doug, and half the bloody village - parents still alive, still loving their kids, and here he was, his parents, all three of his parents dead, his brother on the run, a step-mother who never really knew him, not really.

Where was the fairness in all of that? 

“You can share my mum,” Aaron said, resting his chin on Robert’s shoulder, his gaze on the photo now too, the only photo Robert had left of Pat. “I know it’s not the same, but…”

Robert couldn’t help but smile through his tears. “Thank you,” he murmured, leaning his head against Aaron’s. “I’ve got a brother and a sister, my mum’s kids from her first marriage.”

“Really?” Aaron sounded surprised. 

Robert nodded, thinking of the brother and sister he barely knew, just knew by name. “Haven’t seen them since I was a kid, I wouldn’t even know where to find them now.” 

“Maybe you should try and find them,” Aaron suggested, holding him tighter. “Could be nice.”

Robert shrugged. “I’ve got my family here, haven’t I?”

Aaron pressed a kiss to the side of Robert’s head, smiling against Robert’s skin. “Yeah, you have.”

tell me what fic you wish i’d write

Jimin Scenario: Amore.

Request: So first i would like to have a jimin scenario were he meets gf parents, but they don’t speak korean so he must learn her native language (if possible italian, but every other language is ok [i don’t mean dialogues in italian, but like making references that gf nationality is italian {idk if i explained myself good lol}]) and he’s nervous to mess up             

Genre: Fluff

Nobody was really being of much help, his friends were trying but falling in a fit of laughter each time he attempted to pronounce two straight words and Jimin was sweating and frustrated, people spoke this, it shouldn’t be that hard.

–I’ll start again– Jimin said decided, he was doing this, he was greeting your parents like a nice Italian boy would without messing it up, for you and for them. – Now, hear me up –

His friends straightened themselves again, and Jimin remembered himself to be patient, he was patient, he was kind, he was smart and he was all but losing all of that already.

–Buon… buon…– Jimin took a deep breath, tried to remember the rest and coax his lips and voice to pronounce what he wanted them to. –Buon, gi… orno – his lips took a funny shape with the foreign word, and he saw how Taehyung and Jungkook did their best to not fall again in a fit of laughter.

–It’ll be almost midday when you meet them Jimin, are you sure you’ll still be greeting them as if it was morning? – Namjoon looked at him with his know it all eyes and Jimin clenched his fist, almost glaring at his hyung, but not quite.

–Buon giorno – he said again, stronger this time and annoyed. Damnit Namjoon, he was right, maybe that wasn’t even the same greeting for midday why didn’t he think about that before and why didn’t Namjoon open his mouth sooner? He could have saved Jimin a good half an hour of trying to properly pronounce the two words without making a ridiculous face halfway through.

Jimin just needed to persevere, he knew it, you had said that it was alright, that you could translate everything, that it wasn’t that much of an issue but for Jimin it was, he wanted to do everything in his hands for your parents to like him and cause them a good first impression, he was going to speak Italian even if it was the last thing he did.

–I got this alright? – he said, to his friends, to himself, eyeing again the notes on his hands where he’d scribbled all the possible phrases he could learn on his own. He wanted this to be a surprise but he’d also paid close attention to the little words you let out here and there in your native language, so he could get used to the sound, and Jimin wasn’t a quitter, no matter the headache and the tangled tongue, he got this, he could do this, he was going to walk into that restaurant with you and nail this whole italian thing in the batting of an eyelash.

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Can you do a PeterXReader where Peter gets crazy nervous around the reader and can’t talk to her at all. They get teamed up in class and she notices him shaking his leg. She looks down and sees that he’s stiff as a board. He tries to adjust himself and hide it and then the bell rings but he’s too embarrassed to get up when the reader whispers in his ear saying he’s cute when he’s nervous. They go to her place to do the project but he ends up losing his virginity and gains a girlfriend. Lots of fluff after please.

“Peter? Are you paying attention?” the teacher snapped. I brought my head up and nodded.

“Good because your partner is Y/N. Everyone get with your partner and take notes on the instructions.” she said, giving me a look.

Y/N came over, her hair bouncing as she walked over shyly. I could feel my face burning as she looked up to smile at me.

“Hi Peter.” she said, placing a hand on my thigh. “It’s great that we’re partners. I mean, it’s kind of unfair knowing we’re the two smartest kids in this class. I should probably stop rambling on and should start taking notes.” she chuckled, taking her hand off my thigh.

“Uh I uh. H-hu I uh. Hi.” I stuttered, leaning against the counter, almost slipping off. She giggled and I smiled nervously.

Man she was beautiful. The way her glasses framed her face and how her eyes had that twinkle. Her laugh was adorable even though it was a snort. It drove me crazy. Her lips were a dark raspberry pink, her bottom lip tucked under her teeth as she took notes.

I felt myself stiffen and I started to bounce my leg, re-adjusting myself on my stool so it wasn’t noticeable. I dropped my pencil as a distraction so I could fix myself. I bent down and from the corner of my eye, I saw her turn to ask a question and notice my position. She slowly turned back and continued on with the notes. Great. Perfect first impression, Peter.

The bell rang and I still haven’t calmed down. I waited for everyone to leave, even Y/N but she came back and turned my notebook towards her.

“I figured we could get started on the project today at my place. My sister isn’t going to be home until maybe 9 so you won’t be bombarded with questions. So here’s my address.” she laughed nervously. I smiled and nodded as she came up to me.

“In all honesty, you’re kind of cute when you’re nervous.” she whispered, blushing as she pulled back. I swallowed and gave her a weak smile as she walked out. Holy shit….


I’ve had a crush on Peter since Junior year. I took an extra year of Science because he was taking it. I wanted to have an excuse to ask him for help but he knew how smart I was. I noticed how nervous he was today in class and it was the cutest thing ever. I went to ask him whose place we should go to in order to start our project but he was fixing himself. As in his downstairs area. I didn’t mean to look but it was the first thing I saw.

I heard the doorbell ring and I ran down the stairs, nearly tripping.

“Hi!” I said a little too loud.

“H-Hi.” he said, his hands in his pockets.

“My sister called when I was walking home. She said it was okay for a friend to come over as long as we don’t trash the house.” I said. He smiled and I moved so he could come in.

Oh god. I must be scaring him if he wont say anything.

I led him upstairs to my room and he sat down on my bed. He got out his stuff and I got mine out.

We talked about the project for a while until his phone rang. He went outside and I continued to read from the textbook. When he came back in he looked tired.

“Everything good?” I asked, setting the book down on my desk and heading over to sit next to him.

“Yeah. Just my Aunt May. She wants me to pick up some milk when I go home around 6.” he said, rubbing his face.

“I feel you. When my parents died, I resented going down to the market for stuff. The clerk gave me a weird look.” I said, remembering my parents.

“How long ago? Your parents I mean.” Peter asked. I looked at him and bit the inside of my cheek.

“Freshmen year. It’s just me and my sister now.” I said, playing with my bed sheet design. He grabbed my hand and squeezed it, sending my heart into a fit.

“My parents died when I was young.” he said. I looked at him and he looked at me. I smiled and he brought his hand up to my face, stroking my cheek. I brought my face closer to his, my heart in my throat as he leaned in. His lips nuzzled over mine and kissed me softly.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for a while now.” he whispered against my lips.

“Me too.” I said, kissing him once again.

One thing led to another and eventually, we both lost something precious to us. Our virginities. He explained to me how he was a virgin once we were down to our underwear. I stroked his cheek and kissed his neck, telling him I was one as well.

Virginities should not be taken for granted. Yes there are mistakes made with the wrong person, but once you find the right one, someone similar to you… It makes everything better and more sacred. I know finding “The One” is mostly a myth to some people.. But as Peter held onto me, making sure I was okay, made me realize that I had found The One for me..

And his name was Peter Parker.

As we laid down next to one another, both back into our underwear, we acknowledged each other. Our bodies intertwined, my hand drawing figure eights on his chest as his hand caressed my face. He fixed my glasses and kissed my nose.

“I was wondering…. Would you like to go out sometime?” he asked, resting his hand on my hip.

“I am your girlfriend so… Yes.” I said, feeling the butterflies start again in my stomach. He smiled and kissed my lips once again.

“Right. My girlfriend.”

Not One of Us

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Pairing: Winchestersxsister!reader
Word count: 2,255
Warning: slight angst
Author: Brittiny
Request: Anonymous. Hey! Could you do angst where the reader is the winchesters half sister from one of Johns flings and Dean hates her guts because she taints the memory of his mom but Sam likes her. She always tries to get deans approval but it never works and she breaks down and asks why he hates her so much and he yells and she runs away. Sam goes after her and maybe in the end Dean agrees to give her a chance? Thanks! I love your tumblr! So good!

Shaking, your hands pulled out the number that had been tucked away in your wallet for two years. You licked your lips and dialed it before pulling your cell phone against your ear. You were waiting to hear the voice that you hadn’t heard in about a year. Your father’s. He had come around as often as he could, and made sure to always send you letters at least once a month. They had stopped about six months ago, but he had written that something had happened, and he wanted to protect you. It hurt, but you understood.

“Hello?” A man’s voice answered. It wasn’t your father.

“I-is John there?” You tried to hide the fact that you were crying.

You heard movement. “John died.”

Inhaling sharply, you shook your head. “When?”

“Six months ago.” The man said. “Who is this?” His voice didn’t sound pleased.

“I’m his daughter, Y/N. He- he told me to ever call if I was in trouble.” You wiped your cheek. “Do you know if Bobby is still alive?”

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headcanons w/ Eren, Erwin and Levi if their wife asked them if they wanted any kids pretty please! I am sorry for my english, it might sound strange D:

Your English is perfect, anon! No worries. <3 I decided to go with a female! s/o since you specifically asked for “wife”; I hope that’s alright with everyone. 


Out of everyone, I think Eren is going to be the most receptive to wanting to start a family. Of course, this will be years into the future when everything has settled down and humanity inside the walls is able to start branching out and rebuilding their lives. After he’s come back from exploring the world with Armin for a few years, I think he’d be ready to settle down and start a family life so when his wife approaches him about the idea of having a baby, he’s on board with the idea. Inwardly, he is worried about what his children might think of him and if they’ll view him as a monster, but his wife is quick to assuage all of those fears. 


Given the life and circumstances Erwin lives with, I doubt children will be on the brain. When his wife approaches him with the idea, he’d simply smile at her, kiss her forehead, and cautiously give her the reply of “maybe”. Deep down, they both know that Erwin is too dedicated to the Survey Corps to entertain the idea of children, but it doesn’t stop their wishful thinking. Perhaps, in another life, he would be more open to the idea of starting his own family but, at least in canon, he has too much on his plate to really even give a serious thought to the idea. 


If I’m being completely honest, I don’t think Levi wants children. He lost his mother at a young age and had to raise himself, so he’s really at a loss at where to even begin as a parent. If he and his wife ever were to have a child, it would have been an accident, more than likely. He’d adore his kid but, if given the option, I don’t think he’d want them. Hopefully, he and his wife had this conversation before ever getting married and share the same viewpoints. He has been through so much and having that extra stress in his life when his world is already so chaotic is just too much. Maybe in a modern setting, he would be more open to the idea, but he’s fine with just having to watch out for his squad of teenagers, for now. 

Out of the Egg. (Jungkook x Reader) Part 6 FINALE

“The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world.” – Demian by Hermann Hesse

Jungkook x Reader; (with the rest of the BTS members here and there)

Fluff, Suspense, Angst; mentions of violence, death, sexual harassment (briefly), and warfare

War/ Rebellion Au

Summary: The world you had once known is now bare and rotting with evil. Families were torn, houses were burned, and businesses were shattered by the Oppressors. In your world, there were only two possibilities – if you weren’t working with them, you were owned by them. However, a new faction arises that sings of hope and taking back the world that was once for the people, calling themselves “The Changers”. Although you tried to go unnoticed by either of them, out of fear of being killed or captured, you soon find yourself deep in the middle of the rebellion after an unexpected encounter.

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 (Finale)

A/N: Thank you everyone for the support and love for this story ~ honestly it was a different genre that I hadn’t really tried before so I’m so happy you all enjoyed it x) !! <3  

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          Jungkook grabbed your hand tightly as he supervised Hoseok, who was using Namjoon’s gadget to melt down the iron bars making up the entrance of the prison camp.

           You were weary and numb. Yoongi had patched up your wounded arm roughly and Jungkook had thrown his clothes on top of you, but you felt neither cold nor pain. You clutched Tae’s name tag in your free hand firmly, not wanting to come to terms that he was really gone.

           Jungkook was most likely keeping you close because he knew you weren’t stable at the moment, and you were thankful for his considerate, subtle actions. He had always been that way. He knew when to speak and when to just act. He gave your hand a little squeeze, causing you to look up just in time to see the prisoners’ faces as they were finally freed.

           Some of the soldiers dropped to their knees as they were reunited with their family members and friends. The other soldiers glowingly watched the visible happiness and relief that overwhelmed the prisoners of this war.

           "We saved them, Y/N.“ Jungkook smiled sadly.

           And you knew exactly what he was feeling in that moment.

           You gripped his hand tighter and leaned your face into his shoulder. Because you knew that this meant everything was truly over. The fighting, the hiding, the living in fear. And while that was something to celebrate, you both couldn’t help but feet empty in the midst of people rejoicing. For while you fought to regain freedom, you had lost so many in the process. You both no longer had any family to come home to. Your parents, Jungkook’s brother, his parents, B, Taehyung…none of them could be returned. And most of all, the people you had once been before the war would never surface again. The scars were too deep and the price of victory steep.

           You wept into his shoulder, even though you thought you had no more tears left to cry. Jungkook turned and pulled you into his chest warmly.

           "You saved me, you saved us all.” he whispered into your hair, and his words had you sobbing even harder.

           "Is he–“ Jimin’s voice cut into your crying.

           You heard his ragged breathing, figuring that he had run right over once he made sure everything was taken care of at the entrance of Capitol City. You pulled away from Jungkook sluggishly and stared at Jimin devastated, knowing your face would reveal it all.

           "Is he…is Tae really…”

           You watched Jimin’s face contort into one of undeniable pain and sorrow. His knees buckled and he fell to the ground. Wailing, you lunged down and enveloped him in your arms. He gripped you tightly and you both cried together, finding comfort in each other, in the memory of your friendship with Tae, because you two had been the closest to him.

           "I’m so sorry…so sorry.“ Your voice trembled.

           Hoseok and Jin soon joined you two in the embrace, all mourning the loss of one of your family members.

           Yoongi frowned as he slid beside Jungkook. The Leader knew exactly what he was thinking from the little wrinkle knit between his brows.

           "I know.” Jungkook hummed. “But it’s not the time and place to discuss it.”

           Yoongi nodded understandably. “What do you want me to do?”

           "Call Namjoon hyung. We have a lot of work to do and he’s probably worried as heck.“

           Yoongi chuckled and hurried off to follow his orders.

           Deciding you were in good hands with the other guys, Jungkook went over to tend to the malnourished and weak prisoners with the rest of his soldiers. But the atmosphere of positivity was soon broken when loud, angry voices were heard from a distance. Jungkook stood up, peering over to see what the commotion was about. A few of his soldiers were returning from the Capitol, dragging bounded and clearly wounded bodies of surviving Oppressor soldiers. He walked over to you and the other guys, gently laying a hand on your shoulder.

           "All of you get back.” he instructed in a serious tone.

           Jimin and Hoseok grabbed your hand obediently, pulling you away to the safety of the other soldiers and freed prisoners of war.

           "What’s going on here?“ Jungkook questioned sternly.

           "We caught them, roughed them up a bit, and figured we’d put on a show while killing them.” One of the soldiers grinned maniacally.  

           Jungkook furrowed his brow. “What were my orders?”

           "Capture any Oppressors, disarm them, and bring them straight to you.“

           "Nowhere in my statement did I tell you to torture them.”

           "But…weren’t we just rounding them up to slaughter them in front of the prisoners?“ another soldier spoke up.

           Jungkook shook his head. "That’s not what we’re going to do.”

           "LEADER. WHY?“ Another soldier stepped forward, distraught. "After everything they put us through? And how many people they killed? They were going to massacre those prisoners too! We NEED to show them who has the power here!”

           "We don’t NEED to do anything with them.“ Jungkook frowned. "Why do you feel the need the kill? It won’t make anyone feel better.”

           "They could just rise up to power again! We need to kill all of them before they get to us!“ the soldiers complained.

           One of the soldiers shoved his way up to the front, holding his gun tightly and dragging an Oppressor into view.

           "If the Leader is too much of a coward to do it, then I’ll shoot them all myself!”

           The Oppressor soldier winced and shut his eyes in fright, but no gun shot was fired.

           "Did you just call the Leader a coward?“ a rough, dangerous voice resounded in the silence.

           Everyone was waiting with bated breath for the events to unfold.

           You gripped your friends’ hands tightly as you watched Min Yoongi holding a knife against that soldier’s throat.

           "Move that gun, and this knife slices across your neck.” Yoongi threatened.

           "What’re you guys? Are you secret Oppressors, huh?“ the soldier chuckled at Yoongi and Jungkook in disbelief.

           "I should be asking you that. Why are you all so eager to kill them? Afraid they’ll blow your cover?” Yoongi smirked.

           "Yoongi.“ Jungkook stated seriously, giving him a firm look.

           Yoongi exhaled and stepped away from the soldier, irritated. "I swear I leave for a few minutes and there’s another attempt at a turn over.”

           Jungkook sighed and stepped forward, addressing everyone.

           "Massacre. Destruction. Unfair judgment. Fear. Bloodlust. Distrust. This is exactly what brought the Oppressors to power. I witness firsthand that these things were their driving force. Even amongst the highest ranks of Oppressors, they plotted assassinations. They killed for pleasure and for their own selfish needs. They didn’t believe in anyone else but themselves. They were secretive, manipulative, and used their power and authority to make people act against their will.“

           He turned to the Changer soldiers who were slowly loosening their hold on the captives.

           "If we succumb to that and let vengeance and the need to display our power and control through murder and torture take over, we wouldn’t be any different from the very people we were trying to get rid of a few hours ago.

           Do you think those you are seeking revenge for would be happy watching you kill these men? Do you think they sacrificed themselves for you to massacre Oppressors instead? I, for one, do not believe that any of the loved ones we’ve lost wanted that from us. I, for one, am not stooping down to their level. I didn’t put my life on the line countless of times just to become exactly what we fought against. I’m not starting this New World with more unnecessary deaths. Anyone who has a problem with that can step forward and speak up.”

           The soldiers placed their guns down in shame. Jungkook glanced at Yoongi, who pouted and forcibly put his knife away too.

           "We’ll leave it to the Security team and the Scholars to interrogate the Oppressors with our lie detector system. They will fairly enact punishments accordingly. But first and foremost, we have to take care of our own. These prisoners have faced far worst conditions than we have.“  

           Jungkook turned and locked eyes with you, as if seeking your approval. You smiled proudly. He truly was a fantastic leader and had grown up to be such an admirable man.

           But suddenly, your image of him became blurred, and your body seemed to have realized that it was running on no sleep and food, and solely on emotional energy. No longer having control over your limbs, you watched the world turn upside down and fade to black.

           You woke up in the fairly familiar setting of Namjoon’s hospital room. But being there made you wonder if you had dreamt the entire ending of the war or if it had, in fact, taken place.

           "Oh, you’re awake.”

           Namjoon waltzed in with a gentle smile. “Feeling better?”

           You glanced down at your arms; one had an IV drip inserted into it, and the other was professionally bandaged. You returned his smile and nodded.

           "Much.“ You hesitated. "Um…what happened?”

           He sat down and rolled his chair over to your bedside.

           "Well, we won the war thanks to you. We freed the prisoners, and then you fainted because you pushed your body to its limit, especially in your condition. Not many pregnant women can say they singlehandedly infiltrated enemy territory and bravely lured the main leader of the evil forces into an ambush.“

           Namjoon winked at you playfully. You chuckled briefly then your face fell as the events that had taken place flooded back to you. After a few seconds of silence, you finally managed to ask the question on your mind.

           "And is Tae…?” You bit your lip.

           Namjoon smiled sadly, “I buried him next to his flower, as per his request.”

           Your eyes watered and you clutched your blanket. He really was gone.

           "Before you all left, he asked me to give you something.“ Namjoon stood up and walked into his little office inside the room.

           When he came out, he was holding a small pot holding the same kind of flower that Tae had showed you before. Namjoon placed it by your bedside and sat down. With your hands shaking, you reached out to touch its beautiful petals.

           "He had another seed in his pocket when he came to the city, but he was saving it to plant after the war was over.” Namjoon explained. “But when he found out you were pregnant, he immediately asked me to help him grow it. He wanted to gift it to you whenever the child was born. But when your unit was called forth, he requested that, if anything should happen to him and he didn’t come back, I give it to you.”

           Then he pulled an envelope out of his pocket and handed it to you. “He also wrote a letter for each of you.”

           You pressed it against your chest warmly. Taehyung had left so many pieces of himself behind.

           "I’ll read it when I’m ready to.“ You hummed and Namjoon nodded, understanding that you weren’t ready to confront the fresh scars just yet.

           He simply switched topics to get your mind off of Taehyung considerately.

           "I assumed you haven’t told Jungkook about his child yet.” Namjoon rolled his chair to grab your files on the counter and returned to you. “He kept asking all sorts of questions about your well-being and what you had been up to during his absence.”

           You smiled, blushing. “Well we didn’t exactly get to catch up with everything…”

           "No, I suppose not.“ Namjoon grinned.

           "How is the baby?” You glanced at him worriedly, fear crawling up your skin. “Did I push it too far? Did I…”

           Namjoon reached for your hand to compose you. “The baby is actually, and impressively, quite healthy and strong. It’s growing well without any complications. It seems to have really taken after you and Jungkook.”

           You breathed out in relief. “Oh thank goodness.”

           "Y/N.“ Namjoon smiled happily. "Would you like to know the baby’s gender?”

            Jungkook exhaled as he fixed his hair in front of the mirror. Namjoon had moved him into a room in HQ, knowing he’d want to be as close to the hospital rooms as possible. But the room was far too spacious for his taste. There was a large space between his closet, his mirror, his table, and the bed. Though, he shouldn’t really be complaining about having too much space – that was just ungrateful. Deep down he knew it only really felt empty because you weren’t around. He wanted to hurry up and see you, to hold you soon.

           But another day of tending to the wounded and hearing about their strife awaited him. Not that he minded all too much, but it was more of Namjoon’s thing. He would rather be out with the other soldiers building new houses or doing some sort of physical labor. But he knew he was the Leader of the Changers, and it was one of his duties.

           Suddenly, there was a gentle knock on his door.

           "Come in.“ he called as he threw on a white t-shirt.

           The eldest Council member slowly entered his room. Jungkook bowed deeply and offered him a seat. The old man exhaled as he settled into the chair.

           "Well done young Leader.” he smiled. “We both know I had my reservations about you, but you truly have proved me wrong.”

           Jungkook bowed his head shyly. “No, I even doubted myself. Do not worry about the past.”

           The old man chuckled, “And luckily, I see the rest of the Council members returned as well, except for one.”

           Jungkook looked down sadly, “He died in the final battle inside the Capitol.”

           After a brief pause, the old man exhaled, “Well it seems he didn’t carry out his mission in the end.”

           Jungkook’s eyes widened in realization, and his head immediately shot up. He inhaled sharply as a gun was quickly pressed into his forehead.

           "What…“ he exhaled.

           "You weren’t supposed to live after the victory was guaranteed you see.” the old man smirked. “You would’ve been remembered as a valiant Leader had you died during the battle, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to spin you into a traitor.”

           "What’s the meaning of this?“ Jungkook frowned.

           His hands subtly glided down his pants, but he had no weapons on his person. He was in a pinch.

           "We never intended you or D to gain leadership of the New World.” the old man explained. His facade of being weak and frail had quickly been cast aside. Jungkook realized that he was actually spritely for his wrinkled, aged appearance. “We merely used both of you as pawns. Regardless of who won, we would’ve gotten rid of both of you, so that we could rise to power in the end.”

           "And what makes you so fit for power?“

           "You’re both fools who trusted people so easily. You and D. If you hadn’t killed him, he would’ve gotten assassinated or spun as a traitor by his own officials, just like you’re going to be. And I will set this New World into a New Age. Everyone will live under my absolute reign. They’ll have enough to live on, but they shall be in such fear that they will do whatever I order. Everyone will live of course, as long as they follow what I say. I mean, isn’t that what it means to be a ruler? To rule over the people. To have the highest power over others. I will be both revered and feared!”

           "No one will worship you.“ Jungkook spat.

           "Well, you won’t be alive to find out.” the old man cackled. “Because you’re the only one standing in my way.”

           Jungkook stared at him defiantly, watching his finger locked around the trigger. But before he could press it, the old man collapsed to the ground with a loud thud. Jungkook’s eyes widened as he noticed the clean bullet hole lodged in the old man’s forehead. He whipped his head around in time to see Yoongi hop out of the vent in his room. Exhaling in both terrified amusement and relief, he melted in his chair. He didn’t even realize he had been holding his breath.

           "Holy shit.“ he lay a hand on his chest, his heart still racing.

           Yoongi grinned cheekily as he stood in front of Jungkook. "That’s like the billionth time I saved you, Mr. Leader. Who’s truly the most superior of us two?”

           "How did you–?“ Jungkook questioned.

           "It wasn’t me.” Yoongi waved his hand and slung his gun proudly over his shoulder. “Namjoon warned me to keep an eye out for the old man too. And luckily, I made it here in time to save your ass.”

           Jungkook grinned. “Do you actually love me, hyung?”

           Yoongi rolled his eyes and huffed, “Don’t flatter yourself. It was your brother’s last wish, and I’m sure B would come back and haunt me if I let you die by the gun of that wrinkled prune.”

           Jungkook lunged forward to hug Yoongi tightly, while the latter flailed to get away from his embrace.

           "I swear! You and your girlfriend keep attacking me with affection! Just go hug each other and leave me out of it!“ he protested but Jungkook smiled and held on gratefully.

           "It’s cause you’re so cute, hyung. You’ll for sure be the godfather of our children!”

           Yoongi raised an eyebrow at Jungkook and the younger tilted his head curiously. “What?”

           Yoongi snorted and shook his head. “Nothing. I’ll dispose of this body. You need to go greet your people.”

           Jungkook groaned. “Oh man…”

           "Some Leader you are.“ Yoongi chuckled as he shoved Jungkook towards the door.

           Jungkook turned and grinned at Yoongi. "Hyung.”


           "I’m glad I trusted you all those years ago.”

           Yoongi chuckled. “You should be, you brat.”

           “Thank you.” Jungkook’s brother smiled. His hand limply reached out for B’s. Jungkook shut his eyes, trying not to break down, and helped them intertwine fingers.

           "I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you hyung.“ Jungkook whispered as he turned B’s face towards his brother’s so it would be the last thing he saw.

           Jungkook wept as he continued to press B’s and his brother’s hands together, covering them with his own. But in the midst of his sobbing, he felt a piece of paper stuck inside B’s lifeless hand.

           "Kook, we have to get out of here.” Yoongi placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.

           Grabbing the paper as he continued weeping, he stuffed it into his pocket and let Yoongi drag him away.

           It wasn’t until a week or two later that he rediscovered B’s note in his uniform pocket. Upon reading its content, he hurried over to Yoongi’s room and dragged him all the way to Namjoon’s lab.

           "What the hell, Kook?“ Yoongi growled and shoved him away. "What’s your problem?”

           Jungkook glanced at Namjoon and Yoongi seriously. “I’m trusting you two.”

           Yoongi raised an eyebrow. “A pretty terrible idea, considering I don’t like you very much.”

           "That’s exactly why I’m trusting you.“ Jungkook stated firmly while smiling. "You’re not one for underhanded deceptions and lying, hyung.”

           Yoongi furrowed his brow at his answer.  

           "Well, what are you trusting us with exactly?“ Namjoon questioned nervously.

           "Your lab has no cameras or anything right?”

           "No.“ Namjoon chuckled. "I designed it as such.”

           "Good.“ Jungkook pulled the paper out of his pocket.

           The other two scooted closer.

           "When we went on the rescue mission, I found this in B’s hand.” Jungkook breathed. “I was such a mess back then and when I got back that I had forgotten about it until now.”

           "A piece of paper?“ Yoongi was skeptical.

           "She wrote something in it.” Jungkook continued as he unfolded it. “Read it.”

           Yoongi and Namjoon scanned the paper and their eyes widened.

           "Jungkook, what…“ Namjoon exhaled, shocked.

           "It’s her handwriting right?” Jungkook looked to confirm it with Yoongi, who nodded, still staring at the familiar cursive.

           "It’s hers alright.“ Yoongi stated. "But this is just…”

           Jungkook grabbed the paper and held it over one of Namjoon’s candles.

           "What’re you doing?!“ Yoongi bellowed.

           "No one else can know but us three, okay?” Jungkook frowned. “If what it says is true, which it has to be considering B protected this information with her life, then we can’t trust anyone else readily. I need to get rid of this evidence. It has to stay between us three.”

           Namjoon nodded, “I agree.”

           Yoongi clenched his fist angrily, realizing exactly what the message meant. He glanced at the other two with a fiery look. “What do we do?”

           "I have a crazy plan.“ Jungkook smiled weakly. "But it’s going to require us to be at the top; we need power and authority.”

           Yoongi scoffed half-heartedly and crossed his arms, “Well, that was my aim all along anyway.”

           "What’s the plan?“ Namjoon asked.

           "We all get on the Council. If one of us becomes Leader, it’ll be even better.”

           Yoongi smiled as he recalled that exact day. On that very day, he had been contemplating some dark, harmful thoughts in his room. The pain that came with the loss of the only person he had considered a friend and family at the time was overwhelming, and he no longer felt that he had any motivation, desire, or purpose left to live.

           In one fell swoop though, Jungkook had literally dragged him out of his room, figuratively out of his thoughts, and unknowingly embraced him as a close trusted friend, despite everything. Jungkook had saved him from throwing away his life, gave him a new purpose and a place to belong– beside him and Namjoon.

           Once Jungkook left the room, Yoongi kicked the lifeless corpse in front of him.

           "It was you wasn’t it, old man? The one who betrayed B and gave her false information?“

           He exhaled and looked up at the ceiling sadly, remembering the last words he had seen from B.

           Scribbled on the paper that had saved both his and Jungkook’s lives, and in turn, salvaged the future of the New World, read:

           There’s a third party within the Changers. Beware my loves.  

           "You knew we’d find you, huh?” Yoongi chuckled to himself. “Truly a genius strategist until the very end.”  

           You were trying to draw Tae’s flower to pass the time when Jungkook peeked his head into your hospital room. It had been a few days since the war ended and you were beginning to wonder if you were going to see him in any time soon. So without a second thought, you chucked your pencil and paper to the side at the sight of him, and outstretched your arms welcomingly. You knew he had been going through so much lately. He still had to carry a heavy burden, despite the war being over. He easily slipped into your embrace and settled his face into the crook of your neck. You heard him sigh and relax into you.    

           "I’m so, so proud of you, Jungkook.“ You whispered as you stroked his hair.

           "I’m so sorry.” he wrapped his arms tighter around you. “I’m sorry I left you like that. I’m sorry I made you cry and worry.”

           You shut your eyes and inhaled, letting his familiar scent invade your senses. “I missed you.”

           "I missed you so much.“ He pulled back a little so he could study your face intently.

           You cupped his face lovingly and smiled. You two were finally together, and nothing was going to separate you again.  

           He traced your arms carefully, and you knew he was scanning your body for injuries.

           "He didn’t touch me.” You answered knowingly. “I know you’re worried whether the official had his way with me or–”

           You couldn’t finish your statement because he crashed his lips onto yours roughly. You gasped for air as you heatedly returned his fervor. Carefully, he pushed your body down onto your bed as he climbed over you, lips still locked.

           "Don’t remind me of that.“ he growled, his breath ghosting your face. "I was about to go insane at the thought of someone else touching you.”

           You nodded as you pulled him down to continue your make-out. His hands made their way down to your waist, and you suddenly remembered that you had been keeping something quite important from him.

           Gently, you placed your hands on his chest and pushed him back. Panting and flushed, he looked at you worriedly.

           "Are you okay? Does something hurt?“ he frowned.

           You smiled and shook your head. You shimmied your way to sit up and he did the same, bringing your legs up to rest over his thighs. Although you were sure he was puzzled by your actions, he patiently waited for your explanation.


           "Hm?“ his eyes landed on you curiously.

           "Don’t freak out okay?” You reached out for his hand and he held on obediently.

           "Um it depends what you’re going to tell me…“ he hummed as he drew circles into the back of your hand with his thumb.

           "So you remember the night you left?”

           He smiled dreamily and nodded. “Of course. How could I forget?”

           He leaned over and kissed your cheek. “It was amazing.”

           You blushed shyly. “Well…there’s something you should know about that night…”

           He furrowed his brow, not catching on. As quick-witted Jungkook was on the battlefield, he was always fairly oblivious when it came to women and relationships. You took a deep breath and squeezed his hand gently before finally confessing,

           "Jungkook, I’m pregnant.“

           He stared at you dumbfounded, probably waiting for you to tell him that you were kidding or something. But you watched him intently, waiting for the news to truly sink in. He blinked a couple of times then gasped.


           You rolled your eyes. “Seriously? THAT’S the first thing you say?!”

           Jungkook stared at the empty space in front of him clearly flabbergasted. “Well I - what –what– WHAT?”

           You chuckled, holding onto his hand, figuring you should give him some time to process the information before expecting him to be coherent. So you answered his question in the meanwhile, “I wanted to guarantee a better future for our child…I couldn’t give birth, only to have them suffer or trained to be a soldier…you know. So that’s why I knew I had to go into battle.”

           Jungkook laughed loudly, the news finally processing, and then exhaled in awe, “Oh my god. I’m going to be a father? We’re going to be parents?!”

           Your lips curled up, happy that he had taken it positively. You were worried he wasn’t going to want the responsibility when he had so much on his plate already.

           "I know you have a lot to do as Leader, so don’t worry too much about me. I have it planned out and the boys will be there if anything. I know you’re going to be busy and –“

           He pulled you onto his lap and hugged you tightly, kissing the top of your head repeatedly.

           "No way, Y/N. I’m going to be there with you two every step of the way!” he breathed and tightened his hold on you, as if he wanted your bodies to meld into one. You smiled in amusement. You could feel the genuine emotion behind his voice and his actions, and soon, you felt his tears trickle down against your cheek. “I’m so happy, Y/N. I’m so, so happy. That’s our child. Our child. Our little Jeon.”

           Then he pulled your bodies apart hurriedly. You watched his brows knit together curiously.

           "But that was so dangerous, going into battle! You both could’ve been in serious danger! No, you WERE in danger! What were Yoongi and Namjoon thinking?!“

           You pinched his cheeks and wiped his tears away, chuckling. "Pick an emotion Jungkook. Are you happy, sad, or angry?”

           "Ugh, I’m all three.“ he sniffled. "Why do you always make me so soft?”

           You laughed as you kissed him sweetly. You truly loved this man so much.

           A few weeks later, with the resemblance of a bustling town finally forming on the surface, the day came to inaugurate the leader of the New World.

           You were discharged a day or two after Jungkook’s visit, and had immediately taken to helping out with building rapport with the people, trying to hear out their complaints, their suggestions, and their requests with Namjoon. In the meanwhile Jungkook, Yoongi, and the other soldiers were helping out with the manual labor and protection of the city. So it wasn’t odd that when Inauguration Day came, you were greeting people easily by name. And while walking away, you made sure to remind Jungkook about their names and details about them.

           "A good leader needs to know his people’s names, Jungkook.“ You scolded as you two made your way into his waiting room for the big day.

           "Y/N. There is no way I’m going to remember everyone’s name. I’ve been their Leader for a year or two now, and I honestly don’t recall half their faces.” Jungkook groaned as you fixed his tie.

           "Alright, well at least remember SOMETHING about them. Like their hair color, their eyes, so they can see that you actually like them and care for them.“

           He exhaled. "How about I just say hi to them for now? I’ll work on it. I’m not too good with people yet.”

           You chuckled as you straightened out his bangs gently. “Deal. Since I know you’re fairly shy and introverted.”

           "Thank you.“ He kissed you lightly and stepped back, buttoning up his sleek black suit jacket. "Well? How do I look? I haven’t worn one of these…ever…actually. This is fancy.”

           You smiled. “Handsome. As always.”

           A faint blush dusted his cheeks and he shied away at your straight forward compliment. His moments of rare vulnerability and shyness always made your heart flutter. You would’ve attacked him right then and there, was he not about to go on stage in front of thousands of people. You didn’t want to dishevel the appearance you had been straightening out in the first place. You giggled to yourself; that would have to wait until later.


           Jungkook grabbed your hand and shook his head. "Not really.”

           "Do you have a speech planned or did Namjoon write it for you?“

           He chuckled, "I wrote it myself this time.”

           "Wowww.“ You nudged. "I’m impressed.”

           He rolled his eyes. “No faith in me.”

           You laughed, “Well the last time I saw you making a speech was in school, and you were so shy that you had to present facing the chalkboard.”

           "No.“ He tucked your hair behind your ear and rubbed your shoulders warmly as he grinned. "The last time you saw me make a speech was the day we were reunited, and you thought I was so chic and manly, you immediately fell in love with me at the podium.”

           You squinted your eyes. “Are you sure we’re thinking of the same moment? I don’t recall that ever happening.”

           He wrapped his arms around your waist and scrunched his face. “So you didn’t fall in love with me when I saved you and then when I was addressing people coolly?”

           You shook your head as you slipped your arms under his, encircling his body too. “No, I’m pretty sure I was already in love with you when we were kids.”

           Jungkook chuckled and kissed your forehead. “Then why didn’t you say anything, silly?”

           "You didn’t say anything either.“ You pouted and blushed. "How was I supposed to know when you started seeing me as a lover instead of a friend?”

           Jungkook’s lips curled up, “Do you remember when you cried to me the first time?”

           You looked to the ceiling, giving it serious thought. “When you found me on the swing after I got scolded badly?”

           Jungkook nodded.

           "Was that when you fell in love with me?“

           "Hmm…” Jungkook hummed. “Who knows?”

           You raised an eyebrow. “Then why bring it up?”

           He swayed your bodies side to side slowly. “You remember the conversation we had?”

           You smiled and nodded.

           “Y/N!” Jungkook panted as he hurried over to your lonely figure on the swing. “You can’t be out alone so late! It’s dangerous! And everyone’s so worried.”

           He knelt in front of you because you were staring intently down at the ground, trying to hold back your tears. You twisted the swing, not wanting him to see you and clearly wanting to be by yourself.

           But Jungkook had no intention of leaving you alone; he walked around and squatted in front of you again. He was determined to find out what happened. You were usually such an obedient child and you were always close and loving with your parents. This type of behavior was so unexpected that your parents had enlisted his help to find you. When he heard that you had run out of the house after yelling at and arguing with your parents, he stumbled out of his apartment hurriedly, not worrying about putting on proper shoes or a jacket.

           "Hey. What happened?“ he asked gently, hugging his knees to keep warm as he looked up at you intently, trying to catch a glimpse of your face.

           You sniffled. "I don’t want to talk about it.”

           Jungkook nodded and waddled over, tilting his head to peek up at you. “Can I at least see that you’re really Y/N?”

           You lifted your head and furrowed your brows at him, irritated. “I don’t need your teasing right now, Jungkook.”

           He frowned, seeing you weren’t in the best mood. “Well what do you need from me right now? I’ll give it to you.”

           He watched you stare at him for a few seconds, contemplating. Then he blinked as you untwisted your swing, your back now facing him, and outstretched your hand. His lips curled up understandably. He sat in the adjacent swing and grabbed your hand silently. You both sat in the stillness of that night for a few minutes without saying a word.

           "Kookie…“ He turned to you, finally hearing your voice.

           "Hm?” he hummed as he watched your side profile.

           "I said some bad things to people.“ You admitted.

           "Define bad?”

           "When I was shopping for groceries earlier, I heard some people making fun of my parents. And I don’t know…“ He felt you squeeze his hand tighter and he spotted your eyes glistening. "It just hurt to hear that. They always work so hard for me, and they didn’t deserve to be looked down on. And I just started saying bad things back to them and if my parents didn’t drag me away, I would’ve fought someone.”

           Jungkook smiled and stood in front of you. “And? Why did you run out of the house?”

           "Because my parents scolded me and I was so frustrated. I was only defending them! Why were they getting mad at me, but they didn’t budge at the other people? Why was it so wrong to speak up? Why do people have to judge others like that?“ Tears streamed down your face as you broke down. "Then I started wondering why people at school bullied me and I got sad because I thought if I was so mad at my parents for this one time, you were probably so fed up with me. Because you’re always defending me but I tell you to stop because I was so worried they’d target you next or you’d get hurt cause of me. Then I was like ‘ah that’s exactly what my parents were thinking’. And I just–”

           You leaned forward and sobbed into his stomach. Jungkook stroked your hair gently.

           "You’re not wrong, Y/N. No one but those people who degraded you and your parents without knowing you was wrong. Anybody who makes assumptions without knowing the person is definitely wrong.“

           "I’m just so frustrated, Jungkook. I’m so angry and I feel so upset.” You clutched at his shirt.

           He pried your hands off of his waist and squatted in front of you so he could see your tear-stricken face clearly.

           "Well, what kind of place do you want the world to be Y/N?“ he smiled gently.

           He caressed your face warmly as you stared up at him lovingly.

           "It was thanks to you that I didn’t get corrupted as a Leader.”

           You looked at him inquisitively.

           "Because I always remembered your answer, and I always told myself that regardless of where you were and what happened to you, I wanted you to be proud of me. I wanted to gift you the kind of world that you wanted to see when we were kids.“

           Your eyes watered as you saw the pure expression of gentleness and love displayed on his face.

           "Y/N.” he blushed shyly and averted his gaze.


           "I know…you might’ve wanted something fancy…and you probably wanted a ring…and stuff…” he fumbled, and your heart raced as you realized what he was getting at. “And right now may not be the best time…ah maybe I should’ve done it later…but then again, it’s weird going back on it now…”

           You grabbed his lapel and pulled him down roughly, capturing his lips with yours. He tensed up at first, surprised by your aggressive attack, but he soon eased into the kiss, tilting his head to deepen it.

           Breathing heavily, he rested his forehead against yours, “Will you marry me, Y/N?”

           You beamed and nodded fervently. “Yes, Jeon Jungkook. Yes. Of course I’ll marry you.”

           Jungkook laughed happily, relieved.

           "You gave me a New World.“ You wrapped your arms around his neck. "That’s more than I deserve.”

           He shook his head. “No, Y/N. You deserve the world.”

           Your lips curled up. You didn’t think it was fair for you to be so irreparably happy in this moment, but you were. And it only served to fill you with hope for what was to come.

           "Alright. If you lovebirds are finished sucking face.“ Yoongi lazily knocked on the already open door of the waiting room as he leaned against the door frame. "We have an inauguration to do.”

           "She said yes Yoongi!!“ Jungkook beamed ecstatically.

           Yoongi rolled his eyes. "Like she really was going to say no? She literally moped for a week when you left, then risked her life and your child’s to save your ass from the Capitol.” Then he paused. “No, actually I can see why she would say no. You’re a pain to handle. You have my permission to reject him, Y/N. Don’t answer too hastily. Think about it first.”

           You giggled as Jungkook pulled his hyung into a playful headlock and they began rough housing. The fighting hurriedly stopped though when Namjoon entered the room.

           "Everyone’s waiting Jungkook.“

           Jungkook grinned as he patted Namjoon’s shoulder. "Ready?”

           Namjoon smiled warmly, “Of course.”

           Yoongi grinned and you furrowed your brows, wondering what the three were silently communicating to each other.

           "I’ll be back wifey!“ Jungkook called out cheekily, causing you to roll your eyes. "Watch your cool fiancee on the podium!”

           Yoongi shoved him out the door, “Yeah, yeah. Just go. I’ll make sure your precious fiancee is watching.”

           Jungkook giggled and soon disappeared with Namjoon.    

           "Ready, shortie?“ Yoongi called out to you and you scurried to him.

           Jungkook exhaled deeply as he rolled his shoulders, waiting backstage.

           "You sure you don’t want my emergency speech?” Namjoon teased.

           Jungkook nudged him. “No hyung. I should at least do this much on my own.”

           "Ohhh~“ Namjoon cooed. "You’ve grown up, Jungkook.”

           Jungkook chuckled as the lights flashed onto the podium. “Well, wish me luck, hyung.”

           Namjoon shook his head. “You don’t need luck, you rascal.”

           "Probably not.“ Jungkook grinned cheekily as he stepped onto the stage.

           The entire congregation stood up. Applause and cheers erupted as he stepped up to the podium. He glanced down and spotted you beside Yoongi in the front row. He winked at you playfully, and it eased his nerves to see you flustered because of it. Raising his head confidently, he looked out towards the sea of people staring at him with bright eyes.

           Taking a deep breath, he began,

           "As many of you know, I’m Jeon Jungkook, Leader of the Changers. While many of you have rested our victory on my shoulders, I’m afraid that I cannot take the credit at all. While I may have been the face and some of the power behind the Changers, I did not do it alone. I would not be standing here before you and you in front of me, without each other, for every class in the City played an essential and significant role in this war. You all fought for your rights and freedom that you have regained by using your skills and talents. You all fought bravely and stood tall in the face of utter darkness and oppression.

           As one who has been there with you through it all, as one who has seen countless of battles these past few years, and as the last Leader of the Changers, I understand exactly the kind of person the people need to bring them forward into the New World. And what the people need from here on out is someone…not like me.”

           People murmured worriedly, and Jungkook smiled as he saw your puzzled expression.

           "From here on out, we will no longer be in a state of war. So what the people need is someone who understands peace, someone who is of the people, someone who has been with the people rather than on the battlefield. Someone who values life above all. While I will be the right-hand man who protects that value, I will not be the right man to lead you into the New World of Change.

           So with my remaining powers as Leader of the Changers, I bestow this position to someone I know will inarguably take this power with dignified class and a good heart. The person I believe will best suit this position is none other than my Advisor–the mind, heart and soul of the City– Kim Namjoon. The very man who instilled hope and fire in all of us through the dark times, who has insurmountable knowledge and has and will use it to bring out the best in all of us, for all of us.

           Everyone, I’d like you to welcome the Leader of the New World, Kim Namjoon.“

           "Namjoon-hyung. Yoongi-hyung.” Jungkook stated seriously in his room, a week or two after claiming the title of Leader. “I have another crazy plan. Will you listen?”

           "Well the first crazy plan did actually come true.“ Yoongi snorted. "What is it this time?”

           "If…“ Jungkook bit his lip. "If we really win during my reign or if Yoongi hyung, you end up stepping up to be Leader in my place, I want Namjoon hyung to take over once the war ends.”

           "What?“ Namjoon gasped. "ME? A leader? Oh no, no, no. I’m not a leader.”

           Jungkook laughed, “I think you’re more a leader than I am, hyung. And I believe that you’re our best chance at peace.”

           Yoongi nodded and smiled. “I agree.”

           Namjoon blushed. “I’m flattered but honestly, I don’t know the first thing about being a leader…”

           Jungkook laid a hand on his shoulder and smiled, “Just be yourself hyung. Yoongi hyung and I believe in you so until you see it inside yourself, we’ll keep reminding you.”

           Namjoon glanced at the two timidly. He was grateful for the confidence, but would he really be what was best for the world?

           "Tell you what, hyung.“ Jungkook grinned. "If Yoongi hyung and I really triumph over the Oppressors, then you’ll become Leader, okay?”

           Namjoon raised an eyebrow. “How does that work?”

           "Well you thought something along the lines that it would be 'impossible’ for you to be a good leader, right?“ Jungkook laughed. "If we accomplish something people thought would be 'impossible’ for us youngsters, then it wouldn’t really be impossible now would it?”

           Namjoon burst out laughing. “I get what you’re saying, but it’s ridiculous.”

           "So it’s a promise, okay?“ Jungkook grinned.

           "Alright.” Namjoon hooked his pinky around Jungkook’s. “Show me the impossible, kid.”

           Namjoon’s lips curled up. Jungkook and Yoongi really had showed him, and it was now his turn to live up to his end of the promise. If they had faith in him enough to win the war, then he really felt like he could do the impossible for them in return. Jungkook hugged him warmly as they passed each other on stage.

           "Now you could finally say your own speech.“ Jungkook winked teasingly.

           Namjoon chuckled as he walked to the podium.

           "Hello everyone. As Jungkook said, I’m Kim Namjoon. I’ve met so many of you and had the pleasure of conversing with you already, so it seems odd to be standing so far from you when I’m used to being face-to-face.” He laughed. “But as leader, I hope to continue being someone who will stand level with you all rather than above.”

           There was surprised and excited murmuring throughout the place.

           "We are at the crossroad between innocence & knowledge. It is not what has happened but what we will do, moving forward that will define us. For now we see before us, a blank canvas, but inside us, hide a wide array of textbooks. For our individual experiences, our memory of these tragic times will spur us into action, so that this will never happen to our children or our children’s children and so on and so forth. For remembrance is key, for if we forget, we will not take caution, and if do not take caution, history will be doomed to repeat itself at a much greater cost. For while we progress, so too does the darkness that we triumphed. For as we rebuild and gain more, greed and jealousy are fed, ungratefulness surfaces, and we no longer will appreciate the things that we were limited and denied these past few years.

           Remember these times and let the future know of it as well. Of the times when we had to ration, when we had to hide, when we were discriminated unjustly, when we had no place to call home; when our young men and women had to take up arms and fight, giving up their dreams to lend their bodies to warfare.

           Everyone, we may be surrounded by destruction right now, but it is simply the beginning foundation for rebirth and reform. For without destroying the things that had bounded us for so long, we have no hope of progressing towards a better, brighter future.

           One thing is for certain, we will continue to shed different aspects of ourselves as children emerging into adulthood and as adults continuing the thorny path into the unforeseeable, unknown future. We will naturally fall into temptation as part of our human nature, but we have the ability to choose, to not let those times of ill judgment define us, to rise above it as we have over the Oppressors. We have a chance to be reborn now that we have shattered our preconceptions, our limitations, and narrow view of the world.

           And as the new Leader, I want to first abolish the belief that a leader is someone who rules absolute over everyone, for I do not believe that the people serve the Leader, but the Leader should serve its people. I want to build our foundations on the trust that the Oppressors lacked. Trust between the leader and its people. Trust in effective communication, and trust in relationships. Just as Jungkook said that he couldn’t win this war without you all, I can’t build the New World without everyone here, so I ask you to trust in me for I have absolute faith in you. That you will not let me stray, that you will not cower in fear when there is something to be said.“

           Namjoon glanced over at you and Yoongi then to the side of the stage where Jungkook was grinning widely. He chuckled and continued,  

           "May we remain humble and grateful so that the darkness cannot consume us, but may we not delude ourselves and remain vigilant to the signs of corruption and evil. May we not give in to fear as we once did and let someone trample over us like we are worthless. May we have the strength to stand up and question, instead of blindly accepting. Together, let us create a stronger, better, and more admirable world than before! Thank you and please look after me.”

           Namjoon stepped away from the podium and bowed deeply to everyone.

           Immediately, thunderous applause filled the place. Namjoon began to tear up at everyone’s immense support happily.

           A few weeks after the inauguration, Jungkook dragged you out of your still underground room like an excited puppy.

           "What’s going on, Jungkook?“ You chuckled. You could practically see him wagging his tail while he led you to the surface.

           "It’s a surprise!” he sang as he continued to grip your hand tightly.

           You smiled as you let him lead you wherever this surprise was.

           "Close your eyes. We’re almost there.“

           You glanced at him skeptically, but did as he said. He placed his hands on your shoulders and maneuvered you forward for a few minutes, checking every so often whether you were peeking or not. Finally, he came to a stop and hugged you from behind.

           "Open your eyes.”

           Your eyes fluttered open and you gasped. In front of you was a small little cottage with a white fence and a small garden at front. It was a replica of the dream house you used to draw when you were little. It was absolutely beautiful.

           "Jungkook…“ You breathed, touched beyond belief.

           "Welcome home, Y/N.” he kissed your cheek as he continued to hold you.

           "This is really ours?“

           "Mhm. I’ve been working on it with the other guys. That’s why I haven’t been able to see you as often.”

           You stared at it in awe. Your home. Yours and Jungkook’s home. Your heart welled up with emotion.

           "You like?“ Jimin giggled as he stepped out of the house adjacent to yours happily. "I helped with the garden. Oh and I live here with Hoseok and Jin. We’ll be neighbors!”

           You laughed, extremely touched and trying not to cry. Jimin smiled knowingly, and waved as he walked away, leaving you two alone again. You glanced at the house on the other side of yours, wondering.

           "Is that…?“

           "Yoongi’s and Namjoon’s.” Jungkook answered knowingly. “Can’t have the godfathers of our child too far from us.”

           You smiled blissfully with tears in your eyes, turning around to face your fiancée.



           "I have a name for our child already.“

           He looked at you for a few seconds before asking, "What’s the name?”

           You stepped back, looking up at the sun that, for the first time in years, was peeking out through the clouds. Its embrace on your skin filled you with a familiar sense of warmth that had once coursed through your body whenever a certain person had grinned brightly during the days of darkness. You smiled sadly at the memory then turned your attention back to Jungkook.

           Jungkook cupped your face lovingly and rested his forehead onto yours as tears finally streamed down your cheeks. He smiled as he peppered your face and lips with gentle, chaste kisses as you fought to compose yourself.

           After a long exchange of locked lips, expressing how much he truly loved you and you, him, you finally replied,

           "Taehyung.“ You stared into his eyes intently. "I want to name him Taehyung. So Taehyung can see and experience the sunshine, the ground with bare feet, the garden of flowers we’re going to plant, the bright blue skies, and the New World… the future we’re going to build.”

You know what relationship on The Flash doesn’t get enough positive attention? Barry and Joe. Like this could have been fucked up so easily, especially when Barry and Iris started dating. But no. Barry and Joe have a really good relationship with one another. Joe views him as his son and Barry views him as a father figure. Remember back in season 1 when Barry told Joe he wasn’t his father because he was upset. Then later made amends saying even though Joe wasn’t biologically his dad, he did help Barry figure out some of the things that Henry wasn’t there to help with. 

From day one it’s been established that Joe knew Barry loved Iris way before they were ever together. He respects those feelings and doesn’t tell Barry that he knew. He doesn’t tease him about it or tell Iris. Joe waits until Barry is ready. (AND KEPT THE RING THAT BARRY USED TO PROPOSE FOR 16+ YEARS)

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What do you want that Joe learned to wait because when he tried to push Barry too hard or too soon, Barry shut down? 11-year-old Barry saw his mother’s last moments and his dad being carted off to prison. How long do you think it took for Barry to even open up to the possibility that he could be happy again. Joe did what he needed to to make sure that little boy grew up loved.  And that had to be hard because Barry just lost both his parents. He was angry and scared and confused. Hell Joe probably was too.

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Barry, in return, respects the HELL out of Joe. Like, in 3X12, when Iris tells her dad what he saw, Joe tears into Barry. And Barry stands there, taking every single word like a stab to the heart. He’s in tears when he leaves (if you listen closely you can hear his voice breaking. Barry is completely devastated that he hurt Joe, even though he was doing it for good reasons.

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These to love each other so damn much and they can tease each other like:

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These two are among the healthiest relationships between two men that I’ve seen. This relationship doesn’t affect Westallen or make it odd because Joe raised both of them. He knows what kind of man Barry is and knows how he will treat Iris. Barry will never stop proving to Joe that he is going to make him proud. Plus it’s important to have nonbiological parent child relationships. My mom and I don’t have a great relationship, but my stepmom and I do. parental figures are just as important as parents.

In short, these two are amazing and should get more love

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Midnight Feast// A Dylan Klebold Imagine

Requested by @glitteraisin!! This imagine was the most fun to write yet! I’m quite proud of it tbh haha. Hope you like it!


You felt your heart hit your ribs when the familiar black BMW pulled into your driveway. You watched Dylan step out and begin making his way towards the front door. He smiled when he saw you observing him from the window, and he waved goofily, making you smile back. You blushed, and then cursed yourself.

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Imagine- Don't Forget (Shadowhunters)

Magnus kneels beside your bed; watching closely for any sign of movement. You were too still and the only thing that told him that you lived, was the slow rise and fall of your chest. He reaches his hand out to run along the scarred tissue before grasping your hand. Magnus hated to admit it, but he loved you too much for you to be killed. Too much and selfishly, he still wanted you to be by his side. He didn’t want to let you go. You had just been tortured by downworlders who wanted information about him, you told them nothing resulting in them leaving you for dead.

Alec was livid that his little sister had been kidnapped and blamed Magnus every moment he could. Izzy was upset, but she knew blaming Magnus wouldn’t help. She knew Magnus was blaming himself enough for both Izzy and Alec. She knew you were strong, as you were her older sister. Her idol. She adored you and knew you could handle yourself. Jace was upset, mostly because of his parabatai bond with Alec, he was never too close to you. But he still cared. Your parents were scared, they had already lost Max and were not ready to lose you too. Clary had only just met you, but already you were close enough to parabatai. You mattered and they were afraid to lose you because of the impact it would have on each of them.

They all arrived and got you out at the brink of death. You had blood running across your skin and bruises scattering your body. You were barely in consciousness when they arrived, for a moment you opened your eyes. You meet Magnus cat like eyes, then slip away. Happy the last thing you saw was Magnus, as that was all you needed. He was all you needed. Those moments have lead Magnus to this point; to this decision. He held your hand like it is his lifeline, and with the other he conjures a blue spell. Hot tears fill his cat like eyes, he didn’t want to do this, but he had to.  The spell danced around in his palm, his mind wanders back to the first time that you met.

*Flash Back*

You strut into the pandemonium like you own the place, feeling confident in your favorite outfit. Alec walks in beside you while Jace and Izzy trail slightly behind. Bodies grinded against each other.

The music pounding in your ears. It was exhilarating. You slowly swing your hips, getting into the song. Alec laughs at your antics, having gotten used to your personality. You were the girl who loved a good time and clubs were your thing. You grow more into the song, and wave Alec to continue with the mission. Knowing they can handle it. You dance with confidence and a certain dominance that you knew was a dangerous thing around drunk males. Those who seek to prove dominance. So it was no surprise when a guy started dancing with you, and you were okay till his hand touched your waist. That was a no no when you danced with anyone, you can only touch when you say so. You slap his hand and go to walk away, but he grabs you around the stomach and pulls you close. You push the guy away with all your strength, he stumbles back and you raise your fist. This guy fucking pushed his luck and you were about to tear him apart. A hand instead catches your right hook, the touch was soft and gentle, but you were still pissed off.

“I believe the girl asked you to back off.” His voice was nice, you turn your head slightly to be met with these cat eyes. Warlock was the first thought, hot was the next. The second thought was the one you cared about more.

“Those words never left her lips.” The man’s voice was slurred and the alcoholic fumes from his breath was disgusting. The man merely smirks and steps in front of you in a protective manner. You shrug off the gesture and move to stand in front of the man.

“I thought me slapping you was message enough?” The mans lips curl into a snarl, while the one with cat eyes merely smirks. He loved the sass you are displaying thinking it is an attractive trait of yours.

“So you can leave now.” The Warlock adds and you give the slime ball of a man a wave bye. The man walks away muttering about stupid women. You let out a chuckle and turn to the Warlock. Observing the new man who could also be a threat. He has this mischievous smile, bright cat like eyes, and you couldn’t deny that he is attractive. He grabs your hand into his slender palm.
“Magnus Bane. High Warlock of Brooklyn.” You smile as he kisses the outside of your hand, not flinching as his lips touch the fading rune. He looks up to you. “I do not believe that I have had the pleasure of meeting you and I believe I would remember a Shadowhunter as gorgeous as you.” You purse lips, forgetting the fact that he’s a warlock and introduce yourself.

“Y/N Lightwood.” He smiles, and conjures your both a drink. Handing it to you carefully. You sit there unsure before deciding it is safe. You take a hesitant sip.

“Pleasure. May I ask what you are doing here Y/N?” It felt like a natural response to go into a long drawn out explanation of everything.

“A demon had been smuggling…..” He cuts you off, placing his hand in front of your mouth.

“That sounds boring. Why don’t we talk about you and me? Maybe in the future.” Your eyes go wide, but you try your best to hide the shock. Deciding you might as well go along with it.

“Maybe we can.” He smirks and clinks his glass cup to yours.

*End of Flashback*

He goes to send the spell towards you, but a voice stops him.

“You shouldn’t do that.” Isabelle voice came from the door of the infirmary; she would not allow Magnus to continue with this madness. He would not erase the best moments of your life. He would not take those from you. Though you may not remember, you will know something is missing. That Magnus is missing.

“I can’t do this anymore. I refuse to be the reason she gets hurt. I do not want to be the reason the clave does not treat her right. I thought that maybe, just maybe, a downworlder could get there happily ever after with a Shadowhunter. That the stereotypes had been left in the past. I thought for a brief second that I could protect her.” Isabelle walks towards Magnus who has his head down, she reaches out and closes the hand with the spell. Watching as it diminishes.

“I want you to close your eyes and remember your favorite memory with Y/N.” He closes his eyes, trusting Isabelle to the fullest.

*Flash Back*
For this part, Lydia is a guy. His name is Leroy.
Leroy stands at the end of the aisle waiting for you to walk down the aisle. Alec stands behind him, holding the pillow with Leroy’s stele and the necklace he plans to give to his little sister. He wanted to stand on your side, but Isabelle already stood there with your stele and cuff bracelet you plan to give to him.

Jeremiah gather the attention of everyone in the room.

“Attention. The ceremony is about to commence.” Your breathing picks up, you were not ready to walk down that aisle. This couldn’t be the best choice. Choosing to marry the man you can never love. Finally, it comes to the moment where you walk down the aisle. You put on your best smile, it is fake though.

“Wow.” Simon whispers, as his eyes fall on you.

~Come to me in the night hours ~
You tense as Leroy clips the necklace around your neck. His finger brushing your collarbone. It was beautiful, but his touch was not the one you wanted.

~ I will wait for you. And I can’t sleep, cause thoughts devour ~
You turn and grab the cuff bracelet from the pillow, watching as your little sister Isabelle give you an encouraging smile. You place the cuff on Leroy’s wrist.
~Thoughts of you consume ~
“It is time for Y/N Lightwood and Leroy Branwell to mark each other with the wedded rune. A rune on the hand, and a rune on the heart. A union is born.” You grab the the stele from the pillow Izzy holds.

~I can’t help, but love you. Even though I try not to. ~
You grab Leroy’s hand and ready yourself mentally for this. Your marriage. An eternal, but loveless Union. A door slams in the distance though, you turn your head to see a very special someone walk in.

~ Stay with me a little longer. I will wait for you. ~
You make eye contact with Magnus, feeling every one of his emotions about this wedding in a few moments. You breathing becomes harder and more shaky. You were having trouble looking away. Your mother noticed and looked to your father.

“Who invited that Warlock?” Her voice was harsh as she turned to glare at Magnus. Your mother stands and stomps towards you, though Magnus keeps his eyes on you. “Magnus leave this wedding at once!” Magnus throws his hand in your mother’s face just like he did to you the first time you met.

“Maryse. This is between me and your daughter. I’ll leave is she tells me to.” Magnus keeps your eyes on him, walking past your mother before stopping. You turn away to look at Leroy.

“Did Y/N invite Magnus?” Alec asks Isabelle quietly, trying to be subtle. You knew what he asked, but ignored your brother.

“No, I did. But I didn’t think he’d show.” She says it with a chuckle. Alec shakes his head slightly and looks down at you.

“Are you going to be okay, sis?” Alec asks; you don’t know how to respond or react, so you just nod.

“Y/N. Hey.” Leroy says trying to get your attention, you look up to meet his gaze.

“I can’t breathe.” You say trying to intake a deep breath. Having Magnus here is making you flustered.

“I know. It’s okay.” His voice is understanding, he finally had realized you could never love him. You had already given your heart to another.

“I can’t do this.” You say your breathing heavy. “I thought we were doing the right thing, but this isn’t.” Leroy reaches out and places his hand on your shoulder, smiling down at you.
“You don’t have to explain.” He is disappointed and it makes you feel bad.

“Leroy, I’m sorry.” He shakes his head.

“You deserve to be happy.” You smile and turn to look towards Magnus; for a moment you stare at each other. It was a split moment decision you made, and the consequences did not cross your mind. You feel determination as you walk down the steps towards Magnus. Your mother sees this and stomps towards you.

“Y/N. What are you doing?” You do a Magnus thing and put your hand in your mother’s face. She could not control you or your heart. She just couldn’t.

“Enough.” Your voice is forceful. This was it and you knew that Magnus is your future. Forcefully, you grab his expensive shirt and tug him towards you. Pressing your lips against his. The kiss is long and passionate, it was indescribable. Only did you pull away because you were short on breath. It was a second before he pulls you in for another sweet kiss. Pulling away, you see your mother looking horrified.

“What did we just do?”
*Flash Back Ends*

“I do not need for you to tell me the memory, I already have an idea what it is. But are you ready for you to remember the memory forever. Then for her to forget. To always know that something is missing, but to never know what it is. To love you still, but never know it’s you. To never move on. ” With nothing more, she walks out of the room. Magnus turns to face the wall, then down at you. Isabelle was right. He reaches out and brushes the back of his hand over the bruises that scatter your cheek bone. He couldn’t let this happen again.

“I am so sorry.” He whispers placing the ghost of a kiss on your lips for a final time. It is a decision he does not want to make, but must. It is the grown up decision. He cast the spell quickly, not wanting to turn back.

He kept your memories of him, but unlike Clary, he does not feed the memories to a demon. Instead, he locks them inside a sapphire charm, that he wears securely around his neck. No matter how much it clashes with his outfit. Forever it would be his treasure.

You awake days later, your live of Magnus turned to lost memory. Everything else is intact, but their is a blank spot wherever Magnus should be. That was okay with you because you didn’t know, Izzy was wrong. You did move on, but Magnus never did. He never could get over the girl in pandemonium, the girl who ruled his world. The girl with sapphire eyes.